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Solved: Serial key for BF BC2 Multiplayer - Answer HQ

FORD FALCON BA BF SEDAN 6CYL XT 2.5" VIPER CATBACK SPORTS click here for more info. BF2 Accounts Being Hacked). PM. Features 1) Free: Patches are free for download.

EA down? Current outages and problems

The leveling, abilities, and deep visual and gameplay customization of Battlefield Heroes. It looks like you're new here. I'll give as much info as possible. A galaxy-spanning adventure awaits in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a 3rd person action-adventure title from Respawn. On the console side, connecting was relatively easy, and the graphics were about as good as we all expected. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Battlefield 2: Special.

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So I bought a geforce 6200 256MB a long time ago and i purchased bf2. As avid loyal BF2 players we are well indoctrinated and accepting (or resigned lol) in the EA patch release process. Battlefield 2 weapon unlocks? useful site. How to create an EA Account - Electronic Arts informative post. Get the latest Battlefield news Follow the latest updates to the franchise. This thread will be closed since it's a Necrothread.

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Battlefield 2 patching problems?

Repeat this as many times as desired. This is beyond unfair. A game focused on consoles and dumb casual gameplay, on PC battlefield is an embarrassment compared to past games like BF2 and 2142. It is the only first person, team-based action game that places you in the midst of. Battlefield 5. With our tool you will have a cd key in just a few moments, with just a few clicks. Here's a starters guide, I will link you to EVERYTHING.

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How to: Change your matchmaking region - EA Answers HQ https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=733. Switched the option Bistream out to 7.1 and sound came back. I wouldn't mind a mostly modern, but set in the near future. Report players for cheating, abuse, and ... - Electronic Arts. Only For PC *CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. The game brings the intensity and excitement of Battlefield into the modern era with enhanced team play and the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man.

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Batlefield 2 special forces product key?

With all of this Battlefront 2 drama, EA is under a ton of scrutiny for its microtransactions. Battlefield 2 Hack - Unlimited Ammo, Health, Fast Kill https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=741. Ultimate Battlefield 2 Unlock Have ANY Weapon You Want. Just as PUBG is, just as BF1 was, SW: BF2 will be etc etc. EA Account You need an EA Account to access and use many EA Services, including to play online. Maybe this means that they will adapt these titles for Origin.

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Bf2 1 5 patch ea sports. DX9.0c, uninstalling the entire game and redoing it. So thats what I did. Report players for cheating, abuse, and harassment. Battlefield 3 Review for PC - Cheat Code Central. I also need my previous EA child account deleted so that I can re-associate my Xbox profile with the new EA Account I created. Thank you EA. Home; Live; Search; User list; Rules; Help; Register; Login; Announcement.

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[Unpopular Opinion] People are shitting on EA... but refuse to acknowledge Nintendo is just as bad.

So EA has been under a lot of fire recently with the BF2 and now UFC 3 micro-transactions. I don't like them either but it doesn't rustle my jimmies as much as it has to this subreddit.
The one thing I notice though is a lot of people don't bring up how bad Nintendo is compared. while THEY HAVENT DONE ANYTHING AS BAD AS THE NEWEST MICRO TRANSACTION kurfuful, they have done almost everything EA has been shit on before.
After seeing a post recently about a person who wants Nintendo to make gimmick controllers for the switch I finally decided to make this post and deal with the negative karma.
  • Releasing the same game every year. People shit on EA for releasing Madden/Fifa/NHL every year and its similar to the last. I am not a huge sports guy but each game does have improvements to how its played... but as sports don't change much, they can't exactly reinvent the wheel.
Nintendo has one-uped EA on this front. They have managed to do the same thing but with a console. in 13 years Nintendo has released 11 different versions of the DS. While some have been welcome changes, others have added insignificant features. The only difference between EA and Nintendo is EA still releases its sports games on older platforms while Nintendo phases you out somewhat quickly.
  • EA is pretty progressive. while the company as a whole hasn't really made a stance (to my knowledge) the games it publishes and produces are. In Mass Effect, Dragon Age and The Sims you can have same-sex relationships.
When Tomodachi life was being released Nintendo avoided the question and then eventually apologized for it, but how does that not get brought up during development?
  • gimmicks. One could argue that the loot box trend is a current gimmick in gaming. It looks like it is going to be changing as multiple countries have started to speak out and going as far as planning legislation to prohibit the sales of these games to minors, which will (hopefully) make loot boxes a gimmick that will die quickly.
But when it comes to gimmicks Nintendo is inherently worse. My biggest gripe is motion controls. The switches motion controls have been awful for the times I have used them and they make the game worse. While I will say I have had to use them for games not based on motion control, so there is a big chance they are better on other games, the fact they are still included and mandatory in these games is fucked.
I am speaking of Zelda and Odyssey. In Zelda I have only encountered the motion controls twice, where I am doing shrine puzzles that require me to do a ball maze or hit a ball with a pendulum, they have been incredibly unresponsive. I play my switch almost solely in portable mode and the fact I have to tilt the screen so far to the point I cant see unless I bend over the side of my chair is a pain in the ass, and I couldn't do it with the joycons separated from the console as it only allowed me to do that if I had the grip on me. In odyssey, you need it to throw cappy in different directions or in a circle and I don't like the thought of doing a throwing motion with my switch in hand... that is just asking for trouble.
  • Community Management. Putting this whole loot box issue aside EA has been very good with how people use their games once they are released. They encourage people to make YouTube Videos and Stream, they even Invite famous gamers who play their games a lot to try them out early. While It is good PR for them, it's a good thing for us too as it helps them develop a community for their games and as gamers some of us like being apart of them. Battlefield is a huge example of this, you had Snoop Dogg, Neebs Gaming and Burnie from rooster teeth all playing the BF1 in the same match.
Nintendo, on the other hand, is horrendous at it. They still don't let you monetize their games without being part of their program, and to what I have heard that program has some pretty crazy limitations and rules. This is such a shit way to deal with your fans If someone is an upstart content creator and wants to show off one of their favourite Nintendo games they cant because they lose out on the revenue from that video. Nintendo got a TON of backlash from this... but they never stopped doing it and now its gotten to the point where people just don't remember and don't care.
In the end, EA is pretty shit for recent events and some old ones... but they aren't the only ones, they are just the ones everyone loves to pick on. People don't like to shit on Nintendo cause they either don't play the games or are blinded by nostalgia. If you want to hate EA, make sure to hate Nintendo too.
TL;DR - EA is shit, Nintendo is shit.
BRING ON THE DOWNVOTES! it's my kink ;)
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[BFV] Honest take on Firestorm vs PUBG - the whole kit and kaboodle.

I'm going to try and write an informative and unbiased view on the Battle Royale gameplay for both PUBG and Firestorm. I haven't really touched Fortnite and only played Apex for about 20 hours so I can only offer an initial impression of these two, but I want to compare the original heavy hitter against Battlefield's new mode just to see how they stack up and generate some discussion - I'll be looking at these on a stage-by-stage basis running through a complete game. In PUBG I've accrued something like 800 hours over 2 years and in Firestorm probably 20 hours in the week it's been out.
The Lobby
PUBG loads you into a map and in that process, finds a squad for you. Oftentimes, you will load into an empty squad. In Firestorm, you find a squad then load the map. This is better, however, if you queue as two people it can take a really long time to find a game, which is quite odd considering solo and 3-man queue times are basically nonexistant. In Firestorm, you're placed in a hanger with the lights turning red in the final 10 seconds and the hangar door opens. This then transitions you into a plane.
I think in PUBG, the experience always has been and always will be a bit janky. It's not that important, but it adds to the overall impression of the game - which is unpolished and, frankly, lazy. The plane is frozen initially from lag, then moves across the sky with a simple positional adjustment. In Firestorm, the planes buffet from the turbulence, there's 6 smaller planes in total which squads are placed in. The experience is very smooth.
in PUBG you get the whole map to experience and then the zone will either love or hate you. In Firestorm, you see the playable zone immediately. I'm on the fence about this - it's good in the way that it forces you to pick from one half of the map or the other, so really every game has a good chance to be a different drop than the last, however it kills off any opportunity to loot the fringes and move in at your own peril.
Jumping out the plane is a 3rd person animation and the camera swoops down on your 3rd person character until you are viewing your drop in 3rd person. Here, the lack of free-look is annoying as you have to sacrifice your progress towards your chosen drop to identify if any enemies are coming with you. The sound design is absolutely excellent though - a howling wind greets you like a demonic shriek until you manage to pull your chute. I remember in PUBG muting the game until I landed because the audio was so awful.
Controlling the chute definitely puts points in Firestorm's favour - Although I will cite there's a lack of "tactics" - you drop at a constant rate regardless of keypress so you can't really gain an advantage when it comes to being better at dropping compared to other plays. I need to impress upon you all how "right" this feels compared to PUBG's floaty and unresponsive controls for Parachuting which, 2 years on, still has the same bugs (throwing you off buildings, getting stuck and unable to cut the chute, veering off wildly because of lag). Firestorm feels fantastic dropping and contrary to what I wrote earlier, you can, if skilled enough, land on top of radar towers or through high windows to get to loot faster.
Jesus Christ, I'm a fan of Firestorm, but make no mistake, I really struggle to see how this was rubber-stamped before release. The lack of tab-looting really bombs this for me. It is, however, being fixed (both Criterion & EA have confirmed a fix is in the works). Initially, running around buildings and picking up loot is fine once you memorise the shapes of boxes for ammo. Like you can jump in and see a rifle box and know that there's a rifle next to it. Same again with utilities and meds. I do wish there was a med-kit instead of needing to carry 8 bandages.
While Firestorm loses 'points' for the lack of tab-looting, it definitely picks them up in terms of responsiveness. You can open doors and pick up other loot while reloading weapons, which annoyed me infinitely about PUBG with how clunky it was. Loot doesn't randomly "spawn in" which is one of the biggest issues with PUBG. It's also placed in a lot more areas than just houses. There can be trucks crashed on the side of the road with a shotgun and ammo next to them, or docks with red boxes that you can open, or a small cave with a sniper inside. That's cool because in PUBG if you drop somewhere and another squad gets to a house, you're out of luck unless you find another house complex that's been unlooted.
Killing an enemy and having their loot splash everywhere is a disgrace though. Loot will overlap, you'll accidentally swap weapons, you'll struggle to find armour, you'll struggle to pick up ammo and accidentally throw away your rocket launcher you need later. I am very glad this is being fixed because it's the number 1 flaw with the game so far.
The World
There really is no comparison. Firestorm is by far and wide leagues and leagues ahead of PUBG, particularly Erangel. While Miramar and Sanhok look like places that would normally be inhabited, I'm sorry, but Erangel looks like it was designed by a child using a Far Cry map editor on Console. It's just like "I'll put a hill here... and a rock here.. and some buildings here.." - The devs would hastily plonk copy-pasted asset flips from the Unreal Store into the game, not even bothering to place buildings onto the ground properly (there's even a building that's tilted accidentally in Erangel)
In Firestorm every settlement looks like it serves a purpose. The detail is really cool, like there's suitcases scattered around, crashed cars, you can tell this was an island that people lived on that was rapidly evacuated. It's not terrifically important, but again it's just a little touch that adds to the overall experience which IMO is worth doing. There's also hints of storytelling, mysterious machines surrounded by a ring of scorched ground, it gives the idea that the "Firestorm" is some kind of Nazi war technology experiment gone wrong. Some people really like Apex's "Story" behind their battle royale, a genuine competition spectator sport on an island, this I guess is Battlefield's equivalent.
This is a tough one. I think I do prefer PUBG's TTK - It's really tight and gives a decided advantage to the "first shooter" - While this may encourage camping gameplay, it also penalises poor positioning, which I think is paramount for a Battle Royale - you are given a dice to roll and you have to choose the best option for the outcome you're given. I think Firestorm's TTK is a little bit too high, especially when opponents are rocking 150 armour + 150 health. If the armour topped at 100 this would be ideal IMO.
PUBG has the most... in depth and accurate depiction of Firearms I've seen (having not played ARMA/Squad) it has a perfect mix of realism and arcade which makes it very fun to play and master. Every weapon definitely feels distinct which really lends favour to PUBG's system.
Firestorm also has a good variety of weapons, anyone who's played BFV can tell you just how good the gunplay is in that game. It's extremely tight, the weapons all have thunk and feel and click and impact, it's hard to describe. You do feel like you're shooting heavy, hurtful bullets (which is nearly absent in Apex) and the weapon spray is somewhat predictable but hard to master.
It's hard for me to determine which is better. I'm inclined to say Firestorm because PUBG has some really whiffy netcode that results in severe frustration. How many times have you shot a completely stationary guy in the face with a Kar98K to apparently totally miss? It's happened to me more times than I can count unfortunately. All I can say is that both games feel great to shoot in and Firestorm noses the lead.
It's hard to diss PUBG for this as it was pretty much the first fully-realised BR game that ignited the Genre, so this is more of a section to trumpet Firestorm's mechanics. The ring itself is incredible. There is no blue-bitch camping in this. When you're in the Firestorm, your most primary urge is to GTFO. Your vision is dark, red and blurry, the sound is overwhelming, buildings crumble away from you and your soldier screams for mercy as your body engulfs in flame. The health ticks down at the same rate as PUBG's bluezone, but you definitely can not sit in the Firestorm and snipe from the outside. Sitting on the edge of the zone also provides an unsettling experience as the firestorm crackling and hissing can sometimes sound like footsteps, so you are encouraged to move away from it whenever possible.
Buildings can randomly contain safe's which must be cracked open to reveal the high-tier loot inside, in squads, having your teammates cover your back is absolutely essential as these require about 20 seconds to open. There are a multitude of "capture points" scattered throughout the map in fixed locations, however they are randomly activated each time the firestorm closes around a new zone - Sitting at these takes about 45 seconds to capture, leaving you exposed, but provides the greatest splash of high-tier loot in the game. These are like two PUBG supply crates dropping next to each other. People come and fight for them.
There are numerous vehicle bunkers scattered around the map which are laborious to open - these also sound a klaxon, alerting nearby enemies to your attention. Inside is a high chance to find a safe, as well as a light, medium or heavy tank.
Supply drops are dealt with in a similar way to PUBG, but on a smaller scale. A plane will fly over and drop a few supply canisters across the map, these have a green smoke signal and offer some low-tier loot such as Ammo, Meds and basic weaponry. Helpful if you are desperate but you wouldn't go out your way to get one if you are well looted.
I feel like it's obvious Firestorm would be the best in this category as there's 2 years and a handful of BR games to build on. I really like it though, it adds good variety to each game mode and offers an exciting risk/reward.
A lot of people think that adding a tank would be an instant-win, but it's really not. I'd say it's actually remarkable how well balanced they are. I haven't yet come across anyone dominating in a tank, but they are definitely good enough to trample over uncoordinated teams. All vehicles have limited ammunition and fuel, which can be resupplied rarely from loot in houses, or a better chance by going to some of the depots that are scattered over the map. Gunners must be careful of wasting too much ammunition, but a tank can be excellent for crushing houses which may contain hiding opponents. Dying in a vehicle is an instant death without a chance for revive, much like having your car blown up in PUBG. I do wish you could shoot out tyres of the transport vehicles as this was an excellent tactic in PUBG for defending yourself on foot.
Helpfully, there is a bevy of Anti-Tank armaments in the regular loot pool to choose from. Panzerfausts, AT Grenade Pistol, Sticky Dynamite and Anti-Tank Grenades are immensely useful to push vehicles away from you or swiftly destroy them by coordinating rocket volleys with your squaddies.
This is a really cool aspect to Firestorm which I am a big fan of. There's five different types of flare pistol - Spotting Flare, Supply Drop, Vehicle Drop, Artillery strike and V1 rocket. All are balanced by providing opponents a clear view of where the flare came from, thus giving away your position. The Spotting Flare is immensely useful to 3D spot enemies (if they are in line of sight) and mark their positions on the map. The vehicle drops can be used if you need a vehicle, or in fun ways like dropping a jeep on a house to collapse the roof, or on top of an enemy to crush them. Supply flares drop a canister as mentioned way above. The good stuff are the Artillery and V1 rocket flares. The Artillery is insane, think of Bastogne from Band of Brothers. It's a relentless salvo of Artillery which does full team damage. Firing it at a squad shacked up in a few houses has them scattering like rats. It destroys trees, houses, vehicles and any unlucky infantry.
The V1 Rocket is something else. This is gold-tier loot, really amazing to have. The enemy team gets a good chance to run away, but if they are already pinned this will eviscerate them. I've already had a couple team wipes with it. For anyone not in the know, it drops a huge V1 bomb (delivered by a funny little prop aircraft thing) and completely spanks anything in its path. Using this against two squads fighting each other is considered pure evil and you should probably go to Church and repent your sins after doing it.
Getting Downed and Dying
This isn't all too different from other BR's, but the "invincibility timer" is even worse than PUBG's, which is already annoying. If you spray a guy and take his health to 0, in both games, while they transition from alive to "downed" they are invincible, it's about twice as long in Firestorm than PUBG! If I unload a clip into a guy and then with my last 10 bullets am shooting him point blank while he's falling over, he shouldn't then be able to try and crawl away.
You do get to use your pistol (if you have one) which is inaccurate to shoot and you can only fire one magazine's worth. Crawling away works and you can survive while downed for a reasonable time. Getting downed in water insta-kills you much like PUBG. I like that you can defend yourself and have been caught out by a guy I downed but didn't finish off.
Reviving is much the same as PUBG, you stoop over your teammate and help them back up, it's about 8 seconds in Firestorm compared to 10s in PUBG. You get revived with about 30 health and no armour. Pretty standard.
Sorry, but no contest. No contest. Graphics and Animations feel like comparing games across two different generations. PUBG on Max looks nice, but there's still some weird issues and it is far too taxing on your hardware for the image quality you get. Firestorm is utterly gorgeous.
To be honest, I was really excited for Firestorm and liked it from Day 1. It's definitely growing on me even more though. The lack of bugs makes it a really really solid experience compared to PUBG, I'm sure I could still list about 50 bugs off the top of my head (remember when if you downed someone in a duo, their partner would get DC'd?)
There's some stuff that needs addressing. I think the TTK needs fine tuning. The looting of bodies is the number one priority to fix at this stage. Other than that I would give it a solid 9/10 BR experience.
I hope that some people who were put off by EA's monetization of SW BF2, or the poor handling of criticism relating to realism in BFV decide to give it a try. I think you can pick up the game for $30 these days and just the Firestorm mode alone is worth the price of entry.
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