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UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats, leading the game hacking community since 2020. Very challenging and fun. Access to premium content in games + cheat codes (some content in games is limited to premium). Help Ginger save the world in this charming farming game, Farmcraft 2! You must be a game-registered user to use certain community features. My Farm Life Download - It's a typical, casual, farm. My Farm Town for Android - APK Download.

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My Farm Life 2 takes casual games to new heights as players tend to crops 30 stories above busy city streets! In the side-scrolling shooting game Intrusion 2 your rocket has crashlanded on a planet full of nasty enemy units. Download free games for PC now! Upon opening the top of the box, you will see. Makes me feel like I want to live everyday. All full version games provided at this web-site were licensed, sublicensed for distribution by other game developers, game publishers or developed by internal game studio and provided free legally. Hack! - Play Hack! online at Agame.com.

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Here are the top free Farm games for PC for 2020, including Farm Life, Farm Mania 2, Farm Mania: Hot Vacation, and more. Anointed-true Guns, Love & Tentacles Full Splash Damage. Licence Code: SFAR67M8NJMAJAD. Buy paypal hack – paypal hack crack; zoosk hack crack – zoosk hack messenger; How to Crack Google SketchUp Pro With Keygen 2020. This game is my escapegoat in life. Publisher: Game Top; Last updated: August 2nd, 2020; My Farm Life 2. My Farm. [Guide] How to Take Full Screenshots of Your Farm & Any explanation.

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Your main goal is to grow a bumper crop. My Free Farm 2 – The Online Farm for your PC – upjers.com https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1829. With full head tracking for most games and stereoscopic 3D for supported titles. If you feed the hen and take care of it, she will lay eggs that can be sold. Sell fresh produce and breathe new life into a once prosperous farm. For a big jump, keep holding the spacebar down until the red horse appears. Inside, sims can find foods and products from all over the world.

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Game my farm life 2 full crack. John Deere Drive Green Farming Game Review - Download and. Play free Farm Frenzy 2 game online at Big Fish. My Farm Life - Farm Games from Shockwave.com. Tackle the unique challenges! My Farm Life One minute, Lisa is signing a contract to be the star of a new show; the next, she's knee-deep in chores as she star. My Farm Life is a fun game that stimulates your mind, which is why I play it to wake up in the mornings.

How to play all Destiny 2 content solo. Don't have to compete against teammates for kills in strikes anymore.

Being able to play various activities completely solo has been something a lot of people wish for in Destiny, and while other solutions already exist these are Powershell Scripts. While they work, they don't really tell you, at a glance, whether or not the script is enabled. So I decided to create my own program for this situation, Destiny 2 Solo-Enabler.


I created a program, which enables players to play activities in Destiny 2 completely solo, at the click of a single button. It can be downloaded here: https://github.com/DrNoLife/Destiny-2-Solo-Enablereleases

Full Post

As stated in the first section of the post, the purpose of the program is to give people the ability to play activities completely solo. The program does this by creating firewall rules thus blocking the game's ability to talk with the game servers. This basically means, the program does not hook into the game. The program does not talk with the game. The program does absolutely nothing with the game. The only thing the program does, is talk with your firewall. This in turn also means it needs administrator privileges.
How to use it.
I decided to also create a video tutorial showing how to install and use the program. The video has two versions of the tutorial, one short (40 seconds) and one long, about 5 minutes.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yunmINhf6c4
However if you want a text based version of how to download and use it, here it goes:
  1. Find the download link.
    1. I will link it at the bottom of the post, including a link to the source code.
  2. When you start to download the program, your browser will try to block it. This is because the program is not signed. Honestly, I did not sign it, because I just don't know how, but it's something I'll be looking into in the future.
  3. To prevent your browser blocking it, click on the 3 dots next to the download, and click on "Keep".
  4. Afterwards the .exe should now be in your Downloads folder (unless you downloaded it to some other place). Double click on the program.
  5. Now Windows will give you a warning, exactly like your browser did. It does it for exactly the same reason. Click on "More info" and then click "Run anyway".
  6. Now the program will ask for administrator privileges, it does this, because it needs to handle firewall rules, which requires such privileges.
  7. After giving it administrator privileges, start Destiny 2 up, and go into orbit.
  8. Once in orbit, click on the big "Enable Soloplay" button in the program. Once this is done, you're going to be playing solo.
  9. To disable the program: The button has changed, now saying "Disable Soloplay", click on that button, and the program will turn off. Now you can play with others again.
Blocking of program, why?
As I mentioned in the guide right above, both your Browser and Windows will try to block the program, or well, give you a warning. This is due to something called "code signing".
Code signing is basically a way to confirm that the program has not been changed in any way, since it was last signed, and also confirm the software author. However I'm just a Comp. Sci. student still within the first month of the education, so I just don't have the knowledge of how to sign software like that.
If this blocking of the software turns you off from using it, there's not much I can do.The complete source code is up on GitHub, and everyone can take a look at it and see what is going on. Even for people not into code, I believe I have created enough comments for most people to understand what is going on.
If enough people request it, I would also be willing to create a video going through every single file and line of code used in the project.
FAQ / Ending notes
If you have any questions for me about the program, feel free to ask them. However, please take a look at the FAQ on my Github Repository first, and see if the answer for your question is there already.
However with all that said, I hope the program will provide some use for this community! Especially with Festival of the Lost coming around shortly (should help a lot with farming various activities)!
See you all in the patrol zones! .. or well, not if you're using the program.
Youtube tutorial for the download and usage of the program:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yunmINhf6c4
GitHub repository, source code and FAQ:https://github.com/DrNoLife/Destiny-2-Solo-Enabler
Download link:https://github.com/DrNoLife/Destiny-2-Solo-Enablereleases/
Sorry for eventual spelling and grammar errors. If any obvious ones exist, feel free to let me know!
2020-11-14 Update:
After the Beyond Light expansion, the program still works. Both version 1 and 1.1. Proof here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNS46BXee4E
submitted by IAmDrNoLife to DestinyTheGame

Bridezilla Karen ends up looking like a pauper at her own wedding

I (F48) have known “Pat” (F48) for decades. As far as I can remember, she was fixated on having 5 children and a picket fence dream life. I slowly cut ties with her in college because she was an opportunist and I didn’t trust her. She is both manipulative and forceful. Her idea of cute rubs me the wrong way. Pat likes to walk like a penguin when she wants to elicit pity, and she usually does this when she wants to evoke the underdog narrative. I’ve never seen someone act so despicable and ridiculous at the same time.
I moved on with my life. Happily got rid of her for years. Pat eventually found me on facebook. I accepted her friend request out of politeness.
Pat has become the epitome of a permissive mother. Her (5) kids do as they please and she never calls them out. She tried to force a relationship between me and her daughters and made them call me Auntie. Pat tried to drop them at my house uninvited. Her phone calls were insistent, she tried to monopolize my time and she began to show up at my job. I created some boundaries so she tried to find loopholes. It was a nightmare.
My husband and I hosted a party for the community center (not the real name) new members. The community center is actually a very informal initiative and my husband and I mainly serve the homeless population. We prefer to help strangers instead of catering to potentially narcissistic acquaintances. We don't mind lending a hand but we have encountered truly dishonest choosing beggars.
There are other services, like one of the members who helps women get their wedding and prom dresses for free.The community center location “headquarters” is actually a farm owned by an elderly couple. There is a barn, a venue and a very nice green field with an artificial lake and some fowl. They charge for the use of their facilities (weddings , etc.) but not for community oriented stuff.
Pat had always been salty at her husband for demanding that she go back to work after baby #3. In the meantime, he worked three jobs. She demanded he get her pregnant to fulfill her dream of having 5 kids. He didn’t agree, because he was already nearly 45 and felt like he might never be able to retire. She got away with bringing new babies into this world anyway. Her fascination with being pregnant comes from all the attention she gets. She had at least one miscarriage in between each kid.
Pat latched on to our group. She never missed any of our activities. I hated having her in my house, but it was an open invitation that included virtually everyone and she was very active as an event organizer. I didn’t like the way her kids behaved. We have a designated area for parties and entertainment, but her kids ended up inside my bedroom. We ended up having to keep watch of them and enjoyed zero of our own party.
I called her days later to get my point across (regarding their overall behavior) but she completely cut me off and began talking about herself and said her kids wanted to come visit again and use our pool. I never answered that. I didn't want to say “no, I will not have your brats over”.
She also called me as summer was approaching specifically to let me know her middle daughter was bored and wanted to spend a WEEK at our home. I politely declined, citing that me and my husband have to work and cannot entertain guests. .
Pat paid no heed. Her kid called me on the weekend,calling me “auntie” and attempted to coax me by saying “Mom says you invited me to spend SUMMER with you”. I quickly clarified, and offered an explanation to avoid hurting a kid’s self esteem. Nevermind. Her daughter just hung up on me.
Pat’s facebook also showed some red flags. Some cryptic rants here and there were visible, along with friends’ comments and complaints on how she asked a particular person to watch her kids only for a couple of hours and ended up leaving them all day. Another of her friends criticized her “girls night out “ because Pat had just asked them to be patient and wait until she could pay back some money that she owed them, yet she had money to spend on Friday night outings. I thought those very public comments on private matters were more like a cry of lost patience.
Unpleasant things began to happen. Like the time she volunteered to wrap the Xmas presents for underprivileged kids. We all wanted to create a mix of less costly gifts with really nice ones. Surprisingly, some nice and eye-catching toys and games went missing but turned up under her Christmas Tree (courtesy of her mother in law’s FB posts). No one could prove anything but it was hate-inducing. Or the time my daughter called me in tears to pick her up after she attended Pat’s daughter’s birthday (Casey). My daughter had been ignored all night because she didn’t gift her the expensive gaming stuff Casey practically demanded. My daughter did ask, but I said no. We would buy her a very nice and thoughtful present according to her taste. So when I went to pick her up my daughter was sitting alone in the living room while Casey and her friends stayed outside.
Stories about Pat and her family multiplied. The owners at the farm (community center) decided keep their their gates locked unless they had guests or events because Pat got in the habit of driving in whenever she pleased and it was either her kids screaming and disturbing on-going weddings, throwing rocks at the koi in the lake or harassing the geese in the yard. Or how she stiffed another soccer mom with the lunch bill and then pulled the struggling financially card. Or how other parents hated her because she created unnecessary hostile competition.
When my daughter turned 13, I allowed her to wear my grandma’s ring. It's not an expensive piece of jewelry, but it's vintage and girls nowadays wanna look boho. My Granny gave it to me when I became a teenager so I passed it on to my kid so she could wear it on her birthweek.
It was weird that she became quiet and distracted after that. She also didn’t want to go to school and my husband and I became suspicious. She never opened up, and my other kids had no clue.
We went to her school but her teachers assured us nothing had changed in her environment. My husband and I suspected she was being bullied but our kid gave us no tools to support her. My kid is very sunny, and very compassionate. She has never had any problems with other kids. I called her best friend’s mom. Natalie, my kid’s BFF, told us what was going on. Casey (Pat’s eldest) and my daughter had become “close”. I knew this and wasn’t too thrilled. I found the age (Casey was 17) gap not exactly inappropriate but I’d rather see my daughter spend time with friends in the same age range. Casey is very beautiful and a gifted student. She is also very conceited. To make this story short, she asked my daughter if she could try on the ring and refused to give it back. She later claimed that she lost it but “would look for it” so my daughter was distraught. My daughter kept asking for her ring and as a result, Casey shunned her and spread the word that my kid was trying to steal HER ring. Some kids at school took Casey’s side. So now Casey just wore my kid’s jewelry to school like nothing happened. If that doesn’t qualify as taunting I don't know what does.
My guilt comes from not being able to get my daughter to open up and feel safe telling me the truth. I talked to her and she burst into tears. I was both pained as a mother and furious that some teenage b!tch was doing this under our noses.
I went straight to Pat’s car after school. I asked to talk as Casey was about to go in. So I grabbed Casey’s hand and asked to see her jewelry. Casey froze and she tried to make a fist, so I became relentless. Casey yelled “Mom!” and Pat struggled to get out of the car. I slid the ring off (Casey has tiny hands and wore the ring on her index finger). First Pat yelled at me. After I confronted her with the engraving on the band (my grandma's maiden name), she argued it was loaned to her daughter by my kid. Then she said she bought it. I paid no heed. I did warn them that I knew Casey had become an abusive friend to my daughter.
Pat called me to tell me off. She said she was trying to raise an assertive young woman and I had just messed that up by being “overbearing”. She never apologized for her thief of a child.
Pat's husband ( Hank) is what can be described as a doormat. Pat wore him down to a knob. He had no choice but to “obey” her to keep the peace. She was a bully who actively withdrew affection when he didn’t follow her wishes, even in public. So she got kids #4 and #5 after a relentless campaign that included leaving him for two months. Her pregnancies were a nuisance because she expected to be treated like the only lady who has even been pregnant. She strolled around in a wheelchair almost immediately after getting pregnant and she would “get very sick” on weekends, so her kids were often sent to friends and family so that she could “rest”.
Pat systematically bullied Hank. She would leave town and take the kids with her. Poor Hank would look distraught, drinking on his porch or just looking really lonely. This is how she got off the hook and was able to leave her job. Hank had virtually no voice, so he struggled to keep the marriage together. Everyone liked him, but hated her equally. Hank loved to talk to other people but seemed concerned that Pat would be upset. Over time, according to my husband, Hank began to show signs of depression and mental distress.
Our friend, Lenah, runs the wedding/prom dress initiative. It's not complicated. Dresses are sourced from donations, ebay, trunk shows, etc. Unusually beautiful dresses are retained so that more than one bride gets to wear them. In some cases, a bride will pay 50 bucks, but most of the time, the dresses are donated to the bride.
Pat was involved in this. Lenah kept her in because they never had any issues and her task was limited to just shipping the dresses out.
Pat decided to renew her vows and her bridezilla Karenzilla attitude became the icing on the cake. For starters, she bullied another couple into giving up their wedding date at the farm because she “needed her renewal to match her exact wedding date”. They were not impressed with her harassment, so they booked another venue. As a result, the farm owners were pissed because Pat was already costing them money after she had successfully negotiated a cut in their rate “because she couldn't afford it but will repay by doing maintenance work around the venue” (she never made good on her word).
Pat became attached to a particular dress that was already assigned to another bride. Lenah made it clear that she would need to pay for her own dress. So Pat played it cool and shipped the wrong gown instead. She was adamant that it was the right dress, despite all the notes on Leah’s agenda. The other bride was truly gracious about it. She was obviously disappointed, but never made a scene.
What bothered me most is that I picked that dress and bought it for 40 bucks at a garage sale (not my money, Leah’s money). It was a vintage dress, ankle length, white with lots of lace and a huge bargain. Again, when confronted, Pat “did a Casey” and used the “this is mine” strategy. We felt so bad for the other bride that we did our best to get her something nice to wear. The other bride was a true fighter, she had pulled out of welfare, earned her high school diploma and was working to get on her feet by trying to earn a certificate as an acrylic nail technician. So, her reward was to have some Karen steal her dress? Pat never admitted to messing up, but just by the fact that she claimed it was her dress, we knew.
Lenah never allowed her in her warehouse again. Their last phone fight ended with Pat bringing up the other bride’s past (like it mattered) and “this conversation is over, it's my dress and you are mistaken”. That was weeks before the other bride’s wedding.
Pat went all out on her wedding decor. She spent way too much. She hired a caterer for some food (mainly mimosas and appetizers), but the wedding invitation included a request for specific dishes for her Sunday brunch wedding. Either she ran out of banquet money or was on a complete moocher mode.I picture the penguin walking upon practically asking everyone to supply her wedding reception grub and I cringe.
There is nothing wrong with potluck weddings. In fact, they can be a nice addition to a very cozy and family oriented wedding reception. But, don’t you need to at least be close to your guests in order to ask for such a thing? Even I got an invitation. I told everyone I wasn’t going because I was very uncomfortable being told what to bring and was probably expected to give them a cash gift on top of that. Some of the older ladies in our group agreed. Some said they would not decline in advance because she is a bully and they didn’t want a confrontation.
Lenah called me the night before Pat’s re-wedding. Lenah was there to close the Saturday night bingo and Pat was awfully friendly, but that’s what she does whenever things are going her way. Lenah peeked into the garment bag and saw the exact same dress while Pat was caught up supervising the wedding decoration.
The thing with Karens is that they expect everyone to suck it up, or make their dreams come true, or they simply underestimate everyone and think we are all fools.
Lenah is a very straightforward person with a “so sue me” attitude. She told me she would just ruin the dress. After all, it was hers, so she could do whatever she wanted. If Pat wanted to take legal action, and should things get ugly, she needed to prove ownership. However, the dress was the same, the marks inside the hem and the tags were the same. Even the tag numbers that were punched to identify each dress for logistics purposes matched.
Pat had the dress altered, with some extra beading and dyed to a deep cream color. But it was obviously the same garment. Lenah and I snuck in before the venue was closed for the night. All brides are allowed to stay in a small bedroom for a small charge, so that they don’t need to drive in on their wedding day. Honestly, the makeshift chapel was gorgeous, I don’t know how she paid for it but it was full of flowers and presumptuous details. I naively brought in some ink to spill on the dress, but Lenah said she wanted “something more awful, like a nasty surprise”. Ink would be too obvious and if she saw it ahead, she may be able to snag another gown from somewhere. No, the ideal thing was to have her trust the dress was fine. So Lenah locked herself in a bathroom stall and completely cut out the back panel. She patiently put it back on its hanger and zipped the bag. We left through the emergency door with the back of the dress stuffed inside Lenah's purse. I completely hate people who target and steal from anyone they (Pat and her kid) calculate to be in a weaker position.
The wedding was scheduled at 9 AM. Pat called me at 7 AM, but I ignored her calls. I picked up by 8 AM, both curious and wondering if she suspected anything. Pat was frantic.She was crying that her dress was “missing by half”. I purposely made her explain, being annoyingly dense and continually interrupting like she does, and stalling the conversation. She asked me if I could lend her my wedding dress. I said no, sorry. She then asked me if I would help her get a dress. I was satisfied to remind her that the town's bridal shops were closed on Sunday and the others that would open were almost an hour away. The farm is already almost one hour away from our town.
If Pat could get a shop to rent a dress, she would need to try the dress on, and get it steamed. Even if the dress was ready to wear, it would easily take more than two hours (roundtrip). She tried to ask me to go pick a dress (who would pay for this??). Even if a shop were open and brought her a dress, it would add to the cost. Also, these shops open at 10 or 9:30 at earliest. By time they got to her, it would be time to wrap up the wedding because she needed to clear the venue by 12:00 for the next event.
She broke down and mumbled some stupid stuff I didn't understand. So Pat hung up on me and called Lenah instead.. She asked Lenah to bring her “anything she had available”. Lenah and I ended up delivering the most outdated, moss smelling, oversized dressed. Pat’s disappointment was a mix between angry and emotional. She also tried to wear her knee length silk bridal slip as a wedding dress but it was too obvious and it really looked cheap. She tried to get her daughter to give her her own dress to wear with an open back zipper (due to fitting issues) but Casey refused, asking if she was supposed to attend the wedding naked (she got a point, plus Casey is petite).
The dress needed a petticoat to plump up the skirt, which wasn’t available. So it dragged all over the floor and Pat had to keep pulling it up. Pat walked down the aisle with one hand on her bouquet and another one grabbing her dress. The dress looked limp and weird with the arrangements of pins (they didn’t show) that caused the sleeves and neckline to pucker into messy rims. She spent the ceremony looking uncomfortable and out of place. Very few people attended but that was not part of any revenge, that was just how people reacted to her entitled attitude.
The dress looked awful. The reception portion of the wedding had all this princely decoration, a very nice cake and a bridezilla with a dress from hell. I didn’t stay, but I was told, she was so disappointed she spent her wedding sulking. There was no dance, no actual speech. She had to change into a shirt and leggings because the dress was too uncomfortable. Everyone talked about how Pat put on her flip flops and walked around aimlessly until she ordered the ushers to start folding up the chairs within one hour of the reception. So she practically kicked everyone out and the cake was never cut.
Pat wasn’t the same after this.She was not as loud and avoided everyone. I think she was disappointed that nobody ran to her rescue, not even her family who came from out of town.
Her husband finally cracked under all the pressure and sought some help. He was slaving away and coming home to clean the house while Pat used her kids as an excuse to spend like crazy. Hank also had to do kid homework because Pat never had time or never had patience. She also refused to get a partime job so her kids could attend an afterschool and get help with their school stuff. Therapy seemed to help Hank because the last time Pat left with her kids, he didn't seem distraught. He would be riding his bicycle and could be seen more relaxed while mowing his lawn. Hank told my husband that he had contemplated suicide after their third kid. When Pat returned, he maintained the routine but was interested in going out by himself and doing things for himself. We began to see Pat alone all the time. Hank was seen less and less in the same car and eventually moved in with his parents. He filed for divorce on the grounds of emotional cruelty and I don't think he won. Instead (I’m not sure of this because this is what I was told) there was some sort of a settlement or agreement that she would not get close or interact with him unless it has to do with the kids).
I also don’t know if Pat even actually suspected who/what happened to her dress. She slowly pulled away from the community center and became less active in social gatherings. Pat also removed me from her facebook as well as mostly everyone else from school and the center.
Bridezilla stole a wedding dress from an underprivileged woman. The actual dress owner destroys her big day.
EDIT: Regarding my kid, there were no prior incidents. Pat, her family and my family were not "friends'. I did see her often. After Casey's birthday incident, there we no additional situations until what happened with the ring. After that, Casey played the "OP treated me badly" card because I physically removed the ring from her hands but I honestly don't feel I need to protect her emotions.
EDIT: THANKS to everyone who took their time to read. Thanks for the nice and kind comments and even the naysayers or aggressive ones. I understand we are all different and some situations can seem enraging or so difficult we instantly want to fix it by reacting or by reproaching. Its human nature to instantly go for "this is what should have happened instead". I appreciate your input. Even the mocking, raging and scrutinizing ones show me indignation and this is good. No one has yet said "I love what Pat did" and that shows we are still striving for a more fair and balanced life. Even the snyde comments show me this has gotten under your skin and I try not to judge. The lovely and supportive Redditors who have shown kindness are also very appreciated.
For the most accurate description, these links can help you get an idea. Not the actual dresses, but extremely close.
What she thought she would wear down the aisle: (shorter sleeve, no train, only ankle-length)
What she got, oversized, outdated. Actually, the dress was even bigger.
submitted by forestcabin123k to ProRevenge

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