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OOTP 21 Franchise Startup Guide: Part 1

OOTP 21 Franchise Startup Guide
I wrote a franchise startup guide a few months ago, and since then I’ve learned a lot more about the game, so I decided to write an updated version. As with the previous version I wrote, a lot of these ideas come from other posters here. This is a really great community. I didn’t take the time go back and find every post I got these ideas from, so if you feel like I borrowed something from you I probably did. Just send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll give you credit. Also, if you have any suggestions or additions you’d like to add let me know and I’ll be more than happy to credit you in the post!
If you’re just getting started with the game, or even if you’re a veteran, I would recommend reading the OOTP Manual if you haven’t already. It contains detailed descriptions of almost everything in the game, such as what is OPS+, how do I expand my league, or what is salary arbitration? It really is a great resource.
This got a bit lengthy, so I had to break it up into 4 parts. Here are the links to part 2, part 3, and part 4.
If you’re already familiar with the game I would recommend skipping to section 3, “Building Your Team”, which is in part 2.
Table of Contents:
1.) Creating a Game (Part 1)
A.) Game Type
B.) Challenge Mode
C.) League Selection
D.) Live Start/Shortened Season
E.) Choose a Team/Start Unemployed
F.) Remaining Options
2.) Getting Started (Part 1)
A.) General Settings
B.) Lineups
C.) Pitching
D.) Front Office
i.) Finances
ii.) Owner
iii.) Accounting
iv.) Salaries
v.) Scouting
vi.) Player Development
a.) Player Development Budget
b.) Draft Budget
c.) Intl Amateur FA Budget
3.) Building Your Team (Part 2)
A.) Owner
B.) Scout
i.) Scout Ratings
ii.) Scouting Budget
C.) Trainer
D.) Coaches
i.) Bench Coach
ii.) Hitting Coach
iii.) Pitching Coach
E.) Assistant GM
F.) General Roster Building Guidelines
i.) Organizational Philosophy
ii.) Injury Proneness
iii.) Player Character
iv.) Player Roles
v.) General Batter Guidelines
vi.) Positional Versatility
vii.) Speed, Stealing, and Baserunning
G.) Positions
i.) Catcher
ii.) Shortstop
iii.) Center Field
iv.) Second Base
v.) Third Base
vi.) Right Field
vii.)Left Field
viii.) First Base
ix.) Designated Hitter
x.) Starting Pitcher
xi.) Relief Pitcher
H.) Building a Lineup/Depth Chart
i.) Top of the Lineup
ii.) Middle of the Lineup
iii.) Bottom of the Lineup
I.) Example 26-man Roster
i.) Pitchers
ii.) Batters
4.) Important Season Events (Part 3)
A.) Spring Training
i.) Injury Prevention
ii.) New Position Training
B.) Opening Day
i.) Finalize 26-man Roster
ii.) Set Ticket Prices
C.) Draft
i.) Budget
ii.) Evaluating Players
iii.) Suggested Draft Picks per Position
iv.) Negotiating with Draft Picks
D.) International Amateurs
i.) Budget
ii.) Evaluating Players
E.) Trading Deadline
F.) Roster Expansion
G.) End of Regular Season/Start of Postseason
i.) Set Postseason Roster
H.) End of Postseason/Offseason Begins
i) Owner Goals
ii) Salary Arbitration
iii) Pending Free Agents
iv) Minor League Free Agents
I.) Free Agency Begins
i.) Negotiating with Players
ii.) Key Signing Periods
iii.) Players to Target
J.) Winter Meetings
i.) Set Season Ticket Prices
K.) Rule 5 Draft
i.) Protecting Players
ii.) Players to Target
5.) Increasing Budget (Part 4)
A.) Fan Interest
B.) Ticket Prices
6.) Contract Extensions (Part 4)
A.) Players to Extend
B.) When to Extend
C.) Offering Extensions
7.) Making Trades (Part 4)
A.) Players Ineligible for Trades
B.) AI Trade Offers
C.) Buy or Sell?
D.) Make This Work
E.) Maximizing Trade Return
F.) Undervalued Prospects
8.) Injury Prevention (Part 4)
A.) Player Durability/Injury History
B.) Trainer
C.) Playing Time
9.) Minor League Management (Part 4)
A.) General Settings
B.) Number of Teams
C.) Coaches
i.) Manager
ii.) Hitting Coach
iii.) Pitching Coach
D.) Roster Construction
i.) Pitchers
ii.) Batters
E.) Player Strategy
i.) Pitchers
ii.) Batters
F.) Promotion/Demotion
i.) Pitchers
ii.) Batters
10.) International Complex (Part 4)
A.) Overview
B.) When to Promote Players
11.) Additional Suggestions (Part 4)
A.) Automatic Evolution
B.) Two-Way Players

1.) Creating a Game
A.) Game Type
When you first open the game, you’ll be given the option to start a new standard game, new historical game, or new fictional game. I don’t think it matters too much which of these you pick, but if you’ve never played before I would just pick a standard game to get started with.
B.) Challenge Mode
Once you’ve selected your game mode, the game will then ask if you want to play in challenge mode. I would recommend not doing this when first getting started. There are a lot of things you can do wrong in the game and challenge mode doesn’t allow you to correct your mistakes.
C.) League Selection
Next, you’ll be asked which leagues you want to include in your world, and you’ll also have to decide if you want “live start” and if you want to play the shortened season (only available in OOTP 21). If you are just getting started, I would recommend not adding any leagues outside of MLB due to the fact the game runs slower with every additional league you add. You’re just learning the game at this point, so the additional leagues don’t add enough to justify the additional load times.
D.) Live Start/Shortened Season
I would also recommend not enabling “live start” or the shortened season. “Live start” starts the game at the current day, so you don’t have the opportunity to tinker with your team before getting started, and the shortened season is only for one year, so I don’t think it’s the best idea to learn the game in a format you won’t be playing in except for one season.
F.) Choose a Team/Start Unemployed
Finally, you get to choose a team. I would recommend playing with a good team when first starting. The Dodgers are probably the best team in the game, so I would go with them. I know it’s tempting to start with a bottom dweller you want to rebuild, but there’s just so much to learn in this game you really don’t want to take on a challenging team while still trying to learn the basics.
You also have the option to start unemployed, which I think is a very reasonable option. You can watch the season events from afar and join a team at the start of the first offseason. The 2020 season starts a couple of days before opening day, so when starting the game employed you don’t have much time to adjust your roster before the season starts.
G.) Remaining Options
On the same page you pick a team you’ll also be given the option of selecting your role, whether or not to play in commissioner mode, and whether or not you can be fired. For the role I would go with GM and Manager when first starting even if you only want to GM, because having the additional manager role will allow you to set lineups even if you’re not playing games. I would also recommend playing in commissioner mode and enabling “cannot be fired”. Commissioner mode allows you to undo any mistakes you make and “cannot be fired” is nice job security when learning the game.
2.) Getting Started
Now that you’ve created a game and are looking at the landing screen, you’re probably pretty overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on here. The OOTP manual has descriptions of what’s contained in each of the six drop down menus at the top of the screen, so I’m not going to go over what every single menu contains. Instead I’ll go over the key menus you need to look at to get started and provide a few recommendations for making your viewing of these menus easier.
A). General Settings
First, I would recommend going to Game> Game Settings> Global Settings and changing “Overall Rating” and “Potential Rating” from “Stars” to “Values 20 to 80 (Increments of 5)”. The “20 to 80” ratings are a bit easier to digest than the “Stars” and going by increments of 5 feels a lot more realistic than increments of 1. Also, on this page I would recommend checking the box “Overall ratings based on all players”. This means you’re comparing apples to apples when looking at players that aren’t currently listed at the same position. This is useful when you’re thinking about bringing in a 3B to play 1B and comparing him to someone that currently plays 1B.
Then, go to Game> Game Settings> Players & Facegen and select the box “Show player personality ratings on profile page”. Activating this allows you to view player personalities on their profile page. Considering this is a very important part of player evaluation, I’m really not sure why this isn’t on by default.
Now, we’ll look at the most important screens I think you need to be familiar with to get started:
B). Lineups
This screen contains a list of all the position players on your active roster and allows you to set your lineups. You can find this screen by clicking on “lineups and depth charts” from the “Team” drop down menu, or you can click on the “edit lineups” icon on the far right of the screen (It’s the fourth one from the bottom).
The default view on this screen is not particularly useful, so I would recommend creating a custom view or two. You can do that by selecting the “View” dropdown box on the left of the screen and then select “customize”. I usually keep these stats/ratings in my custom lineup view:
General - Position, Name (Short), Status Information, Morale, Age, Bats (Short), Throws (Short), Overall Rating, Potential Rating, Leader Ability, Loyalty, Adaptability, Greed, Work Ethic, Intelligence, Personality, Injury Prone
Batting Ratings - Contact, Gap Power, Power, Eye, Avoid K’s, Baserunning
Fielding Ratings - Fielding at Primary Pos
Batting Stats – PA, ISO, wOBA, OPS+, BABIP, wRC+, WAR, PI/PA, SB, CS, UBR, Bat Fatigue %
Fielding Stats – ZR, EFF
This custom view doesn’t provide me with absolutely everything I need, but I do think it provides most of what I need to make decisions and keeps time spent looking at player profiles to a minimum. I’ll go into more detail below on why I include each of these in my view, but you can always look at the OOTP manual for descriptions of what each of the stats and ratings mean.
C). Pitching
This page shows all of the pitchers on your active roster and allows you to set your starting rotation and bullpen. You can find this screen by clicking on “pitching staff” from the “Team” drop down menu, or you can click on the “edit pitching staff” icon on the far right of the screen (It’s the fifth one from the bottom). The default view isn’t very useful here either, so I would recommend using a view something like this:
General - Position, Name (Short), Status Information, Morale, Age, Throws (Short), Overall Rating, Potential Rating, Leader Ability, Loyalty, Adaptability, Greed, Work Ethic, Intelligence, Personality, Injury Prone
Pitching Ratings – Stuff, Movement, Control, Pitches, Ground/Fly, Stamina, Hold
Pitching Stats – G, GS, IP, BABIP, WHIP, K%, BB%, PI, GB, FB, ERA+, FIP, WAR Pit Fatigue %
Unlike the batter view, this view does provide me pretty much everything I need to know other than L splits. I’ll go into more detail below on why I chose these stats/ratings for the view, but you can also find descriptions of these in the OOTP manual (stats, ratings).
D.) Front Office
To get to the front office page go to the “Team” drop down menu and select “Front Office”, or you can select the “Team Front Office” icon on the far right of the screen (second from the bottom). There are eight tabs on this page, and I consider all of them other than “Upcoming FA” very important. The OOTP manual has detailed descriptions of every front office screen, and I would recommend reading through all of them, but to get you started I’ll highlight some of the more important parts of each screen.
i.) Finances
At the top left of the screen you’ll see “Financial Summary” and “Attendance Info”. These two sections provide an overview of how much money you have and what your attendance/ticket prices are like. This is probably the most important aspect of the game. Below I have an entire section that goes over how to increase budget.
ii.) Owner
This page shows the owners personality and goals. Each owner has different expectations and will set new goals for you at the beginning of each offseason. In the “Owner” section of “Building Your Team” below I’ll go over in more detail what to look for in an owner, and in the “Offseason Begins” section of “Important Season Events” I’ll go over how to deal with owner goals.
iii.) Accounting
This page shows how the team budget is calculated. It shows all of your revenue sources and expenses, and the total balance for each season. Look here if you’re wanting to decide where to move some money around to increase payroll.
iv.) Salaries
This page lists every player on the 40-man roster and their current/upcoming salaries. The bottom of the page shows totals for each season. Keep in mind that upcoming salaries of arbitration eligible players are just estimates, so these numbers are subject to change.
v.) Scouting
This page lists your scouting director details and your scouting budget. You can spend as little as $8,000,000 and as much as $24,000,000 on your scouting budget, and you can decide where to allocate the money you do spend. Spending more money results in more reports, which means higher accuracy on players. More information on the scouting director, how much money to put into your scouting budget, and how to allocate it can be found in the “Scout” section of “Building Your Team” below.
vi.) Player Development
There are three important budget settings listed at the top left of this page: Player Development Budget, Draft Budget, and Intl Amateur FA Budget.
a.) Player Development Budget
The player development budget affects how your players develop. It can be set between $12,000,000 and $36,000,000. The more money you spend the greater the chance of your players reaching their potential, and for players to tap into hidden potential. I would recommend maxing this out.
b.) Draft Budget
The draft budget is the amount of money set aside for signing draftees. There is no minimum or maximum for this budget, but a recommended amount based on your draft position. The “Draft” section in “Important Season Events” below goes over how much to spend here.
c.) Intl Amateur FA Budget
This is the amount of money you have budgeted for international amateur free agent signings. There is no minimum, but a maximum of $5,000,000 for this budget. The “Budget” section in “Important Season Events” below goes over how much to spend here.
vii.) Personnel
This page lists all coaches/personnel and their contract information for every team in your organization. More information about who to hire for each of these positions can be found in the respective “Building Your Team” sections below.
Now you’re ready to play! (Well, kind of). If you’re brand new to the game I would just skim through the remaining sections of this guide. A lot of the stuff below won’t make sense until you’ve played a bit. You’ll make a lot of mistakes and miss out on some obvious features, but making mistakes is the best way to learn, so get to playing!
Links to part 2, part 3, and part 4.
submitted by ZenMasta61 to OOTP

Another Nord Race in Skyrim

I'm looking for a mod like YgNord that allows me (my player character) to play as a Nord with my own custom tweaks (bodyslide, skin, etc). The problem with YgNord is that it changes the facegen build and some other things, and I would prefer to start with an exact carbon copy of the default nord race and make the custom changes myself. I would prefer if NPCs treat me as a nord in dialogue and so on as well.
submitted by Pure_Storage5349 to skyrimmods

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