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ETS2 mods / Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods. Based on the real biodiesel production, we created a system, which is a vital factor of the mod. No one has come up with a fix for it yet. New sounds mod [] 16 Diamonds 3, views downloads 44 comments 1. Also allows players to play versions.

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It is an offshoot of the NASCAR Stock car racing, and shares much in common with stock cars. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps 18.2.2 Apk Mod Full (Unlocked. If there are two wires then split them and insert the attaching wire between them. Unlimited Digital Access. It's still not fixed, and I still can't play.

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Tokyo-Yokohama Map mod -ETS2 v1.39x compatible-DLC Scandinavia & France required-New AI Traffics Toyota Himedic Ambulance Toyota HiAce(H200)-AI spawn rate adjustment (Kanagawa) 1.391(Nov15 update)-More Japanese Domestic Market AI Traffics Toyota Esquire/JPN TAXI/Supra/Noah-Sound problem fixed-Map adjustment-Climate. Blocking may not be your favorite thing to do, but if you're doing this type of work, then you'll be doing a lot of it. So you will need the best sanding block available to help make the job go faster and easier. Random collection of blocks. Best 1.7.10 Minecraft Mods. This Christmas mod was created a year ago.

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Minecraft content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Mojang and its licensors. Each colored glass block interacts with the light settings around it to provide unique color to any structure. This is a quick video to let you know about some new sanding blocks I discovered. Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS: X and Wireless Rear Speakers (2020) - Black. Personal Cars - Mods - Minecraft https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=568.

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What is the best way to cut a sandwich? . Cloak no need to download, just upload it on file sharing, copy the direct link and paste it in the game interface. Keep Your Car Windows Fog-Free Using This Creative Hack check that. You can use any of the 16 clay colors to define the vehicle color. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, mobs, villages and.

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Download Minecraft mods, tools and utilities that extend and modify the original Minecraft game. Digital GPS Speedometer Odometer Offline HUD View for get redirected here. Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phone. Currently it adds 5 types of cars (compact car, SUV, animal transporter, truck and a racecar), each available in 4 colors (green, red, blue and grey). How To: Design Your Own Custom Arduino Board Microcontroller Chalk It Up to Experience: How to Make Realistic Chalk Symbols in Photoshop News: The Human Chain.

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The frontal stands are more vertical, correspond to the external model * - 3 frames (265 inches), 3 frames (275 inches), 1 frame (285. 7 Quick Fixes for Squeaky Door Hinges & Creaky Floorboards. Pinpoint on interactive maps. Simplify API development for users, teams, and enterprises with the Swagger open source and professional toolset. Minecraft 1.2.5 cracked windshield.

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If you can do it on cracked minecraft, How do you install mods on to Minecraft cracked version. Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Cracked Minecraft Launcher Download for Free: [sociallocker] Download [/sociallocker] Keinett launcher for Minecraft Magic Launcher Tool for Minecraft. Custom Banners & Vinyl Banners - 25% OFF + FREE SHIPPING https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=581.

TMRNS Script.

By: Nate White-Nogler
Hello everybody and welcome to The Most Reliable News Source. Today we are going to be looking back at the month of May, which really wasn't that much better than the months of January, February, March, and April.
(nmwn17 INTRO)
Welcome back to The Most Reliable News Source, and this is our top story.
Has JTV given up? He has only posted a grand total 3 videos, 2 of them being his intros, and one with the title of “I Dub Crappy Music Over This is America”
And he did exactly what he said he would do, not take over me as king of BiHi YouTube, but dub crappy music over This is America.
This video was published with this in description: “This is a prelude to a big video coming VERY SOON” The video and claim was made on May 9th, exactly 20 days from when this script was written.
Here are some changes that are coming to the channel:
With the Minecraft Let’s Play story beat, I want to know if you guys want more, so if you do or don’t let me know in the comments.
Something else that is going to change sometime in the near future is that me and Dante are going to be making a series Unus Annus-ish. But that will take place after we are all clear to hang out with each other again.
I also officially have a subreddit, so go ahead and join it’s nmwn17. Link in the description.
If you guys want to see more of Minecraft Dungeons, then let me know and I will make more episodes.
Every TMRNS made has a script, and for those of you that might be interested in reading it, I will post a copy on the subreddit directly after each video is uploaded.
I would just like to say that for every N-Films Reaction Video that comes out every month, me and Dante filmed in early March in one sitting. This was a good few weeks before the provincial state of emergency was announced.
Murder Hornets are now a thing, yup, exactly what the world needs right now. They come to sizes up to 1.7 inches, which is bigger than the presidents di-
This is a picture of a turtle that smashes through a windshield in Georgia.
The couple say it was lucky the turtle ended up embedded in the windshield, as it could have caused serious injury if it struk Grant (the husband) in the face (laughing).
But sadly, the news was broken to the world. The turtle later died that day from blood loss.
Canadian man finally receives a package in the mail after it being ordered 8 years prior. This perfectly sums up Canada Post in one headline.
Alleged thieves wore watermelons over their heads at the grocery store. IT’S A MELONY!! (come on that was good).
On this far away planet called WASP 34-B, the rain is made completely from Iron. Thats weak, have you seen my iron count? Tell me when its diamonds or netherite.
The newest Minecraft game came out a few days ago by the name of Minecraft Dungeons. One of the least positive reviews on The Microsoft store said “there is no mining or crafting.”
Ok everybody, thank you fo watching. For this month, im gonna try something different for the outro. I hope you like the black and red hexagons and the new studio (green screen background) that im using. It took a while in Photoshop. See you next time.
submitted by nmwn17 to nmwn17

Chapters 11 - 20

Chapter XI: What the Mump?
When the kids all showed up at school a few weeks later, they were surprised when Jorje showed up with red blotches and polka dots all over his body. When his friends asked him what happened, he simply replied “mumps”. Some of the children tried to leave, but Mr. Ramsay stopped them from leaving, saying “it will be a learning experience”. Gordon gave Creed Bailey his keys, and sent him to Super 1 (a local grocery store) to buy food stuff, and while he was doing that, Gordon Ramsay cheated on the attendance so they could have a party. Once the party started when Creed got back, Gordon Ramsay whipped up a delicious dinner-meal of sub sandwiches and they played ‘heads up, seven up” until his next class and Ms. March came. The kids were here for their next class. Ms. March came to complain about the noise. He locked both parties in a closet and continued partying with the kids. At the party, JT was getting pretty crazy. He was running around and so Gordon sat on him until he calmed down. Nikolas was jealous. This was not uncommon. JT had a large amount of energy. He was a short kid from the East Coast, and he made sure everyone knew it.

Chapter XII: The Sub, the Subs, and the Submarine
While they were still partying and eating their sandwiches, they heard a ruckus outside. When they opened the door, they saw that all the students were gone. In their place was a bunch of Hitler Youth and WWII era Nazis with submachine guns. Gordon quickly slammed the door shut. He knew exactly what to do. Out of a suitcase they never saw before, he pulled out a Captain America uniform and put it on over his sweater, which even more emphasized his bulging muscles. As he opened the door, he took off his wooden leg, which revealed an AK-47 underneath. As he stepped out of the classroom, the three Calebs pulled out their binders to reveal ninja costumes and matching gear. As they put them on and joined Gordon, Nikolas wished he was better at karate. He always said he had a black belt, but no one really believed him.
Outside, Gordon Ramsay and the Calebs were fighting for their lives. It was good that Hydra wasn’t there. This was because Caleb Swoma got wounded and the other Calebs helped him, so Gordon Ramsay had to single handedly defeat over 200 Nazis and the Hitler Youth (that part wasn’t very hard). Even though it was hard, Gordon finally won and vanquished every single one of the Nazis with his Time Blade (it was blue). When he came back into the classroom, the students cheered. After they found the rest of the hiding Cleveland Oaks students, the bell rang and all the students returned to their respective homes. After this, Gordon snuck under his desk and peeked under it. Inside of a jar, something squirmed. As he tucked the jar under the desk, he sighed and walked out the door. Under his desk, something was fighting to get out.

Chapter XII1⁄2: A subplot
When Ms. March walked out of her classroom, she had every intention of telling the new teacher what’s what. While she took the short walk between their classrooms, she saw his next class was going in. After they went in, she knocked, and as soon as the door opened, Gordon Ramsay’s strong yet gentle hands pulled her inside, and she was shoved in the bathroom with the other kids and the door was locked. As she and the class in the bathroom wondered what to do, the light blacked out, and then flickered back on with a sudden change in location. As the class stared at their new surroundings, they were greeted with a line of grotesque monsters and ghoulish entities. Both the class and the monsters screamed and ran away from each other.
As the Ms. March and the class, ran through the grey hallways, they came across more groups of monsters. One group wearing yellow suits tried to attack, but then Ms. March jumped high into the air, and when she landed, she was wearing a yellow kimono, and she rushed at the monsters, using her mad nunchuck skills to render them unconscious. After this, they jumped through one of the many doors in the wall, and ended up in Principal Dred’s office while he was taping rubber band all over himself. Ms. March and the class pretended not to notice. As they were walking out, the bell rang and all the students filed to their lockers and left the school. After everyone had left, Ms. March unzipped her head and revealed Michelle Obama, who grinned wickedly and took off running across the parking lot where Gordon Ramsay was waiting, and on the silent blacktop they fought to the death. As Gordon Vanquished her, she melted into a golden dust, and then Gordon Ramsay freed the real Ms. March from her prison in Michelle Obama’s golden locket that fell as she melted. After this, Ms. March and Gordon Ramsay slowly walked off into the sunset, Ms. March unbeknownst to the catastrophe Gordon Ramsay would unleash the following morning.

Chapter XIII: A Very Halloweenie Sausage Party
Under Gordon Ramsay’s desk, something was trying to get out. If one took a closer look at the object, they would see a jar with several sausages in it and a green portal at the bottom. While some of the sausages were having fun jumping in and out of the portal, one named Owen was climbing up top and trying to screw the lid off. When the other sausages saw what Owen was doing, they watched for awhile, then joined in. The lid was ⅛ of the way off. Gordon Ramsay pulled up in his car. The lid was 1/7 of the way off. Gordon opened his door. The lid was ⅕ of the way off. Gordon Ramsay walked by the lockers. The lid was ⅔ of the way off. Gordon opened the door and turned on the light. The sausages stopped and jumped in and out of the portal and then stopped as Gordon Ramsay walked into the room. Everything was silent.
As Gordon’s students filed in later that day, they quietly sat down in their seats and put their chefs hats on. In the jar, the sausages were watching. There were only like 20 kids in the class. There were 1 million sausages. Owen the sausage thought “We can take them”. As the students took out their cookbooks and started cooking by the book, the lid popped off, the jar fell over, and sausages poured out like a brown flood. Nikolas screamed.
A few moments later, sausages were jumping all around the room. They all grabbed pencils and everyone fought to get out of the room. It was so chaotic, even Gordon didn’t know what to do. As the door opened, Sausages started running at about 2 miles per hour all over campus. Screams could be heard reverberating around the school. Pretty soon, kids were running everywhere all over the school and climbing on the playground to escape the angry little sausages. It was so chaotic, even Mrs. Skulson had no time to tell them to not run on the woodchips. Back in the classroom, the jar kept shooting out sausages. The jar broke. The new sausages that came out of the portal carried equipment. It was a Biggerizer. When the kids saw it, they knew exactly what it was. Mr. Moon had one, but he never let them use it. The sausages carried it out into the parking lot and started jumping on it. After each jump, the sausages grew to be ten feet tall. All the sausages would have jumped on it and destroyed the earth, but a mysterious figure chopped it in half with an axe. If you were close to him, you would hear the two simple words that he uttered. “Not yet.”
Even though their biggerizer was destroyed, there were still 999,998 sausages left. Nikolas had eaten the other two. The biggerized sausages were wreaking havoc. The maypole was bent and the picnic tables were smashed, much to the dismay of Sam the Chair (A piece of mid-century furniture endowed with a soul by Noah’s elf magic). There was nothing they could do to stop the sausages. That was until Gordon pulled his own portal out of his pocket, set it on the ground, and jumped into it. Five minutes later, Gordon jumped out again, and the portal grew to be 20 feet across. Out came a massive red paw. The portal didn’t change. Out came the entire huge red body of Clifford the Big Red Dog and Emily Elizabeth. The sausages took one look, and their faces were priceless. Clifford barked in anticipation. The sausages ran. Clifford ran after them. He began scooping large quantities of sausages in his mouth who squealed as he chewed them. In just a few minutes, 400,000 sausages were eaten. Clifford sat down, his massive belly bulging. There were 599,998 sausages left. Just then, a huge mech fell out of the sky. It was Emily Elizabeth and her Mark IV Mech Suit. The mech scooped up sausages by the thousands and threw them into the onboard incinerator. The burning sausages smelled delicious, and even their screams sounded yummy. It was like a sausage holocaust. As the last of the sausages burned up, Mr. Ramsay quietly said, “I’m sorry, my children.” as a tear slid down his soft and wrinkly cheek.
Over the next few days, all the schoolchildren helped clean up the school. Luckily the damage was not irreparable because the sausage’s bodies were soft. The only great damage came from the giant sausages. They didn’t have to buy new picnic tables because the trees helped rebuild them with their extra bark and wood. In just one short week, the school was almost back to normal. The only lasting effect, however, was that the children were visibly scarred and sausages were banned at lunch. Nobody cared about this because they had had enough sausages for the time being. Except Nikolas. He was always ready for a sausage.

Chapter XIV: Surprise Party 101
In relation to the Great Sausage War, the events of the next month were relatively calm and normal; at least as normal as having Gordon Ramsay as a teacher. Since Mr. Johnstone had been gone, Principal Dred had made Gordon the new teacher. He was fine with this. There were probably cameras watching them. That would be a boring show. That month was the most boring of that entire year, which was saying something, because that month Gnomes were making sounds in the heater vents, Santa came early, and they even had a new substitute for two days (it was Gordon’s brother, Dave Ramsey.) That peacefulness and serenity was soon to change, however. Something was coming. Something that would make the Sausage Party seem like a walk in the park.
It all started one midwinter day. It was one of those days where it feels like the sky is depressed. At lunch, Creed knew something was coming. He didn’t know how, when, or why; he just knew that something wicked their way was coming. At recess, it was blistering cold, so everyone went into the Gym. While some kids played basketball, the rest of them just stood there and talked about the weird events of that school year. Soon after lunch ended, the class went to Mr. Ramsay’s class. When they walked in, they were surprised to see yet another substitute. Luckily it was just Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle. They all knew him because the Calebs knew him from their ninja classes, and he was Creed’s pet turtle Kloopie’s cousin (Kloopie was the fifth ninja turtle). This class period, he taught them how to wield nunchucks and helped them improve their bow staff skills.
After school ended and everyone left (even Mrs. Rock who always stayed late and was also JT’s mom), a black astro-van pulled up next to the school. Inside was a man in a handsome black leather jacket. He pulled out a strange device from one of his many pockets, and the needle on the monitor swung so fast it almost broke. The man inside inhaled sharply and wrote something on a little blue pad of paper. As he sped away, the dust cloud from his tires rose like a phantom into the air. Even after he left, the feeling of dread and foreboding clung to the air like marinara to spaghet. Only when the cheerful children came to school on Monday morning did that feeling finally disappear. The reason why that foreboding feeling left the parking lot is because it followed with the children as they arrived, draining them of their energy and laughter. The only person who felt reasonably happy was Mr. Johnstone.
Watching from his invisible jet, Mr. Johnstone, rather David Pumpkins, was extremely happy. As he watched the careless children, his eyes focused on his inside man. He had no doubt in his mind that he would not fail in his endeavor. The time was almost come for him to finally become the principle of the school. He planned to make his attack at 5th period where the kids, teachers, and duties would be exhausted from Lunch and recess. Right now, break was just ending and the kids were going to their third period. Just a few hours, and he would finally have his heart’s desire, Just a few more hours and he would be king of Oak Grove High School. No, wait; First king of the school, then king of the world. That meant he would have to plan some more, but that was ok with him because he had always loved planning.
By the time lunch rolled around, Mr. Johnstone was getting anxious. His knees were weak and his palms were sweating and his new curly hair with its splendidly handsome orange stripe was beginning to wilt with perspiration. He was so engrossed in his evil plan, that he almost missed the fifth period bell. It was time for his plan to become a reality. Mr. Johnstone was back at OGHS; and he was back for revenge for all the times he wished he was principle, but wasn’t. He turned off the cloaking on his invisible jet and descended on to the lawn. The two kids that were out printing look at the jet in dismay and thought “he we go again”. As the door opened, and Mr. Johnstone snuck out, the roar of a modified van with a 460 engine in it rang in his ears. The van screeched to a halt, and out came a graceful figure wearing a slick leather jacket. He had long flowing hair and a ruggedly handsome face. It was ICEMAN; Paranormal Investigator Extraordinaire (it said so on his jacket). Out of one of his many pockets, he pulled a net gun and shot Mr. Johnstone in it. As Mr. Johnstone struggled to get free, ICEMAN picked up the net with his strong arms and carried Mr. Johnstone into the van and sped away.

Chapter XV: ICEMAN
The next morning, when the kids saw the jet parked in the lawn, they wondered whose it was. They thought it was Steve Job’s (the president of the world). Principle Dred said it was his, but no one believed him. He took it anyway and flew it to Baltimore, and gave it to his friend Wonder Woman. Then he used his superspeed and ran all the way back to Rathdrum just in time for lunch. Just outside of school, parked next to the quarry, the black van was idling. Inside, the paranormal investigator was trying to keep watch. It was winter, and the car was warm. His eyes started drooping. Once he was soundly asleep (about 5 minutes), Mr. Johnstone made his move and unlocked the back of the van and silently crept out.
He darted across the street, and was narrowly missed by a blue pickup truck. As he walked into the OGHS parking lot, he pulled out a suitcase from his side. He opened it, and inside was a golden pair of gloves covered in multicolored gems. He put them on, and they spread and covered his body. Inside the suit, the startup screen showed up, saying Mark LII. The jets initiated and Mr. Johnstone flew into the air with a resounding crack. The kids in Mr. Ramsay’s classroom heard it and looked out the window. Nikolas thought it was an angel, but no one cared.
Gordon rushed out of the classroom and put on his Captain America suit. Mr. Johnstone saw this, then flew off towards the office while Captain Britain sprinted after him. They kids rushed out and heard a scream reverberating through the frigid winter air, ringing off the cold hills of snow. That is when the kids saw Iron Johnstone flying away with Mr. Swicker in his arms! Captain Britain, even though he was fast, had to stop and walked towards his class. As soon as he came within an earshot from the kids, he simply said “He took Mr. Swicker”. Seeing as there was nothing for him to do, and since no one really cared about Mr. Swicker anyway, they went back to the classroom and formulated a plan in case Mr. Johnstone returned and baked a pretty cake with their blood.

Chapter XVI: Mr. Johnstone v. Gordon Ramsay: Civil War
The next few weeks after the attack and the kidnap of Mr. Swicker, the school seemed different. Without his friendly face silently weaving its way into their classroom, the kids realized what an integral part of the school he really was. Interestingly, the two people who seemed to miss him the most were the principal and Nikolas Smith. The principal's laugh now sounded hollow, and Nikolas barely even made his sorry wheeze of an excuse for a laugh. They were, in fact, kindred spirits; and he took Mr. Swicker’s kidnapping to his heart of hearts. The only kid who didn’t care was Nobody, because almost everyone loved Mr. Swicker, even though they didn’t really show it. The only possible reason why Nobody didn’t miss Mr. Swicker was because he was Creed’s shadow and only Creed could see him; and because shadows don’t have feelings.
That sad and lonely atmosphere was probably why Mr. Johnstone almost took them down so easily, had it not been for Gordon and a new school savior. After lunch, the attack began once again. Mr. Johnstone came flying in with his suit, but a lightning bolt cracked and split the armor in two. Mr. Johnstone fell. The battle was over as soon as it had started… Or so it seemed. Mr. Johnstone got up and brushed the gravel off of his black and orange suit. A skeleton rushed at the kids at recess and hit one with a femur bone, but it was Nikolas and his skull was very thick, so he didn’t care. Out of nowhere, something zoomed up and went around Mr. Johnstone in a pentagram formation. Gordon threw an object through the air; and the kids, for a split second, saw the flash grab the talisman and continue his formation. The sky began to glow red, and soon after it did, Mr. Johnstone disappeared.

Chapter XVII: Inferno Overdrive
One second, David was standing, waiting for his skeletons to aid him, but soon he was engulfed by a bright red streak and the sky turned red. Being an exceedingly evil person, Mr. Johnstone noticed that something was up. The air felt evil and it smelled of starbucks, one of the many temples to Satan. As he stood there, he began sinking into the void and he became exceedingly frightful. He was more scared than he had ever been in his life. This was a new kind of evil. It was something primordial and raw in its overwhelming evilness. As Mr. Johnstone fell down and down as if down a well, he began to see glimpses of a fiery red hellscape, dotted by pools of lava. The strangest thing was, the place was completely silent except for the quiet bubbling of lava. He could hear the heavy grey clouds moving above him; and then he hit the ground.
As he came to, the first thing he noticed was that the landscape had changed. The bubbling pools of lava had been replaced with the concrete floors of Ikea. This was hell in its purest form. As he wandered the empty halls, he remembered how massive ikea was. But for some reason, this one felt even more expansive. He stopped suddenly, he had heard a sound. It was a grunt. It was the scariest grunt he had ever heard. His heart began beating frantically. He hoped it wasn’t a zombie pigman like from Minecraft. He had heard stories of the demons that lurked in the depths of hell. He began to run. As he ran, the grunts followed him. He ran faster. That is when he saw the most frightening thing he had ever seen. It was hordes of ikea employees. The only difference was that they didn’t have faces. None at all. He turned the other way, and ran as fast as he could. In front of him was a zombie pigman, but he just ran around it and it just stood there. He hoped the faceless creatures didn’t see him. They had no eyes. How could they?
Twenty minutes later, he had ran into the inventory part of Ikea, except that it had shelves many stories high. They were like towers of clutter, and he hoped that the beams and joists that held this massive expanse of junk was better built and would be less breakable than his Ikea cabinets. Up ahead, he saw a makeshift castle made out of odds and ends gathered from Ikea. It had blotches of red on it and he really hoped it was just mismatched paint. As he came closer, his fears came to light. Scattered all over the cold concrete floor was a multitude of bodies, mutilated beyond recognition. The faceless creatures must have done this. The brick and cabinet walls were spattered with blood, streaked with bloody handprints here and there. Mr. Johnstone’s stomach turned and he almost threw up. He quickly told himself not to be a sissy. After all, he was the Lord of Evil. What could go wrong? He was never more mistaken in his entire life. Everything would go wrong, he was a sissy, and he was really not the Lord of Evil.
As he pushed open the massive plywood door, he was astounded by the horror that awaited him inside. Inside was an entire horde of the faceless creatures; easily five times as many as he had seen before. They heard the door creak and their faces moved from the dead they were feasting upon. Strangely, the first thing that Mr. Johnstone thought of was not whether or not he was going to die. It was “How are they eating?”. As he stood perfectly still, his question was quickly answered, and the faceless creatures wordless answer almost made him faint. The creature’s neck opened, revealing a gaping hole which was promptly stuffed with flesh. As the rotting skin and muscle fell down their black gullets, Mr. Johnstone made a faint peep. Instantly, the creatures perked up and it seemed like they looked at him with their featureless faces. They then ran at him with ferocious speed.
As Mr. Johnstone took off running, he looked behind and noticed that the creatures had stopped, and were now cowering with fear at the sound of a shrill screech. He looked at its source, and almost laughed aloud. It was a small garden gnome dressed in bright red clothes. It began screaming at the creatures and they backed away and ran at breakneck speed away from the gnome, who turned around so that Mr. Johnstone could see his face. It was the cutest thing he had ever seen with its little tiny beard and its beady little eyes. He wondered why the creatures were so scared of it. Later on, he would wish that he never found out.
As he stood there, he noticed that the gnome waddled toward him and extended a hand. Its hand was so small that he could not shake it, so the gnome clenched his fist and he took it between his thumb and pointer finger and shook it. While he shook the gnome’s hand, he marvelled at its roughness and almost forgot to introduce himself. There was a long silence, then he said in the strongest voice he could muster “My name is David S. Johnstone”. The gnome replied in a surprisingly low voice “I know. My name is Dafter Halls Loon” Mr. Johnstone, taken aback, simply replied “Hello”. Just then, a loud explosion could be heard, and the gnome took his hand and led him away from the magma geyser that shot out of the ground. As they ran, the white Ikea walls crumbled around them and Mr. Johnstone felt the searing hot air from the explosion and wondered why in Hell was the little polite gnome in this awful place. He would later wish that he never found out; because the reason was so simple it was almost embarrassing.
After they escaped the frequent explosions destroying the creepy Ikea, they rested in the shade of a jagged rocky outcropping. Just as they sat down and began resting, they heard the groans of the monsters coming towards them. The gnome grabbed something out of his pack. It was a tiny green portal. Just then the faceless demons came near them, and the gnome hurriedly pushed a button on the side of the portal. It grew in size and Mr. Johnstone and the gnome jumped through. Just as the portal closed, one demon got his torso through and it was severed by the closing of the portal. It then just grasped blindly and it grabbed Mr. Johnstone’s leg and started climbing up him. Its sharp 8 inch claws savagely raked Mr. Johnstone’s body and the demon’s oily black blood from its wounds was shooting all over Mr. Johnstone’s body. He screamed. Then he heard a voice. It said “I will save you, but you have to do one thing. I want your diddly-dee soul. Mr. Johnstone didn’t want to do it but he had to. He was going to die. Already the demon was beginning to eat his face. He screamed “Alrighty then fruit roll up” and suddenly he was free. And his face was back. In the gnome’s place was literal flipping Satan. Then it dawned on him. He was Satan’s minion now.
Satan looked at Mr. Johnstone with a simply awful grin on his face. When Mr. Johnstone saw it, he thought that this ordeal might not be so bad. What a better chance to learn how to be more evil than to learn from the creator of all things evil himself. The only problem was that Mr. Johnstone liked his soul, small though it may be. He snickered evilly. Maybe he wasn’t getting the short end of the deal after all. Wondering what Satan wanted him to do, he casually asked him “what do you require of me, oh Great One?”. Satan looked at him with a glint in his beady little eye and simply said “You’ll see”. Mr. Johnstone was taken aback and continued walking with Satan.
Presently, they came to a large stone door and Satan pulled out a strange little key from his pocket. Mr. Johnstone asked him what is was for. He looked at Mr. Johnstone with a sneer and told him “It’s a surprise mouseketool that will help us later. It is a special key. Opposite of how a normal key works, it opens all doors but only once. Where we are going, it will be very helpful. Very helpful indeed. He unlocked the door and stepped out. They were in Frankie Doodles in Spokane. They grabbed a bite to eat, and then Satan ordered an Uber. They were going to Oak Grove High School. Mr. Johnstone’s heart pounded in his chest. This could be an opportunity to achieve his dream. His ultimate goal in life was to control Oak Grove High School. With the help of Satan, he might be able to achieve this once unreachable goal. There was only one problem. Principal Dred fairly ruled the school with an Iron Fist. And he knew Jiu Jitsu.

Chapter XVIII: Hell comes to Idaho
When they arrived at OGHS, Mr. Johnstone wanted to formulate a plan, but Satan had other plans. Satan walked up in all of his Satan-ness. It was recess so everyone saw him. The first kid to see him was Donny and he screamed so loud that all the teachers came rushing out, even Principal Dred. Satan rushed up and grabbed Principal Dred and rushed off with him. Donny Fainted. Mr. Johnstone turned around and looked at the school with an evil look on his face and saluted; then he was off again with Satan and Principal Dred. The went to Lakeland because no one would notice them. They were right. Everyone just thought they were a goth and an eccentric teacher wearing a pumpkin suit, both carrying a golfer; nothing special. They went into an abandoned classroom and Satan opened a portal into the sewers beneath New York City. The ninja turtles (including Kloopie) tried to stop them, but Satan just teleported them to the moon. They went into a secret bunker inside the sewers and there Mr. Johnstone and Principal Dred saw a huge rocket. They tied Principal Dred to it and sent him and the rocket into the sun. Then Satan told David his master plan. It was genius. Mr. Johnstone would impersonate Principal Dred and say he escaped Satan and then he would finally control the school. Satan said he liked Mr. Johnstone and told him that he wasn’t going to take his soul because it was too small and it smelled of sweet potatoes. Satan hates sweet potatoes. Mr. Johnstone thanked Satan for saving him, and off he went to OGHS.
When Mr. Johnstone went back to school wearing Principal Dred’s clothes and toupee, the kids were at first skeptical, but when he laughed Principal Dred’s jovial laugh, the kids and teachers believed that he was Principal Dred. Principal Dred kind of looked like Tom Hanks anyway. Back in his office, the Mr.Thomson imposter snickered and looked through Principal Dred’s files and personal belongings. In that room, he found many things, among those was an entire drawer of candy corn, Principal Dred’s favorite candy. He liked it because it tasted like candles which reminded him of his childhood for some reason. Mr. Johnstone sifted through the candy corn and ate all of the wax pumpkins because they were his favorite. After that he made a Principal Dred mask out of the candy corn. No one would know the difference. He put it on, but it smelled so good that he ate it. He had eaten his disguise. No matter, he would take one out of Nikolas’ locker (Nikolas made masks to look like Principal Dred for some reason. They were very realistic and well made, which was very uncharacteristic of Nikolas’s other work). He put the mask on and then walked to each and every classroom and creepily stood in the doorway, just like the real Principal Dred would do. His plan was working perfectly.
Back at his lair, Satan was gathering the supplies he needed to carry out his master plan (it was really not his master plan. If you read the bible, you would know this). He got the special key and got some flu powder from one of his many pockets and threw it into the secret fireplace inside the subway and appeared in the Governor Butch Otter’s office. The governor didn’t even look up. Satan often visited him in this weird manner. Then Satan called Witch Waze (kind of like evil Uber) and a witch took him on her broom to Hell’s Canyon. By the time he got there, it was 4:20 in the evening and was getting dusky. He threw the key at the mountain really fast like turbo from that snail movie and it buried itself into the mountain like a first period teacher we all know into the flesh of a kid chewing gum. The mountain opened with a creak and it poured out red light. Coming from it, you could hear screams and a smell like Nikolas after eating a gallon of bush’s homestyle baked beans. Then the out came the faceless demons, blindly groping around in the new landscape. Satan gave a scream like Caleb Simpson and the demons lined up and followed Satan up the steep slope of the cliff. No one knew or what had happened. But they would. Hell had come to Idaho at long last.
Chapter XIX: Auto Avengers
It was Friday; which also happened to be Jorge’s favorite day of the week. When he woke up at 7:00 PM his first thought was that he was hungry and so he dashed downstairs and poured himself a bowl of cereal for his delicious dinner-meal. After a few bites, he realized that his family was gone and then he remembered that his parents had taken his brothers to an appointment to get their brains adjusted and went on a cruise without him, so he was happy. As he just finished his cereal a car crashed through the side of his house just like in the show Lethal Weapon. This wasn’t just any car though. It was a red bubbly-shaped race-car with eyes on the windshield. He then realized that this was Lightning McQueen. Lightning immediately said. “Jorge, I need your help. Get in”, and with that Jorge jumped inside Lightning McQueen, which was quite weird, and they quickly sped off. Then, as they were driving down the road, they shot into the sky somehow and they flew through space and time, which was pretty cool. Jorge looked out of the window and saw OGHS and he was once again glad that it was Friday.
Once they landed, Jorge realized that they were on Asgard. He knew this because he saw Thor: Ragnarok. Jorge was inquisitive. He asked Lightning what they were doing in Asgard. Lightning just replied “Thor is fat and lazy. He only plays Fortnite all day. Odin asked me to be the new Thor. I need you to live in Asgard with me” Jorge agreed immediately. This would be much better than going to OGHS. His parents wouldn’t even notice he was gone. All he had to do was pretend to go to Lakeland. He just needed to get kicked out of OGHS. Chatrooms! Perfect!
The very next day, Jorge was kicked out of OGHS. He went to Asgard and is doing just fine.

Chapter XX: Blue’s Clues
Mr. Johnstone, or rather, David Pumpkins had a plan. He was going to steal the time blade and trap the school in the Space-time continuum. Somebody needed to stop him. A long way away, a man named Steve wakes up in a cold sweat. The prophecy has been revealed. He shot out of bed and called his dog Blue. “We have to stop David Pumpkins” Steve said. I will call my friend ICEMAN. He will know what to do. Steve dialed 991. “Hey, hey, hey! ICEMAN here! Is there something I can assist you with?” “Yes” said Steve. “David Pumpkins is going to trap OGHS in time”. “I will be right there” said Iceman. Only a few minutes later, a black van roared up to Steve’s house, and went straight through his front window. “Get in” said ICEMAN. A few hours later, they arrived at OGHS. There they saw David Pumpkins fighting Gordon Ramsay. David jumped high into the air and knocked Gordon out. He took the time blade and held it up to the sky. A blue vortex appeared around the school and sucked it in. They were too late. “Well, that’s that” said ICEMAN and he jumped into his van and sped away. Steve and Blue just stood there. They had to do something. But they couldn’t.
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