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Find documentation and support to get you started. Plenty of room for eating, dancing, and socializing, and of course a gorgeous outdoor wedding area with chairs for guests. Nothing bad has ever happened, but those times are all spread across a number of cars, so the times I've done it per car is very low.

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Diner Dash - Unblocked Games Cool Math. You should average about 10 headshots per round (can see this on stats page of repair. Pear Guardian - Free Software Download helpful hints.

Guardian and Observer style guide: B

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Y8.com Wall category - new games. You might be able to build a tower, but there's no guarantee that it'll survive the rain if it's not structured properly. I really do like this game, but Yah, like the others mentioned, in the next version (and I hope there is one) you probably DO want to add better upgrade than just a few guns.

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Inspired by The Whipping Boy and Feed, this adrenaline-fueled thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Palisade guardian - Color theory - Special Pang - Pirath - Escape room - zalougame - Youda survivor. Gamer Guides: Video Game Walkthroughs, Reviews, Videos & Maps.

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Palisade guardian 2 hacked able games. Interact with other gamers. Play the free online Master Moves unblocked y8 game 2, 3, 4, 5 versions and see other top free flash games as well.

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We are a non-profit organization, which operates a Youth Center that is supported by rental services, donations, contributions, work programs and grants from very generous people, all with a goal in mind of providing a safe, fun place for all youth to gather and be guided by caring adults. Palisade Guardian 2 with cheats: Unlimited cash.

Game Palisade Guardian 2

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Grand Finale Advice - Battle of the Colossi

[Spoiler Warning] Byron, Timber, and Gene, feel free to scroll past this post, or if you're from Atlanta and have un-ironically told me 'But We're the Good Guys'

I've been running a game with a fairly brief story (lvls 1-3) with some co-workers that is coming to a close with a final session next week (a week before I leave the company and the state). I'm a relatively new DM, but we've managed to have a lot of fun and I'm hoping to make the finale worthy of what we've all done so far. I'll describe what I'm thinking for the final encounter, and then provide the larger context, but here's the tl;dr:
The TL;DR...
The party has followed their bounty, a fairly powerful tiefling warlock, into the ancient temple of a slumbering kraken (in this world a far larger, more primal entity), where the tiefling, battered and bruised from battling through the high-level temple guards (leaving the party an easier, more level-appropriate entrance) told them that his evil deeds were all necessary to find and kill the kraken before it could wake and wreak havoc. Unbeknownst to them (because they wandered past the lore and for schedule reasons I opted to not shove it down their throats), the tiefling has become the host of a long-dormant otherworldly spore, a seed left behind by a forgotten god as a safeguard against its demise at the hand of some greater deity. The spore is driving the tiefling to seek out a more powerful host that the spore can infect and consume to allow this god to be reborn.
The party wasn't buying it (they simply don't trust him), and opted to collect the bounty, at which point the tiefling erupted, Akira-style, into a rapidly-growing mass of rotting vines and fungal blooms. This is where we left off while I planned out the final conflict.

The (roughly-planned) Encounter...
I'm planning on this being partly players vs the environment, with the vines basically a heavily rewritten Elder Oblex (Eat Memories deals no damage, for example) which will attempt to continue through the underground temple structure to find the kraken, which can be reached through a cave at the bottom where the ocean is being magically held back, leaving a shimmering surface of water that opens into the ocean depths. The destruction in its temple has begun to wake the kraken, and in its irritation it will cause minor quakes and cave-ins.
I want to give the party the chance to stop the seedling from reaching the kraken, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that mechanically. My rough idea is that the seedling, in its weakened host, will need to 'regroup' into the host's form as it navigates through the cave, at which point the host will be vulnerable again, but at the beginning of each second round give some indication that the seedling is about to burst again, giving the party a chance to step back and get out of range (which will be made more difficult by the tremors).
Of course, they don't know what the boss is planning, so they may just try to escape what will seem like a cave-in, in which case the seedling will try to pursue them to use one of them as a host to ensure it survives being consumed by the kraken. This would play out like the above path, but in the opposite direction.
Only because this is a lot to plan out, I'd love some feedback, concerns, thoughts, etc.

The Story So Far...
This all started in the town of Beliard, where the party had found themselves following their session 0 (after which their original DM had promptly abandoned them). While relaxing at the local inn, they witnessed the innkeeper respond to some summons outside and return, badly shaken, announcing that anyone looking for work should follow him back outside. The party inquired further and were brought out to meet the job - a group of firbolg from the nearby forest had led a tiefling, bound and gagged, to the town's center and informed the innkeeper that it was now his problem.
The innkeeper, scared and angry, goes on to explain why this is such a problem. The tiefling is almost certainly 'Tumult' Morthos, a notorious mass murderer who fled with his accomplices from Waterdeep and vanished with a sizable bounty on his head, and if he remains in Beliard much longer these accomplices will come looking for him and likely slaughter the village. The party agrees to escort the magically subdued and compliant tiefling to the next large town - Westbridge, where the local guards are better equipped and could assist in bearing him back to Waterdeep.
Long story short, everything goes wrong. The party makes it to Westbridge and places the Tumult in a cell in the guard house, but that night the town is attacked by a monstrous fungal beast which breaches the wooden palisade and begins consuming any townsfolk it can reach. The beast is stopped, but during this the Tumult escapes by commanding the captain of the guard and one of the players, who is able to break free but not before the Tumult vanishes into the countryside.
Following the trail left by the beast's arrival, the party finds themselves heading underground to the upper fringes of the Underdark. Here they meet the leader of a duergar expedition who, through some skillful diplomacy, agrees to lead them to the Tumult in exchange for assistance freeing his company. Here they learn that the tiefling had left one of his followers in charge after subduing and enslaving most of the expedition members, and it appears this follower has found what he was after. They arrive in time to slay the follower and stop Tumult from fully activating an ancient and long-buried portal, but the portal still fires, transporting them to the surface and onto an unfamiliar rocky shore.
Waking up and realizing they have again just missed their quarry, they are able to determine their location as the island of Gundarlun, which has been enduring hard times, what with the increase of sahuagin raids, attacks by once-docile fauna, and wildly unpredictable seas. Here they are able to barter for a ship and learn that the Tumult came through and somehow 'persuaded' a local captain and his crew to take them north and west, into less welcoming waters.
This is how the party arrived at the temple, an ancient structure built in and atop a small rocky island in the bitter northwest seas. They followed a path of destruction - trapped doors blasted open, a dozen or so guardian statues in ruin (briefly battling one of the animated statues to drive home how powerful their quarry is), before finding Tumult, bloodied and broken, lying at the threshold of what they learned to be the door to the kraken's lair in the heart of the island. At this point we're caught up to the final session.

Thank you for your time...
Yea, I know that was a lot. These three players have been a really great party, and I'd like to make sure they get the send-off they deserve. Their low level means I can't just through an ancient dragon at them, but I want to give them a little more than 'Yay you beat up the goblin chief!'
submitted by nuclearrootsystem to DMAcademy

Three season 6 deck techs

This has probably been my favorite season of penny dreadful thus far. We saw frequent metagame shifts with various version of aggro, combo, midrange and even a bit of control being viable. For the most part mono-white heroic ruled the roost, with people still jamming red deck wins because efficient burn and turning guys sideways will win games of magic. On the combo side, hypergenesis decks emerged as a contender and eventually evolved into a deck that also included the felidar guardian/parallax wave infinite combo, a combo which could also stand on its own in g/w and later more successful u/w variant blink decks. Reanimator was always looming when people forgot to pack gravehate in their sideboards, aided by the legality of 3 decent reanimation spells (animate dead, dread return and unburial rites.) On the more midrange side, various flavors of mono black, b/w, abzan and even mardu aristocrats decks were popular and achieved some positive results. Many of these also sported the incidental infinite combo of vizier of remedies with murderous redcap and some form of free sacrifice outlet, e.g. bloodthrone vampire or nantuko husk. When it came to control it was a 7 mana, 3 color sorcery that frequently racked up the Ws, with different sorts of cruel ultimatum decks finding success. I’m going to talk about 3 different decks I managed to chalk up some good undefeated league/gatherling results with.
The first is one of the first decks I built, a mono white tribal strategy. Although Heroic ended up being the favored archetype when it came to white-based aggro, soldier tribal showed early it had the tools to compete with an early 5-0 league run, and 7-0 tournament result:
The general core of the deck stayed the same as I tinkered with it a bit, and although I only managed to 3-2 on a later league run (as well as t8 a gatherling event with 3-2):
The deck sports an aggressive assortment of 1-drops with and boros elite and soldier of the pantheon (don’t discount protection from multicolored randomly coming in relevant.) Consul’s lieutenant is a pseudo lord and precinct captain can get out of hand quickly. However the true all star of the deck, and the reason I built it was preeminent captain. So much so that I included crystal vein so that I can drop him on turn 2 and swing in on turn 3. Being able to drop a captain of the watch that early can be very hard for many decks to deal with. Alternatively Palisade Giant soaks up damage-based sweepers, and makes combat math awkward (not to mention is basically an auto 3-for-1 or better against most red decks.) Then you could also drop an enlistment officer to refill your hand, or if your way up on board a benalish commander. I liked having some number of benalish commander against the hypothetical control matchup, where there’s he also provides an uncounterable way to pump out some tokens. On the removal side you can play fairgrounds warden, and parallax wave, which has easily become one of the most important cards of season 6. Playing a temporary one-sided wrath when you’ve got a ton of power on board is one of the most unfair things you can do in this format.
Not much to talk about in the mana base. I’ve already mentioned crystal vein, which can sometimes be a bit tricky to play properly since you will have to decide when to crack it to ramp, but it can also help ramp out your big threats. Kjeldoran outpost can be a double-edged sword in a mana light hand, but eventually will generate value in grindy matchups (haha jk what is this season 2? Grindy matchups don’t exist and you’re better off cutting them probably).
The sideboard is pretty straightforward. Silence gives you some game against hypergenesis. Entrapment maneuver is a card I quite like that I haven’t found a real place for yet, but prima facie it is a very powerful effect. I have managed to blow out heroic on at least one occasion.
The next deck I managed to rack up 5 consecutive wins with (significantly later in the season since I’m bad at magic: the gathering) is throwback to a time when wild mongrel was the best 2 drop ever printed, and in this deck you get to play 8 of them. “This is madness!” you say, and you’d be right:
This build featured a suit of 10 2-drop enablers, which also includes furyblade vampire. I decided to go for 6 “arrogant wurms” (only 1 actual arrogant wurm, but he’s the OG), with incorrigible youths taking up most of the slots since I was going for fast kills, and I decided haste was more valuable than trample and an extra toughness. I could definitely be debated on this point, as chain lighting is the most popular removal spell, and the youths die to our own slagstorms out the board. Honored Hydra is a nice upgrade on roar of the wurm and really allows you to grind out decks that want to 1-for-1 you with removal spells. Lightning Axe can take out some big butts and fiery temper provides reach and removal. You also get to play with an honest-to-god scryland, which feels nice. Ghor-Clan rampager is an “oops I win” card that also can just be another big guy you can cast if you’re low on threats. The deck also has a turn 3 kill on the draw if your opponent is on the play thanks to flameblade adept turning all your mongrel discards into shocks.
If you go turn 1 flameblade, turn 2, in for 1, play mongrel (or noose constrictor), then on turn 3 you can discard fiery temper, cast it, (opponent at 16), attack with your two guys, pump one with ghor-clan, (flameblade now up to 3 power along with mongrel +4 from the rampager), then discard 3 more cards and you’ve dealt 20. I have done this only to be blown out by an immolating glare of all things. Still you don’t get a turn 3 kill to not go for it into 2 untapped mana. No Egrets as they say.
The sideboard could probably be spruced up a bit, as you’re probably never beating heroic anyway, so may be havoc can just go. Other than that slagstorm is nice as a sweeper which your big creatures can survive and can also double as some more reach.
A later version of the deck included some insolent neonates, but I only ended up 2-2 in a gatherling event with that version so the verdict’s still out. Nonetheless the deck is quite powerful and has game against most things in the format through raw speed and playing efficient guys.
The final deck I managed to 5-0 with was an archetype that did win some events but didn’t really catch on. It has been classified as UW acid-wave due to reality acid although I ended up cutting those, and really was just playing UW blink. Let me just provide the caveat that there’s a lot of exploration that can be done in this particular archetype, everything from individual card choices within the uw version of the deck, to branching out into other color combinations entirely. For this particular build I decided to focus more on playing a tempo sort of game with flickering for value and the incidental infinite combo with felidar guardian and parallax wave.
If you’re not familiar with how this combo works, then you really ought to practice it a bit on mtgo before you pick up this deck because the clicking can get a bit confusing. Essentially it requires stacking the felidar trigger on the parallax wave, then exiling it an any other creatures you want (up to 4), which then all re-enter the battlefield when wave flickers out. Felidar retriggers as wave resets as well and the cycle can begin again. With an inquisitor exarch you can make your opponent lose infinite life, with an eldrazi skyspawner you get infinite scions and with a riftwing cloudskate you bounce their entire board. Lyev skyknight is in there as a tempo play, drowner of hope as a nice top end and brago just for value but can also reset your combo if you play it in the wrong order (ie are forced for some reason to drop the guardian prior to the wave.)
In at least one gatherling event I was blown out by sweepers on a couple of occasions so I added eerie interlude, which is an effect I quite like, although there’s a case for momentary blink as well. The sideboard contains aven riftwatchers which are good for stalling red-based aggro and can also gain you “infinite” life. The rest is self-explanatory. Nothing fancy in the manabase, just a few taplands as is normal for a 2 color deck. Although the deck did 5-0 the league, I was never happy with a few aspects of it. I always found the 4 slot on these type of decks to be immensely crowded since it seems you need 4 wave and 4 guardian and probably 3 Brago (since he is legendary.) On the flipside, the 2 slot I always found to be extremely underwhelming: augury owl is a very unexciting way to smooth out draws and then just turns into a chump blocker and inquisitor exarch is a card I deemed a necessary evil to have some early play that could potentially win with the infinite combo. In order to fill out that two slot to my satisfaction I felt I needed another color, and initially I considered green for elvish visionary, but I also saw some interesting variations of the archetype in esper colors. I added trial of ambition and mesmeric fiend which added two angles of attack the original uw build did not have. I wound up going 7-0 (14-0 in games!) in a gatherling event with the following:
There are some other neat tricks in here that you can pull, such as stacking mesmeric fiend triggers with parallax wave so that you can permanently exile a card (or all their cards if you’re infinite—if you add in riftwing cloudskate you can bounce their entire board and then exile it from their hand!). Flickering animate dead is a neat trick too and with the addition of oath of jace the deck now had an interesting enchantment subtheme, so I changed the topend to doomwake giant which is fantastic with trial of ambition since it clears out tokens first, and also generally just awesome in breaking through grindy groundstalls.
Overall I still have no idea what the optimal build for this deck is, but I feel it is an archetype that can compete with almost any deck in the format this season, and moreover it can be tuned to the meta.
submitted by Guido_John to PennyDreadfulMTG

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