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At the start, Training is the only available mode and introduces the combat system basics. Dragon City Mod APK is a social networks game, this game has been developed by the social games developer Social Point in May 2020. Train your dragons for battle and show off their strength by engaging in combat with other players!

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Dragon City Game Cheats for Android. Welcome to the Download Page for the Revamp Xenoverse 2 Project! Category 10 was introduced in April along with the High Fenrir dragon, heroic races, and the heroic rarity Cheats for dragon city.

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Fixed some bugs and glitches. Voxal Voice Changer 2.0 Key has a clean interface that can quickly access a variety of preset. After downloading this mod of Dragon City I have unlimited money and now I can beat other players easily.

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Dragon city hack apk 1.0. Download download shader model 5.0 Terbaru. You can always win with your opponents.

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Grand Theft Auto V, a(n) action game. Take full control to fire dragon and be a wild angry dragon to attack on warrior enemies. Latest version Dragon City Mobile iOS [IPA] NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED Hack Features: [1.0]-No wait for actions.

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Download Cheat Dragon City Pro APK Android Game for free to your Android phone. Win dragon fighting games by becoming real dragon in this free dragon simulator game which is the best fire dragon game of all time. Dragon City Mod Apk – As the name implies, Dragon City is a simulation game in which players have to tame dragons and provide them with the resources needed for survival such as food and shelter while taking care of their health.

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Enjoy this real dragon in this epic conquer simulator. Dragon City Android latest APK Download and Install. Mirror1: Direct Download link.

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Dragon City Unlimited Gold MOD is an Android simulation game developed and published by Social Point. Mirror2: Download Mod APK on HappyMod. HiAppHere Market Paid, Mod and Cracked APK free Downloads more than 100000's paid, unlimited, removed ads app free download.

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A very long rant about addiction, my journey through Dragon City, and Social Point's rampant greed.

Hello everyone, how are all of you doing? This is going to be a long and personal rant, touching almost every issue I’ve had with the game since I started playing it in May. As I’m writing and rewriting this, I’m still not sure where I want to take this, what I want this to be. Maybe it’s just something I need to get out of my chest before moving on, a “venting off frustration” if you will. Regardless, I hope this brings something of value for those who will bother to read.
First off, so you can be contextualized about how some of these things are even issues for me, I have to inform you I’ve dealt with some mental health issues my whole life, and amongst them a lot of symptoms of obsessive compulsive behavior. This is relevant because it makes me struggle severely with stopping some behaviors even though I can see they are clearly harming me. This is something that made me ultimately destroy my love for games I’ve played a lot and is something that brings me a lot of suffering to this day. Now, where does Dragon City come into this?
I’ve started playing the game after browsing Google Playstore looking for something to play while I didn’t want to come out of bed to live my life (I know, great start, already setting up to be something healthy, right?). I started playing it because it had dragons (lol), and I got hooked up pretty fast. The game gave me a lot to do really early, and I enjoyed having goals to wake up to. I remember dearly how I realized I could have multiple terra dragons to boost my gold so I could buy more dragons, and how I got pissed when I saw how long it took to hatch an ice dragon (oh, how naïve of me). I quickly began to grow my habitats and expansions and leveled pretty fast (which later I found out to be a mistake, but oh well).
One fabled day, I started getting some strange green coins from collecting gold, and got myself into my first event, the Natura Magus maze. I was pretty lost, I saw how many coins I was getting and got really excited about grinding those coins to get all these cool dragons (I did not realize there was a cap of coins). I went blindly to the path of Evasion dragon and could not contain my excitement about getting a legendary! He would be so good at the side of my currently best dragon, our beloved Friendship. Sadly, I did not make it, as I did not realize it was a timed event (even though there were a lot of clear timers on my screen), but that just made me more motivated to do better in the next maze. The next event, if I recall correctly, was the High Arcane heroic race, and not a maze as noob me was expecting. In the middle of the screen there was a shiny powerful sorcerer dragon, of the highest rarity, waiting for me. I could not believe my eyes. “I already have a shot at the most powerful type of dragon?” I thought. And without any guide or help, I went to reach the crazy high lap 8, and won the dragon without much competition. That is where I really good hooked and began to do research to learn about this magical game, which ultimately led me to this point.
During that time, I encountered this trusty and helpful subreddit, learned all about the guides posted here, learned about the events, timings, combat, and everything I could dream of. I cannot count how many times I’ve opened deetlist to learn about a dragon, how many hours I spent on breeding calculators or waiting for one of the incredible Azurebane’s guides. I began collecting every event dragon that I could, quickly rose trough the arenas and was having a total blast obliterating everyone I faced there. During that time, I ran over some limits I’ve established for myself from the beginning, such as never watching adds (“I’m not going to sell my time like that”), not spending money (“why would I buy gems if I can just be patient and achieve the same goals”), not doing surveys and not doing something my friends say (rightfully) I do a lot: “Optimizing the fun out of the game”. Its just a casual game about collecting dragons, isn’t it?
Well, it was, then kinda, then I got lost again. I spent some money to get all the magi dragons that I could not get free to play, and I was really happy with it. Then one day a very cool promotion for a new type of dragon, one of not only draconic but also vampiric nature rose to haunt me. “God damn, this dragon looks so cool. It will help me a lot in arenas. But it is kind of expensive, should I buy it?” Then during the time, the promotion was up I was thinking about it, and bought it on the last day, missing on the empowerment quests. That moment I started feeling bad about buying exclusive things, and worse, power, for cash. This game has been the first time paying gave me any kind of advantage, as most games I’ve played costed money only for subscriptions or cosmetic skins. Anyway, despite feeling a little bad about buying it, I had a lot of fun with my new mythical blood-sucking killer. As we together rampaged through the last tiers of Arena, a new heroic race was on the horizon. The lost world event started, and guess what I love as much as dragons? Dinosaurs. I just HAD to get the Tyrano dragon. I’ve spent so many hours of my childhood drawing T-rexes, and if I got this one it would be a two-stars mythical! It would be even more powerful than my 1 star High Arcane! “I’ve already paid for power before, what is the big deal? And it’s not like I’m throwing away money I don’t have”. And there I went and bought everything I needed to get to 5 of each collectible item. “This is fine”, I thought.
Then, with a blaze of glory, the Heroic Scorchwing race landed on the game. This dragon was really cool, and I could use more flame dragons for my team. It was 7:00 am where I live when the heroic race dropped. This time I was ready, I knew how pools worked and I was about to leave my competition eating dust behind me. I opened up the race and what was that? The race got revamped? Only 30 laps? AND LOOK AT THESE REWARDS! Then it went completely downhill for me. On that race I spent more money than everything else combined. I’ve set up alarms, like we all do, for every task. I woke up during the night all the time, like the most hardcore of us do. I bought more and more gem packs, as the spins where screwing with me with that +1 bullcrap we all know about. Days went by, I was getting exhausted. “But im already at lap X! I cannot stop this far in.”. And I really couldn’t. I’m not talking about “I don’t want to stop” anymore, but about “I can’t stop even if I want to, because I will miss all these rewards. I will miss out.” I spent more money, and I was starting to eat the money I saved during last year, where I had nothing in mind I wanted to spend on. I was feeling worse and worse about spending. Last time, I was spending to get cool dragons, now I’m spending in this spin RNG fiesta? What is going on?”. And despite the money I was putting in, I still had to wake up multiple times every “night” of “”sleep”” to reach the damned lap 30. I reached it, I was relieved that I did it, despite all the regret with my spending. I did not go bankrupt, I got new heroic dragons, I got upset that they were on the lower side of power with the exception of Scorchwing himself.
I do not remember what event came after the race, but I remember that I did not feel joy seeing it. I was already really tired of the race, having to wake up to do the empowerment quests, having to do this or that. “Having” is a strong word, you may say. I did not have to do any of those things, right? I did not HAVE to spend, I did not HAVE to reach X goal, I did not HAVE to have X dragon. And you are right, I know that. But I get easily addicted, easily invested and quickly obsessed by things like this. “It is my drug”, as one of my therapists said many times. And it pains me a lot to write this, because it sounds ridiculous, and I am ashamed of it. Ashamed of being a grown man complaining about a cartoonish collectible dragon game. But I kept playing, and I am still playing it. Then came the new vampires, and I bought them on the spot. “I get one for ‘free’ if I have all four”. I knew what was going on, since the first time I spent, but I just kept spending. “This is the sunk cost fallacy taking hold of me again”, I thought, while reaching lap 23 for a skin for a dragon that looked worse with it than without on the next Heroic race that took place. “This is a total waste of my money” I though yesterday, gemming the last spin I needed to finish another lap 23, because I decided to sleep one more full night than I could afford in this race. +1, +1, gave me the spins, and all I could think about was how bad I was feeling, and how I ruined another fun game with my compulsion. I quickly burned trough the 600 gems I had to buy to finish the extra lap I missed in bad hours of sleep, I got the skin, and I got the relief for doing so. Relief. It was not happiness. This is where I always end up.
During the Tectonic heroic race, I thought about writing a post to see if we as a community could pressure Social Point into improving our quality of life during the race. “Increase the drop chance from breeding terra dragons, everyone does it, why do I have to keep doing it for an hour instead of the four minutes it should take?”. “Give us a mandatory 8 hour break every day that each player can chose when it happens, where we cannot advance nodes but we can use that time to sleep and live our lives”. But in the back of my mind was always the “You don’t have to grind the Heroic race. Most players probably don’t even reach lap 15. This is a problem you made for yourself (like most others).” I thought most would not care a single bit, and tell me exactly what I told myself, which is something true, not trying to deny that. During this last race I had the same thought, maybe as a way to break the monotony of the grind and get a bit of all this stress out of my chest. “But there is no use to it, at the end of the day it is just a game about collecting dragons most people don’t give a fifth of importance to as you do.” But when I saw how many gems I would have to waste again to skip the empowerment quests both for the heroic race and for the last vampire dragon for no good reason I got upset enough to write all of this. I do have a problem, I am not denying that. Most of my issues are non-existing to many players, I also know that. I’ve been trying to get better these last few years, and maybe this here is another step in the right direction. But the way Social Point runs this game is also a problem.
First of all, I’m going to touch about spending in this game. Comparing to the other mobile games I’ve played (for the gem tasks from Dragon TV), buying things here seem to have the least value out of all of them. Frankly, not only does this game have some bad deals but it often misleads players. At least in my currency, the piggy bank is not “the best value”. I feel like the gem costs is at least 3 times more expensive as it should be, and we all know by now how you can basically only buy things during offers, as otherwise the prices are ridiculous. There are a lot of bad deals in the game, from the caged dragons that seem to often lead the new players to believe they will never have a chance to get them again, to the atrocious gold packs (150 gems for 9.4 million gold? Are you kidding me??), to things which are priced so unbelievably high I cannot imagine how they came up with the price (have you seen the cost of gemming the crystals from the ancient world? What the hell is that?).
Also, the more you spend in the game, the worse some deals become (which by the way is the opposite for most of the other games I checked). For instance, I can no longer buy the cheaper “lottery packs” (the ones where you only have a 20% chance of getting something worth what you are paying for) and can only buy the same pack with everything mostly doubled (including the price). Also, comparing the deals I have with what my little f2p brother has, I wish I never spent a single dime. He gets offers for things like titan dragons with heroic and legendary chests and a lot of food thrown in for the same price I may get a middle finger at my face and if I’m lucky some gems on the side. All of this without touching on how bad it is to offer products where you need luck to have a good deal. A lot of these chests offered have atrocious rates and are there only to make new players waste their resources, especially right before an event where said resources would be necessary.
The worse thing of all for me, however, is neither the pricing nor the terrible RNG issues the game has with both microtransactions (that sometimes fall on the macro side) and with rewards (some players may get a heroic or the really cool new legendary while others may get nothing due to the luck of their spins), but with the arbitrary gem requirements thrown everywhere. It is so, so frustrating using your hard-earned gems (even the ones paid for with money, which also requires effort from someone somewhere to earn) because the developers decided to screw you over. They often bait you with “generous” things, like the maps from last event, only to put a giant wall out of nowhere when you are really close to getting the shiny thing that “was promised” for you. I cannot describe how pissed I am right now to find out I need to spend almost 400 gems to speed the quests of the Envious Vampire Dragon after having PAID to have it, for no other reason than “The developers wanted more of your money”. There was absolutely NO REASON for the requirement for the 1-star vampire be so early. The same thing with the race empowerment quest. They just say “hey, I already got your money, you are already too invested to go back, give me another 400 gems. Oh, you already used all of them on the terrible value spins on the race you just finished? Well, go buy more then. Ah, by the way, there is no good gem offer right now, we know a lot of players will still buy this shitty RNG pack.”
It is maddening how I can almost tell which offers will come up next based on “which one would screw me over the most?”. During the Tectonic Heroic race, where I knew I would need a couple more gems to finish the race the next day, I did not buy a gem pack because I thought “there is no way they will not have a good gem deal on the last day of the race, where players need gems the most”. Guess what? The only gem deal was the one where the 50% discount only applies to the most expensive pack. And there are a lot of things they do like this. Even the goddamn spins often give you the worst value possible: “Oh, you are missing 31 gold items and 2 hatching ones, and got a complete task spin? Here you go, have these 2 hatching items”. Also, why are gemming things in races so expensive? Why does one item costs 5, then the next one costs 15? How is that fair? What about the players who cannot win leagues and have to spend even more gems?
I cannot forgive myself for getting so deep into this mess. I really liked the game and know I could still like it the same way I did for the first days if I did not have all these problems with myself. However, I cannot excuse how Social Point fed off my weaknesses and is feeding off other players with similar completionism or compulsive problems. God damn, I was so invested in the game I made a full Excel spreadsheet, with every legendary dragon I got, every possible Master’s arena combinations and which dragons could go in which arena tiers. I have a program with 25 different timers set to different activities so I can get the most out of the game. But in the end, it’s the game that got the most out of me. I’m really tired, I regret a lot, and I’m done expending money in this game. Honestly, if not for our subs alliances I would probably just close the game now and hope to never open it again, fighting against that sunk cost fallacy and my urge to not miss the new shiny dragons they will release. I haven’t even touched upon other issues I have with the game, like having no indication about pool timers for new players and how necessary third-party guides and help are necessary to have a good time in the game in general. I also have not talked here about how my account was one of those who had reduced feeding costs for a while, and out of nowhere the feeding costs got revamped and while everyone is happy about feeding now being cheaper (which is only true for the lower levels), I’m stuck now with more expensive costs than what I had previously (which is something I only came to realize after browsing this sub, is not something I asked for and it was not something Social Point announced for anyone). However, as I said many times before, I am tired.
I do not want this rant to be something to take away your joy of the game. I know how good this game can be while you are happy, and I sure wish I was in that period again. I know most players are just having fun without a care in the world, talking about how they got that very awesome High Ethereal dragon for free from the last generous event. Please, do not let that joy and passion die. However, if you have issues like what I described here, if you are spending too much, or losing too much sleep for something you are not sure is worth your time, I ask you to step back a little bit and reflect. You, just like me, do not need to have everything, and do not need to play a game if it is not being fun. If the skin is ugly, you do not have to have it. If the dragon seems boring, do not bother. If you feel you cannot stop, consider seeking help from a professional, and reach out to those near you for aid. Life is already harsh enough for most without turning your hobbies into more work.
I hope the game takes a better direction, that the races become less grindy and consuming for those who keep doing it. I hope the generous events keep coming, and that the deals for paying users are better than those I bought. I hope Social Point can contain their greed and stop screwing their most devoted players everywhere they get a chance to sneak in and steal some gems. I hope you all are having fun, staying safe, and can enjoy the game for as long as it is possible. I’m going to try to leave all of this behind and just have fun too. Let’s see where that leads me to.
Sorry for the very long rant, thank you very much for reading, and I would like to know your thoughts on all of this (if they are not bashing me for feeling bad about buying draconic vampiric pixels, thanks). I hope something good can come out of this for someone out here.
With best regards, Galva. (Ps: sorry for the possible mistakes, English is not my native language.)
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This will be the last time i log into dragon city the game was fun but when i played it more and more i relized it was kinda pay to win it was really fun bit it seems like a job and other players also are expiriencing so bye dragon city!

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