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All silver keys in fable 1

Fable Anniversary on Steam

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Silver key locations for Fable 2 - Xbox 360

You probably just think you've looked everywhere. For now, it has been able to generate keys for more than 4000 Big Fish games, and the supported games list is growing bigger and bigger. Please note that if you return items from the order the credit will be reversed if the order value falls below the minimum required. Love Fable Anniversary but hate it sometimes.

Silver keys and Chests locations - Fable II

Fable - 25 Silver Keys Cheats, Codes, Secrets, FAQs and you can try these out. Tested the latest Microsoft Store / Game Pass version at 2560x1080, 3840x1080 and 5760x1080. Note that when userboxes have extra parameters that can be specified, an example of their usage is given. Bloodstone 2. In the sarcophagus of a small crypt on the right, as soon as you enter Bloodstone.

Cracked how to play Fable 3 on PC with ALL dLC!: Fable

It heavily simplifies gameplay elements established in the first and second games, but introduces some new ones, such as weapons that morph in appearance, and to the ability to rule a kingdom half-way through the game. Get up to 90% off best selling video games https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=891. Is All About Math (Video Podcast) MoviePass Challenge Kingsway Baptist Church 2020 Nigerian Boy Remembering Midway Off the Beaten Track Monday Minders with Jasmine Featured software All software latest This Just In Old School Emulation MS-DOS Games Historical Software Classic PC Games Software Library. It's right in the middle of the area.

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With Jim Carrey, Frank Langella, Judy Greer, Cole Allen. Where are the silver keys in fable 2? . Save yourself the walk to a retail store – here at MMOGA you can find your Game Keys at favorable prices! I'm up to the Necropolis, and have checked every site where a silver key is supposed to be and I didn't miss any from the looks of it.

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Fable Anniversary Trainer

Silver keys are carefully hidden throughout the game - at the bottom of a pond, within a freshly dug grave, and even in the Mayor's bed. Cindy manages to persuade Dorothy to untie her and fight her in a real battle, in which Cindy steals the silver slippers and defeats Dorothy by pushing. It is possible to obtain infinite keys but some players have experienced lags and even crashes in game if you go over the programmed amount of 30 keys. Kill them all for it to open.

[Fable: TLC] Silver Key Demon Door: Fable

Fable Anniversary Nexus - Mods and community

You will gain the good points, but lose no money. Fable 3 No Dvd Crack Pc - English 4 lyf. Jeff, a famous children's television icon, struggles to retain his sanity as his family falls apart. Fable Lost Chapters Serial Key https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=897.

Fable Anniversary Silver Keys Collectibles Guide

The Walkthrough have a rating 1 by 1 our users. Some have reported finding the. For Fable on the Xbox, Guide and. Games Call of Duty Civilization Dragon Age Elder Scrolls.

Missable Keys And achievements: Fable

Full text of "Fable The Lost Chapters Prima Official eGuide". Fable The Lost Chapters Crack Only-NOGRP By JogosTorrent zip torrent download for free. Their main purpose [1] A fishing rod is required to obtain this key. Hello, I have ALL 50 Silver Keys on my play-through and I went into my girlfriends world, to essentially open Silver Key chests and it says "you do not have enough Silver Keys" I'm like 99% sure you can use your Keys in another Heroes world?

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Twinblade's Tomb on to Wraithmarsh. Favorite Answers 24 % Answers 731. Fable Silver Keys Software - Free Download Fable Silver.

Serial code dream Sleuth Walkthrough

This can be avoided by obtaining no keys before talking to the door, who will still open. Can someone get me the completionist achievement and all. The activation code for a purchased game will usually. For the Chest you get good Ingame Stuff and one Achievement for open your first Chest.

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Silver Key #1 (Lookout Point). All silver keys in fable 1. You must give all 30 Silver Keys to the Demon Door if you want to get inside. Key 1.1 Notes 2 Bower Lake 2.1 Gypsy Camp 2.2 Shops 2.3 Cabin 3 Bowerstone Market 3.1 Houses 3.2 Shops 4 Bowerstone Old Town 4.1 Houses 4.2 Shops 4.3 Warehouses 5 Bowerstone Slums 5.1 Houses & Warehouses 5.2 Shops 6 Fairfax Gardens 6.1 Houses 7 Rookridge 7.1 Houses.

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Once you have a certain number of Silver Keys collectibles you can go and open Silver Chests to find useful items such as elixirs, weapon augmentations, and even Legendary Weapons. Find all 25 silver keys With so many side quests and events taking place that can sway you toward good or bad, you may forget that there are hidden items scattered throughout Fable. Good luck, and here's our Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Locations guide in case you missed it. Aurora 1. Head past the Demon Door to the right and you'll find the. Find their other files; fov; free camera; cheat engine; time of day; About This File.

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Cool how they changed the no time to explain gun description destiny2. Go to all places that contain a Silver Key, potion, or item desired. Agreed, silver and gold keys would be an extremely welcome addition to this trainer, Fable is a really great series and i would get all the Keys normally but i don't really have that much time, hence the reason i use the trainer. Fable Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for Xbox.

Activation key fable the lost chapters cheats legendary weapons

All silver key locations in fable tlc! Silver Keys, Demon Doors, Silver Chests - Fable Wiki Guide visit this page. These chests, scattered throughout Albion, each require a certain amount of Silver Keys to open. Be the first to answer this question.

Theory - Canon Choices

In every Fable game, the good choices are considered canon, or so we were led to believe. But what if some evil choices were canon as well.
For Fable 1 here is what we know definitely happened:
The Hero exposed Lady Grey, causing her to get killed by witchspotters
The Hero threw away the sword and didn't kill Theresa
The Hero threw away Jack's mask.
Now all these choices seem good but they also carry an alterior motive - power and family. Jack's mask would control the Hero, so he cast it away. Lady Grey would try to control him as her husband and The Hero refused to kill Theresa because she was his sister.
But where does all the speculation of evil deeds come from - Fable 2's loading screens. It says that the Hero of Oakvale killed the Guildmaster - but how can this be if all the good choices are canon. Well the Hero could have done the evil choices here, he also could have killed Whisper and fought Thunder for Lady Grey (this is needed for all silver keys anyway) and just exposed her at the last moment.
Something also which is interesting - in Fable 2 it states that the Hero of Oakvale fought Jack in the Chamber of Fate with the sword of Aeons - but this isn't possible because Jack was using it. Well actually it is possible to fight Jack with the sword of Aeons if you glitch the game and get the Sword Early - so it could mean that glitches are canon. Or the in game Historians in Fable 2 are just wrong, which seems more likely.
submitted by BloodstoneWarrior to Fable

Summer 5 Summary 3 (Section 4, Section 5)

Section 4 - The Curse, The Grudge, and the Tape


  • Yu’s dying earlier has her exhausted and effecting her specs poorly. Since you and her are tired today, we’ll take it easy. Ilya takes the chance to go and spend some time with you to play and go for a forest walk. Cicadas are chirping loudly today, and you get the option to identify them as Bear Cicadas (named for their size). You and Ilya take in the sunshine and move into the woods more to escape the cicadas.
  • For just a second, you spy Summer Abby looking at you in the woods, before vanishing.
  • Ruby says they don’t sense anybody though, likely due to the curse of the forest effecting it’s capabilities. Ilya freaks out and Ruby says it wouldn’t bother Ilya...but it’s a bad idea for you to stick around under it for too long.


  • You decide to clean up the cottage a bit, and Lanling + Murasaki comment on how the journal you found is strange indeed. As you clean, you find a rusty, illegible, bus sign. You can only make out one character, “莱”. You take a picture for posterity.
  • Ilya and Lanling stumble into some VHS tapes, which Emiya nerds about being relics from a forgotten age. Unfortunately, the cottage doesn’t have a VCR to run them on.
...Hey, don’t look so confused. A man could die from shock if you keep that up.

  • Your group decides to head out again, Lanling coming along to defend Murasaki, who’s general knowledge is critical. Ilya, Emiya, Yu, and You form a party. Phantom appears, his senses restored and memory gone, and agrees to watch Lily in the cabin.
[Lily, will you be ok?]
Of course! Don’t you worry, I’m a Magical Girl!
Phantom dotes over Kiara, pausing a bit before telling her to take a nap so he can tidy up the cottage. He tells Fou to go nap too.
You go outside again and (Sunglasses On) Emiya points out the Min-Min Cicadas chirping about. Suddenly, Yu spots a house on the horizon. You enter inside and find an oldschool asian setup that’s been seemingly abandoned.
‘Scuse me.
Need a handkerchief?
N-No, thanks.

  • You decide to clean up the room to search for clues. Ruby wonders if Ilya forgot they were doing that while she cleans up nice and proper. Emiya and Murasaki investigate a large bookshelf filled with magazines.
[They’re dangerous when you wanna clean]
No, Master. Well, you’re not wrong, but Shounen Manga are way more of a threat.
I’d like to know how old these ones are...
Even if they’re worn, they should still have a legible publication date.
Wow...they’re from the Showa Era.
Whoaaa....that’s mega old...
I’ve only seen like, textbooks that old.
N-No it’s not...hey, c’mon...
(Yo, Kohai. Are we getting offtrack?)
[Yeeep...] / [You’re just saying that since it doesn’t concern you...]
Master, please take care of what you say.
I’d like you to think about it like a certain something...
Ah, perhaps like handling nitroglycerin.
Wow. You two done being cruel yet?

  • Emiya continues to wrinkle as this makes the Singularity all the weirder. Murasaki asks for help to move the bookcase, and you find a secret stash of hand-written books. They all look the same and are all written like the one you found with Kiyohime. The newest one is from 40 years ago, and the oldest...from several hundred years ago. Yu snatches a book away and starts to read, gloating that she can.
I thought to write this diary now that I am an adult.
Unlike the records, nobody will see this. I’m only doing it to leave a trace of me behind.
The Promised Land.
We single mindedly focused our studies here, rejoicing, and strove to achieve our dream.
If you go down the mountain, you forget everything.
As the mountain people , the Shanren, we have to make a choice to do so or not.
Compared to “Outside”, our education is focused on high-level materials.
Although I’ve forgotten a portion of it, forgetting the “Mountain” is unbearable.
We lie, and die on the mountain...so our wish may be granted.
The experiment is a failure.
Were we not good enough? Was our knowledge...insufficient?
We studied top class magic, divinities, curses, and sciences. Where do we continue to fail?
Why? Why? Why?
I’ve had a fit of anger, and already kicked that thing away.
The masked woman is aimlessly staring in my direction now.

  • What were they doing? What specific techniques? Who was the person? Yu can only say with the nuance, the “girl” didn’t sound like a living creature. She continues to read.
The days passed calmly. Our research continued.
...Then, one day.
I was alerted by two close friends of mine that they were going "Outside".
I was left with questions. Why? For what purpose? They would lose their memories.
All memories of this “Mountain” would be forgotten.
They said it was probably for the better.
With this pointless research dedicated to human life, they would live anew by forgetting all of this.
The next day, I became the head researcher.
I overcame the two deserters.
How long have I wrote this diary? I'm now an adult, aware of the Truth.
Nothing can shake my spirits now. Progress is slow, but steady.
...Baby teeth get replaced by permanent teeth. After that second chance...
They don’t come back.
Hair whitens, skin wrinkles, bodies wear, the mind falters, and you fade away.
Old age should be something we can overcome.
Immortality...to be unkillable.
Cells continuing to split, a loss of that deterioration, that is how we can preserve our lives.
That is what we strive for...
I am writing this entry decades later. Our lives, our fight, all of it was meaningless.
[REDACTED]-sama. Please forgive us. We have fallen.

  • The bit about immortality really rubs Yu the wrong way, although the book was a huge clue towards all of this. Singularities strange as this aren’t rare, but the entries continuing for so long, implying they reached near-modern times, is definitely worrisome.
...Hm. That’s true, the Showa era is pretty recent.
I’m sorry, I’m soooorry!

  • Emiya and the gang begin to delve deep into magic, the settings, immortality, and the like. Ilya and Yu lose track of the conversation, and very quietly agree to go do something else. While exploring, Ilya stumbles into a VHS player, which an enamored Emiya uses immediately to play the VHS from earlier. Right before you play it, Murasaki feels like she’s forgotten something...
  • The video from the start of the event plays again, except this time it continues for a bit longer. An unknown silhouette moves between locations on the mountain and a mysterious unknown place, and The Mask is shown to the side of a destroyed boat, missing most of it’s red lines. Yu realizes what the character was at the end (the one we were shown earlier and forgot), and Murasaki starts sobbing at something...
  • ...As you realize that the room you’re in has been completely destroyed, and it’s now nighttime. Murasaki admits her mistake: by watching that tape, we’ve entered a different Horror genre for tonight: Haunted Content Horror!
  • The lights go out, a rattling, dragging sound fills the room, and you feel like you’re completely alone. Yu manages to snap you out of the trance, bringing you back to everyone else in the nick of time. It was her duty as a Senpai to protect you. You all snap out of it, and get running the hell out of here.
  • You escape from the scene and work your way to the cottage, but enemies are all about. Lanling asks for more details about what Murasaki said with the genres changing.
  • This is an archetype popular in tons of oversea films: cursed dolls, haunted videos, evil masks, things that activate once they get handled. Furthermore, the spirits become obsessive and possess other things, even if they’re unrelated to their original grudge. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of unwinnable setups with these hollywood murderers. Even if you manage to re-seal the antagonist, this rule is typically ironclad.
  • Ilya panics, and Emiya searches for a solution: they need someone who specializes in exterminating spirits. She doesn't know if it'll work for this spirit in particular, but there to tend to be counters present in these kinds of movies, like a High Priest.
  • So, unless we can pinpoint the weakness of this setup, odds are against our favor. As you start to make guesses, a 2nd volley of enemies swarm you. You make a formation of Ilya + You in the center, Emiya and the rear, and Langling at the front. Shikibu and Yu will cover at the sides. You all stick close and move forward, into a fog. Ilya joins hands so you don’t get separated, and the battle starts.
  • There are over 100 ghosts attacking, and after clearing away a ton of them, the “Cursed Ghost Girl” (Fujino) appears as a boss. The fight ends after a few more turns.
  • The cottage should be close, but the fog’s making things worse. Ruby has no means to get rid of it, so Emiya tells everyone to get down, and blasts it away with a clean shot! Your race into the cottage, where Phantom and Kiara are waiting, not a care in the world.
  • Everyone’s ok, albeit shaken up. But Yu is missing.
Yu will be in danger alone! Where'd our dynamite Yu go!?
---! (Coughing fit from spit catching in his throat)
I’m sorry, but not another word about that! I can still sense her, although...
Yu hovers over, dead.
[No way...]
...Kohai. Don’t look at me like that.
I’m dead. Shockingly, twisted to death.

  • Kiara is impressed there’s another immortal. And Yu says it’ll be no big deal after a while...then the lights go out in the cottage, and the tension rises.
  • Murasaki is scrambling: the enemy shouldn’t be able to get in like this, but we need more hints to stop Fujino. Yu warns them all of Fujino’s mystic eyes, a rarity and near unknown in the world, and how she can kill with a glance. Murasaki takes this into account, trying to find a counter...Emiya suggests a mirror, which could work if they have a strong one, and he casually whips out one that he made before for work earlier.
  • You’re forced to use Emiya in the front lines as his mirror gives you invul for a while against Fujino. Unfortunately, she gets pierce immediately and the effort proves worthless.
  • Murasaki points out that the effect just now confirms it had no effect. As she said before, they’d need something like an exorcism or sutra to counter. Since they’re in the thick of the movie now, there should be a light amidst the darkness for the protagonists. We just need one more thing to push us into a good end...
  • Your stomach growls.
Is now REALLY the time for that!?
[I-It’s a natural response!]
Aghh...we haven’t had anything to each since lunch.
This spirit wants to scare the life out of us, so we just need to shoo them away with a stronger feeling...!
We’re supposed to be invested in the Horror setting, so if we disrupt everything like an obnoxious person sitting next to you in a theatre, we can kill the mood!
Murasaki-san. What made you reach that conclusion?
T-The food, perhaps...? The sudden smell of it in the air completely pulled me out of this scene!
Food!? Who’s cooking at a time like this!?

  • This should actually work, so Emiya gets ready to whip up a bunch of junk food while Murasaki thinks of other ways to ruin a movie going experience. Maybe music that’ll pump you up instead of being afraid? And luckily, you’ve got The Phantom of the Opera right here to help with that!
  • You fight back the ghosts and reach a much less beefy Fujino, defeating her with Emiya’s cooking and Phantom’s singing disrupting her.
  • Ilya is completely flabbergasted at that plan working, and Yu revives (although she ate too much) and tells Phantom to stop with the singing already.
  • Fujinon admits defeat, although she was close to mangling you all to death.
Spirits are quiet, secretive, and strike their enemies from afar.
Once all the cooking and music contrasted the mood, it was over for me.
I responded like a game piece on a board. It was quite annoying.
You don’t really exist, and that effected you.
I’ll study up on this.
Fujino: ......
Ok...since you’re related to this Singularity, is there anything we should know about?
The Mask.
Yes, it’s the key to this Singularity. Don’t forget it’s importance for a moment.
One more bit of advice. Please be careful about dreams.
The girl who refuses dreams, and the woman who deceives them.
Both will threaten you the same, although the way they consume is different.
That’s all I can say.
Since this isn’t about my lifework of twisting any longer, and I have no particular reason to haunt you further, I’ll be taking a rest now...
Let’s meet again once things have calmed down. Take care of yourselves.
Fujino gets covered in a silver-ish light, and vanishes rather than disappearing like usual Servants.

  • Morning breaks, and everyone’s (mostly) ok. We’ve got a lead on the Mask now, and Yu reminds us about the character at the end of the video, confirming it’s a “七”. It’s bothering her in particular.
It’s nothing, Kohai.
I wonder if I’ll die tomorrow, or in my dreams now. Eugh...
Yu-sama, Yu-sama.
Saying that...might set off some death flags, you know.
Yu: ......
I KNOW, it just kinda slipped out, ok...!?
Gggrr, just what the hell’s up with this place! Is it cursed, or not!?
Oh, yes, it is cursed.
??? (Abigail):
Hello, my wonderful Master.
[Uh, howdy...?] / [What now...!]
Wow...is the gang all here? Tell me: where do you all think the distinction between “Dream” and “Reality” lies?
If it is just a dream, won’t you wake up once you face fear inside it?
That’s no good. No no no. I won’t allow that to happen.
All living things die, and return to the Earth. That’s a definite rule.
If that has to happen, then us humans should all give up on life already.
...Stop this earnest, short life you’re living, and descend.
You aren’t an exception, are you Master?
All of you, witness more and more of this descent, live brighter, then fade into nil.
...Well well...
Yu: ......
...Looks like this mountain has some inhabitants after all.
Before that event happens, I’ll protect you.
I’ll keep safeguarding your body and mind.
...My name is Abigail Williams. Good to meet you, Master.
Abby vanishes.

  • Emiya congratulates you for being so popular with girls, they fight over you. Something he relates to, and Ilya frowns at.
Let’s put this aside us. Everyone come inside, and we’ll share some tea. (Familial Tone)
...Dreams, huh.

“You’re the one I’ve been dreaming about.”
Who was it that faced me, and spoke those words?
It was far, far before I met Xiang Yu-sama.
Who was it, in that dream, who asked for me?

Section 5 - Smiling (1/2)

When humans are pleased, smiles arise.
The smiles of familiar people are delightful, the smiles of lovers are joyful.
But, smiles can occasionally be used offensively.
When someone who shouldn't smile does, it’s frightening.
Like if someone smiles during an appalling moment, or if someone makes a smile that doesn't sit just right...
---Or, if a smile is disturbing (a nightmare).
Furthermore, in an unwakable nightmare, there are no scary things.
Because in a nightmare like that, reality and hell are no different from one another.

  • You wake up in bed, groggy, the night after solving the VHS spirit attack. As you drift between waking up and sleepy, Dantes appears again in your dreams, frustrated that he can’t help. He warns that when you sleep, someone gets their strongest...
  • Ilya, Murasaki, and Yu gather with you in the living room, with everyone saying they slept like garbage. Ruby offers to give you some magical pick-me up, which Ilya vehemently denies doing. Mash and Tomoe ping you with your local-comms link, and recommend napping and not being reckless while feeling so out of it. Yu points out how you look especially worse than the others, and comments how she wants to sleep more after dying again yesterday.
  • Lanling (who has glasses now) and Ilya are on board with the idea. Lanling, Emiya, and Phantom will wake you all up later. You ask if that’s ok with them, and Emiya says his Independent Action will hold him over, although Servants being sleepy is irregular in its own right, and the Singularity is probably to blame. Lily comments him, and you and the girls take a summer nap.
  • Immediately after saying you’ll take a nap, the next section of the story has 5 nodes and a foreigner enemy, which is distressing.
  • Abby appears before you in the dreamscape, chiding you for trying to escape in your dreams, as everything here is real. You will stay within her grasp for a long, long, long, lo-
  • Yu wakes up inside the same space with Ilya and Kiara. Abby’s a little surprised, but generally unfazed. She wonders if using these Servants is what got you in here. Others aside from Abby aren’t needed, and Yu goes for the first strike before Abby can. The attack is nulled without Abby even moving, then Abby begins to grow like a casting shadow. Kiara immediately says that the rules won’t let you win here, so they have to chance location, fast.
We gotta awake up, but how!?
Ububu, Ilya pinching her cheeks is so delightfully childish of her.
I’m gonna stash this one away in my private, “Funny Ilyas” folder.
Also, how did I get here too?

  • Abby’s smile literally fills the room, and a fight to escape begins. Murasaki is curiously available as a support, and Abby immediately gets total invincibility and blasts you with her NP - Dreamlands.
  • You run and run and run, eventually reaching a literal light at the end of the tunnel. You jump through despite Abby getting visually upset at doing that and wind up at the lakeside at night. Murasaki, Tomoe, Bryn, Mash, and Sigurd find you (and apparently, Fou was with you this whole time as well). They were apparently sleeping here earlier and conclude that you're all still in a dream, when a horde of monsters appears. Once again, we’re busting through their numbers to escape.
  • As things start looking worse with more and more monsters appearing, you spy a luxurious hotel suddenly nearby. It’ll have to work for now, and the group agrees to there. William Tell welcomes you to the Smiling Hotel, named after the joy it brings it’s patrons. Ilya immediately gets old-school horror vibes from all of this. Mash goes to ask Tell for something, and he frowns before correcting his name to be William. You decide to play along and get more info on all this. You agree to the Condominum style-package so everybody can stay for the night. Will goes off to get coffee for the group.
Yuck, I don’t really like coffee. Even if I put in lots of sugar.
Mister Writer likes to choke it down in waterfalls though.
I don’t like it either. Maybe they’ll have hot cocoa?
There’s our childish Ilya-san.
Can you even eat or drink in a dream? Man, this place is so weird.
Well whatever, let’s play along with this.
I mean, it’s not like I could really die in a dream.
(Yu-sama, why!?)
(Saying things like that will get you killed faster...!)
(Even if it should though, given Yu-sama’s situation...would it matter...?)

  • Will brings you to a ballroom to meet the other guests: Columbus and Suited Spartacus. Spartacus is doing the manager bit from an old April Fool’s twitter joke, and immediately gives you his business card. Everybody is floored.
  • Columbus is going by “Christopher”, and Spartacus is going by “Spartacus P X”. Is he a scout? A producer? Nobody’s sure, but he's incredibly faithful to his company. The two of them, as usual, don’t remember why they’re here either. Columbus wanted to go somewhere, needed to go somewhere, and wound up here. He’s drinking away his failure. Spartacus is here for his company, scouting new talent. He goes so far as to ask for the girls’ three sizes, among other things.
  • The group is rightfully creeped out by the overly peaceful vibe, and things get worse when the water Ilya and Kiara try to have turns to blood...before going back to normal after Ilya panics. Christopher says the red liquid and smell must’ve been the wine he’s absolutely demolishing. Spartacus liked her fearful expression, and tries to recruit her. Will says he’ll clean up the new mess, and tells everyone to retire for the night. Sigurd asks if it’s ok to walk around, and William hesitates for just a second before giving a go-ahead and saying there’s a map at the entrance to use. Just don’t distrub the other guests, and be polite. This place can be dangerous, so who knows what could happen. All three men laugh very loudly at this totally unsuspicious gesture.
  • The rooms are taken care of, so everyone agrees to investigate like Sigurd suggested. This place is too big to be normal. Yu opens a door without even knocking, and you find Anastasia in a royal suite with the AC blasting on high. She will kill you immediately to get rid of the evidence of abusing the AC. Yu relates to the sentiment, saying that people are awful at keeping their mouths shut.
  • The fight starts with her skill and NP sealing for 3 turns out of spite.
  • After taking her down, she falls asleep. Yu says she’ll let you guys take care of this after here slip-up. The next door Mash knocks on has a sweet voice respond, and you walk in on Anne & Mary summer reeking of booze. Mash ruins their usual Master seducing, Sigurd asks why they’re staying here, and Mary says all food and drink are on the house. Sigurd apologies for intruding, and Bryn helps you escape from the pirates usual solicitations. Yu tells you guys to be careful about getting so carried away like they did, and Mash thanks her for being so thoughtful, flustering Yu.
  • The next room’s guest politely welcomes you in, then reveal themselves to be 3 punks and attack you. You all agree this isn’t really going anywhere, since each room’s a gamble, and Kiara points out that returning to your room will probably set the next flag anyway, so we should wait on that.
Just, one request before that.
Everyone, if something occult-ish happens soon...
“Huh? What’s that? Am I seeing things? I’ll go check it myself”
Don’t be that person, please!

  • You put the investigation on hold, and William pops up out of nowhere saying to try the pool to relax. It’s a big, in-ground pool. You go check it out to find it’s just like the big wavepool from last summer, fit with a big (fake) sky. Murasaki is fine staying poolside, and Ilya is eager to play with Ruby to point out how she couldn’t go to Vegas to experience this. Sigurd and Bryn relax together, Murasaki reads a good book, and you all have fun in the water. Fou plays around too. Murasaki is hesitant to get in the water, since it doesn’t necessarily suit her, but Yu backs her up and tells her to do what she likes to do for herself. As Murasaki runs off into the water, Yu spies something weird a bit aways from everyone: A Yin-Yang Taijitu symbol. Bryn asks if it’s that weird to her, and Yu ponders it even more, but puts it off for now.
  • For just a second, while you’re playing in the water, Summer Kiara splashes out of view. Murasaki splashes you all before you can get a good look, however.
  • You investigate more rooms after the break, and find one shockingly empty...except for a journal on the floor. There’s weird snake or dragon things on it, completely unknown to Tomoe, but she can read this journal. So can Murasaki.
  • For some reason, this one’s in Spanish (which your Servants can read from getting natural knowledge when summoned). The book details the agony of someone failing to believe the Earth is round and denying it. They’re dead set that they’ll reach the fabled city of gold soon. Murasaki deduces that this was written by a Columbus lost at sea. As you open the door to leave, he pops up immediately, insane and ready to kill you for trespassing and taking/selling you for cash.
  • You rush into another room, and find a note. This one’s written by Spartacus, noting how he's a slave for the company over and over again. After you finish reading it, you hear some loud footsteps shake the floor. Spartacus doesn’t tolerate your actions, and Tomoe realizes the pattern: all of them have gone insane for not doing what they're infamous for. Spartacus gives you the ultimatum to be subservient Idols to his company or face the consequences. Kiara would be on board: it sounds fun despite the difficulty.
  • You rush out at high speed, running into a furious Tell who had to shoot twice again (implying he killed his son prior). Bryn and Sigurd deflect his shots at you, and he inexplicably warps in front of you as you leave him behind in the hall. Columbus and Spartacus do the same, leaving you with less and less options to run.
  • Kiara realizes this place is their own nightmare, based on scenarios where they failed their exploits. They’re our Servants though, so we’ll have to snap them out of this nightmare with some hard truths. You get into another room and lock the door while Murasaki confirms that in this setup, they’ll be breaking in anyway.
  • First it was a slasher, then a haunting, and now we’re in a sub-genre close to both, but neither. It’s a Psycho Horror - the people close to you go mad, and try to kill you with a smile on their face. It’s not like they’re full on slashers, although they’re usually adult killers that tend to overpower the victims with the fear and confusion of who they are. Monster-type killers “don’t” have a reason to kill, whereas Psycho killers “do”, with their reasoning overwhelming them. It’s more realistic than the former, in that sense, bringing a larger sense of danger: particularly to you and Mash right now.
  • Tomoe gets ready to hatch a plan, and Ilya wonders if she’s an Ally of Justice. Tomoe says she’s prepared for enemies of today being allies tomorrow, and vice versa. Yu asks for what their weakpoint should be, but Columbus uses his incredibly sharp beard to axe through the door. Tell is happy to find you (Ilya loses her voice). Spartacus is happy to recruit you (Ilya loses her spirits).
  • Lily wants to help this time using her Yaobikuni nun powers, but Murasaki says it won’t do much good. Last time was a mental battle...and this one’s brute force! We’re gonna physically rouse them up from this dream. Tomoe remembers how Yagyuu told her to use her sword in a “Dreamlike” state. She’s more than ready for this.
Let's take a lesson to see those swimsuit-clad muscles! Of course, the producer must go along with it as a company slave!
Spartacus flexes out of his suit.
Did you just want to be in a swimsuit yourself?
I will neither confirm nor deny.

  • As the 3 men fade after battle, you remind them of the truth: Columbus did reach new land, Spartacus has always been a rebel, and Tell saved his son back then. As thanks for freeing him, Tell says they were gathered to fight, slaughter, die, and invoke fear in you. The enemy is closer than you think.
  • With everything over with, Yu says she’s gonna go shower. Ilya wonders if going alone in that sense would align with what Murasaki said, but Yu goes through with it anyway. Murasaki comes back asking if we should look for clues, and you tell her Yu’s in the shower.
Th-That’s one of the worst things you could do! Yu-sama! Hurry, get out of th---
The power cuts out.
The light switch!
[I-Is this it!?]
You flip the lights back on.
It was only dark for a second, and I died. Really...? How...?
[That’s our line...]
Showering in a Horror movie...that’s equal to throwing your life away...
I mentioned earlier that this was a Psycho Horror...
The fear in those comes from “People close to you who wind up killing you”.
We destroyed the prime causes of it, although this Hotel is still linked to those concepts.
You could call it peaceful, but this Hotel is a supernatural phenomenon in its own right, and holds vengeful spirits.
...Those three being destroyed really didn’t have an effect on those rules.
Following the laws of the film, you’d have to fully eradicate the source...
Darn...if we kept our promise and Yu didn’t do that, she would’ve been fine.
Yes. It’s a time honored tradition...
“People spurred to do something in the moment” “Weak links getting cut down first” “Choosing to go back after something strange happens,”, or “Choosing to gorge yourself on food when you should leave somewhere”...
Saying you’ll take a shower is an equivalent red flag like those.

  • Sigurd recommends checking out the owner’s room before leaving, and you find a safe inside, unlocked. Inside is a burning furnace. You put out the fire, and the hotel starts to vanish. Ilya notices something else in the safe, then suddenly vanishes. Mash follows suit shortly after. You peak inside to wake up, and spy the bus sign from earlier, spotless and clean.
  • After everyone else is gone, Kiara says that there could be more than one mastermind, and laughs. Is a dream you can’t wake up from that bad?
  • You, Fou, Ilya, and the rest reawaken in the cottage. Emiya, Lanling, and Opera said you fell asleep 9 hours ago, and looked restless during. Only Opera had the inkling you were in a nightmare. Yu is alive, and you bring up how you ran into swimsuit Abby. You were also able to make out “Penglai” on the bus-stop before awakening. That would mean this is Mt. Fuji, but that’s clearly wrong. Emiya guesses Penglai is a nickname of sorts. Yu is uneasy.
  • Just as you start to recap everything...you notice that Lily is gone. Your group’s next course of action is to find her before something bad happens to her...
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