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Pandora: First Contact for PC Reviews

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Pandora first contact patch 1.2. Pandora: First Contact Windows, Mac, Linux game - Mod DB. However, none of these titles would appear on the first page of results.

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Release: Pandora: First Contact Gold Edition internet. I'm assuming since anyone can. Aquarium' is a song by Tori Amos.

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I just made a playlist on Pandora with the song "Teen Idol" by Marina 59 times and Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" as the 30th song. Time to hit suffle and see what happens. I'm going to record it and send it to all of my contacts. You can't get me responsible choices.

I just made a playlist on Pandora with the song submitted by The_Globglogabgalag to madlads

Pandora: First Contact

When I first played Pandora: First Contact, I chose the obvious faction that would fall in line with my own attitude and ideals, the environmentalists. I wasn't a super big fan of Alpha Centauri yet, because I couldn't play it as much as I had wanted. But in this game I found myself quite at home: I enjoyed exploring slowly, building up armies, surviving aliens onslaughts, exploring the oceans... imagine the surprise when I saw the first Leviathan, which I also expected.
The first game was also the most memorable for me overall: through various non-aggression pacts I had managed to survive the fascists (Solar Dynasty, a sort of HIVE) attacking me, and do trade agreements with the capitalists (Noxium Corporation). Togra University, the scientific faction, mostly stayed on its own, trying to juggle between alliances, now fighting against the Imperium, the militaristic ones, now against the religious Divine Ascension, led by Lilith Vermillion. She was the only one that never truly let me become more of a friend in that game. The Imperium would let me live in a sort of patronizing attitude, but its military power was reaching levels that were of course extremely dangerous for me, and possibly the others. No matter what, it seemed that their expansions and troop-creating city would lead to a big, big war. Amidst everything the planet seemed to fare much worse, and with two (three?) factions gone, I asked once more to do an alliance with Divine Ascendency. Unexpectedly, she accepted, said something on the lines of "Yes. Let's make our best to help this planet together", even though I know it was probably something completely different, and then she smiled. I saw her smiling for the first time after hours and hours of constant fighting. I couldn't be happier at how genuine the game felt. What happened afterward was completely unexpected: Togra University declared war to everyone, and used its highly advanced troops to decimate the Imperium. Only a dying Imperium, me, Divine Ascendency and Togra were left on the planet, and the latter was coming to make sure nothing else would be left in its wake.
I never finished that first game: my computer died a few days later, and I lost the save files. It was without the expansion "Eclipse of Nashira", but I really struggled to find other 4x games that kept me so intrigued as it did then, when it first came out.
Now, I replayed it today, and got my first victory with Terra Salvum, the original faction I had chosen. Surprisingly enough I got an economic victory, and of course was lucky in getting an Archipelago map where I could focus on conquering the island and research 'till the end. The expansion adds invasions and a new faction, which doesn't feel exactly like the U.N. one of Alpha Centauri. There is a developer that shares modifications to the A.I. in a forum that I don't remember and can't find at the moment, but it should be somewhere on Steam.
That said: I never see this game mentioned here, and I wanted to share my own experience with it. Games that have factions and ideologies mixed are quite fascinating to me, and the manual was also a very interesting read to do before playing. Do you guys play with it? It would make me really happy to be able to read your strategies, opinions, and experiences with the game, along maybe improvements and modifications you found here and there.
Here is the album of the game I won in case anyone is interested c:
submitted by Drakendan to 4Xgaming

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