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Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments [Explicit] by ABM Andrew

The Coogi sweater-rocking, Gucci shades-wearing Brooklyn poet was a rapper's rapper. I thought I saw other clues, too, but no biggie. OT God gets the same kind of passes for the same things.

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Fifth track off the second disk of Biggie's 1997 album, Life After Death. Download The Notorious BIG Discography Biggie Smalls [1994-2020/MP3/192-3 Torrent. This is Tucson's OG taco, which dates back to at least the '70s and probably much longer. Shop high-quality unique Biggie T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. We've helped thousands of students and keep providing high quality academic assistance to everyone who needs it. We are recommended as a number one best writing service by all our client, so check out the reviews, talk to our customer care agents and pass. Biggie 10 crack commandments games. Games being played on March 31, April 2, and April 4 of that year.

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The 20 Best Biggie Smalls Songs Ever

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Biggies Smalls 10 Crack Commandments Notorious

Captcha: SAINT CHURCH how ironic. Released 25 March 1997 on Bad Boy (catalog no. 78612-73011-2; CD). Alan Shearer Fifa 06 Crack. Ten Crack Commandments testo canzone cantato da Biggie Smalls: (Chuck D) One two three four five six seven eight nine Uhh, it's the ten crack. Rhythm Intro Tablature great site. 10 crack commandments biggie smalls bass boosted sail more help. Employee Toher Speech https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=993.

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Sep 26, 2020 - Explore GundlachPlumbing's board "Innovations", followed by 316 people on Pinterest. Star is boycotting the Emmys for 'unbelievable' reason. Rooted in the New York rap scene and gangsta rap traditions, he is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Can you name the Biggie's Ten Crack Commandments? You can also make printable crosswords, word searches, bingo boards, classroom games and more! In my role as Digital Account Manager at JeffreyM, I love talking all things digital and helping our team of consultants create beautiful hashtags together with our clients. Wince Copy Rom Files Ps1 Games; Fisiopatologia Contreras Descargar Mp3 Converter; Wonderware Intouch 10 1 Sp3400ha; Asus Laptop Recovery Trouble With Tribbles Math; Hank Moody Divorce With A Smile Walkthrough For Skyrim Elder; Ttf Fonts Download; Descargar Pack Hack Roms Pokemon Para Gba Que Este.

Tips for New Miners: A Semi-Guide

I started playing this game last week on Thursday, and so far have earned over half a billion from mining. I'm curious if I've missed any tips to make my mining more efficient. Here's what I know below; feel free to comment or slap me silly if I've gotten anything wrong or have forgotten something (which I probably have). Hopefully this will be useful for other new players who have also started out recently.
Mining Weapons
In my experience, if your ship has the hardpoints, bring all of the mining equipment below (but you can drop subsurface missiles if you want to). Python is a great mid tier ship that can stock all of these. If you can't take them all, stick with simple mining lasers.
Mining Laser
For mining the outer part of an asteroid. Once your prospector limpet has detected the percentage of minerals in an asteroid, use a laser on the asteroid until it's depleted. Watch the chunks of money flying out of the asteroid. 1X is okay, but 2X lasers are much faster for extracting material. Make sure to upgrade your power distributor to keep the lasers running longer and put all pips on weaponry while mining.
Subsurface Missiles (Optional)
Shoot missiles at subsurface deposits and play a small mini game to extract very small amounts of resources from subsurface deposits on an asteroid. Usually you can get 2-3 chunks out of each deposit. Pretty much not worth the effort.
Abrasion Blaster
Blasts surface deposits off an asteroid. Also needed to blast surface deposits off the interior of a 'deep core' asteroid once you blow it up.
Seismic Launcher
Used to blow up 'deep core' asteroids. See section below on deep core mining.
Required Mining Equipment
To turn your asteroid fragments into cargo, you need a refinery. The best ones have a higher bin count but you don't need that many if you follow my advice in the mining procedure below. When resources are mined, once they reach 100% they turn into cargo. You can keep gathering material if your cargo is full as long as you have bin space. You can vent unwanted resources from bins in the inventory tab of your ship.
Limpets are multipurpose robots that can be programmed to do useful tasks based on the controllers you have installed. I advise restocking your cargo hold with as many as you can carry in the advanced ship UI (same place you repair hull integrity). Limpets are cheap and it's easy to abandon extras you have in your hold if you need the space.
Prospector Limpet Controller
Launched at an asteroid, this detects what percentage of minerals it contains, and surface or subsurface deposits on that asteroid (as well as whether that asteroid has a core). A prospector on an asteroid significantly increases it's yield. I have heard that 'A' variants have a higher yield but I'm not certain - just get the best you can afford! Getting 2 active at a time is fine, but I like 4 much better.
Collector Limpet Controller
Launched from your ship's cargo hatch, these pick up and return asteroid fragments to your ship. Get control for as many as you can comfortably fit on your ship's slots. 4 is so-so, but 6 is better. The longer they last the better.
Power Distribution
Install the best you can on your ship for your budget. The better your distributor, the longer you can fire your mining lasers. You may also need to upgrade your power.
Detailed Surface Scanner
Necessary for finding AND seeing hot spots in planetary rings (you MUST bring this in your ship to see the hot spots). To use this your first time, get close to the planet's rings in supercruise, drop throttle to zero, aim at the rings, and fire the scanner (watch out for gravity when firing your probe, it can get sucked into the planet if you don't aim right!) Depending on the ship, you may want to ditch the docking computer or supercruise assist to install this. It's up to you... if you're a confident commander, go for it! Otherwise, you're going to lose cargo space.
Pulse Wave Analyzer
An expensive tool that fits in a utility slot - required for detecting 'special' asteroids that contain surface, subsurface, or core deposits of minerals. 'Deep Core' asteroids may have some black boxes on your display when you scan them, but in my experience it's a bit hard to tell until you're right on top of the asteroid. Asteroids you have prospector limpets on get a different sheen when you scan them, which can be useful to avoid sending more than one prospector to the same asteroid.
Cargo Space
Required for storing both your mined goods and limpets. Max this out once you have installed the rest of the necessary gear. Remember that the more cargo you have, the longer you can stay out... which may or may not be your preferred playing style. Anything more than 200 and the grind starts to get to me but your mileage may vary.
Get the best thrusters you can put on your ship; it will make it much easier to navigate in the asteroid field!
Mining Procedure
Find Your Hotspot
Use the miner's tool to find where you want to mine and where you want to sell ( http://edtools.ddns.net/miner). Whoever came up with this tool is a genius, but do keep in mind that sell prices fluctuate all the time so you'll want to choose a destination that has updated recently to get a reliable price.
Aim for the Triple Hot Spot
Borann A2 ring B is the most popular place to mine right now due to its location in the bubble and the fact that it possesses a triple hotspot for low temperature diamonds. Get in position on top of the planetary ring, cut supercruise throttle, and use the detailed surface scanner to find hot spots on the ring. Look for several hot spots clustered close to each other. Aim your ship between the overlapping circles (for triple hot spots, find the triangle they form and aim for the center of it). If you don't slow down in supercruise, you'll hit an emergency stop when you hit the ring and lose 1-2% hull integrity, no biggie. If you want to avoid that, slow down when you approach.
When you first arrive, there is a chance NPC pirates will spawn. Let them scan you and find you have nothing. They should leave you alone after that, unless you log out and back in. I have heard you can log out and back in as many times as you like to reroll who shows up. If it's local authority ships, you're good to go, otherwise, you may need to bug out.
The Setup
Fly into the belt and line up with a point of interest. This could be the gas giant, or a lock on one of the hot spots in the ring. Your goal is to slowly fly towards that point while you're mining. This will allow you to avoid checking the same asteroid more than once... plenty of asteroids to look at!
Open your hardpoints, swap to analysis mode, and use your pulse wave analyzer to find 'special asteroids.' You can go straight for them, or work your way there. Either way works.
Open your cargo scoop. Now you're ready to start prospecting.
I like to send off my max number of prospecting limpets and wait for them to connect with asteroids. You can check their state in the contacts tab on the left. This makes it quick and easy to target them, especially if your asteroids are spinning. It's a lot faster to check for mineral content this way as well.
I usually don't bother with anything lower than 10% of my mineral of choice, but some people only mine 15% and above.
Watch out for spinning asteroids, as collector limpets aren't particularly smart and can get caught on a crevice and get killed.
Or No Limpets?
I have heard of a different method - someone just lasers an asteroid, checks the fragments that come off, then shoots a prospector if the asteroid has something good. I'm not convinced that this is faster than firing off all your prospectors first, but you can give it a shot.
Start Mining
Set all pips to weapons and laser the asteroid until depleted. Deploy your collector limpets. As fragments come off, the collectors will take them to your cargo scoop, usually on the bottom of the ship. You can speed this process up by positioning your ship closer to the fragments. Getting close to the asteroid can help, but watch out for hull damage from spinning asteroids!
You can pick up fragments with your cargo scoop without using collector limpets, but I don't advise it. There's simply too many fragments to pick up.
Exclude Unusable Minerals
Check the contacts pane on your left and look at the fragments being generated. Exclude any mineral you don't want to collect. The game will remember and not pick up that mineral from all future mining for you. Additionally, your refinery will just ignore that mineral and discard it. Convenient!
Get Setup for More
Finish off by getting all surface, subsurface deposits, and the core if it has one (see deep core mining below). Mine out any other asteroids you have prospectors on that have good mineral percentages.
Fire the pulse wave analyzer to look for more asteroids to mine. Fire prospectors at the interesting asteroids and begin the process again, looking at your contacts.
It takes 4 seconds to fire a prospector, and it comes out of your cargo hatch. If you nose down your ship before the prospector has finished launching, you can kill it, so be careful!
Night vision
Night vision can make it easier to avoid crashing into asteroids. You can also turn on your ship's lights, but that may make it difficult to look at asteroids you're mining.
Speed (200 km/s)
If you're going faster than 200 km/s, a prospector limpet will instantly die if you launch it. Collector limpets can't keep up and will start self destructing too. Fortunately, if you keep your cargo scoop open while mining, you generally can't go faster than 100 km/s, so I recommend you do that to keep yourself from accidentally losing limpets.
Deep Core Mining
'Deep core' asteroids have asteroid fissures on them, which are low, average, or high strength. The longer you hold down the trigger before releasing a seismic missile, the more power you give it (low, average, high). Putting a 'high strength' missile into a 'low strength' fissure will have the most effect, while putting a 'high strength' missile into a 'high strength' fissure will have the least effect.
The goal is to add missiles to fissures until you get a blue check mark 'optimum yield' in the box in the upper right corner of the screen, but you only have two minutes to do it before all of your charges explode.
If you add too much power and get an unoptimum yield, you can cancel a charge in the contacts screen, but you WILL lose the fissure you put the charge into. It also takes 10 seconds to cancel so make sure you have enough time before the charges explode.
You need to back out at least 1 KM to avoid taking shield/hull damage from an asteroid explosion. 1-2 KM and you will get a sensor disruption, but no damage.
The asteroid will rupture and you will get fragments from the interior based on how well you setup your charges. There are usually 8-10 surface deposits on the interior you can clean up with your abrasion blaster.
Goodbye Borann
My understanding is that all hotspots could be reshuffled on Tuesday the 9th, which means the 3x Low Temperature Diamond hotspot on Borann could go away as Tritium is integrated into the game. There are already efforts I have seen from enterprising miners gearing up to find lucrative 3x hotspots after the shuffle, so stay alert! Good luck to all miners looking for their next score!
submitted by Dash-o-Salt to EliteMiners

The 10 Dumbest Decisions in AC7

Well, I think it’s safe to say there have been some pretty bone-headed moves throughout Ace Combat. From digging under a castle instead of a bank to nuking your own nation, the possibilities are endless. However, I think I’ve gotta say, Ace Combat 7 has some of the most idiotic of them all. So, I think it’s high time we get a list going of the stupidest decisions made in the game. Obviously, this’ll be my opinion, results may vary. Consult your doctor if you suffer heart palpitations or have an erection lasting longer than six hours.
  1. Creation of Spare Squadron. Now, this is at the bottom of the list because it wound up working, but let’s take a look at this. We have convicts, some of whom are in for 25-life sentences (Trigger and Champ), and you decide to give them multi-million dollar pieces of equipment with heavy munitions and no armed guards? Really? Honestly, I’m amazed Bandog, McKinsey, or anyone involved in that base survived. Personally, I would’ve laid a bomb on the control tower and burned hard rubber for Erusean airspace to defect. Also, dishonorable mention goes to the constant abuse of solitary confinement as punishment for jobs well-done and as reward for speaking out of turn (since that guy who quipped at McKinsey probably didn’t want to go on the mission).
  2. SAND. Now, attacking a fuel refinery is important. I’m glad we understand that. But… why in the actual hell would you not just… wait for the sandstorm to pass before making your strike? I mean, okay, sure, a couple tanker ships would get away, but there would be more coming in. If they’re worried about the Helios missiles, the trucks weren’t about to go out in a sandstorm unless they absolutely had to. It would still be very killable. But no no no, instead we’ve got to risk losing the tankers in a storm and fly into it, clogging up our jets with sand and making poor Caramel Nagase hate her life.
  3. See You On the Ground. Ignoring the princess’s ten-inch-thick plot armor, I love her train of logic. “Hmm… super advanced fighters are coming into the airspace and probably about to cause a furball of a dogfight. Oh well, might as well jump.” -jumps-
  4. Waiapolo Missile Boogaloo. I genuinely don’t understand the design of the missile defenses in Mission 9. Alright, they need to defend their radar facilities for the drone defense system. Fair enough. You know what you do? You make the mountainside black with SAMs and CWIS. You don’t spend billions of taxpayer dollars making a hyper-specialized missile with slower reaction times, longer travel distances, and no more efficacy than a standard SAM. That design is about as necessary as a penguin proximity alarm in the Sahara.
  5. RIP Kestrel II. Okay, so, let’s get this straight. You staged an unsuccessful attack on Farbanti from your most advanced aircraft carrier. Alright, fine, no biggie. But then you return for a second go at the same target? WHY?! There are a dozen perfectly good targets in the region that you could have used that wouldn’t be complete hornet’s nests. Also, you want to know the magical thing about aircraft carriers? Unlike airfields, they can move, which means if a target is outside of your range or if the enemy might have figured out where you are, you can just, ya know, GO.
  6. Tyler Island Assault. Now, I know this is McKinsey being a jackass, but it’s still stupid. Let’s stage an assault on a major enemy airbase and just… assume that all the Eruseans are dead. I’m sure they just rolled over and gave up. That seems logical, right? No partisans to speak of. And let’s make sure we don’t have equipment of our own to use there. And use planes we don’t have replacement parts for and are notoriously prone to breakdown. BRRRRRILLIANT.
  7. We’Ll UsE a SaTuRaTiOn AtTaCk. Allow me to perform my interpretation of the commanders of Operation Daredevil. “Okay, sho. We got a drone aircraft carrier with a shield powered by the space tower thingy.” “Yarp.” “And long-range sensors.” “Yarp.” “And a smart computer thing running its decisions.” “Yarp.” “Well then, let’s just have all our super vulnerable ships and all our planes unload all their munitions at it. I’m sure that’ll work perfectly!” “Yarp yarp yarp!” “You’re just a sea lion, aren’t you?” “ARP ARP ARP!” Seriously, couldn’t they have at least done it at night so as to minimize the space elevator’s effect?
  8. Torres’s Psych Evaluation. Now, let’s get two things straight. One, Torres is complete butternut bonkers, anyone with more than a passing interest in reality would see that. Two, the poor bastard and his crew spent two years at the bottom of the ocean. Any competent psychologist would have suggested he be honorably discharged and undergo serious therapy work. Alicorn’s a good sub, give it to a decent captain and she’d do wonders for the Erusean navy. But noooo… gotta give it to the guy who screams for the salvation of his crisp white sheets.
  9. Gargoyle Squadron’s Attempted Armageddon. So, this is a double-whammy of dumb which might make me seem like a bit of a hypocrite, but follow me here. First off: THEY WERE TRYING TO CUT DOWN A SPACE ELEVATOR! Do you have any idea the destruction that would cause? It would make Ulysses seem like a quaint little oopsie in Strangereal’s diaper. Millions dead? Billions dead? Who’s counting? Inversely though, these idiots decided to attempt this act by… firing Sidewinders at it. Gargoyle Squadron, I know you were following orders, but you should have turned to whoever was commanding you, slapped them into next week, and called them a brainless blunderbuss.
  10. Kessler Syndrome Strike. Congratulations generals of Strangereal, you aren’t just the dumbest people in Ace Combat 7, but the biggest dunces in all Ace Combat. By blowing up a bunch of satellites, you have successfully clogged Earth’s orbit with debris that will haunt mankind for the rest of its existence (or at least until shield technology gets starborne). There’s no way that they didn’t know this would happen either, since Strangereal is kind of an expert on incoming space objects. I guarantee there were some scientists on their staff that were screaming “DON’T!” but they just decided to ignore them. It’s like the fear that some scientists had that nukes would set the atmosphere on fire taken to its logical conclusion. So, congratulations generals of Erusea and Osea, you are the joint emperors of stupid, enjoy your throne of compacted garbage and crown of rotting pig guts.
submitted by KingAardvark1st to acecombat

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