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[Standard] Building UR Prowess

--UPDATE 2: 74% at 14-5 into Mythic--

This is definitely a playable deck. After a short losing streak and testing some other cards (Fire Prophecy, Raking Claws, Miscast), the deck performed really well on a long stretch in high Diamond letting me reach Mythic at #587.
A big part of my games were against brews, but I also managed to get wins vs Gruul and especially Rogues which I think is a great matchup. If you're interested in details, here is my untapped.gg profile.
The list is still quite open...
  • [[Ox of Agonas]]: simply the ideal refill for this deck, has we won me a lot of games. By the mid-late game, we usually have enough fuel in the graveyard to escape it 1-3 times. We can even discard the it with Scions if we draw it early. Plays well through opposing counters. No one boards gy hate against the Prowess deck. Just amazing in this deck. Probably should stay as a 1-of though, because the second copy usually isn't necessary.
  • [[Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor]] in our deck is simply a strictly better Scorching Dragonfire in most cases. Whenever I cast it, it dealt more than enough damage. Up to two in the side now.
  • [[Improbable Alliance]] has been clutch as an alternative win condition. Against Rogues or Dimir-based control decks, this card wins by itself.
Underperformers / inclusions I am unsure about
  • On the fence about [[Stern Dismissal]]. While it is efficient and can come in clutch, I often see myself boarding it out. Not sure if it is that much better than Borrower to warrant the inclusion.
  • [[Lofty Denial]] has again proven its flexibility, though in some matchups, it loses a lot of value in the late game. In most cases, I board out 2-4 copies for Game 2. Maybe I should play a split with another counter spell.
I know I sound like a broken record, but in order to play this deck well, you definitely need to be constantly thinking about the opponent's hand and -whenever possible- play around their removal. [[Sprite Dragon]], for example ,I have come to play as more of a 4-drop: either leaving Lofty Denial or double triggers up to play around removal.
[[Bonecrusher Giant]] is definitely a playable card in this deck, but I haven't felt the need for it nor would I know what to cut.
The exact 75 is still the one from earlier, except there's 2 Blitz and 1 Dragonfire in the board now.

--UPDATE 1: 65% at 15-8 in Diamond Rank--

On the whole, the deck is working quite decently; I managed to win the majority of my first Bo3 testing games; some of them convincingly at 2-0. The deck definitely seems to be somewhat play/draw-dependent: sporting 52% wr on the draw and 69% on the play. Nice.
I can confidently wipe away two concerns mentioned in the comments: 1) the threat count is not too low for this deck to function. 2) Lofty Denial is online most of the time.
The deck definitely needs to be piloted carefully and you constantly need to be playing around removal spells, particularly [[Stomp]] and [[Heartless Act]]. Luckily, your creatures naturally enable you to do so. To my surprise, [[Scorching Dragonfire]] is seeing a lot of play right now (because of crab?!), so you'll need to take that one into consideration, too.
What the deck does well
  • Clock the opponent: I'm always surprised at how fast 3-4 power flyers end games. The main game plan is working pretty well. Not a lot of flyers or reach creatures seeing play right now, so that helps our plan.
  • Curving on the first 4 turns: the manabase seems perfect to always have that curve out start. There wasn't a single game where I was unable to cast a spell I had in hand.
  • flooding: I seem to draw too many lands in the mid-late game. Even scrying and opting them to the bottom, I always end up drawing way too many. Maybe I can trim an Island? Maybe Ox of Agonas should be in the maindeck? We empty our hand very quickly and could use a refill. Maybe Chandra, Heart of Fire? Maybe Thrill of Possibility?
  • not enough one mana enablers: sometimes, I found myself missing that critical cheap spell to turn on my Entities and Riddleforms.
  • soft against removal.dec

  • Riddleform: some decks, particularily white-based ones, just can't deal with the card and before they manage to somehow remove it, it already got in for 6-9 damage. Not bad for a two-drop. It's the best two mana play for us since it dodges a lot of removal. The scry ability often comes into play in the lategame, which can be attributed to the deck being prone to flooding in the lategame.
  • Lofty Denial: card has been great for me so far. Only a few occasions in topdeck scenarios where it looked bad. I continue to believe this is the best G1 counter spell for this deck. Though [[Keep Safe]] looks interesting, too.
  • The Royal Scions: All abilities are relevant, it triggers Prowess. The format is pretty light on pw removal at the moment: Rider and Eliminate both are reasonable, but don't see much play currently. That's why it often threatens to minus which I have done in 4 of the past games which I have all won.
  • Magmatic Channeler: I tested it as a 2-of for a bit and it seemed very underwhelming; maybe my expectations were too high. Essentially, it feels very slow in this deck. By the time it is a 4/4, you're already attacking with 3/3 flyers and - most likely - they already have a Lovestruck Beast or similar as a ground blocker. Discarding a spell to the ability and ripping lands or blanks sucks. Lots of decks interact with your graveyard and can shrink it at instant speed which can blow you out.
  • Thrill of Possibilty: It's okay as an enabler, but ultimately felt like a filler card.
Here's the v1.0:
Deck 4 Opt (XLN) 65 4 Lofty Denial (M21) 56 4 Riddleform (M21) 64 4 Stormwing Entity (M21) 73 4 Shock (M21) 159 4 Sprite Dragon (IKO) 211 4 Crash Through (M19) 133 2 Spikefield Hazard (ZNR) 166 4 Riverglide Pathway (ZNR) 264 2 The Royal Scions (ELD) 199 3 Temple of Epiphany (M20) 253 2 Stern Dismissal (THB) 68 2 Brazen Borrower (ELD) 39 8 Island (ZNR) 271 6 Mountain (ZNR) 275 1 Shatterskull Smashing (ZNR) 161 1 Ox of Agonas (THB) 147 1 Valakut Awakening (ZNR) 174 Sideboard 2 Mystical Dispute (ELD) 58 2 Improbable Alliance (ELD) 193 2 Glimpse of Freedom (THB) 50 2 Scorching Dragonfire (ELD) 139 2 Negate (ZNR) 71 1 Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor (IKO) 109 1 Shredded Sails (IKO) 136 1 Phoenix of Ash (THB) 148 2 Soul-Guide Lantern (THB) 237 
I cut an Island in favor of a singleton [[Valakut Awakening]] to help with the flooding. Moved the Ox to the maindeck for the same reason. Thrills went out in favor of [[Stern Dismissal]]: I needed more 1CMC plays and people said it was good. With more bounce in the maindeck, I was able to cut the third Borrower in favor of the second Scions.
The deck is a tiny bit more grindy now. We might want to play even more top-end, what are your suggestions? [[Experimental Overload]] seems sweet, but we don't really have impactful spells to recurr.


Hey spikes,
Stormwing Entity and Sprite Dragon are both very efficient and powerful threats that see a lot of play in Modern and Legacy. I wonder if the card pool and metagame is welcoming enough to let us leverage those cards in standard as well?
List on MTGGoldfish
To answer this question, I will be crafting and testing a list.

Standard UR Prowess

In essence, I consider this an aggressive deck that wants to win quickly by attacking with (preferably flying) creatures and possibly deal the last points of damage with burn spells. With this in mind, this deck wants all the playable 1 mana spells and all the payoffs.
Here's the fixtures:
4 Opt (XLN) 65 4 Shock (M21) 159 4 Crash Through (M19) 133 2 Spikefield Hazard (ZNR) 166 4 Sprite Dragon (IKO) 211 4 Stormwing Entity (M21) 73 
[[Riddleform]] is both enabler and payoff that dodges a ton of removal. Now that we are playing 12 cheap flyers, [[Lofty Denial]] becomes the best cheap disruption for the deck.
4 Lofty Denial (M21) 56 4 Riddleform (M21) 64 
for the manabase, we need to consider what the deck wants to be playing: we definitely want access to 1U on turn 2 as well as this turn three play: one mana spell into [[Stormwing Entity]]. Another nice-to-have would be double two drop on turn 4. This means, we'll need: Turn Three 1RU and 1UU, as well as Turn Four 1RUU (e.g. Sprite Dragon + Riddle/Lofty).
Using a hypergeometric calculator, this puts our mana requirements at:
  1. at least 24 lands, but not more than 4 tap lands, (>90% Turn Two 1U),
  2. 13 red and blue sources for >90% Turn Three 1RU,
  3. and at 16 blue sources for >80% Turn 4 1RUU.
With Opts, Cycling and Scry effects from Temples, we have a bit more wiggle room with these numbers, so I came up with this mana base:
4 Riverglide Pathway (ZNR) 264 3 Temple of Epiphany (M20) 253 6 Mountain (ZNR) 275 9 Island (ZNR) 271 2 Spikefield Hazard (ZNR) 166 1 Shatterskull Smashing (ZNR) 161 
22+3 lands total.
Now that puts us at 53 cards, so we have 7 slots left to round out our deck and tech for the metagame. This is mostly based on personal judgement. I'd like some more threats, so [[Brazen Borrower]]'s flexibility and efficiency is too good to pass up on. [[Thrill of Possibility]] and a singleton copy of [[The Royal Scions]] gives us some flood protection, card advantage by letting us discard bad/dead cards in Game 1.
1 The Royal Scions (ELD) 199 3 Thrill of Possibility (M21) 165 3 Brazen Borrower (ELD) 39 
For the sideboard, here's a few decks to tech against:
  1. against Gruul Aggro: we probably want more removal that deals 3 or more, possibly some Negates for Embercleave, Henge and Vivien or artifact removal for the former: Scorching Dragonfire, Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor, Negate, Shredded Sails. Playing [[Claim the Firstborn]]s and swinging with their own creatures might also be an option.
  2. against Rogues: we can abuse the fact that they're milling us by playing [[Glimpse of Freedom]]s, [[Phoenix of Ash]] and [[Ox of Agonas]]. They usually don't have any way to remove an enchantment which is why I really like [[Improbable Alliance]], especially since we're running a ton of cantrips. Cheap counter-spells do have some value: Mystical Dispute, Negate.
  3. Yorion Piles seem pretty soft to cheap flying attackers: Omen of the Sun, Birth of Meletis don't do much. Glass Casket can't hit Riddleform and can get bounced, playing a Yorion into Mystical Dispute or Lofty Denial is devastating. Negates and Mystical Disputes look good for this matchup.
  4. Rakdos Graveyard looks like it could be a bad matchup. [[Soul-Guide Lantern]] is the only piece of graveyard interaction we'd realistically want to play. Not sure if we should try to go under them or grind through all their removal.
All that considered, here's a first draft of a sideboard:
2 Mystical Dispute (ELD) 58 2 Improbable Alliance (ELD) 193 2 Glimpse of Freedom (THB) 50 2 Scorching Dragonfire (ELD) 139 2 Negate (ZNR) 71 1 Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor (IKO) 109 1 Shredded Sails (IKO) 136 1 Ox of Agonas (THB) 147 2 Soul-Guide Lantern (THB) 237 
So, there we are: this will be my 75-card starting point to start playing, iterating and evaluating the deck.
I'm highly interested in any feedback:
Are playing this archetype and how much success are you having with it? Which card choices do you (dis)agree with? What are your sideboard plans in the relevant matchups?
I will be posting updates every ~20 games.
submitted by Holenz to spikes

A list of low profile mechanical keyboards

Google doc for easy viewing and custom sorting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y62AuStZCQQXOMM5keUN2KYDh1IoifZkrnJV-tLFKH4/edit?usp=sharing
Height comparison between low profile mechanical keyboards that you can buy (or cant): https://www.reddit.com/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/irt8yt/height_comparison_between_low_profile_mechanical/
I compiled this list of all low profile mech keyboards that I'm aware of at the time of this post because I didn't find one while I was shopping for one and information was scattered. They are categorized by size first then sorted by price. TKL in this case is 80%.
I don't have plans right now to add kits, keycaps, switches, cases, etc, only fully assembled keyboards.
If you know of any other LP keyboards feel free to let me know and I'll add it to the list. Hopefully this helps anyone interested.
For anyone new to mechanical keyboards be aware that low profile keyboards, while slim, they lack customizability and there is a overall lack of options compared to standard high profile keycap keyboards. This is because no one is selling standardized keycaps, switches and other parts that would be interchangeable with each other. You will find it difficult to find coloured keycaps. In many prebuilts manufacturers make unique switches meaning you can't change out the switches with something else or find keycaps with stems that will fit the switches.
Edit: [group buy ended on 31/7/20]Current limited time group buy available - MorgRie RKB68 blue and white colourway with Kailh choc red, brown or white for $129
Edit 2: Added Vortex Pok3r V2, Filco Ninja Majestouch Stingray, Klim Dash, MorgRie RKB68 Blue. Added 'coloured keycaps' to notes.
Edit 3: Added Cherry G84-5500, G84-4400, G84-4100, G84-5400, G84-5200, G84-4700, Sharkoon full size, Drevo Joyeuse V1, Gamdias P3, MorgRie 17.
Edit 4: Added Keychron K3, new 75% keyboard available to pre-order.
Name Switch Type (low profile) Switch Colour Size Backlight Software Wireless Hybrid Layout Price (Approx) Notes
Logitech G915 TKL GL Red, Brown, White TKL RGB Yes Bluetooth, USB Receiver US, UK, DE, RU, ES, EU $230
Filco Ninja Majestouch Stingray Cherry MX Red TKL, Full None No No US $165-$170
MorgRie RKB 68 Pink-Blue Kailh Red, Brown, White 65% None Upcoming Bluetooth 4.0 US $145 (limited time group buy) Coloured keycaps
MorgRie RKB 68/60 Kailh Red, Brown, White 65%, 60% None No Bluetooth US $130-$145 Matching numpad sold seperately
Vinpok Taptek Vinpok Blue 70% Rainbow LED No Bluetooth US $125-$130 Chiclet keys, mac compatible/layout
Cherry G84-5500 XS Touchpad Cherry ML Black 75% None No No US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, EU $105-$160 Touchpad, Matching numpad sold seperately
Cooler Master SK630 Cherry MX Red TKL RGB Yes No US $100-$125 Chiclet keys
Tesoro Gram Spectrum Tesoro Agile Blue, Red TKL RGB Yes No US $100
Vortex Pok3r V2 Cherry MX Red 60% None No No US $99 Coloured keycaps
iKBC Typemaster X400 Cherry MX Red TKL White No No US $97 Volume Wheel
Cooler Master SK631/SK621 Cherry MX Red TKL, 60% RGB Yes Bluetooth 4.0 US $95-$150 Chiclet keys
Cherry G84-4400 Compact Cherry ML Black 75% None No No US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, EU $90-$190 Trackball, Matching numpad sold seperately
Gamdias Hermes M3 Gamdias Blue, Red, Brown, Black TKL RGB Yes No US $80-$100
Havit HV-KB390L Kailh (PG1350) Blue, Red TKL Blue Yes No US, UK, DE, RU $70-$85
Keychron K1 Version 4 Gateron Blue, Red, Brown TKL, Full RBG, White Upcoming Bluetooth 5.1 US $70-$80 Chiclet keys, coloured keycaps, mac compatible/layout
Hitsan Rapoo MT500 Unknown Red TKL White No No US $70-$80 Mac compatible/layout
Klim Dash Unknown Red TKL, Full RGB No No DE, FR $70-$115
Sharkoon PureWriter TKL Kailh Blue, Red TKL RGB, Blue No No US, DE, FR, IT, RU (RGB model), PT (RGB model) $70-$100
DareU EK820 Kailh Blue, Red TKL, 65% Blue No Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 US $65
Keychron K3 Gateron, Keychron Optical Blue, Red, Brown (Both Brands) / White, Orange, Black (Keychron Optical) 75% RBG, White Upcoming Bluetooth 5.1 US $64-$74 Chiclet keys, coloured keycaps, mac compatible/layout, hot-swappable
Cherry G84-4100 Cherry ML Black 75% None No No US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, EU $55 Cover, Matching numpad sold seperately
Anidees Prismatic TKL Fraly Blue TKL, 65% RGB No Bluetooth US $50-$90 Chiclet keys, battery required, choc keycap
Tecware Phantom L Outemu Blue, Red, Brown TKL RGB Yes No US $50 Hotswappable with Outemu
EagleTec KG060-BR Custom Cherry Brown Equivalent TKL RGB, Blue No No US $40-$55
Stoga Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Unknown Blue TKL Rainbow LED No No US $35-$40
Cherry G84-5400 XS Trackball Cherry ML Black 75% None No No US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, EU $25-$145 Trackball, Matching numpad sold seperately
Hexgears X-1/K950 Kailh Red, Brown, White 96% RGB No Bluetooth 4.0 US $120 Chiclet keys, carry case
Drevo Joyeuse Version 1 Kailh, Drevo Red, White, Brown (Kailh) / Blue, Red, Black (Drevo) 96% White No Bluetooth 3.0 US $80 Chiclet keys
Drevo Joyeuse Version 2 Content Red, White 96% White No No US $70 Chiclet keys
Hitsan Royal Kludge RK929 Kailh Blue, Black, Brown 96% White and coloured sides No Bluetooth US $55-$90 Chiclet keys
Logitech G915/G815 GL Red, Brown, White Full RGB Yes Bluetooth, USB Receiver (G915 model) US, UK, DE, RU, ES, EU $200-$250 G1-G5 keys
Hexgears Venture Kailh Red, Brown, White Full RGB No Bluetooth 4.0 US $160 Chiclet keys
Roccat Vulcan 100/120/121/122 Roccat Titan Red (121 model), Brown Full RGB Yes No US $150-$165 Chiclet keys, Volume Wheel, Detachable wrist rest (120+ models)
Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire Cherry MX Red, Speed Full RGB Yes No US, UK $140-$185 Detachable wrist rest, USB passthrough
Alienware AW510K Cherry MX Red Full RGB Yes No US $140-$180 USB passthrough
Gamdias Hermes P3 Gamdias Blue, Red, Brown, Black Full RGB Yes No US $130-$150
Anidees Prismatic 104 Fraly Blue Full RGB No Bluetooth US $115 Chiclet keys, battery required, choc keycap
MSI Vigor GK50 Kailh (PG1350) Unknown Full RGB Yes No US $105-130
Tesoro Gram XS Tesoro Ultra Slim Blue, Red Full RGB Yes No US $100-120 Chiclet keys
Cooler Master SK650/SK651 Cherry MX Red Full RGB Yes Bluetooth 4.0 (SK651 model) US $100-$150 Chiclet keys
iKBC Typemaster X410 Cherry MX Red Full White No No US $100 Volume Wheel
Roccat Vulcan 80 Roccat Titan Brown Full Blue Yes No US, UK, DE, FR $90-120 Chiclet keys
Genesis Thor 420 Unknown Blue Full RGB Yes No US $90-$95 Chiclet keys
Havit HV-KB395L Kailh (PG1350) Blue, Red Full RGB Yes No US, UK, DE, JP $85-$100
Motospeed GK81 Unknown Blue, Red Full RGB No 2.4Ghz USB Receiver US $80-$110 Volume Wheel
Sharkoon PureWriter Kailh Blue, Red Full RGB, Blue No No US, DE, FR, IT, RU (RGB model), PT (RGB model) $70-115
Cherry G84-5200 Cherry ML Black Full None No No US, DE, FR, BE, CH $70-$150
Redragon K589 Shrapnel Outemu Red, Blue (upcoming) Full RGB Yes No US $60-$70
EagleTec KG050-BR Custom Cherry Brown Equivalent Full RGB, Blue No No US $45-$60
Gergo: Heavy Kailh 12g Choc, 20g gChoc, 35g Pro Red, 35g Crystal Red Ergo Split None No No $240 (prebuilt) High profile MX compatible, blank keycaps
GergoPlex: Heavy Kailh 12g Choc, 20g gChoc, 35g Pro Red, 35g Crystal Red Ergo Split 36 Keys None No No $230 (prebuilt) High profile MX compatible, blank keycaps
Corne LP Kailh Red, Brown, White Ergo Split 42 Keys RGB (Comfort Edition) No No $215-$285 (limited time group buy) Hotswappable with Kailh Choc, Two OLED displays available
Gergo Kailh 12g Choc, 20g gChoc, 35g Pro Red, 35g Crystal Red Ergo Split None No No $195 (prebuilt) High profile MX compatible, blank keycaps
5x12 Ortho LP Kailh Blue, Red, Teal Ortholinear 60 Keys None No No $170 (prebuilt) Hotswappable with Kailh Choc
GergoPlex Kailh 12g Choc, 20g gChoc, 35g Pro Red, 35g Crystal Red Ergo Split 36 Keys None No No $160 (prebuilt) High profile MX compatible, blank keycaps
Mistel MD650L Barocco Cherry ML (ML1A) Tactile, Silent Split 65% None No No US $159-$219
4x12 Ortho LP Kailh Blue, Red, Teal Ortholinear 48 Keys None No No $145 (prebuilt) Hotswappable with Kailh Choc
Planck Light Kailh (PG1350) Clicky, Linear, Tactile Ortholinear 40% RGB No No $130-$150+ (limited time drop)
MorgRie RKB 17 Kailh Red, Brown, White Numpad None No Bluetooth US $75 Matches MorgRie RKB 68/60
Cherry G84-4700 Cherry ML Black Numpad None No No $40-$95 Matches Cherry G84 Series keyboards
Hitsan Royal Kludge RK965/RK925 Shown in catalog
Plum Ortholinear Redux Lack of info
Cooler Master SK851 Upcoming
Ducky Blade Air Cancelled
submitted by AznLesbian to MechanicalKeyboards

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