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VALORANT Closed Beta Discussion

So the game has been in closed beta for about a week now, assuming you have access or have watched a solid amount of the streams, what are your thoughts? Do you think this will be competition for CS:GO? Is it "The Next Big Thing"?
I've personally been playing it since the 8th and honestly been having a great time. I will say I have a background in playing CS:GO and other FPS, so I've been able to adjust fairly quickly. I think the hardest part about the transition is getting out of the habit of crouching whenever I get into a firefight (thanks CS:GO) and spraying for too long thinking I can just compensate by pulling down more.
Sound design is awesome and very effective. I can pretty much tell exactly what's happening on the otherside of walls or what have you because every ability, movement (except walking), even reloading, has a loud distinct sound. I also love that on the map, you can see a faint circle around showing the radius of the noise you are making.
Speaking of sound, this game also does a good job of communicating for you if you aren't keen on using a mic. It has a ping system which when you ping it'll will show the actually map location name and your Agent will also verbally call out "Here" or whatever. Also the Agent will call out "Enemy spotted" whenever you see someone. For those that don't like all the chatter, you can turn off all the flavor dialog, callouts, and even the announcer.
Which brings me to the menus. The game is insanely customizable. Like I think they added just about anything you would need. Cross hair customization, minimap size/rotation/centering on you, scope auto zoom (like CS), turning off blood and or dead bodies (replaces them with a hologram with the portrait of the Agent).
I also didn't have an issue with the art style/graphics personally. The lead art director iirc is the same guy who worked on TF2 so it makes sense why it looks that way. Also the fact that Riot wants this game to be accessible to EVERYONE. There was a post on the Valorant sub that someone was playing it on a laptop/tablet hybrid. Also the art makes everything clear and the characters stick out from the environment.
The Agent abilties are great, effective, and pretty simple to understand. I've been playing Viper mostly and I'm finding out that their are some CS:GO level smokes you can throw down with her wall/circle smoke. This game has a ton of depth that we haven't even scratched the surface of yet. It was made pretty clear by the showmatch they featured on Twitch between famous streamers/ex-pros vs devs of the game.
It's great that devs basically crushed them, taking them to school. Shows that the game is being made by competent players (most of whom were actually 1.6 players).
The practice range is also great, and every competitive FPS game needs one like it. It has mini games/challenges you can do, its similar to custom maps you'd find in CS:GO. Also it has a neat jumping puzzle.
My friend who doesn't play competitive FPS games ever outside of like TF2 and Overwatch has been somewhat enjoying it as well. They play mostly League and RPGs. They are still warming up to it, its just a lot to take in mechanically and even mentally, I just told them what I'll tell anyone else who doesn't play CS:GO or is too scared of getting crushed. When the game releases, will be the best time to try the game, you are going to have all sorts of skill levels and gaming backgrounds playing. Hell a ton of League players will definitely be trying it and you'll be on an even playing field.
At risk of this being a 20 page essay, I'll bullet point nit picks or things I overall didn't like,
  • Raze the newest addition to this closed beta. All of her abilities are explosion based which is a stark contrast to the only utility abilities everyone else has. I think really the biggest ability I don't like is her cluster grenades. I also can see that she'll just be a pubstomper but man, its frustrating dying to someone who has an offensive damage ability in every slot.
  • Some of the Agent portraits are meh looking, it was better when they used splash art portraits.
  • I think they need a better system for leavers, right now when someone leaves, they drop a ult orb (gives you a single dot towards your ult). Maybe give away their cash or maybe in the future you can control them like how CS:GO does it.
  • Animations need work, like when someone is B hopping, it looks like they are t-posing. Hopefully its just a beta thing.
  • Sage also seems like a must pick unfortunately being the only healer.
tl;dr I think this game is great and I have a feeling in my loins that it will make it big. Which makes me even more excited for the Riot fighting game they are working on. I can also try and answer any questions someone might have.
submitted by Sushi2k to Games

March Balance Change Brainstorm: Part 1

I wonder what the balance changes a few days back were supposed to do. We're all thinking that. Here are my balance changes, if I were to make the decisions.
DISCLAIMER: this is a brainstorm, not all of these would be implemented at the same time. I'm just exploring the possibilities.
If you just want the interesting ones I recommend Mortis, Poco, Bibi, Emz and Bo.
Honourable mentions listed first, then everything else is sorted by rarity.
Part 2 link: https://www.reddit.com/BrawlStarsCompetitive/comments/fdlq1h/march_balance_change_brainstorm_part_2/


By the way, I don't think anyone agrees with the devs that Mortis doesn't need a buff. I get it, Mortis is very high skill, but there is simply no way you can play well with only three viable modes, and taking a lot more effort to kill any brawler than they'll take the other way round. And let's not forget getting stuck on that wall, we want a fix to that.
  • Damage increased from 900 to 1000 (1260 1400)
Screw it all. Mortis is completely unplayable without Star Power, and can't approach properly, defend, or even assassinate right anymore,. He dies to Spike and Colt, let's be honest with ourselves. He's basically just not allowed to play Heist, Solo SD, any ticketed event, and Brawl Ball and Siege to some degree (if you aren't Rey/Yde. Fear those Morti.) He's basically just confined to Bounty, Gem Grab and SD because he dashes.
Right now his attack just isn't paying off very much at all, and the recent spam of health buffs just suddenly made his already tough time even harder. A low-trophy player isn't going to be able to do anything if they take three more hits to kill a random enemy than the other way round, and a high rank player is putting a lot of skill and effort in, without enough reward.
This buff gives him a 'less worse' time against tanks, since he'd take one less hit to kill Darryl, Pam, El Primo and Frank. Other honourable mentions include Colt, Dynamike, Brock, that pesky-ass Jessie turret, Sandy, Poco and Nita.
I originally wanted it to be 960, but the heaps of health buffs, especially Poco and Pam, didn't leave me much of a choice.
I'm using this to try and make him a bit more viable in Solo SD, since right now it takes impossible skill, combat maths and admittedly, cojones to just attack someone.
  • Super damage increased from 900 to 960 (1260 1344)
His Super works differently to everyone else's. Usually they have a powerful ability, and admittedly that does apply to Mortis, since he can stack Supers, and in a way, do better against three enemies than against one or two and keep spamming bats until the whole enemy team dies, but as an attack it doesn't do much, nor does it heal enough. Overall it just doesn't do very much at all for the amount of effort and time invested into charging it up. It shouldn't actually do as much as his main attack, so now that his attack is increased there's some freedom for Super damage values. I decided on 960, a number relatively easy to calculate, and because you can use it like a Screeching Solo, except now there's more choices on what to pick off. It also makes crippling an enemy, running back, then Supering a viable tactic.
I think this will make him actually do better in Siege.
Siege, despite the similar goals, is not similar to Heist. It has a lot of parts control (Gem Grab), assassination (Bounty), and control (power cube tyrant). These are things that he's at the very least decent at, and now he can kill enemies better, even picks not seen in Bounty, some brawlers like Max, Bibi and even Rosa. I've pushed Mortis to 900 solely in Siege because my classmates dared me to, and I reached a point where randoms consistently wanted to play again with that comp, and I was getting Star Player roughly half the time. This is Mortis without a buff, in January. He's really not bad there, and given this Super buff in particular I think we'd see a lot more bats in the factory. With good reason, someone has to get rid of those Ticks. With pleasure.
  • Health increased from 3800 to 4200 (5320 5880)
Yep. Come on, if Poco, Nita, and even Emz get a health buff, why doesn't he? It looks drastic on paper (or on glass), but it's really not that big. Notice how people are really questioning Poco/Emz's HP buffs, since they're basically negligible, and if a brawler could kill you before they still will. Adding 400HP is when it really starts to make a difference, where you could survive as Mortis on one bullet's worth of health, and stop getting melted by everyone. He's a close range brawler, who unlike Leon or Max can't do ANYTHING at long range. Not that he doesn't do much damage, it's because he's physically unable to attack from that far. I think it's only fair that he receives such a health count to give him a slight edge over most brawlers, sort of like Carl without SP, big and strong but still mortal.
Realistically it'll only ever help against Crow, Bull, Primo, Bibi, and most of all Nita. (I do NOT like Nita when playing Mortis.)
If brawlers like Rosa and Shelly beat him up before he's still gonna die nonetheless. Any brawler that was able to be killed previously like Penny or Rico is still gonna die all the same.
Again, viability. I think this one will definitely help in Brawl Ball, where that sudden rush is easier to pull off without being melted into purple goop. He'll also survive better given all those previous buffs, and provide good pressure against your average squishy, and do more than just stand there against tanks.
  • Creepy Harvest Rework?
So at the moment, Creepy Harvest is kinda useless. It's outshined by CS, and only really works if you're winning already. It's hard for Mortis himself to secure a kill, and if you can kill one enemy out of three, the other two are screwed anyway.
Here's my fix to it: 'Creepy Harvest - Mortis heals 400 health for every attack that he hits something. If he is on full health that health is converted into damage for the next attack.'
Maybe it sounds too strong, but just hold on. The healing per attack is better, since the extra health can be applied in the fight, not after it, and he'd definitely do good as a mid-tank himself. It's just roughly the same health (assuming 4-shot) given, but it's within the battle and much more useful. It also means if you don't hit anything, you won't heal. You'll heal if you hit bots, boxes, safes and IKE's, as well as brawlers.
As for the damage, it says 'when you are on full health.' What kind of Mortis player, for a millisecond of the battle, can sustain full health against someone at a range where they simply cannot miss hitting you? See? The 1800 damage can't really be used against brawlers, so he won't be OP in Gem Grab or Bounty. So why's it a thing? Now he can break an SD box much faster given he's not damaged, or make him slightly less useless in Heist, giving him a hefty 40% DPS increase in a base race.
Now the largest incentive for not using CS has been used, and it's either 'ease of access' or ' a stat buff to health/damage.'
Mortis - Overall
For me, he doesn't actually feel that weak and unplayable, since I did push him in off-meta places. Other people feel differently, so those buffs were definitely for the community. These changes mostly addressed his viability, and gives him two-and-a-half more modes he can play. It'll also stop the backwards circlejerk within F2P/noobs, where they're all telling each other Mortis is bad. Or if they believe he's good in Brawl Ball, let's fulfil their wish.
No reload buff or range buff, since that would give him wayyyy to much mobility. He's meant to be fast but not that fast.
A Super charge buff would mean he could throw his bats, attack three times and use them again. That gives him a total burst of 6300, enough to kill Bibi, 8-Bit and Carl without stopping to reload. Yeah... not gonna happen.
Do you want a Mortis Super range/width nerf? Let me know in the comments.
I don't want Coiled Snake to be part of the base kit either. Shoutout to u/Kasai_worx and u/Fix_matchmaking for talking some sense into me over this one, I realise now how horrific CS + CH would be, or the power we're giving to smol brain randoms.


Poco - Overall
Perhaps Poco changes aren't necessarily the most urgent, but I just wanted to share my insight on Poco.
I get it, Da Capo is OP, once his best bud Rosa is on his team you are either guaranteed a win or very, very screwed. But the main ingredient to that nightmare is the Rosa. Poco is nothing without Da Capo or the tanks on his team.
Behind the golden coat of Da Capo is a dead, rotting brawler that has the LEAST balance activity of any beta brawler (almost half the changes of everyone else), and since all the other low damage brawlers have been buffed his damage is just completely negligible and useless. Supercell has just slapped an OP Star Power twice on him to stop his fall, and he's just always sucked when that didn't happen. He's just a shit Sandy when using Screeching Solo, where I can't name a single case where he'd be more useful than Sandy, and without SP he's unplayable, and his existence independently just doesn't do much at all. It's only a matter of time before Da Capo is nerfed without any other buffs to mitigate the drop, and Poco becomes useless. He needs a buff, desperately. Currently he can only be played well in two modes, which I imagine is the same viability as a purple punch bot from Robo Rumble.
  • Da Capo heal decreased from 700 to 600
I want to see an end to this tank madness. This is the first step, making healing with SP less rewarding and not so endless. A good Poco can make just about anyone immortal.
But of course, why 600 in particular? Because 700 is still going to give off the same effect, still sustaining teammates faster than natural regen can. It'll still be okay.
  • Reload time decreased from 1.6 seconds to 1.5 seconds
This will catch the fall of Da Capo a little, making it still viable but not strong since he'll heal less but more often. Also because for 900 damage, his reload is comically slow, taking longer to reload a guitar than Crow, Pam, Mr. P, Shelly, Rico, 8-Bit, a lot of brawlers. This will help his 1v1 interactions too.
  • Damage increased from 660 to 740 (924 1036)
Hear me out first. This is a big buff, so big that you can now three-shot a Tick (lil mofo gets what he deserves, am I right?) but one that's certainly needed. EVERY SINGLE low-mid damage brawler has been buffed in the past one year (Nita, Jessie, Penny, Crow, Mortis, Max, Tara, Bo, Barley) except Poco. Now he can't keep up with anybody, and his damage is close to nothing given this power creep that everyone but him seems to be riding. He's just been forgotten, basically. Now he can actually start doing stuff and having an individual effect in terms of DPS/burst. This also encourages people to stop using him entirely as a healer, since he should be able to independently do stuff, because at the moment his attack just doesn't do anything at all.
It's only ever going to help against Shelly (you'll die anyway if up close), Tick, and a Showdown box since he takes one less hit against them. This will help him in SSD and DSD, and at times even Siege if you're looking for a bolt hog. This buff will stop him from being punished to losing access to most of the game modes in Brawl Stars just because he can heal.
  • Screeching Solo damage increased from 800 to 1000
It just doesn't do anything anymore. It doesn't do anything, is a great waste of a Super, and takes away a decently sized piece of your average Poco's IQ once he starts being a bushcamper who's targeting the Crow the whole match. It wasn't strong at 1000 damage before anyway, and in this tank meta it wouldn't be used to initiate an attack anyway. Besides, since SS's release, a bunch of tankier brawlers have been released so 1000 damage isn't much to them anyway.


Overall what I am trying to achieve with Bibi is fixing her inability to find a way to reach and attack enemies, and make her consistency better since a long attack delay brings instant counters with it.
  • Speed increased from 770 (tank) to 820 (assassin)
Currently, a non maxed Bibi has no way to approach enemies given her very short range. And at least the other melee brawlers can do quick, consistent damage. This speed buff will allow her to run considerably faster than normal brawlers, and even tanks, which could also allow her to play as an assassin, shoot the bubble and start running very fast towards targets. It also gives Home Run SP a boost.
  • Home Run speed increase decreased from 11% to 10%
This is ultimately still a buff, as before she had 862 speed, and now she has 912.
  • Attack delay time decreased from 1250ms to 1000ms
People were beginning to believe Bibi and Frank are similar. They really aren't, and their playstyles are completely unrelated. This also allows her to attack faster, making it harder to juke in front of her nose despite having a 140 degree spread.
  • Reload speed increased from 0.8 seconds to 1.1 seconds
She just basically never ran out of ammo. Of course, it took a while to unload the shots, but she could just pass the ball to the enemy over and over again. Also psychologically stops people believing she reloads so fast; it roughly cancels the delay out. Also the sheer fury of watching a Bibi teammate on 900 health try to smack the Mortis for so long that he's got his CS charged up.
  • Home Run Bar charge time increased from 2 seconds to 2.2 seconds
It was simply charging too fast. The knockback was being used so often, and her Star Powers kicked in way too fast. I think now people would stop playing Bibi like Primo, just running forward on a suicide mission.
  • Health increased from 4200 to 4400 (5880 6160)
Despite Bibi being able to knock enemies back, you don't see her getting kills very much. Against tanks she just gets vaporised, if anything she has a harder time against some tanks than Mortis, and by the time you reached a Colt or something you were as good as dead. Indirect buff to Batting Stance.


Everyone has mixed feeling around Shelly. Some say she's game-breakingly OP with insane Super chain potential, that thing where you can't really do anything but die, and then at the same time she can't do anything unless completely point-blank, gets outclassed by Darryl and Rosa in everything, and lacks in all stats from health to damage, to even speed since she's miserably slow compared to the tanks (should be that way though). My plan is to make her better in 3v3, with a separate role and a purpose, but make Super chaining a lot harder in SD.
Note that her winrate in SD is affected a lot by teaming; most matches are Shelly vs not Shelly.
  • Shells per shot reduced from 5 to 4
This contributes directly to her Super stack thing, which really does need to be fixed. But this isn't a damage nerf.
  • Shell damage increased from 300 to 400 (420 560)
This is an overall +100 damage for Shelly. Nobody would ever use her for damage, since there's better options that can do the same thing but at long range. Now that she has one less projectile chipping at long range will hurt more, and she won't have to be on top of someone to do damage.
  • Shot spread reduced from 30 degrees to 15
...which is the most acute marked spread in the game. Now this would make autoaiming at long range harder, but she'll consistently hit two or three shells at max range, which would even encourage aiming for new players.
  • Shells to charge Super increased from 11 to 13
Just so she won't charge her Super in three shots, which makes the Super stack harder to pull off. It would also encourage not bushcamping, since Shelly players would then need that extra shell to get their Supers.
  • Super shells reduced from 9 to 7
This stops her from charging her Super with one Super and an attack. Also just part of a Super damage nerf.
  • Super damage per shell increased from 320 to 360 (448 504)
This is actually a nerf, an overall damage decrease from 2880 to 2520 at power 1. There is simply no coming back once you're Supered, and this would give tanks a better time, since Rosa, Bull and Primo now all survive two Supers.
  • Range increased from 7.67 to 8
All part of the 'long-range bushcamper' rework. Shooting further will make randoms smarter and Shelly more rewarding to play, especially against brawlers like Tara, Carl and Pam who just destroy her.


He's much better now, but not all the way there yet.
  • Health increased from 3200 to 3400 (4480 4720)
He's supposed to be an assassin, but that doesn't change the fact that Leon often loses a fight he's rightfully got in the bag, because he dies before the enemy does. For a close range Brawler Leon feels awfully frail, and is really the key point of why he struggles in 3v3. This gives him more solid consistency, and because it's really not fair that he has the same health as a turret brawler. Why does he get three-tapped by Brock and two-tapped by Dynamike? I don't know.
  • Minimum damage increased from 178 to 200 (250 280)
This one is much more subtle, but I think it would allow him to be better at mid-long range. Before the buff he got yesterday, he was useless unless you were on top of enemies. This one makes him able to be used like Bo as well, so this change is mainly to provide Leons with a lot of freedom of their attack.
  • Invisheal healing decreased from 1000 to 900
Leon's Invisiheal is a bit too strong. People are now saving their Supers to fight Genes and Taras, suddenly press their Super, and bamboozle them as they waste their ammo on a basically immortal Leon. 1000 healing per second takes roughly Primo's DPS to cancel out his heal. It's too strong and really takes away the original purpose of his Super.
So why no invis duration buff?
I feel like Leon's invisibility was a bit strong anyway. A Leon was allowed to travel freely for 19 tiles, off the grid, wherever he likes with 7 seconds. Bringing his invisibility back to 7 seconds gives his Star Powers too much value and makes him too brainless to play.
Details here https://www.reddit.com/BrawlStarsCompetitive/comments/equ8eq/the_way_to_buff_leon_nobody_knows_about/


  • Range decreased from 3.67 to 3
Begone, Rosa.
No, this isn't overkill. It just gives her the shortest attack range in the game. I think that is the way it should be, since she has spread on her punches, and easily the lowest skill to play of any Brawler. This would stop her from just pushing endlessly until her extra 50 speed finally pays off.
  • Damage per punch increased from 460 to 480 (644 672)
To compensate, she should be able to do more damage. So now if you get caught in a Rosa's range, bad luck, but at least it's harder to get caught in the first place.


She's either OP at something or god-awful at it, no in between. If you think about it, she's not actually that strong, since most brawlers either out-range her (literally everyone but tanks, Sandy, Bibi, Mortis, and Nita), or have a way of getting up close quickly (Mortis, tanks, Bibi), or just straight-up storm her out of nowhere (Rosa and Sandy).
That leaves only Nita and Frank who are truly countered by Emz, and their ranges fall perfectly in her 'sweet spot' of three ticks of damage (4.67-6 tiles). Everyone else just doesn't want to go near that particular three-tick range.
Besides her DPS, when she's not using all three ticks of damage she just becomes a weaker version of Tara. Overall just a very skewered brawler who needs substantial fixing, in both directions. Even her SPs; one is OP and one is horrible.
  • Health decreased from 3800 to 3400 (5320 4720)
Emz is a brawler about AoE, just like Poco and Sandy, but uniquely she struggles at close range. She's currently quite strong in spacey situations, so opening up a weakness of less health makes her slightly easier to approach without taking 7000 damage. Also increases the value of Hype since it now restores a bigger percentage of her health.
  • Range increased from 6.33 tiles to 6.67
She can't hit shots. Not because it takes aim (it really doesn't; how do you miss a 55 degree spread attack?), but because people are physically just running away far enough so that they don't get hit. In modes like Siege and Gem Grab playing her is tedious because her attack is like Frank's delay; it takes her attack 1.5 seconds to reach the end, and in that time a normal brawler can run roughly 2.6 tiles back, giving her an effective range of 3.67 tiles (same as Mortis' attack indication). I'll speed the attack up too, but this one is also going to make her 'sweet spot' slightly harder to pull off since there's an extra length of two ticks of damage.
  • Hairspray linger time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.2
This... is a buff and a nerf at the same time. While it addresses her lack of range since the spray doesn't travel enough, it also does punishing damage while it just sits there, and often people strafe back into the hairspray accidentally.
This change will make the spray travel faster so Emz will have an easier time hitting enemies at the end of her range, it won't spend as much time staying on the map so enemies won't take that much damage, and even give her a subtle offload buff of roughly +200ms (cooldown is still a thing so it's not 300).
  • Bad Karma Rework: Emz's first spray now does +300 damage.
Bad Karma is OP. We all know that, and how much an AoE brawler whose playstyle is similar to Poco is being used everywhere in Heist.
Now she'll do less overall damage (2520 2316), which will help since she can't burst Rosa down anymore, makes her less hopeless at close range (arguably the most defenseless in the whole game, no way you can hit shots for more damage, no escape, no special ability since Super does such little damage), and stop the exponential growth of Bad Karma when collecting power cubes (used to be +20% per tick, got gradually stronger in SD with power cubes), which basically made the pesky 11 cube Emz completely immortal.
  • Hype Rework: Emz heals 500 per second, and her teammates in the range of the Caustic Charisma will heal 200 per second.
Hype won't ever be good, even if it heals 800, because if you ever have to use your Super, there's generally someone at close range, which means you're toast anyway. But giving value to teammates would increase her overall utility, sort of like Gene's Magic Puffs.
This one is just a little idea, and one I'm quite proud of. What do you think?


  • Remove her fourth ammo slot.
Why is that a thing? All this hype and memery built around Brock's fourth ammo slot, and then it's all come crashing through the floor because Max has four ammo and nobody knows why. I'm watching Max players in SD just go face-to-face against a Shelly and win because of the extra ammo slot. That said, she should be viable at close range, but not like this. People have reached new levels of cockiness with that extra ammo, and this will bring Run'N'Gun down a little too.
  • Damage per blade decreased from 300 to 280 (420 392)
This one is subtle and doesn't slow her box break speed down. I personally strongly discourage close range combat as Max, and people are using her in Heist and even Boss Fight for her DPS. This makes her better designed for mid-range combat.
  • Health increased from 3500 to 3800 (4900 5320)
Just to compensate. It also makes her playstyle much closer to Bo, Tara and Leon, and less like Rico and Colt. She feels rather frail anyway, and often gets three or four tapped in the blink of an eye.
  • Run'N'Gun efficiency increased by 15%
Now if she doesn't have a fourth ammo slot at least she can reload ammo faster. It takes a while to shoot anyway.
  • Super Charged now charges in 24 seconds instead of 32
It was too slow, and people were better off annoying some random Sandy instead of spinning in a bush for half a minute to get their Supers. Now playing passive also has its reward since there's no risk of dying when spinning inside a bush.


  • Damage decreased from 900 to 860 (1260 1204)
For a support, Sandy did a lot of damage. He'd just walk up to some random Pam and start melting her away with a constant stream of an attack that's impossible to dodge. This one punishes that Power 6/7/8 Sandy at 800 trophies (what a piece of shit that random is, no Star Power at that trophy range...) since they won't be able to do 1.2k damage anymore. It also brings him back down to earth and a 'Support' instead of 'specialises-in-Bo-Assassination-who-can-kill-anyone'.
  • Rude Sands damage increased from 120 to 150
It's anti-regen, I understand that. But right now some are choosing just to stay in the shroud. Now it'll sting a bit more since your average brawler that isn't Frank the Tank will lose a third of their health by staying there.
  • Hits to charge Super increased from 6 to 7
You know why, and so do I. The Sandy just has perpetual invisibility, just like Leon, but it charges easier, lasts longer, can have effects on enemies, can heal teammates, AND APPLIES TO THE WHOLE TEAM. Quite a lot of perks for something that just charges as you flank people down.
  • Attack range increased from 6 to 6.33
His range is a little bit short, which is encouraging bushcamping and brainless gameplay. Given the damage reduction, I want hitting a mid-range to be plausible as well. At least now he can shoot further than Nita, Darryl and Frank, brawlers he struggles against.
It's also a subtle nerf to his projectile speed, since it now takes longer for the attack to reach the end. He can literally shoot around walls at the moment.
  • Speed reduced from 770 (tank) to 720 (normal)
Of all Brawlers, how come he gets extra speed? I notice it a lot when playing Sandy, and he's just an outlier in the data. Putting it back where it belongs. It's also what really makes his attack stand out, since it travels so fast, and since Sandy is fast that makes his shot so easy to connect.


  • Mine spread increased from 1.33 tiles to 1.67 tiles
Put simply, Tick's mines would still be in a triangle, but further away from each other. This takes away the possibility that two mines hit you at the same time (a brawler's hitbox is ~1.33 tiles), but make him better at pinching down.
  • Mine duration decreased from 2 seconds to 1.6 seconds
Tick made the whole game slow. Once he starts vomiting ammo at a bottleneck, it's just a traffic light. The match just stops while the opposite team sits there waiting for his mines to go. Players are basically just denied the ability to travel to certain places just because there's 8600 damage worth of mines lying there.
  • Range decreased from 8.67 to 8
Tick's furthest mine could hit you from just longer than the screen vertically, at 10.67 tiles. That was not okay. Having 8 tiles still gives him an advantage over the other throwers, but at least you can see where the airstrike is coming from now.


  • Reload time increased from 1.25 seconds to 1.4 seconds
She just never runs out of ammo. With her recent health and big damage buff, it's possible for her to just keep juking enemies at close range, consistently being able to kill 8-Bits and Pams at close range just by running in circles, and it's impossible for Nita to miss her attack. In team play, given her pierce attack she'll charge her Super much faster than most brawlers, and little effort was paying off a lot. Even with this change she'll still retain her quick ammo, but it's enough to make most Nita players hesitate before throwing ammo away.
  • Hits to charge Super increased from 7 hits to 8
Other brawlers can use their Supers when in a duel, such as Tara using her portal to initate attacks, or using Bibi's bubble as a finisher, but Nita's bear is simply not meant to help her in a duel. It should not be able to charge fast enough, since it's capable of moving and fighting on its own. This will stop Nita, an already independent and strong brawler, from spontaneously spawning an extra half a brawler every single duel. The bear is much more intimidating with a Star Power, to the point where once the bear is in the battle whoever is it Nita is fighting is usually doomed.
  • Bear movement speed increased from 620 to 670
That said, the bear does have a lot of weaknesses. It's basically a single-use, not just short range, but literally coded to chase enemies until it dies. This gives a non-SP bear more potential in pursuit and even agility to some degree.


  • Health increased from 2800 to 3000 (3920 4200)
So just to recap, before his damage buff, Colt sucked. A lot. That was because he was too similar to Rico, but with less range, no spread, thinner bullets, no bounce, less DPS, less bullets in Super, and slower Super charge speed. The only edges he had over Rico were 200 more health and 200 more damage. Highlighting these changes by adding more buffs to them would set them apart, and give Colt situations where he would be used.
Giving him that subtle health boost also provides another option of gameplay, sort of like how Leon was when he was at his worst, like a glass bushcamper. A frail brawler that could be used well at close range due to sheer burst damage, which is made even stronger with the recent buff. (Can confirm, the amount of effort it takes to kill a Colt as Mortis/Bibi means he'll easily qualify.)
  • Added bullet spread of 5 degrees.
In perspective, 8-Bit and Rico both have 5 degrees of spread. Shelly has 25 degrees, and Poco has 80 degrees of spread. Sometimes a few of Rico's bullets will bounce on a corner but the others won't.
The bulleted brawlers shoot multiple attacks, which means it's like landing a sniper shot except the bullet moves slower, you must keep strafing along to keep doing damage, and only then are you able to possibly do it four or five times per ammo slot.
So a lot of people naturally turn toward autoaiming, also nobody has time to think and act when it's Overtime in Brawl Ball. The spread of 5 degrees does not show up on Rico and 8-Bit's attacks, but it does give their projectile size a boost. Autoaiming with Colt does not have the same effect, since he shoots entirely in a straight line. This applies to Dynamike too, no matter how much damage is increased, if you can't hit a shot in the first place the buff won't do anything.
So giving Colt spread finally gives him equal autoaim privileges to 8-Bit and Rico, and the absolute newbies who've chosen to play Colt will have a much better time playing without skill.
  • Reload speed increased from 1.6 seconds to 1.8 seconds
Colt takes a relatively short amount of time to physically shoot out the ammo slot, and once these buffs are in place the flow of ammo should be slowed down. This stops his DPS from being high as a kite in Heist, which he's probably going to dominate really hard soon with a DPS of almost 1200, and gives him a new role of 'if you get hit and strafe with him that is going to suck a lot'.


  • Health increased from 4900 to 5200 (6860 7280)
Bull just doesn't feel like much of a tank right now. He has a whopping 100 more health than Pam. With one of the shortest ranges in the game, he basically gets melted by everyone. There even was a point where Bull didn't stand a chance against a Steel Hoops Darryl. That may not be so anymore, but that doesn't change how badly he needs a buff. This is bringing back the health he had before that October nerf that nobody can explain to this day.
Also subtly buffs Berserker and Tough Guy since they'll activate at a higher health now.


  • Damage increased from 840 to 880 (1176 1232)
At the moment Jessie's damage is basically ignored because of her sad reload, and depends on her turret way too much. Often those who pick Penny instead are also trying to inflict the extra damage, though Jessie should never do the same damage as Penny, because the bounce can potentially be more dangerous to enemies in more situations. She'll now be able to kill a box with five attacks instead of six, but can't go around picking off Shellies like Penny players can with 1260 damage. It'll help her in a base race since randoms insist on picking her in Heist.
She'll also take one less hit to kill Carl, who is pretty much her hardest counter in the whole game.


  • Detonation time reduced from 1.3 seconds to 1 seconds
At first this might actually mess Dynamike mains up quite badly. But once they get used to it I believe it'll be easier to land shots and not die up close since there's less possibilities of enemy movement when the bombs blow quicker (less time to juke). Mostly the buff is to make landing one stick of dynamite more painful, since hitting two is extremely difficult, and that's how it is meant to be.
It's also a slight nerf to Dyna-jump, which should only really be used to dodge a Super or flip over an annoying wall generating a bottleneck, not constantly jump and refuse to take damage in the poison. Strong players were too skilled with Dynamike and bad players were too... bad.
  • Damage per dynamite increased from 800 to 840 (1120 1176)
Dynamike =/= Tick. Tick does a ridiculous amount of damage, but it takes a lot of brainless gameplay to actually get hit by all three mines. Dynamike's attacks should be sort of accurate but hurt the most consistently. So now with this buff there's the possibility that if enemies don't juke well enough at close range they might actually die.
This is also very FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR to Mortis, who takes exactly five sticks of dynamite to kill now. Just some defense against a brawler who can now three-shot him without taking much damage at all.
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