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Serials in the database: Added today: 0 Added within the last week: 7 Top uploaders are: [Ghosty] [fox] [Ahmed] [Anonymous] Recent serials rating is: % Overall average rating is: %. Make greeting cards at home, learn typing, do a newsletter, create a scrapbook, start a business, get clip art or fix your computer, we have the right software for you. Best Disk Partition Manager for Windows PC. BurnAware Premium 13.8. Easy Flyer Creator 3.0 - Most Advanced and Easy to use Desktop Publishing Software that help you Design Create Print Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Certificates, Tickets and mail merge documents from templates.

Is there a good one-stop shop for online DM tools mixed with world building? Looking for an all-in-one creator/manager of; World Maps (and Planar maps), Local Maps, Dungeon Maps, NPC lists, Monsters, Encounters, Treasure, Objectives, etc.

I have a dream program that I'm visualizing, and I'm not quite sure anything like it exists yes (at least feature complete). I just have a wish list below, and if there's any site you guys know of that fits the bill in a large way, can you let me know what it is?
I'm more in this for the world building than the encounters, and from what I've seen, DND Beyond and Roll 20 don't really offer what I'm looking for (unless I'm not looking in the right place).
  • Dynamic World Map Maker
    • Draw continental shore lines
    • Define biomes (grassland, desert, mountains, etc)
    • Define political boundaries
    • Place any-sized settlement (capitol, large, medium, small, village, POI)
    • Within settlements, create districts
    • Draw roads between settlements
    • Manage time (a slider for time of day, button for short rest/long rest/next morning)
This world map would effectively work like the DM screen. You can zoom in to the location where you're party's at, and contextual menus will pop up with places of interest, NPC's, etc. For example, if my party is in the capitol city and wants to talk to a guard in the market district, I could:
  1. From my world map, click the capital city
  2. Click the Market District
  3. Click my NPC list
    • If they already talked to the guard, it would appear
    • If this is a new NPC, you could generate character info on the fly (auto generate for throw-away characters, but it will always be there now if you want to flesh it out later if they revisit him)
Then, let's say that the party want's to adventure to a settlement outside of town.
  1. Zoom out of the market district, out of the city, to the world map.
  2. Click the destination, and select "Begin Travel"
  3. A contextual menu will pop up which would have you set the travel method, and pace
    • On Foot, Horseback, Flight, Sail, Teleportation
    • Slow, Normal, Fast
  4. The app would them calculate the travel time
    • If on foot/horseback, it would calculate time using the pace, and the length of the roads you drew.
    • If flight, it would do a straight line to the destination
    • If sailing is required, travel via road to the nearest settlement with a dock, then straight line (around obstacles) to the destination.
The party's distance traveled would only change when the time is advanced. You could advance the clock via a slider, and stop sliding it at any point to add an encounter (or start a pre-made one), or add a point of interest or NPC. You can also pause the travel for long rests if required.
If your destination is a dungeon, you could opt to load your own, or generate a new one on the fly. The encounters you generate could pull from NPCs, or Monsters. Once an encounter is complete, you can offer your own list of treasure, or generate some on the fly.
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[PC] [NA] Looking for players, coaches, creators, management, and more!

I am starting a gaming/content creator org. Called Tactical Thieves. That will play competitive and make content.
Looking for:
- Players
- Coaches
- Analyst
- Creators
- Casters
- Graphic Designers
- Management
- and more
If you are interested in being apart of an upcoming org fill out this form! Let's help each other grow.
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