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Transformation Videos for Studio Series '86 Grimlock, Jazz, Kup, Scourge

There are official Hasbro videos available online now showcasing the transformation sequence for several of the upcoming Studio Series toys. This may or may not ruin the experience of buying the toys next year and discovering them for yourself, so proceed at your own risk!
They're only 15 seconds long, so it may be advisable to watch them at 0.25 times normal speed to really get a feel for what's happening here.
Grimlock seems to be very closely inspired by the G1 toy, but he employs a trick from the Masterpiece toy that allows the unfolded halves of his dinosaur tail to tuck away out of sight.
Jazz solves the problem of having his doors disappear in robot mode by simply tucking them under the roof when he's in robot mode. Simple, but brilliant!
Kup also looks pretty similar to the G1 toy in design, with the biggest difference that his arms end up tucked between his legs instead of inside the chest cavity.
Scourge is a radical departure from the G1 toy, but he's remarkably similar to his transformation in G1 animation, in which the robot feet form the back of the hover craft. They did a really good job with this design. Also, the bat wings totally fold up, so I'm still one hundred percent convinced they've been transforming him wrong. They need to be tucked away in robot mode. Full stop, end of story.
Zob (is arrogant and authoritative like that)
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Inspired by Thew, here's my #TF16of2016

I rarely go in for fads (especially ones with a hashtag). But I just watched Thew's countdown and his jolly enthusiasm infected me. 2016, despite being a year of death and misery for humans, was a glorious year for robots. I'm almost embarrassed by how many good ones I got this year, and yet some of them were so stellar it wasn't hard picking my standouts.
16. Generations Deluxe Nightbeat
Actually got rid of this toy when I'd bought it as Goldbug. Amazing how much difference can be made by better plastic, a better headsculpt, fantastic colopaint (and admittedly hours of modifying/tightening joints and pegs).
15. Titans Return Deluxe Triggerhappy
Finally a good amount of paint on a TR, and it's stunningly sharp too! That cockpit swivel is a magical transformation step worthy of joining the legendary ranks of Prime Vehicon's legs, G1 Hound's head, or MP Magnus's foot-wheels.
14. MakeToys Overheat
Barely nudging out Celeritas, though the red car has a better transformation. Overheat's headsculpt is just too good. Plus the fact that he's a MOTHERFUCKING TRON FUCKING LIGHTCYCLE HOLYSHIT!!!
13. knockoff ToyWorld Shinebug
I should not support KOs (especially of third-party toys), but a transformation this complicated would be terrifying at a smaller size. Making him bigger, and of excellent plastic, elevates this design.
12. Voodoo Robots Salus
Oh he's so flimsy, and the plastic's so thin, but there are true genius bits to the transformation and the robot mode looks splendid and the ambulance is a cheery little hamster-van and that headsculpt is soooo handsome!
11. KFC Transistor, red plastic edition
This is how to make a panelformer enjoyable. An admittedly gappy tape deck becomes a damn-near-flawless robot. Love the comic-accurate head. Plus I love toys that come with a little extra pal.
10. Titans Return Legends Gnaw
Titans Return has been spoiling us with brilliant reincarnations of obscure-but-beloved late 80s characters, and Gnaw is the pinnacle. Fun to transform, looks perfect in both modes, great paint, and So Damn CUTE!
09. Robots In Disguise Warrior Scorponok
There's no rational reason this guy is on here (and above Thunderhoof and Bisk!). The transformation looks like it ought to be flimsy but is actually super-satisfying, and his robot mode has oodles of personality.
08. G1 Slapdash
I love oddities. Slapdash might be the oddest Transformer of 1987. His robot mode is bizarrely-proportioned but totally charming. His transformation is fun, easy, has great ratchets, and is balls-out insane.
07. Combiner Wars Deluxe Afterbreaker
Barely counts, as I got him on Dec 31st, but fuck it he's GORGEOUS. I was unprepared for the plastic being lightyears above other CW toys. And that foxy headsculpt! I love having TWO great updates this year of a favorite G1 toy.
06. G1 Dreadwind & Darkwing
Got Dreadwind in a mixed eBay lot, fell in love, and knew I'd do anything to get back the Darkwing I'd sold. The transformation to combined jet mode is Satisfying Click Heaven. I can't even explain how good it is.
05. Titans Return Legends Wheelie
I was a fierce fan of Wheelie's G1 toy as a kid and it's pure joy to FINALLY have it look right. I had to buy Legends Wheelie THREE TIMES to get one where the eyes were painted right, but it was worth it. That's how much I love this guy.
04. DX9 War In Pocket Leah
How did a Minicon-scaled Arcee manage to have less kibble than any other 3rd party figure, and even the official deluxe!? She is the perfect combination of tiny yet sturdy. Looks great; fun to transform; all my other Arcees move down a notch.
03. G1 Apeface
Getting him with his headmaster and shield/fin nearly broke my wallet, but ooooh yum. Jet mode is so awesomely 80s it's like looking into the sun. Love the colors, the head, the ratchets, the cockpit... [trails off into babbling]
02. DX9 Mightron
There are parts of the transformation that are pure wizardry. The headsculpt is awe-inspiring. Holding gun mode in my hand fills me with a rush of evil power. I feel like I ought to worship this toy.
01. Unique Toys Sworder
I love transformations that are complicated enough to challenge me, yet don't make me afraid I'll break them. Sworder is an Olympic gold medalist in both categories. Some people hate this guy, but everything about him strikes the right spot for me. I loved G1 Sandstorm as a kid. This is my wildest dream of him come true.
Honorable mentions of things that are not actually Transformers:
-Kamen Rider OOO Mini Candroid Ptera
-Kamen Rider Gaim Lockseed Vehicle Sakura Hurricane
-Microman Cassette Machines Sonic Bike
-Robo Saviors Loong, voyager size
Went from owning zero Kamen Rider toys last year to two this year, and both are just superb in terms of tactile enjoyment and simple, striking design. Also, I got a cassette tape that turns into a freakin' motorcycle! And a robot that turns into a DRAGON MOTORCYCLE!! :3
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