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This thread is approved by the mods.
Update: Completely rewrote the whole post so it's a bit easier to follow (and save around 1k characters since I'm bumping up against the 40k limit).
Added the IGN Gamescon interview.

Additional Media

Official Destiny: The Taken King Prologue Cinematic
Watch "Official Destiny: The Taken King We Are Guardians Trailer" on YouTube
Game Informer TTK Info Dump Megathread
"The Taken King" Megathread
This is a compilation thread for all The Taken King information. It will be formatted in the categorical style of Bungie's Change Logs.
Itemized lists will include links to supporting images, videos (with timestamps), interviews, and blogs.
References will be as follows:
Reference Syntax Media Reference
[vX] Video Supporting Evidence Number (for multiple sources)
[iX] Image Supporting Evidence Number (for multiple sources)
[tX] Text Supporting Evidence Number (for multiple sources)
[GI] Game Informer September Edition
If anyone would like to contribute, feel free to add the information below with a link(s) to the supporting information. Rumors will not be posted.

Available SKUs

  • VIP Pack [t1]
    • Requirements
      • Reach Level 30 on one character OR buy The Dark Below and House of Wolves by August 31.
      • Purchase and play The Taken King on or before 2/1/2016
    • Sparrow
    • Armor Shader
    • Year 1 Emblem - Founder's Fortune
    • More to come
  • The Taken King - Digital Download: [t1] [t2]
    • Prices: $40 USD, £40, €39.99, $40 CDN (Provisional)
    • The Taken King standalone download
  • The Taken King - Legendary Edition: [t1]
    • Prices: $59.99 USD, £42-£46, €79.99, $79.99 CDN
    • Vanilla Destiny
    • The Dark Below
    • House of Wolves
    • The Taken King
  • The Taken King - Digital Collector's Edition: [t1]
    • Prices: $79.99 USD, £74.99, €89.99, $99.99 CDN
    • The Taken King - Legendary Edition
    • Three Class Specific Emotes.
    • Three Armor Shaders.
    • Three Exotic Class Items with XP Bonuses.
  • The Taken King - (Physical) Collector's Edition: [t1]
    • Prices: $79.99 USD, €119.99, $99.99 CDN
    • SteelBook Case
    • Modified Treasure Island Book with intro Letter from Cayde-6
    • Cayde-6's Personal Notes and Illustrations
    • Collection of Relics and Artifacts (posters, coasters)
    • Three Class Specific Emotes.
    • Three Armor Shaders.
    • Three Exotic Class Items with XP Bonuses.
  • The Taken King - Collector's Edition Add-On: [t1] [t2]
    • Prices: $20 USD
    • Three Class Specific Emotes.
    • Three Armor Shaders.
    • Three Exotic Class Items with XP Bonuses.
  • The Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation®4 Bundle: [[t1]](7)
    • Prices: $399.99 USD, $449.99 CDN
    • Vanilla Destiny
    • The Dark Below
    • House of Wolves
    • The Taken King
    • Custom Destiny inspired console
    • Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition
    • Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade.
    • Three Class Specific Emotes.
    • Three Armor Shaders.
    • Three Exotic Class Items with XP Bonuses.

Preorder Bonuses

  • SUROS Arsenal Pack [t1] [v1]
    • SUROS Minimalist Shader
    • SUROS Fire Emblem
    • SUROS PAR-11 (Auto Rifle)
    • SUROS BNS-13 (Pulse Rifle)
    • SUROS WSC-17 (Scout Rifle)
    • All Preorders (Digital or Physical editions receive this bonus)
    • Exclusive until 1/1/2016
  • Vanguard Weapons Pack (Häkke Weapons Pack) [t1] [v1]
    • Häkke Auto Rifle (Vanguard Themed)
    • Häkke Pulse Rifle (Vanguard Themed)
    • Häkke Sidearm (Vanguard Themed)
    • If you get the Digital $40 version, you must preorder to get this.
    • Legendary or Collectors Editions do not need to preorder for this bonus (Digital or Physical editions receive this bonus)
    • Exclusive until 1/1/2016


  • New Level cap of 40. [t1] [t2] [GI]
  • Every edition of Destiny: The Taken King will include one character boost, which allows players to instantly level up any existing or newly created guardian to the minimum level required to play The Taken King. [t1]
  • Light is now a measurement of how powerful you are [v1]

GUI Changes

  • Equippable emotes are now available below your emblem selection on the second page of the Guardian's Character tab. [t1] [i1]
  • Ghost Shell and Artifact slots are on the first page of the Guardian's Character tab. [i1]
  • New Ghost Shells will be introduced [v1]
  • Holding L2 on the character screen gives an instant glimpse at the energy types equipped on each weapon. New item and subclass visual icons have been redesigned for quick recognition at a glance.” [t1]
  • 16 Bounties can now be carried [t1]
  • Bounties progress can be tracked by pressing up or down on the D pad [i1]
  • Cinematics can be skipped [t1]
  • Voice Identification Notification [v1]
  • A new Progress tab has been added in the pause menu: [i1]
    • Shows current completion of status of quests and bounties.
    • Shows detailed information on each Quest line [i1]
    • Turn in Bounties without returning to the Bounty Board. [t1]
    • Shows Faction Level/Progress


  • Class Specific Weapons [v1]
  • New Weapon Type from an Eris Morne Quest line. [t1]
  • New weapons have more involved lore and storytelling behind them. [t1]
  • Year One Legendary Weapons will not be upgradable to new values. [t1])
  • New Weapon perks and max attack values. [t1])
  • At least a dozen new Exotic Weapons [GI]
  • Exotic Weapons:
    • Jade Rabbit - Scout Rifle [t1]
      • PlayStation Exclusive Weapon
      • Kinetic
      • Scout Rifle
      • 13-shot magazine
      • Sniper-like Scope
    • Unnamed - Auto Rifle [GI]
      • Shoots Chain Lightning
    • Unnamed - Sniper Rifle [GI]
      • Blinds nearby enemies on a precision hit
    • No Time to Explain (Exotic) - Pulse Rifle [GI]
      • Arc Damage
      • Precision hits adds bullets directly to the magazine
    • Sleeper Simulant (Exotic) - Fusion Rifle [GI] [i1]
      • Heavy slot [GI]
      • Quest line is hidden somewhere in the Destiny Universe.
      • The gun charges an over-penetration laser through enemy targets and bounces off walls.
      • Additional upgrades increase the number of times the laser rebounds.
    • Unknown Exotic weapon [GI]
      • Gained through extensive exploration of the Dreadnaught.
      • Pieces are scattered across the ship.
      • Each new piece adds story content
  • Sidearms were a preview in HoW. They will be expanded in the future. [t1]
  • Weapon Foundries like Suros, Olomon, and Hakke, as well as Weapon Brands will be introduced. [t1]


  • At least 6 new Exotic Armor pieces per class [GI]
  • Class specific materials (Hadronic Essences, Plasteel Plating, Sapphire Wire) are being replaced by Armor Materials [GI]
  • Light Level no longer exists [t1] [t2]
  • Tiers (thresholds) for Intellect/Discipline/Strength that tell in seconds what your cooldown is, rather than a percentage that you have to find out. [t1]
  • Armor Reforging (NYI: Not Yet Implemented, so it's only possible) [i1]
  • New Armor perks and max defence values. [t1])
  • Armor progression rarity reset. [t1])
  • PlayStation Exclusive Armor: [t1]
    • Hesperos - Titan: Built to honor the Hesperonauts, the first human astronauts to land on Venus, the Hespero armor is built to withstand excruciating heat and pressure. Don it to remember the Golden Age of peace and exploration.
    • Azoth Bend - Warlock: The millennia-long search for true alchemy ends with the Warlock. Bend the infinitesimal mysteries of matter and energy to your will.
    • Neuroghast - Hunter: Neuroghast armor enables a perfect union of mind and body, through the interface of lightweight fieldweave, transcranial sensoria and cytogel exowiring. Become an elite assassin with all the power of both machine and man.
  • Weapons and Armor Video Courtesy of Planet Destiny


  • Oryx has the ability to rip known enemies out of our dimension, mutating them with the darkness, and use them as he sees fit. [t1] [v1]
  • Oryx is a slave of the Darkness [v1]
  • Taken will be on all destinations. [t1]
  • Taken enemies each have new abilities. [t1]
  • Taken Enemies [t1]
    • Taken Captains: [GI]
      • Solar shields
      • Throw slow-moving orbs of Darkness that blind you
    • Taken Knights [GI]
      • Area-effect Solar attack
    • Taken Psions [i1] [v1] [t1] [v2]
      • Possibly called Gremlins
      • Can split in two and multiply rapidly.
    • Taken Thralls [v1] [v2] [i1]
      • Possibly called Skivers
      • Can Teleport
    • Taken Acolytes [i1]
      • Possibly called Lurks
    • Taken Vandals [v1] [v2] [i1][i2] [GI]
      • Possibly called Trolls
      • Can deploy Titan-Like Shields
      • Taken Vandals can be shot out of and heal inside the Titan-Like Shields
    • Taken Phalanxes [t1] [v1] [i1]
      • Can blast powerful pulses of energy from their shields
      • Can use their shields to push you back
    • Taken Centurions
      • Tracking shots that can curve around corners.
    • Taken Wizards
      • Can summon Shadow Thralls [v1] [i1] [GI]
    • Taken Servitors... exist... [G1]


  • Shaders and Emblems have their own Vault [G1]
    • Based near the Guardian Outfitter
    • Shows all Shaders and Emblems you have acquired
    • Shows all Shaders and Emblems have not aquired as well as how to get them
  • Exotics namesake perks come unlocked upon acquisition [GI]
  • Many of the new Exotics are now tied to quest lines. [GI]
  • You will no longer "shard" your gear. You will "sacrifice another piece from the same gear slot" to upgrade. This includes Exotics. [GI]
  • Gear progression rarity reset. [t1])
Destiny’s loot system will now pay closer attention to the loot you have already received when determining an appropriate drop. [t1]
  • Soul Binding items will not be in The Taken King [v1]


  • All Subclasses (including the old ones) will have a "really cool introduction and adventure to learn about each individual subclass" [t1] [GI]
  • Sunbreaker Titan Video
  • Nightstalker Hunter Video
  • Stormcaller Warlock Video
  • New Subclasses will start with some skills unlocked [v1]
  • New Subclasses will be acquired through a brief dedicated narrative missions. [GI]
    • Available through your Vanguard Mentor.
    • After Subclass acquisition, you will have a large number of enemies with a 45 second Super recharge time to accustom you to your new Super.
  • Stormcaller - Warlock Arc Elemental Class [t1] [t2] [i1]
    • Grenades:
      • Lightning Grenade: Identical to the Striker Titan's Lightning Grenade
      • Pulse Grenade: Identical to the Striker Titan's Pulse Grenade.
      • Deluge Grenade: New Grenade. This grenade calls down a localized storm of Arc damage in a relatively small area. It appears to be channeled in a few lightning bolts, so it’s possible the damage will be spread out, and not instantaneous.
    • Super: Stormtrance - Hold the fire button (R2/RT using the Default Controller Layout) to Chain Arc Lightning from your hands
      • Landfall: Upon activating your super, you'll summon a bolt of Lightning to strikes your position with a resulting shockwave similar to Fist of Havoc's Aftershock modifier (one pulse only).
      • Superconductor: Doubles your Stormtrance chaining capabilities.
      • Electric Glide: While in Stormtrance, Sprint (L3 using the Default Controller Layout) teleports you a short distance in the direction you're moving.
    • Melee: Thunderstrike - Deliver an electrocuting melee strike at extended range.
      • Chain Lightning: Your Thunderstrike chains from the struck enemy to another nearby enemy.
      • Tempestuous: Your Thunderstrike has greater range.
      • Rising Storm: Hits with Thunderstrike charge your Stormtrance, Ability, and Melee energy.
    • Passive Mods 1:
      • Rain Check: When revived you trigger a shockwave, disorienting all nearby enemies.
      • Uninsulated: Incoming melee attacks Shock the attacker.
      • Perpetual Charge: Getting a grenade kill recharges your melee. Getting a melee kill recharges your grenade.
    • Passive Mods 2:
      • Gathering Storm: Stormtrance charges faster when allies are in close proximity. When Stormtrance is active, nearby enemies take perpetual damage.
      • Greased Lightning: Enemies damaged by your grenades chain deadly lightning to other nearby enemies.
      • Wellspring: When cast with full grenade and Thunderstrike energy, Stormtrance restores your health to full and drains slower (lasts longer)
  • Nightstalker - Hunter Void Elemental Class [t1] [t2] [i1]
    • Grenades:
      • Spike Grenade: Identical to the Defender Titan Spike Grenade.
      • Vortex Grenade: Identical to the Voidwalker Warlock Vortex Grenade.
      • Slash Grenade: Grenade explosion creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.
    • Super: Shadowshot - Tether a large group of foes to a Void Anchor, slowing and silencing them for your Fireteam.
      • Inextricable: A portion of damage taken by one tethered target is passed to all other tethered targets.
      • Wait For It: Shadowshot creates a proximity tether that triggers when targets are close.
      • Gloamranger: Unite your allies! Reduces incoming damage and buffs outgoing damage for your tethered Fireteam.
    • Melee: Smoke - Throw Smoke to slow and disorient those within its cloud
      • Smog: Significantly increase the size of Smoke, allowing you to affect multiple targets
      • Envenomed: Adds a toxin that suffocates enemies within Smoke.
      • Snare: Allows Smoke to stick to surfaces, detonating when enemies are near.
    • Passive Mods 1:
      • Uncanny Archer: Every target tethered increases your armor and recovery stats by 1 until Shadowshot is recharged next. Reduced time to next Shadowshot.
      • Shadowtrapper: Tethers have incresed range, duration, and potency.
      • Well Provisioned: Gain an additional grenade and significantly increase grenade durations.
    • Passive Mods 2:
      • Keen Scout: Sneak faster, gain Enhanced Motion Tracker (Divides the motion tracker into more sections).
      • Rapid Shot: After firing your initial Shadowshot arrow, you may fire up to two explosive arrows in quick succession.
      • Shadestep: Gain an evade on "O,O" (double tap crouch).
  • Sunbreaker - Titan Solar Elemental Class [t1] [t2] [i1] [GI]
    • Quest starts on Venus, then goes to Mars.
    • Grenades:
      • Fusion Grenade: Identical to the Warlock Sunsinger Fusion Grenade.
      • Incendiary Grenade: Identical to the Hunter Gunslinger Incendiary Grenade.
      • Match Grenade: Similar to the Nightstalker’s Slash Grenade, spewing forth a wall of elemental damage in a straight line sending wave after wave of Solar energy.
    • Super: [v1] Hammer of Sol - Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction upon your enemies. Melee allows you to strike with the hammer like a Bladedancer. Trigger allows you to throw the hammer.
      • High Noon: The higher your health, the more hammers you can throw and the bigger their impact.
      • Suncharge: Press trigger to hurl yourself forward, crushing enemies that are close.
      • Conflagration: Ignite the world. Create sunspots where your Hammer of Sol impacts.
      • Melee: Sunstrike - Ignite your enemies a heavy solar strike.
      • Melting Point: Burn away your target's defenses. Target takes more damage from both you and your allies.
      • Fulminator: Your Sunstrike melee releases a Solar explosion on hit, igniting enemies within the blast. Kills create a Sunspot around you.
      • Stoke the Forge: Natively reduce the cooldown of your Sunstrike melee. Getting a killing blow with Sunstrike instantly recharges it.
    • Passive Mods 1:
      • Fleetfire: Enemies brought down by your fire grant you bonus agility and reload speed for a short time. Stacks up to 3 times.
      • Tempering: Grenade and Melee abilities cooldown significantly faster when Hammer of Sol is fully charged.
      • Fire Keeper: Hammer of Sol lasts longer and you gain an overshield while standing near a Sunspot.
    • Passive Mods 2:
      • Flameseeker: Your Hammer of Sol will alter its flight path to seek out your enemies.
      • Cauterize: Enemies brought down by your fire regenerate your health.
      • Wildfire: Enemies brought down by your Hammer explode, damaging and catching nearby enemies on fire.


  • All Quests and Missions have been revamped [t1]
  • Crucible Quests have been added [t1]
  • New, Complete Campaign [v1]
  • Fully Voiced Cinematics [v1]
  • New Types of Activities [v1]
  • Brand new End Game [v1]
  • Four New Strikes [GI]
    • Underground Seraph [sic] Vault, Earth - Fallen Saber [GI]
      • Initiated by a Distress Call from Rasputin
      • Boss is the Giant Shank we've seen screenshots of
    • Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings - Shield Brothers [GI]
      • Fight two Cabal bosses at once
        • They are attempting to blow up the Dreadnaught with you on it.
        • One has a melee shield attack
        • One has a mortar cannon strapped to his back
    • Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings - The Sunless Cell [GI]
      • Hunt a Hive Darkblade named Alak-Hul who rebelled against Oryx
      • The fight will be in "utter blackness"
    • Venus - Echo Chamber (PlayStation Exclusive) [GI]
      • Raid-Like Mechanics
      • Stop the Restorative Mind from resurrecting the Nexus Mind Sekrion
      • The boss has a constantly rotating energy shield
      • Only vulnerable after the placement of a special item
  • New Strike Mechanics [GI]
    • 2-3 different enemy configurations on subsequent playthroughs, often rotating in different enemy species.
    • Multiple narrations for each configuration to provide additional insight into the storyline and background of the Strike.
    • Strike Designs are more tactical encounters with fast action.
  • Three old strikes will have Taken enemies: [GI]
    • Dust Palace
    • Undying Mind
    • Cerberus Vae


  • Entire base game/expansions retooled for narrative and access purposes to make much more sense (Example: after meeting the Queen for the first time, the Reef is open to you) [GI]
  • 8 new "lengthy" Story Missions in the main storyline [GI] [t1]
    • Phobos will have at one Mission called The Coming War
    • Additional Story Missions unlocked after the main Story Missions are complete.
    • Once complete, additional quests are available for an Event called The Taken War.
  • Guided exploration for hidden secrets [GI]
  • Player-instigated Public Events [GI] [v1]
    • Court of Oryx - Different bosses and scenarios each time
  • Arcane Objects that summon "Ultra Bosses" on Patrol [GI]
  • Audio indications will allow you to scan artifacts with Ghost. Ghost will lecture on lore or contact another character such as Cayde or Eris. [GI]
  • New Patrol Mission types will be available on all Patrol locations. [t1]
  • Dreadnought is the new Patrol Destination [v1] [p1] [GI] [t1]
    • Map
    • You set up the very Patrol Beacons you will later use to complete Patrol missions
    • Some platforms on the Dreadnaught are hidden unless you summon your ghost
    • We can expect The Dreadnought to be as large as Earth's Cosmodrome or Venus' Ishtar region.


  • New Raid [v1] [v2] [v1] [t1]
    • Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings - King's Fall
      • Will support up to 6 Fireteam Members
      • Largest raid yet


  • Matchmaking has been revamped [GI]
  • All Year One PlayStation Exclusive maps will be made available to all players [GI]
  • Crucible Bounties and Quests [GI]
    • Crucible based Quests
    • Crucible Bounties are simpler and faster to complete
    • Uncompletable bounties (like Salvage Bounties) will not show up when gametypes are unavailable
    • One bounty will be specifically for your class. (No more Eris Morne-style class bountis. Every class gets one a day)
    • Fireteam Bounties
    • Two bounties a day are for the featured playlist
    • One particularly challenging bounty per day (similar to what you see in Iron Banner)
    • Trials of Osiris have three new bounties every weekend tied to that playlist.
    • Five Weekly bounties. Complete these and a sixth becomes available offering a "big reward" such as a Legendary or an Exotic weapon.
  • Crucible Maps
    • Cosmodrome Wall, Earth - Sector 618 (PlayStation Exclusive): [t1] [GI] [v1]
      • Fallen House of Devils Themed.
      • Center of the map is dominated by platforms.
    • The Lost Oasis, Mars - Crossroads [GI] [v1]
      • Man Cannons make a comeback [v1]
    • Mars - Vertigo [GI] [v1] [i1]
      • A floating Vex Platform above the suface of mars.
      • One-way Vex Gate
    • European Dead Zone, Earth - Memento [GI]
      • The sky is filled with an ongoing enemy assault
      • Vertical Map
    • Reef - Ghost Ship [GI]
      • Low Gravity Effects on Physics Objects and Ragdolls
      • Location is on a Fallen ship
    • The Last City, Earth - Bannerfall [GI] [v1]
      • Tower-like battlefield
    • Earth - Frontier [GI]
      • Sniping lane down the middle
      • A bridge that acts as a bottleneck
    • Prison Cell, Hive Prison Ship - Exile [GI]
      • Three main lanes
      • Outside path looking out on Saturn's Rings
      • Lower level areas as well.
  • New Crucible Mechanics
    • Mercy Rule allows Crucible games to end early if there is too great a point differential.[GI]
  • New GameTypes
    • Zone Control [GI]
      • No points for killing opponents
      • Points are only awarded for taking and holding control points.
    • Rift [t1]
      • Runners
        • Capture a "Spark" to become the "Runner".
        • Run the Spark to the enemy's Rift to "ignite" it.
        • 100 Points are awarded for each of the 5 distance checkpoints
        • Scores points by delivering the Spark to the enemy's Rift, thereby "igniting" (destroying) it
        • Bonus points are awarded for destroying the enemy's Rift in style (such as using a backflip)
        • Runners are highlighted.
        • Runners have full use of their weapons
        • Runners have slight damage reduction
      • Enemies near the Rift are killed if their Rift is Ignited.
      • Sparks have a respawn time after a successful Rift Ignition or if the Runner is killed.
      • There is no end-round mechanic when a Rift is Ignited. The game continues.
    • Mayhem [t1] [t2v1] [i1] [i2] [i3] [i4]
      • A variant of Clash
      • All Super Abilities recharge at an increased rate.
      • Each round lasts 7 minutes
      • Grenades have a 5 second cooldown
      • Heavy Ammo spawns increased by 100%


  • Eris Morn will return [v1]
  • Nolan North (Drake) is the new voice of Ghost [t1]
    • Ghost will be deeper and more involved [t1]
    • All Ghost voice acting will be replaced. [t1]


  • Banshee the Gunsmith Reputation [GI]
    • You test Prototype Weapons in the field against certain situations to gain rep
    • At higher levels you receive more Prototype Weapons
    • Reaching a certain Rep with Banshee allows you access to "Armsday", a weekly purchase that allows you to order Legendary weapons with Glimmer. [GI]
  • Factions [GI] [v1]
    • Crucible and Vanguard Marks are replaced by Legendary Marks
    • Instead of Class Items, you will pledge to Factions by going to their respective Vendor
    • Faction specific Quests and Rewards are now available for Factions you've pledged to
    • Faction Rep can be purchased with Motes of Light, Weapon Parts, Armor Materials, and Ammo Synthesises at their respective Vendor
  • Cryptarch rewards from engrams are now more in line with the type of Engram you got [GI]
  • Vendors and NPCs have been retooled to offer quests, stories, and insight into the world as you level up your character from 1-40 [GI]

Social Space

  • You can change the displayed weapon in the Tower. [t1]


  • New Achievements/Trophies [t1] [v1]
  • PlayStation Exclusives for Year 1 will be unlocked for Xbox Players. [t1] [t2]
  • You will keep your Guardian for Destiny 2 [v1]
  • Red Bull Quest [t1]
    • Codes under pop top
    • Bonus XP Rewards
    • Bonus 6-Mission Questline Exclusive until 1/1/2016
    • 7-11 Exclusive July 1st until August 1st

Updates to the MegaThread

You can view the updates in This Post
I may have to move the references there as well.
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Melee weapons for ranged builds.

Ive been maining Markus since V1 and although it took a bit of getting used to the WoM patch hasn't changed too much for him. I mained hammer so it actually feels better than pre patch.
I'm struggling with how to build other characters though, Legend pubs are notoriously rough these days and jm struggling to stay up at all in kiting scenarios even with bonuses to movespeed/dodge on non-frontline classes, just feels like they get bogged down and block shattered by running attacks too easily.
What melee weapons do you guys run on classes like ranger veteran and bounty hunter?
Used to use the 1h hammer and rapier respectively but I find as soon as a horde has anything but trash mixed in I just get dunked on especially plague monks, feels like they attack faster and have longer range than before. Also I've had to switch to repeater instead of longbow on huntsman because first shot - block feels like it takes twice as long as before so clearing specials/elits with anything in melee range is way harder.
Could all just be me being rusty but any tips from people.who have been around for more of WoM? I took a break after the WoM beta and only came back recently.
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