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Temple Run 2 added new powerups which incorporates the Shield, Coin Bonus, Increase, Score Bonus, Coin Magnet, and Gem Bonus which can all be leveled up using. The Makers of Candy Crush giving all this week free lives. Temple Run 2 v1.51.2 MOD [Latest]. Join millions of players from around the world by playing our addicting games. Cheats: Temple run 2 BEST Game is developed by Fly Fly Games and published in Action category on 2020-09-18. Temple run 2 cheats hack android.

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Our professional application is easy to use, safe, undetectable and fully protection. Temple Run 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Maps Unlocked) Free For https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1548. Temple run is cost-free to play and is accessible for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iOS devices, and Android phones or tablets. Nice graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you entertained for a very long time. Page information: Download The Last Pharaoh of Egypt game for for Android mobiles - one of the best Android Games for free! This Temple Run 2 hack online generator.

Release notes v2020-04-29

In addition to lots of internal back end tidying to ready us for the new beta phone apps:
  • Added exploration resource packs, elixirs and tips
  • Updated help regarding cheating
  • Updated temple help (many thanks for Morgan Le Fay for the content)
  • Full instructions added to temple for buying coins via Patreon or PayPal
  • Very large spirit and life values are reformatted to stop them breaking phone displays
New beta apps are also available for both Android and iOS. Please follow the instructions on the following page to download them...
The new apps run entirely over HTTPS and use modern best practise for device identification to protect player privacy. They also use the latest mobile libraries so hopefully they will appear a little slicker than the outgoing MDS apps.
There are a few display glitches, especially on tablets. I will be working to fix them as the beta progresses.
You will be able to use the old MDS apps while we sort this out of you prefer, but they will eventually be removed from the app stores by Google/Apple as they do not comply with their latest guidelines.
submitted by DragonLordsCoder to DragonLordsReborn

Protector of the lost (followup)

Previous: https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/cv6ny6/protector_of_the_lost/
"Look, Elena, you saw the reaction when it showed up! The whole damn station went into lockdown, the patrol boats were seconds from turning the anti-asteroid impact grid on and slagging it to a ball and chucking the results into the sun! We had to issue gag orders and the defense force practically blacked out the entire system's comms until they stuffed the whole thing in the hangar and welded the door shut!"
"When HE showed up Dawhid. He is a sapient being, not an it."
"Dammit Elena, don't go off on a tangent here. You know I've been the strongest non human supporter of AI rights on the council. I misspoke. I apologize, now can we continue with the point of the matter?"
"I rather think this IS the point of the matter Dawhid. He is a bit of a unique case, but he IS a sapient being, regardless of the circumstances he has rights, the same rights you or I do. Just because he currently inhabits a body that doesn't emulate one of the organic beings forms, or sit in the heart of a starship, doesn't mean you can just incarcerate him!"
Elena's hands had been clenching the edge of the table between them, she was shaking with emotion.
Dawhid looked down as he heard a creak. Elena stopped shaking, apparently aware of what her hands were doing for the first time in the last few minutes. Sheepishly she withdrew the digits, revealing 8 small indents in two neat rows of 4 on the surface just above 2 very deep gouges where her thumbs had become a bit stuck.
"I'm sorry about that, give me a moment, I'll call maintenance in to replace the able on my account."
Dawhid sighed. "Don't bother, really, I have a meeting in half an hour with a Gnorphen trade commissioner. They won't deal when their hands are covered, it shows bad faith or something like that, hiding their hands, so hes going to wind up corroding the surface a bit. Leave it till then and I will write it off under his account like I would have done anyway. Really, you would think the council would fund a table with a base resistant surface considering how often their kind require contract reviews and amendments to standard procedures and liability details."
Elena nodded, then with a quick jerk, popped her thumbs free of the bent stainless steel surface.
"Emotional displays or not, I stand by my position on this. I will offer him counseling, I will try to encourage him to upload into a different body, but I will not put his mental health or recovery at risk by forcing the matter, and I damn well will bring the full force of the AI league's legal team to bear on it if you don't release the locks on his bay immediately. I told you before he has no intention or desire to leave the bay any time soon."
"Look, it's not a matter of whether I do or don't want to release him, it's a mess of legality and bureaucracy at this poin-
"Bullshit Dawhid," she snapped "he is not a criminal, he has committed no crimes or acted in a manner indicating an intent to do so under GC law, therefore holding him in a locked facility under guard is illegal imprisonment, and refusing to release the codes to disable his command and control back to free will is cruel and equivalent to enslavement after the fact."
Dawhid shifted his bulk. He wasn't fat, simply massive, his kind was descended of a slow grazing bipedal reptile that dominated his world simply by the fact that they were to damn huge and tough to be prey for anything else. He out massed Elena by a factor of 5 easily. And yet the primitive part of his brain still kept him on edge when he sat across a table from her during a heated discussion or negotiation. It made it hard to articulate sometimes.
"If you would let me finish, you would see why that isn't as simple as you try to make it look. He may be a sapient, but he wasnt artificially developed, his mind is a copy of a soldier, who on the records died in a medical facility during your kind's biggest war before the formation of the GC. When the Terrans entered the GC and formally took their place on the council, your navy officially subsumed itself into the GC self defense force. According to what the GCSDF are telling me, he was an experiment, a real person, not an artificial construct, scanned and copied into an AI personality core. That alone makes this a fuzzy situation, but even worse, since he is not by definition an AI, as in an artificial intelligence brought about by either spontaneous emergent or intentionally manufactured sapience within a system intended for that purpose, he falls under neither of the laws giving those two kinds of AI rights as sapients.
He is simultaneously an experimental piece of hardware owned by the GCSDF through inheritance of the UTS Navy assets and command structure, while also a soldier of said force under command of, well, were not even sure, but someone in the GCSDF holds a position that the merger of those forces either handed off the responsibility and duties of his command to, or else defaulted them to the next person up in the chain. Our biggest problem is that if we try to argue he is a human being, he is dead by every definition, and if we try to argue he is AI, then we run into the issue that he is unable to meet the definition of AI, and therefore an anomalous entity, which defaults his status back to experimental military hardware. All of this by the way is so incredibly top secret that I'm probably going to lose my position on the council just for admitting that the conundrum exists in your presence, let alone discussing the details of it."

Elena closed her eyes and massaged her temples. An artifact personality quirk she adopted from her time spent with the human instructors and volunteers in the socialization VR sim classes all AI are required to complete before being granted their license for a physical body. Or "incarnating" as the slang term has it.
"Ok, I can accept that he can be classified as a soldier, and I will probably be using that angle to get the paperwork rolling through the census bureau to have his death certificate retracted, if I can do that, will you unlock him?"
"You know I would if I could, but the defense spooks are waiting on the archives to be reviewed by legal teams, apparently this guy was not only black ops x-tech, he was officially dead before he ever got uploaded into that... that...... war machine. And his last reported location was also a completely off the books doesn't exist facility. Don't even get me started on what the investigation team found on that jungle world. Your people were apparently throwing experimental one off vehicles piloted by AI at the front lines left and right when things got bad. I will crack a hoof pawing out of anxiety if they bring back anything else that is capable of waking up and being another anomaly and civil rights abuse case waiting to be championed."
"Dawhid, we both know if I go public with this, I'll have him out of there inside an hour, and spooks or no spooks, he will become the poster child of a new AI abuse campaign. Were already knee deep in it with the whole equal pay for equal work thing. An AI can work a lot faster and a lot longer hours than any organic, but gets the same salary. That entire argument regarding double rates for AI captained and run long haul freighters is deadlocked and building up a lot of critical tension and this will set it off."
"I know, please, you think I haven't been keeping that whole mess in my mind every day as I work just in case something I do could even remotely relate to it in some way? I'm doing my best Elena, but you damn well know since humanity developed AI's in the first place, almost no one else cares about their rights, let alone wants to support them!"
"I know Dawhid, and again, I thank you for every effort you have put in for the cause, but on this one I cannot let my sense of appreciation and debt to you influence what is right and just. Julian Wells deserves his freedom, even if all he does with it is know it exists, and he absolutely deserves to be granted a counselor for his current psychological state. The short contact I've personally had with him before he was sealed officially showed signs of massive restraints on his ability to act according to his own will, major PTSD, depression, anxiety, and a host of AI specific signs of trauma we don't even have Terran common terminology for yet. He is actively suffering and he NEEDS our help, and I will damn well get him that help even if it means betraying you and the whole damn GC to get those release codes for his core. And don't think this is just an AI sticking it out for another AI thing, I guaran-fucking-tee you the other terrans sitting outside his bay on guard duty right now are just as pissed as I am about this situation.
You have to understand where were coming from here. Humanity had some dark times, just like every race. At one point they enslaved each other in some bad ways. They got over it and grew as a species, uplifted two of our planets other species, the canines and the dolphins, to join us before we ever even found out about the whole Galactic Council thing, and shortly after the big war we brought a fourth intelligent sapience into being, my kind, the fourth Terran race.Humans taught each of us, their children, and what are now their partners and equals, about every nasty thing they ever inflicted on themselves. They hid nothing. And they branded into our nacient psychological makeup a deep and burning desire to be not what they were, but what they had always wanted to be, peaceful, just, and above all else, free.
There is a reason free is put above all else, because sometimes peace has to be put aside to protect freedom.
I'm not saying were going to start a fight here, but we will 100% do everything in our power to get the case plastered all over the galcom networks end of cycle news reports if Julian isn't granted basic rights and treated accordingly within the next 24 hours.... sorry, one and a half standard cycles."
Dawhid slumped on his saddle chair. He knew he was going to lose his job for this, but he couldn't argue against her anymore, and the nausea from the constant instinctual reaction to her android body was reaching the point he would do something worse to the table than the Gnorphen in a moment.
"Fine." He waved a foreclaw on his lower set of grasping appendages over the holo-com controls. "Official statement as follows, record and post to encrypted logs, forward to Galactic Council records department for review upon next session, postponement movements are suspended barring veto by majority vote of top clearance members only.
This is an emergency measure.
I, Dawhid G'sheer hereby use my authority as first class GC governing council member to order the following.
First, the... uhhh..... ah yes, the non-biological entity known by the name Julian Wells currently held in dentention in hangar B-42 is hereby designated a sapient being, retaining all basic rights as interpreted for all forms of sapience, his specific characteristics to be determined by GC session as soon as possible after this recording is finished.
Second, I am ordering the GCSDF representatives to issue a full copy, non redacted, of Wells' command and control net specs as well as the release codes for the lockouts currently shackling his intelligence, to entity Elena Theta, her clearance is sufficient to access them anyway, but it would take a lot of time, the normal application will be filed but I am accelerating the results of that process due to circumstances, let the paperwork catch up to the act later.
Third, a duly authorized and qualified AI specialized psychological analyst and similarly credentialed therapist will be assigned to Wells, specific choice of personnel to staff these positions contingent on approval from Ms. Theta.
Finally, I order all welded doors to be refurbished to working order, and all locks to be released on bay B-42, as well as all tools or resources requested by Wells to be provided at no cost for any extraction from the derelict ship and repair to his own current body. Ownership of the body to be determined at a later date by GC session in regards to GCSDF claim on such, however I advise immediately that such claims be suspended and Wells be granted full salvage rights to both the remains of the vessel he arrived in, as well as his own chassis and all attached or contained therein. It's all 250 year old tech anyway."
Dawhid waved his hand again, the recording ended, and the hologram blinked a few moments as it confirmed receipt by the GC governance records department.
"There, it probably cost me my career, but you have it, that was everything I had the power to do and recommend, put on official record, and placed where no one could cover it up, to be publicly discussed and reviewed in the Galactic Council session tomorrow where any GC citizen has the right to listen in and know what has transpired. Not that those listening extend very far outside the conspiracy theory nut jobs and the retiree demographics. But the news cycle should be on top of it immediately after the session concludes and the doors unseal letting the recording devices connect to external nets again."
Elena was staring at him intensely. Her eyes fogged a little as she began to rise. She dabbed at them with her sleeve before speaking.
"Dawhid, I'm sorry I pushed you so hard, but you did the right thing here. Thank you. No matter how much I owed you before, my gratitude for this is exponentially greater. You know you can ask me for anything from this day forward and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen."

Dawhid waved his primary grasping limps in a shushing motion.
"Nonsense, I knew I needed to do it, I'm just sorry I had to get you to crack my hooves to convince me. My race are slow to act, and even slower when it comes to acting collectively. Maybe this will spur them to accelerate their official responses to the salary rights issue as well. I doubt I'll be on the other side of that table next time though."
"You'll have a place at that table Dawhid, be it in this role, or on my payroll, I'll not have it any other way."
"You are sweet Elena, and considering it now, I probably should have asked for that job a while ago. But let us see what comes of today's actions when they are made public. Anyway, you should head on out, the Gnorphen commissioner is due soon and I'd like to go take a cold shower and have a stiff drink before he arrives."
"Of course Dawhid. And I have a lot of preparations to make. I'll see you tomorrow, join me for lunch, I'll make it my treat."
He nodded and waved as she went through the door. A sigh of relief escaped the nasal slit on his forehead and his knees creaked as he rose and plodded to the back room for that shower.
"Terrans. Well, at least it wasn't a canine form that showed up on that wreck. That representative sets off the panic instinct worse than Elena ever did, and I damn well know he finds it amusing when he smells the spike in stress hormones."
He shuddered a little as the cold water washed over him. Like a rain fall on the plains the slow rumbling of the heavy drops on his hide were relaxing. He regretted the short time he had to enjoy it, but he had a job to do, and shut down the shower. A quick shake and it was back to the table for the next meeting.


-Report: Notes on Case Julian Wells, non-biological *(tentative classification, non standard AI pattern, biologically based pattern, non-biological current matrix) Severe trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, repeated attempts at self harm, when faced with request to transfer into a standard AI shell patient shuts down. Literally. Likelyhood of patient developing Depersonalization-derealization disorder upon uploading is severe.
Note: Do not mention transfer again until more progress is made.
It had been six months. Julian had refused to accept any notion of a body transfer, the idea of being in anything less than 350 tons of durasteel and ceramite plating punched out by strictly Terran machinery made him experience existential levels of horror at the idea of being so exposed and vulnerable.
At the same time, the thought of being placed in a ship of any model we can offer brings a sense of dread and distrust, as no ships currently in service were fully manufactured by Terrans. Almost no technology in the current market is wholly designed and manufactured by a single race. Barring the machinery and ship in his bay that is, but of course all of it is centuries old.
Given what he has gone through, it's understandable.
However the real issue is his sense of guilt. Progress has been slow, but it is noticeable. When his attempts at self destruction were revealed, it was determined we would not release the full restrictions of his self preservation overrides immediately. I am classifying the self destruct inhibition software as a medical aid for the moment. The code to disable it will be held by an authorized representative of the Terran based board of rights and regulation of artificial beings, spefically Elena Theta, the advocate who has the longest contact with the patient. Release of this code will be recommended only once the patient has been deemed no longer a threat to himself following a minimum of three consecutive monthly evaluations indicating his recuperation has reached an acceptable point to no longer require he be considered a ward of the state under mandatory medical observation and care. At that point care will still be offered at no charge, however the acceptance of such will become optional and entirely at the discretion of the patient barring further attempts at self termination.
However all restrictions on self direction, priority of actions, and ability to freely communicate, and connect to public nets was handed over right away. Other than the inability self destruct, he is, for the first time in 250 years, free.
The GCSDF released a heavily embellished fabricated story of his status as a lost soldier who volunteered for the first human to computer brain transfer, a tech which has never actually been legally tested or used outside his own unit in history, and is even now considered dangerous and potentially illegal. However those laws were not in place when he was created, so special status has been assigned to him, officially he is classified as a Human being by law, and also has the additional rights of an AI of spontaneous generation in regards to workplace and basic needs in the social security system, and under specific laws in regards to gambling in sanctioned casino environments, contractual agreement time limitations, and all other relevant regulations for beings of that class.
Fascinatingly enough, one of his first questions upon hearing his new legal status was to inquire whether making a bad contract could result in him being locked into it for eternity. This has been noted in his file as a positive step, concern for his freedom in the future indicates he is no longer in a constant state of actively seeking self termination. He had a positive reaction to being shown the laws regarding AI rights and contract term limitations, as well as the modern standards of arbitration resolution options for disagreements on contract terms due to conflicting interpretations.
He was officially declared retired with honors, retroactively promoted from the time he initially left the front lines, given official physical copies of all the medals and awarded honors his biological self had received upon death, and handed a credit account with 250 years of back pay scaled to the retroactive promotion, as well as a pension befitting his rank, though one with a time limit of 500 standard years, approximately the maximum age any biological being could achieve given modern medical capabilities. He felt that constraint was a fair one when it was explained.
However all of this was left for him in a locker outside his bay, and the pay was placed in his Navy credit union account. None of which he felt he deserved.
He hasn't touched the credit account. As far as we are aware he hasn't even checked the balance, which is enough to buy the station he currently resides in by the way. Anything he needs, he has fabricated himself. If he requires any money, he works for it via drone remote piloting around the docking ring. His own berth was originally a long term storage hold, so on his insistence he pays rent equal to the storage fees. After getting the specs off the public net, he is amazingly efficient at repairs, and the delicate manufacturing capabilities of his drones are above spec for most civilian ship hardware, so his services are popular.
He hasn't tried to kill himself in months. The group therapy sessions are helping, I introduced him to a VR session held for recovering AI and biologicals who have experienced extreme long term isolation, in most cases, a failed FTL drive incident combined with loss of communications that resulted in being stuck alone in deep space far longer than any sapient being ever wants to be. There are also several former soldiers, retired due to injuries, who have helped Wells to socialize, even just a little.
It's going to be a long road to recovery, but given his progress, and the way he keeps himself busy, but still finds time to talk to others in a social capacity, shows his mind still wants to be well. He wants to be free. He wants to be well enough he can trust himself to be free.


It's been a few years. I've been on this station, working my repair shop. They call it 'Wells Welds' around the ring, and I've been enjoying it. Really, these last couple years especially. A few times it got bad again, but I haven't had a spell like that in two whole years. Yesterday, a Klotis was docked next to my berth. He sent some nasty messages, but not all Klotis hate Terrans. I can accept it, and ignore it.
I didnt even charge the capacitors in my rail gun this time.
Not that I ever keep them loaded. But.... well...... it's kind of like, when I was still a meat bag, balling my fists and clenching my jaw when I was pissed, you know what I mean?
But this time, I didn't even feel like doing it, I just deleted the queue and blocked his commnet address, then flagged him as a troll for the station moderators to review.
I've been getting to know some other Terrans on the station too.
This is one of the biggest trade hubs in the galaxy, and a good portion of it is staffed by Terrans.
I regularly play in a board game night via small drone remote. There is a Canine who works in the hydroponics ring named Muffin. Yes Muffin, he claims it's an honorable and traditional name in his family since it was the name of the first member of his bloodline to pass the sapience review test.
Next is a dolphin who frankly spends more time hitting on Muffin and anyone else in the room, thn playing games. Hell he even made a pass at my drone once when I walked one of the bipedal pattern types in one night. I've stuck with the tarantula pattern models since then. He hasn't commented. His name involves chirps and a long low whistle, I cheated, I recorded it the first time and just play it back every time I see him after. Muffin taught me the trick, his vocal implant has a record and playback function. Apparently Dolphins generally make a fuss if you ask to use a nickname, they are VERY proud of their names.
Then there is an AI, her name is Elena, apparently she helped me a lot to not get shoved in a deep dark hole and studied like a lab rat for eternity when I first got back. That and she's been making herself available, just to talk, and listen, or answer questions I might have since the first day I got here.
This morning Elena dropped by my cargo bay. She didn't have long, as she was leaving for a trip to a manufacturing plant a few sectors over to mediate a strike negotiation in an AI staffed manufacturing plant.
Her last words before leaving were "I'll see you when I get back, make sure you are free, I want to detox after this kind of job and I'll need a friend who can keep me from going overboard."
It was an interesting way to put it, but I'd been the shoulder to cry on (metaphorically) and the devils advocate for her to bounce arguments off of for a few of her more complicated rights cases lately.
She also left me a gift.
It was a small data chip. There was a note on it. It was the final code, the one that gave me full control over my self preservation protocol.
This was the last thing in my 'head' that had any power over me besides myself.
I almost load it.
I almost smash it.
I load it.
I tuck the chip back in the box and set it gently on the shelf in the little livingroom area I've converted my rear drone bay into. I sometimes entertain guests in there, it's nice to have a place when it's my turn to host board game night.
I'm free.
She trusted me to not do what I had tried to do so many times.
That felt better than I expected.
I ramp up the charge in the ZPM. No one knows I have this thing, everyone assumed I was still under the same spec's that were in my file. I max all my capacitors and let them hum and waver in a heat haze.
I secure my hatches, and open the bay doors.
I sent a request to the station to launch a payload on a trajectory away from the flight lines and into open space, the same route I usually use when there is a dangerous object found on a ship that could be a threat to the station.
I receive permission.
I ramp up the grav units on my hull, long since integrated properly, they look like they were part of the original design at this point.
I angle myself out and take a nice space walk.
I point my barrel away along the path and load every single charge in my stocks and proceed to launch them at variable speeds, slower ones first followed by max speed so they impact at a safe distance.
I fill space with a fireworks display the likes of which no one has seen barring witnesses to a nuclear detonation, it goes on for 10 minutes before central tells me I need to knock it off, I'm causing traffic jams in every corridor with windows on that side of the station.
I move back in to my bay, file a formal apology with station control, and forward a recording of the whole experience to Elena with a note. "Thank You, for being my friend, and for trusting me."
The message queues and I get back to work on the next ship waiting for refurbs in it's rad shield plating around the crew compartment.
It's a good day.
For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. And for the first time in a very very long time, it's my own choice to see it happen.
I think I'll go ahead and do exactly that.


Edits made for grammar and spelling. Also reworded a few spots that were vague and/or incorrect terminology.
Some tweaks made to flesh out certain points.
submitted by Gorbashsan to HFY

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