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Hero9: Everything wrong with Beastmaster, part 1/1

Trying out one-long-post-per-hero this time, see how it works out.
Hero 1: Abaddon part 1, part 2
Hero 2: Alchemist part 1, part 2
Hero 3: Ancient Apparition part 1, part 2
Hero 4: Anti-Mage part 1
Hero 5: Arc Warden part 1, part 2
Hero 6: Axe part 1, part 2
Hero 7: Bane part 1, part 2
Hero 8: Batrider part 1, part 2


  • Total number of subjects: 31
  • Number of bugs: 10
  • Number of visual glitches: 7
  • Number of audio bugs: 2
  • Number of cosmetic item issues: 5
  • Number of suggestions: 6
  • +1 tooltip stuff


1. Wild Axes provide vision at the map center

When casting Wild Axes, they provide vision at the center of the map until they fully returned to the caster. It doesn't matter where the caster is or where he targets the spell.
Pretty straight-forward bug.
Video demo

2. Wild Axes fly towards the caster's facing angle, instead of targeted point

It looks like Wild Axes work like Shadowraze--go towards facing direction--so the targeting only is to make you face the direction and determine distance.
For Beastmaster himself, this doesn't really matter, because of the cast time he has on Wild Axes, he will always be fully facing the target point.
But for Rubick, this causes issues. Since he has a 0 second cast time, the axes may fly towards the wrong direction for him.
  1. Steal Wild Axes
  2. Cast Wild Axes behind you
Result: Rubick turns around to cast the spell. Once within the required angle, he casts it. But the axes do not fly towards the targeted point. They fly towards where Rubick was facing as the cast begun.
Expected: Wild Axes should fly towards where the spell was targeted, not towards where the caster is facing.
Video demo

3. Primal Roar doesn't destroy trees around units it shoves aside

These kind of knockbacks usually destroy trees around the moved unit. Deafening Blast, Gust, Earth Spirit spells, Force Staff+upgrade, Blinding Light, Flamebreak, Walrus Kick, Greater Bash, all destroy trees around knocked enemies.
Primal Roar doesn't destroy trees. It probably should, like a small 100 radius around knocked units.
Video demo

4. Primal Roar doesn't slow and attempt to damage spell immune secondary targets

Primal Roar fully pierces spell immunity on the primary target. It stuns it and applies its damage (which then gets reduced to 0).
Its behavior against secondary targets is inconsistent. It does shove spell immune enemies aside. But it neither slows them, nor attempts to damage them.
It would make more sense for it to fully pierce, applying the slow and damage as well.
Note: For people who don't get the damage part, no, it won't make you lose hp, since it's magical damage and you have 100% magic resistance. It would just affect interactions with several effects which react on damage, like Recall and Blade Mail.
Video demo

5. Primal Roar does not shove aside enemes which are aligned with the caster and the target

When an enemy unit is perfectly aligned with the Primal Roar caster and the primary target, they are not shoved aside. They are hit by it normally, but are basically just stunned, instead of shoved aside
Strangely, it does shove units when the caster and primary target are 920 range apart from each other. In this case, aligned secondary units are shoved towards the primary target, and not aside.
The purpose of the knockback is to "open a path" for Beastmaster to the target. So nearby enemies should always be shoved aside.
Video demo

6. Primal Roar's knockback debuff is not visible in the HUD

Primal Roar's knockback is a hard-disable (a stun). Stuns should always be shown in the status bar, no matter how short. Even stuff like Lightning Bolt is displayed. Primal Roar's debuff should be displayed as well.
Video demo

7. Box-selecting a Boar and a Hawk selects them based on creation order

When box-selecting a Boar and a Hawk, the hawk sometimes ends up as the primary selected unit, which can mess with attack orders (since the hawk cant attack, it prevents giving attack orders to the selected group).
Currently, the game decides the primary selected unit by creation order in the case of boars and hawks. This is not the case when selecting the beastmaster summons together with e.g. necro units. In this case, the necro units are always prioritised.
The game should prioritise the boar over the hawk. In fact, the hawk should always be the last unit in every selection group, since it's basically a mobile ward.
Video demo

8. CTRL Unified Unit Orders gives the orders to the Hawk as well

The hawk is currently not selected with the "Select All Units" and "Select All Other Units" hotkeys. But unified unit orders still include the hawk.
Unified Unit Orders should not affect the hawk for the same reason why Select All/All Other Units" do not.
Video demo

9. The Hawk can leave the map boundaries

The hawk is the only unit which is still able to leave the map. All other units cannot do this anymore.. Well, the hawk and the flying courier can.
Considering other units got fixed, units leaving the map seems to be not wanted.
Video demo

10. The Hawk's invisibility ability is not disabled by Break

Very minor, barely matters currently. It may matter more in the future. For example, when an AoE Break ability gets introduced, the hawk would ignore it.
Since it's a passive ability, Break should disable it. As a comparison, Riki invis is disabled.

Visual glitches

1. Enemy Wild Axes are floating in the air when they enter the fog of war

When an enemy casts Wild Axes, they get stuck and spin in place when they enter the fog of war, until the spell finishes.
It works fine when Beastmaster is invisible. The axes actually fly towards where he currently is, even while invisible. Only the fog causes this issue.
Expected behavior: Just like other projectiles, upon entering the fog, the axes should stop drawing and disappear.

2. When casting Wild Axes, Beastmaster still keeps a pair of axes in his hands

"Beastmaster sends his axes flying and calls them home again" -- from the spell description. But when casting the spell, Beastmaster clones his axes, keeping the ones in his hands.
Funny part is, during early beta, Beastmaster actually threw his axes. You can see it in this video. This stopped working as his model was remade/updated.
This is how it currently looks

3. Beastmaster's Wild Axes catch animations play even while dead

Beastmaster has a special animation for Wild Axes as they return: He catches them with his hands. This catching animation plays even while Beastmaster lies dead on the ground.
Video demo

4. Wild Axes' catch animation does not play when not having the spell anymore

This matters for Rubick only, who also has the wild axes catch animation. When he loses the spell before the axes return, the animation is not used. It should be used, even after spell loss.
Video demo

5. Units knocked back by Primal Roar do not use their flail animations

Usually, when a unit gets knocked back, its flail animation plays. But this is not the case with Primal Roar. Here, the units just idle and slide on the ground.
Primal Roar should make shoved units flail.
Video demo

6. Beastmaster's mouth stays shut during Primal Roar's cast animation

Roaring with a shut mouth? His Roar animation does not have his mouth animated. He just leans forward with is arms pulled back. His mouth stays shut.
His mouth should be animated as well. As a comparison, Axe's mouth opens when using Berserker's Call.
Video demo

7. Beastmaster's rare idle animation plays during his injured phase

This is a problem many heroes have, appearantly. Rare idle animations should not play when the unit is currently using its injured animations.
Video demo

Audio bugs

1. Beastmaster's responses upon controlling his summons do not work

Beastmaster has a set of voice responses which are supposed to be used by him when controlling his summons. There are voice lines for:
These responses are even hooked up in Beastmaster's response rules, with a 30% proc chance. But sadly, they do not work currently.
Screenshot of the response rules

2. Beastmaster's rare kick attack animation uses axe sounds

Beastmaster has a rare attack animation where he kicks his target, instead of axing them. This kick uses his axe attack sounds. It should have a different sound, a thud similar to Alchemist punches.
Video demo

Cosmetic item issues

1. Wild Axes always use the default Beastmaster axe models, instead of what is equipped

A very disappointing thing about Beastmaster cosmetics, his Wild Axes use always the default model. Meanwhile, heroes like storm have a spell completely copy every equipped cosmetic.
It would make Beastmaster's cosmetic items much more valuable if his spell would adapt. There is no downside to this, I'm sure his stuff would even sell better.
And I remember the devs saying in the past that they wanted to wait with this kind of stuff until Reborn. Well, Reborn is out for years now, where are the customizations?
Other disappointing spells are Troll's Whirling Axes and Bounty Hunter's Shuriken Toss. I'm sure there are more. Monkey King's staff will probably be disappointing too when he gets custom staves.
Video demo

2. The Stun and Flail animations of all of the custom Boars and Hawks do not loop

The above might not be a bug (it's just a disappointment), but this one definitely is. Stun and flail animations are supposed to loop and last as long as the stun/knockback do.
This works fine for the default Boar and default Hawk. But all the custom Boars and Hawks are bugged. Their animations do not loop. They play one cycle and then stop.
Video demo

3. All of Beastmaster's custom Boars are missing footstep and death sounds

This is definitely a bug as well, mainly because it also affects gameplay (pay2win)
All the custom Boars models Beastmaster has, they are fully silent. You (and enemies) cannot hear them move and cannot hear them die. This gives the custom models an advantage over the default model.
The custom models should inherit the sound from the default model. The default sounds are luckily so that they'd fit pretty much any custom model.
Video demo

4. The Anunkasan Hawk from the Friends of the West set has portrait lighting and idle animation uses

  1. The portrait of this custom hawk is not lighted properly. The upper half is illuminated, and the lower half is a void of blackness.
  2. Its wings flap horizontally while idle. This is not how wings work. They should flap more vertically when not moving forward.
Video demo

5. The Ancestral Vest of Karroch chest item is floating on Beastmaster's chest

It looks like the Ancestral Vest of Karroch chest item from the Custom Karroch set was not adapted to the size change Beastmaster received a couple of years ago. Beastmaster's model size was decreased. So now, this item is too big for him. In the loadout, you can see that the item basically has no contact with Beastmaster's skin.
Video demo


1. Add particle effects to the Boar's Poison debuff

The Boar's Poison is a very strong slow. It slows for 40% and basically lasts as long as the boar attacks you, which can be a long time.
Such a strong effect should have some visual feedback. So I suggest adding some green particle effects around poisoned enemies.
Here is an example which could be used for it. It's a modified version of Orb of Venom's effect.

2. Add particle effects to Primal Roar's slow debuff

Another potent slow effect without any visual feedback. It does have an effect, but it only lasts half a second. This effect is for the knockback.
A weaker version of the knockback visual effect could be used for the slow.
Here is an example effect (not using the knockback effect).

3. Give Call of the Wild: Boar a unique cast animation

Call of the Wild: Hawk and Call of the Wild: Boar use the same animation currently, although both have a separate animation entry on the model (both being identical).
The current animation with his arms raising into the air fits well for the Hawk. The Boar could have Beastmaster point one of his axes forward, similar to his animation in WC3 DotA.
WC3 example
Video demo of current animations
I would create an animation as a demo myself, but I have 0 experience, so it'd take too long for me to figure it all out.

4. Give Beastmaster's Boar unique attack sounds

In my opinion, all units should have a unique attack sounds. Or at least they should be altered enough to be distinguishable, even when using the same sound still.
Beastmaster's Boar has a powerful slowing attack, so it using the same attack sound as a range creep is unjustified.
Here is an example sound attack, projectile launch and impact. I tried to get something fitting to his spitting attack.

5. Give the Boar and the Hawk their own response rules, separate from Beastmaster

Currently, the Boar's and Hawk's responses are bound to Beastmaster (although as stated previously, they currently do not work). This means (if they'd work) they only play when Beastmaster controls them.
This is kind of weird, why would they stop responding when controlled by other heroes? Rubick? Chen? Enchantress? Lifestealer? Anyone with Helm of the Dominator?
As of now, Warlock's Golems are the only non-hero units with their own response rule file.
These are the sounds currently in-game for the Boar and Hawk
I have created demo response rule files for these, which can be found here

6. Suggestions for some unused responses of Beastmaster

As always, here are several suggestions for the hero's unused voice responses

1. Enable Beastmaster's Wild Axes cast responses

Why are they not enabled anyway? They aren't bad and fit quite well. Give them a 50% proc chance and it should be just fine.

2. Enable Beastmaster's rare immortality, haste and invisibility lines

Again, why are this not enabled? They are good lines, and other heroes have more ridiculous/vague lines which are enabled.

3. Use Beastmaster's angenoise responses as rare move/attack responses

Beastmaster is a man from the wild. He has many lines where he just makes noises (growling and similar). How about using them as move and attack responses, but with a lower proc chance, like 30%? Bunty Hunter has a similar system with his non-english responses.
The following would fit as move responses
And these would fit as attack responses
And this one would work as a level up response

4. Use this unused call of the wild response as a spawn response

5. Use this unused call of the wild response as a BattleBegins response

6. Use this unused pain response as a meeting-an-ally response towards Bristleback

7. I know these aren't enable for thematic reasons, but they still could be enabled as an easter egg, with a 1% chance of happening, and not happeing more than once per game. Talking about these rare lines which play upon repeatedly selecting the hero.

Tooltip stuff

  1. Wild Axes do not mention their damage/cut radius.
  2. Boar's Poison lists a damage type. It does not deal any damage, so it shouldn't show a damage type.
  3. Boar's Poison description is too vague. It does not say that the boar's attacks apply the effect.
  4. Primal Roar's SHOUT WIDTH: trait shows amplified value when holding ALT. It's listing an effect width, not a damage amount, it should not show amp'd values.
These are all actual issues. Here are some extra stuff which could be changed (lore changes can be seen in the image)
  1. Wild Axes has an unnecessary note telling it pierces spell immunity. Info is already in the header.
  2. Wild Axes has an unnecessary note saying it cuts trees. This info is already in the ability description.
  3. Call of the Wild: Hawk and Call of the Wild: Boar share the same lore text. A small tweak to both could be applied to have them unique.
  4. Hawk's Invisibility does not have a lore text.
  5. Boar's Poison does not have a lore text.
  6. Primal Roar has an unnecessary note telling it pierces spell immunity. Info is already in the header.
Here are some new ALT notes for his spells:
  • Wild Axes note: The axes fly for a maximum of 2 seconds.
  • Wild Axes note: The axes spread 353 range apart from each other, trees and enemies inbetween them may not be hit.
  • Wild Axes note: The axes have 350 range flying vision.
  • Call of the Wild: Hawk note: Recasting Call of the Wild: Hawk does not replace alredy existing hawks.
  • Call of the Wild: Hawk note: The hawk is a flying unit, so it has unobstructed pathing and vision.
  • Call of the Wild: Hawk note: The hawk has a bounty of 30/40/50/60 gold and 77 experience.
  • Call of the Wild: Boar note: Recasting Call of the Wild: Boar does not replace alredy existing boars.
  • Call of the Wild: Boar note: The boar has 550 attack range, 1.25 base attack time, 350 movement speed and 1400/800 vision.
  • Call of the Wild: Boar note: The boar has a bounty of 26-38 gold and 60/70/80/90 experience.
  • Boar Poison note: Multiple instances of Poison do not stack.
  • Inner Beast note: Affects invulnerable units.
  • Primal Roar note: Only enemies are shoved aside, over 300 range for 0.6 seconds.
  • Primal Roar note: Enemies are fully disabled while getting shoved aside.
  • Primal Roar note: The pushback and slow have a dynamic range, based on the distance between Beastmaster and the primary target.
Image comparing the changes to the current tooltips
dota_english and npc_abilities changes can be found here
submitted by Bu3nyy to DotA2

The Ultimate PC vs Console Thread

Disclosure: I personally believe pc is the superior platform.


To help those who are considering to switch from PC gaming to console gaming and vice versa.

To have a rational discussion about pros and cons about PC and console gaming and end this debate forever. It’s time we have a good discussion about this rather screaming ‘pc master race’ on every forum(I am looking at those youtube commenters).

To show that even when you have fair debate about PC vs console gaming PC legitimately wins.


In this thread console means Xbox or Playstation, not Wii U or Nintendo 3ds or Switch;
PC means both desktop and laptop gaming computers with Windows(most games nowadays also come in macOS).
All information of this thread are dated as 2019 so as tech industry evolves these information will be outdated.


Modding and steam workshop

Mods were the past, is the present, and will be the future of gaming world. for example- counter strike, team fortress, dota, dayz, insurgency, chivalry, day of defeat, squad all were mods at first, later they became standalone video games. Now they are among the most popular video games in the world. Many of the video game developers of today were modders in the beginning of their carriers, later they started developing video games.

There are two main types of modding one is to alter or upgrade the textures of the game to make it look more realistic or cartoonish, another is to change the content completely.

In console, you pay for what the developers want you to receive, but in pc you pay for the full game and community mods. Skyrim has nearly 1 million mods, gta 4 and half life 2 each has about half a million. Half life 2 mods played very important roles in video gaming industry and many of them later became standalone video games- (previously mentioned) insurgency, chivalry, day of defeat. Moreover there are many mods for games like arma 2/3 , call of duty 4/5, garry's mod etc. Moreover steam workshops made creating and consuming modding very easy, now a days many games have workshops and it made it lot easier for us to create and distribute custom maps.

If you are asked to describe pc gaming in one word, its ‘modding’. We can write thousand pages long articles about modding – and trust me people have tried – and in the end, mods are awesome.


PC graphics are incomparable. 1080p(or higher) with 60(or more) fps is just amazing. You can even play many games at 4k high settings if you have gtx 1060 which is not expensive nowadays.

Of course pc can not beat console at 350$ budget at this moment but if you can increase the budget a little bit it will definitely beat console by a mile. This is because even though pc parts are becoming cheaper and cheaper every month entry level graphics card are still quite bad and will probably remain that way.

Also there are many graphics mods and texture packs for pc to improve graphics even more (never say enough -_- ), more about mods in another section. RTX graphics cards are supposed to revolutionize PC graphics and broaden the gap between PC and console even more.


Graphics don’t matter much, gameplay do. PC games are 60 or more frames per second allowing you to react quicker and enjoy more. Action games that are 30 fps locked generally gets bad reviews from critics. Consoles have many 30 fps games because of their limited hardware. They are having so many problems regarding framerate that top Ubisoft executive had to defend consoles by claiming ‘30fps is lot better than 60fps’. But objectively it’s wrong. Higher framerate always means better gameplay.

You can even enjoy fps much higher than 100 when you play games on a PC.

PC exclusives genres

With a few exception, console gamers cannot enjoy a whole genre of games.

Most MMO/RTS/MOBA/Dungeon crawler games, to be honest most multiplayer only games are pc exclusive. If you have no choice other than choosing a PC If you want to enjoy physics based games like Besiege/From the Depths, prodcedurally generated base building games like Minecraft/Space Engineers/Rust, management games like factorio/satisfactory/planet coaster, realistic shooters like Arma/Squad/Rising storm 2, esports focused fps games like CSGO/Black Squad, rts games like Starcraft/Company of heroes/Warcraft, MOBA like Dota/LoL, arena shooters like TF2/Overwatch, MMOs like WoW/Guild Wars/Lord of the Rings Online or card games like Hearthstone.

Even game like Crysis Warhead is a pc exclusive, Crysis did not come for consoles for a long time.

Indie devs

If you dont play indie games you are missing a lot. PC has a wide variety of indie games- mineraft/ path of exile/space engineers/unturned/banished/robocraft etc. all are made by indie devs, some of these games are pc exclusives.

Of course there are indie games for consoles too but PC has a wide variety of indie games which consoles will never have. AAA game developers are losing the ability to innovation and developing boring and repetitive games while independent developers who are carrying the torch of innovation. Many of the latest AAA games have either failed to gain a big profit or failed to receive good metacritic score. Some of these games are Metal Gear Survive, Fallout 76, Battlefield 5, Anthem, Deus Ex Mankind Divided etc.


Virtual reality and augmented reality is growing to be a big market and PC VR experience is far superior to consoles, more importantly PC VR market is significantly bigger. You can experience super slo-mo games like Superhot, horror games like Alien Isolation VR mod, or adventure games like Adrift. PC is far superior in this because you can even customize already extra ordinary VR experience with VR haptic suit.

Uber cheap digital games through competition

Needless to say... praise lord Gaben,you can save a lot more money than you initially spend by buying a PC. Even if there were no steam sales, Steam games would still be much cheaper than (first hand) console games. PC gaming market has lots of competitions. Steam is fighting with Epic Store, Origin, Uplay, GOG and even etc. and these competitions are making games cheaper for consumers. Moreover there are many cd key sites for pc games offering very good deals, don't forget about fanatical bundles/humblebundles, pc gamers are overwhelmed by these type of sales, giveaways and bundles. Have a look at this- reddit.com/gamedeals

Regional pricing makes this even better, Steam sells games at very cheap price in developing nations.

Steam summer sale= 1 year old games(not best seller ones) at 15$ or less, games more than 2 year old- 5-8$, newish games at 30-40$.

Subscription systems

PC has a new but competitive subscription market. Origin Access is competing with Humble and Microsoft subscriptions. For consoles subscription market is considerably small. Sony has claimed they will not allow EA Access or others to compete with their subscription system.

Streaming service

PC has a totally new streaming market but its already becoming competitive. LiquidSky is competing with Geforce Now and Stadia to become everybody’s platform of gaming. Console streaming services are likely to be limited to xCloud or Playstation Now.

Price, Longevity and Upgradability

Device price war is a point where PC loses against console and will always lose. Entry level PC hardwares are still terrible. But if you add hunred or two hundred dollars to the budget to make it ~500$, you can afford an entry level PC which can still play many amazing PC exclusive games.

If you can buy a mid range desktop (which costs approximately 750$) you can easily play games with high to ultra graphics (with soothing frame rate experience and full HD resolution) for next 5 years. After that, you can still play new titles for couple of years more (without upgrading) but you just have to turn down the graphics to medium or medium-low. Even if you want to play new titles at ultra settings after a few years, you can just upgrade specific components like graphics card and spend about 300$ instead of the price of a full PC.

PC gaming myths

There are lots of myths about PC gaming, some of them spread by misinformation and some of them are real. To begin, one of the biggest myths about PC gaming is that you must update gaming PC every 3 years otherwise it will fail to run games. This is not true for PC gaming at all. You only need to update once every several years if you buy low end gaming PC, otherwise you will be fine. There are lots of myths about PC gaming like this.

However it is true coming to PC from console will require you to face a steep learning curve. You may need to watch lots of videos and read lots of user manual, both for hardware and software.

Free Online multiplayer

For online experience PC is incomparable. PC has a wide variety of online games which will not come for consoles. You can go online for free in PC, it won’t demand money just because you want to browse Facebook. If your friend borrows you a console version of FIFA you still have to pay for one month Xbox Live or PS Network if you want to go online. In PC you just have to pay your ISP for internet. Console internet prices are expensive, ranging from 40 to 60$ every year it can add upto 450$ in the time of the lifecycle of a console.

Lan multiplayer

Now a days lan option is being disabled by developers, but you can still play old pc games in lan parties, and there are even some ways to mod and play newer titles which don't have lan feature out of the box in lan parties (without internet connection).

For consoles you have to split screen and playing anything other than racing games with split screen is very annoying.

Free to play

In modern days free to play games make much more profit than paid games. PC has a gigantic list of amazing f2p games. you can enjoy so many free to play games you probably won't need any paid games anymore.

Unlimited Customizablity

With console you have to be at mercy of corporations, if corporations want to change their policy you can do nothing about it. If console makers want to restrict disk reselling or want you to pay to use internet you have to follow those rules.

However in PC you can always select your preferrable stores. Both PC hardware and software can be customized by a great extent leaving people wondering whether they are actually looking at a PC or not.


Few years ago Sony was hacked and hackers stole millions of credit card information of playstation users. In 2014 Microsoft famously said all data on microsoft servers including outlook emails are Microsoft property and Microsoft is allowed to do anything with the data.


In PC you won’t have to be afraid of device maker to spy on your camera or your inbox. However sometimes you need to uninstall software that comes with your pre built device.

Backward compatiblity

‘Remastered’ is now a thing because of consoles’s lack of backward compatibility. PC can run 20-30 years old games fine. We all know older AAA games are objectiveily better than games coming out in last few years. You can enjoy titles like Doom, Quake, Ultima, Resident Evil, Unreal Tournament, System Shock, Homeworld and so on.

Although I should mention Xbox One now also supports backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games.


Like running 30 year old pc games, you can even run old console games on pc with an emulator. You can enjoy 20 year old Final Fantasy or James Bond titles with good controllers.

The decreasing numbers of console exclusives

One of the biggest selling point of consoles is exclusive games. Consoles used to have many exclusive AAA games but developers are realizing that pc can not be ignored anymore and in this generation porting from console to pc is easier than 7th generation games.

Many publishers’ main revenue sources are now PC games and mobile games, few years ago their main revenue source was console games. So the number of console exclusives is decreasing in this gen, comparing to last gen consoles. Microsoft already said Xbox will share most exclusives with windows 10, only PS4 will have a few exlcusives in 8th generation.

Freedom of choice

There is no replacement for mouse/keyboard in fps games. Although there are some devices for consoles to use mouse/keyboard just like pc. If you feel uncomfortable with mouse to play action adventure games... then pc also has the freedom to use a wireless controller.

Moreover, there is no limit to your playstyle. You can use tripple monitor, high refresh rate monitor or a tv to play games or watch movies, and you can easily use wheel controllers or flight controllers and plenty of other simulation gears. VR haptic suit like Teslasuit or Hardlight gives you even better cutomized experience.


Gaming laptops are quite portable and you can even play games or browse internet without being plugged in. You can even plug them into your monitor or TV and enjoy games. Gaming laptops are generally more environment friendly too.

Although compared to desktops, consoles are quite portable. Desktops had terrible form factor for years but now its slowly changing due to the wide availability of mini ITX sized cases and graphics cards.


PC is all for e-sports, tens of millions of dollars worth of Dota 2/CSGO/LoL/Overwatch/Fortnite tournaments are being organised every year. Even less popular games like Arma, Battlefield, Fifa,TF2 has an e-sports scene in PC community.

Consoles have some games for e-sports too, but comparing to PC e-sports scenario they are next to nothing. Consoles are generally not suitable for e-sports because of limited performance and lack of native mouse keyboard support. Most e-sports games played on console are fighting games like tekken and street fighter 5. Moreover many realistic shooter games like Arma/Insurgency are not even available for consoles.

Even if you don’t participate in tournaments, generally fps gamers at PC are better than console counterpart. So if you compete against better shooters you should choose PC.

Extended Warranty

For some consoles you need to pay approximately 60 additional dollars for extended warranty (3 years or more). But you can get 3 years(or more) warranty for most PC components without paying extra fee. Although warranty service doesn’t matter as 8th gen consoles don’t have any red ring of death problem like Xbox 360 had.

Gameplay record/twitching

Xbox one and PS4 can record gameplay videos with their dvr, but they can only do it for limited times only at low resolution and fps. Console dvr has many limitations and their storage is also limited. A good gaming pc can record gameplay footage with little to no fps drops Nvidia shadowplay or AMD game dvr costs only one or two frame rates per second and let you record your gameplay at 1080p 60fps (or even better framerate) for unlimited duration. Moreover you can use your PC to edit your videos before you upload.

This is not a point worth considering if you are not a youtuber.


Lastly, the most important thing is- it's a PC... you can do anything you want. You can use your PC for productivity, you can heavily edit your gameplay videos before uploading it to youtube.

Tired of gaming? you can start modding games or making game trailers, create game wallpapers using photoshop or run your game forums, you can do all kinds of stuffs. PC is both for content creation and consumption where console is focused on content consumption solely. So buying a pc is not just for entertainment, it's kind of like an investment if you can make the use of it.


PS4 Exclusive games

This is the most important factor for console gamers. PS4 has some really good exclusive games and if you dont play them you are missing out a lot. Spiderman, Uncharted, GOW, Ratchet and Clank etc. all have above 85% metacritic score and they are some of the best games ever made. Generally hack and slash or fighting games don’t sell that well in PC so they become console exclusive.

Physical Copies No DRM, No Need for Internet

Console disks have no DRM so high speed internet is not needed when playing single player games.

PC gaming always needs high speed internet because you need Steam and Origin to download game files. PC have super cheap games but they are not resellable because they are all digital. If you use console you can use both online stores and disks without DRM. No drm policy allows you to share games with your friends, after you play a game you can give it to your friend for free. You can even trade them with strangers.

However in recent years everything is moving to digital, physical copies are dying.

Price and long term purchase

Console is pretty cheap and even console VR devices are cheaper. If you have to save money you have no other option than a console.

You don't have to upgrade every few years, buy new console once, run for many years.

Consoles devices are streamlined and console components generally don’t become out of stock. This is a problem PC has. Sometimes certain PC components either go out of stock or have price fixing problem. Few years ago following a flood hard disk prices went up, later RAM and graphics card became very expensive allegedly because of price fixing. Consoles don’t usually have inflated price problem.

There is also a thing called PC gaming money trap. If you are not focused you might fall into PC gaming money trap and you may end up spending four thousand dollars on a PC which performs exactly the same as a fifteen hundred dollar one. This is not uncommon for new people in PC market.

Curated experience

Console is still a priority to many developers and games that are being released are curated properly. This way PC early access games that have terrible bugs generally will not be allowed on console. Many PC exclusive titles are being developed for years as a beta, on the contrary console games are traditional and are released once as a full game.

Minimal Graphics Difference

Multiplatform games have very similar graphics in PC and consoles. Even though PC has superior graphics for PC exclusive titles, for many AAA games the difference don’t matter visuallly, they only matter framerate-wise. Some of the examples for this- Rainbow Six Siege E3 trailer graphics vs real game, Watch Dogs removing texture packs from PC version, Witcher 3 E3 trailer vs real game.

Free games with online purchase

Xbox Live Gold and PS Network subscriptions come with monthly free games and some of them are really good.

Easy to buy and access

If you buy PC components separately you have to search for information, read reviews, fix your budget etc. Assembling a pc for the first time is quite a hassle if you don't watch youtube or read guides. PC gaming has a steep learning curve, nobody can argue that.

Consoles are like- go to store, pay the money, come home, plug it in and play. simple as that. When new games come, you don't need to think about requirements etc. it just works. PC is very fragmented, console is not.

Consoles are more convenient. Consoles also don’t have problems with virus and malware. To use PC you have to learn a lot about security measures.

Consoles in living room

Consoles are made for living room, that’s why they have Kinect or PSMove. Although nobody uses them anymore.
Many console games have splitscreen for you to play with friends. Most PC titles don’t have splitscreen support. Some consoles can also be used as a TV (although that's not really a feature).

However nowadays there are many PC party games available on Steam.

No hackers in multiplayer

Consoles don’t have hacking problem in multiplayers. Some games in PC has massive hacking problem. Althogh these days most games have very good anti-cheat feature.

PC exclusives games are coming to consoles

Many PC exclusive games, even the games which are physics or destruction based are coming to consoles couple of years later. Some notable examples are Kerbal Space Program, Path of Exile, Planetside 2, Warthunder etc.

Cheap Portability

Even though consoles are less portable than gaming laptops, they are still lot more portable than desktops If you buy gaming laptops instead of desktops, you have to spend lot more money. A mid range gaming PC starts from 750$, for a laptop with similar performance you may have to spend 1200$.

Bluray support

Some consoles have blu ray disk support, which can be very beneficial if you are a blue ray disk user. you can add a bluray drive to your pc too but its expensive at this moment.


Things change fast, maybe in future nobody will use PC or console they will all stream using Stadia or Geforce Now. Another example of rapid changes- few years ago laptop gaming wasn’t even possible at a reasonable price, after Nvidia released Pascal gaming laptops suddenly laptops started having good price/performance ratio.

Timing is also important, if you purchase console in 2021 and 9th generation consoles get released in 2022, your console will probably have lifespan of 4 years.

To summarize: even though PC gaming is in a whole another level compared to console gaming, what you want to purchase depends on your intentions.
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