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[Perpetual War] - Part 2: Chapter Three - Escape

Cover Art | Chapter One | Previous Chapter | Index| Next Chapter
Check out the index for all of the chapters and links to other stories.
As I expected, I was unable to penetrate the great walls of the Primordial Tower. I stayed nonetheless among the shadow of the mountain to enjoy the peace of it. The wildlife there is quite… different. I have trouble describing it when the magic in the area is so thick to mutate wildlife beyond the norm. Insects with crystal shells, plants that had an electrical current to them, beasts merged with the very rock itself, and so much more. I unfortunately had to leave before I could continue my research. A Yenvark Union advance company moved into the area and out of fear of an opposing nation showing up and causing a raucous of noise, I moved on. I decided to go north into the Union’s territory. A nation open to non-humans living amongst them so freely is not a common trait, so off I went to learn more. It did not take long though for me to realize why a free spirit such as I could never prosper here.
-Baxter Kuluq, Notes of an Explorer
The stream flowed quickly, the water clear and cool to the touch. The occasional small fish spotted for its scales reflecting the rays of sun that broke the forest canopy, darted through the swift current. The soft sound of the running water added to the somber tone of the forest. Animals moved from their slumber at a slow pace trying to shake off the morning’s chill.
A flash of light caught Bryce’s attention. In the shadowy distance of the forest a flickering flourish of lights trailed behind a bird flying between the trees. His attention was affixed to it as it went from branch to branch.
“Lead, when are you going to share with us the next move?”
Bryce shook his head, disturbed from the show of beauty as he turned to Zel who was crouched by the stream’s side busied with filling up a canteen. “Liarie and I are still deciding, for now there’s nothing to say.”
Zel screwed his canteen closed and sat back on the grassy embankment. “Come on, you both are too secretive with these plans of yours. You’ve gotta share something, at least with me!”
“At some point, Zel,” Bryce replied bluntly and looked past Zel to the other three further down the length of the stream gathering their own water and scouting ahead. “Let’s worry about getting back to the others without any confrontations with Luncal.”
“You keep saying things like that, Lead, and we’re sure to have it happen.”
“There’s no need to be superstitious, Zel. If it happens then we simply failed to avoid it.” Bryce moved off the boulder and stepped over the stream towards Zel. “After all, we know Luncal is following us. Now let’s get going, the others are leaving us behind.”
Rocking back then forward, Zel rose to his feet in one smooth motion. “It’s not that I think they’ll show up just cause you said something, but thinking about it seems to make it more likely to happen.”
“That isn’t how it works though,” Bryce replied with a shake of his head.
“I know, I know.” Zel waved his hand. “I’m honestly wasting my breath. Let’s keep going Lead.”
An odd boy. Bryce set off with the stream to his left, heading down the gradual descent towards the other three. Vonna busy with filling her canteen besides Liarie who was doing the same. Further ahead, Murn busied himself with clearing a path through a thick patch of undergrowth.
“How much further until we are out of this place?” Zel asked.
“Our time in this forest draws to a close very soon,” Liarie observed with eyes pointed in the direction that Murn headed. “We should be ready to deal with any conflict that arises upon our exit into the plains beyond.”
“Now you’re saying stuff like that too.” Zel shifted on his feet and crossed his arms.
Liarie looked to Zel with a raised brow, then to Bryce. “What does he mean?”
“He’s just superstitious is all,” Bryce replied and leaned up against a tree to rest. “Hurry up with the water so we can move.”
“Of course.” Liarie replied and began to screw her canteen closed before looking to Zel. “So what does superstitious mean?” Her ears tilted slightly towards him.
“It means that head of his is filled with all kinds of crazy.” Vonna stood and took a drink from her canteen.
“Crazy?” Liarie asked.
“I wouldn’t be talking after some of those comments you made in your sleep last night.” Zel grinned.
“I said nothing!” Vonna pointed a finger at Zel from across the thin stream. “And I know ‘cause I could hardly sleep with you tossing and turning every damn second like a newborn child.”
“I fear my original question wasn’t entirely answered,” Liarie cut in again.
Zel ignored Liarie and replied to Vonna, “It’s hard to sleep when there are roots everywhere. Though I guess you’re used to sleeping on something hard.”
Vonna’s brow furrowed as her empty hand balled up into a fist. “Lead do you mind if I punch Zel?”
“Yes, I do mind.” Bryce sighed and straightened himself. “You two argue enough. I don’t need you two to add physical harm to the list of issues.”
“Thanks, Lead, for telling her no. I wouldn’t want a bloody nose right now,” Zel said.
“I did not ask for any feedback, Zel.” Bryce snapped at Zel before stepping past them to head towards Murn who was waiting. “It was an entertaining discussion, but we need to focus up once more and finish our journey. No telling what danger lies ahead.”
“Jinxing us again,” Zel muttered.
“Jinxing?” Liarie asked.
Bryce stopped and turned to face Zel, “Zel, what did I just say?”
The young man caught the edge to Bryce’s voice and quickly straightened himself with chin raised and shoulders back. “To focus up, Lead!”
“Good, now keep moving.”
Zel quickly marched forward with Liarie trailing behind.
Bryce caught Liarie’s eyes as she passed, a light giggle emitting from her as she found his sudden serious tone amusing.
Securing the canteen on her belt, Vonna hopped the gap that the stream created and fell in step with Bryce. “Lead, can I ask you a question?”
“Of course,” Bryce replied.
“I was wondering, are all Company Leads relaxed like you? It’s so rare to ever see you snap.”
Bryce slowed his pace as he gave it thought, his mind racing over every man and woman he’d met who lead a company. The numerous faces of all of them giving him both warmth at the relationship he held with them or a seething rage with ever having to deal with them. “I wouldn’t say I’m the only one, but I am more relaxed, yes.”
“Why is that?”
“That’s a personal question, don’t you think?”
“Sorry.” Vonna trailed off, unsure of how to continue.
He passed by the various kinds of spiky and thick leafed plants trampled by Murn, several branches already starting to poke back up in defiance. “I suppose I’m more relaxed and calmer, after all there is no reason to be angry in times of peace. However, I still expect discipline when we actually get into a combat situation.”
“Of course, Lead!” Vonna replied.
The pair walked in silence for a few minutes, trailing behind the other three who led the way down the hill towards another stream that divided the path before heading up another gentle slope. “Since we began this expedition, I had no idea how much you and Zel argued, was it like this before?”
“Why do you stick around him then? As you both joined the company at the same time.”
“Well, I…” Vonna trailed off.
Bryce glanced back at her to see she was looking at Zel up ahead. “Well?”
“I don’t want to say he’s family, but he is the only other person I know from basic training.”
“You knew no one else?”
Vonna lowered her head, fingers fidgeting with a button along her coat. “There were two others, but they shipped out before me and before I could join their company, they died.”
“I see,” Bryce said. More dead and the war carries on.
“Please, Lead, let’s keep moving.”
“Of course.” Bryce turned and carried on with his pace. He crossed the thin stream and began the gradual climb up the rising slope, the trees starting to thin out around them. The chirping of birds, buzzing of insects, and other various animal calls began to rise as the morning slumber wore off from the forest animals.
At the top, Bryce noticed Liarie suddenly turn, her tail flicking from side to side as her ears stood on end. He hurried in step to reach her, noticing the look of fear cross her face. She senses something, but what? His mind hurried over the possibilities before coming to rest on a single threat. “What is it? The Commodore’s airship?” He called out as he neared the top.
“It is not his, but the Luncal ship paired with his!” Liarie replied.
“An airship all the same,” Zel groaned.
Not the Commodore’s, that’s something I suppose. “Let’s hurry down the other side of this hill and back into the cover of the trees!”
“The trees lessen, at the bottom of the hill is the start of the Glodan Plains,” Liarie said with a turn to stare out in the direction they were heading, her keen eyes narrowed as she sought out any further details. “I can’t spot our comrades from this view.”
“We could head back where there is more cover,” Vonna suggested, coming up behind Bryce to join the group.
“How fast is that ship coming in?” Bryce asked, turning back towards Liarie. The fey closed her eyes in thought as her ears twitched a couple of times.
“It’s approaching fast!” she hissed.
“They probably have a good guess on our location, we’re heading for the plains!” Bryce ordered. He set forth in a sprint down the hill not checking to see if the others were following.
“This is a bad idea, Lead! Sprinting down a hill with all these damn roots!” Zel exclaimed.
“Keep an eye on your step!” Liarie called out.
“Easy for you to say!”
“I face the same difficulties!” Liarie replied and quickly came racing to Bryce’s side. “It’s coming in fast; I fear we won’t make it without some danger from its weapons.”
As if on que a roar of an engine in the distance reached Bryce. “We don’t have much of a choice,” Bryce grunted as he leapt over a large grouping of roots. He landed squarely on his feet with a huff, the pack on his back jostling violently from the maneuver. “Make sure Murn makes it, he’ll be the slowest in this situation.”
“Of course, I’ll see you at the bottom safe and sound,” Liarie replied and left Bryce’s side.
The roaring engine grew ever louder before reaching an abrupt crescendo as the airship passed overhead sending the canopy to jostle and shift in every direction from the intense winds.
They predicted our exit far too accurately. He took a deep breath and pushed onward, his muscles straining between the quick pace and having to carry his heavy pack.
The engine began to lower in tone as the airship shifted positions. Between the canopy, Bryce noticed it turning back towards them and a plume of smoke billowing out for its side. “Incoming!” He yelled
A salvo of gunfire and heavy shells tore through the canopy towards the forest floor below. Trees cracked and began a slow tilted tumble, branches shattering as leaves flutter in every direction. The undergrowth below were ripped to shreds with rocks and fallen branches acting as shrapnel. Sparks from the explosives caught onto the dry, dead leaves along the floor creating fires that threatened to grow larger. The pockets of snow along the path melted under the heavy heat of the firepower, and the water added to the muddy terrain of the descending hill.
Skidding through a patch of mud, Bryce bumped into the side of a fallen tree. He used it for support as he watched the airship overhead continue past them. The ship’s engines roared as a powerful gust of wind followed in the wake of the ship causing an upheaval throughout the canopy. An assortment of animals scurried in every direction to escape the noise and fire.
“Can’t we do something when they come for another pass?” Vonna asked, coming to a halt besides Bryce.
“If we had bigger guns then sure,” he replied. Turning, Bryce spotted Zel coming up to join them with Murn further back and Liarie by his side. “Let’s keep moving, we can’t slow down now!” he called and climbed over the tree to land in more mud on the other side, his boots giving him the necessary stability to stay upright. The pack he carried helped further with his balance as the descent of the hill threatened to take him in a neverending tumble down. Roots, shrubbery, and tendrils seemed to all grab at his boots in an attempt to trip him as he passed.
A loud howl of gears and shifting plates filled the air along with the disjointed kick of an engine pumping out a fresh torrent of power. He looked to the sound and caught a glimpse of the airship turning on its bow before straightening out to head for them once more. Smoke billowed out from its sides as flashes of fire danced across the front. More explosions sounded all around him.
He reached a hand out and slowed in his descent slightly. Bryce’s focus turned to the shells landing all around, searching for any that would come too close. With a wave of his hand, a shell that had broken through the canopy suddenly twisted at an odd angle to crash off to the side with no harm.
The force of wind from the passing airship caused his coat to billow all around Bryce. Loosening his grip on the magic, he turned and saw Murn and Liarie coming up to him.
Liarie pointed forward, “The forest ends soon! I can see Vonna and Zel nearly upon it!”
Turning, Bryce spotted the other two having already gone ahead starting to reach more level terrain. “Hopefully the rest of our companions are still waiting for us.” Bryce continued down the rough terrain, skidding through mud and bounding over fallen trees. Sparks of flame danced all around, chasing animals from their homes. The howl of metal and gears sounded once more as the airship began another turn.
Trees became more scattered as Bryce reached the evened terrain. Several streams snaked their way from the melting snow along the hill to end in growing puddles and muddy pits in the dull grass. He ran straight through the mess of holes and dips toward Vonna and Zel, who had slowed down.
“It’s here for another pass, Lead!” Vonna called out.
Crouching down, Zel aimed his rifle at the oncoming airship soaring down the hill towards them and pulled the trigger. “Come on!” He released the empty casing and slammed the bolt back to fire another shot.
“You aren’t going to hit it, you idiot! It’s too high!”
“I know, but I rather go out fighting then die like a coward!” Zel yelled back and fired a third shot.
Bryce reached them and twisted on his heel to face the airship. The ship’s bow turned up as it leveled out its descent, and smoke and fire appeared along its surface. He extended his hands and reached out for the closest shells. Warmth filled his veins as he brushed the oncoming fire to the side, guiding them with their momentum to a safe distance away. He watched the airship fly overhead, more gears shifting as it began to slow. His eyes darted about for more cover, the fewer trees at the base of the hill providing little in protection. I can’t keep stopping these barrages, a shell is going to get through.
“Lead, we need to move fast,” Vonna stated.
Zel lowered his rifle and looked all around. “That last barrage tore down what few trees were left, we got no cover! Lead!”
An abrupt release of built up pressure in the distance shook the ground at their feet. Bryce felt relief wash through him as his tension released. “We’re fine.” He reassured them.
“We’re fine? Ho-” Zel’s eyes widened with surprise before turning to glee.
Rising up from behind a slope in the land were a pair of glistening white and blue projectiles with a trail of smoke following them.
The airship began to twist more, flares shooting off from its stern with a low bass of popping canisters. The engine roared to new heights of power, causing those on the ground to feel their bodies shake with the vibrations.
The first projectile entered the plumes of flares, continuing onward before corkscrewing to the side and exploding where the airship had been before. The wave of energy blew the fluttering white flares in every direction.
The second projectile pierced through the smoke of the first to chase down the airship, making contact on the rear.
The roaring engine abruptly halted with a screech, as the left wing began to bend unnaturally. The airship twisted at the whim of its damaged wing toward the sloped hill where the projectiles had originated. The helium balloon built within the body of the airship began to expand in a weak attempt to gain altitude. Several cannons fired off another barrage towards the hill in defiance.
Another pair of projectiles launched from the hill, heading for the limping airship.
Tracer fire lit up the air between the ship and the projectiles. A buzz of machine guns.
The projectiles drew closer to the airship with each passing second. Their bodies became littered with bullet holes before exploding just meters from the airship. The shockwave tore the left wing off the rest of the way as holes appeared all along the balloon from shrapnel.
The airship limped along a bit further, maintaining its height before it began a slow, inevitable descent with the helium escaping the balloon and fires catching onto more spinning rotors.
“Well.” Zel straightened himself and looked over to Bryce. “Hendrick did end up coming through!”
Bryce adjusted his coat and pulled the tail of hair back beneath the collar. “Of course.”
“We shouldn’t waste time standing around!” Liarie snapped, coming up to join them by the tree, Murn bringing up the rear to stand patiently. “That Luncal ship will surely have survivors and maybe even a soul!”
Another snap echoed across the land as a chunk of the slow, crashing ship broke off to plummet down into the ground below.
Is it possible that a soul strong enough to power a ship just landed in my lap? Yen must surely be forgiving this day. With a deep breath, Bryce began to march through the mud and grass, heading for the drier fields waiting just beyond. Patches of fire where pieces of the ship had already crashed helping to light up the path that he had to head towards. “Our companions will surely be there, let’s make sure we don’t keep them waiting.”
“More running?” Zel asked.
Vonna placed a hand on Zel’s shoulder, “Yes, more running. Do we need Murn to carry you?”
Zel caught the faceless stare of Murn before he passed by in pursuit of Bryce. “No, no. I think I’m good.”
Bryce left the muddy terrain behind and entered a rhythmic pace through the field of grass. Long blades weaved around his heavy boots. He maintained his breathing even as he drew closer to the wreckage, any fear of danger kept at the back of his mind. Instead, he focused on the reunion with the rest of his company.
Nearing the crashed ship, the smell of smoke grew thicker as the heat of nearby fires brought brief warmth to his chilled skin. The cool air had little effect in fighting back the heat. Slowing his pace, Bryce unholstered his dual shot pistol and brought a steady warmth to his free left hand. He scanned the wreckage that was starting to surround him with each passing step. Twisted beams, bent metal platforms, splintering wood, crates with contents spilled out, unmoving bodies. Everything was scattered with no rhyme or reason, fires eager to cover it all.
A gunshot caught his attention the sound coming from deeper within the wreckage.
Spotting a large enough gap between two metal sheets, he made his way through. Taking each turn with caution his pistol always raised and at the ready.
Around another corner he spotted the blue-coated individual. The thick-mustached man had a rifle in hand aimed at a feathered-cap soldier who was begging with soundless words. With a pull of the trigger, the soldier collapsed.
The bolt pulled back; the man reloaded the rifle. With a click, he looked up with a knowing nod to Bryce, “Lead, it’s great to see you’re back. Where is Zel?”
“I’ve sent him with the other three around the perimeter to make sure no Luncal escape. Where is the rest of the company, Dunkir?”
Dunkir wiped at his large nose before turning around. “They’re back this way, trying to find the soul.” He led Bryce through more gaps in the mess of wreckage. The short, broad-shouldered Dunkir seemingly having no issues in climbing over obstacles and squeezing between tighter spaces. His rifle kept in his thick-gloved hands, finger resting along the trigger guard, ready. Armor plates were sewn into his uniform only furthering his bulky appearance.
Up ahead the fires began to lessen, green sparks of light drifted in the air coming and going at random. The ship’s soul still lingers?
“I found their chief!” A voice rung out along the walls.
Rounding the corner Bryce saw three more figures searching about a large clearing. The one that was closes looked up at Dunkir and Bryce, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “Lead!” She dropped a piece of wreckage she had been investigating to salute with fist over her heart and her head raised. “It’s great to see you once more!” Her helmet shifting slightly to reveal the sandy-blonde hair beneath.
“At ease, Herra.” Bryce replied, meeting her light-brown glistening eyes. “You said you found the chief?”
“Yes!” She beamed a smile and quickly bent down to the wooden chunk she had been moving before.
Bryce grimaced in disappointment at the Luncal officer with a thick piece of metal through his heart. The Luncal’s darker, ridged skin covered in blood.
“Unfortunately, he’s dead as you can see,” Herra shook her head slowly. “But not all is lost, after all the aura is still up.” She reached out to one of the green sparks floating in the air. The light dissipated at the touch of her fingers. “He must have never reached the soul in time.”
“For once the fortune of Yen shines upon us. Best we hurry before the soul departs.” Bryce replied before moving past her towards the other two figures near the center of the clearing.
The pale boys huddled over a twisted and mangled ship console both stood in unison to give a salute to the approaching Lead.
“Welcome back,” the first said.
“Lead,” the second finished.
“Darke, Riel, can you salvage the soul?” Bryce asked, studying the twins. Between their grey eyes and pale skin, they gave off an ethereal presence that no normal born human could have. Both of them wore a violet uniform with a white band running down from one shoulder. Darke had it on his left and Riel on his right shoulder. Darke’s hair was left unkempt and spiky while Riel had his hair combed with a band braided behind his right ear.
“Did you find Guidance?” Darke asked.
“Sort of.”
“Sort of?” Riel asked with a tilt of his head.
“Quit asking such pointless questions, ghosts,” Dunkir grumbled and crossed his arms.
Both boys glared at Dunkir in unison before turning back to one another.
“Best to ignore the short tempered one,” Darke whispered.
“Agreed, it is a waste of time,” Riel replied.
Dunkir took a step forward, “What was that?” he hissed.
“Enough!” Bryce cut in and gave both sides a glare. “Dunkir, go with Herra and make sure there aren’t any more Luncal stragglers lying about.”
“Yes, sir,” Dunkir grumbled and stomped off. He muttered a curse to Herra along the way, the girl nodding enthusiastically as she rushed ahead. Both of them heading off past a large piece of sheet metal stabbed into the ground.
“Now then.” Bryce turned his attention back to the pair. “Is the soul salvageable?”
Riel reached a thin, fingered hand to place it at the center of the banged-up console. “Yes, the soul of this airship is intact.
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[Lore] The Crusader home again

Richard pulled the reins hard on his horse, his cloak violently flapping in the wind as the rains pounded over his ears. He squinted his eyes hard, trying to see through the carpet of rain. Perhaps this is the Gods punishment. This is what I get for barring steel against a Septon. He urged his courser forward, their movement slow from the deep muck that had been washed up. He'd left the Kingsroad behind miles ago, he had only ramshackle roads and highways now. The events in the Riverlands seemed nought but a distant dream now. A Septon lying in a pool of brains and blood, a Selmy with his throat mangled, and a grinning Dustin riding hard for the North. Gods, what a fucking mess that was. He'd heard word of the High Septon's death while stopping in King's Landing. The old man was found entrenched in a sleep he never seemed to wish to stir from. Perhaps that's for the good. He won't have the Most Devout at his throat, only the Father. Or the Warrior. Or the Stranger, or whatever the fuck God would be right pissed at the situation. He shook the thoughts from his head, instead turning his attention to the wall of rain before him. A chill had set in, and he was soaked to the bone. For an instant he thought he saw it, a distant wood keep. He raised his horn to his lips, giving a single long blast. AROOOOOooooooooo. Then he waited, listened.
AROOooooo, came the reply; nearly lost by the crash of thunder. Richard grinned to himself, giving his soaked beard a scratch. I'm home.
The courtyard of Crow's Nest was as muddy as the outside, but here the wooden keeps and walls shielded him from the worst of the rain. A boy approached him, his light tunic whipping in the wind.
"Ser Richard!" he screamed over the torrent, "You are wanted in the Hall!" He took a hold of the coursers reins, the beast giving a frightened whinny at the sudden movement. Richard dismounted, his boots sinking into the deep mud.
"See to it that he gets an apple," he shouted as he made his way towards the great wooden doors of the hall. He flipped a silver stag into the boy's hand. "And see to it that you get something warm in your belly."
As he approached the great oaken doors to the hall, two guardsman stood in his way. Grey-green cloaks were fastened about their necks, the Crow of Morrigen sewn into their surcoats. One stepped forward, his fat mustache dripping rainwater onto his lips.
"Ser Richard?" he demanded, his halfhelm gleaming in the rain. Richard nodded to him, pulling his hood back to give the guard some reprieve. The man gave a sigh:
"You're father awaits you in the Hall, they are preparing for their leave." Richard furrowed his brow.
"Leave to where?" He demanded.
"Why, to King's Landing. For the Great Court." The man stood aside, heaving the great door open as Richard strode in. King Aerys' court? That's when Uncle Torrance decides to leave Crow's Nest again?
He breathed a sight of relief at the warmth of the Hall, and was then taken aback by it's state. All around him men and women were busying themselves, shouting over one another as the room roared with life. Men were carrying swords, armor, and shields; a few children giggled as they chased each other between the legs of those working; woman were carrying bushels of apples, potatoes, leeks, and radishes. Is he taking all of Crow's Nest with him? A young lad looked up from a map with four other men, giving a grin at meeting Richard's eye. He laid the parchment down, striding towards him with outstretched hands.
"And you must be Ser Richard Morrigen, it is a true pleasure to meet you, Ser." He firmly grasped Richard's hand, giving it a shake as he smiled warmly. His brown hair curled around his ears, and the early stages of a beard framed his jaw and mouth. Richard stared at the man in confusion until spying the chain wrapped about his neck, pewter and silver links buried under layers of the Maesters heavy robes.
"I am Maester Anders, and I have been serving your family for several weeks now." Richard gave a lazy smile at the man.
"Ah, yes, excellent. I was wondering when Uncle was going to replace Maester Bryce." He brushed past the man, searching the crowd for signs of his family. The Maester followed close behind.
"Ah...Maester Bryte? I-I trust he served your family well?" he nervously called after him. Richard unclasped his cloak:
"Bryce. And yes, he surely did. Just died of a sudden pox is all. Didn't know that the stable master's wife was unclean." He tossed the soaked cloak to Anders. The young Maester's cheeks were burning crimson,
"Oh, yes, I see. That-well I-that was very unprofessional of him, and I promise you that I will represent the Citadel in the-" Richard didn't let him finish,
"Yes, I'm sure. It has been fantastic to meet you Maester Anders, do remember to speak to my cousin Martyn sometime; I'm sure the two of you could talk for hours." he turned to walk toward the head table, calling back as he went. "Oh, and Anders, the stable master's wife is unclean. Please remember that."
Arlorn Morrigen sat at the head table of the Hall surrounded by five men. He was scratching away with a quill into a book laid before him, while each man around him spoke with the same notion of urgency. Richard stopped before them,
"I thought losing an arm meant less work, not more."
Arlorn looked up, his eyes growing wide and a smile cracking over his face. Richard couldn't help but grin. The foolish old man.
"Oh! Richard, Gods be good you're back!" he stood himself up from his chair, extending out his right arm towards his son. The two embraced, Richard taking in his father's deep scent of perfumes. Never thought I'd miss the feeling of that knobby stump in my back. He broke away, motioning towards the commotion around them.
"Father, when did Uncle Torrance decide that he was going to the Dragon's Court?"
Arlorn furrowed his brow, "Oh, two moons ago now? Houses Trant, Estermont, and Selmy are all going. And surely other Stormlords as well. Half the realm is turning up!" Richard studied his father's face, his eyes sunken into his face as his skin began to grow loose around his skull. His hair was nearly all white now, as were the uneven hairs upon his chin. He doesn't look good, not for his age. Not for a man of eight and fifty.
"And where is Uncle now?" Arlorn reached out his stump to Richard, letting it prod against his chest.
"I wouldn't bother him now. He has slept little, planning for this trip. And he won't be as excited to see you." Arlorn's face grew dark at that last sentence.
"Well, what for?" Richard questioned, even though he knew the answer.
"Word hasn't been lax in spreading of your work in the Riverlands. Sure, it was a northman who burried an axe in that Septon's head; but it is no large secret that you stood above him, preparing to strike him down!"
Richard rolled his eyes, placing a firm hand on his father's shoulder. "What's done is done, father."
Arlorn angrily brushed aside his son's grasp, "No! You would dare bar your steel against a man of the Faith?"
"He was insane. Nearly every man there was preparing to do the same." His Gods are not mine.
"It doesn't matter! Richard, I raised you better then that! I have raised you in the light of the Seven, and it is not your place to fall to the same levels as those heathen northmen! Men who would burn down Septs, and murder innocent Septons as they-" Arlorn closed his eyes, composing himself as he remembered where he stood.
"Father, I-"
"It doesn't matter." Arlorn opened his eyes again, smiling. "We have better news. A wedding."
Richard took a step back, his eyes wide. "A wedding?"
Tears were in Arlorn's eyes as he cupped Richard's face with his hand. "You are to be married, son. As is your sister!"
Richard opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came. I've got so many whores to fuck yet. He hadn't even done the Seven yet; he still had to fuck a girl from the North, the Westerlands, and Dorne. He stomach dropped. A Dornish girl. Fuck, a Dornish girl... He'd always wanted to be able to tell if that song by the bards was true, The Dornishman's Wife.
"To whom do I receive the honor?" he questioned with false grace.
"Lilypad Caron is to be your betrothed. And Mary will be marrying Edric Trant."
"And mother is happy with this?"
Arlorn pursed his lips, a worried look flashing through his eyes. "You know she isn't. But imagine it my boy, a great alliance between the Houses Caron, Trant, and Morrigen. Oh, how it will be a sight to behold! The Seven will shine upon your bedding! Now, I need you to ready yourself. You and I leave for Evenfall Hall in a fortnight."
Richard heaved another sigh, running his hands through his thin hair. "What the fuck for?" Arlorn had returned to his chair, looking over his long list as he scratched off an occasional tally with his quill.
"Your betrothed's own sister is marrying Ser Endrew Tarth."
Richard turned to look about the great Hall once more, teeming with more life then it had seen in a long time. It was good to be home, for this long at least. He strode away, making his way towards his chambers within the Keep. Fuck weddings.
[M] tl;dr Richard has arrived home from the Riverlands, and is now preparing to depart for Tarth with his father. Sorry for the wall of text, the majority of my posts won't be this long.
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