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Civilization III and followed by Civilization V, and it was released in North America, Europe, and. However, today I tried to run Civilization IV, and it doesn't work. Droid Apps - Pastebin.com - #1 paste tool since 2020.

AusGamers Files - - StrategyCivilization 4 Files

God-Like achievement in Civ 6: Win a game on Deity - worth 95 Gamerscore. Civilization IV Patch v (Direct2Drive) Direct2Drive patch for Firaxis' Civilization IV. Fixes several bugs and gameplay issues. Default Dance from Fortnite (not bikehorn friendly, thank god) 5.2 Despacito: Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee (also not bikehorn friendly) 5.3 Old Town Road (short clip) 5.4 Frolic.

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Sid Meier's Civilization IV

With this program, you can download torrents, which lets you search, share, and transfer all kinds of videos, music, apps, images, documents, and other content. It contains an updated DirectX installer and contains no [HOST]zation. Sid Meier's Civilization IV for PC Reviews https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=848.

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And so far, I am doing a pretty fine Job, I have to say. The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most resilient bittorrent site click for more info. ESOC Event Schedule; Recorded.

Civilization IV v1.61 Patch (PC)

Civ5 - Scenarios 74; Civ5 - Pre-made Maps 141; Civ5 - Map Scripts 12; Civ5 - Utility Programs 129; Civ5 - Tutorials, References & Guides 128; Civ5 - Mod Components 365; Civ5 - Graphics Modpacks 146; Civ5 - Units 613; Civ IV: Colonization Downloads 194; Civilization IV Downloads 8, 974; Civilization III Downloads 12, 735; Civilization II Downloads 392; Call to Power 2 Downloads 6; Civilization. Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Complete (PC DVD): Amazon.co. Production if built on a Hill.

Activation code western Civ. Music #4 Flashcards

Download BitTorrent for Windows https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=834. Civ4 patch 1 74 music. In that case the neutron (1 u, 2 d) would have one negative charge.

Keygen civilization 4 not loading on Windows 10- how to fix

Free Aspyr Media Mac OS X Intel/PPC Version Full Specs. Now in Civ4, there are more than 40 promotions you can give to your units as they gain experience, enabling you to customize your units to make them more unique and more powerful. Civilization IV Mac v1.74 Patch file - Mod DB.

Civ4: Beyond the Sword working torrent link?: AskReddit

I need help playing Civilization 4 online? . I first paid 1 cent to try it, and then I repaid $10 because it was good. BASIC SYSTEM INFO ================== - Pastebin.com.

How can I play Sid Meier's Civilization 4 without the cd

A very thorough set of instructions on how to install Civilization IV and its expansions are available here. Mount the CIV4_MINIIMAGE_BY_PR1MMDS DVD-Image. Free Shipping Eligible Free Shipping Eligible.

Crack sid Meier's Civilization IV 1.74 - Download Best Mac

But cannot find a patch just a monster demo. We're trying to remove some of the "one right answer" decisions that Civ4 has. View the full version with proper formatting.

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I have played civilization since I was a kid. AusGamers Files - Civilization 4 Patch v1.74 for Mac. I'm running WINE 1.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 on a Dell e6420 (i7 processor 2.8 GHz processor 4 gb RAM Intel Sandybridge mobile graphics).

Hidden Gems II: The Last Gemini (x-post from /r/gamedealsmeta)

In case none of you know, on /gamedeals every major sale, I compile their Hidden Gem thread into a comprehensive and complete post called Hidden Gems II, so as to allow for those who don't have the time to trawl through an entire thread. So enjoy Hidden Gems II here, now on /Steam!

Table of Contents:

  • Useful Links
  • Single Game Recommendations
  • Larger Compendiums
  • Overwhelming Praise for a single title
  • Too Big for one Thread

Useful Links

Single Game Recomendations

Commented Recomendations

Space Rangers HD for $3.74 USD. One of my favorite indie space RPG simulation games. Good amount of depth and replay value. Didn't care for the RTS aspect of the game, but you can skip it. Runs on most potato computers. {Jadeddev}
I wonder if you'd also like Drox Operative. That was a hidden gem I picked up and adored a year or two ago. It's similar, in that you're playing an RPG character inside the equivalent of an RTS for the AI factions... And your actions can help elevate (or destroy) factions... {Oneiricl}
Stephen's Sausage Roll is $5.99. It's an incredible movement-based puzzle game. It's not for everyone, but if you like Snakebird, Jelly No Puzzle, etc. this is amazing. {TurtleInSunglasses}
Recursed is a fantastic pure puzzle game with a rather unique mechanic. Think Inception's dream-within-a-dream system, but with puzzle rooms and way, way more complex. It gets fiendishly difficult, but if you are a fan of games like Escape Goat or Braid, it is worth picking up. {OptikalCrow}
Night in the Woods for 14.99$ if you enjoy a story rich game about real life issues filled with deep, interesting and funny dialogues, or want to live in your 20s again. {theheartbenvn}
Last sale, someone in one of these threads sold me on DROD. The discount's not as good this time around (50% off) but if you like your puzzles to be as deceptively evil as possible you really can't do much better. {thatnerdguy}
La-Mulana (67% off/$4.94 USD) is easily my favorite Metroidvania game currently around. It was originally an indie game for PC styled after the MSX. This remake brings it into a more 16-bit style, while still retaining the crushing difficulty. The puzzles in the late game are of a Myst variety, in that a notebook or strategy guide is required. Not for the faint of heart, you will die at a roughly Dark Souls rate. {MaverickLunarX}
Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon - $2.99 This is far from most people's radar. Risen from the dead and added to Steam, this is more of a gem than 99% of the usual suspects we find in these threads. It's a cheap game with spaceship/fleet battles and more of the Treasure Planet universe. Sure, maybe not the most enthralling space game ever but (I think) it's at least a thrill for those of us who enjoyed the film. {Krylo22}
Next Jump: Shmup Tactics is my frickin' new addiction. Very charming FTL-like premise (Rogue-like spaceship adventure) crossed with turn-based tactical movement/attacks (you take your turn of 2+ actions, and then enemy takes their turn). You can pick up stray energy pellets to replenish your actions, extending your turn into a chain of destruction. {moo422}
Linelight. It's $4.99. It takes 4-8 hours depending on how clever you are and how much of a completionist you are. It's a puzzle game with gorgeous music, clever puzzles, and just enough time to fully explore its idea before leaving on a high note. This game is elegant, clever, and worth its full price. {jbhalper}
Scourge of War: Waterloo Collector's Edition $23.69 "Scourge of War: Waterloo follows in the footsteps of its American Civil War predecessors and takes the action to one of the most famous battles in history. It is by far the most detailed game about the final battle of the War of the Seventh Coalition." {InconceivableAD}
Check out Lemma. The discount isn't as high as I would have liked, considering its been bundled in the past, but still highly recommended. Its basically a first person parkour runner that IMO kicks the shit out of Mirror's Edge. I haven't even played 2 and I still say its superior, its that good. {Yo2Momma}
I`m putting a recommendation in for Simulacra, its 35% off right now (~$3.50 usd I think, not from there). I bought it on my phone yesterday (didn't realise it was on steam) and was up until about 1am playing it. Fantastic lost phone game that turns creepy with a few different endings so quite a bit of replayability. {bullchicken}
Quantum Conundrum is a nice portal-ish puzzle game. Right now the game is discounted to 0,98€ and all the DLC are discounted to 1,99€. But if you go to the page for the Quantum Conundrum DLC: The Desmond Debacl, you can buy the Season Pass for 0,99€, which contains both the game and all of the DLC. {WhoopDeedooBasil}
Shout out for Retro/Grade. It's a rhythm shooter game where you control a space ship going backwards through time after causing a time anomaly. The music is electronic with lots of synth and some vaporwave neon aesthetics. Easy recommend to anyone who likes music games. {SrVekter}
I've been getting back into Dreamcast games lately and played Space Channel 5, a short but fun crazy rhythm game that I had never heard of. I looked it up and found out that there was a sequel Space Channel 5 Part 2 and it was on Steam and happened to be only $1.19 on sale. It fixes many of the issues of the first game and is a lot of fun especially if you like insane Japanese games and 60s scifi. The Dreamcast Collection is also a few dollars more and I recommend it if you've never played any of those games. {whaaa123}
Non-Hidden Gem Thread
Dead Cells Is one of my favorite games to come out in the last year. I have played it since it was first out in early access and I have played every patch. I can say that it is currently the best version it has ever been ever! I always tell myself "one more run" but end up playing for another hour. {KittyCatFish}
I'm not a great believer in gems, but I believe (Valkyria Chronicles) is a hidden gem of this sale. I just had a few discussions with redditors about JRPG's, and this one seems to be an amazing port and visually is just better than some of the AA jrpg games from recent years. It's a JRPG XCOM in an imaginary WW2 basically.
I want to recommend A Hat in Time, which is one of my favorite platformers in recent memory. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I'll honestly say I thought it had more charm and humor than Super Mario Odyssey last year, and I honestly enjoyed it more. I'm also returning to it again after finishing it months ago because of the mod support they implemented, which is allowing people to make their own levels and items for the game. 2017 was filled with great games, but this was a suprisingly big standout for me. {iverdawg}
Silver Grapple is a late addition to the sale, discounted to a historical low. It's like Cave Story meets Celeste with a grappling hook, and it's an underappreciated gem. It's being run for Summer Games Done Quick so I think they delayed the sale to coincide with that. {CodependentlyWealthy
If you're looking for a couch/local co-op I just want to put in a plug for Hidden In Plain Sight. I purchased it last night to play with my daughter and she's crazy for it and pulled a few more people in to play for a couple of hours. I was reading on the reviews that it's only made by one person so it looks a little bland but the gameplay is crazy fun. {greenplasticreply}

Less Commented Recommendations

Firewatch ($4.99/-75) Great story-driven game. Historical low on Steam. Great story-driven game. Historical low on Steam {Dweezy}
Solitairica for $2.49. Fun little rougelite (!) Solitaire {smismismi}
throne of lies is a nice indie mafia/werewolf game at $5 {Coronatum}
Some of you here might want to try Salt and Sanctuary. It's a 2D Souls-lite game, really enjoyed it. {ebilutionist}
Waves -- Stylish twin stick shooter. Various game modes, better than Geometry Wars, IMO. $0.99 (80% off) {msgs}
FTL: Faster Than Light A surprisingly addictive 2D game that is 75% off its already cheap price of $9.99. Picked it up last summer sale, definitely a good buy. {EddySea}
Code 7 is 30% off at $11.89! (First big sale!) A Hacking Adventure with a strong focus on story and characters and full voice-over. {retraffic}
Rogue trooper , fun scifi shooter, a bit on the easier side {vsh92}
Super Cloudbuilt ($9.99 / 50% off) is an extremely fun and challenging parkour game that is built for speedrunning. The original 2014 Cloudbuilt is also on sale for $4.99 / 75% off {RobbyRatpoison}
Check out Run or Die. This is a fun endless runner that is only 49 cents. {properbite}
Crypt of the NecroDancer is on sale for $2.99 from $14.99. It's a rogue-like dungeon crawler with rhythm aspects. Quite fun! {--Petrichor--}
Strongly recommend Iron Fisticle Great little arena shooter with local Co-op EDIT: Get Iron Crypticle instead {vizolover}
Zombie Estate 2 https://store.steampowered.com/app/512490/Zombie_Estate_2/ You might remember Zombie Estate from the XBLIG days.{volt1up}
Zheros is 70% off (historical low): a colorful, vibrant, cartoony, 3D beat 'm up. {imp_Patient}
GTA V actually dropped to $20 on Steam. Miracles can happen.
mark of the ninja at $3.74 is a straight up steal. can't recommend that game enough if you have even a passing interest in stealth and/or action games {falloutboywonder}
I just wanna recommend Axiom Verge for anyone who may be interested in a Sci-Fi Metroidvania with good gameplay, story, and a nice OST. I really had a good time with it myself, and it's only 10 bucks right now. {Deamane}
I'd like to recommend Pyre. It's mainly a visual novel but with a neat little NBA jam-esque game in it. It has really nice characters and the music is relaxing. {a-JoJo-Reference}
Insurgency and Hitman are definitely worth it, and I heard Foxhole is a fun strategy-mmo type game, worth a shot at this price point. Portal 2 is obviously a great game, with nice puzzles and a good storyline. Golf With Your Friends is a fun past-time if you have friends that also own it. {Eastman987}
The Swapper for $2.84 is a steal. Such a great game. {GeneticsGuy}

Uncommented Reccomendations

The Talos Principle is 80% off (30 upvotes) {fastgr}
Barony is on sale {jokerbane}
Road redemption is 50% off. {ZeimusCS}
Dead Pixels $0.92 {volt1up}

Smaller Compendiums

quantum_foam_finger shows some of his favorites

The Long Dark is 75% off. Good discount for a favorite solo survival title. Story mode is a bit weak IMO, but the sandbox mode is well worth the price of entry if you don't mind a steep learning curve on the higher difficulty levels. Very atmospheric.
Revhead is 75% off. Open world racer with a nice long progression features build-'em-yourself race cars, tracks for various racing styles, and random street race challenges. A little buggy, but got me hooked anyway. No rubber-band AI here: if you're faster and avoid wipeouts/collisions you will win.
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom is 75% off. A whimsical platformer with a time-traveling/clone mechanic. Very inexpensive at this discount.
Sid Meier's Pirates! is 75% off. The classic pirate game. Well, the modern-ish update of the classic pirate game.
Turmoil is 50% off. Oil drilling tycoon simulator. A little bit of long-range planning and strategy combined with furious arcade-style drilling and pipes. Seems like a very nice, engaged dev team on this one.

SwordsAndRhetoric shows all-time lows from his wishlist

The Fidelio Incident: 90% off (£0.69) and a historic low by quite a margin. Walking simulator inspired by Beethoven's only opera.
Scanner Sombre: 85% off (£1.04). Another walking sim about cave exploration using a LIDAR scanner, and created by Introversion Software (of Prison Architect fame). For me, this is the sole remaining game in the "Introversion Complete Bundle" (which is Complete-Your-Collection-compliant), which brings it down to 93% off (£0.52).
Catlateral Damage: 75% off (£1.74). Destructive-cat simulator. Owning an energetic feline, I've witnessed more than enough of this in real life, but this sim now allows me to experience it in first-person! Has free VR DLC.
Cubicolor: 50% off (£0.79 - equal-lowest price). Minimalist puzzle game, one of my favourite genres. Looks ideal for playing while listening to podcasts.
ETA: some hidden gems which I've played and highly recommend:
Mu Cartographer: 80% off (£0.79) - I can't think of any other game to which this can be compared, but the description of "mystery puzzle sandbox" just about covers it. You're presented with several cryptic devices and interfaces which you have to work out how to use, but experimentation and observation are the names of the game. The story is based on real-life events - you're seeking the British explorer Percy Fawcett who, along with his son and one of his son's friends, disappeared in 1925, on an expedition to the jungles of Brazil. Where are he and his colleagues, and what happened to them? You'll have to play the game to find out!
True Fear: Forsaken Souls: 75% off (£1.49). Genuinely creepy and disturbing HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) which draws its inspiration from Hamlet, among other things. The sequel has been due Real Soon Now™ for a long time, but developer Goblinz says that it is finally to be released in a couple of months - This Time, For Sure!™ Has an epic, spoiler-heavy thread of plot speculation on the Steam forum here.
Spectraball: 85% off (£0.59) - challenging, fast-paced marble roller in the same vein as Marble Blast, with nice graphics and music. It's fast-paced alright - your marble rolls off the edge of things really fast

K_U provides games he's enjoyed.

  • Tacoma: Walking simulator in space by the makers of Gone Home
  • Splasher: Challenging platformer developed by some of the former Rayman team; I've described it in other threads as Super Meat Boy without the masochism
  • Stories Untold: The type of game where the less you know the better going into it, so I'll just say it is a very interesting take on classic text-based adventure games
  • Orwell: Dystopian big brother simulator with a rich story and multiple paths for the story to take. You might find yourself playing through this one multiple times
  • Logic Puzzle Pack: I love Matthew Brown's puzzle games (Hexcells being the most well-known). Very chill, nice UI and sound, and challenging but not unfair
  • Glass Masquerade: Another very chill puzzler (in this case jigsaw puzzles). Every element of the game is well executed; visuals, sound, puzzle design, UI. The stained glass artwork in the game is stunning. EDIT: Glass Masquerade is now in the Fanatical Dollar Dash, so you can save a little getting it through that deal.

SAJewers has some stuff

Copy Kitty is 25% off, and well worth the price if you're a fan of Action Platformers.
River City Ransom Underground is a fun Beat 'em Up at 75% off.
If if you're looking for something chill, Jalopy is a good candidate, provided you like driving games.

Maiiau brings some reccomendations

Last Word - $1.99 (80% off): An RPG, but instead of actual fighting, you're arguing.
Unholy Heights - $2.79 (30% off): Manage an apartment complex for demons. Have said demons fight off adventurers who come to try and raid your apartment complex.
Capsule - $.99 (80% off): Try to survive in a strange capsule, traveling around to get oxygen, fuel, and figure out what's going on. Kind of spooky. The devs suggest being careful if you're claustrophobic, misophonic, or have issues with asphyxiation/darkness.
Waking Mars - $1.99 (80% off): A sort of puzzley adventure game where you travel around inside of Mars and interact with weird alien wildlife. The wildlife all interacts with each other, too, like it's a real ecosystem.
We Know the Devil - $1.99 (75% off): A surreal visual novel about girls going to summer camp. Very short.

$1 and under gems from crabbit

If you like idle clicker games like Realm Grinder: Plantera, $0.59
If you like casual dating sims with multiple endings like Hot Date: Flix & Chill, $0.49
If you like fast-paced arcadey platforming like Downwell: Super House of Dead Ninjas, $0.69
If you like fast-paced, repeatable-level platformers like Super Meat Boy: 10 Second Ninja, $0.49
If you like rhythm-based platformers like Electronic Super Joy & BIT.TRIP.RUNNER: 140, $0.99
If you like irreverently funny, weird RPGs like Earthbound: Cthulhu Saves the World, $0.98 and Dark Scavenger, $0.99
If you like examine-the-thing and solve-the-thing puzzlers like The Room: Access Denied, $0.89
If you like clicky ARPGs like Diablo: Divine Divinity, $0.59
If you like first-person puzzlers like Portal: Quantum Conundrum, $0.99 and Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube, $0.99
If you like art pieces that inexplicably have puzzles in them like Samorost: Morphopolis, $0.79
If you like spacefaring adventure that blows your mind like the reveal trailer for No Man's Sky: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, $0.99
If you like coop Metroidvanias like Salt & Sanctuary: Outland, $0.99

Donham lists 2 historic lows

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition -80%, first time it's that low on Steam.
Lethis - Path of Progress -75%, historical low.

JaimieL0L is hyped!

Puyo Puyo Tetris is fun, has a wierd story mode, but overall is pretty cool and fairly polished. I can’t speak for online multiplayer, as I have it on switch, and only played online once, where a Japanese man kicked my ass, but I don’t think it has any issues .It’s currently £12 ish, which is alright.
However, for those £12~ you could get Tricky Towers. What is Tricky Towers, you ask? Well it’s fucking WIZARD TETRIS, and has all sorts of wacky game modes. I have experience in friendly online matches, which seemed to be alright connectivity wise. I must warn you it’s not actual Tetris however, but more of a physics game using tetris pieces.
But wait there’s more! The game usually is £12, but it’s also on sale, for 50% off! That means you can get 2 copies, and generously give one to a friend so you don’t have to get smashed online by strangers!
Got no friends? No problem! Use that £6 to buy Tetris Ultimate or maybe even another type of game altogether.
Save up that £6 you worked really hard for and put it together with 83p you found in your back pocket and get GOROGOA! A short, gorgeous puzzle game with a unique play style. You have 1-4 panels that you can click through to discover the pieces to the puzzle, and then you usually move the panels themselves to solve it. At £6 it’s still maybe a bit pricey, but I’d still highly recommend it if you think it looks interesting.
Maybe you don’t even want a puzzle game? Well, for just £1~ more than Gorogoa, you can get yourself WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH, a walking simulator with actually gameplay elements! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll cry... more. This maybe couldn’t be classed as a game, but more of an interactive story. You walk around a strange old house as Edith Finch, the last of the Finches, discovering the stories of all of her relatives, and finding out more about the place she grew up in. It’s an amazing, if a little sombre game. The FOV is locked at like 70 and might make you nauseous at first, and the walking is a bit slow, but trust me, once you get into it you barely notice. The story is so compelling, and despite it being a 2 hour long game, for almost £8 (and that’s on sale) it is by far my most recommended game of this bunch, and it probably beats a few other games I love that are on sale, too.

Shmups listed from m_meirin

Mushihimesama, Deathsmiles and Dodonpachi Resurrection. Made by the legendary developer CAVE these games may be some of the best the genre has to offer. They have plenty of modes with different degrees of difficulty so that even new players can enjoy them without getting destroyed on the first stage. It doesnt hurt that all of them feature a killer OST.
Ikaruga. An absolute classic with a great new gameplay approach to the genre. Match your polarity to the oncoming bullets to absorb them and change to the opposite one of your enemies to inflict more damage. This one is a must for anyone interested in the shooter genre.
Blue Revolver. Probably a lesser known one but just as great nonetheless. With fantastic visuals and a really smooth gameplay experience this game is absolutely delightful. Keep in mind that the devs have also announced that the game will eventually get a free pretty big update (though the relesae date is still TBA)
Crimzon Clover. If the ones above were a bit too expensive and you are just curious about the genre then consider this one. It's a fantastic entry to newcomers so don't miss out.
Overall I know this genre might seem intimidating for some, but don't be. Reaching that 1cc (one credit clear) can be extremely addicting. Think of them as some sort of roguelike where each time you play you manage to get a little bit further, but unlike that genre you wont be needing to worry about getting good rng since here it all comes down to your own skills. So check them out, you might (and probably will) be surprised how much fun they actually are.

bakerjin provides more short games

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - brief shooter that has pretty fun arcade style gameplay but really pulled me in with its fun story and unreliable narrator
Galak-Z - traces of old Saturday morning robot cartoons and surprisingly strategic twin-stick style gameplay (well not really twin stick but hard to explain)
Inside - Pretty well known at this point but I loved the atmosphere and animation. Gameplay was alright though sometimes a bit frustrating
Tacoma - Enjoyable walking simulator with an interesting story
The Swapper - 2D puzzle platformer with some really good brain teasers and interesting premise.
The Fall - 2D adventure platformer with great atmosphere and solid puzzles. I enjoyed the story too which often takes a backseat in these types of games (I haven't played the sequel but I'm buying it during this sale!)
What remains of Edith Finch - Another walking simulator told through a series of short story vignettes. Some work better than others but still I enjoyed it overall.
Gunpoint - Great strategic 2D platformer that really forces you to make use of your surroundings
Deadbolt - Similar 2D platformer that is more action focused but you still have to be observant of your surroundings or you'll be killed fast. Sort of a mix between Hotline Miami and Gunpoint... but focusing mostly on melee and stealth.
Hatoful Boyfriend - Seems silly yet generic at the same time at first, but if you can stomach the shallow first few stories, the last "chapter" (which is much longer than the previous chapters combined) really pulled me in with its mystery and ridiculousness
Hacknet - Let's hack!

A Abjured List of games from MJuniorDC9 for shoestring hardware

Action / FPS / TPS
THIEF - Deadly Shadows - Thief 3 is the best entry on the franchise and while it's outdated, mods got our backs on it. With a 89% discount, if you don't have it yet it's a steal for the amount of time you can take out of it. If you already finished the story, there's a bunch of mission packs out of there and a very dedicated community.
Blue Estate - co-op focused on-rails shooter, this game has a lot of comedy worth of /ComedyCemetery but still a lot of fun to play with a friend. It doesn't overstay it's welcome, so if you're playing alone you will have a decent time with the story mode and its challenges and with 75% off is a good pickup.
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 - great shooter even as it start to show its date nowadays. If you enjoyed the likes of CoD2, or better, a campaign in BF1942, this is for you.
Way of the Samurai 4 - Way of the Samurai 4 is a game that every ending should take you 2 to 4 hours to complete, with more than 10 endings. It's placed on 19th century Japan and it's a pretty nice package - good gameplay, fun to play and has a couple of rewards to those who wants to unlock everything and try out everything possible in the game. I had some laughs and frustrations with it and with it's lowest price ever on Steam is a good deal.
Strategy / Tycoon
Ghost Master - Works fines on modern systems, at least for me and have a idea that still isn't explored as it should in the gaming marked. You take control of ghosts and your objective is to spook out the hell of your targets. Simple, fun, 85% off, less than a dollar. Enough said.
Fallout 2 - I do believe that BIS hit every nail in Fallout 2 making it the definitive isometric Fallout to play. You can fell that your choices, stats and overall behaviour have some weight in the game and it feels genuinely good to play especially after the wave of games trying to take us back to the isometric titles era.
Pizza Connection 2 - Pizza Connection did the pizza tycoon and restaurant tycoon thing right. Competition is fierce, the pizza creator is solid and it doesn't have half bugs that PC3 has. I must however advise you that the game is usually way cheaper, and you can find traders willing to exchange gems for it as it has been bundled a lot of times in low value bundles. Plus, if you have a big backlog, might wait until GOG edition gets on sale again as it's the easier way to set up this game on Win 10 machines.
SimCity 4 Deluxe - No matter if Cities Skylines took on SimCity legacy, SimCity 4 still is a masterpiece in city building and the complete edition with 75% off is a nice deal. Hook yourself up with the SC4Launcher tool and most technical problems are gone. Remember to save periodically though - with SC4 saving is never enough.
Sid Meier's Civilization IV - Complete - Civilization IV is hard, not a good introduction for the series as it's now but for itself it's a good game. I played it months ago and the corporation mechanic alongside the more open trading system makes it a worth challenge and worth game for any TBS, just don't go on CIV or CIVI with the same mindset you left CIV4 on - and please don't pick the basic version, isn't even on sale.
Army Men RTS - Army Men was a serie that I never understood. I initially played Sarge's Heroes and it was a mess, then I played Army Men Toys in Space and it was even worst. Then I played RTS, it was well done enough and I want to go back to it someday. It does RTS right and while it doesn't innovate nor created a new trend in the genre, it still a good game even taking off the nostalgia glasses.
SCREAMER 2 - I have to admit that this one is here more for the nostalgia sake but after purchasing it some weeks ago it also remembered me a lot of why I loved racing games back in N64 / PSX / SST. The AI is a bitch, graphics have its charms and with a couple of config files editing it will be running fine (it runs using DOSBox), it's perfectly playable with a KB and I had some fun replaying it weeks ago.
Crashday Redline Edition - good graphics, great gameplay. Crashday is a Burnout-like game focused more on the derby side of things than racing but still has a race mode so it has a bit of something for everyone. More importantly, it's track editor (map editor) is great and while the community isn't big, it's a blast to spend a hour or two building a new track so you can try it out.
nail'd - kinda rally-ish style game that holds up greatly today. Lots of fun for $2.49 and more importantly it does the speed sensation of risk and reward right.
Adventure / Puzzle
Payroll - you go to your work, you do what you have to. If there's more in your building than the eyes can see, that's up to you. The 96 ~ 01 design of this game nails it perfectly.
Gunpoint - great little game where you're a spy and must find your way throught a very specific case. With a bit of comedy here and there, smooth gameplay and enjoyable mechanics, it's hard to not recommend Gunpoint to everyone.
Emily is Away Too - following up on the free game Emily is Away we have its sequel that is nicely priced in this sale. It basically drops the previous story and upgrade every system within the game. Your choices have impact in the story, it seems more genuine, and the two main characters are really well-written.

Lengthy Praise for Single Games

caninehere praises West of Loathing

Everybody should buy West of Loathing.
It's made by the creators of Kingdom of Loathing, which is one of the funniest games ever made. West of Loathing takes their signature brand of humor and turns it into an adventure-RPG.
The writing in the game is seriously funny. I LOVE funny games, but sadly, a lot of video game writers are hacks and whenever they try to be funny it falls flat and ends up making the game worse rather than better. Unlike the vast majority of video games, West of Loathing is actually genuinely hilarious.
I had a smile on my face literally the entire time I played this game. I rarely ever buy games on launch day, but for me this was a must - and if they make more games like this I will absolutely buy them, too. For those who are counting, the game is maybe 8-10 hours long for a playthrough - but in typical Loathing fashion it has a multitude of sidequests, so there's 20+ hours of content in the game if you exhaust everything.

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Godsized Compendiums!

Unorthadox Compendiums

Overwhelming Praise for a Single Title

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Event Megathread - World Travel Magazines: UK (May 2019)

This is the event megathread for the Reiji Set List Event “World Travel Magazines: UK”

The event starts on May 24th, 14:00 JST and ends on May 31st, 13:59 JST.
  • Memorial Bangles have been added as an event reward. Up to 3,000 Memorial Bangles can be obtained through rewards
  • Adjustments have been made to the other event rewards and the event point requirements for them
  • All event discussion and questions should be kept to this thread.
  • Questions outside of the constraints of the event can be directed to the current Q&A Megathread.
  • Event content posted outside of this thread will be removed, excluding major issues/bugs.

Idols and Opening Quotes

”I’d love to stroll through a British town sporting my favorite outfit… with you by my side, of course. Heheh.”

”Tartan designs have tons of variety. I wonder which one would suit you. Let’s go check ‘em out together next time!”

Idols in the Event Story
Reiji Kotobuki
Syo Kurusu
Ranmaru Kurosaki
Ai Mikaze
Otoya Ittoki
Tokiya Ichinose

Event Setlist

Song Name Attribute Notes (Hard) Notes (Pro) Idols Singing
Masquerade Mirage Dream 384 609 Natsuki, Reiji, Ai
Hyper×Super×Lover☆ Star 380 666 Otoya, Reiji
Starlight Memory Star 378 605 QUARTET NIGHT
KILLER KISS Shine 378 603 Reiji, Camus
NEVER… Shine 419 597 Reiji
Changing our Song! Dream 407 754 Syo
On・Your・Mark! Shine 345 581 Reiji

How To Play

  • You can access the event page through the banner on the homescreen, or by going to the LIVE menu through the event banner at the top of the screen.
  • To play a song, press the large pink button on the screen.
  • You will play through a 7 songs in a set order of your chosen difficulty. At the end of each song, you will receive event points in addition to regular song rewards.
  • Each set of songs will have a mission for you to complete. This mission will change after every the completion of the entire setlist of songs.
  • Event points increase as you proceed to later rounds, with an additional bonus accumulating from your achieved score from previous songs in the set. This is reset after the set of songs is completed.
  • There is no Full Combo bonus.
  • This event is influenced by DANCE stats. Your photos' DANCE stats will be multiplied by two, giving you a better chance of getting a higher score. Take advantage of those high stats!
  • You can use Auto after you've completed the set once on any difficulty. You will receive fewer event points using Auto than you would if you played the song manually. Missions cannot be completed by using Auto.
  • These event songs will count to your profile song clear history.

Event Rewards

UR UK Street Snaps (Reiji)
Attribute: Shine Leader Skill: Shine’s ACT/CHARM performance will increase by 60%. Skill: Cut-in Bonus Score +120% Stats: Total = 4750
Dance Vocal Act/Charm
1730 1010 2010
SR UK Street Snaps (Syo)
Attribute: Dream Leader Skill: Dream’s VOCAL performance will increase by 50%. Skill: Cut-in Bonus Score +110% Stats: Total = 3380
Dance Vocal Act/Charm
1230 1430 720
Both photos are obtainable from points AND tiers!
Point Milestones of interest:
Reward Event Points
SR Syo Kurusu 91,500
SR Syo Kurusu 133,000
UR Reiji Kotobuki 220,000

Just how reasonable is it for the average player to get Reiji’s UR by points alone? Check out some of the helpful links below!

Check out the latest tier cutoffs and predictions here!

Here are some healthy tips for heavy-playing this event!

  • Remember to stretch your hands and fingers using this video as a guide, and take short, 5-minute breaks for every hour of play to loosen your hand muscles
  • Be mindful of your posture whether you’re sitting or laying down while playing! Support your lower back with pillows if needed and try not to slouch forward
  • Avoid eye strain by looking away from your screen every half an hour; try to look at something in the distance to combat how close you’re looking at a screen
  • Stay hydrated! Take a sip of water for every couple of setlists you complete

Helpful Links and Resources

Seeing Reiji get to have a UK-themed event makes me really happy. We can only hope that tiers will be back to normal, machocho!
submitted by Mochacchi to ShiningLive

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