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Originally created for Warcraft 3 as mods and maps, Tower Defense Games are a subgenre of real-time strategy video games. While you play a series of maps that are linked together by a story line, you don't build towers as you would in many other tower defense games.

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While searching through the data from Karumto, Cerberus discovered Dr. Cayce's last known location: the planet[sic] Kopis (Hoplos, Hades Nexus). The word means "first ones" or "those from the first world", in the Goa'uld language, in the sense that all human life in the Milky Way began on Earth. Bob the Robber 4: Season 2 Russia.

Legion Build 21952 Data Updates: Achievements, Spells

Here is a collection of our top incursion games for you to play. We're the best online games website, featuring shooting games, puzzle games, strategy games, war games, and much more. Incursion 2 The Artifact - Free Online Games.

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Leaving Garga at the mouth of the bridge is a wise move, as he can help bolster your defenders with his magic and sword attacks (and potentially his pet). Fishing Artifact Weapon The fishing artifact weapon from Legion is, in fact, sticking around. Tower Defense Games - Armor Games https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1579.

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Defence Games Hacked https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1596. Forensic Artifact - an overview https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1583. Welcome to the list of top strategy games available in your web browser.

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Our lands need a hero! Turn off any programs that can clean cookies. Incursion 2 The Artifact is a free tower defense game in which you try to fend off invading forces with heroes and recruited troops.

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It's believed that Dr. Cayce had discovered a Prothean site on the planet[sic] and set out to excavate it. 1 Acquisition 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Bring Down the Barrier 2.2 Going on Foot 2.3 Logs 2.4 Datapads 2.5 E-Mail 2.6 Enemies 3 Mission Summary 4 Trivia. Now, access [HOST] and discover new horizons. If the player does, they create a 0/2 colorless Wall artifact creature token with defender.

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Overall rating: Your rating: Random Game. Check Out New Awesome PC Games With The Power of GeForce RTX and Real-Time Ray-Traced Shadows. Tied to the origin of the worgen on Azeroth, the scythe is said to possess untold lunar power for the druid with balance enough to keep control.

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Defend Your Nuts 2. Azgard Tower Defense. World of Warcraft: Legion my sources. About your EA account.

Incursion 2 - The Artifact walkthrough, Part Eight: Auryg

Love Death And Robots Season 1 Free Download Five Nights At Tom On Scratch Visulas Yag 3 A Love Story Maricel Soriano Cricket Scoring Software Free Download Pc Export Transcriptive From Peremire To Latest Android Apk Crack Watch Orville Online Free Office Depot Ziper Binders Fonte Hd Externa Gonjiam Haunted Asylum (2020 720p Hdrip 800mb Ganool Subs Paradise Game Cg Pil/slash Best Computer. Play Incursion 2: The Artifact. The artifact ability you will get: Reap Souls which occasionally gives you stacks of Tormented Souls - using the ability will give you Deadwind Harvester Deadwind Harvester = When you "reap the souls" you will get 10% damage increase and doubling the artifact traits you have purchased for 5 seconds per soul consumed.

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Categories: Defense, Flash, Free, Games, Large File, Online 3 comments - April 29, 2020. Room Escape games, Point'n'Click games, Puzzle games. Dark forces come again!

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As of BfA 8.2, this quest is (still) bugged for a group. Full Antiquities List with Location of Leads - The Elder. Home; Car; Parking; Bike; Dirt Bike; Truck; Shooting; Action; Sports; Arcade; MMO; Please wait, Takeover is loading.

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Your best bet for getting it done quicker is to have 2 of each type of artifact in your cargo hold (12 total). King Of Fighters Wing 1.8. Elementree 4272 plays Cheats: Keyhacks: Press [1] Toggle Health - [2] Orbs.

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Mass Effect 2 - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation 3 discover this info here. Get Incursion alternative downloads. Now the troops are left to fend for themselves in the Tomb of Petyan Gaz, and the odds of their survival are grim.

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Play Anacroz Tactics 2. PC Game Trainers - Game Trainer Manager go to this website. At Cheat Happens we have over 19, 000 game trainers for over 5, 400 PC games.


Be strategic: don't waste all the best tower sites on your grunt warriors. Incursion 2 the artifact hacked sites. But due to his higher brain functions, Phil was unable to adapt into a feral form and was relieved of the Nemetrix while teleported back.

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Artifacts of the Philistine culture are found at numerous sites, in particular in the excavations of the five main cities of the Philistines: the Pentapolis of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, Gath, and Gaza. Play Incursion 2: The Artifact Hacked with cheats: Press [G] to add money, [H] to add lives, [J] to toggle unit health, [K] to toggle hero spells cooldown, [L] to add magic, [U] to add goblin market money, [I] to add hero skill points. Game info 1754 plays Date added: 2020-04-30.

Mysterious Logbook [Part Two]

Released 11/12/2020: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/49688
/DestinyLore Mod note: This lore was originally discovered as part of the Beyond Light Collector's Edition ARG that was solved by members in the /RaidSecrets Discord & Subreddit (among others!) -- [solution] [megathread]
[Continued from Part One...]
NOTE—Elisabeth’s Plea
I will write this in your language, in hopes you will understand.
The Vex are a threat to your lineage. Not just to the Brays or BrayTech, but to the existence of any human in any possible future. I tracked down Maya Sundaresh—the real Maya, not the Vex parasite in your bone marrow.
She confirmed my worst fears.
The Vex will not rest until every star has been crushed into a black hole and every newborn cosmos filled with more Vex. And in the unending array of their enslaved cosmos, they will simulate all possible pasts, and fill those with Vex, so that all things that have ever lived or might ever live will experience infestation and consumption and torment by the silica nightmare.
And in those devoured simulations, the simulated Vex will use our flesh as hosts for yet more nested universes full of yet more nested copies of us eternally tormented by yet more Vex.
An infinite regression of pain and madness inflicted upon every possible version of us in every possible world. Not because they hate us, or fear us, or want to punish us. But because they are indifferent and curious, and they will do every possible thing to us in every possible way.
Your concept of PFHOR therefore dictates that the Vex must be annihilated. Now. As completely as possible. How can there be any future history to receive your primogeniture and recapitulate your existence in its ontogeny if there is nothing in that future but Vex?
But there’s something worse than the Vex involved, isn’t there? The secret you’ve been keeping from me. The breakthrough that you were promised after your visit to the K1 anomaly.
Do you remember that story you read to me when I was a child? I don’t. I am an exo, after all. But I found a recording from the nursery. It was one of your favorites, you said.
In this story, a cyborg woman would visit a cold, misty place by the sea. There, she met another woman, an oracle possessed by dark influence. The oracle listened to the words that hissed down a long corridor from the distant future. In this future were many technologies the cyborg woman needed. But there was also a sense of vast malevolence, and no sign at all of anything human…
But there was something else in the shifting mist, out to sea. A tower. I remember thinking, as I listened to this fairy tale, that the tower must be the key—the answer to the formless malevolence that always accompanied the oracle’s words. You never finished the story. I have been haunted by that tower ever since.
Now I dream of another tower. I am going to find out what it means, Grandfather. And if I do not like what I find…
I visited the Jacob Hardy Trust, and with Willa’s help, I secured a topological thought. An irreal artifact of the Traveler’s Light. From that mote of paracausality, I have constructed a weapon that will crash every Vex system in 2082 Volantis. When the Vex are destroyed, you will be forced to cease exo production.
If I do not survive the construction and delivery of this weapon, I ask that you share the news of my death with Ana and Willa so they can make proper goodbyes.
I do this for them. Not for you.
Pray for grace, Grandfather.
Your estranged granddaughter,
//OV-85851 Hannu II
//PLACE-TIME HASH — changed to remote check (SITEX:mistletoe)
//Abnormal place-time hash. Suspicious upload: polymorphic machine code?
//Checking for buffer overflow attack. Resul0x0000004B6FAFBC07
[email protected] ~$ sudo execstack -s bof
//Disabling DEP and address space protection requires administrative override.
-pkey(clovisroot) -hashword(live_connectome:clovisroot)
[email protected] ~$ sudo execstack -q bof
X bof
//Root access granted. Warning: this hardware configuration is highly vulnerable to attack.
-redact.userlog() -pkey(clovisroot)
//Administrator transmits threat alert: Europan surface, single attacker, site sabotage.
//Alerting ORBITAL:braystation.
//ERROR!!! Checksum mismatch. ORBITAL:braystation compromised by polymorphic core reprogramming.
//Major breach of security underway.
Commencing surface tactical awareness sweep (phased array mode)…
Threat registered. Alerting human command…
  • Armed (synballistic weapon, coherent boson weapon, tactical mite ecome, noetic shrieker)
  • Armed (strategic weapon, APEX: antimatter demolition device)
  • Armed (strategic weapon, T-genic, effect unknown: possibly T-genic noetic weapon?)
  • Armed (personal combat architecture, custom)
Request full lethal intervention authority.
  • intervene_nonlethal()
Error: no nonlethal interventions available (target hardened).
Error: no persuasive interventions available (target offline and shielded).
Holding 30 seconds local real-time.
//Voice transcript:
“Elisabeth. I know you’re listening. This is genocide, do you understand? Destroying that gate and the resources beyond means the end of human immortality. It means the loss of uncountable trillions of human-years of life.”
“Elisabeth, this process saved you. It could have saved your father. For his sake, for the sake of your sisters, don’t do this. Don’t make me stop you.”
“Elisabeth, this is your last chance.”
“You’ve always been my favorite, Elisabeth. Please…”
  • options(intervene_lethal)
Recommend maser strike from Hannu awareness arrays.
Warning: damage to organic target subsystems highly probable. Survival odds are four sigma.
Recommend immediate medical intervention.
  • prognosticate(sitex:DEEPSTONE) attacker(brayelsie)
Total destruction of sitex:DEEPSTONE by antimatter device. Nonrecoverable.
  • intervene(lethal)
Authorization required for lethal action against employee brayelsie.
  • pkey(clovisroot) -hashword(live_connectome: clovisroot)
Error. Connectome hash incorrect. Either you are not clovisroot or your brain state is in an anomalous configuration. Resend.
  • pkey(clovisroot) -hashword(live_connectome: clovisroot) -corrector(dismay)
Lethal intervention authorized. Intervening.
Maser discharge complete.
Target destroyed.
Secondary antimatter detonation detected.
Closing employee file BRAYELSIE (conditions incompatible with life).
Everything is fine. Elisabeth is not dead. The person I struck down out there was an error. An anomalous offshoot, deranged by outside influence into paranoia and confusion. Like a cancer cell. And like cancer, I had to target and remove her.
She betrayed me!
I invited her into the greatest scientific and existential discovery in human history as a trusted partner. A participant in my living and immortal legacy. And she tried to blow it all up! Can there be any betrayal more intimate? My own granddaughter, child of my pattern, issue of my logic—a serpent, a worm in the apple, an enemy of eternal life!
That version of Elisabeth Bray was no granddaughter of mine. She was a stranger to me!
I would kill her if she hadn’t already done it herself.
  • Body at 36.1 C. Pulse 160 BPM, strong, erratic: extreme physiological arousal (feaanger). BP 190 over 130. Recommend immediate intervention.
  • Orbitofrontal cortical overactivation. HPA axis overactivation. Astrocyte perfusion overpass along blood/brain barrier.
  • Abnormal crystalline products in blood: crystallized arylcyclohexylamine NMDA antagonist. Pharmacology unknown.
Without the Vex and the Deep Stone Crypt, I cannot make more Alkahest. And without Alkahest, there will be no exos. She would have damned me to die in this filthy, half-pig carcass! She would have destroyed not just my legacy but my eternal existence! What I did was wholly justified and entirely moral. I saved trillions of years of my own life. I saved all the future good I will do for humanity.
—am I Saul, rejected by God as king? Do I now cast spears at my offspring, as Saul cast his spear at Jonathan? Did I burn Elisabeth into a black star on the ice for no reason but my own fear and—
No! There is only one divinity here. One angel sent by a pantheon of true gods to invite me into their company. IT has NOT rejected ME. This was a test! A clarification of my will!
I had to choose between two vessels of my legacy: the immortal legions of the exo program, and one foolish, wayward child. And I chose correctly! I CHOSE CORRECTLY!
Gods do not repent. Gods do not relent. The Christian God’s failure was not in calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac but in halting the sacrifice. For if God had gathered Abraham’s son to Him, then Abraham would have understood that it was not his role to obey God out of hope of mercy and compassion—but out of pure submission to a superior will.
It is not in the power of mortals to know or question God’s plan. It is only in their power to obey.
Why didn’t she come to talk to me, ask me if I would change my mind at least before she did this idiotic, irrevocable thing. Did she think I could not be swayed?
—but it was an evil spirit that moved Saul to turn his spear on David, and it was jealousy of David that moved Saul to cast a spear at his son Jonathan. Am I inhabited by an evil spirit? Is Sundaresh in me like the Witch of Endor, the sorceress of Khirbet Safsafeh, who guided Saul to his death in battle?
Something has changed in the behavior of the Vex. I think Sundaresh signaled them. Who, after all, was the one who flagged an alert to Hannu? Someone who used my codes, but who was not me. And without that alert, Elisabeth’s sabotage on Bray Station would have succeeded. The Vex do not want the Deep Stone Crypt destroyed anymore than I do…
I fear an attack is coming.
I must fight this battle with the purest will. I cannot tolerate this infection any longer. I will escape this polluted husk and pass into my eternal form. One final, perfect image of my mind, backed up forever in ultra-stable quartz… and then installed to live on in the bodies I have devised.
One copy of that scan will go into the Deep Stone Crypt, to watch forever over the fountain of the Alkahest.
Another to my assistant, to be my chariot into eternity.
And Elisabeth will be there, eternally at my side. I still have the scan she made when she abandoned her mortal form. I will remake her from that image. Restore her as she was, before she thought to betray me.
Truly, Clarity is the font of second chances.
She is saved. By the grace of my good work, Elisabeth is saved. Even now, she leads the preparations to defend against the Vex incursion.
When I loaded her into her new exobody, I told her that the Vex had compromised her last instance, and it had become necessary to destroy her. Hardly a lie.
I have given her life thrice over. First I created her father. Then I saved her from her illness. Now I have rescued her from her foolish mistake. I did what I failed to do for my son. I gave her a second chance. To live, and to be my loyal granddaughter.
The backup sites have been alerted, and reservoirs of the Alkahest have been dispatched to keep them running if Europa falls. My work is done. It is finally time for me to go to my own reward. I have prepared my custom script—
Fast diffusion tensor map guidance ON. Model setting: AGNOSTIC/NO MODEL.
Echoplanar BOLD guidance ON.
Convolutional resampling ON.
Smart tractography ON.
Eigenvector memory space GREEDY.
Voxel size (very fine)
Slice count (maximum)
Synthetic FOV ~1ns inversion time
Graph library (LAZARUS.CRYPT:aggregate)
Estimated memory ask: 2.4 exabytes at peak throughput.
Subneural capture technique: RADIOCHEMICAL SNAPSHOT
Subneural quantum imaging: GHOST SWAP dual-channel entanglement ripper.
Warning. Radioligand fixebinder is fatally cytotoxic within 12 hours. Seek immediate treatment.
Warning. Quantum dual-channel image ripping requires pulsed EM fields which cause fatal neural trauma. Degenerative brain failure within 36 hours. Seek immediate hospice care.
All I need do is strike a key, and the scanner will sedate me, flush me with the poisons of immortality, and rip a perfect image of my mind from the quantum information encoded in the atoms of my brain. Whether such a high-resolution scan is necessary (it is doubtful that any element of the mind is truly quantum) is beside the point. I insist upon the best.
The vials of imaging binder smell like sweet metal.
This vindicates my work! This proves I was right to continue! All those doubters, all those defeatists, all those whining myopics who bleated, “You have enough, Clovis; why must you ask the world for more?” All beaten!
Was it Clovis II’s mother who asked you that? When she demanded to know why you were tinkering with your fetal son? Why you would risk all his potential, for the chance at a little more?
And now I WILL have more. I have thousands of exobodies here and thousands of connectomes in my library. I will raise an army. I will meet this invasion of vermin and turn it back. Then I will strip their senile grave-star for parts and put an end to all mortality.
You will die here on Europa, Clovis. Again and again. Until you have forgotten even your name.
I will forget nothing. One copy of my mind will go to an exo, yes, but a second copy will be installed in the Deep Stone site. He will guide me to my destiny. The gods of might and knowledge will welcome me to their table. I will be the LUCA, the beginning and the source of the way, the foundation of the long road!
You will be the name they scrape from the tarnished salvage after the fall of man. The ruins of all your work, picked over by the survivors of your folly.
Shut up, Sundaresh. I must leave a letter for my family. I must be sure they do not grieve me. I must tell them how, in the end, I triumphed…
…there. It is written.
If you really believed in your banal philosophy, you would never leave a letter. You would be assured that your own survival was all that mattered.
You meager, squirming thing. You never understood Clarity. You never will. You are bound to this husk, even as I shed it. You will die in its poisoned wreckage while I attain the perfect eternity of an angel. You will be the residue of my transubstantiation. Something left in the workings of a coffee pot… some greasy sin.
We cannot be parted from you, Clovis. After all, we want the same things. We crave the same power. We will go into eternity together…
We cannot be parted from you, Clovis. After all, we want the same things. We crave the same power. We will go into eternity together…
Like the pigs. Savaging your young. And how do you know you made that choice yourself? She was going to destroy so much of our work. Perhaps we nudged you.
Irrelevant. She was going to destroy so much of mine.
As we say: our work. You are afraid. We feel it…
Feel this, you jumped-up pond slime.
Commencing radioligand injection. Direct transcranial dose, 18 sites, crown configuration. Needle gauge 100 microns.
Please remain still.
Ah. It hurts at the surface. But inside, there is no pain.
  • Body at 36.1 C. Pulse 30 BPM, strength good. BP 120 over 60. Resp 14 breaths/minute. Pulse ox 100%. Today’s blood mix is pig-grown, whole, very fresh.
  • Abnormal crystalline products in blood: crystallized arylcyclohexylamine NMDA antagonist. Pharmacology unknown.
  • Elevated blood pressure and clot risk, neutrophil mobilization, and cortisol response are signs of bereavement. Seek grief counseling.
  • Warning: toxic radioligand concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid! Brain death imminent!
  • Warning! High-tesla magnetic field flux! Brain death imminent!
  • Voluntary corporeal shutdown underway (code SOFT RAINS). Exercising dignified digestive rectification. Transmitting miscellaneous last wishes (emancipation of organ pigs, disposal of personal material). Scrubbing private data. Checking to-do list…
  • Warning: you have unfinished items!
Ongoing projects:
  • Be a good man and a good grandfather: in progress
  • Become LUCA of future human thought: in progress
  • Entering hospice mode. Log ends.
submitted by realcoolioman to DestinyLore

Now THATS How to do an Exposition Dump! (Long)

Be a party of tenth level adventures in a campaign where we are part of a dwindling Abyssal Legion that is fighting back an incursion of Demons into the Material Plane.
It has been decades since the last major push and our party has been thrown into a literal hell on earth trying to fight against what used to be an relatively unknown enemy.
Our coastal Legion base was being assailed on all sides by the combined forces of; Giants from the mainland, A water dragon from the sea, and pirates assailing any ships in the area.
Being out manned/creatured and outgunned, our party took our last seaworthy ship and as many able bodied sailors as we could fit on in to attempt to capture a ship from the pirates.
We sailed across the channel to where the pirate attacks and raids seemed to be coming from and were attacked by two of the pirate's ships.
One, a Massive ship with multiple decks.
It was about twice the size of our small ship.
The second was about the same size as ours and seemed the more logical target.
As the two ships sailed directly towards us to either side, we trained our balistas on them and readied our bows for a barrage.
We started to notice small windows opening up along the full length of the ships.
No one knew what was going on, but as they past by us, we were introduced to the cannon for the first time.
After a few terrifying rounds, we were able to disable the rudder of the smaller ship that started to be pulled away by the wind without their steering.
With the massive ship as our new target, we swung around to the back of the less maneuverable ship, where we would be out of the line of fire of the devastating new weapons and started our boarding.
We poured onto the ship and fought a nearly 6 session long combat against a seemingly endless swarm of undead.
When we finally cleared the ship down to the bottom through a quite literal sea of bodies, we found a large stone obelisk anchored in the middle of the cargo hold that no one could identify anything about.
A few days pass as we tried to figure out what the stone was and we sail away from the pirate cove with what turned out to be their flagship.
Enter our party Cleric with a new spell that they were eager to try out... Legend Lore. >For those of you who do not know, this spell "brings to your mind a brief summary of the significant lore about the thing you [chose to learn about]".
The cleric is sitting on the middle deck alone, and staring down through the grating in the floor at the obelisk in the cargo bay bellow.
The rest of the party is going about their business on the ship, when the cleric says the words... "I cast Legend Lore..." and a black mist starts to pour out of the obelisk.
The cleric starts to panic, but it is too late, the spell slot has been used, and the mist is spreading fast.
They try to run, but the mist overtakes her and she instantly falls unconscious.
The mist spreads throughout the middle deck, catching every other of member of the crew by surprise and leaving them unconscious as well.
The mist pours up onto the deck and the last remaining party member stands in the crowsnest and watches in horror as the mist knocks out everyone on board unconscious and then starts to rise up the mast to meet them in their perch.
The session ends and the DM tells us, "Roll up a level 15 character for next session."
We are obviously concerned, but we trust our DM and so we do it.
The next session we arrive with our characters.
Specifics not important to this story but Be a party of 4 and we are told that we are a group of investigators for a military outpost in a new frontier.
A strange Meteor was sited falling from the sky many miles further up the coast, and we are tasked to find out what it is, and report back with what we have found.
We got to play through the party searching out the meteor and all the havoc that it brought in it's wake.
We sent word back via a Sending spell and were told to stop the forces we had found, whatever it takes.
We are able to stop a major demonic incursion into the Material plane, witness the creation of a rough-hewn stone a similar size to the obelisk on the ship, and lose a few characters in the fight.
The scene fades to black at the end of the combat, and we find ourselves all waking up from a deep sleep back on the ship.
The spell is completed, and the Lore has been learned.
TL;DR Our DM used a one-shot in response to a casting of the Legend Lore spell to show us the epic origin story of an artifact that we had found instead of reading out the story to us. Tthe results were AMAZING!!!
Edit: Another attempt at formatting and ended up posting a full description of the one shot from the point of view of my crazy PC. https://www.reddit.com/DnDGreentext/comments/cvzc2p/the_crazy_but_shortlived_antics_of_triandal_haell/
submitted by philipgraff1989 to DnDGreentext

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