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In Battlefield V, we want the damage model to allow for more focus on headshots compared to Battlefield 1. For most of the weapons, a player that takes the time to accurately aim for the head will be rewarded with much more damage than a player that tries to quickly aim for the center mass or just hip-fires. Though it performs the best using a SATA III (6Gb/s) cable, it is reverse compatible with SATA II (2Gb/s) and SATA 1.5 (1.5Gb/s) motherboard slots. Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, BF1IncursionsAlpha, Battlefield V Member December 9, 2020 12: 10PM well 3rd time lucky for me but the speeds were still terrible. NOSteam V1.5 3.7GB. The Lenovo Miix 720 is easily the lightest, at 2.6 pounds with the. Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 fast speeds. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat PS2 Game free full download (high speed torrent) EA Games; Digital Illusions; Modern Tactical Shooter; Release: Oct 24, 2020; ESRB: Teen; Size: 2.08 GB; GAME INFO: Way back when, before modern warfare ruled our videogames and man had found joy in using his.

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Concuss, The Drumming DPS

"Percussion is the skeleton of any music. Whether you're in a symphony, a band, or a march, It prevents it from being a pile of squishy chords and melodies; it gives music structure. This description could fit a person really well. Perhaps that one friend is the skeleton of your group, they give the group structure. Or that one coworker that reels everyone back from a disagreement to focus on the task at hand. That is what I intend to be on the battlefield. Some teams need some structure, security, and organization. Some need less of a stick up their butt, and some need it shoved back up there. Either way, I want to help. And there's no way I'm going to do that on the sideline."
Andrew Shane, better known by his stage name Concuss, is a Percussionist and outspoken political figure and activist known for his ability to bring coordination and organization to many protests in most of the Western Hemisphere.
HP: 200 Armor: 150
Primary Fire: Snare Concuss has a snare he got from his days in Marching band, and eventually modified to shoot shockwaves when hit. - Needs to take a break every once in a while and stretch his hands. 1.5 second reload. - 100 "ammunition" scalar - Deals 10-15 damage at a 4/sec. fire rate. 25 on a headshot
Secondary Fire: Stroke-Roll Concuss starts to drumroll his notes, sacrificing damage for speed and frequency. - Deals 2-6 damage at a 16/sec. fire rate. 12 on a headshot. - Can only do so for 4 seconds. if the roll is held for too long, Concuss will not be able to fire entirely for 3 seconds due to fatigue.
Ability 1: Flam Concuss hits the snare with both sticks, causing a large, slow-moving shockwave to travel through the air at anyone in it's wake. - Deals only 1-3 damage, but constantly pushes enemy players and Concuss himself if used correctly. - 17.5 meters wide (about half the size of Lucio's heal radius), travels in a straight line parallel to any level surface (inclines, walls, etc.) about as fast as Rein's Fire Strike. (Yes, this means you could push players/yourself up walls and over buildings. - Dissipates after 3.5 seconds of travelling.
Ability 2: Set The Tempo Concuss clicks his sticks together, afterwards doubling everyone's speed. - Cooldown: 10 sec. - Multiplies everyone's movement speed by a factor of 2 for 6 seconds, as long as they are within earshot.
Ultimate: Kit Up Concuss unveils an entire drum kit and begins a 16 second performance, powering up allies and pushing away enemies. - Concuss becomes immobile and gains 400 Armor - All Allies within the 45 metre radius (1.5 Lucio radiuses) gain a damage boost per Orisa's Supercharger and get 50hp/sec healing for the duration. - Any enemies that attempt to enter the radius immediately get dealt 20-30 dmg and get bumped away Lucio Style.
Passive: Jazzy Concuss, while playing his snare, will add in 3 note triplets to mix up his playing. - These triplets come out in one big chunk, dealing 20-40 dmg, travelling at about the same speed as Orisa's BGO (Big Green Orb) - When he finishes firing, there is a 50% chance he will add this.
submitted by AMildlyNerdyPerson to OverwatchHeroConcepts

Tabletop Datasheet to Wrath & Glory - Conversion Notes

Special thanks to Messiahcide, he helped me go over these notes over their iterations. Some of the Oldguard know of him, yes he’s still kicking around. Go check out his Adeptus Organization charts.
Anyways, provided below are conversion notes from a Tabletop Data-Sheet (specifically 8e, but I don’t think 9e changed anything besides obscuring some names behind new symbols) to a Wrath & Glory (C7 current revision) Bestariy Entry.
What you need:
  • A Datasheet (preferably 8e)
  • Wrath & Glory Core Rules (C7 Revision)
  • These notes
Feel free to let me know what you think, maybe I’ll tweak these a bit more with feedback.
Name: Unit Name – Purely Transferrable
Threat Classification:
Unit Composition helps define whether the model should appear as a Troop level npc in a Mob (given that we don’t have Elite Mobs or anything officially), or they will appear as a single Elite or Adversary distinction to compliment some other Mob. An Infantry Squad for example has 9 Guardsmen and 1 Sergeant which is basically denoted in the normal Imperial Guardsman stat-block notes in the Core Rulebook.
Named Characters are Adversaries. Commissar Yarrick is an Adversary level NPC.
Battlefield Role can directly be tied to Adversary, Elite, or Troop by associating HQ with Adversary, Elite with Elite and Lord of War, and Troop with Troop along with the rest of the Roles.
Titles that are individual models but do not have specific names are considered Elites (depending on the Battle Role). A Commissar is an Elite but Lord Commissar is an Adversary unit, because there’s no specific name but they are individual units with different Battle Roles.
The differentiation between Tiers is a difficult distinction to create. I can’t personally relate it to Unit Power myself because there’s such a wide dispersal, and Vehicles always have more points than just character for example which would skew things. But Belisarius Cawl is 13 Points whereas Kight Commander Pask is 14 points, because he is also associated with a Vehicle (11 Points which may make Pask 3 Points on his own, but I don’t know). If you want to factor it in, I’d feel that anything that is 1 is Troop at that Tier, 2 is Elite at that tier, and 3 is Adversary at that Tier (if this is not already defined by something else in the Datasheet to a higher level), but that flies out the window with Vehicles and frankly I don’t think it’s a good example anyways so I wouldn’t use it.
Personally I’d just associate it directly with the Framework’s Tier. Even when I have someone who is narratively a Tier 4 NPC interact with a Tier 2 group I have the quick-stats set at Tier 2 for the sake of feasibly overcoming DN. That isn’t to say that the PCs can just kill them because “They’re only Tier 2”, I make sure that the players understand narratively that the NPC can just kill them (interacting with a Lord Inquisitor for example). It’s infinitely easier to determine what a lower tier is to the Agents than what a higher tier is, in my opinion, and it’s better to try and associate it with an existing stat-block to gauge it that way. At the end of the day the distinction of Threat Classification is a minor one at best regardless as it only defines certain things about Ruin usage as far as I’m concerned.
Legacy Figuring: Requires p.408 of v1.0 (Ulisses Spiele North America Version)
Optionally, and this requires a bit of work, you can determine the maximum recommended Tier (in my opinion) an npc should be by figuring out all of the attributes (NOT Traits) save Intellect and Initiative and dividing those by 5. Take that remainder and round to the nearest number, associate that with the closest recommended attribute on the highest enemy classification you’ve already found. Some classification has the same recommended attribute for certain tier limits (Elite 2-3 is A: 4) and I’d just use the highest myself. The math doesn’t always work out with existing stats and their stated classifications, hence why this is optional.
For Example: The Neophyte Hybrid has a total of 14, divided by 5 is 2.8, the closest is 3, the highest classification is Elite, this aligns it to Tier 1 (classed as Troop all tiers but they’re the same attribute as Troop Tier 2, so it probably starts as T1 – E, then moves down to T2 – 2 and so on).
(Any suggestions of Tier level for associated Classification should be taken as “Whichever is higher”)
Keywords: Just use the Keywords list on the sheet, and add any that you feel may be missing for specific context. Personally I find the Faction Keywords only applicable, but it’s up to you at the final decision.
(Remember based on the C7 and USNA comparison notes you may wish to increase or decrease the values for Intellect or Initiative.)
Strength Take Strength and *2
Intellect Use Tier level for associated Classification
Agility Take Attacks and *2
Willpower Use Leadership and disperse between Fellowship
Toughness Take Toughness and *2
Fellowship Use Leadership and disperse between Willpower
Initiative Use Tier level for associated Classification
(Wil/Fel Example: 9 Leadership dispersed between the two could be 3 Wil and 6 Fel or 5 Wil and 4 Fel. Just some division of the Leadership whole cut between the two attribute values.)
(Traits are well defined on p.326 of the C7 Revision of W&G for their relevant Tier, personally I want to use as much of the Data-Sheet as I can, so the suggestions below use that. You can of course use the Tier level for associated Classification, if you wish)
Resilience Take the Save, subtract it from 6, use the difference to calculate normally. Apply any extra effects you feel the narrative would provide the armour the unit would have in question for things like Power Armour. OR Tier level for associated Classification (this does not make a distinction for Armor Rating if you are using the optional notes for Penetration, so use the equipment of the Datasheet and make a determination)
Defence Calculated per W&G rules OR Tier level for associated Classification
Wounds Take Wounds and *2 OR Calculated per W&G rules OR Tier level for associated Classification
Shock Calcuated per W&G rules OR Tier level for associated Classification
Note: Based on how you divide the Leadership up this may give them a low shock, and that is the point. If you feel like it is too low, then utilize the Optional suggestions for Tier and Threat Classification suggestion if it would provide a larger Willpower to calculate Shock)
Skills: (Obviously you could use the suggestions for Quick NPCs or the old USNA table, or my optional modifications to the Quick NPC table based on the USNA comparison.)
Look at Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill. See which has a lower number. Their Focus will be the lower number. If they are the same, look at the weapons profile and determine which is best to use from there (if they only use a melee weapons they probably shouldn’t focus in Ballistic Skill). Take that number subtract from 6. Take the difference and add it to the Default pool for their Tier and Threat Classification. Optionally, add it to the Focus pool suggestion if it would not naturally be higher than the mentioned +2 bonus in the example.
Otherwise, my personal opinion, is that NPCs who are Adversary level should have 3 skills equal Focus Pool, Elites 2 skill, and Troops 1 skill, but that is for the quick stats in the Bestiary. Choose skills you think are applicable. A Unit that uses Psychic Powers likely has a Focus in Psychic Mastery for example.
To further modify Focus Skill pools consider adding the relevant Attributes to said skill on top of the default pool if it would be higher than the suggested Focus pool. (I’m aware this is supposed to be the full pool, but again, it’s a suggestion. You don’t have to do it, and personally, I only use it on one Focus skill just to have a standout for combat.)
Passive Awareness Calcuated per W&G rules
Bonuses: Bonuses here should be noted for things like Wargear modifications, they are not the same thing as Abilities (later on) or Mob Abilities (later further). Additionally, check threats of the same faction in the Bestiary itself, or at least same species, and see if there may be anything applicable for bonuses there. They aren’t hard and fast rules after all.
This is related to the Weapon Profiles that the Datasheet has. Personally I just intend on using the Ordo Discordia conversion notes I found for changing weapons from tabletop to W&G rules I’ll replicate them here: (Note, these conversion rules are intended for v1.0 from USNA, so keep that in mind that they may be off slightly from the final C7 results.)
Translating weapons from the Tabletop to WanG (both for Melee and Ranged):
  • Range (in metres) is equal to inches in the TT * 2; needs confirming and probable adjustments for larger weapons
  • Weapons that require rolling for amount of shots actually do X amount of shots where X is the amount of Dice being rolled for shots on the TT (Ork weapons are somewhat exempt from this). They get Salvo (X)
  • Things that are D3 shots are Blast [Small] or [Medium] weapons
  • Things that are D6 shots are Blast [Large] or [Massive] weapons
  • Weapons get a Strength equal to 2x their TT FINAL strength (this is after modifiers, so an Ork Warboss with a Power Klaw would be Strength 12 on the TT due to having Base Str 6 and x2 from the Power Klaw; therefore it'd have Str 24 on WanG)
  • Weapons get 1 ED for each 6 WanG Strength they'd have
  • Weapons get 1 extra WanG Strength for each 3 FULL Damage they'd cause on the TT
  • Weapons get 1 extra ED for each d3 Damage they'd cause on the TT
  • Weapons get 2 extra ED for each d6 Damage they'd cause on the TT
  • Macro weapons double their AP characteristic
  • Sprinkle weapon special rules as necessary
-- Personal Moficiation: I’ve found that the melee weapon damage of this conversion to be a little lacking. Ergo I suggest adding converted profile Strength (without modification) back to the Melee Damage profile, this is congruent with the general bump to melee that C7 game weapon profiles in my opinion regardless.
Translating Armoured profiles from the Tabletop to WanG:
  • Resilience = Toughness * 2 + (7 - Save)
  • Wounds = Wounds on TT * (between 1.5 and 2)
  • Speed (in metres) = Movement in inches * 2 for vehicles below Titanic keeping the Speed on TT x2 thing (Warhound size being the upper limit) or for those with Jump Jets/Packs
  • Speed (in metres) = Movement in inches for Titanic vehicles and above
Special: By and large what you’ll need to be looking at is the Datasheet of a Unit, to see the breakdown of a datasheet you’d need the core rules generally (p174) the only large thing of note is that some special abilities are only described in a specific faction’s codex and not just as a general rule (which are covered on the sheets itself) so you may need to find those codexes I’m not replicating all proprietary rules.
Thankfully based on the wording alone, these Abilities are pretty simply convertible to W&G mechanics in my opinion, for the most part I’d just turn any mention of “ X“ “ to X meters, mentions of invulnerable saves just mean that you can soak a Mortal Wound, and mentions of deployment is how you can set them up on the field of battle (this is the most difficult component for roleplaying games so it’s easier to ignore in my opinion and just roll with the narrative context).
If a model has varied characteristics, then those notes should go here as well as to when and how they get modified.
The only loose bit of the Ability section here, is if there is a trigger of the Ability itself. Noted abilities are generally a Complication, Ruin, Battlecry, Wrath, Annihilation, or Reaction. I again, suggest taking a look at the Bestiary and using your own judgement here. Battlecries are for things that immediately trigger at the opening of a fight generally, Complications are something bad for the Threat whereas Wrath is for something good to happen on a Critical, Reactions require an action expenditure, Ruin requires resource expenditure. Annihilation of course requires death of the Threat to trigger and should be generally bad for those immediately surrounding said threat. Use your judgement here and possibly pull on the Wargear section for more ideas of how to improve or detract from the given abilities.
Determination: Take the Sv. Subtract it from 6. Use that as a Xd6 OR Calculated per W&G rules
Conviction Calcuated per W&G rules OR Tier level for associated Classification
Resolve Calcuated per W&G rules OR Tier level for associated Classification
Speed Use the Move and change ‘ “ ‘ to meters OR Tier level for associated Classification
Size: I tried to find some extrapolation of model base size compared to physical model versus mechanical size in the roleplaying game rules, but I simply did not find one. If you know something then go with that, but at best you’re just going to have to use the size examples on the chart itself and go with that. Most things are Average anyways.
The best I can tell is that 25mm is Average, 40mm is Large or Huge, 60mm is Huge or Gargantuan but it sort of depends on the narrative context to determine the choice between the ‘or’ categories. Anything smaller is purely narrative.
Mob Abilities: I suggest putting any abilities unlocked by the creature existing in a squad here, check notes on Abilities for further suggestions of how to implement those. Any faction ability that triggers within range of another within a Keyword is usually something that should go with Mob Abilities.
Note: You may be wondering where extra Wargear on a Datasheet should be noted. Personally I’d put it here, if it has a mechanical equivalent within the core rulebook at least as it’s not technically a part any Attacks or Weapons but it shouldn’t overburden the NPC block like the BI/FFG materials either. Otherwise treat it as an optional component and don’t use it if you don’t want to.
Name: Lord of Contagion
Threat Classification: Adversary, Tier 4
Keywords: Chaos, Nurgle, Heretic Astartes, Death Guard
Strength 8 + 4 (Powered)
Intellect 8
Agility 8
Willpower 6
Toughness 10
Fellowship 3
Initiative 8
Resilience 12 (Terminator Armour 7) – Powered (4), Cumbersome
Defence 7
Wounds 18
Shock 10
Weapon Skill 16, Intimidation 12, Survival 12, Default 10
Passive Awareness 5
Architect of Ruin: Per Core Rules
Champion: Per Core Rules
Mark of Chaos: Per Core Rules
Space Marine Implants: Per Core Rules (No noted flaws mechanically)
Plaguereaper: Range: Melee 2m; AP: -3; Damage: 20+1+2 ED; Traits: Plague Weapon, Unwieldy (2), Brutal
Example: ((4+2)x2) = 12 W&G S (hence the additional Strength again)
Plague Weapon: When rolling damage with this weapon, re-roll 1’s
Special Abilities:
Nurgle’s Gift: All within 7 metres of a Lord of Contagion are surrounded by a deadly aura of plague and disease. Roll 1d6 at the start of their turn, any enemies within 1 metre of these npcs suffer a Mortal Wound on the result of an Icon (or Exalted).
Ruin: Veteran of the Long War: Per Core Rulebook
Determination: Disgustingly Resilient: Treat as Core Rulebook except for treating it as 10d6.
Conviction 6
Resolve 5
Speed 4 Metres
Size: Large (+1d to hit, +1d to be detected)
Mob Abilities: N/A
Can treat as Aspiring Champion as well
Give them a cotire of 6 Plague Marines and access to (Ruin) Death to the False Emperor. _
submitted by The_New_Doctor to 40krpg

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