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Ma causa problemi con l'anticheat di fortnite e altri giochi ho dovuto disinstallare il programma che gestiva le luci rgb fusion per via degli errori. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Se hai problemi con l'anticheat questo kit fa per te. Flex anticheat hack 3.0.

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Imagine, create, and play together with millions of players across an infinite variety of immersive, user-generated 3D worlds. Currently there is an AAC, Spartan, AACAdditionPro and AntiAura version available. Great anti-cheat, blocks almost all hacks and is highly recommended. Hi there, I don't know if it is appropriate to post this here or on r/LegendsOfRuneterra, but there have been multiple questions for this game here in the past, so I will post this here.

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Since some people decided to act like they are god for having a cheat that's source has been public for a while now, I am releasing it here. Player flags are limited to Premium and RCON subscribers. Results 1 - 20 of 24 Flex AntiCheat - Optimized AAC Config BUILD BETA. Updated: Jun 15, 2020; Resource statistics.

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You can upload any file type from pictures and videos to software and documents. System cleaner with software autodetection - 1click clean. I hope that I can still update the config when an update is released but I can not guarantee it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Make sure it successfully installs, otherwise see the note below.

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Flex Anticheat Software - Free Download Flex Anticheat. Discussion in 'Information and Guides' started by Flex, Jun 25, 2020. Total resources 222 Total reviews 129 Total downloads. Lua-flex - CS: GO Releases Hacks and Cheats Forum.

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No sense of accomplishment when pulling off awesome plays.

One of the things I love about games and physical sports as well are those rare moments when you do something crazy and completely unexpected that awes everybody. The thrill of being able to go "hell yea baby I'm such a pro" is so addicting.
But CS:GO is slowly losing that touch. On the contrary, I feel punished whenever I pull off sick plays. People telling others to report me for cheating in chat, harassing my Steam account comment section, then they themselves throw the game because they think they're against a cheater.
I may be flexing a little here but once I got a triple headshot kill with a scout on Dust 2 A Long. By some massive luck, every time I scoped in onto someone's body I just flicked up and somehow hit their head. I was feeling great, I expected my teammates who were spectating me to be amazed. Until the enemy team started saying things like "wtf aimbot report" and even my own teammate said "yea that was crazy looks like he's cheating". Like fuck man. I was feeling so crushed for the rest of the game.
I guess I'm ranting but this seems like a problem in many online games. Since nobody can actually see each other its so easy to convince yourself you're good at the game by saying other players are cheaters. This is ruining the experience for me and I see no way to fix it unless an extremely capable and reliable anticheat system is in place. :(
submitted by Kurdock to GlobalOffensive

Lets Talk

Hey guys, you may know me as the person who made concepts (specifically the shop overhall, but I made a lot more stuff than just that) on the Discord server and in this subreddit. I'm back to talk about these things one last time before making a departure if the next big update isn't going to improve the game. People should discuss this in the comments as I notice that there isn't a lot of discussion about the recent updates other than a couple of posts. (most of them are just about kills and gameplay anyway lol)
Libby, I'm going to talk about this serious topic in a civil manner.
Steam, Hacks, etc:
On the Steam client of the game, although I haven't downloaded it (mainly because I don't think I should download a Steam client of a game that I can play on a browser) it seems like that many people are saying that all of the issues completely ported into the Steam client. To me, that just seems silly since you guys hinted that the lag will go from the Discord server. It's in fact really embarrassing since this client has been released for about 1 month, and even more embarrassing that the lag has been here for over a season. Steam is supposed to be secure, can support multiple anticheats, yet people still can hack the game by searching up on the internet for just hacks. Multiple games shut these sources down yet since we don't know much about the legal team, these things stay and even if you have an anticheat, people can still release these scripts and nothing will be dealt about it and we will continue to have hacks anyway. Also, not releasing a Halloween event was a BIG mistake since it seemly takes little to no time, since you're not adding anything to it but just releasing it yet it never happened, which will make people surprise and upset since it reveals what Kong did to a yearly tradition that could have made people somewhat happy.
Pass 4, Suggestions, and New Updates:
Now for Pass 4, I have nothing against it really, but the fact that the content you took from the Discord server and literally put in the game just confused people. The Boffy emote doesn't really have an excuse tbh, since it was an emote from the Discord server that probably got suggested and created from a person. The thing is that this emote is based on a Minecraft Youtuber, and the fact that you just pasted it into the game without being careful and checking shows the problems that the game is developing. A bunch of stuff in the pass are also reskins, and there isn't a single thing that comes from the game's setting or lore at all. Yes, it may be suggestions, yes it may be fun, but overall, it should at least make sense. Thinking about the stuff you release before taking it as a good suggestion will probably stop this, or maybe even a compromise to stop this will be good, but there wasn't anything and this pass was basically the same pass as all other ones, except for the fact that there are death animations and less GP, which actually hurts. Not a lot of people will do the surveys and most people know why. They ask you for information and they will give money to Kong if they gain information from those who takes surveys. The surveys also offer sketchy free things that shouldn't even happen like bottles of pills. There isn't a way to fix this, I took surveys a lot in my past and most of them do this and don't offer the rewards half of the time. The best thing to do for this is to replace them with ads, which will get you money still, but more people are likely to do it as they take little to no effort to do, and they will offer GP all the time.
The bug fixes. For the bugs, personally, I don't really think they are doing a good job. Things like lvl 3 armor popping up from a Pass 4 skin, arm bugs, the game freezing after a round, all of these are game breaking problems. Saying that you guys test the game, yet all of these things happen even if people report it on the help desk shows how much work is really put into these bug fixes. Saying that this happens even with testing for huge bugs like this really confuses me. More bugs pop up when certain bugs are fixed. Testing should prevent this and even if it doesn't, they should be fixed right away if they freeze the game after a round. With the combination of the lag, this is getting to the point where it's comparable to a certain person who hacked a certain famous game (not saying it if it will remove this post) and prevented anyone from playing the game properly. It's honestly getting to the point of that, and when it is and there are a lot of negative reviews on the Steam client and Discord server that are recent and not positive reviews from 2018 (yes, they actually posted reviews from 2018 in the Steam client description) shows what the community thinks right now. If this is honestly happening too much, I suggest just extending the time of the battle pass instead of making content for it and preventing using their time to actually fix the game and the UI which is still an issue after 6 months. If the game is just going to release pass after pass with little bug fixes and no anticheat, we should probably extend the time to keep people happy and focused on the battle pass. Also speaking of the bugs, not many people even got alerted by Kong about these things ingame, but on Twitter and social media, where not a lot of people see it, and they won't be expected that those things will be on social media, but in the game themself. This is a huge problem that should probably be changed as well, and it's a simple way. I already discussed this in the Discord server, but I don't see why a simple pop up message about the current work going on for Survivio and how the browser and Steam versions of the game aren't getting ditched. I know this is possible due to the fact that this happened with the updated controls for mobile and the Hero Sacrifice mode for 50v50, where they both got popups that people can click and exit out of.
Now I don't even play Survivio anymore, since everything is still the same except for Pass 4 and a couple of changes, but people are still upset about these updates from the Discord, both clients from the game, even more social media and even people from this subreddit, which shows that there still should be changes for this game. People spamming emotes is a problem, not getting good spawns is also another, hackers and teamers, lag, etc. Pass 4 really makes some people upset as the original pass had things that didn't tease people by flexing, but you can see that all with Pass 4 if you didn't get the Gold Pass. There are so many QSers as well, which is the main meta of the game. Yes, they play fairly but without knowing the meta and getting killed by QSing will just make people quit, same situation with hackers in my opinion. Also, the mode rotation is getting bland and old in my opinion as these were unique modes, but not adding any new mode in general that's not based on an event really makes people bored you know? Maybe an arena, singleplayer, sandbox, or ranks could be cool like what I suggested before, since it's new content but I don't really know if there's anything exciting coming up, even if Libby said that there are events coming (even if they are permanent) since I'm really losing hope based on what is happening currently and before.
Kong can still have one last chance to fix this, but I doubt it will actually happen based on the series of problem that are still occurring to this day for over 6 months and the responses they have to some reviews. What do you think? Let's discuss about this in the comments.
Edit: Idk why, but most of the updates I have seen are just half baked in my opinion as well. Nametags for example, haven't been worked on well enough since certain stuff shouldn't be censored but their response to that is to help them report it and such. I get that, but sometimes, there are just very minor things so silly in my opinion that should have been fixed right away before releasing to the public (not talking about nametags but things in general) and it seems to me that they are acting like it's a bug that occurred after releasing that X thing or them not putting enough effort into it doesn't seem like it could have been a possible issue for that. If this occurs a lot because of the fact that they are a small team, they should release betas for the Steam client before releasing a major update since there are just so many small things that should have been fixed when they were implementing things but I don't know what Kong's doing over there so I might be wrong.
submitted by DarkestTeddyGames to survivio

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