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Hacked shank #1 cracked wheat

11 Shank Chisel Plow For Sale - Merritt 11 Shank Chisel

How to Access a Securepak Phone Number. Kuhn krause PRODUCT RANGE. Check your manufacturers manual for proper inflation specs. Race Ug99 of the fungus that causes stem or black rust disease on wheat was first detected in Uganda in 1998. All Grain and BIAB Kits; Brewers Best- 5 Gal Kits; G and G Extract- 5 gallon; Brewers Best- One Gallon; Shandy.

The Emergence of Ug99 Races of the Stem Rust Fungus is a

Premium Subscription $1700 (Autotrac, Swath Control, Documentation) 5-year Premium Subscription $8000 (Autotrac, Swath Control, Documentation) The 5-year subscription option is only available at the point of purchase of the new 4640 display. Set on a durable rubber lug outsole, the boots feature an EVA footbed for comfort and a steel shank for arch support. Heat on full power for 7 minutes (Cat E/850W), 8 minutes (Cat D/750W). Take a squatting position, with your feet about 8-10 inches apart. Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the shank. Search triple tested recipes from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Team.

Final Report of the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert

Most Popular Kits; Clone Kits; India Pale Ales (IPA) Pale Ales; Light and Refreshing; Red, Amber & Brown Ales; English, Irish & Scottish Ales; Porters & Stouts; Pilsners & Lagers; Wheat Beer; Belgian Ales; Specialty Ales; Sour Ales. Shank #1 cracked wheat. Bi-Metal (29) Brushless (60) Carbide (65) Cobalt Steel (2) Collets (1) Diamond (1) Fine Height Adjuster (1) Gilets and Body Warmers (1) Guide Bushes (8) High Carbon Steel (16) High Speed Steel (5) Hoodies and Sweatshirts (1) L-Class (1) M-Class (2) Orbital Sander (1) Palm Sander (1) Titanium Coated (4) T-Shirts (1) 1/4" Router (6) 1/2" Router (2) Trimmer (1) 28mm Hex Shank (1). Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Recap of the Willow Creek Grain Farm Retirement Auction. Carefully cut along the top of the pouch, as steam will escape.

Grizzly H5574 Dovetail Bit 5 pc. Set 1/2" Shank

Dormer E651 High-Speed Steel Combined Drill and Tap, Black Oxide Finish, Round. Wil-Rich produces a wide variety of tillage equipment with a reputation for toughness as well as innovation. The SIs were1.4, 2.1, 2.1, 5.8, and 3.9 for the 0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 2.5%, and 5% dose groups, respectively. Simply place your first credit order before 26th February 2020 and enter the code 6UA3V at the checkout. BEST FLEA MARKET ITEM! ORIGINAL 1C WHEAT PENNY COIN SHANK. GREAT PLAINS Field Cultivators For Sale - 21 Listings https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=957.

11 Shank Chisel Plow For Sale - Honey Bee 11 Shank Chisel

Empty into a large bowl, then pour over enough boiling water to just cover the bulgur. Jun 16, 2020 - Nickel Silver Metal Shank Buttons - 23mm - 7/8 inch. For that matter, is in combination with cracked bulgur wheat and onion There are hundreds of ways to turn this Yield 4 to 6 servings; Time 1 hour 20 minutes. Or when we used to go fishing at the lake on 104th and almost sheridan. ROP is a subfamily of small GTP-binding proteins that uniquely exist in plants. CRUST BUSTER Grain Drills For Sale - 77 Listings.

Viewing a forum - Machinery Talk

Cheap Power Tool Accessories, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers: New 5 Pcs Socket Adapter 1/4" Hex Shank to 1/4" Impact Driver/Drill Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! I am hungry I avoid food midday. OLD BOTTLE IDENTIFICATION AND DATING GUIDE. Grilled Veggie Tabbouleh This is a bit of a twist on the traditional cracked wheat salad common in Mediterranean cuisine. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 28. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. CafePress will handle all transactions.

Plug South Africa Plug Insert with Earthing Pin 16AMP 10

Beat 2 minutes at medium speed of electric mixer, scraping bowl occasionally. Big Kids' Size 6. Premium full-grain leather upper. This competition aims to bring together real-time or. Lamb shank tagine with herb tabbouleh. Set of 20 Shank-less HSS Twist Drills, 0.3mm - 1.6mm. That's just one take-home message from this week's Wheat Pete's Word.

Ham Hock Shank - Fresh Meat Delivery

Two New Birds

We have parrots and chickens for birds in Minecraft, and that’s basically it. We even have more Arthropods in the game, with cave spiders, regular ones, silverfish and bees. I know a lot of people have complained about this over and over again, about how there should be more birds, but many do not provide a good reason to add them other than aesthetic purposes, although I know this is not always the case - there are some good ideas out there. Here I have tried to find good reasons to add these two birds and I hope that I have succeeded. I have seen the FPS list and Mojangs rejected ideas list, and I have tried to stay away from those ideas. I made a mistake with one of my past posts with ducks, and didn’t realise they would never be added, so I’m applying a bit of the same info I had for them with the birds here. (by the way, this next bit is gonna be long, sorry about that)
The Eider:
It could be considered quite a useful mob. It is a white, duck-like bird with dark patches on its tail and underside and two small, green-yellow legs. It has a colourful head, with two small black eyes and a large yellow and grey beak.
It spawns alone or in groups of two uncommonly only in cold oceans on the water, where they drift around attacking any nearby fish or squid, or it spawns on the ice or icebergs of frozen oceans. When attacking nearby fish or squid, the eider puts its head forward and swims at very fast speeds, head butting and killing its prey in one hit or two, in the case of the squid. They can dive 5 block max, so fish need to be nearby to be fought. The fact that they don’t travel long distances and kill fish quickly like an iron golem kills zombies might decrease lag, but I’m not expert at that aspect of the game. These mobs are also attacked by guardians and the elder variety, but they will not actively hunt them and with try to swim away if the are threatened or see one within 8 blocks.
Health/ Drops:
The Eider is not a weak mob. It has 10 hearts, the same as the player, and this reflects its hardy nature, being able to survive in the cold and attack many aquatic mobs. It also has a slight thorns effect - basically if you repeatedly hit an Eider, let’s say three times, then two of those times you will be damaged as you hit it with half a heart, so not much. These are birds, after all. They are passive to the player and if hit with try to swim away, something they do with relative ease.
The Eider, once killed, will have a 100% chance to drop 1 feather, along with a chance to drop one of these: 10% chance to drop 1 cod, 80% chance to drop 1 salmon and a 10% chance to drop an ink sack, all evidence of its hostile nature towards those mobs. It is not really a good source of fish, the same way polar bears aren’t. These mobs are also not worthwhile breeding only for ink drops.
The birds make no sounds unless hit, where they emit a low cooing sound like the sounds a pigeon and duck make combined. Eiders can be bred with cod, salmon or tropical fish but there is a twist. These sea-faring birds HAVE to be brought to land to breed, and once bred, one bird will drop an Eider Egg, similar to a chicken egg and with the same uses but is pale grey, with dark spots. If thrown, this produces 100% of the time a baby Eider. The baby Eider is just a smaller version of an adult.
Collecting and Using Eiderdown:
But now onto the main uses this bird has: if sheared, a process that can be done once over two in-game days, the Eider will have an 70% chance to drop 1-2 feathers, and a 30% chance to drop Eiderdown, a new item used to speed up and make sleeping better for the player. Eiderdown is a rare item, and getting a lot of it is a hard task, similar to the time it takes to get a good amount of diamonds from mining. Eiderdown can be picked up, and then the player has to walk over a bed to use it. If they click on any block but a bed then nothing will happen, but if they click on a bed then the Eiderdown is consumed and the bed briefly emits feather or similar particles. This shows that the bed has been ‘improved’. There are three levels of improvement for beds, the first level will be activated when 1 Eiderdown is clicked on a bed, the second when an additional Eiderdown is placed, and the third when another Eiderdown is placed. No more Eiderdown can be consumed by the bed to make any additional level after this. A level one bed does the following: sleep time is reduced to 1.5 seconds, and if the player has used up their hunger bar, when they wake up and additional 3 hunger shanks appear. This cannot be spammed, only going into a bed and sleeping the full amount of time will do this. At level two, sleep time becomes almost instant, and four hunger shanks are given. At level three sleeping is practically instant, three hunger shanks are given and two and a half hearts of health are healed from the player. So this is everything you need to know about this mob.
The Moorhen:
This second bird is the small, chicken-sized moorhen. It is black, with white wings, a red and yellow head crest and a red beak. It has two grey eyes and makes squeaking noises when the player is nearby, when hit or when killed.
Spawn Mechanics:
The moorhen spawn in groups of 2-4 in river biomes, but not frozen rivers. They also spawn in the same amount in swamp biomes and a solitary moorhen may spawn at sea, but this is a rare occurrence. They do not naturally wander more than 15 blocks form their spawn location, which is always near sugar cane, or occasionally out in water in all ocean types apart from frozen ocean variations. They have a spawn mechanic where if three-tall sugarcane is planted in all their spawn biomes except the ocean, they will be likely to spawn within 5 blocks of that.
Breeding/ Predators:
The moorhen can be bred with sugar or seagrass, and breeds the same way other animals do. Moorhen do not lay eggs in Minecraft. When bred, which can be done once every two days, 4-5 baby moorhen will be created. These are smaller versions of the adult with big heads, and will follow the adult around until they grow up. Once grown up, the offspring will try to get as far away from their parent as they can, and sugar cane will not tempt them to stop moving. This is only the case with naturally-spawned individuals. Moorhen are attacked by foxes and wolves and farm animals will also walk up to them to scare them off. Here is the interesting part to this mob:
Taming and Main Use:
Untamed moorhen have 2 hearts, the same amount of health as a chicken, but once tamed have five hearts. Moorhen can be tamed using any type of seed, this may require 2-7 seeds. When tamed you can feed a moorhen a certain type of plant (for example, cactus, bamboo, wheat) and they will begin to travel to an area where that plant is, given that area is within 3000 blocks. The moorhen is not too op, however, as it has to be fed every so often. (Let’s say that every 100 blocks, it has to be fed). The moorhen is not a mob that guides you to new biomes in the game. It is just a mob that will probably get you back on track to a place. (For example, if you go to a jungle and find bamboo, take the bamboo, and them forget when that jungle is and it is within 3000 blocks, then the moorhen will take you there but at the same time it will also greatly decrease your bamboo supply. The moorhen will also only take you to a place if the chunk it is in has been loaded before, so no ‘eye of Ender’ for structures like newly generated villages, as this makes the survival game too easy.
Drops and other info:
Once killed, the moorhen will drop 1-2 sugarcane and has a 60% chance to drop feathers. Below is a list of plants a moorhen can travel to (note that the moorhen should only be able to be used in the over world, they can be tamed in the end and nether but if given a plant they will just consume it and not lead you anywhere):
Oak, birch and spruce leaves, Cactus, Oak, birch and spruce sapling, Seagrass, Regular grass, Double grass, Kelp, Any crop (e.g. any pumpkin type will lead to a pumpkin, also melon slices will lead to melons, seeds cannot be used to locate crops, only the full grown crop, like wheat for wheat or beetroot for beetroot), Any flowers, Bamboo, Vines, Sugar cane, Possibly sea pickles, although these almost seem more animal than plant, They will also not lead to coral, as that is an animal.
I hope you like my ideas, once again sorry for the length, I will try to reply to your comments to improve this and also answer any questions.
submitted by cucumbertree666 to minecraftsuggestions

Weekly Grocery Saver 5/6 thru 5/12

This is a snippet of available grocery stores and their prices which seem to be good or better than average deals. They're not all generic brand. The goal is to show that quality products can be found at reasonable prices.
Each store will have their own in-store specials and if you want to add any product you see as a deal, comment away and I'll add it in below. Also note, some stores like Smith's will have regional pricing (so I discovered that not all deals are the same at every store. So far Albertsons seems to be the most consistent on all Vegas store prices.)
Listing products by category first. Categories would go: Meats (fresh/canned), Produce (fresh/canned), Breakfast/Grains/Pasta/Bread, Beverages, Frozen food/treats, Misc.


## Note possible regional store pricing. Ask for a price match. These prices are pulled from their Craig location.
## Hint: On the Mix&Match, your total quantity of items in your purchase just needs to meet a minimum item quantity and you will still receive the lower price for those items.
NY strip steaks $4.99/lb Lt2pks
Kroger cheese shred/slice/block $1.88
Kroger butter 16oz 2x $5
Chef Boyardee canned pasta 10x $10
P3 snacks 10x $10
Kroger specialty sugar 2lbs 99c
Sparkling Ice 88c ea
VitaminWater 88c ea
Powerade 28oz 49c 8x
Coke/Pepsi 2Ltr 99c 4x


*In-store hint:* Preload dcpns in their app.
Navel OJs 99c/lb
Blueberries 6oz 25c ea w dcpn First2x
Cucumbers 2x $1
Red bell peppers 99c ea
Lucerne shred/sliced/chunk cheese $1.88
Kellogg cereal $1.49 3x Lt1offer
Doritos/Ruffles/Lay's baked chips $1.99 3x Lt1offer
Gatorade 32oz/Propel/Sparkling Ice 88c 12x w dcpn Lt1offer
Gatorade 8pk $3.99 w dcpn Lt4x
Dr P/Pepsi 12pk $2.99 w dcpn Lt4x

Smart & Final

In store hint: Each store does manager specials on products, look for them.
*Pricing taken from website and weekly ad
Boneless NY steak $4.99/lb Lt4x
Carolina ground turkey 16oz roll $1.99 ea
Carolina ground turkey 5lb roll $7.99 ea (4x $28.76)
Ckn drum/leg qtrs 89c/lb
Bumble Bee canned tuna 79c
Fuji apples 98c/lb
Gala apples 98c/lb
Gala apples 3lbs bag $2.99
Granny Smith apples 98c/lb
Red apples 98c/lb
Bananas 49c/lb
Navel OJs 99c/lb
Navel OJs 5lbs bag 59c/lb
Rubyred grapefruit 99c ea
D Anjou pears 8ct pkg $5.99 ea
Cantaloupe 69c/lb
Watermelon $2.49 ea
Limes 39c ea or 5lb bag $4.99
Lemons 49c ea
Iceburg 99c ea
Dole spinach 8oz $1.99
Green cabbage 59c/lb
Bagged carrots 2lbs $1.49 ea
Bagged carrots 5lbs $3.69 ea
R.Y.G bell peppers 59c ea
Russet potatoes 69c/lb
Russet potatoes 5lbs bag $1.99 ea
Red onions 99c/lb
Yellow/Brown onions 99c/lb
White onions 89c/lb
La Choy canned water chestnuts 99c ea
Green Giant canned cut green beans 12ct $10.49
Generl Mills cereal $1.88 4x Lt12x
Nature Valley sweet & salty granola bars or biscuits 48ct/30ct $11.99
Mott's fruit snacks 90ct $9.99
Royal flan mix, family size 99c ea
La Croix 8pk $2.49 3x Lt3x
MinMaid/Honest Kids juice drink pk 40ct/32ct $9.99
Coke 12pk 3x $9.99 Lt6x
DiGorno/CPK pizza $3.99 2x

First Street tong 69c


Store usually has dbl ad Weds and Fri/Sat/Sun specials.
Swaggerty's Farm sausage rolls 16oz 2x $5
Honeycrisp apples 98c/lb
Hot house cucumbers 98c ea
Grape tomatoes 1pint 98c ea
Italian/Yellow squash 98c/lb
Kind bars 99c ea
Talenti gelato/sorbetto $4.99
Snow Monkey $4.99


Store usually has Wed/Thur and Fri/Sat/Sun specials.
T-bone steak $4.99/lb
Ckn drumsticks 69c/lb
Whole cleaned tilapia $1.99/lb
Shrimp head-on 40-50ct $3.99/lb
Fuji apples 3lbs $1
Bananas 3lbs $1
Papaya 2lbs $1 (W/Th) or 89c/lb
Honeydew 2lbs $1
Watermelon 4lbs $1 (F/Sa/Su)
Plantains 79c/lb
Limes 2lbs $1 (W/Th) or 69c/lb
Iceburg 79c
Green bell peppers 99c/lb
Jumbo carrots 59c/lb
Cucumbers 4x $1
Mexican squash 3lbs $1
Yucca 2lbs $1 (W/Th) or 79c/lb
Jicama 2lbs $1
Radishes 2x $1
Tomatillo 4lbs $1 (F/Sa/Su) or 2lbs $1
Brown onions 3lbs $1
Cilantro 3x $1
Jalapenos 2lbs $1
Rice dry bulk 79c/lb
Rancho Grande fresh cheese/creams 2x $5
Knudsen sour cream 24oz $2.99
CoJack dry pinto/black beans/lentils 16oz 99c ea
Val Vita tomato sauce 3.5oz 4x $1
El Rosal AP flour 4.4oz 2x $5
D'Gari flan/gelatin mix 99c ea
Jelly Brown gelatins 3.5oz 5x $1
AZ tea 24oz 59c ea
Springfield waffles 3x $5
Jubilee TP 12rolls $5.99


Store usually has specific day specials.
Beef tripe $1.99/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Beef feet skin-on $1.99/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Ckn leg meat 99c/lb
Boneless, skinless ckn breast 99c/lb (W/Th)
Ckn drum 99c/lb
Deli whole grilled ckn $5 ea (W)
Deli 8pc ckn meal w salsa & tortillas $5 ea (F/M)
Shrimp 41-50ct $4.49/lb
Whole cleaned tilapia $1.49/lb (W/Th)
Whole grilled ckn $5 (W)
Taco Tuesday $1 ea (T)
Fuji apples 79c/lb
Navel OJs 2lbs 99c
Cherries $1.49/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Blackberries 6oz 99c (W/Th)
Pineapple 79c/lb
Papaya 89c/lb
Cantaloupe 4lbs 99c
Honeydew 4lbs 99c
Watermelon 4lbs 99c
Limes 2lbs 99c (F/Sa/Su)
Plantains 89c/lb
Sm Hass avocado 2x 99c
Red/Green bell peppers 79c ea
Tomatillo 59c/lb
Cucumbers 4x 99c
Corn 4x 99c
Mexican squash 59c/lb
Radish 39c ea
Yucca 89c/lb
Russet potatoes 10lb bag 2x $5
White onion 59c/lb
Cilantro 39c ea
Peruvian bean dry bulk 99c/lb (W/Th)
Silk almondmilk yogurt 5x $5
Activia yogurt 12pk $4.99
Chobani 99c
Danonino yogurt 12pk $3.49
Cacique fresh cheese/creams $2.49
La costena canned pinta/black/refried beans 99c
Galletos crackers 99c
Galletas shortbread cookies 99c
D'Gari flan/gelatin mix 89c ea
Smart Water 5x $5
Activia drinkable yogurt 2x $1
Chobani drinkable yogurt 99c
AZ tea 23oz 59c 5x
Nilo/Viloe coconut water 17oz 99c ea
Dr Pepper 2Ltr 99c
Pepsi 2Ltrs 99c 5x
Casa Cardenas napkins 180ct 99c
Jubilee TP $3.99
Banded bowls 7in 79c

La Bonita

Beef shank $1.99/lb
T-bone steak $3.99/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Whole pork leg 99c/lb
Ckn leg qtrs 10lb bag $6.99
Ckn thigh 99c/lb (W/Th)
Tilapia fillet $1.89/lb
Tilapia whole $1.49/lb
Shrimp 41-50ct $4.69/lb (W/Th)
Shrimp 21-25ct $4.99/lb
Shrimp head-on/headless 70-80ct $3.69/lb
Granny Smith apples 6lbs $1 (W/Th)
Grapefruit 4lbs $1 (W/Th)
Burro banana 3lbs $1
Asian pear 3x $1
Peaches 99c/lb
Cherries $1.99/lb
Papaya 3lbs $1
Limes 2lbs $1
Hass avocado 5x $5 (F/Sa/Su)
Romaine/Red/Green leaf lettuce 2x $1
Jackfruit 2lbs $1
Cucumber 5x $1 (F/Sa/Su)
Loose carrots 3lbs $1
Tomotillos 2lbs $1
Jicama 5lbs $1 (F/Sa/Su)
Ginger 99c/lb
Mexican green onions 3x $1
White onions 5lbs $1
Russet potatoes 10lb bag 2x $5
Jalapeno 4lbs $1
Brown rice/Black beans dry bulk 59c/lb
Springfield canned corn 69c
Rancho Grande fresh cheese/cream 2x $5
White/Wheat bollilos 4x $1
Sun Vista canned black/pinto beans 99c
La Bonita drinking water 1gal 99 (W/Th)
Kerns 99c
Jarritos individual soda 79c
Coke/Fanta/Sprite 2Ltr 99c Lt8x
Pepsi/Crush/Mansanita 20pk $4.99 (F/Sa/Su)

El Super

Beef shank $1.99/lb (Th)
Bone-in beef chuck roast/steaks $2.99/lb (Th)
Beef feet $1.29/lb
Beef liver $1.29/lb
Ground beef 73% $2.29 (Th)
Bone-in half/Whole pork leg 99c/lb
FUD franks 6oz/12oz 69c/99c
Bar S franks 12oz 89c
Bar S bacon 12oz $2.99
FUD turkey ham slices 10-12oz $2.59
FUD ham deli sliced $2.29/lb
FUD bacon 8.8oz $2.59
Mutton cut up $2.79/lb (Th)
Whole ckn 89c/lb (Th) or 99c/lb
Bone-in ckn breast family pk 99c/lb (Th)
Ckn leg qtrs 79c/lb
Ckn thighs 89c/lb
Ckn drum 89c/lb
Shrimp 26-30ct $4.99/lb (Th/Sa/Su)
Shrimp 36-40ct $4.79/lb
Shrimp 51-60ct $4.59/lb
Shrimp head on 60-70ct $2.99/lb
Shrimp 71-90ct $3.99/lb
Cleaned whole tilapia $1.79/lb
Fuji apple 2lbs 99c (W/Th)
Granny Smith/Red apples 2lbs 99c
OJs 2lbs 99c
Red grapefruit 3x 99c
Bananas 3lbs 99c (W/Th) or 2lbs 99c
Strawberry 99c (W/Th)
Kiwi 3x 99c
Red grapes 99c/lb
D'Anjou pear 2lbs 99c
Yellow mango 4x 99c (W/Th)
Mango 2x 99c
Cantaloupe 3lbs 99c
Papaya 2lbs 99c
Watermelon 4lbs 99c
Lg Hass avocado 99c (W/Th)
Limes 2lbs 99c
Iceburg 2x 99c
Loose carrots 3lbs 99c
Roma tomato 2lbs 99c
Tomatillo 3lbs 99c (W/Th) or 2lbs 99c
Cucumber 4x 99c
Persian cucumber 2lbs 99c
Jicama 3lbs 99c
Mexican squash 2lbs 99c
Brown onion 4lbs 99c (W/Th)
Red/White onions 2lbs 99c
Russet potatoes 10lb bag 2x $3
Jalapenos 2lbs 99c
Pasilla peppers 2lbs 99c (W/Th)
Dried hibiscus $3.69/lb
Libby's canned corn 99c
Chobani 99c
Go Gurt 16ct $3.99
LaLa yogurt 30-32oz $1.99
Yoplait 8pk $3.99
La Chona american slice cheese 10oz 99c
Cacique fresh cheese/cream 2x $5
FUD fresh cheese 10oz $1.99
Bakery sweet bread 4x $2
Nestle Carnation evaporated milk 99c
Bauducco wafers 79c (Sa/Su)
Raymundos gelatins 6x $1
Viloe fruit gelatin 8ct 87c ea
Nestle Abuelita hot chocolate drink tablets 2x $5 (Sa/Su)
Niagara drinking water 24pk 5x $10
Cacique smoothies 59c
Yoplait drinkable yogurt 4pk $1.99
Jelly Brown dairy beverage 4pk 79c ea
Viloa chia seed drink 2x $1 (Sa/Su)
Tampico citrus punch 128oz 2x $3
Powerade 28oz 59c ea 15x
Pepsi/Crush 12pk 3x $9.99 (Sa/Su)
Pepsi/7up/Squirt 2Ltr 99c 4x
Fiora paper towels 2roll $1.99
Fabuloso MP cleaner 97c
Palmolive dish liquid 97c
Aluminum roasting pans 99c ea
Banded bowl 99c ea

Ranch 99

Pricing is good until 5/7

Fresh red banded rock cod $2.29/lb
Frzn cooked scallop w garlic & vermicelli $4.99/pk
Emerald apples 3lbs bag $2.99/bag
Mexican papaya 69c/lb
Chinese celery 79c/lb
Mini king oyster mushrooms 300g $1.29/pk
Grape tomato pint $1.29 ea
Shallot 99c/lb
Taisun canned soup/puddings/congee 2x $1.50
HF chili garlic sauce or chili pasta 18oz $1.98
Kimbo HK egg custard tarts/bean or custard buns 2x $3.50
Jin Jin coconut/lychee jelly jar $3.98

168 market

Pricing is good until 5/7
Saba mackerel $1.99/lb
Red banded rock cod $2.29/lb
Emerald apple 3lbs bag $2.99
Green papaya 69c/lb
Chinese celery 79c/lb
Grape tomato $1.29 ea
Red yam 79c/lb
GreenMax apricot kernel tea 12ct $4.68
Hanasia rice roll cracker 3.5oz $1.08
Flying Horse sweet chili sauce 32oz $1.98
Sunvoi agar dessert mix, almond mix 78c
Ramune 2x $1.98
Want-want yogurt flavored drink 4pk $1.88
Lotte greek yogurt bar 6ct $4.98
These are decent deals, but if you found a better deal while out there - share it and I'll add it to the list.
Saving trick: If a store runs out of a certain product that was on sale, ask for a rain check. You can use the rain check within 20 to 30 days and still get the discounted price on those items.
TL;DR - Food stuff.
submitted by Dezkin to vegaslocals

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