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New to/Visiting Waco Mega-Post

Hi everyone! I see so many posts on here about people who are new to Waco or are coming to visit and are asking for food and activity recommendations. Waco is such a wonderful place and I figured I'd put together a big list of the things I have experience with to help people get started. If you think something should be added, reply to this thread and I'll add it to the list (I also selfishly want more recommendations, haha).


Cameron Park
This is a nice park along the Brazos river. There's quite a few nice trails with good spots for picnics and pretty pictures. This is the biggest and most popular park in Waco, and for good reason. They just put up a bunch of different statues of animals, which is fun for kids and pictures. There's also a huge (like really it's impressive) disc golf course if you're into that.
Brazos Park East
This is across the river from Cameron Park, and imo is probably the most underrated spot in Waco. Especially in the morning the sun hits the hills and trees across from the park and makes for a really beautiful sight. It's smaller and less crowded than Cameron Park, and isn't quite as "nice." It connects to Cameron Park, so you could walk both if you wanted to.
River Walk
This is down the river from Cameron Park and you can walk there from the either parks above. It's really pretty especially at night. There are ducks everywhere so bring some crackers if you're into that (kids love it).
Suspension Bridge
This is part of the river walk. It's a historical bridge with a bunch of cool statues all around. It's really nice for pictures and lights up super pretty at night. This is one of my favorite spots in town. Unfortunately it is currently closed (though you can still look at it from the river walk), and it seems it will be for a while.
Lake Waco
This is a little more "out of the way," but there are some nice spots (and some more secluded spots if you like that). There are so many little places on the lake, but it'd be great for a picnic or bbq. Just make sure you buy a parking pass ($5 last I was there), because they will absolutely get you. I have had no luck fishing there, but apparently it's a good wiper (hybrid) lake.
Cottonwood Creek Golf Course
This is a surprisingly nice golf course. Prices are reasonable and the people are always so nice (they let me borrow a club every time I go down to the driving rage).
Sul Ross Skatepark
It's actually a kind of nice skatepark. There's a good amount of dips and things, so it'd be super fun if you were a little more advanced. It is a little "sketchy" though, so I would avoid it at night.
Waco Wetlands
I haven't been down there yet but it is on my short list. I will update when I do. But I believe they give tours, and from what I've heard it's really pretty.


Texas Ranger Hall of Fame
This is a super cool museum about the Texas rangers. They have lots of old guns and things like that. It's definitely worth visiting if you're a history buff. They have a whole room dedicated to Bonnie and Clyde, and there's a historic cemetery next to it (please be respectful though).
Mammoth Museum
This one is super simple, they have a bunch of mammoth bones and things you can go look at. It's a little ways out of town, and I've never been but a lot of people love it. It's not an all-day thing though from what I hear.
Mayborn Museum
This is on Baylor's campus, and is actually super cool. It's pretty small but they have some really nice exhibits. Mostly natural history but some other historical stuff, too.
Dr. Pepper Museum
I've only ever been in part of it, but some people really enjoy it. Some say it's underwhelming, but it's right in town. It's kind of neat and they have all kinds of sodas you can get which is pretty cool.
Doris Miller Memorial
It's over by the river walk, and is pretty neat. It's and interesting story and a pretty cool memorial. It's definitely worth stopping by especially if you're walking around anyway.
Texas Sports Museum
I haven't ever been and I don't know of anyone that has, but reviews online say it's cool.
Suspension Bridge
There's some cool history about it. See "outdoor."


World Cup Café and Fair Trade Market
As someone who hates shopping, I like this place. In addition to having good food (see "food"), they have a cool little market. It's mostly handmade trinkets, and all of it is fair trade (not sweatshop garbage). It's a cool place with a nice cause and good people. This would be my first pick for shopping in Waco.
It's a pretty cool bookstore. It's super neatly decorated in there and is a nice place to sit and have a coffee or something. They sell some pretty neat books, and they have other random things like cards and tea. It's definitely a ~vibe~.
Farmer's Market
This happens every Saturday morning and is pretty cool. You can buy vegetables and fruits, masks, honey, random trinkets. It's pretty small and a little expensive but worth swinging by if you're looking for something to do on a Saturday morning.
Spice Village
As someone who hates shopping, I hate this place. It's kind of the go-to for shopping in Waco, and I imagine shopper-types would enjoy it. It's sort of a giant up-scale Buccee's if you ask me, but people seem to love it. They have an insane amount of clothes and trinkets. There's also some juice bars and stuff within walking distance.
Dirt Cheap
This is like walking into a hoarder's house but everything is for sale. There's almost zero organization, but you can find some good, cheap stuff there. It's worth stopping by if you want a random trinket.
This is the reason people come to Waco. I don't get it, it's just expensive home décor and stuff but people love it. I won't write any more about it because there's a ton of info online.
Half Price Book Outlet
This place is sort of neat. Not as cool as Fabled but a lot cheaper. They have lots of records and comics as well. Expect to find a lot of Windows 95 for Dummies types of books. But there's still some cool stuff in there too. Worth checking out if you're bored and want to spend some time hunting for something cool, or if you're a total book junkie.
Spin Connection
Is a record store. It's super cool and the people who run it are so nice. The lady was going to set aside a Weezer vinyl for me but the release was delayed. This is the spot in town for vinyl!
Mill King
This is a raw milk dairy. I don't love it, but others seem to. They have other random organic types of things (jam, flour, cake mixes, etc.). But a lot of it is stuff you could find at a Whole Foods or on Amazon for like half the price. Plus the dude was a little rude to me, and it's a far (but pretty) drive.
Triple S Dairy
This is a much better dairy imo. The prices are comparable, and they don't have other random stuff (they have milk, cream, chocolate milk, eggs, yoghurt, and butter). And a lot of times they just have milk and cream. But it's a really pretty place, and it's self-serve. If you want to try raw milk (it is different), this is the spot imo.


Waco has some pretty killer places to eat. Here's most of what I've tried:


One of the most popular spots to eat in Waco. It's cheap, greasy pizza (and beer), but it's really good. They have daily deals so you can get out pretty cheap. I like the pizza pillows, and the buffalo chicken one is my favorite.
Mod Pizza
This is a big chain but it's pretty good. It's a little pricey for pizza imo, but it's good. Imagine a Subway (minus the feeling of danger), but it's for pizza. They also have giant salads.
Slow Rise Pizza
They have good pizza (also really large pizzas which is cool), and (apparently) great beer! Thanks u/EternalGandhi
This one is suggested by u/SoLoneStar. I've heard it's really excellent pizza but I haven't ever been. It's worth checking out though, especially if you're not into the trashy greasy pizza you'd get at Shorty's (or just need a break, haha).
Poppa Rollo's
This place is all the rave and I don't know why. It's pretty dingy, the pizza was expensive, and it just wasn't good. It is also an un-recommendation from u/Funknoodlz, who worked there so it's definitely one too avoid.


Captain Billy Whizbang's
One of the best burgers I've ever had. They just renovated so if you haven't been before you missed out on the iconic clown-themed burger joint. But the people are super nice and the crazy fries are incredible.
There are the best fries I've ever had. It's a pretty run-down looking diner, but it's some seriously good food. Do be aware that their hours are a little odd, so check that before you go.
This is a little out of town but it's really good. Also kind of an old diner thing, but the food is great and everyone I've talked to there has been super chill. It's also really inexpensive, and it's my dad's favorite in town.
Twisted Rood
Is closed at the moment which is so unfortunate. It's a small chain out of Austin and they make some really good burgers. I really hope it opens back up because I miss it.
Health Camp
This place is a Waco icon, and u/fatboy420 reminded me that I forgot it somehow! It's really old (but impeccably clean inside), and it looks/feels super cool. I talked to the owner once and he was an awesome guy. The burgers are good, but the shakes are really where it's at!
Double-R Burgers
I have never been but I've heard so many great things about it! It's definitely worth a look! Thanks, u/Gherton
Kim's Diner
I've never been but it comes recommended by u/fatboy420. It's a '50s themed diner and looks pretty awesome!
This is a pretty big chain. But the food is good and it has the nicest wait staff I've ever seen. Like literally turn your day around nice. The burgers are pretty good, and they're cheap on Monday's. My favorite is the chicken tender dinner though.

Fried Chicken (in definitive order)

Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken
This place is an absolute gem. If I could only eat at one place in Waco this would be it. The prices are cheap and the portions are huge. They have the best rolls I've ever had, along with all the fried stuff you would ever want (corn nuggets, gizzards, things like that). It's also the only family-owned chicken place I know of, so the following are all chains.
The one on Valley Mills by HEB is the best one. The Tender Tuesday deal is really good if you want to feed several people.
This is a huge chain but if you don't have these where you're from you should give it a shot. It's a little pricey imo, but it's good. I am a bit of an ex-addict of Cane's, and it has a cult following. The one on Franklin is the better one imo, but that's a hot take.
See "burgers." The portion size is huge for the tender dinner and their bbq sauce is really good.
Golden Chick
This one is pretty good but not excellent imo. I haven't tried the sandwich yet though.
I like the seasoning but that's about it. Otherwise, it is the lesser chicken spot.


Café Cappuccino
This place is super good. It makes for an excellent brunch spot. They have amazing French toast and their pancakes are massive. Plus it's cozy in there and the people are always nice (and prices are pretty reasonable).
World Cup Café
I mentioned this in shopping, but the restaurant is good too. It's a small place, but the food is pretty killer and the people were super nice. I got the pumpkin pancakes and they were incredible.
See "burgers." It's a greasy diner but they have some good breakfast. I like the hashbrowns. It isn't the "cute" vibe but it's really good food.
Harold Waites Pancake House
I haven't been to this one but it comes highly suggested by u/ptorino. It's diner that does American food, and it looks super home-y.
Butter my Biscuit
This one comes suggested by u/bubsmcgoo67 and is seconded by u/PetrockX. This is a little bit on the fancy end, and has some really good looking southern breakfast/brunch kind of stuff. It's definitely worth checking out! I will definitely be going soon.
Lula Jane's
This one is more of a bakery but they do have this baked oatmeal that I absolutely love. In addition to that, they offer weekly cooking classes! The week I looked into it they were doing a class on how to bake scones. It's worth looking at!
William Hoyt
This is a bagel truck behind Common Grounds (a local coffee shop). It makes for a really fun combo; get a coffee and a bagel. They're a little expensive imo but they're super good.


Taco Zacatecas
I am a total junkie for this place. The tacos are small and you can order however many you want which is great for when you're not overly hungry. The adobada is really good if you want pork. The bistek is much better than the asada, and barbacoa is really good too. I cannot recommend the carnitas though which is a shame. They're open super late which is nice.
La Milpa
Is right down the street from Taco Z so there's sort of some beef. I don't like it quite as much, but it's still really good. Their salsa is better than Taco Z, but their parking is super bad.
It's a pretty big tex-mex chain. It's kind of loud in there and it's not always the most consistent. But the food is pretty good in my opinion. They have this jalapeno sauce that they're kind of famous for. It's worth stopping by if you like that kind of food.
The Ranchito
This one comes suggested by u/cccantaloupe. It seems to be a little more up-scale, and has a good looking bar. It also looks super nice inside. I'll have to give it a try soon!
This one came recommended by u/SoLoneStar and is seconded by u/shadyjake and u/spillledmilk. One of my friends is an absolute die-hard for this place and he is a snob about Mexican food, so I'm sure it's excellent. I can't wait to give it a shot! It is a breakfast and lunch place so be aware of that.
This one is suggested by u/shadyjake and seconded by u/spillledmilk. I've heard of it and that it's good, but I've never tried it before. It's worth a look!
Altos de Jalisco
This ones is suggested by u/Funknoodlz. It seems to be a tex-mex spot with good prices. It's worth checking out! I can't wait to try it out soon.


Coach's Smoke Shop
This place is kind of hit-or-miss. The wait staff is always a little crazy so you may or may not get what you ordered. I will say I had the best meal I've had in Waco there though. I got the adult grilled cheese with pork and it was amazing. I've had it since and it hasn't ever been as good. They do have a good wing Wednesday deal though, so that's cool. All told it's underrated imo.
This one is overrated to me. It's pretty good but overpriced. The gut pak is alright but not something I'd go out of my way for. It's popular though, so maybe worth checking out.
Guess Family BBQ
This is probably the most popular bbq for locals. I haven't ever had it, but I've heard it's really good. I have heard they run out early though.
This is a big chain but it's pretty good. Nothing to write home about but they don't run out like the others and their prices are lower than some of the others.

Soul Food

The Eatery
I just went here and it was pretty good. I have a hard time eating "soul food" because my dad is such a good cook and I'm spoiled on that kind of thing. But I see how someone could really enjoy it. The prices were pretty good and the people were like super nice. It's also like immaculately clean inside.
Sam's Southern Eatery
This place is alright. Again I see how someone could love it there. It's a bit more of a dive but that's cool. I got the fried chicken and it was pretty good. The seasoning on it was really good.
Buzzard Billy's
This is the only one I've included because of how offensively bad it was. People rave about it sometimes, and I've heard it's inconsistent but good lord when I went it was literally just bad. This is one to avoid.


This is a Waco classic. Some people don't like it, but I am a fan. It's pretty inexpensive and really good imo. Tortellini pink is my go-to. The house sauce is also super good. It's a super chill environment and I really enjoy it.
I haven't ever been here but it comes recommended by u/fatkid420. It's downtown and I believe it's a little nicer, so perfect for dates and family members!


Happy Wok
This is my favorite Chinese in Waco. The guy who takes orders is pretty chill and the food is usually pretty good. It's not the best Chinese I've ever had but I do like it. The portions are huge and the prices are good.
Fortune Cookie
I've heard this one has some really authentic Chinese along with the western chinese most of us are accustomed to. I like it (the fried rice is really good), but it's a little overpriced in my opinion.
Bangkok Royal
This is a pretty good little Thai place. I got the pad thai and it was super good, but my food wasn't very warm which would be my only gripe. But in general it's really good and I don't know why I don't go there more often. I've heard it's the best sushi in town, but I'm not a sushi fan so I can't confirm.
This is like a fancy Vietnamese (thank you for the correction u/lost_signal) spot. I've never had it personally but I've heard it's super good. Several people I know say it's their favorite spot in Waco (though it is a little on the pricey side).
KoKo Ramen and Blasian Asian
These are both in Union Hall (see it in "miscellaneous"). I haven't tried the ramen but I did try Blasian Asian. It was okay imo, but I know a lot of other people really enjoy it. I know some people really love the ramen place if you're into that. I'm just not a soup person.


This might be my favorite place to eat in Waco. It's a Greek place. The gyros are excellent, and the pomegranate tea is killer. I also like the feta fries. The lady who runs it is so cool too. It does have weird hours though so look at that. But if I had to pick one place to go on a visit, this would be it (I know I said that about Jim's too, haha).
Alpha and Omega
Another Greek place that's kind of okay imo. It's a little pricier than Xristo's and just not as good. It's kind of fancier if you want something nicer though. And they have normal hours, so that's cool. All that said though it's still really good.
D's Mediterranean Grill
This place comes recommended bt u/shadyjake and is seconded by u/spillledmilk. It's another Greek place with gyros, hummus, and kebabs. Apparently the people are super nice too. I haven't been there personally, but it looks nice when I've driven by and a dude I worked with said he really loved it. Definitely worth looking at!
Union Hall
This is a food court with wings, ramen, burgers, international desserts, tacos, a bar, asian, and several others. I don't love it tbh, but other people go crazy for it. The international desserts thing is kind of cool, but other than that I think you can do better in Waco. I know several people who would disagree though, so it might be worth a look.
Jesse's Tortilla Factory
This is where I get my chips and tortillas. They also have really killer tamales. Not to mention everyone is so nice in there. The guy who runs it is a super chill guy.
Czech Stop
This one is out in West (about 25 minutes away), and it's a bit of a tradition to make a midnight Czech stop run. They're open 25 hours and have really good kolaches and danishes. It's also super cheap, so it's a win-win. Definitely worth checking out.
Gerik's Ole Czech Bakery
Another suggestion from u/SoLoneStar, this is a different kolache place out in West. The selection is smaller but apparently they are really good kolaches (some say better than Czech Stop so that's impressive). It would definitely be a good alternative to Czech Stop if you're sick of it or want to break the norm! I can't wait to give it a shot here soon!
Is probably the most popular spot in town, especially for visitors. It's hit or miss for me. They have a good wing Wednesday, and I like the burgers okay. I've had really good and sort of bad meals there. It's a little overrated imo. The one in Waco is more of a bar, and the one in Hewitt is more family-friendly (which I much prefer).
Green's Sausage House
This place is pretty cool. It's a ways out of town, but it's kind of got that small-town little spot vibe. I got a sausage sandwich and it was really good. Just make sure you check their hours because they do close at a weird time.
Café Homestead
See "Homestead Heritage" in "activities." The café is super good. It's a little pricey but tasty. The London fog is excellent if you like tea.

Drink (non-alcoholic)

They have like 30 different flavors of iced tea. Sweet Georgia Peach is my favorite and the most popular. It's a cool little store. You used to be able to try the flavors out but I don't know how they've handled that with COVID. It's worth a look for sure though.
Waco Cha
This is like an Asian iced tea place. They're known for the boba (bubble tea). It's really good but a little expensive. They always have some cool new flavor going. My favorite is the brown sugar boba or the coconut one. Worth checking out for sure.
Pop's Lemonade
This one is a truck so you'll have to find it. It's really good but a little expensive. You can get all kinds of add-ins though which is super cool.


Their big thing is coffee and music. They have a record player in there so there's always music going. This is my favorite coffee shop in town and a lot of people agree. There's also a brewery like attached to it if you're into that.
Common Grounds
There's a few locations but the one on 8th is the original. It's pretty good, and it's a total student spot. I don't love their coffee though. It usually tastes a little burnt to me which is odd. The white fang and the Mexican hot chocolate are both excellent though. The inside is a little dingy for my taste (though that's kind of what they went for I think). It's worth checking out if you're around. And there is ice cream right next door so that's a plus. And there's a bagel truck right behind it (see "William Hoyt" in "breakfast"). It makes for a fun combo.
Another coffee and brewery. I've never been but I included it because it's super popular. I believe it's a lot like Pinewood.

Drink (alcohol)

This is like an outdoor bar thing. The drinks are a little expensive but I've heard they're good. I like it because they have a bunch of games (cornhole, darts, foosball, ping pong, ladder game, and basketball connect-4). They also have live music a lot so if you're into that it's a good spot. All around a chill spot with a good mix of students and locals.
See "miscellaneous" under "food." It's a popular spot for drinks. I've heard very mixed things though in general. Plus they're inconsistent like their food.
I've never been here but I included it because it's so popular. I've heard it's pretty laid back and they have a bunch of pool tables. It's genuinely how some people spend every Saturday night, so they must be doing something right.


Ice Cream

Heritage Creamery
This place is super good if a little expensive. But their cones are a-tier and they always have cool flavors. My favorite is the salted caramel. Plus it's sort of nice inside and it's just a comfortable place to sit and eat an ice cream. It's open pretty late. They have a student discount that they don't advertise, so mention that if you go to school here.
This is sort of the opposite vibe from Heritage. It's pretty inexpensive (especially given how massive the portions are), and it's got that drive in kind of vibe. The ice cream is really good though. I think it's a pretty old spot, so it's pretty neat. I believe it's open pretty late. Kind of underrated in my opinion.
This is Italian ice. It's dairy-free but it really does taste like ice cream. It's kind of different and super good, if a little pricey. It's just a truck I believe, but they may have a storefront somewhere. I got mango and it was excellent.
Health Camp
This place has killer milkshakes in about a million different flavors. See "burgers" under "food."
We also have a Freddy's, a Sonic, and an Andy's, and I would go to them in that order.

Snow Cones

I am a connoisseur of snow cones. This is probably my favorite spot in town. They have an insane amount of flavors and they're super nice. It's cheap and really good. Strawberry with cream topping is my favorite. This is also one of the only spots in town you can get Mexican flavors (tragically there's nowhere that serves raspados).
Bahama Buck's
This one is a chain but it's pretty killer. It is on the pricier side, but the texture is almost like ice cream. Plus they give you a little umbrella in your snow cone which makes me feel special.
Ice Ice Baby West
This one is out in West but I like it a lot. They don't have as many flavors, and it's not quite as "nice" of a texture (imagine homemade snow cone), they have all kinds of toppings and it's still super good. It's a good trip to go to Czech stop for kolaches and then get a snow cone. They usually have some crazy flavor going too.


Hey Sugar Candy Store
This one is super cool because they just charge by the pound. You can grab a little bag and put in whatever candy you want. They have a million flavors of gummy bear, jelly beans, taffy, and all kinds of cool shapes (chicken feet, huge sharks, things like that). It's fun to go with people and do. They also have some cool soda flavors and ice cream (I've never had it though).


I'm not 100% how COVID has affected each of these so please check before you go to one.
Homestead Heritage
This is the coolest thing in Waco in my opinion. It's a little community out of town (reminds me of Mennonites but they aren't). They show off all kinds of trades (pottery, weaving, blacksmithing), and they offer classes. They have a little café that's pretty good (but expensive). It's just super pretty out there and it makes for a really good time. And entrance is free, so you can watch them and explore without paying anything! So cool. It is an all-day thing though.
Cameron Park Zoo
I haven't been which is tragic. I've heard nothing but good things though (it's a pretty popular spot). It's not the Dallas Zoo or anything but they have some cool animals. Definitely worth checking out if you're in town.
AMC Movie Theater
Is actually closed at the moment. I hope they survive COVID. It's typically my favorite theater in Waco, and they have a killer student discount ($5/ticket).
Regal Jewel Theater (permanently closed)
It's a pretty good theater too. Slightly trashier but they have cheaper snacks and sometimes they have better showing times. u/Funknoodlz advises not going if it ever comes back. Apparently the cops will search your car while you're in the theater. I've never heard about that personally, but it's entirely possible.
Lula Jane's
See "breakfast." This is a bakery that offers cooking classes every week. I think they're $20. I do believe they are virtual now, but that might change in the future!
Skate City
This is an old-school roller skating rink. It's super fun and cheap. They also have laser tag (would be fun for kids up to maybe 12), and some arcade games. It's cheap entertainment and I really enjoy it.
Stumpy's Axe Throwing
Kind of self-explanatory. I think it's awesome and I'd really love to try it. I've heard it's super fun and really easy to pick up. They also have a truck that goes around to certain events (sometimes to Freight).
Disc Golf
See "Cameron Park" in "outdoor." There's a really huge disc golf course in Cameron Park and the surrounding area. If you don't know what disc golf is, it's where you throw a little frisbee and try to hit a target (like a hole in golf). Scoring is like golf. People love it so much. I believe you can rent a set of frisbees from them too.
This is an arcade and mini-golf spot that u/cccantaloupe reminded me about. It's kid-friendly till 8:00, then it becomes more of an adult bar type of thing. They have putt-putt and arcade games. Though I don't know if any of that has changed with COVID, so I recommend calling before you go. I've never been but I have heard good things about it.
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The Great /r/Fantasy Discworld Poll - Results!

Huge thanks to everyone who participated for indulging my curiosity!
We had a total of 879 responses by the time I closed the poll. The full results can be viewed here. Raw data is in a spreadsheet here, if people want to play with it. Interesting results are summarized below.

Most Widely Read

  1. Guards! Guards! (811 votes, 92.3% of respondents)
  2. Mort (802, 91.2%)
  3. The Colour of Magic (796, 90.6%)
No real surprises here. These three were the only ones to break 90% of respondents, and as they’re the first books of the Watch, Death, and Rincewind series respectively, it’s not shocking that they’d be the most widely read ones. At the bottom was The Shepherd’s Crown (313, 35.6%). Since it’s the most recent book, I don’t put too much stock in that number; after all, there were 32 years between it and The Colour of Magic. The dips that I see as actually significant are Faust Eric (576, 65%); The Last Hero (477, 54.3%); and The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (416, 47.3%).
For the most part I’m letting Google do the work of putting together graphs, but there was one bit of information I wanted to pull out: relative readership of the different Discworld subseries. You can see my graph of that information here.

Favorite Book

Ye gods and little fishes, were people whining about having only 5 choices for their favorite book.
  1. Night Watch (410, 46.6%)
  2. Small Gods (313, 35.6%) 3 (tie). Guards! Guards! (282, 32.1%) 3 (tie). Going Postal (282, 32.1%)
Night Watch has a solid win here, which isn’t shocking (cause it’s awesome). Guards! Guards!, Small Gods, and Going Postal are tightly clustered behind it. After that, it gets into the tail of the curve. Nothing got zero votes, but the ones at the bottom were Faust Eric (13, 1.5%); The Last Hero (20, 2.3%)l and Wintersmith (23, 2.6%). I was surprised at how underrepresented the Witches were; Granny Weatherwax & company’s highest finisher was Witches Abroad (117, 13.3%), back in 12th place.

Best Book to Introduce New Readers to Discworld

Guards! Guards! was the runaway winner here, with 543 votes/61.8%. Mort was a distant second (206, 23.4%). The Colour of Magic, Wyrd Sisters, Small Gods all were able to crack 10%.

Favorite Character

  1. Death (566, 64.4%)
  2. Sam Vimes (559, 63.6%)
  3. Granny Weatherwax (443, 50.4%)
  4. Lord Vetinari (356, 40.5%)
This one was a nail biter for me - Vimes and Death were within a vote or two of each other for pretty much the entire time I had the poll running. This 7-vote gap here is literally the biggest I ever saw. The Librarian (205, 23.3%) and Moist von Lipwig (204, 23.2%) were the only ones who really stood out from the rest of the pack at all.
A word on how I made the quiz: my initial list of characters was massive to the point of being totally unwieldy. I exercised editorial control in knocking it down, leaving only characters I thought “significant.” (Plus Horace, as a joke.) Sorry if your beloved character wasn’t on the list; no offense intended, that’s what the “Other” option was for. I did, as a number of people pointed out, accidentally cut Rincewind from the list, but the poll was up for less than an hour before I rectified that.


Unsurprisingly, Good Omens was by far the most widely-read non-Discworld book. (More of you need to read Nation, it’s awesome.) Granny was the overwhelming favorite to win her battle of wills with Vimes (712-144), Death just edges out Lord Vetinari in the staring contest (442-417), and more than 60% of you would rather eat one of Dibbler’s sausages than call the Librarian a monkey, get beaten up by Lu-Tze, or have to smell Foul Ol’ Ron.
If I could end things on a personal note. I heard Neil Gaiman (who of course knew Sir Terry pretty well, from their collaboration on Good Omens) say (and I’m paraphrasing here) that there was a false dichotomy in considering “serious” to be the opposite of “funny.” The opposite of “funny” is “unfunny,” because you absolutely can be both funny and serious. Sir Terry exemplified this. Small Gods hugely changed the way I see the world, I think for the better. His thoughts on tyranny, on inequality, on accepting one another, on what “live and let live” really means remain hugely relevant, and always will be.
And now I’m sad. You were taken from us too young. 41 books isn’t nearly enough. Sir Terry Pratchett, GNU.
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