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Planescape torment patch 1.37

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Planescape Torment is notably the one that did it the best. Platter (1MB) Planescape torment patch download Torment Tides of Numenera GOG Update Tides of Numenera is the thematic successor to. Pointer trails, page 1 - Forum https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=695.

Planescape: Torment Part #138 - Sensory Stone of the

It is a place where the word is mightier than the sword, where. The Civic Festhall is a combination concert hall, opera house, museum, art gallery, tavern, wine shop, and faction headquarters, mixed in with a few other services that are best left undescribed. I am running windows 7 64 bit with an ATI 5970.

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition DRM-Free Download

Planescape Torment Widescreen. Animation Changes, Items, Cheats. May the Lord bless this holy mess.

Patch glossary – Planescape Torment

It is a neutral ground and a watering hole for races across the multiverse, all under the watchful shadow of the Lady of Pain, the enigmatic ruler of the city. Planescape Torment Fix Pack 1.37 Planescape: Torment Fix Pack v1.37 – updated August 23, 2020 This Fix Pack fixes many bugs in Planescape: Torment that were not fixed by the official 1.1 patch. Uploaded 06-06 2020, Size 710.33 MiB, ULed by dauphong: 28: 2: Games Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands PC game ^^nosTEAM^^RO.

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Planescape Torment Soundtrack - Annah's Theme. Planescape: Torment Downloads (The Patches Scrolls) click for info. Planescape Torment: There is a good port of this classic CRPG.

WineHQ - Planescape: Torment All versions
1 The Roleplaying Challenge Continues! The Sinister Secret 24%
2 Planescape: Torment Fix Pack v1.37 98%
3 Planescape Torment Game Download - Download Planescape 76%
4 Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Cracked 89%
5 Planescape Torment – Planescape Torment 20%
6 1.37 patch question - Planescape: Torment Message Board 12%
7 The CRPG Addict: Gateway to the Savage Frontier: Summary 92%

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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. This may not be compatible with the custom MODs. Hopefully this is helpful!

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition-CODEX – Releaselog

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Posted 7/30/01 10: 25 PM, 273 messages. Alpha Protocol, for example, had terrible combat, but it was almost entirely redeemed by its awesome dialogue system, which turned talking to other players into a form of combat all its own. They're in the same state though!

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PC / Computer - Planescape: Torment - Cranium Rat Collective - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! XP. Achievement Progress 269 of 520 +264 Screenshot 1 Review 1. 37 hrs on record last played on Jul 26. After opening The Ally of Lingering Sighs - Travelling ot any adjacent location in Sigil costs 4 hours of Game Time.

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Help with creating things in the toolset. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown [1.37 kb] 2020 - First Person Shooter - More details. Again, I don't think it will unseat Baldur's Gate 2 (my favorite all-time, even over the original which is my #2 favorite all-time), but it is fun.

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Visit our corporate site. Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN NFO: Here Homepage: Here Developer, distributor: Sirius Games, CDV Software Entertainment Torrent: Newtorrents. Escape from Paradise City-HATRED.

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Planescape: Torment; Inventory; User Info: Spotty_Bug. The ultimate source of patches & addons for Planescape: Torment Unofficial Patch Unofficial english update to by Platter (1MB) Unofficial Patch Unofficial polish patch by KHRon (3MB) Widescreen Mod. You can replay the hell out of it – I found new stuff on my fifth playthrough (nothing groundbreaking, but new).

Planescape Torment Npcs - Download Planescape: Torment Game

In Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition you'll explore the planes, survive combat alongside a party of unique companions, and solve puzzles unlike any ever seen in the genre. Planescape torment patch 1.37. I recently heard about Gog and decided to try out planescape torment.

Let's Play Planescape Torment: Episode 3: Talkin' to Peeps

Play - Think - Type: January 2020. Unofficial english update to by Platter (1MB). Thanks to RPGWatch - Tales of Torment interview part 1 and part 2 for this intriguing insight.

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Gaming in Afghanistan - Twenty Sided https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=696. I tried running JA2 on Windows 8, but after the run as admin/ xp sp3 compatibility, the game was horribly slow. PSA: Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition - Ars Technica.

Planescape Torment – Top PC Game Trainers & Cheat Downloads

The following is an archived discussion of a featured article nomination. I just got Planescape: Torment from GOG, and was reading about mods to improve that to maybe play it over the break. Planescape: Torment & Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Pack.

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RiME [50.2 kb] Adventure - More details. This hasn't been fixed by the patch or Platter's patch. Inventory - Planescape: Torment.

Dustman Bar – Planescape Torment

Includes instructions for full install or you can read the guide. Planescape Torment Soundtrack - Bones of the Night https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=689. Planescape Torment 2 CD NoCD Patch & Bugs: 12 years 3 months ago: Guest_Novalon Guest Hi, I've played through the 2 CD version of the RPG game, Planescape Torment, with the 1.37 community fix applied however I became tired of the perpetual screens that told me to place the disc in drive l: even though I already had it in k: (mounted via Daemon Tools).

Controversial Opinion: I am not a fan of Planescape: Torment [SPOILERS] & (Critique warning)

Let me say this preemptively: Disco Elysium is one of my favorite games ever created, I absolutely respect opinions of loving Planescape: Torment, and I enjoy a lot of things in Planescape: Torment. I love amazing writing and dialogue, and I love RPG’s of all sub-genres. But forewarning, this will be critical, and there will be spoilers for the entire game. So if you don’t want to read this, it won’t hurt my feelings to skip it.
There’s a TL:DR at the bottom if you want to skip the large talking section.
Let’s begin.
As a whole, Planescape: Torment (which I will be referring to as P:T) does a lot of things right. It has a complete and overarching general main theme of regret, the cause-and-effect of peoples actions, and the inescapable cycle of torment of which the game shares a spot in it’s title next to the unique, one-of-kind setting the game takes place in. Planescape. It has quite a bit of good, memorable characters. It has a good soundtrack. It has an interesting story. So why am I not a fan?
Well, read on and you shall find out. But if you wish to know now, I find that the game is grossly weighed down by inconsistency in pacing, incompetence in one half of it’s gameplay design (that being combat), and baffling choices in area and world design. All things essential to games that choose to have those aspects, but most important in RPG’s that choose to have those aspects. Especially those that focus almost entirely on stories, and experiencing stories. Whether your own character’s story, or another character’s story. Whilst these aspects in P:T can be/are often quality in theory, the surrounding driving force to push you into enjoying these aspects is lacking. And so as a whole, I find the game to be limited in what it provides to the player in an engagement standpoint a large amount of the time. Simultaneously, it seems to have to a hard time finding the solid ground and consistent quality that it shows in it’s midpoint that it drastically loses afterwards and even didn’t grasp fully in it’s opening moments.
But I will continue by just giving bullet points on what I liked, and didn’t like. These aren’t expansive by any means, and are far from the only points I could put in each section. These are just the notable, and less nit-picky ones. Let’s get on with it.
I will give you some things I like:
The writing is detailed, and vivid all around. You are easily able to picture things in your head as you read it. Both physical scenes, and what characters could be thinking and feeling without it being too on the nose. A sign of good writing.
Most of the NO’s progression as a character. His growth from being unaware, to finally conquering his numerous pasts and deciding his fate instead of falling back into the endless loop of both internal and external torture. I found it satisfying and well enough in way of character progression. His past transgressions were also interesting, and memorable.
Morte’s story (which is probably my favorite part of the game). One of the darkest and most human stories I’ve seen in the whole medium of video games. A realistic portrayal of fear, loyalty, and the darkness within us all. I’d imagine that at the time, like many examples in this game, this was the best that it had ever been in way of writing. It’s still to this day one of the best, though far from the absolute best in my opinion.
Most of the Companions personalities and general uniqueness. I enjoy the interactions between them and NPC’s, though they are too few and far between for my tastes, and are not memorable enough to warrant the lack of such interactions. That aside, the interactions are good and serviceable. I also enjoy the general dialogue’s qualities in expansiveness, and general feeling of “conversation” that can be difficult to get in isometric RPG’s without feeling like an explanation dump. It is very well done in P:T, and is most importantly consistent.
Many of Sigil’s qualities including the general atmosphere, a good amount of the quests (even if the general actions you were doing were pretty standard for quests which I don’t mind at all, i.e. move here, kill that, look for this, talk to them, etc. Though there are of course exceptions), The Smoldering Corpse Bar, many of the Cleric’s Ward quests, many aspects of Brothel and it’s quests, The Dead Nations which I partially enjoyed, some of the memory experience ideas (particularly the one with Deionarra), and some of the aspects of The Lower Ward.
The smaller and conciser amount of factions in Sigil compared to the actual Planescape setting. They feel distinct and understandable in ideals. (They definitely played favoritism in the setting, and rarely did I feel that there was quality over quantity). Though faction involvement felt generally meaningless in the grand scheme, the factions themselves outweigh the small negativity due to their interesting qualities.
The music as a whole save for the Sigil exploration theme.
Alongside other things as well. I don’t want to make this post too long. But I do enjoy a lot of things about P:T.
I will now give you some of my points I wish to talk about:
I sincerely think that most everything outside of Sigil lacks that essential character and design that it has. Save for maybe the talk with Ravel, Morte’s Tower of Skulls in Baator (can you tell I like Morte?), and the final interaction with the Transcendent One, including the Fortress of Regrets. Everything else feels barren, lacking in content, and oddly out of place in my opinion. Intentional or not, it’s a bore to play through. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (look at Pathologic) but here? The barrenness is contrasted with the breadth of content of Sigil, which creates baffling inconsistency, not an “A-Ha!” moment of philosophical understanding. I understand that Baator, and The Outlands are not meant to be bustling. But their designs are overtly disappointing. Nothing to explore, nothing to dive into. Just simple, flat areas with a single large event at it’s center. A single event in areas that are foreshadowed to be vast expanses that make up portions of the multiverse that is the Planes. Curst feels to me like a rudimentary Fallout 1 town, though far more intriguing than either Baator or The Outlands, it barely even touches the complexity of an area like The Clerics Ward, or New Reno from Fallout 2, on a design, theme, and quest design standpoint in my opinion. (Keep in mind with the mention of New Reno, they are different games, but their concept is mildly similar in my eyes which warrants the comparison).
Curst sliding into Carceri was incredibly unsatisfying and shoddily done in my opinion. There was absolutely no feeling of danger, or any real feeling of desperation. No time limit or urgency. Just you resting and healing in the barracks and going outside to apparent chaos, over and over again. I didn’t care about Curst, because at the least, no one cared about Curst. And at the most, it didn’t feel like they cared enough. And awkwardly moving around the area and helping very specific groups of people as demons just walked around their zones didn’t help, and is off-putting. The required fight against Trias (whose name I had to look up since he was so forgettable) desperately felt like it needed more dialogue options than it provided akin to The Transcendent One conversation to really strike that memorability through the act of player influence and choice. A way to convince and battle him by use of his misdeeds against him, whether by logic or emotion. But no, you get a required fight. In P:T. The least effective or satisfying way to go about anything in this game. THEN, you can explain to him his misdeeds. An non-passable gate, and restriction of freedom and choice latched onto the player in a game that often revels in such things is hard to get right, and this is an example of a game doing it wrong. For such a large portion of the last section of the game, it felt like a complete detour and waste of my time. I’d much rather have just skipped the section entirely and returned to Sigil.
Vhailor is also a missed opportunity as a companion, and could’ve been expanded upon immensely. His inclusion at the very end of the game is simply baffling, and a spit in the face to his writing and character. If I could choose without repercussion, I would much rather switch Ignus’s placement in the game with Vhailors. He is the more interesting character, and the tension both characters bring to the party would be a less animalistic and bizarrely occasionally awkward one on the part of Ignus, and more of a direct and investigative one on the part of Vhailor. (Though this would leave the Smoldering Corpse in an awkward slot to slide into the games pacing, which I am doubtful I could accept as a reasonable condition. The point still stands however, on Vhailors awful placement.)
I dislike the entirety of the beginning section of the game in the Hive, save for the Smoldering Corpse Bar and partially, The Dead Nations. I feel as if it’s pacing is off, and generally the many combat sections hinder the feeling of exploration to the point where I despised playing it. The side quests are meh, and feel very uninteresting in comparison to the later side quests. Though some of the NPC’s were memorable, so were a lot of the NPC’s in Cleric’s Ward or in The Dead Nations, and in both cases, I found the NPC’s in both areas to be far more engaging and more numerous in their engaging numbers than The Hive.
(Preamble: I understand the main gameplay of P:T is conversation and exploration. But that is not an excuse for what I’m about to say) In general, the combat is bad. There’s far, far too much of it, it’s badly thought out, and pales in comparison to the majority of even the most basic RPG gameplay, let alone any of the Black Isle games. I feel that removing the concept of combat entirely would have greatly benefitted the games pacing, and would have lead to far more time being spent to benefitting the outside Sigil areas in content, and furthering the options allowed in companion interaction. One could argue that this would essentially dismantle companions entirely due to their differences in class types, weapons, etc. I wholly disagree. Their personalities are their strengths, not their basic, ham-fisted, and tacked on classes. I don’t care that Morte is a fighter, or that Fall-From-Grace is a Cleric, or that Ignus is a mage, or that any of them have good or bad AC. You could interchange these classes between them and I would not care one bit. I care about them because they are unique, and interesting characters. The game never explores the concept, or dichotomy of the companions classes in depth, and is only really barely touched on for a small few (Ignus, Fall-From-Grace, and Vhailor but the link to their classes are so small and barely mentioned save for maybe Fall-From-Grace who at least has some minor exploration. However it is still far from in depth.), so why have them? Look at Jack (Mass Effect 2), Mordin (Mass Effect 2), Alistair (DA:O), Jaheira (BG1&2), Minsc (BG1&2), Haer-Dalis (BG2), Viconia(BG1&2), and Keldorn (BG2) to name a few. Their classes are important to their characters and development. That is not something that is explored even remotely as deeply in P:T. Their removal, at least for me, would greatly benefit the focus on the characters, and less on a watered down AD&D system that feels barren and thrown to the side in favor of a system that is far more interesting and compelling instead of just going all in with the one half they obviously prioritized.
I could list off more, but they would be pettier, and I don’t want to go more in-depth in a reddit post.
TL:DR I respect the game deeply for what it did, and also for it’s influence on the industry. I think it does many things very well. And other things I feel are badly aged, and baffling. I also respect your opinion, and am more than open to criticism of my critique.
If I said anything factually incorrect please correct me by either down-voting or commenting. I don’t want to spread misinformation about the factual contents of the game. Also if you disagree, I would like to know your points so please do comment. But if you don’t want to, I won’t mind downvoting to get your point across either so don’t worry about hurting my feelings.
If I could give the game a score on a good day, it would be a 7/10, and maybe a 6.5 or even a 6/10 on average, and a 5/10 on a bad day. I feel the game is overrated, and is surpassed on specific fronts by games that came after it and explored what it brought to the table. It isn’t bad in the slightest. It is a unique and one of a kind game, which also doesn’t automatically make it a masterpiece. Complete execution, a certain respect for the player, and a full exploration of what a game provides in a satisfying way on all fronts arguably does. At least for me. Thank you for reading this.
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