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Germ "Theory" and the "Theories" of Evolution and Gravity: How mainstream "theories" can function as cover stories for hidden truths

This post has been percolating in my head for a while, and I thought my 10-year cake day would be a worthy enough occasion!
The most thrilling aspect of our quest for science and knowledge is that nothing is immutable, even our perceived "fundamental laws" of nature.
Any scientist of sincerity will be comfortable admitting that our current understanding of many basic aspects of life, energy and intelligence is woefully inadequate or incomplete.
Does that mean we surrender our faculties to New Age woo-woo? Not at all!
However, there's an equally dangerous trap on the other side of the spectrum, and it can loosely be referred to as "scientism".
Our need for a "higher power" to quell our fear and uncertainties about the world is as old as humanity itself. Many religions and faiths serve to fulfill this primal need, and today unwavering trust in "science" has assumed that role for an increasing percentage of the population.
This "labeling" of the unknown does a disservice towards individual growth and development.
In the past, the individual was dissuaded from deep introspection over his identity as "human" and the realization of his own true power and potential via the hijacking of spirituality by the priest class.
Today, the priest class has been largely substituted by lab coats and clipboards, as many of us have relegated the fundamental mysteries of our existence to the scientific elite, when this knowledge is all of our birthright.
The obfuscation of the true nature of humanity is the greatest conspiracy of all time, as it has persisted for many thousands of years.
Our seemingly schizophrenic nature can be traced back to this incomplete understanding of what it actually means to be "human" and the explanation of our true origin.
The "Missing Link" is more than just a search for a mental and physical explanation for the development of "modern" homo sapiens...it strikes at the heart of the fundamental disconnect and confused sense of identity experienced by generations of humanity.
While this isn't the place to flesh out the various nuances of this topic, there's a vast range of research that's been offered to explain the inconsistencies with the current model.
On one end of the spectrum, we have claims that "Humans evolved after a female chimpanzee mated with a pig."
And of course we have the well-known theory that our DNA was genetically edited:
DNA, Apes and the Demiurge: Did something interfere with our Genetic Structure?
Scientists Confirm Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA
Scholars Suggest Human DNA Shows Signs of Being An Invasive Extraterrestrial Parasite
You don't have to go full "aliens" to consider the "genetically altered" theory. Perhaps it was a previous iteration of humanity that developed on this planet that created a "new" species via gene editing.
It has also been suggested that many of the "hybrid beasts" depicted in ancient Sumerian art (and other cultures) may be the result of genetic experimentation in the distant past.
If these theories have merit, it supports the notion that our confused sense of identity as "human" is as old as we are.
Potential biggest conspiracy of our time is the origin of humanity, i.e. Nephilim, Anunnaki, Fallen Angels, Sumerian Gods, Aliens, etc. because it’s ultimately tied to everything
And what about the "theory" of gravity?
Did you know that an entirely different approach to gravity has likely informed the black ops research of various governments for at least a century?
Gravity is a Push not a Pull and the "aether" DOES exist: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown and an entirely new approach to gravity and physics that has been marginalized and swallowed up by black-ops and the Breakaway Civilization for a more than a century
Again, now is not the time to plunge into the nitty-gritty of this particular theory, but the point remains. Humanity has been given "cover" stories for certain fundamental aspects of our reality.
Allegedly, the secret societies responsible for this obfuscation are doing so to "protect" the unwashed masses from this "sacred" and sensitive information.
It remains to be seen whether or not we will be deemed "worthy" to be initiated, or if these societies will selfishly keep this information to further enhance their own ill-gotten hegemony.
There's a great concern that instead of this knowledge being used to liberate humanity, that rather it will continue to be weaponized against us, perhaps in the form of an elite posing as "alien overlords" with "high technology" that they've concealed from us for decades.
This so-called "Breakaway Civilization" has been operating a hidden financial system for centuries, with their activities taking off in earnest in the early 1900s.
They've perpetrated and penetrated major operations like 9/11, including "soft" disclosures of this high technology such as during the 9/11 event itself.
They have another "theory" in their arsenal: germ theory.
Germ theory is completely wrong
The ‘Semmelweis Reflex’ origin story for the germ theory of disease is a hoax
Challenging both Mainstream and Alternative Aids Views
The whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses (as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous) may not exist at all
President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association: "No One Has Died From the Coronavirus"
Scientists Have Utterly Failed to Prove that the Coronavirus Fulfills Koch’s Postulates
COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless
Think about it. Under the supposition that the "coronavirus pandemic" is a cover for a massive economic reset and/or implementation of the NWO, why risk the plan by either waiting for a "novel" virus to evolve or even by releasing your own bioweapon?
The sheer amount of variables involved that could jeopardize the plan would create far too much risk.
Even Luc Montagnier (HIV discoverer) explicitly stated that his lab "confirmed" COVID-19 was created artificially, and that it (and ANY similar "frankenvirus") would quickly be dealt with by Mother Nature and mutated beyond all recognition to lose most of its potency (as he claims has already happened with the alleged COVID-19 virus).
There is a delicate balance with nature, and inserting unconventional organisms into the fray simply isn't tolerated. They know this.
No...a plan on this scale requires complete control of the narrative at its most fundamental level. You don't need to convince the world's governments and medical establishment to "go along" with your plan if significant aspects of their own "scientific" understanding is based on incomplete truths and outright falsehoods.
Are you surprised that the majority of the medical field could be fooled by a staged pandemic, when the same "authorities" profess blind, unwavering support for the vaccine industry, when there are many reasons to remain skeptical of the current status quo?
Are you surprised that more medical professionals aren't speaking out when those that do are marginalized, censored and vilified?
This plandemic has been in the works for a very long time. Did you see how swiftly various governments enacted parallel draconian measures in lockstep? Did you see the ease with which vast swathes of the population slipped into a programmed state, due to decades of being primed for this event?
It remains to be seen how effective and sustained the damage to human civilization has been. While certain aspects have been devastating, others have been demonstrably sloppy af.
This seeming incongruity is due to the pervasiveness of the scope their influence and this plan, but also their waning stranglehold on humanity as we continue to experience the greatest mass awakening in history.
That about sums up my thoughts.
Can you think of any other "theories" that have become relics?
submitted by axolotl_peyotl to conspiracy

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