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Olga Safari - Beautiful eyes and lips submitted by crabster_b to bravo_girls

an african world?

an african world?

just recieved your respons from my feedback of the sims specially (the snowy escape trailer) on twitter,I added some idea for your next pack and this is what i sended to them
those idea will include: ZOMBIEs, Voodoo ,curses ,wild animals ,locals traditions,more romantic options and preteen and kids mechanism.
my little idea-.
A country from the continent of Africa.
I know that EA had already an african world with Egypt in the past with the sims3.
and I'm definitely sure that EA would have the talent and the capacity that it takes to make a world based on a country from the continent of africa.
I was thinking that, it would be a great idea to add another world like the snowy escape but this time in a more warm and equatorial style.
I was thinking about a country in africa like: ghana,nigeria,ethiopia even congo
Sim could go to a tourist hotel next to a city of the country which is next to a forest for safari purposes to see the wild animals and even (meet mythical african creature from the african folklore) .

stories about the mythical creatures of Africa like (trolls,voodoo dolls, good spirits vs bad spirits,curses ect) and even (treasure hunt and even love stories like; a princess or a king falling in love with our sims for quests.
the player who don’t want diversity-
for them,
(A) you could include new animation for toddler,kids and teen
make teen look more like preteen for exemple with the typical teen behavior,walkstyle,
teens leaving in the house for a secret party (or doing a secret party when their parent aren't home,new trait for teen or kid like "mama,'s boy or daddy's princesse (spoiled brat personnalities . getting scolded by the parent if they get caught having a secret party by their parents or the police (too much noises) or getting exposed by other kids because of a bad relationship with the other kids! kids trying to copy their classmate (homework,clothing ect),kid hugging their parent when they come back from work ,hidding their bad grade from their parent,or even parent trying to explain a teen sim about adulthood and teen turning red or (happy or embarrassed ) based on the relationship of their parent ,this also could be added to adult sim as well!
teen getting scolded for wearing their mother's make up (trying to be grown lol)
asking for money or even steeling money from parent (if they have a bad relationship)
more romantic interaction
couple would be able to cuddle while in bed or even before waking up (old sims2 mecanims)
couple or freind steel food bit from their freind or lover
couple cuddling on the ground,couple asking a staff from the restaurant to help them make a suprise engagement proposal (staff reaction will depend on the partner rejection or when they accept the proposal.
couple will hold hand will sitting next to eachother inside the safari car or in a couch or a car if ea ever make one lol.
couple will be scared of the movie and try to reach the arms of the partners in order to get more relationship point (he partner may reject the sim if their relationship aren't high enought
couple will test clothing and ask their partner if they like it or not based of their relationship levels.
couple can stand and watch their partner cook when they feel romantic (new animation must be added like: sim biting lips,crossing finger in love or hand in face with a lovy dovey smile) i'll add more in this sub eveytime an idea pop up



a world mixed with one of the most popular cities of the country of the continent of Africa like (countries like : Ghana,Ethiopia,Congo,Nigeria). The city would be next to the forest and inside the forest live the “tribal locals'' because not all african are into modern life since some of them keep a deep connection to the spirits and their ancestors and nature),the same mechanism that the “sims2 castaway” had.

world animals could just be some non played npc like : hyppos,lion,crocodiles or even monkey),like we used to have in “ the sims2 castaway).
sims could either get killed if they come too close.they could get their lives spared if the sims have some *“*animal treats "candy” after finishing a task?


Sims could marry or live in the world with a local only if their relationship either hit “high friendship or high romantic relationship'' or even after successfully completing a task. (they could even be hated by the local if they disrespected the tradition of the local 📷. like : statues or sacred templet or even dishonoring a (king,princess,prince,queen)
they could also get curses from fake witch? and meeting good voodoo witches (it's pretty common in the african culture to deal with scammers. cursed sim will get posses by a bad spirit and getting healing by a real voodoo witch ,if they don't they will die so they will have to search for the witch by asking the locals where to find the good witch.and since we have a witch voodoo....ZOMBIES!!! yes! voodoo witch can bring back the deads. As either a zombie or a normal sim! if your sim happen to be freind with the good witch,she may appear and bring you back from the dead (if you have a high social level with her if not ,she will bring you back as a zombie! Since witch are freind with the grimreaper and use white or black magic! if you aren't freind with the voodoo witch,you will need to go back to the hunted forest or hunted sacred grave to find a "liqor" in order to heal from the curse ^^.
life as a zombie: you will sleep inside the ground or a grave in order to gain energy,unlike vampire,yu don't fear the sun! you will walk slow...talk with a zombie voice,the skin will be different and so will be the color of your eyes :),your hygienne will be low if you try to swim or take a shower,you will need to take a ground of sand bath in order to stay clean (in a zomby way).
zomby don't age nor die :p they just need to stay away from water or,it will increas thei risk of dying =) (i din't wanna add the decompose idea ,it too gory since kid play the game)
HO! and they could go to a hair salon and have "braiding animation" for the sim if they feel like having a hairstyle?(you could also add bad hair day if the sim didn't learn correctly how to braid hair ^^
the sim could learn the traditional dance(from the country)
and even give a present to a local there if they feel like marrying one of them or even marry a princess from the country and for that they would need to fulfil a task :D
sim could have their maid of honor have a traditional dance at their wedding (and ea could include traditional dance from asian culture and other world) as a bonus for peoples who aren't fan of african's cultures (like old mechanism that the sims2 had like “money exchange,cars(for the safari),animated action from a cashier (with money’s mesh added to the interaction of the sim to a cashier?)
sim could even have a Dan or NDA test to see if they have some roots from the locals( like ancestry) ? (even if you aren't a simmer of color in order to include everybody :D this way ,they could have a long lost cousin from that world?

learn traditional dance
going to a safari
treasure hunting
african festival (tattoos,hairstyle) (please don’t lock your hair…)
dance contest (the sim have to learn the dance perfectly or the local will make fun of them)
selling on the street (npc who are walking around while holding selling item) (you can just add a fake accessory
arresting bad sim who wanna steel endangered animals or steel sacred statues from the (indigous locals)
going to the maki**(it night club)** we call night club “makis”
swim inside the river (fishing)
(going to the beach)
exploring haunted sacred grave or haunted houses

what do you guys think? i know EA will never do that but ,it alway nice to dream :D.
submitted by melanineflowerqueen to Sims4

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