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So, here's what I wanted to say about BN6 Falzar. Spoilers starts only when I start talking about the Story.

First, this is the second Battle Network I've beaten (third of you count StarForce), but ¿Why not the others first? Because of three things: The fact this is the less sold BN made me want to buy it legally (Thanks WiiU) more than with any other. Second, it's both the 6th and the last entry, and I have a special bond with the 6th entries of long running series. Mostly because I feel after the first five, the 6th is so advanced and so polish that the 5 games before feel primitive, or if not, they almost always mark a before and after. It happened to Final Fantasy (along with 7), it happened to Touhou, it happened to Fire Emblem (though is debatable because it was 7 the one that was brought to America first, but 6 had Roy and Melee introduced Roy and Melee is the reason why FE reached America and Europe), it happened to Mario Kart (even though DS was the one that kinda perfected the formula). Sadly not for Dragon Quest or MegaMan X (even though they're both some of my favorite games of all time). And third: I love the box art, specially the european and Japanese versions without the orange and light-blue borders, both versions are some of my favorite box-arts of all games. I preffer the Falzar box art because I'm more a blue person than a red person (though I can recognize some tones of red can be awesome as well). Also, I'm not too keen on the animals the Cybeasts represents, a Phoenix or a Lion. I choosed Falzar for being the blue version and because I knew beforehand that it had TomahawkMan (which was my 2nd favorite SoulCross of 5) and DustMan. Also, I'm assuming you've already beaten it so I won't explain in much detail some of the unique moments
So, let me start with the Title Screen. And now I start with confusion. ¿Wasn't this version supposed to be the blue one? Ok, not too big of a deal. I thought it could be a bit dissapointing the fact that this screen doesn't have an animation while most of the other games, even the first one, had. But the color pallete makes an unique ambiance (despite that off pixel on the up-left corner) and when I wrote that some red tones could be awesome, I was looking forward to this title screen. But I didn't like the color pallete of the logo, especially the golden 6 and the purple Megaman letters, so I photoshoped it in another post. (Fun Fact: The logo is part of the Background, but the other letters aren't. I discovered that by disabling layers in VBA after finishing the WiiU version). And the title theme on my first sessions didn't like it much, but this last week, it grew on me and I realized how "this is the last one" it felt and I love it now, despite being really short. And I'm sure if I return to this game in years I'm gonna feel nostalgic.
Then the plot starts, and after like ten minutes, we arrive to Cyber City. The fact that this game would take place in a whole new city but started in ACDC made me think that the developers really didn't wanted to waste the BN5 assets, but the thought of the assets being just a background to save in resources and only being in cutscenes once appeared in my head. So, we reach Cyber City, and Lan and Mega decide to make a little tour. I liked the place, despite not being able to enter our neighbours's houses. The store even has a robotic Dog. A few seconds before finishing the little tour until the same Dog I mentioned in the last sentence suddenly starts attacking a never before seen character because the dog has viruses. We go to the unskippable tutorial and learn not much has changed... yet. We save the dog and the character, the last one being shy enough to only say thanks and then run away. So, we return home and see the central network area for the first time. At first I didn't liked much the background and the music wasn't something I would hear again or pop on my head randomly, until at mid-game I started to feel the theme was a worthy opponent of 5's main net area theme, though 5's still wins by much (especially on the DS version). But still not a fan of the dark-blue background only with spheres with binary code on them like Saturn's ring. But I liked the color pallete change of the GreenArea and the Sky Area.
After some plot we reach the first dungeon in only 2 hours of gameplay and even before unlocking the gimmick, and I couldn't believe it: ¡¡It was a fun dungeon on a retro RPG!! I've never been a fan of dungeons in RPGs (or as an unpopular opinion, in 3D TLOZ games), I've always felt them tiring, with nothing interesting, and just making you waste time and HP before you finally reached the plot and the boss, when the time spent in dungeons could've been used to make the plot more detailed or having more bosses. But ¿Why was this dungeon fun? Because it had an overworld gimmick that kept you on your toes, and it was quick (Only an hour, and it could've been less if it weren't for another obvious thing that I'll mention when I reach the actual gameplay). It also had a good track with a guitar-sound that I liked (but was used only in three non-ambience only tracks), and the background was more detailed than the Net-Overworld one. Surprisingly for me, all the dungeons (except for the aquarium one, but I still enjoyed it a bit, but it feel a few levels because it was a bit frustrating) were really fun in their gimmicks and they finished just right before they would started to get tiring. The Judment Tree was my favorite, since Thinking about the routes to take was fun for me and then executing it was really quick, and has a relaxing and catchy theme. Mr.Weather's Dungeon was my second favorite since moving in the cloud at that speed was fun already, and generating the rainbow drops was interesting, specially for a game wich it's overworld feels like a background, despite the hitboxes of the circle being a bit unresponsive. And the music is also good. But sadly they're the only 4 dungeons in the game, so most of the exploration will happen on the net, which feels just like a confusing (the first three times you pass through them) hall with no interesting gimmicks, but it's understandable since it's not an actual dungeon and you can (kinda) buy shortcuts when you reach Sky Area. And I didn't cared about most of the backgrounds. But there's something wich makes the net so much worse, a problem that has hurt all of the MegaMan RPGs (Including X Command Mission), and loads of others: High Encounter Rate. Seriously, you find a enemy every 15 seconds at the most. It doesn't matter that sometimes the battles themselves don't last 10 seconds, because with the victory screen, they'll always last at least 11 seconds if you're quick choosing your chips. And, before you tell me about the existence of Sneak Run, it only worked for me in the central area, since the game never explains what it's considered as a "weak enemy".
So, before I write about the combat-gameplay and the new gimmick, I'm gonna talk about the Non-Dungeon Net areas minigames. After between two and four hours, in the plot you meet a character that did something important enough in one of the previous games, and it takes you to a class in wich you control her navi (wich is neat), and go to an area to play a mini-game, and after that you had to fight them as MegaMan to get his cross. This was repeated for all the navis whom you can cross with. SpoutMan's minigame was a bit confusing to know the specific location, and I had a hard time finding the tornado, but playing it was fine. It was cool being able to ignore the walls in a game without a fall of the ledge mechanic and catching some of the fishes was just a bit interesting. Then after plot I found Dingo, wich mean "Tomahawk Cross", let me remind you that Tomahawk Soul was my favorite of 5. But the game forces you to end the arc before taking his class, which made me backtrack a bit. Talking about backtracking before continuing with the classes, well, not about backtracking, but something similar enough which is getting lost without knowing what to do (and something that loads of RPGs even to this game suffer), this game didn't had many times were I didn't know what to do and waste a whole hour of my life trying to find out without a guide, only three moments, since most of the hints were useful (not all, but more than 66% of them). I felt forced to use a guide only four times, which if this were a ideal world, would be a bad thing, but since it's not, 4 times is a pretty good number. Also, read the e-Mail, I didn't for the whole game, and I never would've known about TenguMan's class without a guide if I didn't read the e-Mail. Returning to Tomahawk man, his minigame is in the battle arena, and was surprisingly fun, really easy,but really fun. I'd wish it had a separate high-score mode. Also, I've noticed this is probably the only time in MegaMan BN where you can look to the left. After more plot you find GroundMan and DustMan's operators and they tell you where to go if you want their crosses. (So yeah, you can beat the game without ever having the crosses, but the only reason to not having them is for speedruning, since (spoilers of my opinion on them) they're fun). GroundMan's minigame is in overworld, and it's surprisingly precise, you can only make like two mistakes and no backtracking or backtracking once without mistakes. I once broke the last rock while the dynamite exploded, I tought since it was the last rock and I pushed the dash button before it exploding would made me win, but no, the dynamite exploded anyways. But I didn't get way too frustrated since it was only two minutes that I've lost because of... losing the minigame, and the learning curve plus mastering the timing was really fun. Now, DustMan's minigame was like tomahawk man, but acknowledging the fact that he is a vacuum. I honestly can't decide if I like TomahawkMan's or DustMan's more. But seriously, they needed a infinite high-score mode to compete with friends for having a bigger score (like the Game&Watch games). Now, TenguMan's was also fun and really tense, sometimes the crows would not let me get through and I felt forced to waste a tornado attack, but there are enough leaves to recover, you just have to get good and memorize the route. I liked it more than SpoutMan's. And all of them, just like the dungeons, ended right before they'd get tiring, one area more (or one level more in Tomahawk and Dust's cases) would've been too much. But, let me remind you, there's another overworld minigame.
Right before you unlock the power of the FalzaGregar, you have to get through the road blocking souls minigame, wich is surprisingly amazing, since all the layouts and the rules for eliminating them allow for so much thinking to plan the way to spend the least amount of weapons and get the rewards. There was a time in the last minigame where I tought I was screwed and I had to start over just by one hit, but figured out a way to kill the last yellow from behind with the axe and kill the last red with the knife. It transformed a possible frustrating moment to one of the best I've had with the game. So, now finally talk about the gameplay. After some story, CircusMan catches Gregar but it can't catch Falzar. After the first soul minigame, story, and a bossfight against CircusMan, MegaMan did what CircusMan didn't, catching Falzar. So, now with the power of Falzar, a beast who almost destroyed the internet, and Lan making it sound like a huge deal in the tutorial (saying phrases like "No Way!" when he learns about the +30 extra damage for neutral chips)... Actually the Falzar Beast Out isn't great. You can float, but TenguCross also can. The Falzar buster can hit three rows, but the side roads only reach a certain range, and with the enemies moving a lot, there are only a few occasions where you can make a decent damage. The addition of an AutoAim is neat, since you can go to the enemy's panels, but it doesn't grant you invulnerability, so you have to know when is the time to use the chip. Also, the enemy could move to another panel a few framea after you pressed the button so you also need great timing. And knowing wich panel are you returning is a bit confusing, I don't remember if you return to the panel where you were or if you return to the panel in the same row where the attack was aimed to. I barely used the neutral chip charge shot since I mostly use elemental chips. Also, you can only use it for three turns (or the amount of emotion that you have at the moment) and you can't cancel it, and if you did a Cross while Beast Out, you lose the Cross for the rest of the battle. And if you try to Beast Out while you're tired, the Beast takes MegaMan Over, state where it becomes an NPC for the turn, and the next turn MegaMan gets so tired it can cross even if you have crosses available, and he loses HP every single unit of time we humans can detect, so ¿Why would you made the Beast take him over? I could imagine some specifics kinds of scenarios where you'd need the power of the Falzar to kill the enemy in that turn or else you wouldn't be able to dodge it and die, but those case would only apply to PvP since, spoilers of my thoughts about the bosses, the battles are way too short and easy. Now, the crosses, I liked them, and they're potentially infinite (unless they hit you with a Weakness or you Beast Out), and I liked their busters so much, I really couldn't find a reason to not use them (maybe because of the animation wasting seconds of your life or fighting against someone who has your weakness as an attack). Heck, they're even better than the FalzarBuster. Spout Cross hitted two rows and dealed double amount of the normal buster. It also has a gimmick that if you use a water chip, you restore 5% health, which can come in handy, but I only used three water chips so it wasn't that useful for me. TomahawkMan's was my favorite in 5, and is extremely powerful if you have AreaGrab. Though I noticed it being somewhat slow (wich is fair since it could potentially deal 80 damage yo 6 enemies), and being easily stopped if the enemy hitted MegaMan. Not sure if the slowness was also present in the Tomahawk Soul. Ground Cross's buster was fun for strategizing dodges and also dealed a big amount of damage, though I don't understand why is in Falzar (the game with a boss that's flying). Dust Cross had a chip-replacing gimmick and a Charge Shot that can literally break panels, which was useful to trap some bosses. Plus if you hit (I think) the shield combination (Left + Buster) you could suck... something, It once (and when I write Once I literally mean Once in all of the battles I used it) sucked a block, but I think it was destroyed or the enemy hitted me. Also, I wasn't able to pull it out more than 40% of the times I did the combo (so that's why I'm not 100% sure if it was the shield combo), and when I pulled it out, it did literally nothing, so please someone tell me in the comments how to use it and what it can do. Tengu Cross was permanent WideSword while being able to float, so it was the most useless, Specially because Falzar can fly already, but I know I'm gonna regret writing that if I got trapped between broken panels. Actually, doing a Falzar Cross wasn't any different from doing a single Beasy Out beside having a weakness, so I'd love that someone explain what's the difference between a single Cross form with a Beast Cross besides replacing an useful buster with the Falzar Buster and being able to float. Anyway, all of the designs were really cool, counting the Beast Crosses. Though I preffer Tomahawk Soul over Tomahawk Cross, not only in design. In implementation, I really preffer the Souls because they have more impact in the gameplay, despite being limited by a timer, like Tomahawk Soul making all the panels of grass, plus recovering health in them, Or Shadow Soul being a Tengu Cross with long range. But I still used the crosses more just because they're not limited by a timer, and as I stated before, I really didn't find a reason to not use them. But ¿What about the navis themselves? Well, they're equally fun as their crosses, I'd say better because they don't get stuned and cancel their ChargeShots when they're hit. And three of them (Spout, Tengu and Ground) have a different Charge Shot which I liked more than their Crosses's. Tengu's is a long sword, Spout can break the floor (so you can technically only use it two times on the same row, but that made it interesting and required a bit of planning to use, despite (technically) not reaching the third row, maybe that actually helped to strategize with it). And GroundMan's is basically the Spread Drill from the classic timeline, but it has (almost) the exact same reach as the FalzarBuster... but dealing more than twenty times it's damage.
So, the only thing that's left for me to say are the bosses... Most of them are pathetic and way too short, short enough to barely remember their gimmicks. No memories about BlastMan besides his Sprite, Dive Man shooted fast missiles (like in the classic timeline) and hide, wich was cool, but I had a thunder chip and his 600HP became 260HP ON THE FIRST TURN. At least I remember Circus Man being good (and hard), he moved a lot, and his attacks barely gave me time to react to them but that was what it actually made it fun. Same as element man, which is the one that I trapped (alongside DiveMan in his rematch) with the Dust Charge Shot. I remember Judge Man having a book which changed it's attacks if you hitted it, but still was easy since JudgeMan went down really quickly. Fighting Colonel and Beast Over MegaMan was neat, but BO MegaMan was underwhemingly easy. I'm gonna save Falzar for the EndGame. But at least Surge of power is an awesome boss theme, and I like a DS remix of the normal battle theme more than 5 DS's.
Now, the story. It was fine, not awesome, not a wasted potential like X Command Mission. It had some cool moments and the new characters were interesting... at first sight.
We're first introduced to Iris, which I was pleasantly surprised for she being a human, The mystery surrounding her was interesting enough about ¿How did she knew MegaMan was took over by the beast? ¿How did she controlled the punishment robots? Etc. Also, she was apparently very shy, but with her acts saving MegaMan and Lan's life, she was actually very brave. She is a way better character than her X Timeline counterpart. And Mick, with his design (specially with that mark on his left cheek) I tought he was related to Dingo and TomahawkMan, and his attitude of being rude and "I don't want your help" made me believe he was going to be a well developed character.
Also, I really liked Plata, because Penguins are my second favorite animals and he getting his penguin partners together to arrest Blackbeard is something that could be actually possible, since Penguins are Surprisingly smart. And Mick going away without a good bye made me... hating him because that was cruel, but is one of those moments that in real life you'd hate, but in storytelling they can be masterful. (Also, now I realized I didn't visited Plata back when I went to the Aquarium for DustMan's test so now I feel bad and I will pop the game again after I finish writing this). I really tought Mick was going to feel bad for not saying bye to Plata sometime later in the game... He didn't, and he became less important since that point, and became just a Dex. Now his navi... he is a recolor of the shopkeepers... But it's surprisingly a good character, even better than Mick in my opinion. He kinda hates Mick because they lose, and the start arguing on who's the incompetent. But I think Mick is the incompetent, because in the second trial MegaMan talks to him and he is more noticeable angry than Mick. He also goes to the undernet on his own, and causes trouble. In that cutscene, we got to know ¿A Religious Cult? I really didn't expected a religious cult in a MegaMan game, or at least not in the BattleNetwork series since I think it's aimed to a younger audience than X or Zero. Sadly, these guys only work for being forced virus encounters and some story moments with MegaMan.They actually kidnap him and we have to go with other navi of our choice out of the 5, and they have their own dialogues when MegaMan is not available. The vilians are fine, I really liked JudgeMan's operator since corrupt politicians are a thing in real life that kids don't really know, and he literally betrayed his own will from childhood (But I think destroying the world was way too much, since is better than nothingness, and even if we humans will never be perfect, we are still able to try it if we want in a never ending search for perfection). But not much to say about the other WWW members.... Blackbeard is a generic cruel idiot that I hated and he must go to hell. Now, the Mayor of Cyber city, one should already know he's planning something since we have a cutscene where Lan's dad gives him a special program. So, even if his reveal was something expected, the way he got discovered by Lan wasn't much, only for the fact that he was concerned if someone discovered him with Blackbeard. And his motives were: He wanted his Grandfather to be recognized as the genius he was, because he was rejected by society because he was the creator of Falzar... which ended in more chaos and destruction for the internet, but it still was with a good intention, and that's what his grandson is trying to acknowledge. Which was a great concept for me.... But he got arrested in that same cutscene and then never showed up again, we never knew how much his plans were, aside from contacting with a certain benefactor. But since the origins of the Cybeast came out, let's talk about them. The origin of Gregar was literally what I've heard about Gospel (which is worsen by the fact that I've seen Gospel's design and he is a Lion with a space skin, and Gregar looks almost like an Aqua-Green Gospel), but with the Falzar's creation added. Also, it turns out that Gregar isn't a Lion, but a Wolf. When I read that I was like "¿What? I've made the wrong decision", and since I like the Beast Out Gregar more in design, when I learned that it was a Wolf, it became more of a deal to me, because, while Wolves themselves aren't much of my interest, it's because they're almost literally wild Dogs that I still like them a lot, since I have a special love for Dogs, so being able to fuse with a Wolf it's like being able to fuse with a Dog (Which is one of the aspects I liked the most of TLOZ Twilight Princess). Now being able to have the power of a Phoenix, I don't care. Only birds I like a lot are Penguins, and Phoenixes are related to fire, and I've never liked the fire element. But, as a plot element, they're not the most interesting or original thing they could've done. They're "The beast that almost destroyed humanity but at the last chance humanity got the chance to seal them and now they're sleeping until this plot awakens them". Other of the characters that I can talk about are Mr.Mach, whom I tought wouldn't have any true impact on the story aside punishing Mick for being a jerk. But he had, and actually, he tried to redeem himself when he told Lan the plans of WWW in one scene and then helped to fight the villain trio. He told us his depressing backstory, but it's nothing we could relate to since it's never shown, and one hour before, Mr.Mach was nothing. Baryl re-appears as the leader of the new group of the WWW, which surprised me, since he helped us to take care about Nergal in BN5. And the worst part it's that his motives, unlike Mr.Mach, are never explained, Lan and MegaMan just asume that he has motives. Now Coronel, after being equal to X1's Zero in role from what I remember (I had ten years when I beated BN5, so tell me if I'm wrong), just became... a literally mindless character, he only cared about the mission and stopping us... apparently. And I wrote apparently, because near the end of the game and in the end game, he is core for some pretty good motivational speeches about "It's not by destiny, but by my own will", so him with Baryl became some of the best characters of the game. Then on a point you got to return to ACDC town, so it wasn't just a background for cutscenes, but it was reduced (naturally) to another area like Green or Sky Town. But aside from nostalgia for being the last entry, it doesn't add much. It was then when I realized Mick was Dex with a generic-desgined navi, mostly because Lan said it. Now, the other Navigators... Were literally just a test. TenguMan's operator had a Cutscene where he hacked his coordenate values reaching a few pixels outside the screen, then he talked about the power of wind during his test... and that's it. GroundMan's, we don't even get to know his name, he looks like a clown version of Mr.Mach... he likes rocks, And That's it. DustMan.EXE came to save us during the second final, and I wonder how a certain youtuber reacted to that scene... But I said DustMan Exe, not his operator. After he save us, he talks about recycling in his test, and that's it. Now the returning Dingo and Shuko... I can forgive them more because they're returning characters, and Shuko apparently got character development as Lan said, then the dialogue that came next made Lan regret that statement. She talks about the power of water, and that's it. I was surprised about Dingo doing classes, because he didn't looked like someone who wanted to teach, but it's only for his test, which involves a ritual from his tribe. Actually, the navis got more personality than their operators in this game, but I only have to say that, knowing certain youtuber, I didn't expected DustMan exe's personality. Also, they have their own dialogues when they go to save MegaMan, which is cool. I forgot to mention in the gameplay that they're useful to get rid of RoadBlocks, so completionist will use them more than I did. Also, Chaud and ProtoMan show up as Deus ex machina to save us from Colonel. But let me give him extra points because I didn't expected the guy covered in clothes being him, and I was surprised when I saw him with the Mayor. The last character I want to talk about is Dr.Wily. I was surprised of him actually desiring to destroy the world (yet again), because something I remember clearly about BN5, it's him erasing Nergal's Memory (his son) to make him good, so it came a bit as a contradiction. And that's it until the EndGame. The characters I didn't mentioned like Tab or ElementMan's operator were nothing or perfectly replaceable to me. I almost forgot to mention it, I liked the idea of the Judgement Tree, since Trees are actually alive. So, with all of that said, let's rap up the EndGame, where I'll combine some gameplay elements and some Story elements. After re-obtaining MegaMan from his Beast Over, Lan got a Mail inviting him to the preview of the expo, and not only Lan, but anyone Lan wanted to invite. Megaman was a bit paranoid about it (but ¿How to blame him?). So, we go to invite everyone, Iris was in school for some unknown reason. Tab was in the store and I spent 3 minutes searching him on the school because I only went to the chip store once. We invite everyone, and everyone go to the expo after the meeting. We're forced to press A in the three main atractions, Iris gets along with Mayl and Yai starts to feel alone because she doesn't know how to get into the conversation (feeling that I share in school), you can walk on a way made of fishes that are almost a meter separated of each and other. and that's about it that's worthy to be talked about. Before we go to the main attraction, the trio of traitors return to try to take Falzar from MegaMan, but they were detected by the presentator navi in a copybot, so they had to execute their plans quickly. Returning to Lan, The whole team discover that Copybots were produced in mass (Just noticed I didn't wrote about the copybots, so I'll alongside with the story), and Wily reveals himself and start saying that Iris needed to return to him, and I was "What? Iris is Nergal's daughter and Wily's Granddaughter?!". Then copybots start surrounding us, until Chad comes to save Lan and MegaMan with ProtoMan, because apparently copy bots can reply their powers in real life, which is something that was barely acknowledged by the game and it was a Huge detail, and it'll never be explained how (another thing in common with Digimon, most specifically with Universe: Not explaining the science). But the others were kidnapped so, we gotta save'em. And here's the boss rush, revisiting a shortened version of the dungeons. I've already said I liked the dungeons, so this was actually neat (but please game, don't make another before the Cybeasts), and the Aquarium one made me laugh a bit with the director of the aquarium and knowing that clown fishes are in debt with anemones. Also, the Security Bots's soul flames hit a lot harder than the normal flames of the beginning of the game, 100HP, and I had only 440 HP. But the bosses still aren't long enough for my liking, though Element Man improved a lot and killed me more than five times (mostly because I saved with 47HP before him and I only had 2 mini energy and I wanted to save the only Full Energy I bought in the entire game to fight Falzar). Same with CircusMan, specially with my only 1XYHP, but that's what made them the best normal bosses of the game for me. Then Lan reach them, but since he's only a ¿11? years old boy against three adults and didn't had a copybot, he was doomed. Until the ACDC guys came with their navis in copybots, so the Trio of Traitors did something that looked like committing suicide. Mick and Tab were also there, but their navis, since they're generic, they had to be saved by Chaud. Then we have a great talk with Baryl before the door to the final dungeon, which talks about what I mentioned about "Not by destiny, but by my own will".
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Tekken Mobile inclusions - Alisa Bosconovitch ideas

Let me preface by saying that even though the developers seemingly don't want to participate in this community, even though I don't feel confident they will even read this, I love the character of Alisa enough to waste massive time to record clips and write this up. Edit: Thanks for the acknowledgement, devs. I'm still salty that Alisa was excluded from a mobile tekken game again, when Lili and Asuka are typical shoe-ins. Now onto the subject at hand:
I've compiled what I believe to be a varied and interesting set up for how Alisa can be depicted in Tekken Mobile, while best considering some rules and restrictions I gathered based on observing other characters. As Tekken Mobile is a worldwide release, I've omitted chainsaw and head removal moves. This equals to less development and distributive resources needed.
Alisa Bosconovitch Element: Lightning Outfits: -Tier 1/2 outfit - Tekken 6 1P outfit (and recolor) -Tier 3 - Tekken 6 2P outfit -Tier 4 - Tekken 7 1P outfit. Intro pose - This one or it could be this one. Winpose - This one or it could be this one, though I like her T6 winpose where she flies away.
-Attacks- Short Range Tap Combo - Accelerator Combo Long Range Tap Combo - Quick Slider to Uplink Knee Hold Attack - Boot to Linear Elbow
-Wazas- Thirty wazas like everyone else. Focus on strike waza.
Strike Waza Tier 0 - Overflow, Deadlock, Trance Accelerator Kick Tier 1 - Jumper Switch, Spinning Top Tier 2 - Down Time, Triple Session Tier 3 - Cradle Star, Linear Drop Kick Tier 4 - Cutover, Linear Punch
Launcher Waza Tier 0 - Pickup, Harpoon Sweep Tier 1 - Digital Lift Tier 2 - Gigabyte Hammer Tier 3 - Spear Fishing Tier 4 - Inbound Kick, Dynamic Range (1hit)
Stun Waza Tier 0 - Daisy Chain Tier 1 - Cyclone Mixer (2hit) Tier 2 - Trance Hammer Tier 3 - Worm Virus Tier 4 - Double Threading
Guard Break Waza Tier 0 - Stop Bit Tier 1 - Backup to Recovery Hook Tier 2 - Cute But Deadly Tier 3 - Accelerator Tier 4 - Overload
Throw Waza Tier 2 - Trigger Shuffle Tier 3 - Double Bull Shoot
Hopefully Alisa can make it into the Tekken Mobile. Ideally, I'd hope for the game to improve upon itself an eventually add everyone, though.
submitted by Kilvoctu to TEKKENMobile

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