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Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (12/2 to 12/8)

Hey guys,
Got accepted into OCS a few months ago. I leave for basic April of next year with OCS directly after that. Afterwards I’ll have BOLC for whatever I branch into. I’m married with 2 young kids and I have several questions pertaining mainly as to when I can have my family with me. I’ve done some Googling but if anybody can point me in the right direction or shed some light on the following questions that would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  1. After OCS, will my wife and kids be able to live with me for BOLC?
  2. Because BOLC is less than 6 months (generally), will the Army pay for our move to be together or will we have to fund that expense ourselves?
  3. If we have to wait to be stationed somewhere (6+ months) for the Army to pay for our move, will they move our belongings from out of a storage unit?
  4. When preparing to move, does the Army have to pack up your stuff if they’re the ones to move it?
  5. Will the Army move your stuff out of a storage unit?
  6. Is there on base housing that we can use for BOLC? Does any of it come furnished?
  7. Do I still receive BAH after selling my house and having my wife and kids move in temporarily with her parents?
Once again thanks in advance for any help!
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Hello, prior enlisted Cadet here.
I only scored in the GT 104, however since I am an ROTC Cadet I do not have to take it in order to commission. My question is: Is this coming to bite me back? I'm looking forward to functional areas and/or selection for civil affairs. So if I have to take it again I would like to prepare myself this time and study rather than just go in and take it.
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What happens during a Med Read at MEPS for vision
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Does anyone have any good experiences ordering a custom made plaque for a change of command gift? My co is being extremely difficult and literally customized his gift. I talked to some people at the PX and was able to get a few great ideas that he didn't like. I might say fuck it and buy it anyway but I was wondering if anyone had a good website for ordering a highly specific plaque. And yes I already looked myself. I'm just trying to use as many resources as possible.
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What's running like the first few weeks of infantry OSUT? I've only been running 10ish miles a week and want to see how screwed I am. Trying to up it over the next few weeks but also paranoid about getting injured.
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Anyone know of a good resource for a crash course in Land Nav?
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Has anyone interacted with or been a part of an Army Space Support Team and can tell me what that is like? The new Space Operations field manual talks about them a bit from an organizational level but how is the command climate, day to day life, etc etc?
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Big shot in the dark but I'm gonna put it here before making a post about it.
I intend on staying in the Army and my wife is a certified veterinary technician/nurse. CONUS is no biggie because I'm sure every post has a veterinarian off post. But the issue is if I were to wind up OCONUS my wife would prefer to work on post at the animal hospital as opposed to off post. From what snooping I've done it seems like they're are some civilians but not many at all. How reasonable would it be?
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I recently began talking with a recruiter and during the profile I mentioned I had asthma before the age of 10 but grew out of it. He stated I need a waiver and requested one. I thought that a signed statement would suffice but I may have misheard and was looking for clarification. I'm also wondering how long the waivers typically take as I am wanting to go to MEPS as soon as possible to go to basic.
My next question is how comparable the pretest ASVAB is to the actual ASVAB. I've been taking practice tests at home and when I took the pretest at the recruiter it was way easier than the practice tests I took.
That is for your help!
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Boot question
How much does an enlisted e3 get in pay after taxes?
Any variables or none welcome. Just trying to get a feel for shit rn
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Fiancé at boot, her uni sent debt to department of revenue
Hopefully someone here has an idea. My fiancé is at boot camp currently for ARNG, and she was sent a Notice or Referred Debt from the department of revenue. She comes home for holiday block and should graduate in mid January. I sent in a one time small payment hoping to delay anything, but I’ve contacted the school, they say it’s in DoR hands, contact them and they say set up a payment plan/pay full. I can’t set up a payment plan considering she doesn’t really have an “income” at this point. Should I talk further with the university and see if they can back track this collections thing because she’s been unavailable? And set a plan with them if possible? I’m not sure what to do here, I’ve always been debt free so I’m not familiar with these types of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I’ve heard (and happened to my buddy) that more ArmoInfantry Officers are getting placed in BCT roles after BOLC or Ranger School, my question is does that take up your entire PL time/ does class ranking in BOLC affect where you end up?
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Best jobs in the Army? Obviously, a large part is what you make it and the unit/chain of command. However, I’m more so aiming to get a feel for “most rewarding”.
I’m roughly 17 days away from doing a physical only at MEPS. Took my test: GT is 119. I was looking into 35M (would love to learn a new language) or Psyops. Still weighing my options.
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submitted by Army_Bot to ArmyWQT

Passed OSCP #484642

This was originally going to be maybe 2-3 paragraphs...oops.


I'm a system administrator who does security related contract work on the side. I do some penetration testing and incident response, but most of my day-to-day is boring OS/network support. I came into this with a solid foundation in Python, as well as some C/C++ and x86 assembly. I had about 20 machines rooted on HTB, but was still stumbling my way around most of the time.


  1. Learn Windows Attacks: I was useless with Windows cmd/powershell, as well as anything smb/rpc related.
  2. Suck less at Web application attacks: again, I had little experience attacking web applications, and would go down ridiculous rabbit holes in CTFs due to my ignorance.
  3. Validate knowledge: I have a bunch of security certs and I cringe when citing most of them. Despite being taking some dedication, they don't really say much about talent and competency.


I booked 60 days of lab time with a goal of rooting at least 1 box a day. I was already familiar with most of the tools but went through Georgia Weidman's Cybrary course for good measure and re-read most of her book: https://www.cybrary.it/course/advanced-penetration-testing/
I also signed up for HacktheBox VIP which I can't recommend it enough. The writeups are priceless and contain some fantastic command line kung-fu.

The Lab

I loved every second of it! By the end of my lab time I rooted every box the intended way, and had a full write up done for at least 90% of them. You're going to run into some easy machines - those are there to build confidence - but when the easy targets dry up, the fun begins. I wish I could give you a list of 'must-root' boxes, but in all honesty, they're almost all gems. A lot of love went into building that lab and it shows. Failure beat me down daily, but the payoff of a rooted box was always worth it.
Beyond the Big 4, there are a couple boxes in the Admin network which were especially magnificent. One in particular had me laughing out loud when I got root creds. Anyone who rooted it will know exactly which one I'm talking about.


I booked my exam after rooting ~30 boxes, with ~20 days left of lab time. I figured an afternoon start was best, but if done again I'd go later in the day. I wasn't especially prepared as I was using it as a dry run and expecting to fail.
My setup was:
  • main computer running Ubuntu 18 with Kali in VirtualBox with various snapshots
  • Cherrytree running on the host OS for notes, taking screenshots from there
  • OBS Studio recording everything to a remote server. Ran it at 10fps 1980x1080 and ~12hours only took up about 5GB
I did the standard order of machines. My first mistake was switching to Reconnoitre for background scans, despite only having used it for a week. I'm sure it's great, but it needlessly complicated things by not giving me the output I was used to. I eventually went back to my regular scans because it just wasn't worth it. I'm sure I'd love it if tweaked to my liking, but lesson learned - don't introduce new tools at the last second and stick to what you know.
I had slow, frustrating progress early on. In retrospect, it was entirely because I made assumptions and didn't triple check my work. I promise it's worth doing everything 50% slower if it means not missing small details.
I eventually rooted two boxes but by then it was already midnight. At about 12:30am, internet died. No biggie, it'll come back up...but it didn't. After waiting around for 3hours I gave up and went to bed. I passed out while reading up on an idea I got from enumerating one of the 20point boxes.
Next morning I had accepted I had failed and didn't dive back in. Everyone fails, it builds character, I'll be better next time. With about 2 hours left of exam time, I decided to enumerate a little more in case it helped for my next attempt. Found some more interesting things, read some blogs, got distracted by Twitter, etc.
With about 30 minutes left, I started throwing every half baked idea I had at one box trying to get RCE. Then suddenly...SOMETHING WORKED! The exact thing I had passed out reading the night before came through! Once I got in I lucked out again - I had dealt with the exact privesc in the wild. RCE to root in ~5mins!
I ended up with 5mins to spare and 65 points. It didn't even click in my head that I could actually pass for a few hours. Eventually it did, and I spent the next 12 hours writing my exam report, finishing my lab report, and making sure everything was immaculate.
Sent in my report on a Thursday and got a congratulations e-mail by Sunday. Finishing off the lab without the stress of an exam was fantastic.
In a way, I wish I had failed, just so I could come back and crush it, but given I half assed the first attempt and dealt with internet outages, I'm content. If I had an extra 10 minutes I would have burned my MSF usage for some easy points, but again, I didn't realize I could pass. Having OBS running in the background was clutch for a few screenshots I hadn't bothered with.

Things I wish I had done from Day 1

Install proxychains-ng: it improves some issues with the original proxychains. Available via apt-get
GoBuster Go-To list: SecLists/Discovery/Web-Content/common.txt is great but not gospel. If you're having no luck, consider big.txt, one from /usshare/wordlists/dirbuste, or maybe a different approach.
Use wfuzz whenever possible: this tool is incredibly versatile. Brute forced a login with hydra? Replicate it with wfuzz. Gobusting? So can wfuzz. wfuzz will save you when other scanners fail because they can't understand the output.
Broader Scanning: My initial lab progress was slow until I got out of the CTF mindset and did broad scans rather than focusing on individual machines. Start out with low hanging fruit, and build from there. Do the exercises even if 90% of it is review, and take notes on every command for future reference.
Post-Enumeration: I had to go back a few times in the lab to grab information I missed. Lesson learned: by your 10th rooted machine, you should have a solid post-enumeration plan that is executed every time.
Powershell Empire: the lab is a great time to learn all about Empire. Use it to make life easier, but make sure you understand all of the underlying scripts or else it'll become a crutch.
smbserver.py: this tool could have saved me countless hours fumbling with data transfers in the lab. You need that practice so make excuses to use all of the methods Offsec teaches you, but smbserver and xcopy are clutch

PWK Image and VMWare

You don't "have" to use the PWK image or VMWare if you're comfortable tweaking Linux and install the gcc-multilib and wine32 packages , but have both ready as a backup. I did my lab and exam in VirtualBox using the standard x64 Kali VB image as a base and had no issues. That said, Kali 2019 has a bunch of broken software, so I made a build script to fix it, and add some scripts and tweaks. You're welcome to use it: https://github.com/MyBagofTricks/CTF/blob/masteBuildScripts/BuildKali2019.sh
If you're using VirtualBox, use this script in Kali to create a file in your home directory which can be run to fix your copy/paste issues to your host:
#!/usbin/env bash cat > $HOME/fixCopyPasteVB.sh << 'EOF killall VBoxClient VBoxClient --clipboard VBoxClient --checkhostversion VBoxClient --display VBoxClient --seamless VBoxClient --draganddrop EOF chmod +x $HOME/fixCopyPasteVB.sh 

Save the Eternal Cows

Only one lab machine is intended to go blue, and it is hinted at in IRC. Beyond that, neither of these exploits are the intended path to root. By all means use them for practice (that's why they aren't patched), but they skip the lesson the box intends to teach, and you're cheating yourself on something that isn't even graded. There's always a better way.
If you're going to get dirty with a box, please reset it afterwards. It's infuriating when your exploit keeps failing for no apparent reason, only to find it's because firefart has cocked up the privesc.

Industry Relevance

It's worth touching on this since competitors now exist. While some (not all) of the lab is dated, the concepts aren't. The labs help you build your methodology, toolset, and above all give you hands on experience to learn the nuances. Don't expect the exam machines to be dated either - I took mine after the leak debacle and can confirm they were patched and up to date.

Closing Thoughts

I wish I could experience this course all over again. You don't need a strong technical background to pass the OSCP, but without a couple of years of Linux/ Windows and scripting experience, expect to use more than 90 days. It's not that the material is tough, it's that there's a lot of it and requires you become proficient in a lot of different domains.
I'm still amassing relevant certs but haven't decided what will be next. I'm thinking either a generic AWS cert or just double down with AWAE once more reviews pop up.
Thanks to everyone who posts in this sub - the testimonials gave me the encouragement to finally give this cert a shot, and knowing others had suffered through this kept me going. Massive props especially to those who've failed and treat it as an opportunity to come back stronger. Keep at it.
edit: added mention of Empire and smbserver.py
edit2: updated the GoBuster comment
submitted by 0xBADB17E to oscp

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