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Death Wish (10 points): Die more than 444 times. Get breaking news, photos, and video of your favorite WWE Superstars. These monstrous beasts are your game, and you'll use every bit of these monsters for creating new armor, weapons, and items. Our partners look to us to make unique and valuable. Lirlia, a Monster Hunter, was suddenly transported o the Star Wars universe. I will add more stuff to this topic later.

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Discover new games, share tips, and interact with other community members. Cyberduck 67128683 Registration key public key authentication. Monster Hunter (20 points): Defeat 30 bosses. Monster Hunter gives you the role of a hunter in a world full of fantastic and amazing creatures. The following is a list of creatures in both the difinitive Resident Evil series, and created by Gory Storm users. Monster Hunter Freedom.

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Other card information: Gallery; Rulings; Errata; Tips; Appearances; Trivia; Lores; Artworks. Credits and distribution permission. If you're like us and missed out on the release of these iconic retros, Finish Line and Eastbay will have a restock on February 15th just in time for All Star Weekend. Capcom is a victim of a ransomware attack Confidential company data was recently leaked online The leak includes details about "Resident Evil 8" and Capcom's plans and projects Capcom has become a. Video game cheats and walkthroughs @ CheatsGuru.Com. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Cheats Code - 10K+ ROBUX CODE AND LIFTIME OBC CODE: O. Cheats Code - OBC unlimited Roblox! Shop trimmers, mowers, chainsaws, drills & more. Spell as many words as you can with the provided letters before time runs out. Register now to take full advantage of free downloads and many more community features. Related to archetypes and series Number C Numeron. Steam Community: : Pyria: Mythos Evolved: : Comments https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1795.

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Add to Wish List Add to Compare-22%. When Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches, Destiny 2 PC will move to the Steam platform. Welcome to The Sims 3 community. You then need to indicate whether you want female names, male names or a combination of the two. Instrument of Destruction (20 points): Defeat 9999 enemies (Akrid, VS, or enemy soldiers). America's first ghost hunter.

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Submission of a perpetual non-maintenance licence serial number is required to save 20% on a new 3-year single-user subscription or to save 15% on a new 1-year single-user subscription. Residential / Commercial Irrigation. ThinkGiveaways - Free Giveaways, Sweepstakes & Contests. Once again, the shield is big enough to block most attacks, and you can walk while. Brush up on the basic keyboard controls and key bindings PC players need to know to make the most out of Monster Hunter World. RoboForm: Manage your passwords with ease and security.

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This means we just search other search engines. AMD Posts New Radeon RX 6800 XT and 6900 XT Benchmarks, mostly beating RTX 3080. Now Mother and Son are reunited as they all travel across the New World to discover the secrets of the Elder crossing. Top 90 Paranormal Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1794. The Witcher, based on source material written by Andrzej Sapkowski, follows a monster hunter in a world known as The Continent The show is expected to return to Netflix in 2020. Plywood Mini Monster Retro Gaming Joystick Kit – Cyber Pink.

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for Sony PSP cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. Cheats for Monster Hunter Stories Hack Mod Apk About Cheats for Monster Hunter Stories Cheats for monster hunter stories is the fans cheats guide app that you can enjoy with your friends and fans anytime, which simulates monster hunter stories ride on game new versions of cheats and hints to guide and treat anyone you. Stone Age people cut up their food with sharpened stones and cooked it on a. MHFU: Monsters - The Monster Hunter Wiki - Monster Hunter. Physiology 2 Abilities 3 Behavior 4 Habitat 5 Etymology 6 Game Appearances 7 In-Game Description 8 Music Theme 9 Notes Morudomunto have body structures similar to the likes of Gore Magala. Find all treasure within a single locale.

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THE BLUE BOMBER BLASTS INTO A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION Mega Man blasts his way into the third. Hunt A Killer - Do You Have What It Takes. Monster hunter dom 2 hacks. A guide to hunt the Yian Garuga on Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Walkthrough for Monster Hunger Freedom 2. Music -Bad Religion - Pretenders Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy. CD KEY STORE ORIGINAL NAME PRICE; DOOM Eternal (PS4) Use Code: cdkeyprices to get 2.00% discount $15.56 $15.25: DOOM ETERNAL (PS4) (Account) PlayStation 4 Use Code: cdkeyprices to get 3.00% discount: $14.82 $16.00: DOOM Eternal (XB1) (Account) Xbox 360/Xbox one Use Code: cdkeyprices to get 3.00% discount: $18.37 $17.58: DOOM Eternal (XB1) (Account) Xbox 360/Xbox one Use Code: cdkeyprices. Timeline will be before the 3 great quests of the Zeus & Hera famillias, so the distant past of the cannon story and just before the 5th fleet arrives and the start of Monster Hunter World.

INTJ Anime Characters

I've already made an ENTJ and ENFP anime characters thread posts on each of them, you can check them all out here down below if you wish. I wanted to make the INTJ anime characters post next and share it with you all here in my opinion. Tell me what you think down below, thanks for the support.
Here's a list of the anime MBTI characters from other types I've done as well:
INTJ anime characters:
Piccolo: I put him here because he's one of the OGs, Piccolo is one of the greatest INTJs ever in anime and in fiction too. He's insightful, he's visionary, he's headstrong, tough, and confident. He's very intelligent and looks at things behind the scenes all the time and is a master planner and forward thinker. Piccolo is always thinking about the future and worried about and plays things safe and sees patterns and makes connections with things using his Ni. He gets hunches all the time and draws conclusions quickly and then tries to justify them with more evidence to validate himself and thoughts. Piccolo definitely has inferior Se, he doesn't pay attention to his surroundings when people are talking to him like when he was speculating about Cell after seeing him and fighting him after he escaped, he didn't realize Krillin was speaking to him at all and head to snap him out of it during his thought process. He also sometimes is impulsive and reactionary and acts without thinking rarely on occasion out of anger, emotion, or frustration like when he wanted to charge down there when Babidi was killing people and rush in on impulse to stop them without thinking and everyone objected and had to stop him and explain why that was a bad idea and impulsive thing to do, showing his inferior Se here clearly. He cares about Te efficiency and staying on task and getting goals done all the time and is bossy in a Te way not Fe way, he gives Te orders to Gohan when he trains him and Goten and Trunks to when he takes over to teach them the Fusion Technique. Piccolo definitely has Fi, he has deep inner values and pride and he struggles to come to term with them and his inner values and inner sensitivity plenty of times in the story, he still has it though good tertiary Fi since he had a soft spot for Gohan and gave him apples despite his tough nature and he ended up befriending Gohan and loving him for it and his compassion for treating him like a real person and taking him seriously and judging him as a monster or freak like most people normally do when they see him, Piccolo's Fi comes all the time with his Gohan interactions and when their deep relationship is brought up. He also is a character that struggles and has to come to terms with his identity and values inside about things and themselves and who they are which is a common writing technique for Fi users but Fe users can be written this way too. But in this case Piccolo is the typical Fi user tertiary tough character like I mentioned coming to terms with his inner emotions and identity and tries to figure out who he is as a Namekian and where he came from and his own heritage and origins and place in the world which is all typical Fi and also usually Si too most the time. He has a strong Fi relationship with Kami and rejects him and tries to operate on his own as long as possible. But eventually he starts accepting his Namekian heritage like Goku and the Saiyan thing and he starts fusing with Nail and eventually leading up to Kami and fusing with him to get stronger and face his past and inner values as a Namekian that was once one being with Kami before. He's also somewhat empathetic again with others like my Gohan examples, or caring strongly about the people of Earth, or the guy Cell killed in front of him and so on. Fi is very clear in Piccolo and a very interesting aspect to his character as well.
Light Yagami: Yeah I said it, ENTJ Light fans come at me, haha. It's fine if that's your opinion and you think Light's ENTJ, we all have our opinions. I have mine, Light in my opinion is for sure and is one of the greatest INTJs in fiction and anime history. My opinion for why Light is INTJ is, he’s a mastermind planner, plans a million steps ahead. Thinks about what's going on behind the scenes, is very precautions and prepared with everything does, he's very calm and introverted and level headed with a strong extroverted side and good social skills which again yes INTJs can have and there's plenty like this. Someone once told me Light is ENTJ cause he like to look good and Se, but for thing this is just Se stereotyping and not completely true and even so INTJs have Se too and also like to look good as well at times too, there's different kinds of INTJs people forget and even enneagram that plays a factor as well. Light is headstrong, confident, efficient, stays on task and loses patience with people easily. He cares about his inner values and has his own deep inner pride. He cares a lot about that pride and his Fi values with things and can empathize with people like when people start responding to the website about his deeds and he feels he's doing the morally right thing even if he's sick and twisted about it. He struggles with Se and hates spontaneity and when things go wrong and he's forced to improvise. Reacting to details in the moment is not Light Yagami's strong suit but when he's able to he can do it and respond to new details accordingly, he uses his Ni dom behavior to plan and control the situation and lead the people to the way he wants things to go. Here's a good CBR post on him, there not always right but sometimes they are and this is one of them, I agree with most of the Death Note typings here, especially with Light, Ryuk, Misa, and L for sure:
Sasuke Uchiha: One of the most stereotypical and avengeful INTJs ever. A lot of people get confused on him and his type a lot and I never understood why, he's by no means an ISFP at all in my opinion, there's no way he struggles with Te since he uses it all the time and I think people fail to realize that part of it. Sasuke is a Ni dom and Te user for sure. He's future oriented, insightful, headstrong, confident, cares about efficiency and getting goals done, he's bossy and bosses people around and gives orders without question or hesitation. He's very future oriented and reads between the lines all the time. His Ni gives him great insight and keeps him focused on his goal and he plans a ton of steps ahead and builds off the patterns he sees and thinks in building blocks and focused pattern recognition with his perception and intution. We see this insightful focused pattern thinking in almost every fight and tough situation he's put in like Team 7 against Kakashi, the fight against Zabuza, the Haku fight, his Shippuuden fights, his Itachi fight, his Naruto fights and so on. We all know Sasuke has Fi, he has deep inner values and struggles to express himself. He lives by his values until the very end and gets offended easily if anyone crosses his values in any way. He's quick to strike and take them down if necessary and has a strong emotional side to him, but I think people fail to realize his emotions aren't so high that they are higher up for him, his Fi is tertiary, not in other spots. Sasuke is definitely an Se inferior, he hates spontaneity but when it happens he's able to handle it decently well. He overall values planning over impulse and reacting in details in the moment. He's always in his head thinking about the future rather than being in the here and now. Sometimes Sasuke is in his head too much and not paying attention to details around him or reacting quickly to them but his Se is developed enough to be able to stop sneak attacks on him and retaliate quickly on impulse when I surprise does happen and come his way. So yeah Sasuke is INTJ for sure in my eyes and is one of the best ones out there even if he's not my favorite Naruto character out there personally, I still enjoy him for what he is and see why most fans like him so much.
Todoroki: Now out of all the characters here I know I keep saying this but I guess it applies to multiple characters is why, haha. But basically Todoroki is also the stereotypical INTJ too, he's one of the most obvious ones ever. Todoroki always has hunches and is always jumping to conclusions and trying to justify his predictions and reasoning. He's very decisive and very visionary and insightful. He picked up on the similarities with Deku and All Might and there powers and instantly asked him what's up with you two, are you related or something or are you his disciple. He's always looking at what's going on behind the scenes and is trying the deduce the truth and sees patterns in things all the time with his Ni and he does all this like a Te user as well. He's headstrong, confident, cold, unapologetic unless he's showing his nice side, straightforward with his logic and very blunt and to the point when he's not being hazy and symbolic with his Ni at least. We obviously see his Fi with his tragic past and inner deep emotions, I don't even need to get into this. Fi in Todoroki is clear, things affect deeply and it takes a lot to bring out his inner deep Fi emotions, like Deku's inspiration and Ni and Fe speeches he does constantly to him and other times.
Nico Robin: One of the most stereotypical INTJ women ever. People get confused on her too much to often I think as well, people think INTP, INFJ, INTJ, almost every IN type under the blue moon I've seen with Robin, haha. But in my opinion no she's definitely INTJ without a doubt. Nico Robin is a very class and nice and caring INTJ, with a typical dark INTJ style sense of humor to her with all the dark humor things she says and unemotional and blunt dark things she says without a second thought. She's insightful, perceptive, organized and structured, very focused and rigid while still having an easygoing side too, she cares a lot about efficiency and is shown to have little patience with others when trying to work toward a goal, think her rage at Tashigi in Alabasta for getting in her way to the Ponyglyph or her assertiveness and anger toward Franky and the crew in Thriller Bark toward the Docking suggestion. She's can be bossy and gives people orders with her Te when she's angry or upset about something like telling characters to stop pointing weapons at her, getting angry at the Sky Island priest for destroying the ruins and yelling at him, and so on. She's efficient like I mentioned and stays on task logically and keeps the crew on track with their goals and helps get them where they need to go and helps the crew keep moving efficiently like when she found the information herself for the Sky Island and even got extra information on Montblanc Cricket who ended up helping them get there. She struggles to express her emotions and deep inner values and has very strong values with her Fi as we can see at different moments in the story. Her Fi is especially apparent in the entire Water 7 saga and Enies Lobby arc. She struggles to express her emotions and has strong inner values that she constantly fails to express to the others the whole arc which further adds to her mysterious to her character and just makes you want to learn and understand how she's truly feeling. This all builds up until the I want to live scene with is the ultimate revelation and expression of her Fi, she finally told people how she really feels and let those inner deep Fi emotions out for the first time, a truly magnificent scene as we all know. In terms of her Se inferior Robin definitely struggles with her Se. She can't live in the moment very well and is always in her head thinking about the next thing or pattern she sees and speculates on or of course the next Ponyglyph she can find. The crew's fun party and energetic energy forces her to try to chill and relax and live in the moment to have fun and when she gets out of her head she can and is able to have fun in the moment like in Water 7 but ultimately she usually strays back in her Ni thoughts like in that same party earlier or in other moments you see Robin focusing on something in her mind like Aokiji and his words, the government, the Ponyglyphs, her goals, or something else she's focusing on and trying to read behind the scenes. Robin's Ni is clear and all her other functions as well in my opinion, Nico Robin one of the most INTJ females ever out there of all time. Everyone loves her and for good reason, she's a great and amazing character. See a longer, more in depth analysis on her down below that I wrote if you want too:
Another cool INTJ post for Robin:
Hiei: One of the most stereotypical INTJs again with Hiei. I've seen too many people confused on him too at times as well, people think ISTP and ENTJ at times but no I completely disagree and see Hiei as a clear INTJ definitely no doubt. Hiei is very perceptive and calm and level headed, he's always planning and looking behind the scenes. He shows this in almost every encounter and conflict they come across, Hiei is always the one strategizing and analyzing patterns he sees behind the scenes and reading between the lines along with Kurama. He frequently gets mad at Kuwabara for not doing this and they clash all the time with their different Ni vs Se values, Yusuke acts similarly but they get along better on a much cooler scale and respect compared to Kuwabara. Hiei is always in his head and thinking to himself somewhere about the future and stuff he's understanding behind the scenes, he frequently struggles with being in the moment and paying attention to details in the moment and reacting to them for his Se inferior. But he has a decent grip on his Se and can react quickly when necessary in a battle or being snuck up on etc. He definitely has ter Fi values and we see that especially with Yukina and when she comes into play with this, he obviously has a caring side but he struggles to express his emotions and has strong empathy and very strong inner emotions and values to things when we see Hiei occasionally lash out from his emotions in a situation and being angered strongly and deeply on an emotional level about something. He has his good morality moments in the story despite his toughness and has a good enough grips on his morality and inner values to perfectly justify him as a Ti tertiary user and a very prideful one at that. Hiei, one of the greatest INTJs out there.
Mihawk, definitely INTJ not ISTP like Zoro. Mihawk is INTJ and an Ni dom for sure and a Te user. He has great insight and is always looking behind the scenes trying to see the meaning of things and draws conclusions quickly with his Ni hunches as well and tries to prove them correct and justified afterwards. He's impatient with others and is very efficient and organized. Mihawk is confident and headstrong and gives orders to people that get in his way and even patronizes them if they bother him or he looks down on them for some reason of his.
Kurapika, one of the best INTJs out there for sure. Kurapika is greatness and is an excellent and perfect version of an INTJ looking for vengeance. He's very similar to Sasuke and has motivation to restore and avenge his clan, which is usually very Si and yes normally it is but any type can want vengeance and be very driven by it and have it as a main motivation. Time and time again Kurapika has shown great insight and future oriented thinking and planning. He's always being very perceptive with his Ni and focusing on what's going on behind the scenes and reading between the lines with his Ni constantly throughout the series. Kurapika is one of the most stereotypical Ni dom characters ever and I don't need to explain why to people I'm sure. He uses Ni so much it's not even funny, haha. Along with Kurapika's constant use of Ni perception like when he watches people during fights like against the prisoners in the hunter, and the quick Ni decisive conclusions he comes across after observing something or someone like saying "Leorio will choose Rock" or assessing and predicting Hisoka's true nature and most likely intentions like in the forest of the hunter exam, Kurapika is always being very efficient, headstrong, confident, and assertive and blunt with his behavior and decision making, and he's always giving orders and being bossy in a logical manner with his Te. He had very little patience with characters in the York New City arc and would be seen in constant rage and yelling and barking orders at people and telling them what to do with confidence without a second thought or hesitation. Kurapika's Te bossiness and assertiveness was pushed full front in the York New arc, but it never overtook his calm level headed and perceptive Ni and he was always still able to keep calm mind in general and look at patterns behind the scenes with his Ni constantly as well along with his Te assertive moments in the arc. We also see his Fi tertiary clearly in this arc, he's extremely value driven and focused on his deep and inner emotions and hatred toward the Phantom Troupe. He shows them no mercy to them ever and his emotions almost get the better of him in many situations and other characters have to calm him down and relax his desire for vengeance and emotional satisfaction inside. He showns more Ni and Fi vengeance here with his character and behaviors rather than the typical Si vengeance we're known for seeing in characters in fiction. So yeah, Kurapika's emotions and very, very strong and deeply rooted and hard to express for him especially in the arc, but despite this he does express them in some shape or form and constantly shows how powerful his inner deep Fi emotions and values mean to him and this arc is the perfect example of that and how a tertiary Fi user and INTJ can get angry and feel strongly emotionally about something they care about and lash out in a very assertive and negative manner about it. Kurapika has clear Se inferior with being in his head and not reacting or caring about details around him as much. He focuses primarily on Ni and doesn't care too much about Se unless he needs it, he's a great hunter and can use his Se well when a situation arises that he needs it to react quickly to details in the moment. So while Kurapika has shown to use it fairly well in situations, ultimately Se is not the function Kurapika cares to use very much unless necessary in favor of his preferred Ni and focus towards his goals, thoughts, and patterns he constantly sees and analyzes in a situation to find the truth and solves a problem with the constant quick conclusions he gets with his Ni hunches in every situation he gets in during the series. Kurapika will always be one of the best INTJs out there.
Sabrina from Pokemon, all versions whether its the anime, manga, or games. Sabrina is one of the most stereotypical and awesome INTJ women out there of all time again just like with Nico Robin. She's extremely perceptive and insightful, she predicts the future and come to quickly conclusions and has strong hunches about things. She's mysterious, cold, and logical. She's efficient, logical, assertive, headstrong, structured, rigid, unemotional, loves giving people orders. She doesn't have patience with people either in any iteration she's in and she's very calm and collected type of person. She has a bossy and assertive nature to her and she's the type get angry and let her emotions sometimes come out and proceed to rage and let out her anger at others if frustrated about something. She seems to again have very strong and deep inner values with her Fi, this was especially apparent in the Pokemon episode in the anime. In the manga she's a member of team rocket and is very cunning and efficient and logical and loves to plan ahead like I mentioned earlier. but when things aren't going accordingly to plan she gets angry and emotional at times and she's forced to use her inferior Se to improvise which isn't her strong suit since she'd much rather plan and just strategizing being one step ahead against the opponent at any moment in time. She's very confident in her abilities and is very sure of herself and trust a lot her own intuition and thinks its always right and going to work out as planned in her head, Sabrina is a mastermind in her eyes and her constant predictions of the future led her to put the utmost faith in them and think they will never be wrong and will always come to pass as predicted and foretold by her Ni. When things don't go as planned and destiny and fortune changes she is shocked and can't believe it. These rare moments and occurrences changes her and helps grow and learn the future isn't always certain and anyone can change it if they try hard and have enough willpower and so on and are a special trainer in some case, like with Red or Gold beating her in different iterations of the series or franchise and even Ash as well too with his actions changing her life and making her smile and finally express her inner deep Fi emotions as well all saw growing up watching the episode. Sabrina is one of the greatest female INTJs ever and she'll be remembered for years to come for her predictions, coldness, logic, efficiency, and ingenuity and calm nature.
Father from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Trafalgar Law - Law is INTJ and a Ni dom not ISTJ or Si dom at all in my opinion. Law is definitely INTJ and Ni dom and Se inferior user for sure definitely.
Friend from 20th Century Boys
Satsuki Kiryuin
Meruem, used to think ENTJ for him but now people convinced me online that he's INTJ, so ok that's what he is then.
Atem from YuGiOh!, yes I don't think he's ENTJ, rather INTJ for Atem as Yugi's alter ego in my opinion until I rewatch again one day and I change my mind on him. But for now he's been a clear INTJ to me.
Huey Freeman from the Boondocks
Riku from Kingdom Hearts
Seto Kaiba
Silver from Pokemon, all iterations from the games, manga, and everything else
Cyrus from Pokemon, all iterations
Cynthia from Pokemon, all iterations
Karen, Elite 4 member from Pokemon, all iterations
Lucian, Elite 4 member from Pokemon, all iterations
Lance from Pokemon, the Dragon Master from all iterations again
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[F4M] [21] [Discord, Telegram] Writing Partner Search, Scenario Mega Post! (OCs and CCs Wanted!)

Hello everyone, my name is Tovah and I’m looking for both OCs (Original Characters) and people who can play as Canon Characters!
Before you message me, be sure to read all of the information and know if you want to write with me or not, so I don’t end up wasting your time, or vice-versa.
This is a post that’s searching for the following types of characters and partners to write with:
Partner Wise:
-The two most important things I’m looking for are literacy and patience. I will be making slow replies due to life things, classes, homework, etc... Especially things dealing with the virus. So please, don't block me if I haven't replied in an hour. I'm still interested but I'm probably busy, though I do my best to reply every day.
-Speaking of literacy, please be able to write at least a paragraph or more at norm and have proper grammar, as I’ll probably be writing a paragraph or more. I don’t continue a story with people who post one-liners or who are lazy with their replies to the story. Of course, we’re here to have fun, but I want to have fun and continue to keep my grammar sharp as well.
-Unless you have plentiful amounts of time to research your chosen canon character if you don’t know them, I’d recommend that you write as a character you do know, such as an OC.
-This is a Long-Term request! This is not Short-Term! So please don't just drop me after a few replies.
-Lastly, communication is key. This isn't a business post or something to get anxious over, as I'm looking for writing friends alongside partnership. Being open and letting me know when you're busy or if you don't have the time to write at points is what I would love to see more of. In my eleven years, almost twelve, of writing, I've never really had much trouble with this. But times have changed, so I'm now requesting openness. If you can't do at least that, then I don't know what to tell you other than I might not be the best partner for you. I don't mean that in a harsh way.
Character Wise:
-Please be Dominant. I prefer forceful or seductive/coercing doms, but I will allow Dom-Leaning switches. However, know this. My character is a mostly defiant and stubborn submissive who isn’t going to like yours on the first day (or week) of knowing each other. She's full of sass and sarcasm, so shy or highly sensitive characters might actually be the worst option to pick.
-The original characters I’d love to write with would be: Vampires, werewolves, other demons (including Wendigo), humans (must be a priest, hunter, or someone with a lot of tools at their disposal), ghosts, angels, and any other creatures or hybrids you’d like to suggest when messaging me! I think writing with a godly or protective being would be interesting.
•The scenarios I have in mind, for OCs (Original Characters), are:
-Trapped (Halted Elevator, Collapsed Cave, Stuckage Scenario) or Locked In (Supply Closet, Store or Building After-Hours, etc...)
-Love-Hate Relationship (Rivals or my character with another species, demon included.)
-Overprotective/Obsessed Best Friend/"Yandere" (I'm looking for someone to play this role.)
-Dominant Femboy or Trap (The "trap" scenario will be the femboy character, who mine assumes is female, leading my character to either their home or another secluded area.)
-Not Shy or Innocent (For this scenario, I'm looking for a character who pretends to be shy, innocent, and just someone with a halo, but they're really a devil in disguise. Forceful, perverted, rude, etc.)
-Captured By Hunter Society (Since my character isn't of the "norm", I assume someone would capture her for questioning/experimentation.)
-Captured By Government (Same as above.)
-Caught Stealing (Store or Home.)
-Black Market Auction
-Public Humiliation
-Omegaverse/ABO (My character is an omega.)
-Soulmates In Denial
-Reverse Harem (Please be able to play as more than one character! Maximum amount is four!)
-Twins/Shared Lover (I'm looking for twins to be paired with my character!)
-Pure Demon and Demon Hybrid -Possessed (For this, my character will come across a human that's possessed by another demon.)
-Vampire and Demon Hybrid (Lore on my character dealing with vampires will be discussed in PM)
-Werewolf and Demon Hybrid (Lore on my character dealing with werewolves will also be discussed in PM)
-Ghost/Haunted House and Demon Hybrid (Phasmaphobia but my character is just exploring this supposed haunted house.)
-Summoning/Ritual (My character gets summoned by yours either by accident or on purpose. Normal humans are definitely accepted!)
-Tentacle/Slime Monster
-Don't Blink (A male weeping angel/stone man dubcon scenario, where each time my character blinks, the creature advances upon her.)
Most of the scenarios will occur inside a universe where supernatural/mythological themes are combined with modern and realistic. Basically modern fantasy, like Supernatural or Hellboy, but of course without those characters. I do not write completely realistic scenarios.
Scenarios can also be combined, or more that aren't in the list can be discussed, so let's have fun!
Next are just some characters I’d love to write with in the following fandoms:
•Canon Characters/Series Wanted:
-Assassins Creed (OCs are welcome!)
-FFXIV: Daddy Zenos or Emet Selch/Hades.
-Persona 5: Akira Kurusu or Goro Akechi.
-Tokyo Ghoul Anime/Manga (Manga preferred): Kaneki Ken/Haise Sasaki. (Ghoul OCs are accepted!)
-Blue Exorcist: Rin Okumura, Yukio Okumura or Mephisto Pheles.
-Owari no Seraph: Mikaela or Yuuichirou. (OC is also accepted!)
-Demon Slayer: (I wanna test it out with any of the males to be honest. I only watched the anime and haven't seen anything else of it, but I am very interested.)
-SCP: Foundation: (My character is going to be an SCP, Class: Keter and Thaumiel. I'll accept most SCPs or new ones, except for peanut.)
-Alien Isolation: (Your character can be the xenomorph or another survivor on the Nostromo with mine.)
-Among Us: (This scenario will involve a completely human version of my OC, or not. Depends on if you mind a non-human character or not. If you want a human version, new limits will apply. I will provide their normal reference for either way we go, but I prefer that my partner is the impostor and I'm one of the astronauts.)
-Monster Hunter World: Solo Hunting (My character is going to be a hunter.)
Important Notes before you message me:
Despite all of those various OC scenarios, know that there are specific scenarios that I won’t accept NSFW wise: (Incest, Femdom, Planet Travel Sci-fi, or Slutty/Whorish/Seducing Scenarios).
When you message me, I’ll be sending my main character’s information from F-List, and if you have any scenarios you want to go over or even add, let me know!
-My limits for sexual situations are the following: I do not accept footplay, anal (unless it’s dealing with my character and her lover at the time or a threesome/gangbang, etc), scat, extreme gore/extreme violence, or watersports.
If you’re interested, please make sure you’ve read my post thoroughly before messaging me.
My contact information is in my profile, so send me a message to my Discord or Telegram that’s in there! :)
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