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League of Supports - From Bronze to Plat - Part 1. Janna

Hey. Plat 3 support here. I climbed from bronze ‘elo hell’ to Plat in one season maining support. (Okay, I’m lying a little, after I played some normal games and realised how bad I was, I practiced mid and that got me out of bronze and low silver). But after, I mained support! I wanted to make a guide that includes a little more than just the assumption that you know what you are doing and therefore can be used by people like me. That's what I think this guide brings on top of those out there - a more comprehensive approach for silver gold and plat support players.
Part 1. Janna.
She is a top tier support at the moment and does go well with any ADC. I absolutely adore playing her with a burst ADC like Graves, Corki or Lucian because of the AD damage on shield which allows you to play more aggressive in lane. She also works well with long range poke specifically for that matter. Just shield your carry as they go for harass (Ezreal Q, Caitlyn Q and trades, Jinx Q, Draven trades, Kog’Maw w, Sivir Q, Ashe w, etc.). She also has abilities to peel in lane and after laning phase and she is the queen of disengaging.
I am not a fan of playing her with Kalista, although their ults can be used nicely for disengaging and if done correctly, for throwing enemies out of position. However, I think Kalista works much better with a tankier support, like Thresh, Leona, Braum or Alistar as Janna normally prefers to be on the outskirts of the fights rather than in the middle of them.
Picks and Counterpicks:
While Janna does have counterpicks, she is a strong pick over-all and I do not hesitate to pick her whenever I have the chance and I feel it fits with our team-composition, regardless of the enemy picks. However, as I said above, she does struggle a little against poke and sustain for 2 quite obvious reasons: she cannot sustain very well and she has very little poke personally. Nevertheless, being a versatile and safe champion, you normally lose very little lanes with her, the only problem is that sometimes you just don’t win your lane; you go even. And that may not be enough to carry through teamfights come mid and late game. So if you think that is the case, try not to pick Janna into Nami, Sona, Soraka, Karma and Zyra. Nami, Sona and Soraka are obviously going to sustain more as they have lower cooldowns and some, even higher poke. Zyra and a good Karma will poke you regardless of your shield and in both scenarios you will probably end up farming under tower until the jungler comes. Now, if your jungler is not very experienced and/or is a late game jungler that has little to no ganking potential early in the game that will disadvantage you and your ADC greatly. However, there is a silver lining, and that being that all these champions are mana hungry and so your best chance is to pair the Janna with a high damage ADC like Draven, Graves or Corki, have them constantly trading while your shield is up and watch the enemy support run out of mana. But I really do not suggest you do this at lower levels of play, where your ADC does not pay attention to minion aggro or you are not used to paying attention to the mini-map.
Otherwise, I find Janna to be a very strong pick into champions like Leona, Alistar, Braum and Thresh, where she can harass them down and deny their all-in potential throughout the laning phase.
When it comes to the rest of the supports, mainly Morgana, Zilean and Lulu, I feel it is more of a skill match-up with a slight advantage for Janna. Morgana can counter Janna’s peel with her own shield but her poke and all in potential are highly dependant on skill shots and landing the Dark Binding. Here Janna’s passive really comes in handy as it gives movement speed to her and her marksman, making dodging a little easier (side step people!). Early levels, while Zilean does have nice poke, he does not have Zyra or Karma’s range, and is very squishy, so you can all-in him if he tries to put a bomb on you or your adc and gets caught out of position. Come level 6 though, his ultimate gets a bit annoying and sometimes you have to give up on the idea getting kills in that lane in a 2v2. Lulu has a lot of poke and nice range, but her cooldowns are quite high and so are her mana costs.
Summoner Spells:
First of all, you want Flash!! It is as if it were part of Janna’s kit. There is just so much you can do while your flash is up that I don’t think there should be any reason that you do not take it. You can flash - W (Zephyr) - Q to CC (Crowd Control) your enemy, you can flash - R (Monsoon) to reposition an enemy or disengage and knock champions away. You can even flash E (Eye of the Storm) to save an ally from the last tick of ignite or get your out-of-position marskman the last attack damage needed to take an enemy down. Flash is love, flash is life.
Secondly, you want either Exhaust or Ignite and nothing else (Unless, for example your ADC wants to run Exhaust or Ignite, in which case you can run Heal. I’ve had this request from some ADCs like Twitch or Vayne). I die a little inside when I see Janna’s with Clarity on Salty Teemo. Now which one do you pick? I’d say, if you are not very experienced with supporting and/or with Janna that you take Exhaust, regardless. Otherwise, you can take exhaust for a safer laning phase, especially if they have a lot of poke and a burst/strong ADC. Ignite is a riskier spell, with more rewards in laning phase. I normally take it when I trust my marksman (trust no one but your own people in SoloQ), especially into sustain lanes like Nami or Sona.
Runes and Masteries:
Runes - Here the possibilities are endless. It really depends on your playstyle. If you look up guides online, you will see tank runes, AP runes, movement speed runes, penetration runes (tho, I think this is not really the best path, as her biggest tools are her E and her R, neither of which require any sort of penetration), mana regen runes, cdr runes, and all the sorts. But it really, really, REALLY depends on your playstyle. I would like to emphasize to choose one path and stick to it rather than take a little bit of everything. Those being said, for me, it depends what I am up against and who I am paired with. If I have an early decent or strong marksman, I will go for AP quints (if you go for AP reds, I like to put an Armor quint here), AP or Armor reds, Armor or Health yellows, 3 mana regen and 6 flat MR blues. If you go versus a full AD team, you can even dump the MR blues. You can also replace mana regen with CDR, it really depends on you, as I said the possibilities are endless. If however, I go versus poke/sustain, I prefer to go a bit tankier. So Armor reds and quints, health yellows and flat MR blues are always nice, but even these you can mix up a little.
Masteries - Here for me it gets a bit easier in terms of decision making. I like 9 - 0 - 21 where I think my lane will be easy and 0 - 9 - 21 where I think I need to be a bit more defensive. Another option is 4-5-21 that works in both scenarios.
First of all gold / support item. Here I saw there is a little debate going on, some saying that Frostfang is better, others that Talisman is the way to go. I would like to begin by saying that either way, Face of the Mountain is a no-go. Otherwise, I believe it is situational. Yes, Janna scales well of both AP and CDR so where it is possible, I think Frostfang is the better pick-up. It gives AP, it has a slow, it has CDR, and it gives gold when you poke, so all in all, it is overall a really good pick. However, I believe you -can- opt for Talisman, if you have a poke team, if they have hard engage, and in any other situations where the speed buff you get from the Talisman is beneficial. I also found myself changing to it when my team was falling behind and we lost vision control in out own jungle. I’ve managed to turn a few games around with just that + ult and re-engage and it’s particularly useful against champions with skillshots like Ahri, Thresh and the sorts, where that little speed buff can make your team dodge effectively while teamfighting.
As with any support, the item build path is situational, but you do need a Sightstone and upon completion, a red trinket. From there, it depends, are you against heavy AP, go Locket, do they have a lot of CC, go Crucible, are you winning hard, go Mejais, heavy AD frozen heart and Randuins, etc. You know, ‘support’ items. Your main role is to -support- the team, and in Janna’s case, that is protecting the carry. If you did a good job in the laning phase, your carry should be reasonably fed, if not in kills, then at least in farm. So then don’t hesitate to pop the crucible when he is stun-locked because remember they are very squishy. But here, again, it’s a matter of judgement, as with all actives. Point is, you will probably have at least 3-4 active items in your slots and you have to get used to using them at the right time and on the right people. That comes with experience, I believe.
Leveling up abilities:
Normally, your first spell should be E, which can provide effective level 1 trades, can help the jungler on his first camp and is good if you and your ADC want to solo a jungle camp for level 2. There are few occasions where you wou would want to take a different spell. Maybe, if you are going for an invade, you can take W to guarantee first blood or at least a summoner spell out of one enemy or Q to knock several enemies up and allow your team to follow up with CC. The latter can also be used to disengage against an invasion in your own jungle.
On level 2 you can take either W or Q, depending on what you want and who you are up against. If your level 1 aggression went really well and you are winning lane, you can take W into champions with mobility like Kalista, Ezreal, etc to avoid them dodging your Q when your marksman goes for the kill. The slow at level 1 is not bad and it will probably force at least a summoner if used correctly. It also gives you some bonus movement speed and avoids collision with units so you can easily get in there for some auto attacks or a cheeky ignite. If however, the level 1 trades went even, or in the enemy’s favour you should take Q as your second ability. Especially if the enemy support is a Leona, Thresh, Blitz, where you will absolutely need to disengage if you haven’t poked them down enough and they want to come in for the kill. Most of these supports will try to all - in you and your carry at level 2 so you will probably need to peel.
From there on, you max your E first, without question. The scalings in strength and attack damage are really good but remember that the cooldown does not go down with levels, only with cooldown reduction (max 40%!!!). Your second spell is normally W because while the cooldown of it no longer scales with levels, the slow and the damage are quite strong. And plus, unless you manage to unleash a fully charged tornado, the damage and CC duration on your Q are not that good, the mana costs are quite high, the cooldown only goes down to 10 s at max level (from 14s) and it is easily dodge-able. So what you want to do is first slow your enemy down with W, which makes it harder for them to dodge your follow up Q. If you do find yourself needing to disengage a lot you can put 2 points in Q before proceeding to max your E. After that the mana costs, I think, will get a bit high for your liking and you will need mana to spam your shield.
At level 6, 11 and 16, you will of course, level your R (Monsoon).
How to play the laning phase:
Unlike many supports out there, Janna does not hit any spikes at level 2, so the all-in potential is relatively small. Instead, the way Janna works is harass, peeling, protection and a little bit of passivity. At level 1 you try to trade as best as you can, either by aa-ing their support/carry or have your ADC harass with your help. If you get to lane fast enough to be able to push the wave, your ADC can provide better harassment but otherwise you should try to do it yourself, while they are CSing (farming). The way it works is, you wait for your AA (auto-attack) to fly towards the enemy - or your ADCs AA, depending, and only after, you put the shield on. That way you don’t make it obvious enough that you are going to add the extra damage from the shield. You want to back off without taking any damage. Here you should also pay attention to minion damage.
After level 2, you want to keep your shield for your ADC as much as possible. As most supports hit a small power spike at level 2, be sure to disengage correctly and turn trades in your favour. She excels at both those things, so you shouldn’t have many problems with that. You can also initiate more harass, but be careful of poke/sustain lanes, as they will either out-trade you and your carry or out-sustain you. In case you see you are losing trades, play more passive and shield your ADC (who probably bought a Doran’s blade) for a little bit of extra lifesteal. Do not try to use any other spells for harassing, especially not your Q. I see a lot of Jannas trying to aim Qs from bushes and let them charge to the maximum and I strongly believe that that is a mistake for the following reasons: it has high mana costs and your mana regen/pool are not exceptional early level, it is easily dodgeable, and it has a high cooldown, so if the enemy jungler is nearby you just made ganks easy for them with your main disengage tool being down. Instead, save your Q and W for when you think you can win trades or when your jungler is nearby.
Also, try to keep the shield for trades or for when your adc is going to take damage. The best way to do it, again, is to wait for his/her AA to fly towards the enemy and then apply the shield while the animation is still in the air. That way your ADC normally has time for another AA before the enemy realises and disengages, plus is shielded from trades and minion damage. Also be careful at positioning. Shielding your ADC will make you vulnerable, so if you are too far ahead in lane, they could just collapse on you instead.
What to do after laning phase:
As Janna, you don’t really walk around looking for picks on your own, but instead stay with your team for that protection they need. She is a very good pick with a mid/top splitpusher as she can effectively protect and disengage in a 4v5 situation, allowing your laner to take objectives for your team. That is why, come mid and late game, Janna should always stay with the majority of her team. Observe what objectives are available on the map and ward around those, ward jungle entrances, and try to maintain vision control.
Feel free to add suggestions, comments, but be kind as this is my first post :3
tl;dr Janna guide for beginners
submitted by IAm_Yours to leagueoflegends

5-0 Report: Martyr Proclamation

I just got my second ever 5-0 last night, this time with my new pet deck- Martyr Proc. For those of you unaware of what Martyr Proclamation is, it is a deck that functions around gaining tons of life early with Martyr of Sands to turn your primary beater online: Serra Ascendant. Slap some reanimation for Martyr, or other engines like Ranger-Captain of Eos (or sometimes even Kami of the False Hope) due to Emeria, the Sky Ruin, or Proclamation of Rebirth and you have one hell of a combo.
This deck recently got a neat tool I was adamant to test out: Speaker of the Heavens. I'm on a stoneblade variation of Martyr Proc, which means I'm running the Stoneforge Mystic/Sword/Batterskull Package. I went into this league with a few minor changes from my last one that resulted in a 3-2:
  1. the Manabase: -3 Plains, +3 Field of Ruin
The amulet titan match hurt, and 4 ghost quarters just wasn't cutting it. I didn't run into the amulet matchup this league and I'm glad I didn't, but i do want to see how I fare against it later on with this change in mind.
  1. The Creatures: -1 Serra Ascendant, -1 Thraben Inspector, +2 Speaker of the Heavens
People on the Martyr Proc Discord are very adamant about Inspector, and will swear by him, but i never really liked him all that much. I don't recall a single time i tutored for him, or wished i had him over another one drop. I think moving forward I'll drop the inspector and pick back up the 4th Ascendant.
This was the list going into the league: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/martyrblade-martyr-proc-stoneblade/?cb=1594026247
But you clicked on the post to see the report, so here is that:
Round 1: (2-1 against Mono Red Prowess)
Game one prowess did what prowess is supposed to do and i got off to a slow start. Was ready to martyr turn 4, but they had taken the play and i was dead before i could cast the martyr.
Sideboard plan: -1 Crucible of worlds, -2 ranger of eos, -1 Stoneforge Mystic, +4 Kor firewalker (i forgot to side in deafening silence and damping sphere, which would have made this match easier by miles)
Game two was kinda funny. I kept a 1 land hand with all one drops and a squadron hawk. What could go wrong right? Well I didn't draw a second land for awhile. Luckily for me, I was able to martyr for 18 twice, without being punished on one land due to them flooding out hard. They saw almost all the lands in their deck. We durdled for awhile before I eventually drew lands and just started dumping things onto the field that they couldn't deal with.
Game three they removed two Kor Firewalkers which kept me in the game longer than id like to admit. I wiped their board at least once,and they just spammed even more creatures the turn afterwards. (Thanks bedlam reveler). I was able to get them to 5 and swing for lethal with a Squadron hawk holding a sword of fire and ice.
Conclusion: Kor firewalker is a busted card against prowess and in this meta I would not hesitate to sideboard a full playset.

Round 2: (2-1 against grixis death's shadow)
This was an interesting shadow list. It had a fallback plan on grixis prowess with Sprite Dragon and the new Stormwing Entity instead of the traditional control/snapcastegurmag plan. It beat me game one due to a 11/11 double strike trample shadow and a 6/6 stormwing.
Sideboard Plan: -1 SFM, -1 crucible of worlds, -2 ranger of eos, +2 damping sphere, +2 deafening silence.
Game two they got themselves to 5 life early, and i hit them once with a squadron hawk holding a sword, (bird with a blade coming in clutch once again)
Game three they got themselves to 10, and i got myself to 30. I swung turn 4 with a serra ascendant with a SoFI to deal 8+2 for lethal.
Conclusion: Id be interested to see if this list gains more traction, but I doubt it was better than the other shadow plans. Sprite dragons are a kill on sight threat for sure.

Round 3: (2-0 Neoform combo)
My opening hand game one had two martyr of sands and two paths, a squadron hawk and 2 lands so im like "bet" and snap kept it. They tried to combo, went to 13, i pathed griselbrand, they went to 6, and didn't see the shoal so they let path go through. exiled 3 simian spirit guides, and found another grislebrand, the 7 cards i denied them on their first attempt had shoal in it, so they tried to cast shoal, and in response i used my second path on their last griselbrand so they just scooped.
Sideboard Plan: -2 winds of abandon, -1 wrath of god, -1 day of judgement, +2 damping sphere, +2 deafening silence.
The real luck came in here. I kept a hand with one path on an agressive mull to 5. They tried to combo turn 2 so I pathed the demon. They neoformed a second time for griselbrand and failed to find. I assume they accidentally sided him out, because they scooped on the spot.
Conclusion: Sometimes its better to be lucky than good

Round 4: (2-0 Yorion Niv Bring to Light)
Game one I put an early clock via online ascendants out on them and got them low. They were forced to bring to light for a supreme verdict instead of a niv mizzet, but I hard cast Proclamation of Rebirth, bringing back two ascendants as 6/6s, path'ed their blocker and they scooped.
Sideboard Plan: Due to them running Wrenn and Six, Speaker was noticeably bad in this matchup so i made sure to side him out. -2 speaker of the heavens, -1 proclamation of rebirth, -1 SFM, +2 rest in peace, +2 deafening silence
Game two went smoothly with a turn 1 deafening silence, which slowed down their already slow start. I went turn 2 SFM, finding SoFI, becuase i already had batterskull in hand. End of their turn 4, before my turn 4, i dropped batterskull with SFM, then dropped a land on turn 4 and equipped the germ token from batterskull with SoFI thanks to SFM and they just said "lol gg" and scooped.
Conclusion: this deck isn't the worst matchup. Just keep the pressure on, and pressure their utopia sprawl ramping with ghost quarters and you can make quick work of them.

Round 5: (2-0 Eldrazi Tron)
My heart skipped a beat when I saw the turn 1 urza's power plant. Fortunately they kept a 2 lander with no map, and got punished for it hard. I fought through a chalice of the void on one and they scooped after a couple turns of not seeing a third land.
Sideboard Plan: Being wary of chalice, i sided out a lot of one drops that i otherwise would have kept in. -1 Thraben Inspector, -1 Proclamation of Rebirth, -1 SFM, -1 Squadron Hawk, -1 Sword of Fire and Ice -1 Ranger of Eos, -1 Speaker.
Game two they got a Karn the great creator out which gave me some trouble early, but I knocked it to two and they killed it off for a ratchet bomb to wipe my board, which wasn't the play because I had Ranger of Eos in hand which found two more serra ascendants. A 4/4 germ token and a 6/6 ascendant were very proficient at beating him down once I got him on the backpedal.
Conclusion: luck was definitely on my side here. E-tron is usually a fairly bad matchup and i was able to fight them off without seeing a single sideboard card. I think going up on the field of ruins helped a lot in this matchup though.

Moving forward I think that martyr proc is fairly well positioned (as well as martyr proc can be at least lol), with all the prowess running around. While i only played it one and a half times (i kinda count the death's shadow but not really) this league, prowess seems to be very prevalent in the meta. I think this sideboard is great because it deals with tron variants as well as burn/prowess variants effectively, which is what i want to be dealing with right now.
EDIT: Upon request, here is the martyr proc discord link: https://discord.gg/85kKZEn
submitted by otterdragon to ModernMagic

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