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I have defeated Expert Wall of Flesh with every character sub-class in the game and ranked their performances. Here are the results!

tl;dr: I'm playing through Terraria with all different weapon sub-types. I'm now halfway through the game and wanted to share my Wall of Flesh results and experiences with everyone.

The introduction

When I first started Terraria, I used all the weapons I could find. Bows, guns, swords, yoyos, summons, it didn't matter. If I had it in my inventory, I would try it. But after clearing the game and going for my second playthrough, I decided to do things a little differently. To challenge myself, I decided to use only Melee weapons. And after that, when I decided to try Expert mode, I used only Ranged weapons. And for the playthrough after that I went one step further and decided to use only swords. During each of these playthroughs I learned to appreciate the game more and more. Each weapon was so fundamentally different that each playthrough was a completely fresh experience and bosses which were difficult for one class turned out to be really easy for another class. By the time I reached the end of the swords-only playthrough I started thinking about what weapon I wanted to try next. With ~20 weapon subtypes to choose from, each more unique than the next, it was not easy to choose just one of them. Spears, guns, staves, explosives, they all looked very fun. I wanted to try them all.
So that is what I did.
Because it is too much effort to do 23 complete playthroughs of this game, I decided to instead create a single large world and play through it with the 23 characters. Shared boss arenas, shared loot, shared buildings. I am now midway through this challenge and decided to share some of my experiences. And what better way than to pit them all against each other and see how well they do against the Wall of Flesh!

The challenge

The idea here is to use all weapon types to defeat all bosses and clear all events. This includes both Brain of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds, wave 15 of the Frost and Pumpkin Moons and all three tiers of the Old One's Army.

The rules:

  • Each character can only deal damage with their assigned weapons. Traps, tools, mount damage and environmental damage should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The exception is the weaponless character, who is allowed to abuse all these sources of damage.
  • The world starts with only the weaponless character. Each new character gets created when their first usable weapon is obtained.
  • Each character does a portion of the exploring and farming that is relevant to them. An example: both the Swords and Boomerang get weapon upgrades in from Ice Chests, so they both have to explore this biome and loot a few chests.
  • The goal of each character is to defeat all the bosses and clear every event. This includes all three individual tiers of the Old One's Army.
  • Glitches, exploits and big sequence breaks are to be avoided. So no Reaver Sharks, no hoiking and no invincibility glitches.
  • No Halloween/Christmas items except for the Bladed Gloves. I wanted to keep the playthrough as normal as possible so I banned these. Only exception is the Bladed Gloves, just because I wanted to try it out.

The mods:

To make my life a little easier, I installed a few mods. These don't impact the difficulty much, but make the playthrough a lot less frustrating. - HERO's Mod, to reduce my waiting and grinding time and to help spawn Corruption stuff. Mostly it is used to change the clock to nighttime, but I also used the item spawner for boss summoning items, Crystal Hearts, Corruption stuff and the Bladed Gloves. None of this would be necessary for single character playthroughs, but searching for 500 Crystal Hearts or waiting for nighttime 150+ times gets annoying really fast. The Corruption stuff and the Bladed Gloves also needed to be cheated in as these are normally not available in this world or at this time. - Begone, Evil!, a simple mod which stops the spread of Corruption, Crimson and Hallow. Again this would normally not be necessary in a normal playthrough, but considering this playthrough will be about 20 times slower than a normal one I considered this necessary. Otherwise I would risk the entire Jungle being gone by the time I defeat the three Mech bosses with all characters. - No Angler Timer, because this should have been how the Angler works in the first place. - Yet Another Boss Health Bar, because I like it.

The results

What you are all here for. The Wall of Flesh was fought on the same arena for each characters (except the weaponless character, which started the fight from the other side) and after each victory I placed a sign to mark his place of death. This allowed me to easily measure the distance I needed for each fight and compare them. The arena itself was pretty straightforward. Just a simple flat bridge made out of ash blocks with a Heart Lantern, Campfire, honey pit, Peace Candle and Sunflower every 100 tiles. The table sorts the weapon subtypes from best to worst. Each entry also lists the weapon(s) used for the fight and the distance in feet I needed to defeat WoF.
Rank Weapon Type Weapon Distance
1 Explosive throwing weapons Beenades and Grenades 755
2 Other ranged weapons Star Cannon 862
3 Bows Bee's Knees + Wooden Arrows 1161
4 Weaponless Boulders 1350
5 Guns Phoenix Blaster + Meteor Shot 1647
6 Swords Starfury 1679
7 Tomes Demon's Scythe 1774
8 Magic guns Bee Gun 1887
9 Other melee weapons Arkhalis 2544
10 Edged throwing weapons Bone Glove 2621
11 Staves Aqua Scepter 2641
12 Sentry summons Ballista Rod 5155
13 Minion summons Imp Staff 5256
14 Yoyos Cascade 5687
15 Dart weapons Blowgun + Poison Darts 6298
16 Ammo-less ranged weapons Paint Gun 7762
17 Spears Dark Lance 8285
18 Flails Sunfury 10922
19 Boomerangs Flamarang 11691

The weapons and strategies

Because I want to share my knowledge and experiences of each weapon type (and because I want to rant about the flails), I'm including this section. I will explain for each weapon sub-type what my experiences were with them as I went through pre-Hardmode and what my strategies were for the Wall of Flesh fight.
Before I start, I want to discuss Expert Wall of Flesh in general. This guy is already a nightmare for new players, but he gets on a whole other level in Expert mode. His speed is increased, he does more damage, the Hungries and Leeches drop fewer Hearts and most importantly, the Hungries keep respawning. While in Normal mode the fight is a simple matter of clearing out the Hungries and then dealing with WoF himself, on Expert mode the Hungries will start respawning again long before you can kill the WoF. This severely increases the difficulty and probably makes it the most changed Expert boss fight compared to Normal mode. In fact, Hungry management is the most important part of this entire boss fight. I found there are three basic ways to deal with them: 1. Ignore the Hungries. Weapons with piercing projectiles allow you to blast through the Hungries and hit the WoF directly. Alternatively weapons like the Starfury hit the WoF from a different angle and allow you to bypass the Hungries completely. Don't have to the deal with respawning Hungries if you don't kill them in the first place. 2. Overwhelm the Hungries. There are a few weapons in pre-Hardmode which do so much DPS that you can quickly kill all the Hungries and keep killing them while attacking the WoF. The bee weapons are the best known examples, but the Arkhalis also works pretty well for this. 3. Keep the Hungries knockback locked. By far the most difficult and unreliable tactic, but really the only one that works for Melee weapons. The idea is to abuse the AI of the Hungries. The way they work is that if they are above or below you, they will circle towards you and are difficult to predict. But if they are level with you, they will attack you in a horizontal trajectory that is easy to protect from. So if you keep hitting them with high knockback weapons away from you, you can keep hitting them through the lower eye and keep your focus on attacking the WoF. You'll want to combine this with an Obsidian Shield to keep you in the perfect attacking position, as any deviation will break the Hungry pattern and allow them to swarm you from all side. Even then, even if you execute it perfectly you will probably die in this fight due to some asshole Hungry circling around you and attacking you from behind. Do not try this in a Hardcore run unless you absolutely hate yourself.
The gear I used in the fights was all pretty similar. All characters used Shield of Cthulhu, Blue Horseshoe Balloon and Frostspark Boots for mobility. This is the standard load-out that I use for all pre-Hardmode boss fights. The last two slots were used for weapon specific boosting accessories, such as the Hive Pack for bee weapons or the Magic Cuffs for Magic weapons. If I had a slot left, I added Worm Scarf, if I had another slot left I also added Regeneration Band. All accessories were forged to Menacing to maximize DPS. Armor was just the strongest armor for each class at that point in the game. Molten for Melee, Bone for Ranged, Jungle for Magic, Bee for Summoner and Fossil for Thrower. All relevant buffs were active for each fight. So potions, Sharpening Station, Well Fed, etc. I tried to avoid the Inferno Potion, as it is in limited supply during pre-Hardmode, but I still needed it to deal with the Leeches in a few fights. Finally, all the weapons were reforged to whatever the wiki said their strongest modifier was. All of this was done mostly to keep it consistent. I wanted to get comparable results to really show which weapons were best for this fight.
Now let's get on with it.

Explosive Throwing Weapons - Beenades and Grenades

This should come as no surprise. The best weapon to fight Wall of Flesh is the one and only Beenades (with a little help from Grenades). It's good to see this actually confirmed.
The explosives sub-class has been surprisingly awesome for all of pre-Hardmode. You can get Grenades from the surface, buy more from the Demolitionist and dominate all of pre-Hardmode with them. Their DPS is absolutely insane for this stage of the game and their splash damage really helps with swarms like the Brain of Cthulhu. Just watch out you're not caught in your own explosions. After Queen Bee you even get access to Beenades and then you are pretty much done. You will need to farm QB for a bit to get enough of them, but once you do you will demolish Skeletron and Wall of Flesh. Unfortunately this class is pretty much done after that. There are no upgrades for him at all in Hardmode. I still want to keep trying him out and see how far the Beenades can take me.
The fight itself is fairly straight forward. Just chuck Beenades at him and watch the swarm consume everything they can find. Unfortunately the bees are pretty slow and at the end of the fight Wall of Flesh actually starts outrunning them. The Beenades themselves do very little damage on the explosions, so I switched to Grenades for the final ~1000 HP of the fight. Easy fight.

Other Ranged Weapons - Star Cannon

This class uses all uncategorized Ranged weapons, those that have their own unique ammo type. In pre-Hardmode we only get the two cannon weapons, the Snowball Cannon and the Star Cannon. The Snowball Cannon is decent in the early game, but falls off really quickly. Meanwhile the Star Cannon is absolutely broken, except the ammo is incredibly rare. For most boss fights you will need to spend multiple nights farming Fallen Stars just to have enough ammo to kill the boss. In my playthrough this was not as big of a deal, as I had to spend a lot of time with all the different characters anyway, but in a regular playthrough this will get really annoying fast. In Hardmode I will get a few more weapons, but nearly all of them are post-Plantera. So I guess this character is stuck with the Star Cannon for a while. I don't think this will be an issue, as the Star Cannon is just that good. I just need to find enough ammo.
The WoF fight was a typical piercing weapon fight. The star projectiles are infinitely piercing, so you just fire them at the WoF's eye and wait for him to die. I need somewhere around 150-200 Fallen Stars for this fight, which means about 4 full night of farming. Not great, but it's still doable.

Bows - Bee's Knees + Wooden Arrows

Let's be honest here, the bows sub-class is absurdly overpowered. The damage values of the bows and arrows get added together and they get effects from both of them. They outclass pretty much all other weapon types in DPS, range and ease of use. All bows can pierce, do damage over time or apply other debuffs. And before anyone brings up the ammo limitation, Arrows and their products are so easy to craft in such huge numbers that this should never be an issue. Bows are so disgustingly powerful that it honestly is not even fun any more to use them. You just point and click and win.
The WoF fight is your typical bee fight. Just fire away in WoF's general direction and let the bees do their job. I considered switching to the Molten Fury for the last part of the fight like how I used the Grenades for the Grenadier, but the Bee's Knees already does so much damage on impact that this wasn't even necessary. WoF just died anyway.

Weaponless - Boulders

For those who like to try a truly different challenge, we have the weaponless class. No weapons allowed at all, you can only use passive damage sources and mounts to do damage. For the first few bosses I made good use of the NPCs. They do some good damage for this point in the game and the Nurse will make sure nobody dies. You just keep dodging and the NPCs will take care of the boss. For the Eater of Worlds I decided to abuse the fact that his body does very little damage by buffing myself up and boxing myself in, then just letting the boss kill himself through the Thorns Potion. Queen Bee, Skeletron and Wall of Flesh were defeated through boulders. You simply craft as many boulders as you can, stack them up on wooden platforms over a solid block bridge, then use lava to destroy the wooden platforms and drop the boulders down. The boulders do massive damage to the bosses and will quickly kill them. It just takes a lot to set these up and they are really difficult to execute. It also requires massive amounts of boulders. Queen Bee and Skeletron took a little under 1000 boulders each while Wall of Flesh took about 1500 boulders. This will require a lot of mining. Honestly, this turned out a lot less fun than I expected. Brain I skipped for now. Due to the way the boss fight is set up it is not really suitable for boulder strats and because you have to fight it in the Crimson you can't use NPCs either. Maybe I will try to figure out a way to use NPCs in the Crimson through King/Queen Statues or by placing down a lot of Sunflowers, but that will be done later. I will probably drop this character for now due to all the special attention his arenas require and just do a dedicated weaponless playthrough later. I just don't have the energy to do this in addition to all the other characters.
Now, the WoF fight. This one required a slightly different arena from all the others. Instead of just a single bridge, this one got a second bridge a few tiles above the first one. This second bridge had a layer of wooden platforms with a bunch of boulders on top of them. Lava buckets are used to destroy the wooden platforms, which causes the boulders to drop and roll into the WoF. The problem here is that the WoF does not cooperate at all. In my trial runs the WoF kept his eye level with the bridge, which would cause the boulders to roll directly into his eye. In my actual run, with the full arena set up, the WoF rised a significant bit which caused all the boulders to miss. So I had to stay really close to the WoF so the boulders would fall into his eye and mouth. This meant I had to stay within Hungry range, and as I didn't have any weapons I didn't have anything to bat them away. This made this fight incredibly risky. Just a really difficult fight overall. If you allow them you can also use Dynamite for this fight. As it doesn't have a damage type, you could count it as class-less weapon. I didn't want to try this one though, as I didn't want to destroy my beautiful bridge.

Guns - Phoenix Blaster + Meteor Shot

Guns, overall, are like a slightly worse version of the bows sub-class with more flashy firing options. The DPS is a bit worse, the firing spread makes it more difficult to aim and the ammo is a lot more annoying to acquire. In return you get things like rapid fire or spread shots. Still a really strong weapon type, just slightly less than the bows. I don't need to explain much about the boss fights either. You point and click, there is not much to it. Use Meteor Shot for the single-bullet guns and Silver Bullets for the spread guns. Only thing I want to say here is that the Minishark is severely overrated. 35 G is a really hefty price for the start of the game, so realistically you won't get this until you've already fought a few bosses. And even then the weapon is simply not that great. Like any weapon that relies on rapid fire it really struggles against anything with a bit of Defense. Which is pretty much anything in Expert mode. I'd recommend just using the Boomstick until you get the Phoenix Blaster.
The WoF fight is nothing complicated either. The Meteor Shot pierces, so you can just ignore the Hungries and go straight for the eye. Then just make sure you don't die and WoF will fall quickly. And before anyone comments, I did try the Minishark for this fight. With both Silver Bullets and Meteor Shot, in fact. It did not do that great, ending up somewhere in the gap between staves and sentry summons. Not impressive at all.

Swords - Starfury

The swords weapon type is well known for the massive amount of swords there are. There are the pure melee swords, the autoswing swords, the projectile swords and the status-inducing swords. They are spread around through all of pre-Hardmode, giving you plenty of upgrade options throughout the entire thing. And the Starfury invalidates almost all of them. So to give a short recap on the Starfury, this sword causes one star to fall from the sky with each swing. This star can be aimed with your cursor, pierces one enemy and does double damage on impact. Furthermore you can easily find it on the Sky Islands as soon as you find your first Gravity Potion, before you fight your first boss. And this weapon absolutely destroys all the bosses in pre-Hardmode. I would rank the Starfury in the top three of pre-Hardmode weapons, it is that good. Its only weakness is that the star is unreliable underground, so you'll want to carry a Blade of Grass or Beekeeper as back-up weapon.
The WoF fight is one of the easier ones. Because the star bypasses the the Hungries entirely, there is absolutely zero risk of them detaching and making things difficult. You just keep the WoF on the edge of your screen and rain stars down on him. These stars will pierce through the eye and impact the mouth as well, almost doubling the damage per attack. WoF will melt before your eyes. You just need to make sure the ceiling of your arena is high so the stars don't get blocked. I also tried the Beekeeper for this fight and it actually did pretty well. Just not as good as the Starfury.

Tomes - Demon's Scythe

Now, the Magic classes are a bit weird. The Melee weapons all have clearly different attacks, the Ranged weapons all have different ammos and their own Shroomite buffs, and the Summoner weapons have their own separate gear for Minions and Sentries. But all the Magic weapons are used pretty much the same way. Sure, the animations might be a bit different, but they all just shoot out projectiles at the cost of mana. The Water Bolt is more different from the Book of Skulls than from the Diamond Staff. So in the end, really the only thing separating them is their sprites. I decided to separate them into Staves, Tomes, Guns and Artifacts/Other, but gameplay wise there isn't really any difference between them. Tomes can be pretty much summarized as The Water Bolt Class for pre-Hardmode. It is a Dungeon tier weapon that can be gotten at the very start of the game if you are lucky. And as a Dungeon tier weapon, it can carry you all the way up to the Underworld. Just build some walls around your boss arena and watch the bosses melt in all the Water Bolt projectiles. By the end of pre-Hardmode you can get a Demon Scythe, which is definitely an improvement, but not really necessary. The Water Bolt is still enough to defeat the WoF and get to Hardmode.
Still, for efficiency sake I used the Demon Scythe for this fight. The projectiles pierce through the Hungries and do pretty good damage. Just run forward and fire the projectiles back at the WoF's eye. As a Magic user your defense isn't the greatest, but the WoF will die fast enough that this doesn't matter much.

Magic guns - Bee Gun

The magic guns have even less options available than the tomes, but honestly don't actually need anything more. The Space Gun with Meteorite Armor is a well-known combination that absolutely destroys pre-Hardmode. It is not as good as Grenades, but it comes close. In fact, this was the combination I initially used for the WoF fight, before I decided to also try the Bee Gun and realized it was slightly better. Definitely a powerful weapon type that will carry you through all of pre-Hardmode.
Like I mentioned, I tried both the Space Gun and the Bee Gun for this fight. In the end, it turns out bees trump piercing. Like the Beenades and Bee's Knees you can just shoot in the WoF's general direction and watch the swarm consume everything. It is a bit slower than the other bee weapons and you have to watch your mana, but it is still an easy fight.

Other melee weapons - Arkhalis

Despite what the wiki might tell you, claws are not swords. They are claws. The problem is just that there are only two of them in the entire game, available at the start pre-Hardmode and at the start of Hardmode. This makes them not viable to run as a single class. Luckily the clubs and whips have the same, but opposite problem. There are only two clubs, available at the middle and end of Hardmode, and two whips both available at the end of Hardmode. So they combine well into a single class, giving perfect coverage across the entire run. Except for one little problem: the Wall of Flesh. While the Bladed Glove was surprisingly awesome in the other fights, there was simply no way I could ever beat WoF with it. The Bladed Glove can only attack in the direction you're facing, so you can't run away from the WoF and attack it at the same time. Basically, I don't see this fight as being possible. Luckily there is another sword in the game which is not really a sword: the Arkhalis. Sure it may look like a sword, but its Crissaegrim attack is completely unique and it doesn't get any of the sword-specific modifiers. So I decided to ignore its sprite and use it for the WoF fight. It was either that or give up on this run.
The fight itself was a weird combination of strategies 2 and 3. The Arkhalis does such insane damage that you can just cut through the Hungries and go almost straight for the WoF. You can barely not kill it by the time the Hungries start respawning, but the Arkhalis will just automatically bat anything away that comes close so you can just ignore them as they attack you. By far the easiest of the pure melee weapons for this fight.

Edged throwing weapons - Bone Glove

Here we get the second Throwing sub-class, and this one is almost as good. The Spiky Balls are available early in the game and they destroy everything. They do continuous damage to anything that touches them, so just spray them around the arena and the bosses will kill themselves soon enough. The only boss this doesn't work on is the Wall of Flesh. As he just keeps moving forward, there is not much of a point in covering the battlefield in Spiky Balls. Luckily by this time the Bone Glove becomes available. This is a piercing weapon with pretty solid damage for this point in the game, so it does really well against the WoF. Honestly, this weapon type surprised me the most. It's just so good. Unfortunately there are no more Throwing upgrades available in Hardmode, but I'm still curious just how far the Spiky Balls can carry me.

Staves - Aqua Scepter

Finally we get to the staves. These are the most common Magic weapons, with upgrades available at almost all stages of pre-Hardmode. Unfortunately, most of them suck. The Wand of Sparking is well known as the absolute worst weapon the entire game, most of the gem staves are too difficult to get and are on par with the metal swords, the Vilethorn is garbage and the Magic Missile and Underworld staves are even worse than that. Basically only the Ruby and Diamond Staves are worth your time, with the Crimson Rod having limited use. Luckily they are easily good enough to carry you through all of pre-Hardmode. In the Dungeon you get the Aqua Scepter, which with its continuous piercing attacks is enough to give that final push into Hardmode. Still, this weapon type was a bit underwhelming.
This WoF fight marks the end of the easy fights. After this there is a massive gap until the next weapons. And compared to the ones before this, the staves are definitely the worst of them. The Aqua Scepter allows you to shoot the WoF through the Hungries, but its short range and low DPS still makes this a difficult fight. I still think it is better for this fight than the Diamond Staff, though I have to admit I didn't even try that one.

Sentry summons - Ballista Rod

We finally get our first example of the fifth and final weapon class, the Summoner. The sentry summons are the least commonly used of the two sub-types, though definitely the more interesting one. Now, before I explain anything further, I first want to talk about how to use Summoning weapons. Most people think you are supposed to summon your minions and sentries, then focus all your attention on dodging all boss attacks as your summons slowly take care of everything. And yeah this works, it's just incredibly slow. Rang attack summons have ridiculously slow attack rates and they have absolute moronic AI. So you could try this, but you'll won't do yourself any favors. Instead, you need to play as a mage. You see, all range attack summons perform their attack immediately after being summoned. So you can increase their attack rate to the speed with which you can swing the staff. This tactic will significantly increase the DPS of Ballista and Imp summons and make the boss fights a whole lot easier. With that out of the way, let's get to the sentry summoner playthrough. For starters, you are forced to beat the Old One's Army event. For some reason you can't use the Tavernkeep sentry weapons unless you've cleared the OOA event on that world. And this event is no joke. Without exploits, I don't think it is even possible to beat this event with just the starter sentry weapons. Luckily for me, there is a really nice exploit available. The Etherian Mana that you use to summon the sentries normally vanish between each attempt of the event, but if you store them in a chest and don't open the chest unless the OOA event is active, then the mana gets preserved between events. This allows you to stockpile the mana and summon way more sentries than you normally could, eventually beating the event. Now, as for the sentry summons themselves. In pre-Hardmode you have only the four Tavernkeep sentries available to you and the Ballista Rod is by far the best of these. Even without summoning spam this one outdamages the others by a lot. And with summoning spam it makes pre-Hardmode a cakewalk. Only the WoF is slightly challenging and even that fight is just a test of patience.
The fight is pretty straightforward. Just keep running forward out of Hungry range and keep resummoning the Ballista. Make sure the bottom WoF eye is targeted so the Ballista won't bother with the Hungries. Other than that this fight is just patience and mana management.

Minion summons - Imp Staff

And almost equal to the sentry summons, we get the minion summons. Pretty neat how things turn out. The minion summons themselves suck though. I think they were the third worst weapon type in the game so far. I admit that I purposefully didn't beat Queen Bee until after King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu and that I purposefully didn't get Imp Staff until after I beat Skeletron, just to keep the progression a bit more natural. So people who go straight for the Reaver Shark and Imp Staff will have a far easier time. It's just my anti-sequence break rules that made this sub-class suck. The Slime Staff is awful and the Hornet Staff is only slightly better. The Imp Staff is better, but only if you use the summon spam I described in the sentry write-up. I'm looking forward to Hardmode, when the summons will finally stop being garbage.
The fight itself was pretty much identical as with the Ballista Rod. Target the bottom eye, summon spam the Imp and outrun the Hungries. Only difference is that I had a a few extra Imps floating around being useless and every now and then I had to position my Imp summons so they would hit the Hungries as they broke loose.

Yoyos - Cascade

Yoyo gang unite, and tell me how the fuck I am supposed to beat Wall of Flesh with this? Because I certainly can't figure it out. Up to this point the yoyos were actually pretty decent. They did good DPS and their extra range was a welcome bonus. They were not great against the other bosses, but they were not terrible either. The White String is an essential accessory for this, while the Counterweights are not nearly as good. I typically opted for a different accessory instead of them. The biggest issue with the yoyos is how annoying they are to get. The Rally and Cascade or both pretty rare drops and things are going to get even worse in Hardmode.
The WoF fight was a total nightmare. I think I needed about a dozen attempts before I lucked out and managed to beat WoF once. In the end I managed to do it with knockback strats. Clear out the Hungries first, then go for the bottom eye. Once the Hungries started respawning I waited until they went between me and my yoyo, at which point I retracted the yoyo to knock the Hungry back horizontally. This meant that the Hungries will all try to attack me through the eye, so they were all automatically hit by the yoyo and knocked back. Even with this flawless strategy you are more likely to die in this fight than win. So seriously, yoyo gang, how am I supposed to do this fight? Because I am clearly missing something.

Dart weapons - Blowgun + Poison Darts

You remember how I called the minion summons the third worst weapon type in pre-Hardmode? Say hello to the second worst. The Blowpipe is an absolutely horrible weapon, with low damage, low fire rate and annoying to farm ammo, that you are stuck using until you defeat Queen Bee. At that point you get the Blowgun, which is a significant upgrade that actually makes this weapon type somewhat viable. Still, this is a run I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies. In Hardmode I get one more upgrade to this weapon before the Mech bosses, along with some new ammo. After that it is over for the dart weapons. I will of course try to get them as far as I can, but I am not very hopeful.
Remember how I said there were three basic strategies to deal with Expert WoF? I lied. There is actually a fourth. For ranged weapons with low fire rate and no piercing abilities, you cannot get through the Hungries. They will respawn faster than you can kill them and keep protecting the eyes. So instead you shoot over the Hungries and go for the mouth. The Hungries will all stay low to attack you, covering the bottom eye, so instead you go for the mouth. The top eye is also a possible target, but I found that one more difficult to hit. This fight is slow and difficult and annoying, but I think consistent. I managed to beat it on my first try, at least.

Ammo-less ranged weapons - Paint Gun

With only two weapons in pre-Hardmode and two in Hardmode, this weapon type does not really seem feasible for a full run. Still I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised. The Paint Gun is actually surprisingly good for the point where you get it. It has good fire rate and shoots out three projectiles on each attack, so it actually deals surprisingly good damage. There is also the Harpoon Gun, but I wasn't really impressed by that one. The Paint Gun is simply a lot better.
This WoF fight is similar to the dart weapon fight. Paint Guns don't pierce and don't do enough DPS to break through the Hungries. So you are forced to avoid the Hungries entirely and shoot over them into the mouth. Again, this fight is slow and annoying, but consistent.

Spears - Dark Lance

Let me start by saying that lances suck, but are still surprisingly fun to play. They have really short range with no projectile options until late in Hardmode. This mean you have to really get into melee fights with all the bosses. So you will have to to get in there, deal your damage while avoiding as much hits as possible, then get out again to heal off the damage you've gotten. It is pretty different from the projectile spam of most other weapons. Only the WoF fight is different, as you can easily space yourself in front of him without being hit. If you are looking for a real challenge, I recommend trying these.
The WoF fight used the generic knockback strats that most Melee weapons used. Fight your way to the eye, then keep attacking it and knocking back the Hungries with the same attacks. As the spear will also hit right next to you it was a lot easier to control the Hungries than with other Melee weapons, which made this fight pretty doable. I actually messed up this fight and had to bail out for a bit to heal halfway through the fight, otherwise these would have ended up somewhere around the Summon weapons. Really difficult fight, but definitely doable.

Flails - Sunfury

I will admit, I was surprised to see the flails end up here. Not that they ended up so low, I was surprised the flails ended up ranking at all. Flails absolutely suck, so completely unviable that I won't even insult the other weapon types by comparing them. They have an absurdly low damage per hit combined with the absolute lowest attack rate and difficult to aim attacks and ridiculously low effective hitboxes. I honestly don't understand how Re-Logic could include such a horribly useless weapon type in the game. There is literally nothing they are actually useful for. They are horrible in boss fights, they are crap at fighting individual mobs, they are terrible at mob control and they are even surprisingly bad at killing swarms of enemies. There is literally no single use for flails that all other weapons types are not better at. Do not try these as a challenge, do not use these as a joke, do not recommend them to the friends you secretly hate. If you are that desperate to use flails, then go on Twitter and use them to mock Re-Logic. They could just remove these pieces of junk from the game altogether in 1.4 and I doubt anyone would even notice.
The fight was a nightmare. I honestly thought it would turn out impossible. But after a few dozen attempts, luck finally turned in my favor and I managed to do it. The fight was similar to the yoyo fight, where I attack the bottom eye and the charging Hungries at the same time. Except it was so much more difficult due to the Sunfury's horrible attack. Do not try this at home. I am serious here, do not try this. If you want a challenge go play Dark Souls or something. Do not try to fight the WoF with flails. You will lose. You will cry. You will question your very existence. Do not try this at home.

Boomerangs - Flamarang

And finally, at the very bottom of the list, we get the boomerangs. This saddens me, as the boomerangs are actually surprisingly legit. They allow you to use Melee gear, while still having something resembling range. Not as good as swords or yoyos, but arguably the best Melee sub-type after that. Other than the WoF all other bosses fall pretty easily to them. I am looking forward to the Hardmode boomerangs, I feel like they will gain a real boost there.
Before I get to the boomerang fight, lets recap all the other strategies used in these fights. At the top we had mostly weapons which could do so much damage that they could take out the Hungries as they respawned and just focus on the eye. After that we got the piercing weapons, which hit the WoF through the Hungries, allowing you to ignore them. Next we had the knockback weapons, which would bat the Hungries away while simultaneously attacking the WoF. And finally, there were the long range weapons which could shoot over the Hungries and hit the WoF in the mouth. As you might have realized by now, the boomerangs can't do any of these. They don't do splash damage or have high DPS, so you can't overwhelm the Hungries. They don't pierce, so you can't attack through the Hungries. They can hit only one enemy per slow attack, so they can't knockback the Hungries. And finally, their range is lower than the Hungries' range, so you can't outrange them either. Basically, boomerangs can't really do any of these strategies. This means I had to stay as far away from the WoF as I could while still hitting him with the very edge of my trajectory. The Hungries would move in the way, blocking most of my attacks, but every now and then I would get a hit in. And if by luck all the Hungries were eliminated I could move in close and spam attack with the boomerangs. Slowly, very slowly, very very slowly the WoF HP got whittled down until eventually he succumbed to the Flamarang's infinite might.
And even with all these disadvantages, it still almost beat out the flails.

The journey continues

So what now? Easy, the challenge continues. WoF was never intended to be the end point. These were just some nice intermediary results that I wanted to share. But with the WoF killed (many, many times), I will now continue onto Hardmode. While this means the two Thrower sub-classes and the Dart weapons sub-class are coming to an end, I will get four new ones in return: The Melee Throwing Weapons, the Artifacts, the Flamethrowers and the Launchers. I will also have to do all the events now, so let's see how the weapons perform at mob control.
This challenge has been fun, but I admit I'll be glad when it is over. Grinding for pretty much everything in the game and beating all the bosses 20+ times has been exhausting. It has made me a lot better at the game and I feel like I really understand all the bosses and their attack patterns now. But still, once this is done I feel like I can finally claim that I've done everything in this game and can put it to rest. Until 1.4 releases at least and I can start this all over again.
submitted by jellsprout to Terraria

The Dragonborn Shouts Into Battle! A Character Moveset Analysis/Theorycraft


I was inspired by TheJediSonic and his post here to create my own analysis/theorycrafting of the character I want most as one of the upcoming DLCs! So, without further ado, here is...

The Dragonborn

“Hey you, you’re finally awake…”

Skyrim is probably the most popular and certainly one of the most influential action RPGs of the past decade. Somehow, after about 8 years of being out, it is still somehow a relevant game that is still being talked about today. and with it being ported to a Nintendo console in the Switch (as well as Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation VR, Occulus Rift, Amazon Alexa…), that definitely means that our beloved dragon-slaying avatar has a legitimate chance to be included in Super Smash Bros, right? Right??
Well, I can dream at least.
When theorizing about this character, I wanted to make a solid blend of all the paths that you could take, as the Dragonborn can have a unique set of skills depending on how you level him up. I wanted to try to represent equal parts Warrior, Mage, and Thief in this build, for a well-rounded basis for a dragonborn that can reflect a little bit of what any playthrough of Skyrim may have used.
PS: I have included video examples of where most of the Dragonborn’s moveset comes from! Some of the videos are great, but some… well, I’m working with what Youtube is offering.

Table of Contents

  • Gimmick
  • Specials
  • Attributes
  • Basic Attacks
  • Smash Attacks
  • Aerials
  • Grabs and Throws
  • Playstyle, Strengths, Weaknesses
  • Final Smash
  • Costumes/Alts
  • Taunts and Victory Animations
  • Music and Stage
  • Extra Content
  • Reveal Trailer Concept


The main gimmick for the Dragonborn are his Shouts, which consist of his special moves. Each special move is very powerful, and holding the special button allows you to charge up the moves by using up to three Words of Power, after which the move is used immediately. However, each shout also has a shout cooldown after being used. After using a shout, a meter will appear above the Dragonborn’s sprite and damage counter with an appearance similar to the one in Skyrim, fading away when the cooldown time has been completed. All shouts share the same cooldown meter, so after you use any shout, you must wait the allotted time until you can use another special move.


Neutral Special: Unrelenting Force
What else could her neutral special be but the most iconic shout in the Dragonborn’s arsenal, the classic Fus Ro Dah! This shout releases a strong windbox coming from the Dragonborn that can be angled up or down. The Unrelenting Force shout is significantly stronger than Mario’s FLUDD or Squirtle’s Water Gun when fully charged, but unlike those moves the charge cannot be stored and saved for later.
Pressing and releasing the special button only uses the first Word of Power, Fus. This level produces a weak windbox that travels the length of 3 squares on the training mode stage, slightly stronger than the wingtip windbox of Palutena’s forward smash. This level has a shout cooldown of 120 frames.
Holding the special button for at least 20 frames will have the Dragonborn use the second word of power. This creates a much stronger windbox, approximately 80% that of a fully charged Water Gun, that travels the about 4 squares. This level has a shout cooldown of 180 frames.
The final word of power is used if you hold down the special button for 50 frames, after which the move is used immediately. The fully charged Unrelenting Force shout has a very, very strong windbox, about 150% stronger than a fully charged Water Gun, traveling it travels 6 squares. This shout has a cooldown of 270 frames, making it a very risky option to use while offstage as you cannot use you Up Special until the cooldown is completed.
Side B: Fire Breath
Yol Toor Shul, a furious ball of fire that explodes from the Shout of the Dragonborn. Similar to the Dragonborn’s other special moves, Fire Breath gets stronger as you charge it, ranging from a small, slow fireball to a huge blazing blast with high damage and knockback. Unlike Unrelenting Force, however, it cannot be angled.
Pressing and releasing the special button spews a small fireball with the first Word of Power. It has a range of about 5 squares in training mode, about the speed and size of Ryu’s Hadouken. The move does 10% with some upwards knockback, behaving similarly to Lucas’s PK Fire. This level of the shout has a cooldown of 120 frames
If you hold the special button for at least 20 frames, the move is upgraded with the second word of power. Now, the Fire Breath is larger, travels 9 squares, and has a multi-hit hitbox that deals 15% if all 5 hits connect. The cooldown for this level is 200 frames.
Holding down the special button for at least 50 Frames unleashes a huge fireball, as large as a max aura Lucario’s Aura Sphere. This Fire Breath travels quickly over 12 squares, dealing 30% with very strong upwards knockback comparable to a fully charged Charge Shot from Samus. This shout has a cooldown of 360 frames (6 whole seconds).
Up Special: Whirlwind Sprint
The Dragonborn’s Up Special is none other than Whirlwind Sprint, rocketing this dragon-souled warrior across the stage and through the air. All levels of the move can be angled in 8 directions, and travel in a straight line. The move has no hitbox of its own, but give the Dragonborn invincibility frames starting 4 frames after the special button is released. All levels of the move have low end lag, low landing lag, and a FAF of 4 if used on the ground, allowing this move to give the Dragonborn good mobility both on and off the stage.
The first word of power, activated by pressing and releasing the special button, with has a travel distance of 4 squares. The shout cooldown for this level of Whirlwind Sprint is 45 frames.
The second word of power extends the distance traveled to 8 squares after holding special button for at least 15 frames. This level has a shout cooldown of 90 frames
Holding the special button for 45 frames releases a fully powered Whirlwind Sprint, traveling 12 total squares, with a shout cooldown of 135 frames.
Down Special: Dragon Aspect
The Dragonborn takes the powerful aspect of a Dragon upon himself, glowing with spectral energy over her arms, chest, and head, depending on how many Words of Power are used. Each level of the shout grants the Dragonborn unique bonuses and traits, stacking on top of each other with each level. All effects, regardless of the level, last for 15 seconds until they fade away. The main drawback of this move is the high end lag of the move, making it easy to punish if used in the wrong moment.
Immediately releasing the special button grants the Dragonborn 20% increased knockback on his smash attacks as spectral, draconic armor appears on his arms. This shout has a cooldown of 180 frames.
After holding the special button for at least 20 frames, the same armor appears on her chest as well, granting him heavy armor up to 15% damage (similar to Bower’s Tough Guy mechanic). The shout cooldown for this level of Dragon Aspect is 240 Frames.
Automatically releasing after 50 frames, a draconic helm is added to the armor set, and gives the Dragonborn 50% reduced shout cooldown time. The cooldown for this level is 400 seconds… but of course, with the bonus you get, that gets cut down to 200 frames!


The Dragonborn is a sturdy character, with a heavy weight and fast fall speed that make it hard to launch him far, but can sometimes open him up to be juggled and comboed more easily. Below is a list of attributes that apply to the Dragonborn (If you wanna see what attributes your favorite characters have, check the links here).
  • Weight Value: 107 (Equal to Ike and the Belmonts)
  • Max Jumps: 2
  • Full Hop Height: 32 (Equal to Charizard)
  • Short Hop Height: 17 (Equal to Cloud and Mii Brawler)
  • Air Jump Height: 31 (Equal to Ike and Pit)
  • Wall Jump: No
  • Wall Cling: No
  • Crouch: Yes
  • Crawl: Yes (using the sneaking animation from Skyrim)
  • Tether: No
  • Air Speed: 0.95 (Between K. Rool and Pikachu)
  • Air Acceleration: 0.04 (Similar to Ganondorf)
  • Max Fall Speed: 1.85 (Equal to the Belmonts)
  • Walk Speed: 0.75 (Equal to Ryu)
  • Initial Dash Speed: 1.98 (Equal to Link and Captain Falcon)
  • Run Speed: 1.4 (Between Dr. Mario and Zelda)
  • Spot Dodge >Fresh: 26 Frames (Intangible frames 3-17) >*Fully Stale: 34 Frames (Intangible frames 6-17)
  • Roll >Fresh: 30 Frames (Intangible frames 4-15) >Fully Stale: 39 Frames (Intangible frames 8-14)

Basic Attacks

Jab: Flames/Frostbite/Sparks
The Dragonborn does a one-two slash with his Steel Sword, coming out at frame 5. This combos into a multihit rapid jab of either the Flames, Frostbite, or Sparks spell. The spells are chosen randomly and are functionally identical to each other, unless you are using a spirit that would boost one of the damage types.
  • 4% first hit
  • 2% second hit
  • 1.2% per hit of rapid jab
  • *2% final hit

Forward Tilt: Steel Sword
The Dragonborn swings the Steel Sword he is wielding in an overhead arc, dealing solid knockback, able to kill beginning around 100% on lighter characters.
  • 13% swing
Up Tilt: Steel Sword (again)
The Dragonborn quickly swings the Steel Sword up above her head in an arc, being able to drag opponents up from her sides and juggle quite well, but having almost no kill power. A solid combo starter.
  • 9% swing
Down Tilt: Backstab & Pickpocket
A quick stab with a dagger, this move does extra damage if the opponent is facing away from you, with a much higher knockback as well. Additionally, if you land the move while the opponent is facing away, you can steal any item they are holding, such as Peach’s turnips or Link’s bombs. This quick move is a good out of shield option, especially if the opponent is using approaching back airs and not crossing up your shield, but its relatively high end lag for a tilt makes it hard to throw out willy-nilly.
  • 4.5% when hitting the front of the opponent
  • 18% when hitting the back of the opponent

Dash Attack: Shield Charge
The Dragonborn raises his iron shield and runs through opponents, knocking them at a harsh upward angle with very strong knockback. One of the character’s go-to moves, being a combo starter, get off me tool, able to cross up shields, and beginning to kill at around 120% with the early hit of the move.
  • 14% early hit
  • 9% late hit
Edge Attack: Shield Bash
The Dragonborn pulls himself up the ledge and bashes with his shield
  • 10% bash
Getup Attacks:
The Dragonborn slashes on both sides with her sword.
  • 7%

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Miraak’s Sword
The Dragonborn’s Side Smash uses Miraak’s Sword, an Iconic weapon from the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. This move is very similar to Shulk’s Forward Smash, with a stab of the sword first, and an extension of a tentacle outward immediately following.
  • 8% initial sword hit (6% uncharged)
  • 10% second sword hit (8% uncharged)
  • 10% tentacle hit (8% uncharged)
  • Total 28% (22% uncharged)
Up Smash: Auriel’s Bow and Sunhallowed Arrows
I stole the Dragonborn’s Forward Smash from Shulk, so I guess I’ll steal his Up Smash from Snake. The Dragonborn pulls out Auriel’s Bow for this move, shooting an arrow straight up and having it fall back down. Charging this move doesn’t increase it’s damage, but rather its range, with the max range being a solid 10 squares upwards (equal to Snake’s). If you catch the opponent at the peak of the arrow’s shot before it falls back down, you will trigger a sunburst explosion that can hit multiple opponents. Otherwise, the arrow will fall back down just like Snake’s mortar.
  • 3% drawing the bow
  • 8% arrow hit
  • 10% sunburst explosion
Down Smash: Mehrune’s Razor
The Dragonborn crouches and quickly stabs in front of him, and then behind him with Mehrune’s Razor. It has a relatively short range, but it can spike if you catch a 2 frame at the ledge. This move also has a 1% chance to do triple damage and/or break a shield. The move has a good deal of end lag, making it relatively unsafe and used mostly for reads.
  • 19% forwards stab (15% uncharged)
  • 15% backwards stab (10% uncharged)


Neutral Air: Lightning Cloak
The Dragonborn uses the Lightning Cloak spell, engulfing himself in crackling electricity in a multi-hit nair. Functionally, this works similarly to Palutena’s nair, a multihit that can be used to drag opponents down and extend combos.
  • 1.5% for 6 multi-hits
  • 4% final hit
Forward Air: Steel Sword
A wide overhead swing of the sword. Catching the sweetspot of the move at the base of the sword will spike, with the sourspot sending opponents forward and away.
  • 15% (sweetspot)
  • 9% (sourspot)
Back Air: Shield Bash
An almost identical back air to Palutena, swinging the shield behind him to smack opponents hard, with a brief amount of invincibility.
  • 12%
Up Air: Ice Storm
A small flurry of ice is unleashed above your head, acting as a multihit move similar to Palutena’s up air, but with a larger hitbox and slightly less damage.
  • 1% (First 4 hits)
  • 3% (final hit)
Down Air: Bow and Arrow
This down air is a projectile, similar to Megaman’s Hard Knuckle down air. The Dragonborn grabs his bow and shoots an arrow straight downward. Unlike Megaman, however, this does not spike, rather sending the opponent at a mild upward angle, similar to that of Link’s bombs.
  • 5% sourspot (Dragonborn’s body)t
  • 8% sweetspot (Arrow)


The Dragonborn lunges out with his shield hand to grab the opponent. This grab has a little less than average range, but has relatively low end lag to compensate.
The Dragonborn punches the opponent in the face.
  • 1.3% each punch
Forward Throw: Fire Storm
The Dragonborn shoves the opponent to the ground and unleashes a fiery explosion. This is the Dragonborn’s main killing through, with very strong knockback from the Fire Storm’s explosion.
  • 3% throw down to the ground
  • 6% bullets (5 bullets, 2% each bullet)
  • Total 9%
Back Throw: Lightning Storm
The Dragonborn tosses the opponent forward and lets out a blast of lightning on them. This acts similarly to Mewtwo’s forward through, but less damaging, and with a more horizontal angle.
  • 2% each hit (five hits)
  • 10% total
Up Throw: Blizzard
The opponent is flung up in the air, and the Dragonborn releases a blizzard that buffets the opponent about. This throw is one of the most damaging in the game, but does not kill until 160% even on lighter characters, and the later hits can be DI’d out of at higher percents.
  • 3% each hit (5 hits total)
  • 15% total, if all hits connect
Down Throw: Sneak Attack
The Dragonborn turns the opponent around and stabs them in the back. Low knockback, making this a useable combo throw for the Dragonborn.
  • 9%

Playstyle, Strengths, Weaknesses

Playstyles: ZoneTrapper???
I’ll be honest, I am pretty bad at trying to analyze playstyles of a character based on their kit, but I’ll give it my best shot! I think that the Dragonborn would play similarly to Robin, with a strong but difficult-to-spam projectile game (Robin due to losing the tomes, and the Dragonborn due to the shout cooldown). They both also have powerful up close options, particularly if Robin has the Levin Sword and if the Dragonborn has gotten off a Draconic Aspect shout. Their slow movement can make approaching more difficult, but grounded Whirlwind Sprint can alleviate this with the quick FAF into up tilt, dash attack, or shield. They are likely to play with using their Fire Breath to assert stage control and limit the opponent’s approach options in order to bait and punish. They also have a very effective edge guarding and ledge trapping game between Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, down air, forward air, and Auriel’s Bow up smash.
  • Very durable and survivable due to their weight and fall speed
  • Strong projectiles in Fire Breath, Unrelenting Force, and Down Air
  • Solid grab game, with both a combo throw and a kill throw
  • Excellent edgeguarding and ledgetrapping
  • Fast combo starters in up tilt and dash attack
  • You get to yell at people in-character, which I think is pretty cool
  • Tall hitbox (about the height of Ike) makes it pretty easy to be hit
  • Quite slow (barring Whirlwind Sprint)
  • Combination of being heavy and fast falling makes it easy to get comboed, especially without Dragon Aspect
  • Weak out of shield options if the opponent crosses up
  • Predictable recovery can make gimping pretty easy if you catch him before he releases Whirlwind Sprint, as he is vulnerable before he releases the special button

Final Smash: Storm Call

The Dragonborn’s final smash is Storm Call, one of the most powerful shouts from Skyrim. Rain begins to fall, and thunder is heard as bolts of lighting appear to come down from the sky and rain down on the enemies. The Dragonborn is immobile while the Storm Call is being used, but can influence its direction to try better to hit opponents. This is similar to Ness and Lucas’s PK Starstorm, but with a bunch of giant versions of Pikachu’s Thunder instead of meteorites. The lightning bolts have weak meteor smash properties if hitting and aerial opponent, while grounded opponents get hit by a more damaging lightning explosion that has higher knockback.
  • 10% if directly in front of the Dragonborn when he uses his final smash
  • 16% per aerial hit of the lightning
  • 20% on grounded hits


The Dragonborn has two different character models, 4 male and 4 female. Each of the different alts not only represents a different race that the dragonborn could choose to be, but also a different armor or clothing set that is iconic to the series. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Ninetendo would go as far as giving Daedric Armor, Archmage Robes, ett., but the palette swaps would be representative of them. Sorry, fans of the beast races, but I just can’t see Nintendo including Argonians and Khajiits either :(
  1. The classic Dragonborn from the trailer. Nord, dark brown and silver iron armor, horns on his helmet, you know the guy, even if your Dragonborn ended up nothing like him in your playthrough of Skyrim. The one that most people think about when they hear “the Dragonborn.”
  2. The second alt costume will be a female Imperial with brown hair and slightly tanned skin. Her armor will be light silver with small light brown accents, representing the Imperial armor set and the Imperial side of the war in general.
  3. The third alt is a male Breton, with dark blue and silver armor representing the Stormcloak armor and the rebelling Stormcloak faction.
  4. Forth is a female redguard, dark brown skin and hair, and clad in bright gold armor representing the Dwarven armor set.
  5. Fifth is a male Altmer, golden hair and skin, and pointy ears. His armor will light blue with brown accents, representing the novice robes worn by members of the College of Winterhold.
  6. Sixth is a female Bosmer, with pointed ears, brown hair, and light brown skin. Her armor will be all dark brown, representing Thieve’s guild armor.
  7. Seventh is a male [orc], with green skin and grey hair, as a nod to the old orc quest. His armor will be almost all deep black, with small red accents, representing the Daedric armor set.
  8. The Dragonborn’s last alt costume is a female dunmer, with light grey skin, black hair, pointed ears, and red eyes. Her armor is light black with large reddish-brown sections, representing the Dark Brotherhood’s Shrouded armor?file=Shrouded_Armor_Female.png).

Taunts, Entrance, and Victory Animations

The Dragonborn flies in on Odahviing, hops off, and pulls out his steel sword and shield as Ohdahviing flies away.
Up Taunt: The Dragonborn extends his arms out to the side, as a dragon soul gets absorbed by him and the energy swirls around his body.
Side Taunt: The Dragonborn shouts at the sky, and a rumble of thunder is heard in the distance.
Down Taunt: The Dragonborn gleefully pulls out a sweetroll, takes a bite, and puts it away before grabbing his sword again.
Victory Animations:
First Animation
The Dragonborn unleashes a mighty Unrelenting force to the sky, arms open wide.
Second Animation
The Dragonborn turns his back as a dragon soul swirls around him, looking backward at the camera dramatically.
Third Animation
The Dragonborn calls for Odahviing, climbs on his neck, and flies away.

Stage and Music

The Stage: Helgen:
Probably the most iconic scene from Skyrim is the opening scene, where the Dragonborn wakes up in cart of criminals sentenced to death, only escaping due to an attack by Alduin, the dragon god himself.
Original Songs:
  1. Dragonborn
  2. Tooth and Claw
  3. Steel on Steel
  4. The Streets of Whiterun
  5. One They Fear
  6. From Past to Present
  7. Unbroken Road
  8. Death or Sovngarde
  9. Secunda
  10. *The Bannered Mare*
  11. Standing Stones
  12. Tundra
  13. Around the Fire
  14. Caught Off Guard
  15. Ancient Stones
  16. Blood and Steel
  17. Watch the Skies
  18. Sovngarde

  1. Dragonborn
  2. Caught Off Guard
  3. The Streets of Whiterun
  4. The Bannered Mare
  5. *Watch the Skies
  • Total Song Count: 23
  • 5 Remixes
  • 18 Original Songs

Extra Content/Information

The logo from Skyrim (and the one used throughout most of the Elder Scrolls) is the obvious choice here.
Idle Animation:
The Dragonborn will occasionally look around at the sky, as if scanning for dragons. Watch the skies, traveller.
Victory Theme:
The level up sound from Skyrim.
Boxing Ring nickname:
The One They Fear
Classic Mode:
Dragonslayer (Same name as the final questline in the main quest.)
The first three rounds would all be representative of dragons. The first fight would be against a horde of Yoshis (clearly a dragon, obviously). The second fight is against Corrin. The third fight is against a solo Charizard, turned giant.
The fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds then represent major boss fights in the game. The fourth round would represent Miraak, played by metal Ganondorf. The fifth round would be a team battle against giant Ridley, with Lucina as an ally, referencing the final fight of the Dawnguard DLC against Harkon, with Serana helping you (fun fact, Serana and Lucina share the same voice actress!). The 6th fight would be against Dark Link, meant to be the Ebony Warrior.
The final fight, rather obviously, would be Rathalos. Come on, it’s a giant dragon; who better to represent the main antagonist of Skyrim?

Reveal Trailer

We pan in on four characters locked in combat. A close up on Corrin, first using her Dragon Fang attack, then her Counter Surge. We cut away to a lone silhouetted figure, crouched and watching the fight. Cut back to a close up of Ridley, using his Plasma Breath and then jumping away with his wings. Returning to the silhouetted figure, we see them stand up and put their hand on the hilt of their sword. Flashing back to the fight, Charizard flies in and uses his Fire Breath on the opposing characters. The Silhouetted figure now breaks into a run, and for the first time we get a clearer view of his armor, but still no picture of his face or head. The final fighter is revealed to be Yoshi, knocked away by a strong move from Charizard. He lands next to an assist trophy and grabs it, summoning Rathalos, who spreads his wings and roars at the sky. Before he can make a move, however, we hear a mighty shout. FUS RO DAH! The dragon is blasted away, as the silhouetted figure jumps down in front of the dragons, finally revealing himself in the light to be the Dragonborn.


This was so much fun to write up. I have always been a fan of theorycrafting characters like this, and finally making a full write-up was a blast. If this goes over well, who knows! I might make another post about other characters I’d like in the game! In the meantime, let me know what you liked about this post, what you think I messed up on and accidentally made completely broken, or other ideas you may have!
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