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Please report any bugs to the Nyquist section of the Audacity forum (or alternatively to our feedback email address) so they may be fixed; Please also let us know which plug-ins you like and find useful as that. Attach a dummy load to the transmitter and key down the transmitter which turning R1. As soon as the correct frequency is obtained, the squelch will open on the transceiver with CTCSS decode. MIDI (DIN) Out, MIDI (DIN) In, 6.35 mm (1/4 in) TRS/TS Out. No infections have been found and downloading Key Sound Generator is completelly problem free because of that reason. You need to be on a computer with a keyboard.

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Terraria review in-depth analysis

Terraria review in-depth analysis

Due to steam having an 8k character limit I posted the full review here on Reddit so It's for all to see. Steam review: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Striker_Strikes/recommended/105600/
This review contains spoilers covered up with a spoiler tag
To my dear reader you’re in for a treat. Get yourself comfortable, perhaps a drink, something to snack on, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.
Terraria is a game that is incredibly artistic. On the surface it is essentially multiple games in one with actual content, good content. In fact it might objectively be one of the best games of all time.
On a technical level objectively it’s up there. Terraria consistently goes on sale for the price you would pay for a foot long sandwich and if it’s not on sale, 2 foot long sandwiches. You get yourself a dozen of hours of solid entertainment for what you pay. That being said I haven’t sold It yet so instead of beating around the bush I’d rather take you on a journey at what is my best attempt on reviewing why Terraria might objectively be one of the best games of all time. Here’s why:
The multiplayer experience This is a game where neuro solipsism thrives to the point of extreme ego centrism, you might lose friendships over this game, you might even lose yourself. An example is the common scenario where there is only one set of biome chest. The ranged player in your group snatched the vampire knives. Leaving the melee tank player in the group with no superior healing capabilities.
Pacing The pacing of terraria’s difficulty is astonishing. you play to a point where you almost feel overpowered and as soon as you reach the next stage of progression it’s back to full carnage and your primal instincts. You’ll have to overcome incredibly harsh adversity, if you do you’re rewarded with an adversely harsh power spike.
My absolute favorite part of progressing is getting to see which items the person who got to a chest first left for the people that can actually feel empathy. You won’t see this occur If you play single player, but in my opinion terraria is the most fun when you play it with a group of people. On that note It is crucial that you play this game with a friend or a group up to 10 people on a sever, playing alone is not as fun. Because you have no one to share your experiences with.
Class personalization After a moderate amount of deaths you have gotten to the point you may have acquired a class related item, be it melee, ranged, magic and summoning. I find it incredibly cool that you can go for a certain class for a couple of stages of progression and then change it with some of the future weapons, equipment and armor you gain access to.
You might even change your load out entirely based on this one incredible item you get a hold off. You can even combine the classes later down the line. This is fantastic game design and I’d wish more games gave you that freedom, furthermore terraria really is all about freedom of choice and this freedom increases replay ability. No play through is the same. You’ll always find new items and new strategies to use to dispatch enemies before they dispatch of you.
Breakable items Unlike most games, in terraria you’re heavily rewarded for breaking all the small destructible objects, these contain cold hard cash, consumables and essential items that will keep you from being send back to spawn involuntarily.
Building One of the best parts of terraria is building. Building in terraria is extremely fun and the further you progress, the more materials you gain access to and unleash your creativity upon. Building a base is one of the key elements to progress through the game. A base can be defined as a place to station your spawn point, storage, NPC’s and crafting stations. Some people like a wooden ceiling with walls that consist of platforms, others like it fancy, with an array of blocks fitting to the biome with a color palette that suits the architectural style they were going for.
NPC are picky about in which biome they live and who lives near them. Each single NPC has their own story and personality. They convey pretty well on who they do and don’t like. Taking the happiness of NPC’s in consideration the game encourages you to build bases in various biomes. NPC’s who are pleased discount items in their shops and allow you to set up a network of pylons.
Pylons are furniture objects that allow the player to teleport to any other pylon of their respective biome on a network of bases if NPC’s are happy and live inside a base at their preferred biome.
Golf & the graveyard biome If you don’t feel like killing or getting murdered there’s golf. Yes you read well, golf. Golf is an in-game activity where players hit golf balls into golf cups using various golf clubs. Golf supplies can be purchased from the Golfer NPC. As a player you can build your own golf courses.
With the graveyard system taken into account there’s no limit to what you can build. As the grave yard biome allows the player to craft any natural wall in the game. When it comes to creativity the sky is the limit, oh and the left and right world borders. On top of that placing NPC’s inside the graveyard allows them to sell you unique items, such as the mighty echo block.
Bestiary The Bestiary is an in-game catalogue of Terraria’s various entities, including enemies, NPC’s critters and bosses. If you thought killing all 25 slimes for the Gelatin World Tour achievement took you a while wait until you fill up the bestiary. The Bestiary displays a description and basic statistics for each entity, including health, damage, defense, and knockback, as well as advanced information like item drop rates. Upon completing 10% the Zoologist NPC appears, who sells progressively more items the bestiary reaches completion.
The Bestiary is an overall solid design choice so the player isn’t as reliant to the terraria wiki to find out which enemies drop what, just kill them 25 times to find out what they drop.
Extensive Customization There’s a customization slot for every piece of equipment. Throughout your Journey you can acquire various dyes and vanity items and pretty much customize your character to wherever on the spectrum you may find yourself.
The bosses The bosses are also a spectrum. On one end you have the lowest boss in the game, the slime king, King Slime. Hops around, very slow, easy attack patterns, easy to kill and killed with ease. On the other side of the spectrum you have enraged bosses such as Duke Fishron and enraged Plantera if the arena is too large. Not easy to kill, murders you with ease.
The bosses in terraria are as following
- An enormous eyeball with teeth, that charges at you, the Eye of Cthulhu;
- Lighting up my cave with 1/10 of a stack of torches close to one and another, Torch God;
- An enormous slime with a ninja suffocating inside of it, King slime;
- An gigantic flying brain that swarms you with its minions in a fleshy cave, Brain of Cthulhu;
- An gigantic worm that charges at you through multiple corrupted tunnels, Eater of Worlds;
- A furious bee that charges and shoots bees at you. Not the bees! Queen Bee;
- A cursed skeleton that resembles the guardian of the dungeon, Skeletron;
- An horrifying flesh wall that licks everyone who tries to escape it, Wall of Flesh;
- An enormous pink slime with wings that throws slimy bathwater balloons at you, Queen Slime
- Two mechanical eyeballs with a laser cannon and an flamethrower, The Twins;
- A colossal mechanical worm with rapid fire lasers, The Destroyer;
- A crazy mechanical skeleton with saws, a cannon, a vice and a flamethrower and an spiky head, Skeletron Prime;
- A jungle flower, that kicks your ass when you attempt to head back to civilization, Plantera;
- A butterfly royalty that turns the playfield into a bullet hell, Empress of Light;
- A stone faced ancient ritualistic idol of the “lihzahrd”, tribe Golem;
- A mutant dragon Pig/Boar, that summons sharknado’s, Duke Fishron;
- A cultists that summons celestial entities and marks imminent doom, Lunatic Cultist;
- A guy with eyes on his hands that has Lovecraftian horror spread all over it, Moon Lord.
Moon lord is genuinely a perfect ending to the game, an appropriately excruciating final boss for an adequately difficult game.
Sound The stellar sound design and the pixel art visuals constitute an incredibly engaging creative aspect, which is a breath of fresh air and a very welcome change of pace from progressing through the content. Speaking of content.
World Generation The generated map is massive. At the world creation screen you get the choice between a small, medium and large sized map. Additionally you get to choose the name, seed, difficulty and the world’s evil that you will face off against throughout your play through. For the people that don’t come up with a suitable name for their playfield, there is a in game name generator. So you could keep generating the name for your world until you find a suitable name that reflects the best to your state of mind.
Such as for a master mode world, Happy Wilds of Accidents.
The world generation can be further customized with mods such as TerraCustom and Large World Enabler. Although as of writing this review these mods haven’t been updated to the 1.4 version of Terraria Journey’s End.
World Seeds There are three types of “secret” world seeds, which each have their own custom properties:
- 05162020 or 5162020, otherwise referred as drunkWorldGen. This seed references the official release date of 1.4, 16/5/2020;
- not the bees or not the bees! (Case insensitive) a world that is dominated by bee themed biomes. This seed is a reference to the remake of the horror film The Wicker Man;
- for the worthy (Case sensitive) otherwise referred as getGoodWorldGen, this world gen aims to drastically increase the difficulty on top of the selected difficulty.
World Difficulty modes After Update 1.4 Journey’s End there are 3 options of world difficulty modes and a new mode that’s called Journey Mode.
Journey Mode is an option that can be selected upon creation of new characters and worlds. It allows the player a wide array of customization options during gameplay, including duplication of items, modification of time and weather and difficulty sliders. Journey characters are restricted to Journey world modes and vice versa to Journey worlds.
[b]Normal Mode[/b] Classic / Normal Mode: This game mode is intended for players who like to take it easy and is recommended to play your first play through on. This game mode is by no means easy and you’ll still be send back to spawn involuntarily if you happen to be unlucky.
The main reason why I would choose expert mode over classic/normal mode in a multiplayer scenario is that when beating a boss everyone who participated receives their own treasure bag. This means that there’s overall more boss loot from a single boss battle. Which is beneficial for everyone.
Expert Mode Expert Mode: Intended for the experienced player, Expert mode contains enemies with increased stats, altered behavior patterns, rare loot drops are more frequent, however. As a special reward, bosses drop Treasure Bags which, in addition to the normal boss loot, also contain special items only available to Expert mode.
Master Mode Master Mode: A harder version of expert mode with no new AI, Master mode contains enemies with increased health and damage. Because of this Boss battles end up dragging out for way too long. Which in result makes the battle feel tedious, not harder. In addition Master mode offers 2 new items which are pets that resemble the bosses you’ve beaten and trophy’s exclusive to the game mode these trophies can be placed around as furniture.
This might be a unpopular opinion but design wise Master mode could have been a lot more instead of increasing the health of bosses to a ridiculous extend that makes it feel dragged out as a way to make it appear harder than it actually is.
Player Difficulty modes Classic: Otherwise known as softcore. This is the default character mode and generally considered the easiest. It’s the standard Terraria experience. Upon the unfortunate event of dying the player will only lose their coins, the amount of coins lost depends on the set world difficulty mode.
Mediumcore: Mediumcore players drop all their items upon death, including coins and ammo, leaving you with nothing as you spawn. These items can be retrieved but items can de-spawn if too many dropped other items accumulate in the world. Dying during an invasion event can prove fatal because upon respawning the player spawns with nothing to defend themselves with. This can result to a streak of getting killed over and over until a backup weapon has been acquired.
Hardcore: Hardcore players die permanently upon death. This means that upon the unfortunate event of a Piranha spawning onto the thin layer of water that is supposed to break the players fall at the bottom of a of hellevator the player loses everything on himself. The piranha had a nice meal and you roam around as a ghost unable to interact with anything.
That’s the circle of life. In multiplayer you can haunt your friends or explore for sky islands. Upon leaving the world as a ghost your character will be transferred over to the recycle bin. These save files can be retrieved and restored.
My overall experience In the introductory part of the game, known as pre hard mode, everything that moves is very likely to murder you in the most gruesome way. Furthermore as you progress to hard mode nearly every aspect of the game has been revamped, adding extensive replay ability.
You can progress in pretty much any aspect, whether you go to the dungeon, the underworld, fishing, building, mining. Every aspect of the game contributes to completing terraria.
With some games you turn up the difficulty and you think alright I think I feel the difference, Terraria is not one of those games. After defeating the Wall of Flesh hard mode kicks in. You are getting yourself comfortable with the new biomes and uncomfortable when you notice that on the left side the world’s evil starts spreading once you’ve destroyed a demon altar. And on the other side there’s a hallowed biome with unicorns and fairies who without a careful approach make players watch their innards to become outards.
At this point your world has been blessed with new ores to mine and craft weapons and equipment from. To prevent the corruption or crimson from spreading you can do two things:
- Mine multiple 8 block wide hellevators to prevent further spread;
- Rush through the mechanical bosses to buy a Clentaminator and purify your world.
If you’re fighting the mechanical bosses unprepared it’s not a mentality, you are the victim, just when you think you have a chance of winning, you’ll acquaint yourself with the enraged mechanic. What do you do next to beat it, find better weapons.
Not 5 minutes after the mechanical boss disappeared, be it killed or de-spawned. Pirates come knocking by your door to pillage and plunder. When they break into your home they probably kill you and your friends a dozen of times, but upon their defeat they drop items that have the potential to triple the players effectiveness, especially in early hardmode. Every time this game’s difficulty spikes, the content and pacing thereof is perfect.
Final verdict I don’t think it’s unreasonable to claim that within its respective genres Terraria is both experience wise and on a technical level one of the best games in the world, it just does everything right. From the extensive customization to a super accessible crafting system, to the nonlinear progression to the perfect pacing of content and difficulty. I find it extremely hard to critique the game when it excels across the board. Base building, exploration, combat, sound design, immersion, replay-ability.
I think It’s a timeless visual masterpiece, I am not biased. This is objective information in my opinion.
Terraria is extremely fun, one of the most succulent games I’ve ever played. That is exclusively while you’re progressing through the content, but as soon as you kill the last boss there is, this also applies to modded terraria, there’s no next step, no new ore to farm and no new area to unlock. It goes from 100 to 0 real quick. I guess you could still build structures, but what’s the point when the building gets boring and stagnant when you don’t have the exploration, bosses and other content to balance it out.
Asking if terraria is worth playing is like asking a question you already know the answer of.
It’s not a question whether it’s good or bad, It’s a question of can you handle how good it is.
submitted by Mr-Striker to Terraria

Essential Combos Wrecked by Science Again

Talent hits a target others can't reach. Genius hits a target others can't see. (Justice hits a Target's free ICEEs.) Perhaps exposure to my process will help others see the target. I don't mind sharing now that I've hogged most of the fun.

Rejiggering essential combos

Whilst writing my DgTm guide, I reached the section justifying background choice. Running some Fsim to support my argument, I found that the early 1/4 advantage from DgTm stat-boosted Aux Attack procs of Beastly Appendage didn't extend to other Tm spells. Instead, DgTm fell behind MfTm.
Crap. Back to the drawing board. Where had I gone wrong?
At this stage I've found all the obvious mistakes such as having two species' backgrounds swapped. Due to DCSS' low difficulty, it's much harder to tell when several species are rotated, each using a mildly-inferior secondary background. Especially when one of the correct pairings seems impossible.
It turns out that I'd rotated four combos. Instead of VSIE SpAM DgTm MfSk, it should be DgAM VSTm MfIE SpSk.
DgAM is weird, but the shocker is SpSk. How is THAT supposed to work? The answer is a -3 apt Spear starting weapon!

Spriggan Spear Kiting

And I thought CeMo's -1 apt starting Spear was strange. But the math makes sense. With a 1.1 daut base delay, Spear makes a safe reach-kiting weapon for a fast mover vs a 10-speed monster, even at low weapon skill.
A Spriggan moves two tiles at .6 daut per tile, while the 10-speed moves 1.2 tiles. This leaves a one-tile gap and the 10-speed has .2 leftover energy.
If SpSk then swings her Spear at zero skill, it takes 1.1 daut. So the 10-speeder advances to adjacent and has .3 daut energy remaining to melee attack. On average, he attacks less than 1/3 as often as the SpSk.
However, SpSk starts at 1.3 Polearms skill, not zero. Her average swing time is thus 1.04 daut. Now the 10-speed is attacking 1/4 as often.
Leveling Polearms to SL2 isn't too expensive, and sets swing time to 1 daut, meaning 10-speed attacks 1/5 as often.
This isn't imbalanced yet, due to the Spriggan's pathetic starting Strength of 7 and -2 Fighting, which severely nerf damage. How to fix that? Three backgrounds can augment Spear damage per swing – Berserker, Abyssal Knight and Skald.
Abyssal Knight's +1 spear is nice, and XL1 SpAK can explore the Abyss for a surprisingly long time before being forced to depart. But starting without magic is a terrible handicap given Sp's magical bent, and Sp doesn't need more mobility, given fast movement speed. Bend Space's HP cost is worsened by Frail 3, and subpar Invo weakens Banish. Disto can be helpful for Sling kiting, but with Sp speed it's redundant.
SpBe is a similar story. Lobotomizing Sp's magic is more of a joke than a serious threat. SpBes swarming from a forest and summoning zerked bears is fun but not wise. Limiting zerks by ration count is terrible.
Skald, though, gets Infusion, which reliably does exactly what Sp (spear) needs – adds extra damage per swing, at minimal satiety cost. The dilatory nature of Spear kiting even works in SpSk's favor. +4 Charms means Infusion lasts as long as necessary, and lengthy combat means MP regen from +2 Spellcasting slows MP depletion.
SpSk only does 2.1 average damage per swing to a 1 AC Adder, so Infusion's contribution is huge. SpSk Infusion starts at spellpower 14, which adds about 3 damage per swing! It hits harder than the Spear itself.
Infusion initially lasts about 23 turns, during which SpSk regens about 2 MP, respectable considering starting mMP is 5. So that's 6 Infusion procs of about 3 damage each, or 18 damage. An Adder has about 11 HP! 2/3s of that damage is frontloaded, which is great since the fragile Spriggan prefers to end fights quickly.

SpSk – Sticks and Songs are Strangely Strong

Paradox resolved
SpSk sounds wrong, until one considers that her ridiculous Skald magical apts more than compensate for her atrocious meleeist potential:
  • Skald magic: +4 Charms and Tloc, +2 Spellcasting and Hexes, +3 Evocations
  • Sp warrior: Very fast movement, +4 Dodging, +2 Bows Slings, +1 Short Blades, -3 Polearms Armor Shields, -2 Fighting
Sp fast movement lets SoS synergize with Bow and then Sling, kiting and advancing equally well. She can separate quickly to recast Shroud of Golubria. +4 Charms Infusion with +1 Short Blades is a respectable way to dump lots of melee damage into a low AC foe, or to patiently polearm kite an Adder. Regeneration keeps her in the fight despite the odd hit landing. Fast movement allows her to control Spectral Weapon placement.
Skald permits Spriggan to generate burst damage where necessary, making her much harder to corner and crush. She can penetrate AC via SoS and by persistence skirmishing ignoring GDR. Infusion, normally lackluster, is a very hunger-efficient way for Sp to mitigate her low damage output. Patient polearm reach kiting from a two-step (one tile) lead is no problem thanks to Infusion's long duration with +4 Charms, and the high spellpower makes the damage worthwhile despite the separate AC application. With such a specialized use case, it's no wonder other species rarely find Infusion worthwhile. Sp doesn't care that Infusion depletes all her MP since she can outrun everything.
God progression
Sp's 0 Invo is below average. Gods of interest are Gozag, Ely and Zin. First god is Ely. Sp fragility is a constant existential threat, and Skald momentum fighting is easily interrupted by a stray hit. Ely's Purify prevents a stray Confuse or venomous bite from turning lethal. Sp is so fast she can easily keep her HP topped off via Lesser Healing while polearm kiting. When Sp must flee, for example from an Orc Priest, Divine Protection is worth activating.
SpSk Ely enters Lair ASAP, of course. She continues Ely in Orc, because Ely's heals counter the deadly Orc Priest Smite. Zin is better-suited to Orc in general, but SpSk prefers Stealth over Recite to avoid getting rushed.
SpSk finishes Dungeon, then clears Poison and sometimes Water. Otherwise she delays Water while waiting for a non-potion source of Flight.
Ely is a hungry god and thus a poor fit for Sp long-term. Elf is a good branch to switch to Zin. Zin's anti-cannibalism conduct partially uses corpses wasted until now. Donate and wait before entering.
Recite synergizes with SpSk's existing kite playstyle, nerfing Deep Elves' EV-centric defense, ignoring their MR, and making them easy prey for Sp Sling. Vitalize's stat boost kick-starts and lengthens SoS' killing spree.
Zin's escapes complete Sp evasiveness. Imprison plugs hallway exits. Mutation resistance helps vs summoned Neqoxecs. If SpSk gets Banished by a Deep Elf Sorcerer, Zin and TLA let Sp loot Abyss.
Most importantly, Recite kiting encourages keeping elves at max range, where SpSk can easily flee to safety if something goes wrong, and the odds of being overwhelmed are low. Small pulls back towards the cleared zone are safest. The last thing SpSk needs is to get trapped in a storm of Damnation and Smites.
After Elf, proceed normally with Zin. Slime or Vaults may be next, depending on resistances. Then Depths and Abyss.
Abyss is home-sweet-home to a SprigZin. She loves lecturing flora-curious monstrosities on proper plant protocol. Unappreciative audiences are quickly left behind. Speed and Stealth let her farm unlimited gold and Acquirement Scrolls. Since acquired gold doesn't increase Gozag's late-fee penalty, this is the time to make the transition. After securing the Abyssal rune, of course.
For SpSk Gozag, every corpse is cash. Armor shops offer ego versions of Spriggan-compatible body armor. Gadget shops synergize with Sp +3 Evo. Potion Petition puts Spriggan in violation of Olympic anti-doping rules. Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator: It's got what plants crave! Bribe Branch confuses enemy ranks. Game balance just had a stroke.
You've discovered the great secret of organized religion: Faith may walk on water, but money buys time with the Holy Father.

VSTm: Protean Plant, Mage Muncher, Shadow Stalker

If you need a mage assassinated, hire a VSTm Dith.
Spider and Ice Forms improve defenses in opposite ways while still benefiting from regen. VS' flat apts are acceptable for Tm because spellpower is less relevant.
VS cycles freely between forms and S2S thanks to bite's MP surplus, making her a flexible Transmuter who can keep foes poisoned while rotating to other forms.
One problem with Tm is the incentive to commit to a form due to MP constraints. However, bite leeches MP in both Beastly Appendage and Blade Hands forms, allowing regular casting.
Also, Tm can take serious damage if a blow slips past Spider Form's EV-based defense. VS mitigates this concerns. Bite leeches MP, regen recovers HP, and AC was mediocre at best anyway. Venom kiting works much better with high regen to widen the HP delta. High regen lets you keep poison stacked to 3-4 on the monster even if it lands a good hit.
Protean progression
Beastly Appendage and Blade Hands synergize with Antimagic Bite. The surplus MP allows VSTm to mitigate poor VS defenses by switching fluidly to forms with suitable defensive properties. She wears a shield with Appendage, blitzes base damage with Blade Hands, Stealth venom kites with Spider Form, and water kites with Ice Form's resistances, AC and HP. She can wear armor as heavy as Ice Form failure-chance permits, because Ice Form lacks both armor encumbrance and casting penalty. She can explore stealthily in Ice and especially Spider form. The increased hunger cost of exploring in an advanced form is acceptable since VS needn't rest to recover MP or HP.
When hurt, Sticks to Snakes provides a screen allowing VSTm disengage and regen kite, while envenoming targets to widen the HP delta.
God sequence
God choice is straightforward.
Kiku first for the Necro steamroll – HP regen and MP bite.
Ely next for Kiku wrath and beast mastery. Mediocre synergy, but she's strong around Lair.
Lastly, Dith to aid regen kiting and stealth, and to leak lots of smoke when tiny mHP takes a big hit. Shadow Step closes with mages to Antimagic Bite. Shadow Mimic supplements mediocre ranged damage. Umbra slows incoming damage so regen can cope. Shadow Form gives enough rTorm for VSTm to manage Extended, along with Kiku's Necromut and hopefully Statue Form picked up along the way. VSTm Dith can farm Abyss well; Amagic bite and Shadow Step shut down the casters while Umbral regen running was born for it.

MfIE: Arctic Atlantean, Kelpie Killer, Glacier's Glaive

MfIE is least surprising. Mf appreciates the Ice Conjurations spells despite her -2 Conj apt because she also has -2 in most skirmishing apts, making a -1 average Ice Conjuration spell an appealing ranged option compared to -2 Slings. Ozocubu's Armor mitigates Mf -3 Armor apt.
Early MfIE worships Ely to bolster stamina while OA'd. Three Ice Beasts provide a front line for reach polearming. OA prefers TLA, helping MfIE hold or give ground gradually. MfIE can riposte tank OA'd while casting Freeze. Smite-targeted Heal Other supplements weak Mf ranged attack, and Pacifies Hydras.
MfIE worships Fedhas mid-game, starting with Water. Fedhas deletes Bog Bodies in Swamp and pacifies plant monsters for a major advantage even at zero piety. In Shoals rafts of seaweed instantly confer a terrain advantage that turns deadly with Oklob overwatch.
MfIE Fedhas is tanky enough to hold the thin green line even in Vaults. She presses through Crypt and Depths to the Abyss entrance, using TLA to minimize rest and maximize corpse decay.
MfIE converts to Zin for Slime and Abyss, which she farms Abyss for Book of Battle, Statue Form and Necromut. Then she's ready for Usk Extended. SoS and Usk synergize, giving her mobility and AoE-ish damage. An ability such as Hydra Form synergizes with Usk, giving Mf a cleaving attack despite -2 Axes.

DgAM: Curse Antipaladin, Balearic Bastard

Dg is just a Human with -1 to all apts except -3 XP, no Invo, and enough buffs to HP, MP, MR and stats to make him functional.
Dg was the most puzzling DCSS species. Finally I realized that he's a cross between Mummy and Human. Like Mummy, his hybridization must be extremely conservative due to low apts. But the correct way to exploit his stat advantage is completely counterintuitive and gamey.
Stat freedom = 23 Str, max Int, dump Dex
Demigod's key differentiator is something the wiki barely mentions: All stats are freely allocated! No other species has this trait. Dg chooses his own destiny.
So it sounds like Dg should flexibly adapt his stat growth to circumstances, right? Actually, no. Ceteris paribus, Str and AC are better than Dex and EV+Stealth. That's why Dex species get compensatory advantages. Dg is basically human in this regard, so he should only level Str and Int.
Armor encumbrance irrevocably penalizes Stealth but not spell failure chance. Atheist Dg needs lots of resistances, and GDS is a good way to get them. 23 encumbrance wrecks Stealth, so Dex points would be partly wasted, unlike Int.
A HuGl can get away with leveling Dex before he finds heavy armor and spells, because he's flexible and expects divine support. However, Dg is rigid and atheist, so he can't level Dex without significantly harming his prospects.
Str and Dex have diminishing returns, as Str hits armour enc cap and Dex hits EV nerf. Spellpower has a much higher ceiling, thanks to +Int boosts, Potion of Brilliance, Archmagi robes etc.
Skirmishing loves stats
My attempt to exploit Dg's huge stats via Tm failed. What if I tried mitigating his low apts instead? Mummy is typecast as a mage, but Dg's human-like apt profile can apparently do anything. So what role depends more on stats than skill levels?
The answer is skirmishing. Meleeists and mages have at least two skills involved in every action – Fighting and weapon skill, or Spellcasting and magic school. Skirmishing has only the weapon skill, and maybe some crosstraining. This makes skirmishing cheaper to level, and thus gives stats a relatively greater influence than skill aptitude.
Low apt races should focus on crosstraining for affordable flexibility. Throwing provides extraordinary flexibility, and Slings offers decent damage with abundant ammo.
Arcane Marksman
The high-Int skirmisher background is called Arcane Marskman. DgAM has the armor and tankiness to be the mythical melee slinger.
(A melee slinger makes zero sense in reality. DCSS handwaves that away, so don't worry about it. Just know that switching to a melee weapon when a monster reaches you usually significantly reduces an early slinger's damage output, which can be a fatal mistake.)
High Int makes AM devastating, despite Dg's normal movement speed. As long as the spells land and the MP lasts, AM wreaks havoc. DgAM can stand in a corridor, Leda's Liquefaction, Inner Flame and Slow the first in line, let him get pushed back by faster friends, then Portal Projectile to detonate him.
Balearic Bastard
Ok, let me try to turn this game mechanic into some kind of story:
A Demigod is superhuman, but gods do not change easily. Learning is therefore slow.
It is better to have a few useful skills than to be incompetent at many things. Despite stereotypes to the contrary, a meleeist actually has a very complicated job. For example, in addition to mastering his weapon of choice, he must also understand grapples, throws, takedowns, unarmed strikes, and dirty fighting. Otherwise he will die to the first kick to the nuts or handful of sand to the face. Just learning how to parry all the different weapons he may encounter takes quite some time.
By contrast, a skirmisher really needs to know only one thing – how to hit his target. "Aim for the unarmored sensitive bits" isn't a complicated concept. Neither is "shoot the mage first".
Therefore you've made slinging part of your divine domain since childhood. As an orphan, it kept you fed, if only on songbirds and rodents. It also proved an effective deterrent against bullies. A stone launched from a divine sling is no trifling matter. You've unknowingly replicated the upbringing of the legendary Balearic slingers, whose mothers denied them bread until they could hit their target.
Ironically, it was your childhood experience of being pelted with rocks that convinced you to fashion a sling from your rags and learn to hit back twice as hard. A normal child would never have managed to make it work, but divine domain magic cheats.
As for the curses, those came naturally too, a child's divine will urging his target to sharper definition and slower movement. Hunger concentrates the mind wonderfully.
The story behind your mastery of Inner Flame is a tantrum whose earliest targets suggest that perhaps gods have good reason to abandon their half-human spawn…
Curse Antipaladin
Dg has no incentive to avoid the power of the dark side, since he cannot worship Good Gods. Therefore his strongest archetype is the Curse Antipaladin, a low-Dex plate-wearing necromantic battle-mage.
How can a slinger be low Dex? Simple: His first spell is Corona, removing the need for innate accuracy. The Arcane Marksman's starting Book of Maledictions fits the Curse Antipaladin theme. Instead of blessings, he issues divine maledictions.
Remember, Demigod is not just unable to worship the gods. He's also totally abandoned by them, even while they give his enemies aid. This includes his divine parent, whose identity he clearly doesn't even know. Thus from his perspective, killing everyone until they learn some manners is a reasonable response to a hostile world. In a world without atheists, there is literally no one on his side. At least not until he can start his own cult.
As for what divine parent might show no interest in his human-like child, it was probably a randy member of the Wu Jian council who stopped to take what he wanted. No one would dare object, but they wouldn't be kind to the resulting bastard either. There are plenty of ways to make Someone's life miserable without spilling His divine blood and inviting retribution.
XL1 XxAM Sling vs Adder Fsim
As a sanity check, let's Fsim DgAM vs SpAM, my prior AM pick. XL1 AED vs Adder:
  • DgAM: 1.5 vs 1.3, Corona = 9 SP
  • SpAM: 1.3 vs .7, 11 SP
  • HfAM: 1.7 vs .9, 5 SP
  • HmAM: 1.4 vs 1.3, 8 SP
DgAM loses only to the extreme +4 Slings prowess of the Hf and the extreme Hexing spellpower of the Sp. DgAM's starting defenses are weak, but that's what AM is for. Leveling Int makes those Hexes land, improving defense.
Rolling stones, tumbling dice
Solidity is the DgAM playfeel. He calmly stands his ground, depleting his MP a little faster than HP, making kill after kill while tanking the hits. Slow permits disengagement from overwhelming threats. While his Hexes don't always land, when they alternate with Sling bullets, even the toughest uniques fall.
The ideal sequence is to apply the longer-duration Slow first, retreating if MP reaches zero before it lands. Then Corona and Sling. However, this can cost lots of satiety early, due to spamming a level 2 spell with -2 Spellcasting.
Don't allow rigid adherence to debuff sequence to empty your MP bar at the start of every battle. That's only justified in the toughest fights, when without a successful Slow, immediate retreat is imperative. If a fight can be won by Sling alone, then deplete MP only slightly faster than HP, holding a reserve. Luck wins many battles without requiring spells. In the aftermath of more serious battles, it's efficient to regenerate both MP and HP together for a similar amount of downtime.
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