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Recolored 1 1 0 Keygen Free

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So you want to mod Dragon Age...

I will be continuing to edit this thread to add new mods as I find and try them out. Mods added more than a week after the original post will be indicated like this.

Installing mods

Important programs:
Game Play and Environment:
  • Improved Atmosphere - Thanks cirion5! Important Note: Imrpoved Atmosphere can sometimes cause missing thumbnails. The fix for that can be found here. Thanks to Ganrao for pointing this out.
  • Dragon Age Redesigned – Adds a lot of environmental changes, and updates some of the weirder faces in the game, as well as makes small changes to more accurately reflect events and dialogue. Several variants available.
  • Character Respecialization - Adds a raven to most areas with free respec potions.
  • Lock Bash - Bash through locks on chests and doors you can't pick.
  • No Helmet Hack - Hide helmets for your party.
  • Beyond Ferelden Chest - A storage chest for your party camp.
  • Sleeping Tent – A tent for your Warden in camp. Note: This appears to spawn in the same location as the chest, which render one or both unusable. I would pick and choose between this mod and the Beyond Ferelden Chest.
  • Dalish Elves Beautified
  • Skip the Fade - Gives you all the same stat points, etc. All you have to do is run through the companion and final cutscenes/fights.
  • Forced Deathblows - Because deathblows are awesome. Can also be used to turn off deathblows almost completely.
  • Auto-Loot - Screw the dialogue box.
  • Dalish Mage Origin
  • Dragon Age Class and Specialization Pack
  • Awakening in the OC - Adds the essential features of Awakening to the base game. I would not recommend this for beginners. It's very easy to mess up your game and likely has a slough of comparability issues.
  • Sleep Until Dawn - Lets your Warden go to bed (including some interaction with your love interest), and creates a Dawn state for camp.
  • Beat the Hell out of Howe - For all your Human Noble vengeance needs.
Game Fixes (There are many, but these are the ones I use):
  • Dialogue Tweaks - Fixes some dialogue options that are slightly not contextually appropriate and adds in responses that should really be in the game, fixes some references.
  • Two Spec Sten - Because he somehow only gets one Specialization point.
  • MADD Gift Guide - Adds a notation of the intended companion for preferred gifts. Be warned: it spoils the identity of the Mystery Companion if you've never finished the game before.
  • Make Console Commands Visible - Some mods and game bug fixes require you to type things into the console, but the console is naturally invisible, which causes some problems. This will let you see the console text. Make sure you also grab the linked fonts.erf file.
  • Advanced Tactics - Fixes and deepens the tactics system.
  • Combat Tweaks - Smooths out skills and makes them balanced. Makes some of the more terrible skills actually useful.
  • White Teeth - Because some of the teeth textures are really distracting.
  • Symmetrical Massive Armor - This mod was actually made by our very own svk151! Lets you pick one shoulder style and one glove style for the Massive armor.
  • Effects Handler - Includes quite a few handy tweaks and removes effects out of combat.
Extended Gameplay:
  • Baldur's Gate II Redux - Irenicus' Dungeon from Baldur's Gate II. Huge, amazing mod.
  • Alley of Murders - "Experience the dangerous underbelly of Denerim's streets by investigating a series of murders that will see you battle thieves, murderers, darkspawn and more."
  • Dark Times - Act I - "A search for a cure to the eventual death sentence that comes as a result of the Joining leads the Grey Warden to the Confederacy of Malkuth, a loose collection of city states which exists south of Ferelden, beyond the Uncharted Territories." NOTE: This is a torrent file, you will need a program to open it, such as uTorrent. Look for the required file under the "Files" tab, labeled Torrent Dark Times Act One v1_07.rar
  • Quests and Legends (Thanks Shabutaro!) - HUGE game extension, and apparently extremely well done, including full voice acting.
Create A Character Enhancement:
Companion and NPC Appearance Tweaks (there are MANY but these are my favorites):
  • Sacred Ashes Companions - Updates Morrigan, Leliana, and/or Sten to more closely resemble their appearance in the Sacred Ashes trailer.
  • Morrigan Sacred Ashes Robes - Replaces Morrigan's armor with her kickass trailer armor. Especially useful if you're not a fan of her vanilla, cleavage-heavy robes, but want to keep her looking unique.
  • DA2 Flemeth and Isabela in DA:O - If you are bothered by the huge redesign they did on these characters but prefer the DA2 models, or just want some consistency.
  • Armor of the Devout - New armor specific to Leliana available at the site of Andraste's Ashes, with an extra, similar set for Zevran or your rogue PC.
  • Leliana's Sacred Ashes Trailer Armor
  • Armor of the Sten - Special armor for Sten, found in Lothering.
  • Tranquil Tattoos - Replicates the forehead tattoos present on Tranquil mages in DAII.
  • DA2 Style Qunari in DA:O - Works on Sten, too.
  • Grey Wardens of Ferelden - Replaces the armor of every Grey Warden in the game with a class appropriate version of the Grey Warden armor from DA2, and spawns a class-appropriate set in your inventory upon joining the Wardens. It even changes the armor of every warden in the Soldier's Peak DLC. Extremely well done, but as far as I can tell, all the armor is low level. There are also weapons in this mod.
New Companion:
  • Ser Gilmore NPC - Someone went through and completely fleshed out Ser Gilmore from the Human Noble origin to make him a companion. It's not voiced by the same actor for the rest of the game, but the sheer effort required is amazing.
  • Ser Gilmore for Awakening is also available. With continuity.
  • Karmas Origins Companions - Lets you recruit pretty much anyone, ever.
  • Extra Dog Slot - Adds your dog as a permanent, summonable companion, much like in DA2. Makes the game a bit easier.
  • Dog Gifts Tweak - Dog's approval is pretty much stuck at +100, making gifts useless. This mod makes each gift add stats instead.
  • Mabari Recolors - Make your best friend fashion forward.
  • Extended Dog Talents - When you reach a high enough level, you run out of talents for Dog. Now you won't.
Romance Expansions (Note: by romance I don't mean the sex cut scenes, I mean more meaningful interactions and extended story points):
  • Extended Zevran Romance - Lots of small extended scenes.
  • Extended Alistair Romance - More small scenes, including a special scene for each origin. Very sweet.
  • First Night with Alistair
  • More visible Alistair kiss - Because seriously... his armor is huge.
  • Cullen Romance Option - A very well done mod, if you wanted to follow up on hitting on Cullen as a mage. Adds a scene when you first see him, when you leave, and during Broken Circle.
  • Free Love - Allows females to romance Morrigan, though be warned: she will refer to your character with male pronouns, and she will still proposition you for the dark ritual, allowing you to lesbian conceive. Also allows for males to romance Alistair, but again, he will refer to you with female pronouns. This affects party banter, too.
  • Polygamey - Allows you to romance anyone and everyone (this is all four available romances, if you use the previous mod). No jealousy. Allows the threesome/foursome with Isabela, even if companions aren't hardened.
  • Alistair's Nightmare - This is a companion mod for Sleep Until Dawn, and requires that mod for this to work. Adds an extremely well done cutscene to the game, triggered after certain conditions are met.
Romance Expansions continued (Spoilers for ending) (Thanks to ItamiOzanare for formatting help):
Naked people (All links NSFW):
Edited or Extended Sex Scenes (All links NSFW):
submitted by whyihatepink to dragonage

Every TI8 Immortal Ranked from Worst to Best!

Okay guys now that the IT3 has released i thought i would go through them all and see which ones were the best and which ones missed the mark. This list is based on my own opinions of each immortal, how it works with the character, and things like effects, ascetics, etc. From this i will not be using the Treasure of Immanent Letdown because those were just recolors and not true new immortals. Also the List will start from the worst and make it's way to the best.
So here we go!
#24 Savage Mettle (Spirit Breaker): Personally this is my least favorite immortal this year. It's Red color effect doesn't really fit the BLUE helmet charge we got from his last immortal. While it does make the bash very noticeable it's a mediocre ambient effect at best. I think they could have toned the colors around to match his Helm and made the effect for his ult instead of bash but hey it's whatever.
#23 Shatterblast Core (Ancient Apparition): This one is mostly because i don't have the Immortal Helm and it looks so off with just the chest. Also i think they should have used the ability Cold Feet instead of Ice Vortex. Don't get me wrong with the Helm it's a cool looking immortal pair, mostly because AA has no armor sets, but i think they could have done better for the ability. Also the little reddish-pink middle, for the ability itself, just makes it ascetically horrible to look at.
#22 Pyrexaec Flux (Jakiro): This goes along with number 23 mostly because i don't have the ice path immortal and without it the character looks like he's got one big ass head and another tiny one. Ascetically it's a beautiful head piece with a decent effect and it's the first one where i don't knock the ability they choose but just from the standpoint of not having the Ice head it looks weird and is hard to get around that.
#21 Zeal of Omoz Arkosh (Doom): Okay this is just a true let down right here. Doom has some great ass abilities like Infernal Blade and Doom but no Volvo gives us the Pedophile Hand for Devour. Don't get me wrong it looks great but it's a huge miss opportunity here. We could of got some more wings that augment his Scorched Earth but NOOOOOO. Doom definitely needed some love and i'm happy he got something but i don't think we needed the weird hand from Idle Hands, it's a movie. IMDB it if you don't know what it is.
#20 Paragons Rebuke (Omniknight): Okay this one is just hard to call it's good but not great. Custom Repel is nice but have a custom Guardian Angel is better. It's effect and ascetics are so-so. it does match a bit to his hammer but it's really flamboyant and not in a good way. the Repel effect is super nice though and the main reason i rank it higher then the Zeal of Pedophile.
#19 Emerald Conquest (Underlord): Now here is a character that needed some love and i was really happy to see him get and immortal. BUT!!!! Then he got an armor set too that looks really good and the weapon doesn't even match it. Also the ability Pit of Malice was nice to get the augment but it's just a green recolor with a slightly augmented circle pattern. Though i do have to say that this guys looks like he's gonna hack you down with a giant ass Jade weapon does have some cool appeal to it but alas it's a good immortal overshadowed by a better armor set. SAD!
#18 Malefic Drake's Strike (Viper): Yet again another character that needed some more love and while the 2 piece immortal set is nice that's just it. IT'S NICE. While Nethertoxin's effect looks great, and is top runner for great ambient effects this TI, the upward swing of the tail makes it ascetically weird to look at. Also with all the other candidates i couldn't place it any higher because i think they out do it in other ways. Though it is a nice immortal it's not a GREAT immortal.
#17 Ghastly Nocturne (Batrider): OH SHIT! First immortal from treasure 3 and man is it such a waste. We get the bad ass manta ray and Owl but if you have those fuck you guys cause Volvo gave us ANOTHER MOUNT!!!! Honestly it's really nice looking and the effect is fucking FIRE, haha PUNS, but the main reason i rank it this low is because the Manta Ray and Owl just look better! They could of given us a head piece that changes Sticky Napalm or a weapon piece that augments the Lasso but no we get yet ANOTHER MOUNT! Okay i think you see where i'm going with this now this was probably the biggest missed opportunity and the immortal i personally feel they dropped the ball the most on.
#16 Hearts of Misrule (Dark Willow): Getting another treasure 3 piece out of the way we get an immortal for one of our new characters. while the effect is very nice and hugely noticeable the head piece is just plain goofy looking! Ascetically it's nice, the piece itself, but it's just so weird from the immortal we got when she first launched. Personally i think Volvo choose the right ability but didn't get the color tones right with how she looks. Maybe in the future we will get a nice set that compliments this immortal but for now it's a pretty immortal that makes our new hero look goofy.
#15 Censer of Gliss (Shadow Shaman): FINALLY SOME FUCKING SHADOW SHAMAN LOVE THAT ISN'T A RARE!!!!! Ques "We Are the Champions" Anyways this immortal is really nice and hit it out of the park with the ability choice but the reason i can't rank it higher on this list is because if you have no sets for SS, like me, then it looks really fucking weird. When i looked at this on my character screen the first thing i thought of was Quagmir from Family Guys when he discovers the internet. Yeah let that image sink in. It looks weird now doesn't it? Getting back on track it's ascetically beautiful and i can't wait to play shaman but that Quagmir image just ruins it for me for now.
#14 Bracers of the Forlorn Precipice (BOTH) (Dark Seer): I'm not gonna lie i love the offlane and dark seer is one of my favorite offlaners. That aside his new immortal is ascetically great to look at and goes with most of his sets. I'm also ranking both sets here as i feel both are nice in their own ways and i don't see one being better then the other. Picking Ion Shell was a masterful pick by Volvo and i have to give them credit for that. The ability now looks better then it ever did before but we had a lot of competition so it was harder to rank it any higher then it was here, but great job Volvo on a master immortal!
#13 Bloodfeather Feast (BOTH) (Queen of Pain): Qop......oh QoP.......you's a bad bitch!!!! This weapon is fucking awesome looking on here especially if you have the red ambient wings........OMG... That aside i think QoP new weapon is very nice and fits perfectly into a lot of her sets. It's ascetically nice to look at the the new effect on Shadow Strike is really nice. This was hard for me to choose between this and number 12, but i think Volvo did i nice job here and gave some love to one of our favorite Mid Laners.
#12 Tempest Revelation (Zues): "ZUES!!!!!!!!" "Guys mount Olympus is that way." points in other direction "ZUES!!!!!". Honestly Zues is one of the OG heroes and while he does have an Arcana this immortal actually works with his arcana! It's gorgeous in design and sense Arc Lightning is one of his most used abilities my hats off to you sir! Even if you don't have the arcana it's a great immortal and with the lightning bolt from one the previous TI's it works well the only problem i have is that the new icon is retarded and just not that great. Everything else though was great for this immortal.
#11 Edict of Shadows (BOTH) (Riki): Another dual immortal that looks good with whatever one you have equipped. The custom Smoke Screen is not only annoying for enemies but truly plays to Riki's nature and character. I feel like this is probably one of the best immortals lore wise for a character. The original one works with so many of his sets and is ascetically pleasing to the eyes while the gold one is a bit more flamboyant but works nonetheless. The laughing cloud was great and i hope that Volvo works more stuff in like that into future immortals.
#10 Edge of the Lost Order (REGULAR) (Juggernaut): Oh shit we breaking the Top 10 so lets "CUT" into it with style and say the the Jugg Sword is fucking sweet. It's perfect in color, its ability, and works so well with his Arcana it's stupid scary. While Jugg has a lot of weapons this immortal i feel is ranked near the top and will definitely sell for like $10 once it's marketable. This immortal is one that i feel most people wanted when they saw treasure 2. This is also the only one to get broken apart from it's gold version. While i think this is good i felt that the gold sword truly out classes it.
#9 Masque of Awaleb Bundle (Witch Doctor): Oh shit our first ULTRA RARE is here and for all the hype that we had for IT3 this was kind of a let down from the other two UR's. I will say getting 2 immortals is great but when it's literally a re-mask of Bonkers and that is just not okay. I will also admit that the Maledict animation is fucking banana's and is mainly why i placed it so high but if your gonna give us a bundle give us a bundle with 2 immortals that don't overlap. Having a custom Voodoo Restoration would have been fucking awesome but hey the fact we get 2 immortals is good in itself. Compared to the other UR's i feel this one wasn't as good but it's still a great bundle if you get the RNG to get it.
#8 Glare of the Tyrant (Lich): Can i just go out and say the Rares are fucking ICE this year, haha more PUNS. Anyways the new ult for Lich is awesome and works really well with his past immortal. Plus if you see Lich running at you with a ice skull that shits just terrifying. This immortal was another example of good ambient effect, ability choice, and synchronization with their past immortal and sets. It truly is a great immortal and i hope everyone can get one just because i feel everyone should have it.
#7 The Order of Cyprin (Naga Siren): Okay when i first looked at IT3 i was a bit disappointed. Until i came to this fucking gem of an immortal. Finally NAGA, my favorite hero, gets some love and it was fucking perfect. Ascetically its fucking gorgeous and the best ability they could have chosen to use in Rip Tide. Naga has some good sets but this was the first time she was getting "immortal love". Ques "Computer Love" but changes it to Immortal "IMMORTAL LOVE!". Anyways this shows that Volvo is looking at heroes that don't always get looked at and for that i am eternally grateful!
#6 Codicil of the Veiled Ones (Phantom Assassin): This UR is fucking LIT! This is the perfect example of ascetically pleasing, Ambient effects, and ability choice. The new dagger animation is bad ass as fuck and we all know most people want this bad boy. While i don't like that it doesn't work as well as Zues's and Juggernaut's immortals with their arcanas it's not bad but it could have been a bit better. I also love how the custom dagger effect works OVER the arcana in both effect and the Icon. PA is a widely used character and i'm super excited that she got the UR immortal love it was a great piece and works with or without her arcana beautifully.
#5 Edge of the Lost Order (GOLD) (Juggernaut): Okay not gonna go into a big thing because i mostly talked about it at number 10 but the Gold Sword is so much better looking then the original. Plus it works ever better with his arcana for that i give Volvo 2 big thumbs up for a masterpiece work here.
#4 Span of Sorrow (Terrorblade): Okay i know TB has an arcana but these wings are the SHIT!! Plus did you know if you change TB's color on his arcana the wings change color to match it? That's fucking genius! we need more of that in Dota when it comes to digital goodies. They augment the right ability too giving us a really cool looking Sunder, plus if you don't have the arcana they go with every set and are ascetically gorgeous to look at. Home Run my good sir HOME RUN!
#3 Unbroken Fealty (Wraith King): Wraith King......Check.......Armor sets on lock.......Check.........Bad Ass Tombstone Sword................alihgoaghapkhsdpfjapsfd. This sword is ungawdy huge but it's fucking amazing. I love the new sound effects it makes when hitting something and it works truly well with the set he got out of Cache 1. It another example of eye pleasing and character appropriate. Another great thing about it is that it spawn mini WK's. that's just fucking ingenious and I hope they continue to do more shit like this with other characters that would be heaven right there. With it being a Rare it's not hard to get and shouldn't be too overpriced on the market so i hope everyone get get one of these bad boys for their WK. Also if he were to get an Arcana i hope the sword works with it as well.
#2 Astral Drift (Outworld Devourer): Okay i don't play OD that well but my god i want this UR. the new ult is fan-fucking-tastic and i hope they do more of this with other heroes in the future. I do think the wings don't work that well with his other immortal weapon but that's just Dota Fashion want personally. While OD has fallen off a bit i hope he finds his place because these wings truly deserve to fly free. They are ascetically pleasing, color appropriate, and augment the right ability. My only hope is that if gets more immortals that they work in conjunction with these wings and not against them but hats of to you Volvo for a beautiful immortal.
#1 Mournful Reverie (Vengeful Spirit): Okay i might be the only one but my god this immortal is PERFECT! It looks great, augments one of her signature abilities, the Ambient effects are sad and beautiful, and is the best immortal LORE WISE for any character released this year. Venge's story is sad and tragic and these wings made me go read her story. I needed to know more about the character. She went from Princess to overthrown victim and to escape her kidnappers she gave the ultimate sacrifice.......her wings. Without her wings she could never return to her people and that was sad but beautiful. Even the description says it all, "For one that has lost much, a trickle of memory soon becomes a torrent of anguish". Her new wings work with every set she has and doesn't look bad on any of them and with that i had to give the number 1 spot to Venge and her new wings.
I hope you guys enjoyed this ranking and please don't crucify me if you feel something should be higher on this list. hope you guys have a great day.
Edit: Added hero Names because some people don't read the name of the Items they get.
submitted by FrostyAlpha to DotA2

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