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My pitch for a Superman movie (Part One)

Yes, I know this subreddit is for fixing, not pitching, but I've seen a lot of other Redditors do so and those have been highly entertaining for me personally. Anyways, on with the show. This is my idea for a Superman movie.
Warning: This will be very, very long. If you manage to read through all of it, I applaud you.
The movie takes a lot of inspiration from “American Alien”, “Birthright”, and “Secret Origin”. Both stories presented the different aspects that make him a compelling character, showing that he can be a well-rounded individual as well as the classic archetype for heroism. He’s a man who wants to do the right thing and helps others, never seeing himself as above humanity or questioning whether or not he should help others. He can’t abandon someone in need, “greater good” be damned.
We start the movie in a farm in Smallville, Kansas, where two young boys are working on fixing a tractor. One is underneath the tractor while the other is staring off into the distance.
This is a young Clark Kent and a young Lex Luthor.
Luthor: I’m telling you, Clark, Metropolis is the greatest city in the world. It’s called the “City of Tomorrow” for a reason.
Clark: Uh huh.
Luthor: I mean, the buildings, the lights, the skies, god, the skies! Clark, it’s a dreamer’s paradise! If a guy wants to change the world, they gotta go to Metropolis!
Clark: Yep, no doubt.
Luthor: *notices Clark’s not paying attention*...I’ve also thought about shaving my head and blowing up everyone you love.
Clark: Uh huh, great.
Luthor: Maybe go say hi to the aliens in the North Pole.
Clark: That’s awesome, man.
Luthor rolls out from beneath the tractor and snaps his fingers.
Luthor: ‘Ey! Wassup, man? You’ve been out of it this whole time? Thought your pops wanted it done as soon as possible.
Clark: Sorry, Lex, just lost in my own head.
Luthor: Hey. come on. What’s going on with you?
Clark: It’s just...some stuff happened lately.
Luthor: ...Well, you gonna leave me hanging, Kent?
Clark: *sighs* I, uh...I just found out from my parents...I’m...I’m adopted.
Luthor: ...Oh.
Clark: Yeah.
Luthor: How’d you find out?
Clark: Um...Found something in the cellar. Some...documents.
People aware of the Superman mythos obviously knows he’s bullshitting and in reality, he found the rocket that brought him to Earth.
Luthor: Well...Do you know about your...birth parents? Did they say anything-
Clark: ...They’re gone, Lex...My...Do I even call them my mom and dad? *bitterly laughs* I don’t...I don’t even know what-
Luthor: Hey, hey, hey, Clark. Clark, it’s okay. It’s okay, calm down. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.
Clark: Lex, I...I just feel so alone. Like some kind of freak.
Luthor: Hey, hey, you’re not alone, Clark. You’re not the only one who feels like they don’t belong here. But Clark, we’re not freaks. You and me, we’re just people who want to do great things with our lives. The people here, the people that try to step on us, call us freaks, they think we have to do as they say, be like them. But we don’t have to. We can be better. And we will, right, Clark?
Clark: Heh, yeah. I guess we will.
As the two finish up, a truck pulls up, with Lex’s father, Lionel, and his little sister, Lena, hopping out. Lionel, pissed as hell, orders Lex to come back home. We also see Lena stumble a little on her feet, coughing, hinting at her contracting the illness that causes her to lose the use of her legs. Lex tries to help her, but his dad orders him to get in the truck.
Clark’s parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, also walk out, congratulating the two kids for a job well done. As the Kents hug Clark, Luthor watches with jealousy, planting the seeds for the classic rivalry.
Once the Luthors leave, Clark turns to the two and talks to them about the news.
Clark: I...I know I’m not...normal or...even human, but...I just...I just want to be your son.
Jonathan: Oh Clark.
They hug their boy tightly.
Jonathan: You are our son.
Martha: No matter what, baby. No matter what.
We get a nice little montage showing Clark’s life in Smallville, showing him learn how to control his powers and showing the Kents becoming more willing to allow him to use his powers. We see him do stuff such as knocking a baseball out of the park at 14, racing a speeding train at 15, lighting up fireworks with his heat vision at 17, we even have a scene ripped straight from “American Alien”, where we see Jonathan borrowing a plane to teach an 18-year old Clark how to fly properly.
Clark: Pa! Are you sure this is safe?
Jonathan: You can survive a car straight to the face, can’t you?
Clark: *sheepishly* You’re never going to let me forget that, are you?
Jonathan: Not in this lifetime. *Notices Clark looks downtrodden* Hey...what do we say when things look bleak.
Clark: *chuckles* We fly...Up, up, and away.
We show Clark waving his family goodbye and hop on a bus to Metropolis. He skypes with Lex in a motel room he’s staying at.
Clark: So, how’s the millionaire life doing for you?
Lex: Billionaire, Clark. Remember the big B. Going great over here, man. You gotta see the stuff we’ve been coming up with at LexCorp.
Clark: LexCorp, really?
Lex: Has a good ring to it. Simple and to the point. Why don’t you hop on over tomorrow?
Clark: Sounds sweet, but I’ve got something else lined up.
We see his first day at the Daily Planet where he helps out Jimmy Olsen, who’s still an intern at the point, and meets Lois Lane for the first time. His career starts when during an attack by your generic supervillain, he catches a car with his bare hands, saving Lois and Jimmy and introducing Superman to the world. Overtime, he starts to grow in popularity and fight crazier supervillains.
Eventually, we get a cute scene of him and Lois on a date late in their relationship. He’s fumbling, trying to say what he wants to say when she chuckles, pulling of his glasses.
Lois: You know, I can’t believe it took that long for me to look past those glasses, Steel-Boy.
Clark chuckles and is pulled into a big kiss. It immediately transitions to their wedding day, where Clark’s parents are cheering while Lois’s father looks on with a look of disappointment.
In a hospital, we see Clark sitting next to Lois, who’s on a hospital bed, a baby boy in her arms.
Clark: I think he looks like a Jonathan.
Lois: *Snickers* You think my dad’s going to agree to that.
Clark: I mean he doesn’t agree to a lot of things I say, so..
Lois: Samuel Kent doesn’t have the right ring to it.
The two look at one another, smiling at their child as we smash-cut to them signing “Jonathan Samuel Kent” on the boy’s birth certificate. The montage cuts between Clark doing his hero work and him raising his boy. It also cuts between Lex rising in power and slowly becoming the anti-Superman fanatic we all know and love.
In my version, Clark is presented as a ray of hope in the world. He's a bit soft-spoken, but he has this ability to make everyone else in the room feel better, allowing them to showcase their better selves. He believes that there’s good in everyone and doesn’t aim to hurt others. He’s not naive, but he is an optimist.
The montage finally ends as we show Clark waking up in the morning. He walks to his kitchen where Lois and his son, Jonathan, are making breakfast. The three have an innocent conversation where we get to see Jon’s personality. He has Clark’s optimism and cheerfulness, but behind it is Lois’s craftiness and cleverness.
Clark: So, you finish that math homework?
Jon: Of course I did!
*Clark gives his son a knowing look*
Jon: Oh come on, not the dad eyes.
Lois: Oh yes the dad eyes. Come on, fess up.
Jon: I can just finish it up on the bus, can’t I? I mean, it’s only math.
Clark: Jon…
Lois: He’s got us there.
Clark: Lois!
Their breakfast is interrupted when a live news broadcast shows that the city is under attack from Winslow Schott, the Toyman.
Lois: *turns to Clark* Well, looks like that’s our cue, Smallville.
She begins to try and walk out but Clark holds her back.
Clark: Actually, I was hoping you could stay back on this one.
Lois: You kidding me? That’s the third time I missed out on one of these throwdowns. You can’t keep Lois Lane chained down forever.
Clark: I know, but this could get serious.
Lois: *sighs* Fine, but you better get a good damn story out of this. I get a byline on it.
Clark: See you at work?
Lois: *She pecks him a kiss on the cheek* Knock ‘em down, babe.
Jon: Well, looks like I’ve got some time for that homework. Hey, you think Superman is gonna-
*He turns to see his father suddenly missing*
Jon:...Be there?
We see Clark running down the alleyways at full speed and we get a shot of him ripping open his jacket to reveal his uniform, creating the classic pose.
A bunch of squad cars are opening fire on a troop of toy soldiers. Unfortunately, nothing is working as the toy soldiers fire back. At the front of the police cars is Captain Maggie Sawyer of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. A bullet flies towards her face when suddenly, a blast of heat shoots it down.
Cop #1: What the hell?
Cop #2: Look! Up in the sky!
Cop #3: That a bird?
Cop #4: Think it’s a plane!
Sawyer: No. It’s just him.
Superman lands on the ground, stretching his cape out to prevent the cops from being hit. He turns back and grins.
Superman: Busy day, Captain Sawyer?
Sawyer: Just the usual.
Superman: Everybody step back. I have this.
Superman quickly takes the toy soldiers down as the cops merely watch, none of them stepping in to help out. When he finally destroys the last one, he hears a voice coming from the radio. It’s Toyman on the line.
Toyman: Well, well, my favorite plaything.
Superman: Mr. Schott, I believe this breaks your parole.
Toyman: Oh, you know how much I love my games.
Superman: And what exactly are you playing today?
As the two talk, Clark activates his super-hearing and listens closely to the recording, hearing the faint sounds of a train. He turns to Sawyer, saying that he’s got this before flying off.
Sawyer: Wait! We need a pla-!
*Superman flies away*
Sawyer: *Sighs* And off he goes.
Cop #1: Is it just me or should we just hire this dude for the police force.
One cop looks up at Clark with disdain.
Angry Cop: *bitterly chuckles* At this point, he is the police force.
Clark reaches the Metropolis Train Station where he sees one of the city’s bullet trains go off. He speeds off after it as a series of flying explosive tops fly at him. He dodges a few of them and shoots a few down with his laser beams, but some fly off behind him. This causes him to have to go back and catch them before they hit someone. This scene should give us a sense of what the action scenes of the movie should be like and how Clark uses his powers.
He finally reaches the front of the train where he sees Toyman working on something. This version of Toyman should be like the DCAU version, where he hides his face behind a chilling mask and has a slow, unnerving voice.
Superman: SCHOTT!
Toyman: Still faster than a speeding bullet, I see.
Superman: Toyman, I don’t know what you’re playing here, but I’m taking you in. You need help, Winslow.
Toyman: What I need is for you to stand still.
Suddenly, Toyman steps back to reveal an enormous laser gun, which fires at Clark. It hits both him and the train car behind him as he struggles to hold onto what’s left of the back of the traincar.
Clark begins to feel weaker, his veins becoming green and blood being coughed out from his mouth. The yellow on his suit’s symbol goes from begins to glitch from gold to black. He quickly recognizes what’s going on.
Superman: *cough!* Kryptonite...How...?
Toyman: Not easy to get! Limited time only!
Schott kicks Clark off the train and watches as he falls through the sky.
Toyman: Oh, how I hate having to give up my old toys.
As Clark falls through the air, he feels the sun’s rays hit him, healing him. Before he hits the ground, the gold on his suit returns and his eyes open and he immediately stops his fall.
He soars through the sky as he sees the rest of the subway isn’t stopping. Clark swiftly flies onto the tracks and pushes the locomotive to a stop, using his breath to blow away any residue kryptonite or fire from the blast. Thankfully, everyone inside the subway is alright.
Toyman’s train car continues to move forward towards a train station full of people as toy soldiers begin to hop out of the back. Clark punches straight through them and jumps into the air, landing down hard enough on the tracks to cause the subway car to fly into the sky.
Before it can crash into the people at the train station, Superman catches it mid-air, creating an image resembling the original cover of Action Comics. He sets it down and quickly grabs Toyman, bringing him back to the police.
Sawyer: Thanks, Superman. We’ve got a prison cell waiting for him at Stryker’s.
Superman: Thank you, Captain Sawyer.
Sawyer: Do you have any idea what his plans were? I mean, he’s crazy, but there’s always a point behind his crazy.
Superman: I don’t know. Could you let me know what you can get out of him? I’m really curious as to how he could’ve gotten kryptonite.
Sawyer: Will do.
As Superman walks off, the cops who looked at him with disdain earlier mutters something.
Angry Cop: *sarcastically* Of course, all-mighty Superman. Whatever you say, my lord.
Clark turns to the cop, a look of surprise on his face.
Superman: Now, I wouldn’t call really myself “all-mighty”. What’s your name, son?
Angry Cop: Don’t call me “son”, buddy.
Sawyer: Hey! *Turns to Superman* Sorry about him. This is Officer John Corben. He’s new to the Special Crimes Unit.
Superman: A new member. Well, John…
Corben: That’s Officer Corben.
Superman: Of course, Officer. My apologies. I look forward to working alongside you.
Corben: *Scoffs* More like above us, right, Marvin the Martian?
Sawyer begins to scold Corben, but Clark is more forgiving. As he prepares to fly away, he offers a handshake to Corben, but he refuses. He instead gives a sarcastic salute and walks off. Clark sighs before rushing away to get to work.
We cut to the Daily Planet, where Lois is typing away at her desk. If you look closely at the screen, you can see that she’s misspelling multiple words. From behind her, someone speaks up.
White: I’m pretty sure that election only has one c, Lois. You know, for such a smart woman, you’d think you’d be able to activate spell-check.
Lois: What can I say? I’m a risk-taker. I’m sure you’re not here to talk about my awful spelling skills.
White: We’ve got Superman busting Toyman, catching trains with his bare hands, and my best investigative journalist is just sitting here not even getting out to catch the story!
Clark: *From behind* Well, I don’t know about your best journalist, but I’m here.
Perry White turns around to see Clark there. He’s put on his more bumbling persona, slouching over, keeping his hair combed back, and constantly adjusting his glasses. Clark makes up a story that he got an interview with Superman after the attack and was even able to get some photos. Unfortunately, the photos he got were complete garbage.
After Perry leaves, Clark sits down at his small office, rubbing his eyes.
Lois: You really need to work on your photography skills.
Clark: What we need is a new photographer.
This is meant to be a way of stating that Jimmy is no longer working for the Planet. The two begin to discuss what happened down at the station and how Toyman had kryptonite. The substance isn’t easy to come across as any found is immediately seized by the government.
Clark: Winslow’s whole thing is getting vengeance against the people who ruined his business. I checked, no one at the station or on the subway fit that bill.
Lois: Well, he’s no stranger to random attacks. Remember last Christmas.
Clark: That giant nutcracker gave Jon nightmares for weeks.
Lois: It gave you nightmares for weeks.
Clark: *clearly lying* Whaaat? Nooo!
The two figure that he got the kryptonite from someone on the black market, but it would take serious cash to get something like that. Immediately, a light bulb hits both of them. Before they can say anything, Perry calls a meeting for the Planet’s staff.
This gives us the chance to see some other classic supporting characters like Cat Grant, Steve Lombard, and Ron Troupe. Perry calls them over because he needs someone to handle a special story.
White: The city’s favored son is returning.
We cut to the top of a building where a helicopter is landing. A woman with a stoic face and a clipboard hops out. This is Mercy Graves, Luthor’s main bodyguard and assistant. A voice calls out from the chopper. He slowly steps out as we see who it is.
Lex Luthor.
Lex: Always good to be home.
From right behind him, Jimmy Olsen stumbles out awkwardly, almost dropping a pile of papers. He nervously stammers out apologies.
Jimmy: Oh man. Uh, I’m so, so sorry, sir. That ride...really kind of messed with my head. Jet-lag and all that, um…
Lex: Calm down, Jim, let’s just get inside and get everything started.
Jimmy: Of course, Mr. Luthor.
Lex: Ah ah ah. It’s Lex, Jim. Always Lex.
We cut to a press conference where we get an idea of why Lex has so much power and why so many respect him. He’s charismatic, he’s charming, he can even be inspiring. This makes it all the more creepy when we see what he’s really like. He begins to read off of a piece of paper when he notices how poorly written the speech is. He turns to Jimmy, who’s working as his speech writer, with a look of disappointment.
Instead, Lex begins to wing it, talking about the importance of building up one’s power rather than merely taking it and about how only we can solve our own problems.
Lex: Not gods from above claiming to know what’s best for you, but us. The humans of flesh and blood who work their hides off to get where we are. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and God bless this city.
He receives a few questions where he gives vague answers to. When asked why he was away from the city for about a month, he says that he was doing “important business” elsewhere, but he was still able to focus on his work as head of LexCorp.
In the crowd are Lois and Clark. Lois keeps trying to get Luthor’s attention, but he actively ignores her. When the conference begins to wrap up, Lois immediately rushes forward, hopping over other reporters to get her scoop.
Lois: *Hops over their heads*Pardon me! Coming through!
Clark: *Awkwardly following behind her* Sorry. I’m so sorry. Excuse me.
She finally reaches the front of the audience and holds up her recording device, asking Lex about the rumors that he is making deals with supercriminals and supplying them with weapons. Mercy quickly walks over and is about to grab Lois, but is stopped by Lex.
Lex: It’s alright, Mercy. The Daily Planet has the right to free speech as much as all of these other reporters. Lois, Clark, a pleasure to see both of you again.
Clark: *nods* Mr. Luthor.
Lex: Lex, Clark. We’ve known each other long enough.
Lois: Less chatting, more answering, Luthor.
Lex: Well, Lois, I can without a doubt say that’s false. LexCorp prides itself on honesty, integrity ,and serving the greater good, not supporting diseased maniacs like the Toyman.
Clark takes note of this, but he never looks away from Lex. He has a look of worry or disappointment, as though he feels bad for Lex. He looks like he’s dying to ask a question, but knows that he needs to keep his mouth shut.
Lois: So the stories of you having kryptonite are just all bogus?
Lex: Lois, I know I may seem high and mighty, but that doesn’t mean I have the clearance to even look at the stuff. Now, Mrs. Lane, I enjoy these back and forths between us and I love hearing your theories, but I feel like you’re reaching for-.
Clark: What are your plans for Superman?
Once that name is mentioned, Luthor’s staff clams up, trading nervous glances. For a moment, Lex’s facade drops. His bright smile drops into a frown, his eyes a million miles away. He begins to touch his right hand, which is covered by a white glove.
Quickly, he brings the facade back and grins.
Lex: No comment. No further questions. No time to chat. Thank you for coming, everyone! Have a good one!
As he walks away, he tilts his head towards Jimmy, allowing him to take the day off.
Jimmy: Are you sure, sir?
Lex: Of course! Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do...which is an admittedly short list.
Once Lex walks away, Clark and Lois walk over to the younger man.
Clark: Well, I guess the new job is going well?
Jimmy: *Smiles* MR. CLARK! MRS. LOIS! Ohmigosh!
*The trio hug*
Lois: Hey, slugger.
Clark and Lois offer to take the boy off to lunch as Lex watches, his smile slowly going from warm and friendly to more cold and calculated.
Meanwhile, we cut to Captain Sawyer talking with Corben. Sawyer brings up that the Metropolis Police Department values Superman’s help and they don’t want to damage their relationship with him.
Corben: You mean anger the god?
Sawyer: Trust me when I say that that man is not a god. He’s just a citizen doing what’s right.
Corben: Even if it means doing our jobs for us? What good are cops like us when some alien from who knows where comes down to solve all our problems? I see the look on your face, Captain. I can tell you feel the same way.
Sawyer gives a look of self-doubt, but her face quickly hardens. She says that he can go and he walks out, angrily. As he walks through the police station, you can clearly see Mercy Graves watching him from one of the desks.
Mercy: *Holding a finger to her ear* I think I have found the perfect subject, sir.
We cut to a place called Bibbo’s Diner, where the trio are eating. The three are discussing the earlier attack by Toyman and going over how much has changed since the old days.
Clark: You’re sure Lex isn’t up to anything?
Jimmy: If he was doing anything with kryptonite, I would know.
Lois: Well, do you at least know where he was this whole time?
Jimmy: Yeah, we were doing some charity work out in Ethiopia. Helped out a lot of kids.
Clark: Nothing suspicious at all?
Jimmy: Hey, I might be his speech-writer, but he sure as hell doesn’t trust me.
Lois: I still think he’s up to something. He always is.
The trio begin talking about Jimmy maybe coming back to the Planet.
Jimmy: *Sighs* I mean, I miss Mr. White and Ms. Grant and Mr. Lombard…
Lois: Lombard, really?
Jimmy: Okay, maybe not him. But, I just feel like I don’t belong there anymore.
Clark: Jimmy, of course you belong. You’re the best photographer we got.
Lois: Yeah, I mean, have you seen Clark’s photos. They’re absolute garbage.
Clark: Well-
Lois: I mean I’ve seen blind people with a better eye than him-
Clark: Okay, I think we get the point. C’mon, Jimmy, we miss you over at the Planet.
Jimmy: I’m sorry, guys, but I’ve been doing some good work at LexCorp. Plus, you two need a man on the inside, right?
The three nod in agreement as Clark begins to head out, saying that he’s got to go pick up Jon. This leaves Lois and Jimmy on their own.
Lois: Alright, kid, I know you’ve got something on your mind. Spit it out.
Jimmy: Hm? What? I don’t know what you’re talking about, ma’am.
Lois: Dude. I’m an investigative journalist. I’ve gotten mob bosses to crack. Come on. Why don’t you want to come back?
Jimmy: *Sighs* Ms. Lois, for so much of my life, I’ve just been Superman’s Best Pal. Mr. Clark’s sidekick. And being at the Planet, working with him again, it’s just another reminder that I’m just always going to be in Superman’s shadow.
Lois: Jimmy, you know that’s not true. You’re your own man. Clark knows that. Please tell me this isn’t Luthor getting inside your head.
Jimmy: *Snickers* I hate Lex as much as you guys, but...I don’t think he’s wrong about everything.
We cut to Lex walking through the halls, greeting his coworkers cheerfully, before entering his office. His cheerful demeanor falls as he’s cloaked in darkness.
Lex: Why, hello, Winslow, how are you doing this lovely afternoon?
Schott: Mr. Luthor, what a pleasant surprise.
Lex: I hope the Man of Steel hasn’t given you much trouble.
Schott: Oh, just the usual back-and-forth.
Lex: Excellent. How goes things at Stryker’s?
Schott: All the chess pieces have been set. I assure you, our plan cannot fail.
Lex: Yes...our plan.
The two continue to talk before Mercy enters the room, Corben right behind her.
Lex: Officer Corben. What a pleasure that you could join us!
Corben: Mr. Luthor, it’s an honor, sir.
Lex: Oh, please, call me, Lex. Everyone else does.
Lex explains that he wanted to see Corben specifically because of his bravery earlier facing Toyman. However, we as the audience know that Corben did nothing special aside from his usual job. Of course, Corben soaks in the glory which he technically hasn’t 100% earned.
Lex: In times like these, a man such as yourself is needed to make a statement. To show that in this era of supercriminals and maniacs in capes, the everyman is still in control.
Corben: Forgive me for being forward, but what is this about, sir?
Lex: Officer Corben, I brought you here because I want you to be at the center of something big. A way to finally show that humanity will not cower before men from outer space.
Corben: Space? Y-You mean, Superman.
Lex: *Sighs* Yes. He soars over our city, calling himself the “Man of Tomorrow.” Tell me, when you see that...thing staring down at you, does he look like the “tomorrow” that you want.
Corben: No, sir.
Lex: You want to know who I see when I think of “tomorrow.” You, my dear friend.
As he says this, there should be a mirror behind Corben, showing Lex’s face. This is to show how while he’s buttering up Corben, he really sees himself as the face of the future.
Lex pushes a button, causing the floor to open to reveal a hidden flight of stairs. The two walk down into a large lab where being displayed at the center of it is a suit.
Lex: The world needs heroes. Let’s give them one.
Back on Stryker’s Island, we see a few of the prisoner’s cell doors open up. They walk out, confused, when one of the convicts hears something buzzing. She looks down to see a toy walkie-talkie on the ground. She picks it up and hears Schott’s voice come from it.
Prisoner #1: Toyman?
Toyman: Hello, Leslie.
Leslie: I’m gonna guess this is the signal?
Prisoner #2: We really doing this, Toyman?
Toyman: Oh, very much, Mr. Jones. It’s time we show the world what Superman really is.
They all smile as their power-inhibiting collars fall to the ground.
We cut to Clark picking up his son from school, the two bantering about how his day went. Jon begins to geek out about watching Superman fight Toyman.
Clark: You really like Superman, don’t you?
Jon: Dad, he’s amazing! He can lift up cars with his bare hands, punch giant robots in the face-
Clark: You know I’m pretty sure there’s more to him than just punching.
Jon: Oh, I mean his laser eyes are cool too! All he does is look at something and it can burn up!
Clark: Anything else you can think of?
Jon: And he’s super fast! Like really, really fast! I mean, he caught up to that train in only a second!
Clark: Jon, I’m pretty sure there’s more to Superman than just his powers.
Jon: Like what?
Clark hesitates to answer that before he hears an explosion off in the distance. He turns to his son, trying to figure out what to do.
Clark: Uh…*points at the sky* LOOK, IT’S SUPERMAN!
Jon: Where?
While he’s distracted, Clark grabs Jon and uses his speed to drop Jon back home and go fight whatever’s attacking the city now.
He arrives to see the city under attack by one of his recurring villains.
Leslie Willis, Livewire. Former DJ turned electricity-powered psycho.
Superman: Great scott.
Livewire: Well, lookie here. Everyone’s favorite illegal alien!
Superman: Livewire. It’s been some time, Ms. Willis. That a new suit?
Livewire: Like the upgrade?
Superman: Who built it for you?
Livewire: You really care about that?
Superman: Just trying to make conversation.
Livewire: Not one for small talk. As you know-
She blasts him with a full bolt of lightning, sending him flying away.
Livewire: Actions speak louder.
The two duel, with Clark trying to dodge the blasts as well as prevent people from getting hurt. He sees one blast about to hit an innocent man and quickly runs over and saves him.
Superman: Are you okay, sir?
Man: Yes. But you won’t be.
Clark’s eyes widen before a blast of energy shoots out from the man’s face and knocks Clark away. The man reveals himself to be Albert Michaels, the Atomic Skull. Mad scientist with a burning skull for a face who wants to see the world burn.
Atomic Skull: Hello, alien.
Superman: Atomic Skull.
Atomic Skull: I cannot wait to watch you burn.
Superman: Too bad…
Clark jumps back up and punches the Skull away.
Superman: You’re gonna have to wait a little longer.
The two villains begin to team up on Superman. At first, Superman has the upperhand, but over the course of the fight, they’re able to get enough strikes in to make the fight somewhat more even.
A voice comes from behind Clark.
???: Mmm. Freshly-cooked Kryptonian. My favorite.
Clark is attacked from behind by Rudy Jones, the Parasite. He’s a janitor turned giant leech-like monster desperate to drain the power of anything he can get his hands on.
Jones gets his hands on Clark and begins to drain Clark’s energy, almost weakening the hero before he kicks the villain away. The three take on Clark and we see that their powers actually can weaken him. The Parasite sucks away his energy and both electricty and radiation blasts are bringing him down. It looks like Clark is doomed.
Parasite: I can’t wait to gobble you up, boyscout.
Livewire: Time to fry, you flying blue brick.
Right before they strike the weakened Clark, a green blast of energy knocks them away. A man in a metal suit crashes into the ground, the faceplate on his helmet lifting up to reveal a familiar face.
Corben: Step aside, Supes. I’ve got this.
Superman: Officer...Corben?
Corben: Better. Say hello to Metropolis’s newest hero.
Corben jumps into battle and begins battling the three villains, managing to successfully beat them down. Clark on the other hand is too weak to join the fight and can only watch. The villains eventually dart way, beaten. Corben smiles as a crowd of citizens slowly appear, cheering him on.
Clark slowly rises up, amazed by the officer. He’s still severely weakened, however.
Superman: So, Officer Corben...this is a surprise.
Corben: That doesn’t sound like a thank you to me.
Superman: Of course, you saved my life...Um, where did you get this-?
A voice calls out from the crowd. Clark turns to see Luthor walking over.
Luthor: The armor? You can thank LexCorp for your immediate rescue, Superman.
Superman: Lex?
Luthor: Ah ah ah, it’s Mr. Luthor.
The fact that Luthor wants everyone to call him Lex except for Superman says something for how much he respects the hero.
Luthor begins to explain to the crowd how he helped build Corben’s suit so that he could be a shining example to the city of what a real hero is.
Luthor: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you METALLO!
Corben basks in the glory while Clark claps, eyeing Luthor with suspicion before walking closer to Corben. Side note: with Metallo’s design, I imagine it being similar to how he looked in Superman: Secret Origin, a large green and orange mech-suit.
Superman: Metallo, huh?
Metallo: Corny, yeah, but to be fair, so’s Superman.
Superman: That’s fair. Captain Sawyer know about this?
Metallo: She will now.
Superman: Well, I hope to see more of you in the future. The world can always use more heroes.
When Clark shakes his hand, Clark begins to cough in pain. He excuses himself and flies off. Luthor watches this and smiles deviously. Behind him, Lois walks forward, tape recorder in hand.
Lois: Well, that sure was a spectacle.
Lex: Lois! Of course you’re the first to arrive. Great to see you. No Clark?
Lois: Busy. Now, I’ve got questions, you’ve got answers. You know the drill right now. Why did you fail to mention this Metallo guy at the press conference earlier? Too busy bullshitting everybody to mention it? Or why Officer Corben of all people to wear the suit?
Lex: Now, Lois, I’m sure you’re burning with questions, but I’m not at liberty to answer them just yet.
Lois: Oh, well I’m sure Robocop here’s open for an interview.
Metallo: Well, actually I-
Luthor: Officer Corben will be able to answer all of your burning questions at a separate press conference I plan to hold in a few days. Perhaps you can tell Perry White that and see if that’s good enough for now.
Lois groans but eventually backs off. Luthor watches her walk away, a calculating smile on his face.
*To be continued*
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Collab : Looking for a writer or artist or both to team up with to gain experience in teamwork,writing,drawing

2 of my best work so far:
Looking to team up with someone who is talented or passionate about drawing/writing, but also a bit of a beginner or intermediate just like me. I can take the role of either the writer or artist or a bit of both. Note this is a zero stress offer as this wil not be a serious project as in a money goal. Getting Some experience is the only goal. So we will start fresh with a new project imo and keep our darling projects in the freezer.
I really like to draw ninja's and knights and write fantasy and sci fi stuff.
Edit: I dislike hardcore (mature) horror stuff. But other then that I'm very flexible I like to draw sci fi things but I have more experience with fantasy drawings My style is mostly the happy feel good kind. And usually has a big manga influence in it.
  Here are some (very raw) 4 second ideas ready to choosing from (although anything can be the project);
  1. Idea 1: simple comic about japanese immigrant that is actually highly trained ninja (perhaps a student?) serious yet funny theme (modern)
  2. Idea 2: a wizard apprentice with a big secret is sent to the Royal wizard academy to be trained by a master and finds that the grandmaster is missing who happend to be his uncle. His only clue is talking cat familiar who belongs to a very good looking female apprentice. Of course the world is at stake and they have to find him quickly
  3. Idea 3:Rob wakes up, hes in a escape pod and can only prepare for the worst as a tractor beam of a huge pirate ship tracters in his small pod.
Note: both parties have the option to stop working on the project if it's not working,or for any other reason, just leave a message then please!! Feel free to contact me, and if you want let me know what you like to draw/write about. Also perhaps we should meet on Skype for example, to brainstorm the project and introduce ourselves and such? my art portfolio is below.
My portfolio is here link note it is largly my old work there but it gives the general feel of my style and such
submitted by Artgenerator to ComicBookCollabs

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