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The Dota 2 Installer will pop out. This is a list of console commands in Dota 2, based-on Dota 2 GC version 1366 (4338 total convars/concommands). If not - leave a comment and I fix the post. Steam Key Generator No Survey https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1801.

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/r/starcitizen 100k subs retrospective

Hello /starcitizen - all 100,000 + of you

This is part of series of posts we the moderators of /starcitizen have prepared in celebration of reaching the 100,000 subscriber milestone. This post is to provide a bit of retrospective of where the sub had started, how it's progressed over these past years of Star Citizen's development and where it is now.
We're also planning a /starcitizen giveaway!!! We're just confirming the last of the prizes so should be posted in a day or so.
In the beginning - the first captured post of the subreddit
25 October 2012 - Total Subscribers: 1,424
This is the first capture of the /starcitizen subreddit. The beginning of our recorded history. What was popular on this day? Well as you can see:
  • We got digital pledge options added to RSI website store!
  • The kickstarter was about to hit the massive $500k (that's cute)
  • SuperTuba62 was keen to see what the Freelancer was going to look like (I think those pictures are ready now).
  • The subreddit was gearing up for upcoming AMA by Chris Roberts.
It's interesting looking back at this time. The subreddit certainly had a different feel during that period. Everyone super excited for ongoing Kickstarter and RSI funding. It'd certainly be interesting to tell some of the users back then that the game has now raised $140 Million.
First post after the completion of Kickstarter
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a capture of the subreddit right after the ending of the initial funding campaign. Myself and others that were around back then will be able to tell you those were some fun times. CIG managed to raise far more than we ever expected at the end of that campaign and energy in the subreddit and forums was off the chart.
Praise LAMP!
1 month since the release of the Hangar Module - $20 Million Reached
27 September 2013 - Total Subscribers: 10,844
The biggest news on this day was hitting the $20 Million Dollar funding milestone. Close to a year after the completion of the initial funding this goal was met which meant the following funding goal was accomplished:
"First person combat on select lawless planets. Don’t just battle on space stations and platforms… take the fight to the ground!"
Well...we're certainly going to get more than a few lawless planets now. Even though FPS combat has been in the game since 2.0 we're getting a taste of proper FPS mechanics with Star Marine right now.
Other notable news on this day:
1 Month til Arena Commander DFM released
8 May 2014 - Total Subscribers: 24,762
1 month out for the biggest module release so far. Hype was spreading across the subreddit and subscriber numbers (and funding for that matter) continued to grow.
Some interesting posts from that time.
Arena Commander 2.0 Released
12 December 2015 - Total Subscribers: 60,334
A lot occurred December 2015.
  • 2.0 dropped to all users. There were bugs, there were crashes but goddamn we played it and loved it.
  • $100m in funding was reached!
  • Over 1.1 Million Citizens.
  • Holiday sale was in full swing.
Some interesting posts and new from that period:
And some interesting quotes:
I had a fun bug tonight. I was at the pvp station, there were 2 other guys in there. I snuck around them and was ecstatic about reaching a gun on level 1 after sneaking all the way down from level 3 without being seen. I went to grab the gun..and the second i touched it, I got sent flying at light speed out of the station to my death. LOL.
can you feel it. the hype storm.
Between the Gamescom and Citizencon hype 2016
September 28 2016 - Total Subscribers: 83,478
In between the hype of the 3.0 demo at GamesCom and the upcoming CitizenCon event, the subreddit was hyped. 3.0 left a major impression on us all.
Both massive events for the Star Citizen community and both attracting different reactions.
GamesCom was basically all positive and the hype was off the charts for that one:
mithikx - Meanwhile at CIG...
DotaLoveless - What made the presentation so amazing is that it had bugs. Players finding ways to hate SC will definitely use that as fuel for the fire... but it was real footage. Not cherry picked, overly custom built bullshit, but real gameplay.
CitizenCon seems to split the community much more, especially in regards to not seeing SQ42:
HockeyBrawler09 - I won't say I was let down by what I did see, but I'm more disappointed with what I didn't see. After hyping up the Squadron 42 aspect with the interviews, 10ftc and the constant hints dropped by other daily vids....to not see it was a pretty big let down. I just have difficulty accepting that there is a studio that is almost entirely dedicated to this single player game and they weren't able to put together a polished single level. Even in this very sub some people were alright with seeing even an updated version of the morrow tour. I kept my hype in check though, and I appreciate the work the team put in to make it all happen, but I was much, much more impressed with Gamescom stuff than citizencon....which shouldn't be the case. So hats off to CIG, here's hoping 3.0 makes it out this year.
danivus - I enjoyed the planetary stuff, but you're not wrong. It was building on what we've already seen, not delivering anything new or exciting which is what they lead us to believe. And oh my god like two hours of recap. We already know this shit guys, we're fans.

TODAY 100,000 Subscribers

March 19 2017 - Total Subscribers: 100,000
And we reach today! It's been a great journey. We'd like to thank all Citizens who have joined us here. From those who were here way back Pre-Kickstarter to those just now deciding on which package to buy now.
Thank you. This community is amazing and you all make it that way.
submitted by GentlemanJ to starcitizen

Can we stop this NA and EU bullshit?

This is from the Puppey and Universe thread. How can you make such absurd claims? If this sub had such a crazy NA majority, how would replies like that not be in the negatives hundreds, if not thousands? NA has been "up" for 6+ hours now, so the excuse of it being not NA times doesn't fly. If it was such a vast majority of NA, how does anything positive for EU ever get upvotes?
This is survey conducted by the mods on this sub. It's not the most scientific survey, but we can get a broad sense that in fact NA is not the majority of this subreddit and certainly not absurd percentages like 80%. It certainly wouldn't be a stretch to say NA gets more hate from the rest of the world than EU does.
This is matchmaking stats from the past 48 hours. EU dwarfs NA players searching during EU peak times, and even during NA peak times EU still manages to have similar numbers to NA.
Look there are bad apples on both sides, you're delusional if you deny that. However, when shit is spouted like what I posted and gets hundreds of upvotes without any evidence, then it needs to be accounted for. At this point I don't know what to do about this hate we've developed in this community. I wish more prominent members of the community would step up and tell everyone to shut up already about this region shit. Other competitive games I've played in the past and even early Dota 2 certainly wasn't like this. The only way I can see it changing is if we develop high speed internet to the point where we can play with anyone across the world without latency issues. Then we might all realize we're not all that different from each other and we can enjoy Dota without the harmful bigotry.
submitted by ChemicalPlantZone to DotA2

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