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Diablo 3 has no community, pretty alarming

Has anyone else noticed this?
The community in Diablo 3 is almost non existent, and this reddit is not even 10 percent as active as it used to be. I'm not even talking about the in game community since that is literally (not figuratively) non existent. I'm talking about everything else surrounding the game (reddit, forums, youtube content dedicated etc.).
You look at something like sc2 on the same anti-social Battle.net 2.0 , a game that is MEANT to be played alone and balanced around that. A game which encourages laddering and stressful competitive gaming where split second decisions will lose or win you the game, and a game that is more than 2 years old now and their outside community is about 10x better than Diablo 3 right now. (Tournaments, famous casters and personalities, famous youtube channels with interesting content pumping almost daily, something new to watch/drama every week etc.)
OK SC2 is clearly a bit of a unique example. It's competitive and has tournaments and people tune in for that which D3 can not possibly do etc. etc. I get it, but the COMPLETE lack of community in D3 is NOT NORMAL. This has been mentioned hundreds of times but PvP, an interesting trade system, clan systems, custom channels etc. have all made the game a barren wasteland, not only in game anymore, but a bore to talk about. Not to mention the homogenized skill/.character system. The only threads that appear on this reddit anymore are gear finds and WW barb specing related
Wasn't Jay Wilsons whole schtick with D3/DRM/Co-OP to push social activity D3 related? What the F is going on here. D2 was like the classic and one of the first models of largely socially active online gaming. D2jsp, hardcore pvp'ers, clans, robust trading system and mechanic, custom games to find people who want to do similar things i mean the list is pretty endless.
submitted by yoojinim92 to Diablo

First Xenoblade Chronicles X mods for Cemu! Help make more! ;) :)

(If you've seen this before: this is an edited and updated version with all I've learned in my now 200hrs+ with XCX in Cemu, and also includes new SweetFx settings).
Preface: I also want to see more mods for XCX including HD textures and loot drop table mods to "fix" offline mode, so lets get this party started! I'm ready to start on textures! Cemu devs: When might we be able to "load custom textures"? I've done some dumps and I notice that MIP level 1's are messed up as can be seen in-game at times. Also: Native DDS/DXT Mip support?
Use these tips to improve the Image Quality, FPS, (and the the NLA music) for XCX through Cemu at 1080p. This tutorial will take you through the steps in order to achieve the same results. Everything but the XCX specific stuff can be used to improve your visual experience with many games (Update: based on help from AnthMosk and turkeynaruto, SM3DW and ZWWHD does not work with SweetFx at this time). All told the improvements here only cost about 0.1 FPS. :)
Note: Click on the blue links for the pics I have prepared for each section! Tip: I'd suggest to right click on the pic links and open in them in a new tab so you can stay here on reddit AND have the pics open for reference/comparison.
Comparison Pics: Before / After
Close-up comparison GIF: https://gfycat.com/InferiorRapidAustraliancurlew
Now on to the image quality mods:
4K or 4x Nvidia DSR <--Picture
(Please note that this now only applies to versions of Cemu Prior to 1.7.0, or if you are not going to use the new 1080 or 4k "graphics pack" setting). Go to Nvidia Control panel - Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings - DSR Factors and put a check in the box for "4.00x (native resolution)". This will allow you to choose and change to 3840x2160 for your screen resolution in windows before you start Cemu and fixes the scaling artifacts in Cemu when in full screen. EDIT: Oh, and move the slider for DSR Smoothness all the way to 0%.
Cemu settings in Nvidia Control Panel <--Picture
After running Cemu once go to your Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Program Settings and click on the "Add" button. Highlight "Cemu.exe" and click "Add Selected Program". This will create a profile for Cemu with your Nvidia drivers. Set Anisotropic Filtering to "2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x" and Power Management mode to "Prefer maximum performance" and turn ON Triple Buffering as Cemu uses OpenGL and this will make it so that you will get a true variable framerate if you use V-sync in Cemu. I've also set Maximum Pre-rendered Frames to "0", and have yet to see any negative side effects.
Changing your screen resolution to 3840x2160, er' 4x DSR <--Picture
(Please note that this now only applies to versions of Cemu Prior to 1.7.0, or if you are not going to use the new 1080 or 4k "graphics pack" setting). Right Click on your desktop and choose "Screen resolution" to change to 3840x2160 anytime you want to play Cemu. I suggest you only do this when you are ready to start Cemu as it will make everything very tiny on your 1080p monitor.
SweetFx for AA and Sharpening <--Picture
(Please note that this now only applies to versions of Cemu Prior to 1.7.0, or if you are not going to use the new 1080 or 4k "graphics pack" setting). Download and Extract SweetFX 2.0 (Preview 8 | ReShade 1.1.0) to a folder of your choosing. update: well... looks like the SFX devs have removed the link for SFX 2.0/Reshade from that link soooo here... download it from my google drive. Next: click on ReShade Setup.exe and choose Cemu from wherever you have it installed on your PC. This will automatically install ReShade to your Cemu directory. Then Download my SweetFX_settings.txt and place it in the SweetFx Folder as shown in the pic for this section. This will add highly customized FXAA and LumaSharpen shaders for a better picture in Cemu while using 4K DSR (ie; not for use with regular 1920x1080 desktop res).
Notes: These Sweetfx settings have been tailor made for 3840x2160/4K DSR, and special attention has been given to the sharpening settings as anything close to the default settings is really bad with a 720p rendering resolution. Must have been designed with 1080p in mind.
Now with the performance increase of Cemu 1.6.2 I can now run XCX with V-Sync enabled in Cemu. Do it! :D
Now for the Xenoblade Chronicles X specific stuff:
These 4 pics are all about getting the most FPS while in game in Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm at 30FPS most of the time, especially at night:
Camera Settings Play the game in First Person Mode with these settings in order to not have to render your party... most of the time. Saves 10-15 FPS. More immersive too. Notes: You may want a different setting for your zoomed in camera height depending on how tall you made your custom character. You will have to zoom the camera in manually each time you load up the game. Rain will bounce off your invisible head and shoulders while zoomed all the way in unless you zoom out a touch and back in again. The camera will always shift to the right of your character and slow down it's movement when you are "under coveinside a building". New info for 1.6.2: playing in 1st person is not as necessary anymore with the huge performance gain of 1.6.2, for me... but will still help if you're on a lower end system. BTW: I still do when I'm not in my Skell 'cause I like the immersion of being so small in such a huge world!
Display Settings Reduce the in game HUD as much as possible as each on screen element costs FPS. Saves 5-10 FPS Notes: I'd say the only part that you should consider leaving on is "Arts Descriptions" unless/until you know them well enough to turn them back off. Turn it on when you want to learn a new one, then back off as soon as you're comfortable with the use of your new Art. ;)
Social Settings Disable, No, Off, Just Own all this stuff. We are not online. No sense in making Cemu think about any of this stuff.
Undeveloped Area or Blade Barracks Update: just use blade barracks with the grid icon overlay set to not display the big grid icons!. Keep your Gamepad Screen set to display as little info as possible whenever you are not using it! Saves 3~5FPS. (toggle with Tab or Ctrl+Tab and manipulate with mouse).
Controller setup for XCX I always customize game controls to allow me to keep my thumbs on the sticks as much as possible. Give it a good old college try. I think you'll like it. ;) :)
Uncensored Outfits and Music Mod for XCX:
You need a Loadline version of XCX in order to apply this mod. Download THIS (updated link as of 1/22/2017). This is the chr_pc.cpk file and replacements for the the NLA 'day/night' "bgm" files with the day and night music tracks for Colony 9 named "hometown" from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Your ears will thank you later while running around NLA! ;) :D
Mod install notes:
-You need to click on the little arrow pointing down at a line in the top right corner on google drive to download the file.
-The censorship mod is the file in the 'content' folder and the music mod is in the 'stream/bgm' folder. They are in the correct folder structure so that you could just paste the content folder over yours and merge/replace to apply the changes.
-Attention: If you wish, as you should with all manually installed mods, you can make a backup of the originals by either adding a new extension such as ".backup" to your original versions of each of the files before you apply the mod (merge the folders), or recreating another copy of the folder structure somewhere else on your PC and placing copies of the originals there.
Don't forget to vote! :)
PS: My system specs are:
Win7 Ultimate (clean as a whistle)
i5 4670k @4.4Ghz
16Gigs of RAM
Evo 850 512Gig SSD (though I run Cemu from a RamDrive!)
Nvidia GTX 760 2Gig @1215Mhz (Cemu only uses ~65% GPU usage at 4k with Reshade!)
submitted by GITech001 to cemu

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