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Qanon Lesson for Christians

1st Presbyterian Church
Dear Class Member,
A movement called QAnon has been in the news lately, and if you know nothing about it, our next lesson can be an introduction. Unfortunately, QAnon is built on conspiracy theories, some of which are quite grotesque and possibly dangerous, and it sometimes masquerades under some aspects of Christianity. The purpose of this lesson is to remind ourselves of the Bible's unflinching loyalty to truth.
QAnon Illustrates Frailty of Human Reasoning
The Wired Word for the Week of September 6, 2020
In the News
Have you noticed something called QAnon in the news lately? It's been labeled a conspiracy theory -- or perhaps a family of conspiracy theories -- and it fits that description. But what makes it a matter of concern to Christians is that it sometimes uses Bible quotes and other aspects of Christianity to support its bizarre claims. And it has risen to the level of news because more than a dozen people running for Congress as well as a few currently elected officials have expressed some degree of support for QAnon theories.
The basic theory QAnon touts is "that a secret cabal in government, the media, and other influential institutions is engaged in child sex trafficking, cannibalism of a sort, and the usual conspiracist bugbear of world domination and human sacrifice," explains Bonnie Kristian, a columnist at Christianity Today. One sub-theory alleges that there's footage of Hillary Clinton and her aide "ripping off a child's face and wearing it as a mask before drinking the child's blood in a Satanic ritual sacrifice," Kristian says.
Other conspiracy theories being promoted by and through QAnon, include that 5G radio waves are used for mind control, that Bill Gates is related to the devil, that masks can kill you and that the germ theory isn't real.
The movement began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan by "Q," who was presumably an American individual, but subsequent posts under that designation probably came from a group of people. Q claimed to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States. NBC News found that three people took the original Q post and expanded it across multiple media platforms to build internet followings. Others believe that it is part of Chinese and Russian efforts to spread social unrest in the United States by injecting narratives designed to increase distrust.
The original post predicted that Clinton would be arrested and massive riots would break out nationwide on October 30, 2017. But when no such things occurred, those who bought into the claim concluded not that the prediction was wrong but that the cabal interfered with it happening. With that kind of assumption by those already convinced, the failure of the strange predictions to occur does not hinder the growth of belief in and support for QAnon's "prophecies" or, as they are called within the movement, "drops."
"The cabal is QAnon's version of the Fall -- its explanation for what's wrong with our world" says Kristian. "Q is the movement's John the Baptist. Drops are its Scripture. And Trump is its messiah, ostensibly working at great personal cost to defeat the cabal and usher in a new age of American greatness," Kristian says, though there's no record of President Trump himself making that claim. His public comments about QAnon thus far have been limited to "I don't know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate," which he said during a White House press briefing in response to a question about the group.
QAnon's parallels to Christianity even include an apocalyptic prediction of a "storm" or "Great Awakening" in the future when all will be straightened out.
Writing in Baptist News Global, Bible teacher Aaron Coyle-Carr points out that part of the popularity of QAnon is that like all good lies, Q's narrative contains a dose of truth.
"Take, for example, Q's basic claim that there is a dedicated syndicate of elites running this country for their own gain," says Coyle-Carr. "There's plenty of room to interrogate the motives of our public officials, but it's relatively easy to see that power is concentrated in the hands of a few. Just two political families, the Bushes and the Clintons, have dominated American public life for an entire generation. Fourteen members of the House and Senate have served in the federal legislature for more than 35 years. And while wages stagnate and unemployment soars, American billionaires added $637 billion to their wealth in the middle of a pandemic."
Coyle-Carr asks, "Is it an organized cabal with Satanic motivations?" Answering his own question, he says, "Almost certainly not. But it is an alarmingly unequal distribution of power."
He also mentions the fact that many people worldwide are trapped in human trafficking.
"This is not to say that Q is not lying about plenty of things, arguing in bad faith and making plenty of errors in judgment, logic and data analysis," Coyle-Carr says. "But it does suggest that we would be foolish to dismiss Q followers as an entire mass of unhinged lunatics. Their narrative taps into some dark truths about the nature of our democracy and attempts to address some of the deepest anxieties of the present age."
Nor are conspiracy theories confined to political fringes. Political conspiracies have also dominated large media organizations at times and have been believed by millions, and to this day continue to be believed by some. Conspiracy narratives can be useful and attractive for those who want to believe them.
But like most conspiracy theories, QAnon's claims are distortions. Coyle-Carr calls them "loosely collected, far-ranging, bizarre and possibly dangerous."
And Kristian is even more direct: "QAnon is predatory drivel that undermines the authority of Scripture and pilfers trust we owe only to Christ. American Christians have a responsibility to learn to identify it -- and flee."
More on this story can be found at these links:
QAnon Is a Wolf in Wolf's Clothing. Christianity Today
Is QAnon a Prophet or Provocateur? And How Should Christians Respond? Baptist News Global
Evangelicals Are Looking for Answers Online. They're Finding QAnon Instead. MIT Technology Review
Congregations for Conspiracy Theorists? Bill's Faith Matters Blog
Applying the News Story
Despite how long the human race has been around, we don't fully understand why our reasoning ability can be so easily misled. Nor do we know why some of us seem to need to believe conspiracies, and others of us see truth as but one of several options for explaining why the world is as it is. We recognize that our emotions interplay with our reasoning and sometimes override it, but that recognition doesn't necessarily cause us to sort the two out. And why are some of us born skeptics while others of us are born believers?
TWW team member Bill Tammeus comments, "The insidious thing (well, one among many things) about such conspiracy theories is that there is no good way to argue against them because if you do that you become part of the conspiracy that is trying to keep the truth from being known. It's a vicious circle that, once again, reveals the fragility of human reason."
This lesson can't answer all those questions about human peculiarities, but it can remind us that the Bible indicates that the pursuit of truth can lead us to God. As Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" (John 14:6).
The Big Questions
  1. When do you find it easier to believe something you've been told -- when lots of information about it is widely available, or when you get information you might not otherwise have but now have only because people passing it on claim to have insider knowledge? Why?
  2. Is knowledge of absolute, objective truth -- at least regarding human interactions and relationships -- even possible? Or is truth always entangled in personal motivations and narratives that distort it, deliberately or not? How can we be assured that our knowledge of truth is "close enough" to be of value and to be distinguished from falsehood?
  3. Have you ever accepted as true something you'd heard (or seen on the Internet) but later you became convinced that it was not true? If so, what changed your thinking?
  4. What makes you inclined or disinclined to accept theories that claim that people or groups are colluding in hidden ways to produce a particular outcome? What impact does your faith in Christ have on your inclination or disinclination in that regard?
  5. What is the essential difference between being a believer in Jesus and a believer in a conspiracy theory? Is it possible to be a believer in both, and what happens when the two beliefs clash?
Confronting the News With Scripture and Hope
Here are some Bible verses to guide your discussion:
Proverbs 6:16-19
There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him:
haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that hurry to run to evil,
a lying witness who testifies falsely, and one who sows discord in a family.
(For context, read 6:12-19.)
Proverbs 6:12-19 includes two poems (vv. 12-15 and 16-19) that together sketch the inside and outside of human evil. The first poem focuses on how bodily parts can be agents of wrongdoing, and the second poem, quoted in full above, focuses on the sins that spring from those agents.
Questions: Why do you think the verses above speak of God hating things that are an "abomination" to him? How might this biblical poem apply to the instigators of conspiracy theories -- who presumably know they are starting unfounded rumors?
Matthew 10:16 (NASB)
Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. (For context read 10:5, 11-23.)
Jesus said this to the Twelve as he sent them out to carry the good news of the gospel to several towns of Israel. Paul Anleitner, a pastor in the Twin Cities, noted that one reason QAnon appeals to some Christians is because it can feel like a way to live out Jesus' instruction above, to "be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves." The problem, Anleitner says, "for followers of QAnon who are Christians is that they actually aren't being shrewd enough." For as the Christianity Today article headline reads, "QAnon is a wolf in wolf's clothing."
Questions: If Jesus were sending you out on a good-news mission, what instructions do you think he would give you in light of your personality, needs and placement on the skepticism-gullibility scale? What would Jesus warn you against? Explain your answer.
John 8:32
... and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. (For context, read 8:31-59, especially vv. 31-36.)
It is amazing how confrontational this exchange is between Jesus and those whom the gospel writer John describes as "the Jews who had believed in him." The harshness of the interaction is obviously not, then, being presented as rooted in a deep-seated animosity toward Jesus; rather, it seems to erupt from being confronted with difficult truths about oneself. Yet Jesus did not intend these truths to be harmful. As the focus verse makes clear, the intent was for this truth to free them from false impressions about themselves.
The truth is also freeing when it enables us to step away from unfounded claims.
By the way, in Christianity, truth is not a dogma or doctrine but, rather, a person, Christ Jesus.
Questions: What are some basic standards that help you establish fundamental truths? When has something truthful helped you abandon or reject an idea or assumption some others were passing along as "the real story"? How did you arrive at that truth?
Ephesians 4:25
So then, putting away falsehood, let all of us speak the truth to our neighbors, for we are members of one another. (For context, read 4:25--5:2.)
This passage in Ephesians speaks to more aspects of human speech than just honesty. It enjoins Christians from "evil talk," which in this context is contrasted with speech that "is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear" (4:29). Notice that such truthful speech is limited according to the need, and that need is defined as the ability to edify rather than to tear down another (4:31). This requirement for truthfulness is grounded in the relationship we share as "members of one another." We owe others nothing more and nothing less than we would owe ourselves.
Questions: In what ways does the trust established through acts of kindness and forgiveness (4:32) help you to hear and evaluate claims about others? Does a person's normal practice of building up rather than tearing down others help you put that person's claims in perspective? Why or why not?
Does it help when you have a group you trust to help you arrive together at biblical truth? What is the result when there is a strong-willed individual in the group who insists a falsehood is true?
For Further Discussion
  1. React to this, from the late Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias: "If the truth does not survive, you may as well turn the lights out, because to somebody whose mind is bent towards deceit and a lie, the darkness becomes the light. ... truth is imperative, so critical in our times." We must demand truth from our political leaders, Zacharias said, and we ourselves must speak the truth, live by the truth, and model living by the truth. Only then will truth set us free.
  2. Respond to this, from Aaron Coyle-Carr, quoted in the "In the News" section above. He writes, "Given all the lies, fraud and manipulation, is there anything that can be done to stop or at least reason with the Q[Anon] movement?
"Tragically, in the opinions of many experts who study cults and conspiracy theories, the answer might be no. At least for those who consider themselves 'true believers,' normal methods of discourse have difficulty penetrating the layers of self-supporting argumentation that surround Q. For those in the deepest, the only way out might be their own disillusionment.
"But not everyone is a true believer. Plenty of people start out investigating Q cautiously, moved by its zeal for victims of human trafficking or intrigued by its claims to make sense of a senseless world. Those who are on the fence are the ones who have the best chance of being influenced away from Q and toward something better. But how?"
Coyle-Carr then offers three suggestions:
• "First, we have to be honest, faithful and compassionate dialogue partners. No one ever has been shamed or lectured into changing their mind. We can begin by acknowledging all the ways in which Q hits close to home. We can listen to anxious hearts with compassion. We can share resources that don't make our conversation partner feel demeaned.
• "Second, we can be wise. Refuting the specific claims made by Q or other conspiracy theorists is generally ineffective and should be avoided. We can also learn to recognize when someone is arguing in bad faith and refuse to waste our time and energy. We can use our resources to support good and ethical journalism, science and politics.
• "Finally, those of us who identify as Christians have an obligation to tell a better story. Christianity has the capability to speak compellingly about the problem of evil in the world, God's eschatological vision and humanity's role in both. We have to stop being afraid to talk about sin, the demonic, repentance, and yes, even apocalypse. Q's apocalyptic vision borrows many of our tropes, after all. It's high time we started using them ourselves."
  1. When a conspiracy theory or cult hijacks an actual issue such as human trafficking, how, if at all, might that affect the attention given to addressing the real issue?
  2. Evaluate this statement: "Truth can't be absolutely known" does not mean that "nothing is true," although it is often taken that way.
  3. Discuss this from TWW consultant James Gruetzner: "I first heard of QAnon a few days ago from a coworker. He finds it 'entertaining' and off-the-wall in a dark way, similar to some anime and horror literature. He knows at least one person, however, who does believe some of the stuff QAnon puts out, but to him it is obviously humorous. He also believes that most of the QAnon posters know they are writing fiction, and that a fair number are from outside the United States. (This is not his own 'conspiracy theory,' but the impression he's gained from reading it for awhile.) My real wonder is: Why is this making national news? It is at most a small and fringe group involved." [Editor's comment: It is making national news because some political candidates and a few elected officials have espoused support for some of QAnon's ideas. It is now also present in Germany and is making international news.]
  4. Discuss the following: The Christian satire new site The Babylon Bee (https://babylonbee.com) prominently advertises and displays that it is a satire site -- yet at times people believe their stories. That probably reflects what a person wants to believe: If a person is for or against President Trump or Sen. Biden, then that person is primed to believe a story in accord with that disposition. However, some of its satire this year has come so close [to reality], that people jokingly call it "America's newspaper of record." To top it off, so much actual news would be considered satire a few years ago. The Babylon Bee just started a new site, Not the Bee, https://notthebee.com, showcasing straight-up stories which one would hope had been satire.
Responding to the News
Make a commitment to vet, to the extent possible, the truth of things you hear and read (especially online) before passing them along to others. One way to do this is to be sure the source is balanced in its presentation of ideas, and well respected in its area of knowledge. Another way is to look for corroboration of the stories or information in other reliable sources.
If your own pastor has not, from the pulpit, said anything about the QAnon phenomenon and danger, now would be a good time to encourage him or her to help educate the congregation about it.
O God, you sent your Son into the world to be for us "the way, the truth, and the life." Through his example and the scriptures we learn both the necessity and the complexity of truthfulness in our relationships with you, others and with ourselves. Help us to be open to the fullness of truth, even when the consequences may be difficult. Grant us wisdom to discern when the "whole truth" is not being told. In Jesus' name. Amen.

submitted by charlesdbttg1 to QAnonCasualties

High Level Insider, Mystery Schools & Reddit: an account of my interactions with the anon.

*Repost of mine from a few years back concerning the anons referring to themselves as “High Level Insider” and the group “Three”. You’re right when you sense a great shift is underway, it might not feel like it but there appears to be powers in this world not hell bent on our continued subjugation. These anons present the clearest roadmap out of this b.s that I’ve come across . Getting the pedophiles out of power and regaining control of the money supply is only the start, what kind of world do we build after? If nothing else, Read with an open mind and take the time to conduct the further research in the linked comments and decide for yourself how credible this individual(s) and group might be *
High Level Insider, Mystery Schools & Reddit: an account of my interactions with the anon.
I've been meaning to pen this post (or one like it) for some time now. A number of contributing factors means that time is more or less now.
So here it is.
High Level Insider
About a Year ago, I came across the High Level Insider AMA's.
(Further detail on HLI are provided across the post if you've not heard of the anon before and don't wish to read the sessions right now)
Shortly after that, with the help of some likeminded users, we discovered the anon had a number of Alts on Reddit- one was a legacy account, the other still active. What I'm about to impart is the sum total of my experience with the anon to date. If you check back through my post history you'll see my earlier (and rather more crude) efforts to raise awareness on this. I'm doing so now as the anons most recent incarnation seems to have disappeared , so I feel less prickish about subjecting them to the inevitable deluge of enquiries that will ensue after this post. But I can't overstate how valuable the insights gained from studying the anon have been for me. The narrative they present and solutions they offer are both novel and inspiring. It's the Internet so of course it's impossible to know if they're speaking with 100% veracity, but without taking the time to adequately look into this, writing it off as a committed LARP, is materially equivalent to accepting it as gospel.
I only ask that you read with an open mind and take the time to perform the due diligence that should be a requisite for any prudent investigator.
tl:dr - Things aren't as fucked as they appear, it seems as if we might have a shot.
u/freedomintensifies - The Legacy Account
I'll start with the legacy account that we discovered after the question sessions on /pol. If I recall correctly it was a combination of certain phrases, the subjects discussed, and the (trademark) clarity when discussing the complex & novel, that led us to conclude the anon was one and the same. I followed up with a jocular, but respectful message asking if they'd confirm our suspicions - didn't think they'd respond. But they did.
You'll find further reading on a diverse array of topics across their comment history, but the comment I feel most elucidates the connection would be their breakdown on September 11 and then introducing the Space Elevator:
u/freedomintensifies discusses 9/11 u/freedomintensifies discusses orbital ring space Elevator
u/closedsociety404 - The (former?) Current Account
We then came across an account bearing the hallmarks we'd come to recognise - novel narratives driven by singular facts, varied and deep competencies, eschews the concealment of knowledge etc Here's an example, (but again you'll find a wealth of further reading across their comment history):
At the very top of the occult pyramid, yes. However, many people who are involved legitimately do think they are worshipping some entity. For example, there are a lot of myths about aliens creating human life. Often these involve tales that these people came from the Sirius star system or some such. Scientologists have similar stories like planet Xenu. Mormons too.
Where did this stuff come from? Well, suppose you know how to navigate by the stars. If you are devoting mental energy to this, other people will pick up on it. How to conceal your true mental intentions then? Wrap it in very emotionally riveting tales. You look up to Sirius to navigate but you conceal what you are thinking / doing with some fantastical tale about this is where your creator originated or whatever.
Enough of this and in some sense it becomes "real." People who are exposed to the linguistic keys that lead them to the emotions tied up with Sirius can be overcome with the emotions that swirled around it in the past. It can feel like some other worldly entity moving through you and some people get wrapped up in this with legitimate belief.
Sirius rises in July in Egypt / Israel / Iraq and overlaps with the sun. So the heat of the summer seems to be associated with Sirius - there is less light and heat when Sirius is away from the sun. Can naively seem like a life giver (growing the crops) literally and figuratively (origination myths).
But then you find out that there were active trade routes from America to the Middle East thousands of years ago, that the stars were important for navigation. So you know why the true purpose of Sirius needed to be guarded. And you know better than to think Sirius has anything to do with it getting warm during the summer now - just a cosmic coincidence.
As far as people being in the know, all of that varies tremendously. You can get a small sense of that just from this point. The more you know, the fewer of their myths you can believe. But, if you are fed a lot of semi-truths it is very easy to feel enlightened yet be more lost than when you started.
After studying the entirety of their comments, cross referencing with the (then active) sessions on /pol, as well as with each other ,we concluded that the OPs of the excerpts were indeed alts of theHigh Level Insider anon. In my time as a lurker I've seen FBIAnon, HiddenHand etc all ply their trade, with varying degrees of success, but ultimately the verdict was: Larp. The racists and infancy prevent me from engaging too much, but I ride it out as /pol occasionally throws up some gems. High Level Insider was different from the off. When have you ever seen the maesltrom of shitpost hell be tamed by a guy speaking about Jesus and Space Elevators ?
Deep and wide learning across hard sciences, history, politics, religion is evident throughout the sessions. Answers within seconds of the question being posed, with sessions frequently lasting for hours. I checked details like disparity in time between answer & question, cross referencing from google, to address the possibility the anon might be fraudulent - but nothing. (I invite you to do the same, perhaps with a different methodology to detect foul play.)
I'll try and condense the more stand out revelations into a bloated tldr:
The anon claims to be a member of a benevolent secret society, Three - which counts Jesus, Plato, Washington , JFKamongst its members. TheAmerican Revolution was their project to create a republic away from the insidious tendrils of the British- home of global Freemasonry. For thousands of years they've moved in opposition to the oligarchical factions who prey on humanity.
The history of the "illuminati" is a great example. It was created by American Revolutionaries as a psy-op to allow the revolution to go forward by creating uncertainty within the ranks of freemasonry as to whether it was a sanctioned event or not.
The Bicameral Mind/Origins of Consciousness
Atlantis was real and the place where mankind first rose to learned civility. Following the cataclysm that destroyed global civilisation, consciousness as we know it was lost. Humanity at that time operated under The Bicameral Mind - a mindstate characterised by the division of cognitive functions to seperate parts of the brain - Godbrain (speaking/commands) Servantbrain (listens/obeys).
Origins of Conciousness in the breakdown of the Bicameral Mind-Julian Jaynes is the only book HLI recommends to any who enquire on further reading outside of the sessions. Coherence in consciousness (The Holy Spirit) is a genuine phenomena and one exploited by the elite against the masses.
Consciousness" is a skill wherein people create a mental world analogous to the physical world in order to attempt hypothetical solutions to novel problems. This skill was developed over thousands of years, following the collapse of an earlier system for responding creatively to unique stimuli. This system, dubbed "the Bicameral Mind" involved the right hemisphere of the brain generating solutions and communicating them to the acting left hemisphere using language as the encoding system. As a result, Bicameral individuals "heard" these solutions spoken to them as if from an outside force.
Hypnosis, schizophrenia, possession, are all vestiges of the Bicameral Mind.
Mystery Schools
The power structures that exist in society today are the result of secret societies that formed as the conscious emerged. Initially meant to preserve awareness, the societies became corrupted by the idea that knowledge should be hidden to rule over the masses. The various factions in Mystery Babylon stem from this central notion:
Dark priests - these people believe that beauty emerges from contrast. Evil is necessary for good kind of thing. They are not necessarily pro-evil, but pro-contrast.
Kings - generally less intelligent than dark priests. Much of their code of behavior derives from a belief in the past that you need a slave class to sustain an enlightened class.
Meritocracy - they believe in something similar to democratic rule, but only with votes for the initiated, because the masses are hopeless.
-Humanist elite:
Us (Three) - we're more interested in the emperor without clothes effect. The exercise of power has always come with a stifling of dissent and dangerous dips into psychosis. We try to undermine this tendency more than anything else.
Three follow an esoteric form of Christianity, HLI repeatedly stresses the need for symbolic, not literal, interpretation as the means to truth.
Christianity itself was our primary attack on the empire. We work primarily through ideas that are compelling enough to spread on their own merit, what you might call meme magic The elements of the trinity are distinct and each independently meaningful. The holy spirit refers to our collective consciousness. God is real and Jesus was an inspired prophet. Christianity is correct to emphasize the virginal birth and sacrifice. What the virgin birth means is that he rose to consciousness outside of the mystery schools, which laid bare the fraud of them concealing knowledge. His entire life was lived as a sacrifice spreading the truth to ensure that connection to higher consciousness / the godhead would never be the exclusive possession of the corrupted schools.
The essence of Christiandom is two fold, one: to do good, and two: to bring consciousness and enlightenment to all.
The Orbital Ring Space Elevator
Their aim is to bring to about a resurgence of the American system of values, through the unleashing of decades worth of pent up technology . Chief amongst this, would be the orbital ring Space Elevator :
I'll illustrate an example using only known, public technology:
Combine an elevator (>ability to run power cables to the ground) with the unlimited real estate in space (>100-1000x concentration power from cheap mirrors) and you can drop power generation costs to about 1/10th of a penny per kWh for something on the order of 18TW of generation (100x reduction in cost of energy supplies) and you have no scaling limitations (until you get several orders of magnitude beyond what we currently use anyway)
All of this can be done with current technology and engineering ability to bring global GDP per capita above $1 million within 10-15 years.
In earlier sessions when questioned about his group conducting a targeted intervention, HLI states Three will run one of their own for president in 2024.
Queries then arose around what form this intervention would take and in what fashion they done so historically:
We didn't even control Christianity or Islam. We have throughout history injected big ideas like this and to a lesser extent stories, parables, artistic works, etc., as blunt and imperfect instruments to nudge mankind in the right direction. It is only in the modern era that we could conceive of programmatic seizure of power with the ability to leverage scientific ability to overcome our inferior numbers.
Our organization is robust, offensively capable, and well-defended already. The current evolving phase is bringing the masses into the fold with a head that cannot be chopped off.
Like I said - far fetched, right?
If any of this is new to you, your automatic reaction will most likely be mocking disbelief, with a side order of condescension. Like I said - I'm not asking you to believe me off the bat. It's not necessary that you believe me at all. I'm simply presenting compelling, albeit radical information, to a sub known for discussing such things. I've linked the sources that have led me to my opinion- take the time to engage with them and in due course you'll understand why someone would willingly incurr the cynicism expected for promotion of such a radical narrative.
Ponder this if you would before forming your response:
If you discussed the vast majority of conspiracies (elite pedophilia, secret societies, Tristate cities, DUMB's,Archons etc) we research in this sub, with one of your more 'bluepilled' friends or family members, what reaction would you likely receiver? Be honest now. Most likely the rolled eyes of mocking disbelief? With a condescending tidbit as their response, no doubt...
At this stage I've digested the entirety of the question sessions &comment/post history, read the recommended books and conducted ancillary research around the topics discussed.
With the help of the user who introduced me to the anon in the first place (s/o u/darkomantis!) I managed to take part in several sessions. Here's the sole question I had answered :
HLI- you must understand how difficult it is for those of us who are cynical enough to disputed the accepted narrative, to fully trust an individual making the claims you do. We've heard iterations of it before and found the source wanting every time. As concisely as your position permits, please explain why this time is any different? A lifelong dreamer turned Cynic
If you think back on all the nonsense you have ever read, none of it ever offered you a way out.
You have one in the space elevator alone. You have seen the rise of the middle class in one nation threaten the global order to such an extreme degree that the CIA went on a killing spree across America, rounding up others into institutions, restricting job access, and so on. They are on the brink of failure from only modest economic success. It isn't so hard to see that unleashing decades of unused technological progress would not only end them but leave you with a radically better world. And, all of this is verifiable. Crack open some textbooks, learn the physical principles, and see for yourself.
If this is a LARP, its superior to any I'm familiar with by some orders of magnitude. There are subs and 'Fan/LARP' (VOTL,High_Level_Insider) accounts that have sprung up since the anons appearance, all of whom are actively researching and engaging with the source material.
Earlier this year, I penned a post on Trump and another on Tulsi Gabbard - both composed using breadcrumbs given to me by the anon. Both equally necessary to help break the spell bogus politicians have over this community. I noticed the anon was active on the thread during the week it was stickied. Again, I can't attest to the 100% veracity of the anon, more so that I've found deception easier to identify when viewed with the aid of their insights. If this equates to truth, then so be it.
They seem to have disappeared for now, both on Reddit and /pol, but the comment histories and archived threads are there still available to view.
I'll finish with sharing one of the last messages I received from the anon. I'd just read Fingerprints of the Gods and wanted the hear their thoughts on the technological capacity of ancient people. The matter of fact manner they discuss truly reality-expanding concepts, never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully it's piqued your interest to the extent you're curious enough to look into this for yourself.
Peace. elnegroik
To me the most interesting thing about the ancients is that they had the time to stop and think carefully. Really there isn't much remarkable about what we find other than the carefulness of it all. We could talk about how the pyramids were constructed, no magic need be invoked. It isn't the overwhelming task that it appears. The truly neat thing about the pyramids is not their scale, it is their precision. That requires high mathematical competency which is very abstract thought. Mathematicians are some of the most careful, precise, considered thinkers on the planet. >>That these existed in droves necessary to do all the astrological work tells you about a society that was living luxurious lives by modern standards. Even in a "first world" nation like America, half the population is in dire poverty. I think something like 2/3 are paycheck to paycheck, 80% can't handle an emergency bill of modest size - $5-10k. You think about these things compared to ancient civilizations that had th time to sit around and work out thousands and thousands of years of astronomical calculations, design temples all around the world, build them, etc., and they seem rich beyond comprehension for most - at least in terms of free time. Who has the free time to build a boat and sail around the world today, never mind the years of designing a temple to build on the other side of the planet, etc.? All that stuff about the pyramid being some magical power plant or some such is a distraction. Really what it tells you about is the magic of a society organized towards the interest of the people, the magic of living in harmony, and so on. The pyramid is remarkable only in the sense of the remarkable fall man has experienced in the intervening period, not so much a remarkable achievement in itself.
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