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All Oculus Quest Multiplayer/Co-Op Games: Oculus Store and SideQuest

Wanderer: Google maps VR with friends
Bigscreen: Watch films with friends
Cook-out: akin to Overcooked
Epic Rollercoaster: Rollercoaster shooter game
Raccoon Lagoon: akin to Animal Crossing
Drunkn Bar Fight: Co-Op, Bar fighting with silly weapons
Path of the Warrior: Co-op, like streets of rage/Gorn
Star Trek Bridge Crew: 4-player, Command your own ship and complete missions in space
Spaceteam VR: 4-player, yell comands at each other to complete tasks
Tsuro The Game of the Path: Asian spiritual themed board game
Kingspray Graffiti: Grafitti with friends
SculptrVR: Multiplayer art and 3D sculpting
SWORDS of GARGANTUA: co-op, multiplayer, similar to fighting up the tower on SAO
Ironlights: Sword Dueling PVP
Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, akin to TABS but PVP
Sairento VR Untethered: Tron Ninja Battle arena with co-op
Elven Assassin: 4-player tower defense, bow and arrow with powers and abilities to unlock
Wands: PvP Magic duels
Immersed: Productivity, co-working
vSpatial: Productivity, co-working
Spatial: Productivity, co-working; take a picture of face, impose it onto your VR face

Zombie games

Arizona Sunshine: co-op zombie campaign; 4 player horde mode
Death Horizon Reloaded: co-op zombie campaign; horde mode coming soon
Drop Dead Dual Strike Edition: co-op horde mode

Sports games

Blaston: Face to face PVP shooting dual
Cloudlands 2: Golf VR, pass and play co-op and online co-op
Echo VR: 3D Rocket league with frisbies
Sports Scramble: essentially Wii sports VR
Eleven Table Tennis VR: PVP or PVE Table tennis
Racket Fury Table Tennis VR: PVP or PVE Table tennis
RUSH: Skydive Race In a Wing Suit with friends, good adrenaline rush, but not for the queasy
Creed Rise to Glory: Boxing multiplayer, though there may not be many on the servers, so bring a friend
Poker VR: emphasis on Poker
PokerStars VR: emphasis on Casino games
Racket Nx: Raquetball VR
Pro Putt (by Topgolf): 4-player golf multiplayer
Walkabout Mini Golf: 5-player golf multiplayer
Premium Bowling: Single, Local, and Online multiplayer

Racing games

Mini Motor Racing X: Multiplayer, Single User, Co-op, it's like PS1 Micro Machines
Death Lap, pvp destruction derby/twisted metal type racing game
Void Racer Extreme: Essentially Tron bike racing
VR Karts: Sprint: Kart racing
Dash Dash World: essentially Mario Kart in VR

First Person Shooters

Onward: Compared to Rainbow Six Siege, co-op, multiplayer
Solaris Offworld Combat
Dead And Buried II: Co-op and competitive modes
Population One: 18-player Battle Royale

Social hub

Dance Central
Oculus Venues: VR TV with friends
TribeXR DJ School: learn how to use a DJ deck and screw around with friends
Rec Room
Multiverse: free, multiplayer and educational, flat earthers wouldnt appreciate this one
Alcove: Family oriented social hub
Engage: communication platform designed for educators, companies, and event planners

Non-Conventional Multiplayer

Penn & Teller VR: One person in headset, one person pranks playing irl
Puppet Fever: 1 Quest and mobile devices, use puppets to play shrades
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!: played between 1 rift and multiple mobile devices
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: One person in headset, 1-4 people read the bomb defusing manual, work together to defuse bombs
Synth Riders: Rhythm game, can see your friend's scores, but that's all
Beat saber: Rhythm game, can see simple avatars of your friends/strangers playing
The Under Presents: Minimal social interactions
The Climb: You can see your friend's ghost data from their past climbs
FitXR: You can see your friend's ghost data from their past workouts


Pavlov: FPS
Contractors: FPS
Crisis VRigade: Co-op, similar to TimeCrisis
Cybercade: Arcade shooter
War Yards: PVP dual
Hyper Dash: 5v5 online multiplayer VR shooter
Pokémon VR: The more I mention this game, the more I fear it'll get hit with a cease and desist
HiBow: Bow and Arrow-based Battle Royale
Triton VR: Shared-space multiplayer FPS
MissionX: Shared Space multiplayer FPS
Colonicle: 4v4 FPS, A class based competitive parkour-shooter
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! Beatsaber but you can use multiple weapons like fists, guns, tonfa's and so on
Range Day VR: Gun range emulator, its updated frequently, many guns and many things and ways to shoot, guns and the mechanics of the guns are emulated closely
Air Brigade: Fighter jet emulatodog fighter
Reflex Unit 2: 3rd Person Tank Fighting
VR TANKZ!: Tank battle simulator, realy simplistic graphics
Dead Shot Heroes: Attack the tower game, kill, lvl up, get powers. full crossplay. its pretty fleshed out
PocketRacer: Make your own crazy tracks and then race on them
Pick-up League Hockey: Skill based hockey
Dino Encounters: a multiplayer dinosaur zoo with mini games and feeding
Art gate: A marketplace for Post-War and Contemporary Art in virtual reality, art is also sold and bought here in rooms with over 100 people apparently
OctoRaid: Asymmetric game, evil giant octopus vs 5 others
Fugitive 3D: VR vs PC/andriod phone Cop vs Robber
Laser Storm Arena: 4 player space pirate shooter, needs a pc to be used for a server and a server client
The Blood Eclipse: 6-player zombie game; two zombie players and four human players, similar to left 4 dead 2 multiplayer
Ghost League Pre-Alpha Demo: High speed locomotion jumping and flying obstacle course
Neos VR: Social versatile world maker
Battle Area VR: FPS like halo
SlashMates: mob killer
Secret Of Harrow Manor: feels like resident evil, horror searcher and shooter. look for health bullets and other loot to survive
VR Club: Become a club DJ or join the dance floor, full body avatars
VRZone: Multiplayer room builder
Snow Fortress: Build a snow fort, then have a snow fight, more fun than i make it sound
NES SPACE: Play nes games, even multiplayer, also you are able to make a retro style room to play the game in
Pétanque: Play Bocce Ball with a roommate
Abu Dabi: Catapult projectiles into another players targets while he defends them and trys to shoot yours down
Mawashi: A GTA V: Sumo-Remix mini game remake
MRTK Online: Basic intractable physics blocks can mess about with friends
KitchenIslandVR: Cookout but slightly different
CineVR: Big Screen but slightly different
Gym Class: VR basketball with pals

Coming soon

Tetris Effect- multiplayer up to 3-players coming summer 2021
Contractors- multiplayer, co-op missions FPS coming Dec. 3
Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister- December 8
Zenith- MMORPG coming late 2021
Ilysia- MMORPG coming late 2021
NXY- MMORPG coming late 2022
Axegend: offline demo available now; online game in development (?) (Dungeon crawler mob killer with end boss, many skills and weapons, also traps)
Oathbreakers VR: Spellcasting PVP and PVE
Expanded from this post by u/Captain_caveman1
Comment if I missed anything! I'll do my best to keep it updated
submitted by Joejoejo344 to OculusQuest

Gunslinger shoots himself in the foot and cleric falls from grace [TW/AMITA?]

. Hello everyone! This isn’t going to be my first RPG horror story, but it’s by far the worst because it ended with some incredibly harmful claims about me and my best friend, basically. And a burner, because i know these people probably use reddit and I’d rather not get involved something again. Naturally names and details are going to be changed. Sorry in advance for formatting and length; I feel like a lot needs to be said and I’m in mobile.
This is also partially an AMITA because although I’m pretty sure I’ve/we’ve done nothing wrong, I’m still really hesitant to feel completely absolved of guilt.
I should also mention that some of the things that are mentioned in this story are really heavy, so I I’ll just mention there’s a trigger warning for implied CP as well.
Some folks who are important: Me - myself Bard - my best friend and the DM’s IRL friend, who played the bard in our campaign DM - our DM I’m already going to interrupt here but for all intensive purposes the three of us here are all minors. We are children. I’m younger than both the DM and my friend by just about less than two years because of how birthdays fall. Gunslinger - our group’s gunslinger, who ended up being one of the main problems. He is an adult in every sense of the world. Cleric - the cleric. He was the oldest of the group and again, very much an adult. Also ended up being the other main problem. Blood Hunter - someone who ended up having our backs when we honestly were least expecting it, he’s a cool guy although we dont talk anymore
Some less important people: Goliath - a member of the campaign who didn’t stay long, but is slightly important to the story
This all started back last year in roughly July/August, where all of my D&D groups were on hiatus; one DM was at our state fair for 4H and couldn’t run, and another DM was on break after running Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Being bored in this time, I joined up with a few games online, having never played before online really. A lot of the games honestly weren’t great, but one that I joined was DM’s game and it seemed really good and he seemed well-prepared, so needless to say I was excited. It was clear that Cleric, Gunslinger, Blood Hunter and DM all knew each other from another hobby and other discord servers, but it seemed like Goliath and myself were the new players. After getting our characters and everything all set up into the Roll20, we hopped into vc for the first session and it went pretty well. I was a bit cautious about roleplaying seeing as I still wasn’t super comfortable with talking to strangers online, but after the session we all hung out for a bit and chatted. We all got along pretty well.
As the campaign wore on and I was still enjoying myself, Goliath kept missing sessions leading to him being kicked from the game and replaced with Bard. I was pretty excited to have a new player (and to not have to play Goliath’s character anymore as well, as it was a bit overwhelming sometimes) and in general Bard seemed like a really chill dude. Immediately I think Gunslinger and Bard were kind of the closest friends(?). They ended up playing in a one-off non-canon one-shot at the request of Gunslinger, but all in all everyone in general just seemed to be friends. Over time my rogue and Bard’s character kind of developed a combat strategy leading to them being good buddies, as well as me talking with Bard more out of session in DMs, and occasionally working on homework in VC together. We were pretty similar and were the two really big shitposters of the group, and would make memes during session (to be fair everyone else did as well! Gunslinger especially would send a lot of memes in and out of session).
There weren’t really any issues, honestly. Most of the group’s disagreements were mock, Gunslinger and Blood Hunter being “mean” to people, or arguing over Blood Hunter’s actions (he had some personal issues that sometimes he brought to the game and he acted really inappropriately even if it was in character. It was just annoying and no, it wasn’t anything gross ever). As a group we really got along. I texted with Bard a lot during and after school, Bard and I were close friends, because we had similar personal problems as well. We helped each other out. For reference we were in VC together on Christmas eve.
On New Year’s two things happened: an outside drama with Gunslinger where a bunch of accounts were banned and some of us from the server got involved in it (along with Friend), and something in Bard’s personal life that really hurt him came up. That’s all I’ll share because otherwise it would be 1) unfair for me to share people’s personal problems, 2) too obvious who I’m talking about.
In our discord sever DM had added a channel at our request called quotes. The quotes channel was mainly used as like, humiliation almost? If someone said something in or out of session that we found funny or lacked context, or in general was just really dumb, we would quote them in the channel. This led to not only a lot of memorable campaign moments being saved, but a lot of us being general dumbasses out of campaign saved as well. In this server there was a private voice channel that only myself, Bard, DM and DM’s girlfriend could access. It might sound unfair that only we had access to it, but honestly it was more so out of ease of access, since we wanted to talk in private sometimes and listen to the bot, as well as being made when I was having a personal problem that DM and Bard were helping with, and we didn’t want anyone else to join. This was really convenient because Bard and I would be able to VC without having to deal with janky dm voice calling, and without being afraid of having random people join. When quarantine started we both had a lot of time off and we used it a lot, just to hang out, shitpost, whatever. DM used it too; we played Minecraft together. I’m being completely honest here, it was super innocent. We just liked/and still like talking.
Now this was an issue because it led to us staying up incredibly late more than once, and sending a whole bunch of things in quotes. This wasn’t something that happened all the time, but there were two occasions where Bard and I would quote each other back and forth. One time was notably when I got Bard to play Wizard101 (yes, like the kid’s game) with me for a bit, and he and I were joking around, and the other when playing Minecraft. We also sent some quotes from Easter when we were making joke circus characters, and when we were talking with DM about a card game. We never really spammed the chat, but we did send nine or ten quotes, tops, one or two times. A lot of the quotes were really dumb things, some highlights being:
"Im no longer baby i am dead"
“I just got hit with a giant axe- [my name] I should be everywhere room except where I am standing. I should be so fucking dead. I should- now I’m getting attacked by ninja pigs- anime pigs.”
“‘I’m trying to put on House of the Rising Sun do you mind?”
-Bard, being killed by a zombie while fishing’”
“‘Denny’s leads you directly to the IRA’ -DM”
“([me],almost crying) WE HAVE 689.6 DAYS WORTH OF BREAD”
These are directly taken from the channel, and while there were more I just grabbed a sample group. I can promise they were all to this same effect. This is why when Cleric pinged both me and Bard the following morning saying “stop fucking flirting in quotes” we were both completely bewildered. We had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and assumed it was a joke at first. That was until both Cleric and Gunslinger seemed to go off in the quotes channel yelling and me and Bard. It was moved to general when DM put slowmode on to stop them from spamming, where I asked for them to explain what was wrong. He said that it was cringy and bothered him it was in a “flirtatious manner”. I really didn’t understand what that meant, so i tried to shut it down right there by saying “No, like if you’re genuinely not okay with the quotes I don’t want to go on, but I’d at least like an explanation of what to stop doing so I can still send some quotes”, to which I was told to relax and that it was just teasing. He basically just went on saying it was cringy, and (as I’m reading through the server messages now) it was left at that. I’ll admit i got really defensive and upset, because I was afraid I’d made him mad, but both Cleric and Gunslinger assured me that it was just teasing and meant to be playful. It was left at that.
Perhaps it’s our fault for not learning our lesson, but the next time we used quotes it was over a week later, and three things were quoted in this. The first was me quoting dm about him taking a lot of naps, the second was Bard quoting me about the Halo map Construct, and the third was me quoting Bard, who was complaining about Construct. That was it. The next morning we woke up to Gunslinger and Cleric, really upset, spamming the channel. DM locked it again, and this time privated it so that only Bard, myself and him could see it. We, one again, took it to general chat, where Cleric greeted us with:
“Do you realize it doesn't fucking matter because of the same damn reasons I brought up last time and that you are still fucking doing the same fucking thing and I STATED that it made me uncomfortable. Instead of being of average intelligence and going ‘that’s fair or some shit’ you go ‘I’ll fucking do it again’. Fucking morons”
I felt sick to my stomach because I really cared about these people and I really didn’t want to hurt anyone, but I decided to stick to myself and I pointed out how Cleric NOT ONCE said he felt uncomfortable in our previous conversation. I’d even scrolled up to reread it, and the entire situation, again, was being brushed off. Cleric replied with:”but you stopped me from communicating, which is SO cool” Meanwhile DM was telling him that this could’ve happened before session, and Gunslinger was blaming Blood Hunter (as a joke? He got yelled at in the session prior to this happening for talking over DM and everyone else)
Regardless, I brought up how he said nobody was mad, how he brushed it off as a joke, and how nobody cared.
His reply was that he didn’t want to stress me out, and that he thought we agreed to knock it off “but hey fuck whatever I said before right take the conjecture and twist it into whatever fantasy befits your beliefs”
DM told us to talk it out in VC and i think we did, though session after this was really awkward and Gunslinger tried to kill both his and Cleric’s character, as Cleric had given him control of the character after leaving mid-session. That was our last session, basically.
From there I don’t actually remember all that well, but I do believe that Bard and I were in the private channel when Gunslinger started messaging me. I think they were trying to get Bard to join voice with them, but I ended up joining instead. It was at this point I understood what they meant by flirting. Look, previously in the story there was some context I cut so as to better narrate how this whole situation went down for me, because what might have been glaringly obvious to a lot of people, wasn’t obvious to me because it was a thought that had never even occurred.
Me, and my D&D character are both lesbians. While I hadn’t intended to bring this personal fact into this game, I made a passing joke which sparked a romance between my character and another female NPC. It should have been, in my opinion at least, glaringly obvious that I have no, and have had no interest in boys at all. This relationship also wasn’t secretive at all either, it had been going on in character since like NovembeDecember-ish and we had portions of the game where I actually went on dates with this NPC. What started happening, though, was when me and Bard started talking pretty much all day and every day in VC, the others started assuming that we were dating, or interested in each other at least. There were definitely a few moments where Gunslinger and Cleric had both pressed Bard on this fact, and even DM had brought it up. Now, aside from the fact that Bard is, in fact, a boy, and I’m not attracted to that gender, Bard had some trust issues due to a past relationship that was very very recent.
In short: there’s no way this relationship ever would or could happen, especially at that time.
Bard and I had a joke about a jar that we would put a dollar into every time someone assumed we were dating, because it was so implausible to us. We found it really funny. Although, to be fair, I’ll analyze how it might’ve looked to the others:
Despite my sexuality and Bard’s trust issues, we did hang out a lot, and would dm each other a lot and shitposted together during session. Additionally, we had duo characters for game that Cleric was running (where we had a TPK so we had a good chance to introduce them both) that were twins. Since I’m an artist, I did make a joking piece that showed my character saying “what are you doing step-bro” followed by a drawing of Bard’s character juggling like a pot and a pan, looking nervous/confused*. I think this might’ve sent the wrong idea, although it was clearly a joke to me. From there I genuinely can’t tell why they might’ve thought we were dating, other than being a boy and a girl who were close friends, with similar personalities/backgrounds.
I’m not sure, to be fully honest. I’ll leave it up to you. Did we go too far with that joke, or maybe with the quoting, and sending memes to each other during session in general it was too far?
Right, that interlude aside, back to the issue at hand: I’d joined VC after some prompting from Gunslinger in DMs, which roughly followed him asking me if I liked Bard, (and me denying as much), him saying that Bard claimed he turned me down, and then Gunslinger telling me “Well that’s a lie, I’ve heard you in VC” (which i still dont know what that meant) and then me 1) offering to talk in VC, 2) asking him and Cleric to stop talking about me and Bard dating as it obviously made THEM uncomfortable (and me as well).
That voice chat was one of the worst things I’d ever endured in my life. Honestly, I’m really sorry but I don’t even remember half of it. When I joined Gunslinger, Blood Hunter, and Cleric were already there, and I immediately had to go into justifying that, no, I didn’t like Bard, no, I hadn’t ever turned him down, no, I didn’t know if Bard liked me or not, but we were just friends and it shouldn’t m a t t e r anyways. I brought up the point of my sexuality which they brushed off, telling me they thought better of me than to use that defense. They kept pushing, until Bard joined and was similarly denying things.
Then, the approach changed going towards accusing both of us of being manipulators, mainly focusing on Bard, though they admitted they didn’t know which of us was the “bad guy” in this situation. They were calling Bard a creep and saying because of our age difference (again, we are both CHILDREN, that is to say MINORS. Below the age of 18) he was a pedophile and a pervert. Now, I’m not giving specific ages here but again, both of us were minors, and the age difference was slightly less than two years (they were claiming it to be three, because apparently his birthday was the following month, which it wasn’t??) but it was the difference in age between a high school freshman with an early birthday, and a high school junior with a late birthday.
Eventually after attacking Bard for apparently being a pedophile for dating me, and yelling at both of us for flirting and being friends, they turned to me claiming that i could be the manipulator here, and they didn’t trust me either. They said they wanted to believe I was a nice girl but i could be behind it all and they didn’t know. When i became overwhelmed and my voice broke, Gunslinger told me not to cry because it felt like a defense tactic. Gunslinger also told us that but defending ourselves and arguing back that it was suspicious and made us look work.
He expected two LITERAL CHILDREN to sit there and take two grown, self-proclaimed “mature” ADULTS attacking them for having an innocuous friendship. Or, further, they created a situation where they claimed there was an abuser, and then proceeded to admit they didn’t know who the abuser was and instead attack BOTH parties. Not only this but they got angry with ME for trying to defend Bard and Gunslinger called me the most disgusting thing i think anyone could’ve in that situation: complacent. He had the audacity to call me, someone who they said was a victim, complacent.
The rest of the call was Blood Hunter trying to de-escalate what was happening, by providing potential reasons for why things were the way they were, and he did a really good job but Gunslinger and Cleric were too heated to listen. This came out of nowhere for both me and Bard and we’re still incredibly grateful for him doing this. Eventually Gunslinger and Cleric left, and Bard took a quick break. Both Blood Hunter and Bard helped to comfort me after I broke down when they left. Cleric and Gunslinger left the server and Bard and I took a break from discord, though this was short-lived as we decided to hop into another call to discuss what had happened just a few days later. I could say that it ends here, but it doesn’t really.
Eventually, having been blocked on discord, Gunslinger took to Snapchat to harass Bard, which happened to be while we were in a call as well. He quietly went to deal with that, until I got a message on discord from gunslinger saying “Do us a favor, tell your boyfriend Bard to stop trying to justify the fact he told me that you are into him”. Having been away from the situation for a few days, all of my anxiety had turned to just cold anger, so I went off on Gunslinger. He tried claiming he had proof and screenshots of something I’d texted Bard, despite the fact the conversation where he allegedly had screenshots from was completely over voice, and the only texts I’d sent Bard that day was saying hello and basically us agreeing to get into voice. I called him on this, and then he proceeded to strawman, which I called him out on. He tried to deny calling me complacent by saying I was a coward. He also accused me of lying about misunderstanding how Cleric had felt regarding the quotes chat (yes, this all stemmed from that chat). He told me I needed to do “some growing up and stop using some personal things as a defense tactic”.
I told him as an adult he needed to get off his high horse and stop pretending he knew more than I did, and that he’d crossed a line. He told me I’d crossed and line and asked me to “please do some growing up”, to which I responded that “what I say to other people isn’t your business”, before he blocked me.
I think eventually he blocked Bard on Snapchat after he similarly refused to back down. Honestly all in all despite the fact I was mentally put in a really bad place because of all of this, it did lead to me and Bard becoming better friends, and we’re basically inseparable, and have been through so much now. We still make jokes about it. Nowadays we’re playing in a campaign set two years after the old one fell apart, with Bard as the dm and DM as an observer. We resolved the plot of the old game, and both of our characters are recurring high-leveled NPCs who help the party (Bard as the new god of knowledge after the old one died during the final fight, and my character as his right hand man, both of whom act as employers for the party). Our new group is great, and Bard is a great DM. Even if it was shitty, I don’t think I’d have it any other way.
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