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Destiny background theory

In all my dives down in rabbit holes, I have noticed many recurring themes throughout the timeline. Over time certain events keep playing out over and over on different scales and can be seen from both sides of the coin. These events I believe are built into our universe from its very inception. The very point at which our universe became unbalanced, the cyclical nature of our universe would be the result of a grand event that left reverberations throughout the destiny timeline. The battle between the deep and the sky created a rift in the timeline back when the atom won over the primordial as Toland puts it. I believe the battle that Toland refers to was the start of the fundament. What if the deep, and the primordial broth, and magic are all the same thing? Chaos! On the other side of the coin we have the Sky, atom, and science. Order! With this idea in mind what if the fundament is the end of that first war between science and magic. But who lost that war? We know the worm/s were deep in fundament in a cell built to hold a go[o]d. But let’s look at it from the other side, We know fundament was surrounded by moons but also highly advanced species mostly spacefaring and technologically advanced. So if these combined advanced races of ancient times had succeeded in trapping the worms inside fundament in the first place why not just kill it if it was such a threat? If the greatest minds from the advanced species all collaborated together in the end on what to do with the creature of magic they had captured, what would they do with it? If the worm gods started out as ahamkara and were experimented on to extract their wish giving powers what would be the ramifications of such a thing in any good story. If like gods in others stories, if you can never really kill a god you only just split them into parts of itself. What if the alpha ahamkara was a five headed dragon? What would you need to take from a magical creature to use it’s power? Like riven maybe the heart? Or maybe a head or two? What if like oryx they just cut the worm in half and neither died? But I wanna go back for a bit, back to the beginning and back to Tolands three queens card. I would like to invoke the idea of the Sky as it is now is still in alliance but they don’t know it anymore. Ever finish a public event on earth an ghost remarks that “the Cabal lost everything and I mean everything” I believe this is a tongue in cheek reference to the idea that they once ruled everything, they were the “Empire” They had already become the last queen Toland refers to. Some look at the cabal and just see the army presence, but what about their ancestors? If the Cabal we know was just the military arm of the actual “cabal” of races, what would make up the other two queens from a sci-fi point of view. For a queen that built a tower to the stars, I see the vex as this idea being brought to life in full, that constant expansion, the conversion of all matter to vex just like a galactic siva. Now the third queen or the first listed in the card is the queen of law, the “just rule” the idea of making decisions for your followers, and always keeping their best interests at heart. This queen of law imo would be a AI or even a warmind, a program that guides the cabal networks in unison towards a common goal, If the Emperor has no body of his own, could he be an ancient program invented and improved on over time with the help of the scions? So if the Emperor AI at one time not only ruled the cabal army but also the vex and their abilities in construction, conversion and simulation. Now with this trifecta of queens at the end of times before Oryx brought vengeance out of the fundament, the EMPIRE was at its peak of power, they had won against the god of chaos as they seen it and stolen its power to be used by themselves. If the traveler was just a pawn to the empire, a galactic “life engine” which the Empire would use alongside the vex to create, advance, and study life to find a way to become immortal or to ascend to the next realm. Like the krill were under study and were the hope of the Sky (in a place of death the study of life is the most important) the traveler and the vex also studied life, with the ability to create worlds and progress the evolution of a species and the wipe the slate clean and start again. If the empire studied real life on the surface of fundament, and a simulation of life out in the universe. What would be the harm in that? No harm until the simulation gains awareness. In a galactic simulation at what point do you consider a subject aware? The subject would need to realize it is in a simulation, at that point it would become self aware and life would of been created. IMO. This idea could lead to the destruction of a simulation solar system, if a subject is allowed to escape the “test” area the simulation would achieve self awareness and be a true life form. But the kicker is if you kill the subject before it escapes the simulation, no harm no foul, all laws of ethics are followed. Ok so we have the traveler and the vex building simulations and seeding simulated life across the universe, but we also have the other side of the study back where it all ended and started. The study of life and evolution, here is where everything goes wrong. With the control over magic in the hands of the Sky and the entire universe in order, what went wrong? The Balance was off, to have harmony and balance, you must have chaos with order, the idea that anything can happen is a good and bad thing but it balances our lives. On a galactic scale this idea of anything can happen, the fire without fuel is seen in destiny as a wish granting dragon, the ahamkara. Without the chaos of wishes or just the idea behind some magic in the universe the balance must be restored, life will find a way. When the sisters get to space with all their new power they go on a killing spree, not just destroying species but all their history and worlds. If the fundament was the cradle of life for the empire, it would make sense that it would be surrounded by the elite of the Empire. The leadership of the empire was wiped out and all communication lost to the outer colonies, along with the ability to control the vex collective. Like Rasputin was, and the vex are, the emperor AI is a fractured part of its original program. So at the unknowing sword of the hive the empire has been reduced to some lost vex still trying to build, some others that have become self aware with their own ideas in the absence of a prime collective mind. Wow what a rant lol. Ok so where was I, at this point the lore we know begins to take shape, the hive go on their crusade to eliminate all life following the traveler in the end to our simulated solar system. The travelers children are its last hope to stop the destruction of the entire universe. Ok back to the start. The idea of a great event leaving ripples in time, the idea that certain events will keep repeating until the balance is restored. So let’s look at a couple repeating themes in the destiny storyline. So in my opinion these themes seem to repeat in destiny. A prison. The splitting of a entity. The collapse of a civilization. The search for greater knowledge and power. These four ideas can be seen multiple times throughout the timeline in destiny. Let me start by saying these four ideas that I believe reverberate through time all began with the theft of the “power of the gods” lol If the story started with the splitting of the worm god, the imprisonment of a god, for the search of greater powers which in the end leads to the collapse of one side of the coin or the other. A prison can be seen in the fundament, PoE, deep in the dreadnaught in the old strike, the trapping of the traveler by ghaul. in some prisons the one in the deep of it dies and in some, the one trapped breaks free or is set free. The splitting of an entity can be seen in the fundament through the forced symbiosis with the worms, the splitting of the traveler into multiple ghosts, the division of Osiris in the infinite forest, among other’s. The collapse of civilizations can be seen also starting on fundament with the krill and then onto the empire that surrounded fundament, also on earth with multiple events from the initial collapse and the red war and possibly again this year in destiny. The search for knowledge and greater power is also a recurring theme, the initial creation of the traveler and the fundament, oryx and his search for the deep, ghaul and his need to be acknowledged by the traveler, guardians in their search for power and knowledge. These all could be simple story concepts repeating out of a loss of ideas, or a greater overall plot worked into the very core of the game universe. So where might this lead in the future? If the timeline is cyclical in nature a loop of events would be predictable at its core but would have many possible outcomes much like a vex simulation does, but a cyclical timeline is not a simulation but a loop of events. To break the loop we must “fix the timeline” and let the universe balance itself. How might this be done imo? We would need to accept that the darkness is a natural part of our universe, the chaos that magic brings to the order of a structured scientific universe is what would allow a everlasting timeline, with the existence of a unending amount of possibilities through the existence of “wishes” in a universe, it could possibly live forever. scientists have a more terminal view of the universe. So if we need to bring magic back to the universe, haven’t we as light wielding guardians done that? I say we definitely bring chaos to the universe but it is still too structured to be true chaos. Is it our universe that we are bringing magic back to? If in the end our solar system is a simulation, then we need to escape with the magic to bring it forward or backward in the ascension of realms, to bring magic back into a world in its full glory. If the rumours of guardians using the darkness in D3 are true, and the darkness is only the “idea” of being able to wield magic, why not. To wrap up this rambling of chaos theory lol. I want to look to the future of destiny. If these last four seasons change the world as I hope it will, and our guardians get to transcend to a different reality, a new ever evolving world with unlimited possibilities and the switch to a more DnD style of story and adventure. If you made it this far I congratulate you, if you can understand any part of this rant I commend you.
I wanted to expand on my ideas , and where my train of thought began. I definitely have a different view of the lore in destiny. My view stems from the idea of the universe before fundament, what events and choices were made to lead to the start of our story. All the lore we get from the beginning of destiny we know was written by oryx, of his encounter with the worm and then his destruction of highly advanced races after gaining his new powers. But before the deep the sisters were of technological species The idea that only guardians the hive and ahamkara use actual forms of magic in game brings us back to the fundament. It was in the deep of fundament the krill made their pact, but the traveler was also there at the time around fundament and possibly before. Also advanced species were the first the hive came in contact with. I am prone to think of the big picture and view the lore in the context and perspective of the NPC who wrote or said it. To take anything at face value in the destiny lore is from my perspective falling into the carefully laid trap set by Bungie. The lore we get for the beginning is given to us by a krill sister who knew nothing about gods before she met the worm god, the campaign of the hive destroyed many advanced races. We know the worm god was trapped or forgotten about down in the deep for a very long time. My interest is in the why and who, of how the worm gods were abandoned in the deep of fundament. I believe in the “theft” of magic at the core of the story because a dragon is the only natural user of magic in game lore. The rest use a symbiotic relationship to wield their magic. So if the hive form of magic can be traced back to the worm gods, and the guardians can be traced back to the traveler and fundament. Could the traveler be the other half of the god equation? The worm gods refer to themselves as go[o]d and Rasputin refers to the traveler as [O] The thought of the traveler also being a prison but not for a body but a mind or soul. If the vex did have a part in the traveler or were once in league with it, the idea of a vex simulation to control a mind or to even give it life like we see with the Exo. Yes of course my theory is based from “what if’s” because there is no true proof in the lore, but the concept of greater powers that existed before the time of the hive definitely show their face between the lines. By no means do I believe I have the whole story correct, but I do see a definitive pattern in the way the story is written, the cyclical timeline along with the forces of magic and science battling for supremacy. If the deep is magic and the sky is science in the destiny lore, then you can see the balance trying to restore itself in game. I have always felt that destiny followed a specific group of gods to tell their story, much like the three queens are just ideas on ways to win the battle of evolution, gods are also taken from the history of earth, or D&D to be exact. The concept of four ideals that determines what you stand for. Good Evil Lawful Chaotic Coincidentally these ideas when matched in dnd give 9 outcomes Now because good and evil are completely based from the social understanding of a civilization and have no universal understanding, I want to view them both as life and death, a good god represents life and a evil god represents death. Definitely not a new concept. No I am going to see how well that concept fits into the destiny lore. First: the gods of destiny, I believe we have 4 that have been in game supporting different species. So the hive worms followed the deep, the cabal emperors god was out past the edge, the vex god is inside the black garden, and the traveler is sitting above the last city. Now to just give each a label is to easy, like DND each should be a mix of the four. Lawful good Lawful evil Chaotic good Chaotic evil Now from D&D I have pulled their concepts on these four “ways” Law implies honor, trustworthiness, obedience to authority, and reliability. On the downside, lawfulness can include closed-mindedness, reactionary adherence to tradition, judgmentalness, and a lack of adaptability. Those who consciously promote lawfulness say that only lawful behavior creates a society in which people can depend on each other and make the right decisions in full confidence that others will act as they should. Chaos implies freedom, adaptability, and flexibility. On the downside, chaos can include recklessness, resentment toward legitimate authority, arbitrary actions, and irresponsibility. Those who promote chaotic behavior say that only unfettered personal freedom allows people to express themselves fully and lets society benefit from the potential that its individuals have within them. Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others. Evil implies harming, oppressing, and killing others. Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient or if it can be set up. Others actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some malevolent deity or master. Ok so back to our four gods, the first was lawful good, I believe the Emperor and his god fall into this ideal. (If you believe the emperor and his good nature) If the Emperor is truly the kind hearted ruler he claims to be and was told by his god to go and watch the end, and enjoy it. Everything fits if you can view the cabal as a honourable race of galactic warriors. Ok next up is lawful evil Now I see the vex god as this evil god of order, in the end the vex will consume the universe and have no true regard for other life forms, this forced oppression is the worst kind of evil. No vex ever has a choice either through the idea of “one” single mind or complete control over the masses. This kind of evil is often portrayed in tv and movies, like the borg from Star Trek or the machine overlord in the matrix. Third I had listed chaotic good, along with chaotic evil as fourth, and this is where things can get strange depending on how you view the power behind the guardians and hive. Both the hive and guardians fall into the chaos concept as they can both wield magic and have become paracausal in nature. But who is evil and who is good? We both kill everything, the hive seek it out and guardians wait for it to come to our solar system. We both war on members of our own race, the hive because “love is war” and the guardians because of the crucible. What truly sets us apart from the hive? Let’s look at the core of each entity. The hive were living creatures that were given eternal life through the pact with their symbiotic worm. The guardians are dead things brought back to life to defend a giant ball that was the initial reason for most of our deaths. (Mind you it is said the traveler gave its life to push back the darkness, but it is also said the traveler might be the reason the darkness came.) So we have an immortal race of bugs that is following what they believe to be the only way, they believe they are right in their hearts and minds. And we have guardians who by definition are connected with necromancy, we also follow blindly without a true sense of purpose besides kill everything the vanguard tell you to, and practice killing each other in your spare time. The idea behind life and death falling in line with good and evil can be shown in the base of each form of immortality in the hive and the guardian. I must say that good must fall in line with the hive, and we as guardians get to be evil. The beliefs that the hive follow are noble to them because their gods imparted their crusade on them, showed them the path to walk, and a religious crusade no matter how misled is still the most honourable path a religious king could undertake. And back to the evil guardians, followers of the traveler, linked with our tiny necromancer that lives in your backpack, willing to kill anything if the price is right. Ok so now I have broken down my ideas behind the gods in destiny I would like to return to the pre fundament universe and the possible structure or the avatars of gods back in those times. Now with any good religious beliefs, or fantasy structure the idea of splitting the god/s into ever increasing numbers and different aspects of the one who is above them in power, the idea that even the act of having a child splits the structure of the parent entity into opposing forces to keep the balance. So if we have four gods now, before fundament we would of had only two, the sky and the deep we know of but what did they stand for using the four possible ways to hold the balance. If the deep was/is the idea of chaos through the ability of magic. And this ability resided in the ahamkara only. The ability to grant wishes and change the future. And the sky was the opposing force to chaos, lawful would be the only choice, a scientific group of entities working together, this would fall in perfectly (IMO) with a advanced empire under the rule of the emperor AI. Good and evil were shared across both ideals, as were life and death. The Cabal of species lead by the emperor would of combined all the willing species to his cause and destroyed the rest. The dragons could not stop the cabal unless it was wished by another creature. Their ability to affect life and death is hindered through the rituals of their own magic, their unlimited power is bound to the imagination of the wish maker. This I believe, like Toland states in the three queens card was the first war between the primordial deep and the atom sky. The magic lost so science rules at this point in time. I hope this ramble helps to confuse and confound its readers as to the base of my theory. I’m sure that Bungie will be much better at telling the true story over this next year. The cycle of our timeline has reached its end/beginning once again, a collapse is eminent and I once again hope Bungie uses this next year to introduce the truth of our destiny and the future that lies beyond the veil.
submitted by TheBladeofHades to DestinyLore

The TRUE triumphs list of a day one player ;)

  1. Spelunker - Abused a Loot Cave.
  2. Inequivalent Exchange - Had Engrams decrypted to an item of lesser rarity 100 times.
  3. A Worn Path - Spent over 100 Hours Chest/Material Farming.
  4. It was a Wednesday - Over 100 Deaths to Suros Regime.
  5. Excluded - Over 100 Hours Logged before the first checkpoint of the exclusion Zone.
  6. 9.807 m/s² - Pushed Atheon off the glass throne. (Destiny Venus, People. Traveler normalized atmosphere/gravity across all planets, apparent by movement/grenade physics uniformity across all playable areas. Or you know, BecauseSpaceMagic..... )
  7. Groundhog Day - Have at least 5 Exotics that have been Re-Leveled through Re-Xurbishing.
  8. A series of tubes - Brought Crota to his Knees through a precise and liberal application of Latency.
  9. Speed Demon - Opened 5 Ether Chests with a single Ether Key.
  10. Melting Point - Kill Skolas in under 45 seconds.
Edit: added some other great ones people suggested/inspired :) Trying to add ones dealing with things we can no longer do, or just super memorable stuff from back in the day.
All for nothing - Have traded in materials for faction rep. (White_Knight_01)
Gjallarwhat? - Didn't buy Gjallarhorn from Xur, because who is going to waste a exotic on a heavy slot... (Colt_XLV)
Zookeeper - Encounter 10 different animals via error codes. (zhumar)
Traveler's Folly - 5000/5000 deaths in social spaces. (DoYouDestinyBrah)
Orthodontist - Dismantle over 10 Chatterwhite shaders. (Breakdown2k6)
Heavy lifting - 100 hours doing heavy glitch on Crota HM (heavy ammo drought of winter 2014) (alfrlux)
Rockets McDickface - Shot Rockets at Valus Ta'aurc for 15 minutes (while hiding under a ramp) (brooks212)
Needle in a Haystack - Had an Ascendant Energy to Shard ratio of 10 to 1. (Oilysquash)
Forever 29 - Spent more that 80% of pre-TDB playtime below level 30. (Oilysquash)
The Long Road - Earned 100/100 Crucible Marks in a week at 2-3 per game. (nevesolah)
Offshore Account - Stored 40,000 worth of glimmer consumables in your Vault to spend on Iron Banner Items. (nevesolah)
Big Yellow Taxi - Dismantled Thorn because it was awful. (WittyAcronym)
Flaming Fury - Acquired the Vex Mythoclast prior to the great nerf, a time when it demolished in the Crucible (HochiLC)
Time to collect- Dismantled at least 10 pieces of queen's armor into ascendant shards. (TROLL3R_COASTER)
Hunters Hold the Relic! - Held the relic while your Titan/Warlock teammates spammed the Templar with AoE grenades (Jessewoo15)
True Blueberry - Beat the VoG with a blue primary weapon (Jessewoo15)
Sparrow Dealership - Have 9 time breakers in the inventory of a single character (Jessewoo15)
Jack-in-the-Box - 100/100 Hours of not using at least 1 of your Jack'o Lantern consumables. (Death-from-ab0ve)
Kids these Days, with their High Tech Toys... - Kicked the OG tower ball 50/50 times.
Keymaster - Acquired 10+ Treasure Keys before House of Wolves even launched. (Kodiak XXI)
Didn't get banned - Acquired a dead ghost from a DLC area before the Dark below / House of Wolves came out. (TROLL3R_COASTER)
Tower Defense - Beat the Templar from a floating hobgoblin platform. (Jase_the_Muss)
Unobtainium - tried to open the materials chest on the moon (you know, the one in the small room under the end of the giant accelerator) at least 10 times. (pRtkL_xLr8r)
No Time To Explain - Tried every single combination of buttons on the controller during a cut-scene in order to try and skip it (pRtkL_xLr8r)
Platforming - Killed the Archon Priest while hiding under platform in the corner on nightfall difficulty. (kyle6477)
Pride Rock - Completed the entirety of the Cinders fight during the Archon Priest strike from the Sniper Rock.
Look What I Have - Get killed with The Fate of All Fools by bkbunny87 or her husband. (kyle6477)
Praise the Sun! - First Warlock exotic you ever had were Sunbreakers purchased from xur during the first week......or second.....or fourth.....
Outta Here - Kill one of three Fallen Walkers for bounty then leave the Sepiks Prime strike. (Joey141414)
Man Cannon - Improvised with the lamps in the abyss to experience a classic piece of nostalgia. (Optimuswalken)
Alarm Clock - You've Woken the Hive over 10000 times (UglyHotness)
Playing the Odds - Created 3 of one character type to get triple the drops from VOG so you could stop being a Forever 29. (pwrslide2)
True Love - Sneak out of the hospital monday night after your wife and newborn child have fallen asleep to get home and cheese Atheon for a Vex one more time before Tuesdays patch. (REDACTED)
Guilty: Dismantled found verdict when shotguns sucked. (Glahssholes)
I'll be back.... - Return to your raid group after going to the tower to switch gear for another VoG run....only to realize you forgot your Icebreaker...
Forgotten Power - Experienced the joy of 8 Gjallarhorn rounds in Reserve, via Heavy Ammo perk stacking. (Bad_Gramer)
I think we've gone far enough - 100 wipes on the cliff just before Sekrion while farming blue engrams.
Brought a Sword to a Tank fight - Eviscerate a Fallen Walker Tank in the Divide using a Blade's sword.
Broad Shoulders - Separating your VoG team during the Atheon fight into "Carriers who give a damn enough to learn relic" and "Lazy Scrubs who dont/low levels" to control who gets sent through the time stream. (Sorry guardiandown23, the ragestalgia just came sweeping back over me lol)
Power Drain - lost 100 rounds of heavy ammo on respawn. (theBuddha7)
Vexing Superstition - Get booted from a VoG raid because you opened the Spirit Bloom chest. (Coppertop42)
Shady Business - Purchased strange coins from Xur (and kept making new characters so that you could buy as many as you wanted) (NNJAfoot)
Living off the Land - Reach the weekly cap on both crucible and vanguard marks entirely through trading in materials. (Hades440)
The Face of Darkness - Have your light unceremoniously snuffed out by Randal the Vandal.
Frequent Flyer - Accrue over 100 Hours flying to and from the tower to swap gear, pick up 5 bounties at a time, or clear out your inventory of blue engrams. (Nickibee)
I'll Just Wait Here - Couldn't respawn for more than 20 seconds during the iron banner. (XDageon11)
I'm on the List....trust me - Rode through the reset to sneak into the Iron Banner early and purchase items with your previous Rep.
Once you go Black... - trade in over 50 commendations to level Dead Orbit for a(nother) Revenant Shader.
Orange Light in the Dark - Get an Exotic Weapon 6 minutes after starting a Fresh Raid. (arkan155)
Justified - Held on to that Devil You Know or Shadow Price, amidst the calls of your clanmates to "dismantle all ur 300's".
We don't need another Love Death Song - Carried over the Crota Checkpoint to run Crota->Lamps->Bridge and skip the reward-less Deathsinger fight.
Queens Wrath Regret - Obtain a 300 ATK Queens Wrath weapon, adore it for months, then dismantle it after TDB release, then kick yourself after Etheric Light is announced. (amaclennan)
Don't make 'em like they used to - Spend 20+ minutes fighting the OG Valus McSpidertank in the Devil's Lair strike on earth's cosmodrome.
Sub specific but........"Witness" - Saw the Rise and Fall of Megamanexe4. He Lived. He Died. He Lived Again. All the while ruining the Nine's Plans. May he ride on a chariot of Gjallarhorns, shiny and chrome, through the gates of Gjallhalla!
Hive Banisher - Killed the Blades of Crota in Patrol the hard way, before Fist of Crota was repeatable (mrd3rpykins)
Guardian, Interrupted - Get cut off from changing gear because you've arrived at the toweplanet/orbit/one of the many wipe transition screens. (ENM8)
Double Dipping - Doing all the bounties twice in one day by loading into the tower before reset, grabbing bounties once reset passes, doing them all, then going back to turn them in and grab them again (Fora_Fauna)
Iron Will - Stay in a losing Iron Banner match before medallions were a thing. (Fora_Fauna)
Iron Quitter - Leave a losing Iron Banner match before medallions were a thing. (Fora_Fauna)
GG - Instantly charged the golden gun using single swarm grenade. (juzt1n10)
Surgical - Kill Crota with two separate swords before his first Crotation.
Gold Digger - Leveled a character to 20 solely off leeching XP from people shooting into the loot cave (burnedunit)
Sick Burn - Permanently set Crota on fire using a Dragon's Breath and a willing sacrifice.
Where'd it go? - Have ten swords vanish into thin air with Crota at no health. (AW36OME)
Not Bound by Law - Jumped the Bridge in Crota's End without a Sword.
Grossly Incandescent - As a recently deceased Sunsinger, swapped Fireborn with Radiant Skin to self-revive without using your super.
X-Ray Vision - Used an Armor Piercing Rounds sniper to kill a strike boss from the safety of another room. (WesRehn)
Son of a... - Beat nightfall only to get 6 or less strange coins (tv_eater)
It's aLegitimateStrategyyyyy... - Own a Final Round sniper rifle.
Is this real life? - Owned a shotgun with Shot Package, Hammer Forged, and Rangefinder.
Vault of Hax - Get sent through the time stream while in a detainment bubble.
Screw the Rules, I have Oversoul - Have your entire team decimated by Crota after he jumps off his rails and follows you into the Ogre/Crystal room.
Mitosis/Wishbone - Split the Chalice of Light.
"UNLIMITED COSMIC POWER!" - Used a Shoot-to-Loot gun pre-nerf during a Nightfall (biggish_burrito)
Lady Lannister in Red - Own a Frontier ghost shell.
Schrödinger's Guardian - Used a Pre-Nerf, Post-Glitch Pocket Infinity to host impromptu crucible lessons in Quantum Mechanics.
The Wrath of Least Resistance - Return to orbit multiple times to get the perfect queens bounty mission.
That Akward Silence - Pre-Patch, sit through the synth-cooldown-of-shame with two LFG randoms after a failed Skolas Burn/Snipe attempt.
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