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Key imperial glory patch 1.1 deutsch music

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The Imperial Records Story 1962 (2020, CD)

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Frostpunk: Factions and Empires

This is a little something I wrote up after On the Edge released. I've sat on it for a bit trying to stamp out typos and rejigger some of the more boring bits. It's basically a set of ideas regarding the major factions and empires without any thought to balance in mind and ranges from Britain to Japan and how they might have prepared for the Great Frost, with each empire having it's own unique bonus and three factions with their own sets of bonuses and maluses, accompanied by a blurb explaining the faction.
Think of it as a dream expansion, with the various empires and factions changing certain gameplay mechanics both large and small. Apologies in advance for butchering the wording on factions I named via google translate.

Factions of the British Empire

Empire Bonus: British Standardisation: Standard Gameplay.
Faction 1: Imperial Exploration Company
The Imperial Exploration not only built the generators, but also researched advanced second generation designs at their forward operating bases in the Frostland. Their experience in Arctic exploration prior to the great frost was an asset.

  • +Factory structures do not require Steam Cores to build.
  • +Advanced Foraging (Bonus scout locations in Frostland).
  • +Advanced Generator (Bonus +1 Heat level, +1 Heat range, no extra coal consumption).
  • =Has access to the generator build tech tree from TLA
  • -Generator upgrades require generator parts (Steam Exchangers, Structural Profiles, etc.)
  • -Can only use forage teams, not scout teams. (Requires more manpower, resources to make).
  • -Colder start location.
Faction 2: British Evacuation Service
  • =Standard Faction Start, New Home, etc. No modifiers or maluses.
The British Evacuation Service had nothing less than the heroic task of the safe and orderly evacuation of the British Isles to the generator sites in the Frostland. Between the chaos of dying empires, revolution, and the harshness of the great Frost itself, they managed to evacuate only a handful of their charges to their chosen generator sites before collapsing into ad-hoc attempts to save as many lives as they could, before finally freezing to death at their posts.
Faction 3: Victorian Preservation Institute.
If the British Evacuation Service has the heroic task of saving lives, the Victorian Preservation Institute had the task of ensuring the preservation of flora and fauna that would allow for a rapid recovery in a world after the Great Frost. Underfunded and undermanned, the Royal Society petitioned Lord Craven on their behalf for special dispensation to dispatch automatons to allow for the success of the great project.

  • +Automatons do not need to refuel and are more efficient. Start the game with two Automatons.
  • +Begin game with Automatons and tech factory unlocked.
  • +Special Structures: Seed Vault (Boosts Hothouse production 100%), Advanced Hothouse (T3 Hothouse).
  • =Bonus Tech: Automaton Scouts
  • -Start game with engineers only, no workers.
  • -Small population, recruitment from Frostland only half as effective.
  • -Seed Vault cannot be allowed to freeze.

The Republic of France

Empire Bonus: Fraternite: All Structures able to host 50% additional workers at decreased efficiency.
Faction 1: La societe mecaniste de la Republique (The Mechanist Society of the Republic)
The emergence of the Mechanist Society as a major political force was an inevitability after the 'Little Frost' of 1871. The following mass of amputations and subsequent augmentations created an economic disparity in which the augmented tended to become, ironically, more prosperous. Advocates of pre-emptive augmentation gained in popularity as the Great Frost became ever harsher on the people of the Republic. The Mechanist Society embraces technology wholeheartedly, though at what cost?

  • +Having a choice, Steam Core using structures generate hope and soothe discontent.
  • +Citizens with prosthetics are 70% more effective in workplaces.
  • +Access to thematic T6 Technology
  • =Augmentation: Non augmented Citizens will consume prosthetics as soon as they become available.
  • -Having a choice, Non Steam Core using structures generate discontent and lower hope.
  • -Citizens without prosthetics are only 80% as effective in workplaces.
  • -T6 Technology is expensive and time consuming to research.
Faction 2: Le Comite de colonisation arctique de la Republique (The Arctic Colonisation Committee of the Republic)
The French counterpart to the British Evacuation Service, the Committee was faced with the problem of arriving late to the colonisation of the Frostland owing to bureaucratic inefficiencies. With the best generator sites already scouted and occupied, the Committee made do with sub-par locations in more southern climes. With most of the intellectuals and industrialists snapped up by their rivals the Committee also faced a shortage of expertise.

  • +Larger starting population.
  • +Unique Building: University; Trains Workers to become Engineers (Requires engineers)
  • +Milder weather.
  • -Law cooldown is doubled.
  • -Much fewer engineers.
  • -Storm frequency is randomised.
Faction 3: La division du developpement industriel colonial (The colonial industrial development division)
Rivals to the Mechanists, the Industrial Development Division was an umbrella organisation that united famed industrialists, renowned French Futurists, engineers, chemists, physicists and numerous other disciplines for the goal of producing the gargantuan industrial networks required to construct Frances own generator projects in the Frostland. To this end, they employed enormous trains to ferry vital peoples and materials overland between sites, and often found themselves operating, sometimes in competition and sometimes in cooperation, with the British Imperial Exploration Company.

  • +Unique Building: Train Station (Delivers rare materials each week).
  • +Bonus Steel Mill and Coal Seam sites.
  • +New Citizen Type: Laborer (40% more effective in basic industry, gathering posts, hunters huts T2 and lower non-steam core using industry).
  • -Trains require significant amounts of coal to depart. Will also occassionally require steel for maintenance.
  • -Scouts find that Frostland has already been stripped of most useful resources.
  • -Laborers less effective in advanced industry (80% effectiveness in advanced or steam core using industry).

The United States of America

Empire Bonus: Optimism: Hope generation is more effective.
Faction 1: Tesla Manufacturing
Amongst the last of the American Endeavours to establish themselves in the Frostland, Tesla Manufacturing's meteoric rise was owed to its capacity to innovate on the manufacture of Steam Cores, improve existing industrial designs, and push at the boundaries of engineering and science. The company did however suffer from Tesla's eccentricities which only worsened as the Great Frost did, believed by his closest research assistants to be a sign of the great strain he was under in investigating the cause, and potential methods to reverse, the Great Frost.

  • +Unique Structure: Steam Core Factory
  • +Advanced Industry (+1 Tier Coal, Steel, Wood generating structures)
  • +Unique Structure: Electrostatic Forcefield (-2 Storm severity, allows Hothouses and Hunters Huts to continue operation during storms)
  • -All Industrial structures (Steel Mills, Coal Thumpers, Sawmills etc.) now use steam cores. All Steam core using structures now use twice their tier in steam cores. (IE, Coal Mine = 2 Steam Cores, Steam Coal Mine = 4 Steam Cores, Advanced Coal Mine = 6 Steam Cores, Mechanised Coal Mine = 8 Steam Cores)
  • -Amputees without prosthetics are automatically exiled after one day.
  • -Electrostatic forcefield is supremely expensive and difficult to build.
Faction 2: The American Arctic Exploration and Advancement League
Amongst one of the first nations to successfully cross the Frostland, the American Arctic Exploration and Advancement League sought to emulate their adventurous forebears and pioneer the Frostland in anticipation of a wave of colonisation from both North America and their British partners. Recognising the crucial importance of technology in surviving the Frost, the League sought to ensure that the knowledge and progress of the prior century would not be consumed by the chaos and cold engulfing the world.

  • +Scouts can be formed from two man teams and cost only 10 wood. Maximum of five scout teams. Scouts move 30% faster to new locations.
  • +Unique Structure: Tech Vault (Boosts Workshop research rate 100%), Advanced Workshop (T2 Workshop upgrade).
  • +Access to thematic T6 Technologies
  • -Scouts move 20% slower to known locations.
  • -Tech Vault cannot be allowed to freeze.
  • -T6 Technology is expensive and time consuming to research.
Faction 3: The United States Civil Engineering Corps
The Civil Engineering Corps was charged with the design, testing, and construction of buildings 'suitable for the American temperament in the hostile cold' of the Frostland. To that end, everything from experimental steam hub designs, redesigned heaters and improved housing were trialled in arctic conditions. Unfortunately the Great Frost struck before these designs could successfully be rolled out.

  • +Unique Techs; Residence (House Upgrade, +2 Insulation) Heater Redesign (+2 Heating, no additional coal costs)
  • +Steam Hubs have 40% more range.
  • +Resource Depots hold 50% more resources.
  • -All Structures use 20% more space.
  • -All Structures use 20% more wood and steel.
  • -All Housing (Tents, Bunkhouses, Houses, Residences) can only hold 8 people.

The German Empire

Empire Bonus: Access to Guard Posts regardless of Faith/Order choices. If Choosing Order, T3 Sentinel Posts unlocked.
Faction 1: Kaiserliche Deutsche Marine Nord Aufklarungsabteilung (Imperial German Navy Northern Reconnaissance Division)
The Navy Northern Reconnaissance Division was tasked by the German Empire to spy on British and American activities in the Frostland in the years after the 'Little Frost' by inserting spies into work teams headed north, intercepting transmissions, and scouting active generator building sites. Though the knowledge that a greater cooling trend would come came late to German efforts to resist the Great Frost, it would scarcely have come at all if not for the Navy Northern Reconnaissance Division.

  • +Unique Structure: Ice Fishing Pens (Replaces Hunters Huts), produces 20% more raw food than Hunters Huts.
  • +Bonus +1 Insulation to Gathering Posts, Sawmills, Medical Posts, Coal Thumpers.
  • +Unique Structure: Telegraph Station (Replaces Beacon), +2 Additional Scout Teams.
  • -Armed Expedition: All Housing Structures (Tents, Bunkhouses etc.) cost an additional +5 Steel.
  • -Discontent from hungestarvation is doubled. Hope penalties from death also doubled.
  • -Cannot Sign any Faith laws.
Faction 2: Deutscher kaiserlicher Ressourcenexplorations-und Entwicklungsflugel (German Imperial Resource Exploration and Development Wing)
With the late arrival of Germany in the scramble for the Frostland, it was felt by the Kaiser that Germany had best catch up or be left permanently in the cold. To this end, German industry threw itself at the problems of the Great Frost with great fervor, often eschewing more elegant designs for simple, brutal and effective ones.

  • +All Factory Structures (Coal Mine, Factory, Steelworks, Hothouse, Wall Drill, etc.) requires 20% less workers.
  • +All Factory Structures produce 40% more resources.
  • +Gain Access to the Labour Tree from TLA
  • -Hunters Huts produce only 40% of their food.
  • -Workers are 50% more likely to fall ill due to pollution.
  • -All steel costs for research are tripled.
Faction 3: Kaiserlich Deutsches Forschungs- und Fortschrittsunternehmen (Imperial German Research and Progress Enterprise)
Often isolated by the political machinations of other empires, the intellectual apparatus of Germany immediately rose to the task of building the necessary tools to make the colonisation of Frostland generator sites a reality for the German Empire, inventing entirely new machinery for their needs or acquiring them through other means before subsequently improving them.

  • +Unique Structure: Machine Shop (Replaces Workshop and Factory, equivalent of two workshops), able to build prosthetics, automatons, and research, 10 Engineer capacity.
  • +Advanced Automatons: Automatons are 50% more efficient in all workplaces. Tech improvements to Automatons are more effective.
  • +Exploration Tech Tree research is 50% faster.
  • -Advanced Automatons wood, steel, and steam core costs are doubled.
  • -All tech other than Exploration is researched 20% slower.
  • -Machine Shop can only do one task at a time, is 50% larger than standard workshop, 100% more expensive to build, and requires time during work hours to retool to different tasks.

The Russian Empire

Empire Bonus: Access to Church regardless of Faith/Order choices. If Choosing Faith, Church upgrades into Cathedral.
Faction 1: Сибирские казаки (Siberian Cossacks)
The mass migrations that accompanied the worsening Great Frost demanded that sparsely inhabited territories to be settled rapidly and without delay. The Cossacks of Siberia were instrumental in finding appropriate generator sites and guiding huddled masses to warmth and security. Unfortunately, the sites of these generators were selected for stability and warmth, not for their wealth of resources, and as such populations would have to work outside their sheltered generator sites in order to acquire resources.

  • +All population starts and population gains are doubled. Max population is also doubled.
  • +Scouts move at +100% speed.
  • +Unique Building: Collection Depot (Replaces Hunter Huts, Steelworks, Coal Mines etc.), Allows citizens (50 Max per structure) to collect resources from the surrounding countryside. Similar to docks from TLA.
  • -Cannot use Automatons.
  • -No industry save for Collection Depots. Each Collection depot may only gather one kind of resource at a time, but may be expanded to multiple at lower efficiency with research.
  • -All population starts and population gains are doubled. Max population is also doubled.
Faction 2: Личная гвардия царя Александра III (Tsar Alexander the third's personal guard)
Charged with providing appropriate quarters for the nobility and high society for the duration of the Great Frost, Tsar Alexander III's personal guard oversaw the development of a generator site for his personal use and residence.

  • +All Housing Grants +2 Insulation.
  • +Unique Building: Overseer Posts (Boosts Efficiency of structures in range when manned by Pomeshchiks)
  • +New Social Class: Помещики (Pomeshchiks)
  • =Soup/Sawdust replaced by Hearty Meals. Hearty Meals raise hope, reduce the rate of illness, and speed the recovery of the sick.
  • -Max of 5 Occupants per dwelling.
  • -Structures not affected by Overseer Posts will only operate at 40% efficiency. Structures affected by Overseer Posts will incur discontent.
  • -Pomeshchiks cannot work anywhere but Overseer Posts. Will succumb to cold more easily, will not eat raw food even whilst starving.
Faction 3: 9-я Дальневосточная дивизия обороны (The 9th Far East Defense Division)
Denied access to the resource rich Frostlands and needing to make ruinous trade agreements to the other great powers for Generator technology, the Russian Empire took advantage of the chaos and fighting in the far east to expand Russian territory and seize needed resources. This state of war continued even after the Great Frost came.

  • +Iron Rations: 2 Raw Food makes 6 Standard Rations instead of 4. Soup and Sawdust laws similarly improved. Discontent from soup lowered.
  • +Unique Structure: Fortified Outpost. Will occassionally generate resources if manned. Will prevent loss of resources.
  • +Unique Structure: PoW Barracks. Will hold prisoners of war and allow their use as labor.
  • =Fortified Outposts can be set to defensive or raiding tactics.
  • -Will suffer raids from enemy spies and saboteurs. Requires a fortified outpost set to defensive tactics to lessen or eliminate.
  • -PoW's can potentially escape and wreak havoc.
  • -Outposts set to raiding tactics may occasionally incur casualties.

The Empire of Japan

Empire Bonus: Gain Access to the Shrine building regardless of Faith/Order choices. T2 Shrine upgrade (神社 [Jinja]) when choosing Faith.
Faction 1: 開拓使 [Kaitakushi] (Hokkaido Development Commission)
Unwilling to allow an aggressive Russia an inroad to the Home Islands, the Empire of Japan mandated the development of Hokkaido. As the Great Frost worsened, the Hokkaido Development Commission was instructed to find ways to make living in colder climes more amenable to the Japanese peoples.

  • +Kinoko House (Replaces Hothouse), 20% increased production of food. Can use 20 wood to increase food production by 100% for one day.
  • +Thermal Roads: Roads not affected by heat zones will be marginally warmer than their surroundings.
  • +Unique Structure: Onsen, reduces likelihood of illness in vicinity, speeds recovery of the ill.
  • -Start locations have scarcer resources.
  • -Unstable weather: Temperatures have higher peaks and deeper valleys.
  • -Roads outside heat zones cost twice as much wood to build.
Faction 2: 帝国鹿児島高等専門学校 (Imperial Kagoshima Technical Institute of Higher Learning)
The Institute of Higher Learning was initially thrown into a panic at recognising the threat that the Great Frost offered to the Japanese Home Islands. As one of the last Empires to learn of the Great Frost, Japan's Generator project was nothing less than a titanic undertaking requiring a vast military effort to secure vital resources in Korea and Manchuria, diplomatic overtures to British, Dutch, French and German colonies left to fend for themselves, thwarting Russian aggression, and espionage aimed at securing vital intelligence necessary to combat the Frost.

  • +Unique Structure: Advanced Steam Hub (Steam Hub Upgrade), Requires 60 Steel and One Steam Core. Heat zone projected by Advanced Steam Hub can be toggled (Overpressure) to be +1 Level higher than the generators output.
  • +Superior Engineering: Heating technologies are researched 100% faster.
  • +Experimental Generator: Overdrive stress builds 60% slower, drops 40% faster.
  • -Advanced Steam Hubs cost steam cores to build/upgrade. Overpressure toggle triples coal consumption of the hub.
  • -All other techs are researched 50% slower.
  • -Experimental Generator requires Engineers to operate.
Faction 3: 穂高岳気候観測所 (Mount Hotakadake Climate Observatory)
As the last of the great empires to come to the knowledge that the Great Frost was coming, a severe need for climate data presented itself to the Japanese government. The Mount Hotakadake Climate Observatory was built, not only to provide this sorely needed data, but to relay weather forecasts to the entirety of the Home Islands and their attendant generator sites

  • +All Housing (Tents, Bunkhouses etc.) able to use Heaters.
  • +Exploration and Shelter tech trees are 50% cheaper to research.
  • +Unique Building: Meteorology Center (Replaces Beacon) Weather forecasts extend twice as far (Two weeks instead of one).
  • -No generator on site. Has access to Brazier tech tree instead.
  • -Food, Health, Industry, and other tech trees 25% more expensive to research.
  • -Scouts cost 50% more resources to build.
submitted by Razor_One to Frostpunk

Virgin Allies DESTROYED by Monster of a Deutsches Heer (German Imperial Army)

Virgin Allies DESTROYED by Monster of a Deutsches Heer (German Imperial Army) submitted by A_Very_Funny_Guy to hoi4

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