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Cremona was rebuilt with the help of the new emperor Vespasian, but it seems to have failed to regain its former prosperity as it disappeared from history.

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The music notes in Strongholds and followers... what are they?

The music notes in Strongholds and followers... what are they? submitted by ifunny_master_race to mattcolville

HIstory of the SOl war: Lecture 8, Humans are vengeful

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The lecturer watched his class, more and more of them were using personal or custom data pads, A few even had physical writing equipment. He resisted the urge to show his joy. It wasn’t much but at least he could open a few eyes.
“I will start today’s lecture with a recording.” He said and pressed a small button on the lectern.
On the screen behind him a image of a federation base on earth appeared, showing federation troopers running about, the air shook with what at first seemed to be thunder. The noise continued on the echoing roar of what the class identified as continued, ongoing explosions, It was as if someone was launching an orbital strike. The base itself was about the same size as a small town. Clearly one of the main centers of operation.
“Commander, A message from fleet command. There are no Human ships in orbit.” The voice was clearly recorded from elsewhere.
“What do you mean? No ships in orbit, this is an orbital strike. There is nothing else it could be!” A somewhat stressed voice said, clearly the commander.
“The fleet command have double checked their scanners, no orbital disturbances, nothing that would indicate a satellite strike, or stealth vessel, even if the humans did have those.”
“Then what in the name of the council is it? Some kind of aircraft?” This was followed by the sounds of nervous shuffling.
“Our anti-air systems have reported nothing that could indicate an aircraft.” There was a pause, one far to long to be anything good.
“THEN WHAT. IN THE NAME OF THE FIRST BORN IS PUSHING OUR SHIELDS TO THEIR LIMIT!?” The commander exploded at whoever was reporting to him. “You know what? I don’t care, get out there, and find out how long this is going to last.”
“Yes sir.”
The recording cut.
“In the final years of the Sol war when the Federation fleet was forced to retreat from earth, at the same time humanity launched what appeared to be a desperate attack on our ground forces. What we were unaware of was just quite what we were facing. Humanity refused to allow us any chance to recover our groundside troops. They refused all contact whatsoever. Every attempt was met with silence, Or promises of making us pay the ‘blood debt’ we owed them. This recording is taken from of the few Federation outposts that was capable of withstanding the assault for more than a few weeks.” He paused.
“It was in this year or so Humanity unleashed every weapon in its forbidden arsenal. We faced chemical weapons that ate through atmospheric sealed suits and melted flesh. Technological devices that could take control of a creatures nervous system and turn them in to nothing more than puppets for the humans. Flame based weapons, nuclear devices of all shapes and sizes. Large arrays that would direct enough radiation to boil any creatures vital fluids. The humans waged war we had never seen before. They had weapons that were so unfathomably horrific that large portions of our forces retreated to federation strongholds. And even then, we faced the abominations humans had made. Biological weapons that ravaged anything with non Terran DNA. The worst were the Cookie cutters, or as the humans called them ‘pulpers.’” He clicked on to the next slide, It was a strange device that looked a little like a medical pill, two clear halves however it was covered in tiny spheres.
“This is a cookie cutter. They are small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream through most mucous membranes or even just punching through the skin at high enough velocities. The humans would deliver them through all kinds of methods, bullets, gas grenades. Even artillery shells. Ah yes, Human artillery, we will get to that in a moment. Anyway. These devices once in the bloodstream would wait for a period of time. The period of time seemed to be random, or human controlled, However whenever one in the body went off, the rest would always go off as well. Once in the bloodstream they would circulate all over the body. Then.” He clicked a button and the image started to animate, The top half of the structure rotated one way, and the other spun in a counter rotation, accelerating to high speeds before all the ball bearings were released and flew outwards and the top and bottom halves also broke apart and flew away.
“The metal balls would perforate soft tissue, organs and the like. Often eyes and sections of the brain as well. Turning whoever suffered them into a ‘bag of pulp’ as the humans termed it. Think about it. You are in the shuttle, safe and clear from a firefight, glad to have survived. Then there’s a soft whizzing noise and your buddy across from you slumps down, eyes turned to paste and leaking from their sockets. Suddenly the entire shuttle is asking themselves if they are next or if they are safe. Panic, paranoia and fear.” The next slide was pulled up, A strange weapon, it looked like an oversized rocket tube, except it was angled on its side.
“The humans use of chemically propelled kinetic weapons has lead their development of military technology in a strange direction, Despite clearly developing beyond such basic and unreliable weapons as is shown by their orbital fleet they still make use of them. This is called Artillery, the humans use it to hurl huge chunks of metal at foes over insane distances, Originally they just were solid lumps of metal when first developed as cannons. However in the modern era the payloads can vary and carry everything from high explosives to chemical weapons. The noise that was heard in the background was called an ‘artillery barrage’ by humans, it is where they take an array of several dozen of these artillery guns and continually shell a location. The humans pummeled the shield for five solar cycles straight before the reserve power of the base was sabotaged, at which point they continued to fire on the base for three more cycles after that, Even deploying several OWL delivered projectiles, Luckily non contained nuclear weapons. Yes, the humans unleashed firepower comparable to an orbital strike for seven full cycles. This however was not the full extent of the human intention.” He pressed a button and a recording started to play once again.
“Commander, Our audio receptors are picking something up.” It was the same voice as before, quite likely the commander’s adjutant.
“Well hurry up and play it then.” The commander responded. There was a pause, then a noise could be heard, Or more precisely several noises. The first and clearest was a deep rumbling growl, clearly coming from several different sources. Underneath this there was another layer of noise, rising and falling to some kind of unknown pattern, punctuated with a human voice.
“What are they saying?” The commander asked.
“It appears to be some kind of human war song, They’re singing about fighting foes, shattering armour, fighting untill they cease to be sane. Asking how meany foes they can kill and fighting till nothing is left alive.” The commander’s aid sounded a little shaken.
“But they don’t know we can hear them, This is for their own moral and not an attempt to break ours? Why arn’t they singing about glorious victory?” The commander asked, The federation used similar tactics, singing songs about glorious victory and the spoils of war to inspire troops.
“They don’t seem to care sir. They don’t care about winning. The only care about killing us sir.”
The recording clicked off, the lecturer resumed. “This recording was taken a few hours before the artillery barrage ceased. The federation were not aware that the artillery strikes were not the actual attack but what humans call ‘softening the target’ The noise that you could hear over the human music was a human petro-chemical engine.” He clicked on to the next slide, this was an image of a massive war machine. Several meters tall, at least fifteen meters long and four or five meters wide, it seemed to move by way of large linked tracks on either side, mounted on its main body was pair of titanic weapons, clearly more human kinetic projectile weapons, it had more weapons scattered across its body, smaller kinetic projectile weapons, explosives launchers and even a few clearly stolen Federation weapons mounted on some kind of turret.
“This is a human ‘tank’ A mechanized land vehicle made for combat, Plated in armour and carrying reverse engineered federation sheild technology. Its primary weapon is the large turret atop it, it fires pretty much any munitions the humans want it to, capable of rotating at almost any angle the weapon is mostly used to engage hard targets. The several smaller weapons, such as the one mounted atop the turret and the explosives launchers are used on personnel. The humans who drive these vehicles often tend to play music when engaged in open combat. In this case the humans were all playing the same song. When functioning independently they often play whatever they like. The following recording was taken from the base a few moments after what the humans define as ‘an entire division’ of tanks rolled in to the base at the same time as the federation forces were emerging from their defensive structures at the end of the barrage.” He clicked on the recording and what sounded like pure chaos came through the speakers.
The first thing the students identified was gunfire, and screams, then the grinding of metal over stone, and finally human music, Different songs at rising and falling volumes as the human military vehicles moved about. On the video all was smoke and gunfire, the only things that told the students what was going on were bursts of light from plasma fire or huge orange flashes from human explosives.
“Through the gates of hell! As we make our way to heaven!” Were the first lines that could be heard as a tank rolled right past whatever was recording the video. After a few seconds, it became clear that it was some kind of scout drone that had been disabled but was still transmitting.
“You’ve been Thunderstruck!” before a crunching noise and the video tilted sideways as another tank appeared to roll over its position.
“...Master of war!” echoed as the vision of the drone went dark for a moment as a tank drove over it and away in to the smoke. More screams and explosions as the drone was tossed across the area, giving a spinning, dizzying view of the area, bodies scattered everywhere, some clearly crushed under the treads of the tanks. A thud as the drone landed, Out of the smoke another large tank emerged and rolled right towards the drone, looming over it
“Take a look at the sky before you die. Its the last time you will.” The recording cut out with a violent crunch as the drone was flattened under the treads of the tank. The lecturer returned the images to the three dimensional rotating image of the tank.
“That is what a human ‘mechanized assault’ looks like, and sounds like. At least in the case of tanks. Humans have several other mechanized assault methods, which we may cover at some point in the future However, as you can see. This is the level of violence and destruction the humans unleashed upon our ground forces.” He stopped to change slides, skipping over the recording just played to get to the next slide.
“It appeared that now that the federation ground forces were not going to be receiving reinforcements, and retreating meant suffering the wrath of the Four Horsemen the humans knew that their only option was to defeat all federation bases, the larger locations, command centers and supply depots were crushed, much like shown here. The humans turned every weapon they had ever built loose upon federation troops. Before the actions of the rogue elements, the humans offered the option of surrender, And surrendering meant that you would simply be put in an area where you could do no harm, then treated like a guest till the war was over. This time? Surrender was never an option, you could try but the humans would ignore you, either killing you all the same, or leaving you there amidst the devastation they had wrought and ashes of your erstwhile comrades. Some humans called it ‘turnabout’ or ‘returning the favour’ others termed it ‘Making the feds pay the price’ or ‘collecting on the debts of the dead’ No matter what the humans called it, it was clear they were out for vengeance. The federation troops that survived (barely) or were captured towards the end called it ‘the year of hell’ and some even still suffer PTSD to this day.” He paused and glanced at his notes. “It is surprising however that the troops that had been captured prior to this were not harmed, nor were they even informed. Once the war was officially over, they were loaded aboard a human cargo vessel and dropped off on the edge of federation space with an emergency beacon active for the federation forces to identify. It is shocking just how compassionate humans can be even while incited to such rage that they will draw upon the darkest, and most foul creations they have ever made.” He turned the lights back up and looked at the class.
“That is all for today. Next lecture I expect to see your re-written drafts and at least a few references or research links. Please Email them to me via Extranet. Class dismissed.”

Sorry for the delay, Family issues. Posts will be slower due to them. Also, oops, posted it up with the wrong chapter number, this is the repost with correct number. Messy title as well. I should not post these up when I'm tired. I hope everyone enjoys it non the less. If anyone wants the songs refrenced, feel free to ask in the coments.
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