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Anti-Cheat Methods?

With all the cheating going on (it's gotten to the point where my squads talk about needing to hack themselves to counter hackers, which really just adds to the problem), I was thinking--why can't Tencent just implement a simple yet reliable way to scan the game's data files and verify that they're authentic before letting someone enter a match? The .apk could be scanned each time for authenticity.
Since I'm not a programmer, however, I was also thinking that there's probably a whole range of anti-cheat methods that could be implemented. E.g., the game could run basic statistical analyses of a players' movement logs and easily see if they've been running an aimbot or wall hack just by showing all the deviations from normal usage--jerking suddenly from an open space to a body shot faster than a human is a measurable thing, isn't it? So why not implement log checking for natural vs unnatural movements, firing through walls, etc.? Each type of hack must have a basic set of measurable properties that deviate clearly from normal usage, so why not use detection programs for those deviations? All that's needed is logging player movements that can be scanned (error checked through comparison with normal behavior) for all the little tells that each 'hack' has as part of its basic function (i.e., if a wall shows up as X and a shot is in front of X all the time, then it's a wall hack).
Anyway, enough about my ideas: what ideas do you guys have?
Maybe the more technical minded folk in here--someone who has taught anti-cheat 101--can tell us how to implement reliable programming solutions?
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    2. How to steal a car (by brand). (143 points, 28 comments)
    3. Huge PS1 Rom collection. (122 points, 40 comments)
    4. Some "very interesting" ebooks. (108 points, 22 comments)
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    6. ...---Files---... (86 points, 8 comments)
    7. Daft Punk (Very complete discography) (81 points, 10 comments)
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    9. Tons of H.R. Giger artwork. Check subfolders. (68 points, 13 comments)
    10. A few VERY COOL movies (not the usual stuff) (57 points, 29 comments)
  2. 1402 points, 9 submissions: teemo-club
    1. PassionHD Backdoor Open Directory (260 points, 32 comments)
    2. ROM Galore - NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA + Emulators! (260 points, 35 comments)
    3. 140+ NSFW Subreddit Rips (The Eye) (258 points, 33 comments)
    4. 2,873 NES Roms - The Eye (186 points, 74 comments)
    5. Linkin Park Full Discography - R.I.P. Chester Bennington (132 points, 25 comments)
    6. Personal collection - Siterips and other dumps (118 points, 22 comments)
    7. [OC] All of Elder Scroll's Books - Open Directory (78 points, 7 comments)
    8. Subreddit Image Scraping - Request & I'll do it! (60 points, 44 comments)
    9. The-Eye | Downtime, Host changes, Future plans... (50 points, 8 comments)
  3. 1357 points, 34 submissions: azharxes
    1. Made a whole website crawling open directories. (185 points, 57 comments)
    2. TV series Collection (104 points, 38 comments)
    3. Textbooks (90 points, 6 comments)
    4. Another Ebook z0ro Repository (72 points, 10 comments)
    5. Lots of Ebooks (71 points, 4 comments)
    6. Every website/directory crawled by FilePursuit ready to be discovered. (70 points, 21 comments)
    7. Ebooks, tools & apks (64 points, 12 comments)
    8. Movies (56 points, 5 comments)
    9. TV collection (54 points, 15 comments)
    10. UK treaties 1892-2002 (51 points, 0 comments)
  4. 996 points, 8 submissions: -Archivist
    1. 2.7TB EN MSDN Dump [all microsoft products from its developer network] (365 points, 135 comments)
    2. Nintendo DS Complete [161GB/10Gbit] (144 points, 19 comments)
    3. Large Medical Text Collection [270GB/10Gbit] (137 points, 13 comments)
    4. Horror, bizarre, alien, rare, etc. [Movies/Docu/10Gbit] (103 points, 19 comments)
    5. Ultimate PlayStation One Collection [10Gbit] (101 points, 14 comments)
    6. WorldTracker.org Library Resurrection [516GB/10Gbit] (75 points, 16 comments)
    7. VR Content & Comics [Self Host] (41 points, 29 comments)
    8. Assorted Magazines [256GB/10Gbit] (30 points, 5 comments)
  5. 882 points, 35 submissions: jerryco
    1. BBC Radio Hitchhikers Guide BoxSet FLAC (74 points, 6 comments)
    2. Index of /music/Led Zeppelin/ flac more rock up a level (56 points, 15 comments)
    3. Various discography's (55 points, 9 comments)
    4. old school UK rave (48 points, 8 comments)
    5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor flac (39 points, 6 comments)
    6. Index of /zik/ music all sorts (36 points, 0 comments)
    7. KLF mp3 (36 points, 9 comments)
    8. Index of /Sounds/Loony Tunes (35 points, 3 comments)
    9. Index of /media/Pink Floyd/ The Early Years, [FLAC]%20%5bFLAC%5d%20%7bPFREY6%7d/) (31 points, 5 comments)
    10. Sonic The Hedgehog game soundtracks mp3 (31 points, 4 comments)
  6. 803 points, 11 submissions: WalderC
    1. Ebooks! open Calibre libraries (163 points, 26 comments)
    2. Calibre library- 11,350 books - (epub, mobi, azw3, pdf) (92 points, 7 comments)
    3. Calibre with 8,269 ebooks- many subjects including Mystery, Autobiography, Humor, Horror, Children's, Pulp, Fantasy, History, Politics, Food, Detective, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Suspense, Vampires, Historical, Thriller... (92 points, 5 comments)
    4. A large Calibre library (87,373 ebooks!) (87 points, 6 comments)
    5. Calibre Libraries (76 points, 25 comments)
    6. Ebooks (70 points, 17 comments)
    7. Ebooks! more Open Calibre libraries (51 points, 10 comments)
    8. Calibre with 9,346 ebooks... multiple subjects including: Action/Adventure, Adult, Political, War, Animals, Anthologies, Assassins, Biography/Autobiography, Business, Paranormal, Romance, Private Investigations, Memoirs… (50 points, 0 comments)
    9. a list of some additional Calibre libraries to explore (49 points, 1 comment)
    10. Calibre with 4,554 comics + Icelandic Sagas (22), Science Fiction (97), Lovecraft (73) , Literature (68) and some other Fiction, History, Drama... (47 points, 9 comments)
  7. 779 points, 37 submissions: rivermont
    1. noaa.gov/software (68 points, 5 comments)
    2. Entire Wallpaper site Open (61 points, 5 comments)
    3. [X-Post] from hacking- Huge collection of hacking videos (44 points, 1 comment)
    4. The Library (38 points, 9 comments)
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    1. More books in mobi format! (67 points, 1 comment)
    2. The Witcher Books -- Epub and Mobi/) (67 points, 9 comments)
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    4. Some books in mobi format (59 points, 6 comments)
    5. Atari ST Archive (43 points, 4 comments)
    6. COREY HART - DISCOGRAPHY (39 points, 5 comments)
    7. Bunch of Howard Stern Clips (37 points, 0 comments)
    8. Movies (36 points, 8 comments)
    9. NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING Ebooks (36 points, 11 comments)
    10. Books - Mostly Mobi format (35 points, 3 comments)
  9. 716 points, 10 submissions: Nooco24
    2. [NSFW] Do you like ass? I like ass! (105 points, 20 comments)
    3. Hacking books, some great stuff! (98 points, 7 comments)
    4. Hundreds of NES roms! (94 points, 11 comments)
    5. Script to estimate the size of an open directory before downloading it! (74 points, 12 comments)
    6. Tons of programming books! [Web, Soft, Sysadmin..] (60 points, 8 comments)
    7. Tons of old books about Amiga! [Programming/Hardware/Hacking..] (59 points, 10 comments)
    8. Disney Collection (1937-2008) and thousands other films/musics/stuff in parent directory! (45 points, 19 comments)
    9. [NSFW] Some girls with arcade games pictures, pretty hot! (45 points, 12 comments)
    10. [NSFW] Many hot vidéos! A lot in the otro/ directory! (18 points, 2 comments)
  10. 616 points, 16 submissions: ruralcricket
    1. Someone's Plex server. >100 movies @ 2-3GB (115 points, 25 comments)
    2. 56 Playboy mags in PDF format (88 points, 18 comments)
    3. [Movies] A few hundred very high res (> 5GB) movies, changes over time, sort by date to see new content (69 points, 25 comments)
    4. Some loss-less Music (flac) fast when I checked) (54 points, 7 comments)
    5. [Movies] A number collections (e.g. all Hitchcock, Marvel, etc) FTP site (40 points, 12 comments)
    6. FTP server. Mix of films, documentaries (e.g. all of Ken Burns' stuff), Tunes directory. (37 points, 16 comments)
    7. 8500+ ebooks (34 points, 5 comments)
    8. A few movies, some blue-ray sized (15G) (34 points, 7 comments)
    9. A good selection of movies. Might be the old dl.simafilm.ir (26 points, 0 comments)
    10. A few hundred movies all < 2GB YTS.AG encode (23 points, 9 comments)

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  1. ruralcricket (340 points, 110 comments)
  2. -Archivist (289 points, 39 comments)
  3. azharxes (265 points, 118 comments)

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  1. 2.7TB EN MSDN Dump [all microsoft products from its developer network] by -Archivist (365 points, 135 comments)
  2. EVERY PS2 GAME (ISO) EVER. by ThaKarra (345 points, 105 comments)
  3. Princeton.edu's FTP server, it contains thesis's submitted by every student from every year since the mid 1980's, among various other files hosted by the university. by Karmic_Backlash (261 points, 28 comments)
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  9. BIG direct download directory of Pluralsight, Lynda, Udemy, Tutplus, ITProTV, Coursera, OReilly training material by jorissje (207 points, 27 comments)
  10. 508 rare pepes by TheBestOpinion (191 points, 29 comments)

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