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Genral feedback about the state of the game

I would like to point out some things about Apex Legends, this is my opinion so don’t get but-hurt in the comment section please, besides that, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
First of all let me tell you that this is by far the best game I've ever played. Mechanically and feeling wise, this game just matches very good and it really caught my attention from day one.
Beside this I have some comments, ideas and visions about how I think things in and around Apex Legends could massively improve.
First of all some bugs that I encountered:
The sounds of footsteps is very inconsistent, sometimes you can hear them from miles away and sometimes very close (no my foes are not crouch walking) you cannot hear a damn thing. I would love this sound to be more consistent since footsteps play a big role in combat.
- Banners are not showing the legend you play: there is a black overlay blocking the legends displayed on the banners. Occurring since the last "the old ways" event patch.
- Loot from supply bins: If you are trying to loot a supply bin you always loot the item right to the item you are actually willing to loot. So if you are trying to pick up some ammo there is a high chance you will be swapping guns and dropping all your attachments on the ground, very annoying. You need to slow down, aim very precise (to the left) to be actually able to loot the item you like. We all know in combat or fast looting, this is impossible and very disturbing. This has been around for quite some time now, I guess even before the last ranked split.
- Event store does not show any items:
Every time there is a new event released and you open the event store, the store is all black and empty. After a few hours or even (half) a day the items will appear.
- Ranked points don’t reset:
Every season or split when the ranked points get a reset, you are forced to play 1 game in the rank you reached the last season/split before your rank will be reset.
- Ziplines sometimes don’t connect to possible locations:
If you are trying to zipline a certain object it often shows the location isn’t eligible to connect the zipline to. However if you target the same object a few meters next to the point you actually want to connect, it shows you can place the zip, if you move back to the original location you can now place the zipline. If you want to move fast in ranked this is something that really bothers me and gets your team into dangerous situations because ziplines often have a small window of opportunity.
- Buggy lobbies:
We all experienced this before, you invite your friends to play, they join your lobby the games won’t start or you’re not even able to click the ready button. Different messages such as, “all party members need to be level 10 to play ranked leagues”, “party is not ready”, appear. Beside this there is a bug that will say: “ playlist is unavailable”.
- After respawn the ring makes no sound.
After you got respawned the closing ring makes no sound. Not really an important point but I just wanted to inform you about this.
- Ressing someone that is knocked sometimes makes no noise:
In high intensity combat sometimes it occurs that reviving a knocked teammate or self-reviving makes no sound. This can be really disturbing since your plays usually rely on hearing the revive sound, especially once you’re trying to clutch.
- The statistical banners at the end of the game are not always showing for every teammate
It would be nice to be able to see all the stats from every teammate after the game is finished. I find myself 50% of the time in the situation that I’m not able to see my teammates banners. It has nothing to do with teammates leaving the game or related actions. I guess this bug has been around since the early days of Apex.
- Cheaters
Especially in ranked games there are a huge amount of cheaters. I would say that in a high diamond/mastepredator lobby every game there is at least 1 cheater. Usually wall hacks and aimbots. Yes we report these people on the EA submission form and the T1 discord, but come on guys, banning people manually is only doing so much. We have to prevent the problem instead of trying to clean up the mess. So bans have to be quicker, there needs to be software that will track people cheating instead of us, the community, uploading video proof of people cheating. Personally (but I know a lot of people share this opinion with me), Season 4, Split 2, has been the worst ranked season so far, ranked is literately unplayable. If you’re unlucky and meeting the cheater early game without being aware that this specific squad is cheating, you will lose a lot of points.
Beside the bugs and cheater comment above I would like to post a few ideas:
- Assist in normal games
It would be nice to be able to see your assists in normal/pub games, likewise to the method in ranked.
- Team kills/assists in game
A feature to be able to see your teammates kills/assists in game would be lovely. I mean, were always on voice asking: “how many kills/assist you’ve got?”. Displaying this in the HUD or when you press TAB would be a great addition in my opinion.
- Assist experience
For now it seems to be the case that there is no EXP reward for assists. After the game there is no EXP reward displayed for assists. I wonder why, in ranked you get rewarded points for assists, which makes perfectly sense. Someone who does 80% of the damage but a teammate makes the last hit, should also be rewarded points. The same counts for experience points.
- Minor changes:
Changes like the flashing light when you get hit by a melee attack and swapping legend in the fire range makes your screen black for a small moment etc. I don’t mind changes like this, but, I do mind not communicating the reason why. It feels like there is no clarification why certain things are done. Which makes me wonder if there is any legitimate motivation for certain things/changes.
- Grapple connects to legends:
Once your grapple hits the ground or an object, and a legend passes through the grapple AFTER it connected to the ground or object; the grapple will change his connection to the legend. This is very disturbing since if your trying to slingshot yourself out of a tight situation you will end up face grappling someone and get knocked after all.
- Ranked region locked / ranked system
Being able to swap servers to all over the world just doesn’t make sense in any way. The fact that there is a difference in ping and skill level makes it very unfair to have 1 ranked ladder over the whole world. Hereby I would prefer a region lock in ranked. This way you prevent higher rank people from EU queueing on exotic servers to just get matched up with silvegold/plat from other less busy regions. I know this is hard since there are maybe not enough players in a specific region and that might be the reason why this is not a thing. But there are better solutions than the current system. They could start with a maximum ping limit to connect to a specific server etc.
- eSport:
The release of the custom lobbies were a big step towards the competitive scene, I have to give you that. Besides this in general the server stability and tourney reliability (points got lost, games restarted, teams not connected, schedule wise ect (within the ALGS) are just to bad for competitive play. I don’t want to dive more into this since I’m sure you are well aware of what needs to be upgraded.
- Leaving teammate should make u unready:
When a teammates leaves your squad all players should be unready automatically, we found ourselves starting a game while our 3rd player went to restart his game or trying to rejoin the party as he was suffering from the “party is not ready, players needs to be lvl 10 etc. bugs”. Same applies for the fact that if you and your friend played a lot of games together, but suddenly he needs to leave and you already readied up; the game will start anyways while you don’t want to play alone.
-Map rotation (ask community, test things)
Kings canyon by night was literally the worst idea to put into the map rotation, I know this is an opinion but I don’t know any person that actually likes this “ Halloween digi threat map”. 1.5 week later you woke up and found out that people don’t like this map and are not able to finish their battlepass if 2/3 of the rotation is played on KC. Then, you decided to take this map out of the rotation, FINALLY. To make sure we are not stuck with similar situations, I would highly recommend that you will implement a way, e.g. test servers or surveys, to find out what the community prefers instead of releasing such things without asking for feedback.
- Fire range
Is what world was it a good idea to put stacks on 20 ammo in a fire range!? If you want to train with friends everybody is waiting to grab ammo. At least make this 200 or something, besides the fact that there should be an option to make ammo unlimited, mag capacity unlimited etc.
The same counts for ultimate cooldown, if I’m trying to figure things out about a specific legend I don’t want to do ultimate accelerants to charge my ultimate. There should be an option to have your ultimate ready, some sort of fire range settings. There are hundreds of ideas how to improve the fire range. The beta release of Valorant has a very nice example of how you could start off with a fire/practice range.
- Server refresh rate
This is one of the things that bothers me the most in Apex. The game is so fast paced that the current servers do not meet the expectations of many players “tick” wise. Playing around doors, peeking, etc. is sometimes very depressing. Since you will receive damage while you are definitely not within line of sight.
submitted by lunatic0707 to apexlegends

Hacking needs to be addressed before leaving EA or soon afterward. It's getting really bad on officials now.

There's literally like 20 different hackers on Australia 1 at the moment. Also played on Korea 1 over the past month where literally every second group has 1 or 2 hackers. A lot of these accounts take 80-100 hours to get banned, a lot of them have obvious account reseller names (eg: rust10132, 1093023, etc) and 90% of them are using blatantly obvious hacks that should be detectable (speed hacks, silent aim and aimbot, super jumps, etc.)
Facepunch, you need to do something drastic because the hacker situation is getting out of hand on officials and they are the first place most new and returning players will go to.
  • Region lock high risk areas like China. I know this might be ill received by some but it will honestly take a massive chunk out of the hacking player base. I know it's a stereotype but hacking culture in China is very, very different to the West. In the West it has bad, unsportsmanlike connotations. In China and other places, they do it to be competitive and to compete with the other hackers. See: PUBG hacks being installed by default at PC cafes in China.
  • Upgrade your anti-cheat to something that actually has better detection. Things like speed hacking and super jumping should never be accepted server side, ever, period.
  • AFTER leaving EA, make every key purchased and not yet activated not active but also make an avenue to take that key to your website/support to have it reactivated and usable. This'll destroy the piles and piles of $2 accounts the hackers can throw away for 50+ hours of gameplay as 90% of those keys rest with a few account resellers.
  • Lastly, I know it might sound crazy, but possibly hire a person or two from different parts of the world whose job is to literally survey the servers, spectate players, etc. and handle support/customer interaction. Having an active role in preventing hacking is much better than reactively banning people based on player reports. The player report system only works when players spam report people and honestly, people just don't bother. They know the hackers are gonna come back on another account. They can't be bothered typing in a steam url manually or finding it in the player list and even then, they use name spoofers. Actively fighting hackers > reactively fighting them.
Share your thoughts if you have them or whatever. I just hope we can agree on the fact that hacking needs to be addressed. It'd be terrible for the game to have an influx of new players just to have them greeted by an army of silent aim, esp using players ruining the sandbox experience. Ty for reading.
submitted by gy-psy to playrust

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