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Analysis Team Presents - Mono Super Analysis

Hey guys. Thanks to Zenrot, with the creation of a new Analysis team, consisting of lePANcaxe, MobilemanASC, and myself, we were tasked with creating an overall analysis on Mono Super. Our job was to pick 20 units for a top 20, do mini analysis on each card to explain their role, note the overall playstyle description, and create a full damage calculations of the likely scenarios.
We spent quite some time going over the what cards to select between us 3, and Zenrot himself. We agreed that once you get past top 15, the cards from 15-25 are overall extremely close. What got them in the top 20, were our own experiences/preferences, but don’t fret if a card is not listed, it’s probably between 21-25.
This is just the start of posts that we will be doing. With our 3 minds debating, comparing, and analysing, we hope to bring as accurate of analysis posts and game talk that we can. It’s quite a read and it took us awhile, so I hope you guys enjoy!
Overall Play Style
Heroes in general are rather straightforward, in that they usually don't do much else besides providing damage and/or being (semi-)reliable blockers.
They simply do not have these defensive monsters like Buuhan and Omega Shenron that also happen to fit well with their hard hitters.
With that being said however, thanks to their variety of good blockers, insane damage dealers and even some units that excel at both of those things, rainbow-Heroes are without a doubt among the best 'mono'-teams currently available.
So, how do you play them? What are some of the basic things one should know about rainbow-Heroes?
Well … there’s not really all that much to say about them, they are really that straightforward. Either way, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to play rainbow-Heroes:
  • Do not expect to run defined rotations like you might or might not be used to from mono-TEQ or mono-STR - you have up to 3 units on your team that heavily benefit from taking hits, and sometimes the majority of those hits happen to land on the 3rd slot on a turn.
  • Your damage and clear speed are nearly unparalleled if you get lucky - SSJB Vegetto and Super Vegetto happen to have some of the game's highest damage potentials, SSJ3 Gotenks still is among the top 3 hardest hitting units and you also have access to those guy's best support with Vegetto.
  • With up to 3 units in your team that can counter normal attacks (2 SSJB Vegettos and 1 Super Vegetto), it is definitely recommended to either run an SA-Sealer on your team or at the very least Babas in one of your item slots.
  • Despite the fact that your best debuff happens to be SA-seals, rainbow-Heroes are rather sturdy due to the fact that multiple units either have a rather high defense (SSJB Kaioku comes to mind) or some kind of damage reduction (such as the aforementioned Vegettos as well as SSJB Vegeta and SSJ3 Vegeta) It's most definitely not on the level of what rainbow-villains or mono-STR/INT can pull off, but it's more than enough to get you through most of the game's content with ease.
  • SSJ3 Gotenks' sweetspot-mechanic and SSJ Trunks (Future)'s passive require some micromanaging on your part, regardless of which set of leaders you want to actually use - Gotenks in particular is a rather delicate unit to work with, since you have up to 3 other units on your team that link for 5 Ki with him.
I suppose the best way to think of rainbow-Heroes is as a combination between mono-TEQ and mono-AGL
Individual Unit Analysis
Note: The units in this section are in no particular order.
Vegetto Blue
Similar to Super Vegetto, but more of a beat stick. Vegetto Blue can counter as well, but with his 30% Def reduction instead of 80%, you will need to be careful with how much you get hit. With his additional attacks, and rare chance to super on any of them, his ceiling can be extremely high, but on Average, you will do a bit more than Super Vegetto.
Vegetto Blue will act as either your Main Lead, or a Sub unit. SSJI Trunks becomes the better leader when you begin to run the best Mono Super cards, for most people, they will run one Vegetto Blue, and one SSJI Trunks, while those with the perfect cards, can run double SSJI Trunks.
Vegetto Blue’s links are also a huge strength to him. With OIAF, Fused Fighter, and PFB, getting supers off on him is no issue at all.
ATK Calculations
  • 13,500 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 27,000
  • 27,000 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 33,750
  • 33,750 + 5,000 (Kamehameha & PbbG links) = 38,750
  • 38,750 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 58,125
  • 58,125 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 310,968
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 338,053.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 365,137.
SSJI Trunks
Arguably one of the best cards for Mono Super, if not the best, SSJI Trunks replaces one of the Vegetto Blue’s as a leader, or act as both of your leaders. Due to the abundance of Ki Links, or passives that give Ki in Mono Super, cutting the 2/4 Ki from Vegetto Blue’s leader, and gaining a bonus 20%/40% to ATK, DEF, & HP, ends up being the better option.
Besides his leader ability, Trunks possess an amazing Passive. A nuking passive, with an orb changing mechanic built into it, allows SSJI Trunks to hit stupidly hard. Due to the best Mono Super cards being able to super with the slightest Ki from the Board, you can reliably and consistently save orbs for SSJI Trunks to collect.
While he has some dud Links, the rest are all perfectly fit for Mono Super. He even has a Farmable Super.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,074 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,148
  • 22,148 x 1.9 (passive w/ 6 INT orbs gathered) = 42,081
  • 42,081 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 52,601
  • 52,601 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 73,641
  • 73,641 x 5.65 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% ATK bonus + 30% dupe system bonus) = 416,071
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 457,678.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 499,285.
Super Gogeta
Gogeta is still ever so dominant on Mono Super. With his plethora of Ki Links, Super Saiyan Links, and ridiculous damage output, Super Gogeta will be one of your main Hard Hitters.
Gogeta’s passive which activates at the start of turn is further scaled by Links, his 12 Ki Multiplier, and SA Multiplier, this means he is getting a fair amount from that 7000 ATK. Add his Super Effective damage to any type, Gogeta will always perform at a consistent and powerful level, never having any bad showings.
For Mono Super, he will be your focus for STR Orbs on the dupe system, since he is the best STR card for Mono Super. That, plus the fact that he gets an average of 7k per stat increase when he is maxed out, he becomes quite the monster.
ATK Calculations
  • 13,000 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 26,000
  • 26,000 + 7,000 (passive) = 33,000
  • 33,000 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 41,250
  • 41,250 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 61,875
  • 61,875 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 331,031
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 357,112.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 383,193.
Super Vegetto
Super Vegetto is going to act as your main Tank, while still being able to output insane damage. While Vegetto Blue has 30% Def Reduction, as well as the counter Mechanic, Super Vegetto’s 80% allows him to be reliable and a safe option for tanking.
Due to his amazing links, Super Vegetto is one of the main cards you will be using on Both Mono Super Leads. Shocking Speed, Prepared for Battle, Fused Fighter, and Golden Warrior allow him to consistently super even when SSJI Trunks is one leader, and Vegetto Blue is the other, or even when you run double SSJI Trunks.
ATK Calculations
  • 12,840 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 25,680
  • 25,680 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 32,100
  • 32,100 + 2,500 (PBBG link) = 34,600
  • 34,600 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 51,900
  • 51,900 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 277,665
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 303,425.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 329,185.
SSJ3 Gotenks
Originally, SSJ3 Gotenks was difficult to use due to the abundance of OIAF, and Fused Fighter on Mono Super. With SSJI Trunks being introduced, SSJ3 Gotenks has an easier time hitting that 11 Ki Magic spot. Gotenks’ main purpose is to be a huge beat stick. His average damage output will be among the highest seen on Mono Super, and links superbly well with the other top cards.
If you’re running Double Vegetto Blue leaders, you’re most likely going to be forced to throw him in the 3rd rotating slot, since keeping him in the middle is going to inhibit your odds of getting 11 Ki. However on a Hybrid lead, or double SSJI Trunks lead, you’ll have far less instances of hitting 12 Ki.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,357 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,714
  • 22,714 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 28,392
  • 28,392 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 38,329
  • 38,329 x 2.2 (passive) = 84,323
  • 84,323 x 6.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 100% ATK boost + 30% dupe system bonus) = 535,451
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 588,996.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 642,541.
SSJB Vegeta
The much desired Demi-God Vegeta has arrived. SSJB Vegeta with his release becomes a Top-Tier card in 2 teams. Mono INT, and Mono Super.
For Mono Super, Vegeta acts as a consistent hard-hitter. While not good enough to replace power house cards like Super Vegetto, Super Gogeta, and SSJ3 Gotenks, Vegeta can act as a replacement for SSJBKK Goku depending on the event you are running. For example, against the Merged Zamasu Dokkan Fest, SSJB Vegeta is a far better option, due to his passive lowering Extreme type enemies ATK by 20%, as well as having type advantage for attacking and blocking.
The primary downside to this card, is he cannot be used on a double SSJI Trunks lead. With PFB and Vegeta family as his only Ki Links, supering with him on that setup, is going to be borderline impossible.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,351 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,708
  • 22,708 x 2.0 (passive) = 45,416
  • 45,416 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 56,770
  • 56,770 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 79,478
  • 79,478 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 50% ATK boost + 30% dupe system bonus) = 425,207
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 467,727.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 510,248.
Commonly shared among the best cards for Mono Super are their abundance of Ki Links. This allows them to be flexible regardless of what leader combo you are using. OIAF, SS, and PFB are extremely saturated in Mono Super, which makes SSJBKK an amazing Ki Battery. He will consistently super, and will allow those possession 2 or more of those links, to also super consistently.
His passive while limited by a turn timer, is extremely strong on a power buffed Mono Super team. You will hardly see his passive drop, and the 20k ATK which is further scaled by Links, his 12 Ki Multi, and SA Multiplier, allows SSJBKK Goku to dish out some insane damage. Outside of Super Vegetto, and Vegetto Blue, SSJBKK Goku will be your next best card to use for blocking, due to his passive giving him 10k def.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,300 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 SSB Vegito leader skills = 22,600
  • 22,600 +20,000 (passive) = 42,600
  • 42,600 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 53,250
  • 53,250 + 2,500 (Kamehameha) = 55,750
  • 55,750 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 83,625
  • 83,625 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 447,393
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 470,061.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 492,735.
SSB Goku
SSJB Goku’s main place is on a Double Vegetto Blue lead team. Since PFB is his only Ki Link, he’ll have considerable issues getting supers off if you have a SSJI Trunks as one of the leaders. However, on that Double Vegetto Blue team, he will be an amazing hard hitter. With a ATK +100% on Super Passive, his saiyan links, high base atk, and great 12 Ki Multiplier, he will be dishing out consistently high amounts of damage. The plus-side to this card over SSJBKK Goku, is that SSJBKK Goku is limited by a turn timer, while SSJB Goku will never drop his passive.
The main downside to this card, is you cannot use him with SSJBKK Goku. You are forced to choose one over the other, and in almost all situations, you will use SSJBKK Goku over this one. Regardless, he is still an amazing card to run.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,544 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 21,088
  • 21,088 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 26,360
  • 26,360 + 2,500 (Kamehameha link) = 28,860
  • 28,860 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 40,404
  • 40,404 x 2.0 (passive) = 80,808
  • 80,808 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 371,716
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 405,668.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 439,620.
LR Goku
LR Goku is a bit tricky to run. Since his only Ki links are Golden Warrior, and Family Ties, you need to bring SSJ Bardock for him to effectively perform. Of course even a 12 KI super will still dish out insane damage, LR Goku’s main power comes from being linked with Bardock. The extra 25% from The First Awakened, and Bardock’s orb changing passive is big part of LR Goku’s strength.
On a Hybrid Super team using SSJI Trunks as 1 leader, LR Goku is even harder to utilize. As his character already lacks good Ki Links as is, and relies on SSJ Bardock to hit the high Ki counts, reducing the amount of Ki he gets from the Leader skill is going to be an issue. Even still, being an LR and having him at SA 20, he will still do more damage than most super cards even at 12 Ki.
ATK Calculations
  • 17,100 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 34,200
  • 34,200 + 10,000 (passive) = 44,200
  • 44,200 x 1.35 (SSJ & PoA links) = 59,670
  • 59,670 + 2,500 (Kamehameha link) = 62,170
  • 62,170 x 2.0 (24 ki multiplier) = 124,340
  • 124,340 x 6.0 (SA lvl. 20 multiplier + 30% ATK boost + 30% dupe system bonus) = 746,040
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 801,444.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 856,848.
SSJ Bardock
Bardock has 2 usages. Being the support for LR Goku, or acting as an alternative to SSJ Gotenks. Though he isn’t entirely an alternative. His orb changing passive can be extremely helpful on a SSJI Lead team. His main usage, is to support LR Goku that is being used on a Double Vegetto Blue team. With Bardock being a versatile stand alone card due to sealing, orb changing, and okay damage, you aren’t bringing down the quality of the team when sticking him with LR Goku.
Since LR Goku’s overall damage is staggering, Bardock being his best support increases his overall value for Mono Super. His passive allows Goku to reliably hit 18 Ki, and increase his odds of getting 24 ki greatly. He also supplies him with 2 Ki, and 35% ATK from links thanks to Family ties, SSJ, and The first awakened.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,873 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,746
  • 19,746 x 1.2 (passive) = 23,695
  • 23,695 x 1.35 (SSJ & PoA links) = 31,988
  • 31,988 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 43,183
  • 43,183 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 198,641
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 218,505.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 238,369.
SSJ3 Goku
SSJ3 Goku hits extremely hard, but is on an extremely restrictive turn limit. While SSJBKK Goku only has 3 turns longer on his passive, that added onto his higher damage output hardly makes it a downside. SSJ3 Goku on the other hand will output still respectable damage, but will almost always drop his passive. This is a pretty big issue, as losing the 100% from his passive, cuts his damage by too much.
However, SSJ3 Goku is one of the few cards that benefit the most from the Ability system. Since when maxed he gets, 7000 ATK, 7560 DEF, and 6440 HP, while most cards will get an average of 5k per stat. Until Dokkan Fests are tuned accordingly to how powerful cards can become with the Dupe System, the extra stats will carry his turn limit.
Ki Link wise, he has OIAF, and Golden Warrior, which is fairly common. This means he’ll never have issues on a double Vegetto Blue Lead, and likely won’t if you’re OIAF heavy on a SSJI Trunks lead. His offensive links are good as well, with SSJ and Fierce Battle. Limit-Breaking Form can hit with SSJ3 Gotenks, and SSJ3 Vegeta as your primary targets.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,472 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,944
  • 22,944 x 2.0 (passive) = 45,888
  • 45,888 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 57,360
  • 57,360 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 80,304
  • 80,304 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 369,398
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 406,337.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 443,277.
SSJ3 Goku
SSJ3 Goku is a slightly weaker, but more stable version of SSJ3 Goku. Both of them have identical links, and are meant to be hard hitters. Instead of a 100% ATK for 7 turns passive, this Goku has ATK +80% when HP is >= 30%. For fights where the AGL’s passive would run out, the STR one becomes a better option.
Besides that, the other difference between the two, is how much stats they get from the Dupe System. The AGL one when maxed out, will get an average of 7k extra starts across all stats, while the STR one only gets 5k average across all stats. So as you start to beef them up with the dupe system, the AGL will creep ahead at a faster rate, making him scale better.
Same as the AGL one, the STR one can work on a Hybrid team due to having OIAF. If Linked with Gogeta, he will get 4 Ki from OIAF, and Golden Warrior. Besides him, you will only hit OIAF by itself, unless this card is in the middle.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,123 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 SSB Vegito leader skills = 20,246
  • 20,246 x 1.80 (passive) = 36,442
  • 36,442 x 1.25 (SSJ & FB Links) = 45,552
  • 45,552 x 1.4 (12 Ki Multiplier) = 63,772
  • 63,772 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 293,351
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 322,686.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 352,021.
SSJ3 Vegeta
SSJ3 Vegeta acts as the other side of the coin when compared to SSJ3 Goku. Instead of 100% ATK for 7 turns, he reduces damage by 80% for 7 turns. During these 7 turns, SSJ3 Vegeta is the best blocker. However, it’s when his passive falls off, that his role changes to a far less impactful one. With a 50% chance to stun when he launches an sa, it’s his only saving grace for when his passive falls off.
SSJ3 Vegeta also benefits similarly to SSJ3 Goku from the Ability system, however none of the bonus stats amplify his character, since 80% reduction is already enough to reduce anything to triple digit damage.
Again similarly to SSJ3 Goku, Vegeta has OIAF, and Golden Warrior for Ki, which will allow him to super consistently on a Double Vegetto Blue team. As long as OIAF is common on a single SSJI Trunks lead team, he shouldn’t have issues.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,356 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,712
  • 22,712 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 28,390
  • 28,390 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 39,746
  • 39,746 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 182,831
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 201,114.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 219,397.
Still to this day, one of the best overall Support cards in Dokkan. Giving certain cards an extra 1.3x in their damage formula, can yield some insane increases. His passive is a god send for cards like SSJ3 Gotenks, and the DEF part is always a nice touch for reducing damage slightly more.
His Super Attack ATK increase is applied to his and your other cards SA multiplier. In short, while he increases the atk of your allies by 55%, it’s not calculated like that. Nevertheless, it’s still a nice bonus to an already great card. His links are extremely good. PFB, and Fused fighter are among the most saturated in Mono Super, and even has Power bestowed by God, which will activate with Vegetto Blue, Super Vegetto, and any Ultimate Gohan card.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,915 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,830
  • 19,830 x 1.3 (passive) = 25,779
  • 25,779 x 1.15 (SFB link) = 29,645
  • 29,645 + 2,500 (PbbG link) = 32,145
  • 32,145 x 1.45 (12 ki multiplier) = 46,610
  • 46,610 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 214,406
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 234,183.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 253,960.
Arale is an exceptionally hard hitter. While she lacks ATK Links, her good Base ATK, good 12 Ki Multiplier and her amazing Passive, allow her to still hit extremely hard. She also has a farmable SA, which means everyone should have her at SA 10.
The biggest issue besides the lack of good ATK links, is that her only KI link is Shocking Speed. This limits her on Mono Super, since PFB, Fused Fighter, and OIAF are the dominant Ki links. Having only Shocking Speed is only enough if you’re running a Double Vegetto Blue team that consists of a fair amount of shocking speed units, but is definitely not enough if you use 1 or 2 SSJI Trunks Leaders.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,150 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 20,300
  • 20,300 x 1.15 (SFB link) = 23,345
  • 23,345 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 32,683
  • 32,683 x 2.2 (passive) = 71,902
  • 71,902 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 384,675
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, her ATK goes to 423,142.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, her ATK goes to 461,610.
SSG Goku
A mini version of SSJBKK Goku, SSJG Goku acts as an amazing Ki Bridge/battery, with respectable damage. He’s a decent filler card if you’re running Double Vegetto Blue, but he really shines when you use SSJI Trunks as a leader. Since he has OIAF, SS, and PFB, he acts as an amazing Ki battery for a team using 1 or 2 SSJI Trunks’ as a leader. Overall the card is extremely solid, and if he were to get a Dokkan Fest he would likely become a staple in any Mono Super setup.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,846 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,692
  • 19,692 x 1.1 (SSJ link) = 21,661
  • 21,661 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 30,325
  • 30,325 x 1.75 (passive) = 53,068
  • 53,068 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 244,112
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 268,523.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 292,934.
SSJ Gotenks
Gotenks is Mono Super’s best Super Sealer. With a 100% ATK increase on super, solid base stats, and amazing links, he is a great card to go along with Vegetto Blue, and Super Vegetto. Now that he has finally dokkaned, he has become a staple that will not be replaced as of now. With his passive going from 77% to 100%, getting fierce battle, and still being able to seal, Gotenks has now become the best non-dokkan fest exclusive card. He works exceptionally well on a SSJI Trunks lead team, since he possesses Golden Warrior, PFB, and Fused fighter. All of which are extremely common among the best Mono Super cards.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,120 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito = 20,240
  • 20,240 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 25,300
  • 25,300 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 34,155
  • 34,155 x 2.0 (passive) = 68,310
  • 68,310 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 314,226
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 345,648.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 377,071.
SSJ Gotenks
While not as versatile as his PHY counterpart, this Gotenks works exceptionally well on both Mono Super setups. The only drawback to his character, is the restriction on his passive. If you’re up against more than one enemy, his 80% ATK passive will not activate, however since all the final bosses of a Dokkan Fest, and mostly all the difficult parts have only 1 enemy, his restriction is hardly an issue.
Due to his abundant Ki Links, this Gotenks will fit perfectly on a SSJI Trunks lead team. However, you cannot use him with his PHY counterpart which limits his usability slightly. He also has a rare chance to stun which can be clutch at certain moments. Overall, he hits quite hard, has amazing links, and has a small chance to stun as a bonus.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,985 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,970
  • 19,970 x 1.8 (passive) = 35,946
  • 35,946 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 44,932
  • 44,932 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 60,658
  • 60,658 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 279,026
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 306,928.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 334,831.
Super Trunks
Super Trunks’ main strength comes from being on a Hybrid Mono Super lead, or on a double Double SSJI Trunks lead. On a double SSJI Trunks lead with his passive, PFB, and Golden Warrior, he’ll start with 9 ki. If you link him up with SSJI Trunks, he’ll be at 10 Ki thanks to The Vegeta Family link.
In terms of damage, he isn’t outstanding, but is overall well rounded. His ATK increase for 3 turn SA effect likely won’t stack due to him primarily being a rotating unit, but depending on your setup, he can have it stack twice. Overall on a team consisting of Vegetto Blue as a leader, he is more of a filler, but on a Hybrid, or Double SSJI Trunks lead, he starts to shine.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,169 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 20,338
  • 20,338 x 1.6 (passive) = 32,540
  • 32,540 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 40,675
  • 40,675 x 1.3 (12 ki multiplier) = 52,877
  • 52,877 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 243,234
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 267,557.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 291,880.
SSJ2 Gohan
Gohan fits perfectly in Mono Super. With a passive that gives him 3 Ki, and 70% ATK at the start of turn, Gohan will consistently Super regardless of what Leaders you use. This makes Gohan an exceptional card to run when you’re using SSJI Trunks as a leader. In addition to that, Gohan possess great links for Mono Super, including Kamehameha which is shared by Vegetto Blue, and SSJBKK Goku to name a few. His high base stat, Immense multiplier, and 70% ATK passive will allow Gohan to act as one of the best hard hitters for Mono Super.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,610 (base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 21,220
  • 21,220 x 1.7 (passive) = 36,074
  • 36,074 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 45,092
  • 45,092 + 2,500 (Kamehameha link) = 47,592
  • 47,592 x 1.3 (12 ki multiplier) = 61,869
  • 61,869 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 330,999
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 362,367.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 393,729.
submitted by Loligami to DBZDokkanBattle

The Ultimate English Resource to Tier 1 and beyond!

So, you want to get that TIER 1, RANK 2000? Or maybe you want that sick PURPLE OUTLINE TITLE, Rank 500? Or are you hunting for the elusive TWO DIGIT RANKING? Whichever way, you want to be well equipped for the rigors of event grinding. You can play the game blindly for 12+ hours a day, or you can rank the SMART way and use planning and decision making to make grinding easier. That's why this guide exists.
Why Should I Listen To You?
I can't say I'm the world's most qualified person to advise people on the subject, but I have finished Rank 65 in Live Groove Visual Burst 桜の頃 288,378pts and Rank 24 in Kawaii make MY day! 369,255pts. Also I had a more casual t1 in Near To You Rank 825 55,555pts. If you would like to read the stories from my two top 100 experiences, you can find them linked below.
Kawaii Make MY Day! Rank 24 - 369,255pt Live Groove 桜の頃 Rank 65 - 288,378pt
Even though I call this guide the "ultimate resource" information should always be refined further to enable the best possible decision making. Furthermore it's written mostly based on the experience of one person. If you have additional tips, constructive criticism or would like to dispute a specific point, feel free to do so in a reply below.

Useful Resources

https://deresute.mon.moe/ - Event standings information and graphs, includes the data of everyone in the top 100 and more. Great for digging information about past events and monitoring present events. One of the most useful resource out there.
https://twitter.com/cindere_border - Popular prediction source for each tier.
http://cgss.zhulov3rz.com/ - Event calculators. Designed by the writer of this guide so that he could easily budget for events, these calculators for both groove and token allow you to plan for an event and do mid event calculations and adjustment.
https://imascg-slstage-wiki.gamerch.com The Starlight Stage Japanese wiki usually has their own event page for every event which shows the cutoffs at a fixed time for each day. Useful for research but the intervals may not be updated on time as it has to be manually done.
http://bloom-juery.net/deresute/event Made by Rei_Fan49 It provides event metadata extracted directly from the game, allows you to directly view the relevant dates for an event, including the halfway time.

Event Type Comparison

Token (aka "Atapon-styled events")
  • Lower team requirements as only S score is required
  • Harder to track pace due to event style resulting in more rank fluctuations
  • Harder to interpret stats such as graphs
  • Lower time requirement compared to grooves
  • Easier to break into top 25 without ruining sleep schedule too hard.
  • Allows you to S clear and Full Combo songs for additional jewels along the way
  • Requires playing the event song a lot and there's no way to avoid that
  • Higher team requirement as max efficiency is attained with 50 applause
  • Easier to track pace as there are no comeback mechanics
  • Easier to interpret stats such as graphs
  • Higher time requirement compared to Tokens
  • Harder to break into top 25 due to sheer amount of time required
  • Can avoid playing the event song, but increases the cost by 30%
  • Event Master+ gives 10 more points than the Master
Tier Costs (Estimated) This is ONLY to give you a vague idea and is not a replacement for real data!
  • Tier 1, Rank 2000: 3-4h per day ~4000 jewels (~3000 Jewels for groove)
  • Rank 500: 4-5h per day ~6000 jewels (~3800 Jewels for groove)
  • Rank 100: 4.5-8h per day ~12000 Jewels (6.5-9h, ~10000 Jewels for groove)
  • Rank 50: 10-12h per day ~22000 Jewels (~12000 Jewels for groove)
  • Rank 25: 11-14h per day ~26000 Jewels (~16000 Jewels for groove)
  • Rank 10: 16h+ per day, 40000 jewels or more (27000++ for grooves)
  • Rank 1: If you're stopping at any time that isn't the last 6 hours, you're not rank 1
Tier Rewards
  • Tier 1: 10★ Main SR, 1★ Main SR, Master Trainer Ticket x5, 500 Jewels, Red Title Border (for sub 5k Rank)
  • Top 500: Purple Title Border
  • Rank 3: Bronze Title Border, Fancy 3位 text
  • Rank 2: Silver Title Border, Fancy 2位 text
  • Rank 1: Gold Title Border, Fancy 1位 text

Before the event

So the event JUST got announced or you were planning to execute some bad idea on the event regardless. Either way, you can't just sit pretty and wait for the event to start, because there are some things that you should already get about to.
Planning Use of 2x Stamina and 2x/4x Tokens
  • 2x Stamina refers to the option of using twice the stamina cost for twice the amount of tokens. This does not give double the amount of event points, EXP, fans or money.
  • 2x/4x Tokens refers to the option of using 2x or 4x the token cost for the event song to gain 2x or 4x the amount of event points per event song play. This is only available past the defined halfway point.
  • 2x and 4x tokens will increase time efficiency at a very little cost. The main loss is the addition EXP which could result in more level ups.
  • This is loss is estimated to be about 2% worth of points, but will depend on Producer Level and other factors
  • If you aren't trying to grind EXP or fancount, 4x is encouraged once it's enabled as the time saving is significant for a small efficiency cost.
  • 2x Stamina on the other hand increases the jewel cost quite drastically due to it only giving 1x event points.
  • This increase in jewel cost is approximately 30%. Actual figure will vary.
  • Since you will be playing significantly more regular lives than event lives, 2x stamina is encouraged when you have resources to spare and when you're going for top 100.
  • It's perfectly possible to grind top 100 on stamina 1x, but it can potentially be a 12 hour a day affair or more.
  • Players with very limited jewel resource are encouraged to stay away from 2x stamina.
Planning Use of Encore-Skipping for Grooves
  • If you enter the encore live and retire, you do not get the points from the encore
  • This saves you the full 2 mins of playing the song.
  • Only saves about 5% of time spent, if not less due to menus. (You lose 114 points from missing the encore, but gain on average 153 pts per song instead of 143, assuming 50 applause)
  • Increases jewel cost by almost 30%
  • Allows you to grind at the fastest possible pace
  • Only worth considering if you're going for top 10, grinding top 100 in the final hours or if you're absolutely sick of the event song.
  • While usable outside of the top 100, the increase in cost for near negligible time savings is almost never worth it, even if you're a mega whale with no spending cap. There are probably better ways to spend jewels.
Pre-Event Planning and Target Setting
  • Identify target rank bracket, be it top 2k, top 500, top 100 etc.
  • Use various resources to identify the amount of points required to achieve the target.
  • Work out how much resources you need to reach the target.
  • Ensure resources on hand are sufficient. You must be willing and able to commit the resources to finish the event.
  • Adjust your target upwards by 5% to 10% to ensure that you are safely going to reach the goal.
  • Work out the total playtime required to reach the point target.
  • Look at your schedule for the expected duration of the event. A 174h event spans 8 days, 198h spans 9 days, 222h spans 10 days.
  • Find a way to spread out your required playtime amongst your schedule. It need not be equal every day.
    • For token events: People not intending to finish in the top 100 can opt to play less before the midway point. In which case, the bias for playtime can be focused on the back half if schedule permits
  • If time is extremely tight with no wiggle room for emergency catchup grinding or spare sessions, you should re-consider your goal and evaluate the risk of not being able to complete the grind due to time constrains.
  • Don't forget to plan for breaks. You have to survive the duration of the grind.
Usage of Life Teams
  • Lots of veteran players have long abandoned their life teams, but life teams can greatly improve the grind experience.
  • The goal of using a life team is to reduce the amount of focus you need to play the game and hence make the grind less fatiguing.
  • Setting up your life teams before the start of the event saves you time by not having to set them up mid grind.
  • Use healers in your team to reduce the pressure caused by messing up when fatigue comes into play
  • Set up a full life for when the songs you're playing are too risky or when you find yourself spacing out.
  • Raise healers and damage guard to skill level 10 to maximize consistency and reduce risk of failing out. 93 Veteran tickets are required to get a SR to max skill level at 100% rate.
  • As token events only require S score rank for max efficiency, heavy duty life teams are more useful in tokens and can perform poorly and/or severely hurt efficiency in grooves.
  • Recommended builds:
    • Light Builds:
    • For extra safety in your grind
    • Heavy Builds:
    • When you really need to not die.
      • Cinfest Center, 2 heal and 2 guard cards. Versatile life team capable of tanking over 100 misses before dying. Allows for taking brief breaks during song while maintaining the ability to have good appeal in the 240k-280k range typically. Ensure the heal and guard cards are of different activation intervals
      • You can consider a mono-color variant of the above if you have the suitable SRs.
      • 5 guard cards. You practically cannot die unless the song kills you before the first guard card goes off. However, such teams typically struggle heavily for score and would want a skill activation boosting guest support, hurting score further. Hard to S score with.
    • Skill Boost (eg, Kanade2, Miku3) based builds:
    • These teams trade survivability and scoring power for the ability to completely disregard the rhythm of the song. They tend to be extremely expensive and hard to assemble and max skill level. The previous two categories are sufficient in most cases and recommended for people with a limited budget/collection.
    • Their effectiveness also depends on the song you're using them on. Snow wings is a very good song to mash through due to high note density for life recovery and lines up well with the 7s guard intervals. Before you go full-auto-pilot, test out the setups and monitor the activations to avoid accidents.
    • Demonstration VOD
      • Skill boost Center, Rin1, Uzuki1, Score SSR, 7s guard card, pick a cinfest tricolor stat support (non-skill boost). This is the setup I used for Rank 24 KMMD. Attempt to hit the first 7 seconds of a song and then mash out the rest of the song for the S score. I didn't have all skills level 10, but this still was reasonably consistent on snow wings. Look out for the guard missing an activation which is when you're most likely to die. Extremely expensive to max skill and requires 2 niche SSRs.
      • Skill boost Center, All Round SSR, 9s pLock SR, 18s pLock SR, 7s guard card, non-skillboost tricolor guest support. This build is the one Socks used for Rank 10 KMMD. It trades mash-ability for more survivability and is cheaper. It also is suitable for people without New Generation SSR1s. All Round gives you scoring power and the ability to fall back on it's heals when your guard misses an activation. These SSRs are useful when max skilled outside of a gimmick team.
      • Skill Boost Center, 4 guards or 3 guards 1 healer. You're basically not going to die, but scoring becomes challenging to the point you're playing the game normally to scrape by the S rank or applause values.
      • Skill Boost Center, Double guard, Double NG1. This build shores up the weakness of the first build. With two guards, you're unlikely to find yourself dead from one of them going off, but without any score/combo bonus, S Scoring becomes a lot harder and less consistent.
      • Skill Boost Center, Triple NG, Guard card. This is the infamous autoplay team, but you still need to mash to not die most of the time. S score won't be too hard with that much Perfect Lock uptime. Requiring EXACTLY 4 SSRs is quite the steep requirement and investing so much on such niche SSRs is also a cost that most cannot foot. Do not scout ticket this team unless you actually want the SSRs that consist of it.
      • Skill boost Center, Rin1, Uzuki1, All Round SSR, 7s guard card, cinfest tricolor non-skill boost guest. This build is untested as I don't have the cards (Missing AR), but I believe it's the most efficient mashing build possible. All Round gives you just that bit of score boost you need that double guard lacks while still giving you extra survivability if your guard goes offline. It theoretically is the best of both worlds, giving you good safety and consistent S scores.
Misc tips:
  • For scheduling, consider planning for "Bonus" grind sessions as you can never quite predict the intensity of an event before it starts.
  • Ensure you have all your jewels/drinks ready for the grind. Don't want to have to deal with transaction issues trying to buy jewels mid grind.
  • Having a spare amount of drinks/jewels on top of the planned spending amount can provide vital peace of mind.
  • If you're going for top 50 or just a very tight-on-time grind, consider planning out your meals and acquiring your food/hydration supplies in the days right before the grind. (If you want some suggestions on WHAT to drink, look at ANSWER's rank 1 :V) Disclaimer: Taking that much caffeine may be harmful to you.
  • Sleep well before the event. It might just be the last bit of good sleep you'll get for the next week.
  • There's a token grinding strat for regular T1 that involves simply playing 3x 2xStamina Lives per hour for 10 hours, which results in 88k points for an 8 day event. Works out to 1.5 hours per day and 3 to 12 hours to burn all the tokens overall. (Depending on whether 1x or 4x is used). Credits to Jarbus4 for pointing this out.

During the Event

Alright, so the big day has arrived, now all you have to do is to play the game and don't stop playing the game until you crush everyone in the ladder right? Well. Not quite. If you've done your planning earlier (which you should) You would be going into the event with a clear gameplan. While this is good, there's always a need to remain flexible and adjust goals when the need arises to ensure success. So HOW do you go about doing this? First let's cover the basic grinding tips that some people might require, then we'll talk about adjusting goals
Basic Grinding Tips
  • Your goal is to survive the grind, no matter what. Physical endurance is what's tested.
  • Pace yourself, don't burn out on the first few days of the event or it'll be as good as over.
  • Minimize load times by playing on 2D Low. Really helps when going for top 100
  • To extend grind endurance consider learning both finger and thumbs playstyle.
  • Take breaks to avoid permanent damage to hands. Take unplanned breaks if experiencing serious discomfort.
  • Remember to take your meals, skipping meals to grind is not advisable.
  • You can opt to ignore the ranking number for the first few days of the event, or at least don't let it weigh on you. Not everyone in the top 100 on day 1 will finish the event in the top 100 and the reverse is true. Many people go ham from the start either to get all the cards and bail or just simply burn out due to poor planning.
  • Ensure good posture when grinding
  • Ensure your plan environment is comfortable for long hours of play
  • Don't sit down for too long, need to get the blood flowing to the legs.
  • Listen to other music when grinding since most people don't want to listen to snow wings for 800+ times over a week. Other things like Live Streams, TV Shows, Podcasts and whatnot can work as well.
  • Use the Mirror feature to mirror charts and prevent your muscle memory from burning out as quickly
  • Chatting with people can help reduce boredom.
  • On the other hand, travelling to your friend's house just to play and chill can be a very big time loss and extra fatiguing. (I tried this on one of the days of my KMMD grind. It's the weakest full day of the whole event for me)
  • To minimize time spent in the stamina drink menu, flush as many of one type as possible in one sitting. You can't mix types quickly because cancelling out makes you open the menu again and if you have sufficient stamina it'll start the live.
  • You can accidentally scroll your selected song while refilling stamina! Don't swipe in any direction, especially when the game is transitioning between popups.
  • Liberal use of life teams will save you a lot of stress and mean you'll see the "Live Failed" screen much less often.
  • Overtime lasts 15mins. If you're able to queue a live right before the event cutoff, you have 15mins to finish it. This is super helpful in grooves to get that last extra play in.
  • The rankings update every 15mins, on the hour. If your rank hasn't changed or doesn't reflect your current number of points, then you need to wait for next update. The update might take up to 2 mins to finalize and there appears to be a small grace period where you can finish a live a bit after an update time and still have it count to the current interval.
  • If you fail a live, consider the pros/cons of the 50 jewel revive.
    • 50 jewels is equal to one full stamina refill. Therefore the main saving is usually time, since 50 stamina isn't equal to 50 jewels. Consider your remaining time and tightness of grind schedule.
    • During 10 jewel revive campaigns, it's usually worth it to hit the button for the revive.
Monitoring Event Pace
  • One of the easiest ways is to track your rank daily at the same time, if you're not climbing towards your target (within a margin of error) then you need to make adjustments. Not as effective when your playtime is not spread evenly across the event. More accurate at top 100.
  • Use a site like deresute.mon.moe to monitor the border of your target.
  • Compare your current points to the points at the border.
  • Over a period of time, continue to do this to ensure you are on pace to enter the border
  • You can assess your current pace by your current event playtime vs planned playtime:
    • If I plan to play 40 hours total and I'm at 8k points after 3 hours, I can estimate my pace is good for about 106k points, but if my goal is 120k I would definitely need to adjust my grind.
  • Use prediction bots to check the current prediction for your goal if available.
  • A nice way to "Predict" the event intensity is by pulling up the data for another event at the same time interval.
    • Depending on whether the past event is faster or slower than the current one, you can look at the end point for the past event and adjust accordingly.
    • Use more than one event to compare for better results
    • For even better results, pick events that have similar length. Compare 174hr event with other 174hr events.
    • There are margins of error for this technique. It depends on how risky you want to be. Early in the event the borders may be skewed by people getting the cards on day 1, so sometimes even 1k of variance can be considered "insignificant"
    • Accuracy increases as the event progresses
    • A reading at one border can be wildly different from the reading at another. Do not use top 500 readings to discern whether top 100 will be a bloodbath.
      • 命燃やして恋せよ乙女 top 100 ended higher than 桜の頃, but 桜の頃 top 50 ended higher than 命燃やして恋せよ乙女. Kawaii make my day top 10 ended higher than Yes! Party Time!!'s top 10 despite having a tier 1 that was only slightly rougher than Nocturne.
  • Tier 1 can be assessed by whether a border is below 7k, around 7k or around 10k at 02:00 JST on the 2nd day. This corresponds to a slow event, average event and intense event respectively. Credits to Yurumiya for this technique.
Groove Grinding Basics
  • Select your difficulty and go. Easy.
  • Don't forget your daily 50 drink
  • Watch out how much you re-roll grooves. You only get about 2250 to 2376 money back per groove but a single re-roll costs 30k and then 50k.
  • Life teams are essential to help reduce the need to re-roll
  • It is significantly harder to rank top 100 on Pro due to time required.
  • 50 applause of the lower difficulty is equal to 30 applause in the next difficulty in terms of efficiency. So, 30 applause master = 50 applause Pro.
  • The S score border is 94% of the combined S score borders of the songs and applause is tied to the S score border, therefore it is easier to get applause on easier songs.
  • Therefore you need approximately 2.58m score to hit 50 applause on 3xlv26s. Of course, this varies with the song S borders and also is much higher if you miss a lot since there's an applause penalty for missing.
  • For more details on the applause calculation specifics, refer to this page
  • It's generally not worth reviving on the encore if you die there, since the groove results will count either way.
  • Near To You, Susume Otome and Gokigen Party Night have 33% appearance rate penalty for their colored versions and 67% appearance penalty for their all-type version.
  • Level 28 songs have a 33% appearance rate penalty.
  • Collaboration songs like キミとボクのミライ and エンジェルドリーム are banned (0% occurrence)
  • You will get at least one song that matches the groove type.
Token Grinding Basics
  • Play normal songs then play the event songs
  • Don't forget to visit the event page daily for 300 tokens.
  • Snow wings is the shortest All-Type Song at 1:54.
  • Shortest Cute is Kawaii Make MY Day! at 1:57.
  • Shortest Cool is 青の一番星 at 1:56.
  • Shortest Passion is 2:00 long. They are 情熱ファンファンファーレ and Flip Flop.
  • Above numbers might not remain accurate as new songs come out.
  • Cap on tokens is 9999
  • Don't forget, you can flush small amounts of tokens in the final hours with lower difficulties like Debut and Regular.
  • Do not bother with the Pro S clear jewels, they aren't worth the efficiency hit when you're aiming for tier 1.
  • As long as you get the S score, you are grinding efficiently.
  • Each support you use will only re-appear after approximately 3 hours. Have plans and teams available to use up other support types so that you don't waste time refreshing (Which won't grant you the expended support type anyway if you're locked out). Thanks to Mikairi for pointing this out
  • Playing popular songs like Snow Wings seems to mean that you never run out of support choices. I've managed to pick cinfest support for 2-3 hours straight on snow wings.
  • Do not finish the event with unspent plays! Plan ahead and ensure you have time to spend all your tokens.
  • Don't bring token burning down to the last moment, even though there's overtime, you risk missing out on 1260 event points and that could lose you your rank.
  • Have some buffer to ensure that you're safe in the event of disconnection/crashes and other Bad Things™
  • You can play Pinya Request to increase your tokens earned per stamina.
  • Select only all-type songs for a better ratio of 19 stamina to 18 stamina songs, giving you better expected efficiency.
  • For more detailed information on how to further optimize grind timings, refer to the next section on token cycles
Token Cycle Theory
  • Due to the max limit of 9999 tokens, grinding more than 31086 points requires spending tokens to avoid the cap.
  • Switching between regular songs and event song incurs extra time, the teams you use might be different and so on. All of this time adds up.
  • This isn't necessary if you're going for regular tier 1 or top 500 where you typically only need about 65000 to 130000 points.
  • Helps greatly for disciplining your play in the top 100.
  • A popular approach is to grind 9000 or 9600 tokens and then spend all the tokens before grinding any more.
  • We call this one "Cycle"
  • In a single cycle, you earn 4500+19170 (23670) event points (for 9k tokens, 2x stamina).
  • Getting to 9000 takes 4 hours of efficient snow wings grinding. more if you're slow on the menus or playing other songs.
  • Spending 9000 tokens takes 3 hours. 45 mins on 4x.
  • This puts the expected output for efficient grinding at around 4.9k points per hour for 4x tokens and 3.3k points per hour for 1x tokens.
  • Because of this, we can consider 19k points "striking distance" as you can close a 19k gap in 45mins given 9000 tokens.
  • The best time to check your rank is the next update after you finish burning your tokens, since this will be your peak rank until the completion of the next cycle which is at least 4 hours of token farming away.
  • Because the halfway point greatly increases your efficiency of burning tokens, try to go into 4x with 9600 tokens. This means you should try to get as close to the cap as possible, but if you're going to cap out, play a few rounds to bring it down.
  • You can find out the EXACT halfway time by checking the event metadata on bloom-juery.net/deresute/event
Graph reading skills
  • This section focuses on the concept of using https://deresute.mon.moe to get a read on your opponents in the top 100 ranking.
  • Aside from using the graphs to predict the final endpoint of the border, you can also use this to analyze your opponents around you and around the border.
  • Not as useful at the beginning of the event due to everyone being clustered.
  • It is incredibly hard to make out the different people at lower ranks due to people trading ranks with such frequency.
  • Look out for flat lines, where there is no activity in a 15mins or longer span. It could be a sign of your opponent taking a break.
  • Observe and look for patterns that might give you clues on how you might be able to overtake them.
    • Taking a break every X number of grooves played.
    • Grinding very hard but taking frequent extended breaks
    • Randomly stopped grinding.
    • Grinding tokens very slowly (reflected in graph gradients)
    • Very weak teams in grooves (low gradient compared to other players)
    • Long sleep/work hours
  • Don't obsess yourself too much with information reading, there still is only one way to catch up that is playing the game.
  • Since players overtake each other often, it is beneficial to render the graphs of people around the ranks. For example, if you are studying rank 25, it might be reasonable to show graphs for 23,24,25,26,27. This is even more important in token events where the event song is a huge source of bursts and results in spikes and overtaking.
  • There's a lot more that can be determined with the graphs that has a lot to do with the ability to use intuition to get a smart read. Far too many possible fringe cases to discuss here.
  • Token addendum:
    • Remember what we talked about in cycles?
    • Graphs allow you to study your opponent's cycles and progress in a cycle
    • People in the top 100 typically grind in cycles, The closer you are to the top, the more religiously people do this as it is more efficient.
    • As such, you will see two distinctly different gradients in the graph, the one that is indicative of token grinding (gentle slope) and token burning (steep spike, especially during 4x)
    • Remember that in order for people to have 9k tokens and hence leap another 19k, they need to have grinded for about 4 hours.
    • Therefore anyone who hasn't grinded tokens for 4 hours will not be able to jump the full amount.
    • By assuming that people have zero tokens at the end of each spike they create, you are able to assess how far behind you are in cycles compared to them.
    • This allows you to estimate the amount of burst they have and as a result their striking range.
    • Eg. You are behind a person who leads by 5k points and he's 1h into his token farming. You are 3hrs into your token farming. Are you ahead? Yes. You are approximately 4585 points ahead of him due to the extra time in your token cycle.
    • Anyone more than ~25000 points ahead of you is considered to be a cycle or more ahead. Therefore you must use your information gathered to determine if you can squeeze in an additional cycle to complete the overtake.
    • At the end of the event, it's your True ranking (After burning all tokens) that matters and not your interim ranking. No point burning tokens early to exert dominance or maintain a rank. Come in to the final hour with all guns blazing and hope your opponents run out of burst first.
    • Tip: Select the AnnotationChart option for deresute.mon.moe and set the Zoom level to "1d". This makes it much easier to see the progress hour by hour due to the grid lines. (Credits to Socks)
Playing to your outs
  • A popular concept for those familiar with card games and other high-variance games.
  • When you're down in a rough spot, this is one of the various techniques you can use to find your way out of a hole. (eg, behind target by a significant amount, running out of jewels, sudden injury, device problems, physical illness etc)
  • There's not much possible "plays" in a game like this, where you can only play or don't play. The key application of this is how you can adjust your goals and targets according to whether or not it seems realistically achievable.
  • The key is to visualize a sequence of events that would result in you reaching your target, regardless of how improbable or absurd.
  • Consider the likelyhood of each of those events happening in the exact sequence.
  • Continue to think up of various scenarios that can result in you reaching your target until you figure out the one with the highest chance of succeeding.
  • If you don't have any scenarios, then you are out of possible outs.
  • If your highest chance scenario is less likely than striking a lottery (e.g. everyone above you drops dead and or parks) then you can consider shifting the goals and targets.
  • If your scenario is unlikely, you can consider risking your resources and grind with that line of play assuming you can deal with the consequences.
  • Some tips on finding your outs:
    • People might park at weird point levels due to their own personal circumstances.
    • Don't think about the worst case scenarios when you're already in a bad spot.
    • If it's your physical heath at stake, consider the various risks well as it may affect your ability to enjoy the game in the future.
Staying in the game mentally
  • Grinding for long hours is extremely rough, especially when it's much more than you normally play.
  • Pain, discomfort, boredom and fatigue can affect you emotionally.
  • A good approach is to take everything one day at a time. Focus on meeting the targets for the current day and getting your rest in. Worry about tomorrow's grind when tomorrow comes.
  • Failing lives might result in tilt, especially when they're songs you can pass normally. Even more when it's because healers don't go off.
  • Tilt results in more failed lives due to frustration clogging the mind.
  • It's important to understand that skill activation is an RNG roll and even Level 10 healers/guards go afk sometimes.
  • When you're playing so many lives, things like these will happen FOR SURE due to such a large sample size.
  • Learn to push past these incidents. Put them behind you and move on.
Manual data tracking
  • If at some point in the future deresute.mon.moe doesn't exist as a resource any more or you prefer a more hands-on approach to tracking.
  • Useful for people in the top 100.
  • Use a different device to check rankings if possible to free up the main device for grinding. You can even make a new account on an emulator just to access the ranking list.
  • Every X minutes where X is a multiple of 15, take down the amount of points the player at your target rank is at. You may also take down the information of the players around your current rank, if they differ significantly.
  • A program like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or any other form of spreadsheet application should be used.
  • You can take down of the names of the players at each time to give the data more meaning. Allows you to track down to each specific player.
  • You may record the pLv of the player since people can change their name and display card with ease, but pLevels can only increase and not decrease. (They also don't jump around)
  • If you track the individual players, your data becomes more powerful than the data from deresute.mon.moe as that will allow you to identify trends amongst players with greater clarity
  • Can be very hard to perform with 1 person alone. Having a friend take readings for you helps a lot, but that isn't always possible.
The Final Hours
  • Parking. That's a funny thing you can do is to try and stop at a nice round number or something funny like 246,810 or 123,456 or 222,222 etc. Frequently you'll have to plan for it if you intend to do so. Use some of the helpful resources linked above to find the table of points. I won't go through parking in detail. I'll just say that parking is very tricky in grooves due to having such a variety of outcomes to consider and your master applause might not be consistent.
  • If you intend to park, be aware that this means you're likely giving up ranks, both the opportunity to overtake others, and allowing others to overtake you.
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure that you have the time to finish burning off your tokens.
  • The nerves start hitting really hard in these hours, especially the final moments. I could barely play my final groove. Consider stepping up use of life teams to avoid accidents.
  • You can save resources by stopping the chase but you should really only do this if it's completely impossible for you to be overtaken.
  • Reminder that you can queue up a last minute live and it will count as long as you finish it in 15 mins from the event end time.
  • For tokens it takes 2 normal plays + 1 event play (~9mins), or 3 normal plays + 1 event 2x play (~12mins) or 6 normal plays + 1 event 4x play (~21mins) to get out more points when you're dry. Look at your remaining time and plan carefully, because 450 to 599 pts requires the same amount of time as 600 (5 normal plays + 2 event plays) but gives less points.
Bonus - Regarding SSS:
SSS (Idolmaster) Producer rank related ranking is not really the focus of this guide. The general idea is that if you're going for top 100 you have a very good chance of finishing the month SSS anyway due to the sheer number of plays you need. If you would like to optimize your chances for SSS there's a few pointers for you here.
  • SSS grinding increases the mental strain of the grind significantly due to having to Full Combo to gain maximum possible fans per plays.
  • A single miss in the middle of the song can lose you 1000 fans, way more in a groove.
  • As a result, there will be greater strain on the fingers/thumbs. Especially if you're only able to Full Combo consistently on one of those styles.
  • You may prefer to play [email protected] over snow wings in this case for tokens. The base difficulty multiplier for lv28 is 2.0 and it's 1.9 for lv26. This means that you gain on average 5.2% more score and hence more fans. For me its getting 135 PRP scores vs getting 129 PRP scores (7.4k fans vs 7k fans).
  • You can play 1x stamina for more fans, but that's going to be a huge increase in time for top 100.
  • Master grooves are very good fangain if you can FC them consistently, but that means being consistent at FCing every song they can throw at you.
  • Debut grooves is actually insane fancount per stamina, but god help you if you want to get anything more than tier 1 on Debut as it takes literally 2.5x as long as Master to spend the same amount of stamina and gains less points.
  • If you wanted SSS and you're on an even month, you really should be abusing Live Parade instead of relying on a token T1 to carry you to SSS. It's much cheaper too.
  • For grooves, you can skip the encore for SSS purposes, but like earlier mentioned it's very expensive to do so.
  • For a relaxing and easy to FC 26, I would pick Sweet Witches Night.


This guide wouldn't be nearly as good if it weren't for the various useful pieces of advice scattered around the subreddit and other places. Shoutouts to these people who have influenced the writing and content of the guide in some way.
Mikairi aka Socks/KneeSocks for proofreading and contributing a few tips of his own.
The legend who finished Kawaii make MY day! Rank 10 solo with a full time job, a feat I once thought was borderline impossible to do solo. He completely destroyed my pace even though I was the one who was full-time-producing during the event. He's no stranger to grinding and also managed to top 100 one of the most competitive events in Bang Dream: Girls Band Party. Read about his rank 10 story here:
AnthonyDraft for giving some insight into the post-15 star rank 100 token meta.
This dedicated MizukiP finished Rank 85 in Nocturne despite saying in my achievement thread that he'd never be able to grind 200k+ event points if he wanted to. While he didn't exactly grind 200k points, he finished top 100 and that's a great feat in itself. Read about his journey to the world of top 100 rankings here:
Yurumiya for tips and insight into repeated T1-ing
With a streak of 23 CONSECUTIVE tier 1 finishes as of Kawaii Make MY Day, two top 200 finishes (~200k points on Love Letter), definitely no stranger to the tier 1 game. He wrote an insightful post about the rigours of t1 and how he manages it with his job. Also the source of the unique 7k event point trick that he uses to initially assess the intensity of the event. Read his post and browse his full t1 record here:
Rei_Fan49 for his helpful webservices and discord bot in the SS discord.
Jarbus4 for the lazy t1 strat. Original here
Quizoxy for his dedicated housekeeping of the sub, amazing guides and being a role model in his ability to play and grind. He's always low profile about his play, but seriously, don't mess with him.
submitted by AidoruRisemara to StarlightStage

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