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Video Snapshot Wizard 3.2

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Haha confringo go brrrrr submitted by Evil-Tuna to memes

New Update: The Warps and The Wisps

Welcome... to The Warps and Wisps Update.
The new Minecraft Update, snapshot (lol), has been hypothetically released in the reality of this post. What's in it you ask? Let's dive into my make-believe update and you, my fine community, can be the judge of whether or not you like what I've concocted. (Needless to say none of this is real, this is a fan update I came up with. Just wanted to get some feedback and share ideas around, all in good fun. Lets get into it!)
The main theme of this update will be numerous hints to a larger reality... that reality, while I intentionally leave vague I believe will be hints towards the next dimension. I am not so sure they'll add one any time soon. However, so many people request this. And I wouldn't mind it myself, but I'm not married to it. What I do think would be fun, though, is if there was a buildup to this occasion. A scavenger hunt or a tease, if you will. Let's get into some actual content though shall we?
THE WISPS... One of the main additions is a new mob, Wisps, and they have several variants. They all spawn under a specific condition: high, concentrated artificial light. Sunlight will actively repel their spawning, though, no matter how much light there is. A Wisp is about the size of a Bee, and you can imagine the details yourself, though I'm imagining they look something like Navi, Tatl, Tale from The Legend of Zelda. Wisps can spawn in all dimensions, and each has different requirements for spawning, and because of these requirements they're most naturally common in the Nether. Let's talk variants now. There's five.
"Outer Wisp" - This spawns from the light of fire- in any dimension. As well as a few obscure sources, like End Rods, they mainly come from actual fires, and torches. You'll most often see them at the former spots that Ghast fireballs hit in the nether, or in torches you spammed up in caves. They can be thought of as the weakest and most common variant of wisp.
"Broiled Wisp" - It spawns from lava that's flowing specifically, and from magma blocks that have absorbed high levels of light. This is the most rewarding one to farm (we'll cover drops soon), but hits from it will light you on fire.
"Power Wisp" - Potentially the most dangerous wisp, and the one you're least likely to run into on accident. They only spawn at concentrations of consistently low, but present light. The most reliable way to do this? Redstone torches. Likely to spawn as a result in your wiring. They can't disturb it, but be careful if you don't want them around. If you really don't want them around... stick around, there's a way to repel wisps too. Yeah, we thought of everything.
"Empty Wisp" - This wisp will spawn at stranger places than most. It can breathe underwater, so it's common at sea lanterns and pickles. (Comparatively common for a wisp, at least.) It can also come from the lights from portals, so expect to see it in your strongholds and your nether portal rooms!
"Inner Wisp" - A rarer wisp that can spawn in place of any of the above. It drops a special, rare ingredient that gets combined with the drops of the others to help you create things called Hooks and Rifts.
"Holy Wisp" - Yep, a secret sixth wisp. And this one is friendly, too, to boot. But why? It's incredibly rare, you can actually only see it if you go out of your way to find it. It's a little twisted too.. the wisps can absorb one another, and to get a Holy Wisp, you have to get an Inner Wisp to absorb one of every other Wisp. It drops a special item that lets you crafted a Megarift.
So, now you are probably wondering about the other half of that title. And additionally, what that entails... what is a warp? A warp is a small, single block structure that can be placed. It can be dyed with the same materials you'd use on wool, making for over a dozen colors. Why do colors matter? The first thing to know about warps is there are two parts. A hook and a rift. The rift is a placable block, it appears like a small animated tear or slash in the sky. The hook stays in your inventory, and must first be clicked onto a rift that matches its color. Each player's username will save a set of hooks, you may use up to one of every color. It will be synched up to a coordinated rift at each location.
If this is confusing, envision a large map with many Cyan rifts. If it is a multiplayer server, each player can have their cyan hook attached to any one of them. They can use different ones, and change a rift to a different hook at any time by finding it. The warp function should be obvious. The other thing the hook does, aside from let you tie it to a rift, is to then go to that rift at any time. It costs wisp essence to use, though I'm still working out the finer costs exactly. I'm imagining different players will live in different environments, having access to different wisps... thus they'll be better able to access certain flavors and use them as such. I think it will make travel in multiplayer and big worlds, very interesting!
A megarift, as mentioned above, is a permanent version of a rift. The other ones will expire after some level of usage; maybe depending on color and biome is it's overall effectiveness? The range I think will also be a factor that's consistent between both rifts and megarifts, with better color and biome combos giving you a better reach. (As in the biome, and potentially Y coordinate and so on, that the rift is at, and the color you've assigned them.) Whether or not it can go cross-dimentional.. not sure. And what else?
Some other changes alongside the main two. I think Villagers might get a new type, one that's focused on Wisp essence- maybe a Wizard, to counteract Witches? I think it keeps things fair and not too overwhelming if players can not access magic... they need to rely on the help of Villagers, who are more attuned, to do this. There may also be a Brewmaster Villager as well, who sells you more quirky potion-based things, and is also interested in Wisp drops and gear. The Wizard class would more be concerned with warps.
Now, that is all done, what did you think? Do you like, dislike? Tell me your thoughts, please!
submitted by SideshowBoy to minecraftsuggestions

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