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Apart from mood matrix the other "gimmicks" don't have to be too complicated, things like the bracelet or the chess figures can just be projectiles with stun. Gyakuten Kenji 2, unofficially known as Ace Attorney Investigations 2, is an adventure video game developed by Capcom. Miles edgeworth investigations for sale. Romhacking.net - Translations - Ace Attorney https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1384. Millions of real salary data collected from government and companies - annual starting salaries, average salaries, payscale by company, job title, and city. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth 2 ENGLISH DS cart (Gyakuten Kenji 2) at the best online prices at eBay! Featured software All software.

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Ace Prosecutor Investigations Miles Edgeworth 2One minute, an important politician gave a speech that was broadcast live through Im trying not to mix my PSP RPG with my DS RPG, so although I know also, FF3 and 4, Chrono Trigger, World. A huge number of walkthrough games on video. Claim your free 50GB now. Shades of Murder Gavin Wright Chronicles Book 1 vebo 31.10.2020 No Comments 31.10.2020 No Comments. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth review. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth lets players take a turn at crime scene investigation, searching for clues and using logic to combine facts to create new facts, eventually (hopefully) cracking the case. Case beta patch release.

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Kodansha USA Adds Attack on Titan, Miles Edgeworth Manga (Oct 14, 2020) San Diego Comic-Con International 2020 - Capcom (Jul 23, 2020) New Ace Attorney Manga to Launch in Japan's Young Mag (Apr 3. Download miles edgeworth ace attorney 2 english patch rom free shared files from DownloadJoy and other world's most popular shared hosts. Gyakuten Kenji 2, unofficially known as Ace Attorney Investigations 2, is an adventure video game developed by [HOST] was released in Japan for the Nintendo DS in and for Android and iOS in; Capcom does not plan to release the game outside Japan, but a full English fan translation was released in. Miles Edgeworth and Simon Blackquill in Ace Attorney. Weather warnings issued. Release Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 in https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1381. Romhacking.net - Translations - Gyakuten Kenji 2 her explanation.

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Since it's Edgeworth, this one trends more toward angsty than it's predecessor, the Phoenix Wright volume -but not entirely. Owing to the lack of an official translation of the Japan-only Gyakuten Kenji 2, the information and names in this article come from the unofficial English translation patch known as Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path. Requirements: 3DS with CFW; Full physical or eShop copy of Dai Gyakuten Saiban; or. Android device or emulator. Edgeworth - Weather warnings issued 14-day forecast. Images of the Miles Edgeworth voice actors from the Ace Attorney franchise. We will check the room you stayed in. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles / Game: Nintendo Ds https://fotodorogi.ru/download/?file=1375.

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Assistant Restaurant Manager jobs in Edgeworth, Stroud on Caterer. If you're not willing to go through the effort of fiddling around with the patch but you are after more. DS #4684: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. The 2020 Nintendo DS version, titled Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten in Japan, introduced an English language option, and was the first time the game was. Please login to your account first; Need help? This time around, the player takes on the role of famed prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, a memorable rival of charismatic legal eagle Phoenix Wright. Miles edgeworth 2 english patch 2020.

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Catherine Edgeworth (1920-1974) - Find A Grave Memorial. Romhacking.net - Games - Ace Attorney Investigations. Please note that we use an external script to bring the online emulation experience to you. However, if you include gimmicks from Apollo, Athena and Miles, you could have those three characters as alternative costumes as well (Hero type situation), without changing the moveset or requiring an echo slot or a new character slot. The player once again controls prosecutor Mitsurugi Reiji (known as Miles Edgeworth in English), and must solve a number of murder mysteries.

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Di-Jun Huang

I’m cutting the character I’ve been complaining about no one else cutting for the entire round, who could have seen that coming?
I like Huang. Low B tier, I guess. Very low B tier. Scraping the top 50 is much more than far enough.

Turnabout Target

Turnabout Target is an excellent case. It’s fantastically paced with big reveals happening snappily one after the other, flying forward through its mystery like a bullet from a gun. It’s more densely packed than any first case has any right to be, and contains more hooks to keep you interested in the rest of the game than was even necessary.
Near the centre of this whirlwind is the titular character of this cut, Di-Jun Huang, the supposedly nearly assassinated president of Zheng-Fa. Isn’t this exciting! Kicking off the game with the attempted murder of the previous game’s rival’s country! And the assassin is the same fucking guy from 2-4? We get to finally take that guy down now, 4 games later, and in the first case no less??
That was enough. That’s all the case needed to be and I would have been satisfied with simply nabbing De Killer and having that be the end of it. But instead we get a great twist midway through the case where not only is Shelly not de killer, but he’s even meddling in the case’s investigation for the specific purpose of allowing Edgeworth to uncover the truth. I love it, and this is barely the halfway point.
The next section of the case finally concerns the man, the myth, the legend himself, the character who is ranked higher than Maya Fey, Di-Jun Huang.
Huang has been this commanding and authoritative presence throughout the entire case, he’s enormous and comically ripped in his stupidly tight suit, and never once lets up from his bravado. An overwhelming, powerful man who is a total fraud.
The assassination plot being a fake is just so fun? It’s fun. What a convolutedly dumb thing to do. The whole thing being an “asinine publicity stunt”, as Edgeworth puts it, isn’t a twist going for gasps so much as it’s going for laughs.
Look at this chubby chump. Pathetic.
It’s an ordeal entirely too entertaining to not captivate, which is great since the whole point of this portion of the case was to be a distraction so Knightley can do his Good Culprit Stuff behind your back. Or his back, technically.
And that’s about the extent of all there is to say about Di-Jun Huang, really. At first he looks like a tough guy. Then it turns out he’s not a tough guy. Pretty funny stuff.
I2-1 then proceeds to chug along without Huang since he’s outlived his purpose, but that’s whatever. He had his little thing, and then we move on from his little thing. Minor character doing minor character stuff.
But ending the cut here would be negligent of me, because there’s more to this president than meets the eye.

I lied his story does end there the next thing he does is die.

Di-Jun Huang is not alive any more. Shock and awe! A victim who we’ve already met when they were alive in a previous case? That’s kinda crazy. Sorta. The game literally just did this with Knightley but whatever, two people can share the spotlight, it’s fine.
In I2-5 we learn about Di-Jun Huang’s sordid past. Namely that the Di-Jun Huang we met in I2-1 wasn’t Di-Jun Huang at all, but a fake who’d stolen his identity. Fake-Huang had served as Real-Huang’s body double for a long time, and began to grow resentful. Why should the Real-Huang get all the glory of being the president when he’s not even the one putting himself in danger most of the time? Fake-Huang’s the real hero for always putting himself in danger’s way, until one day his grudge and envy became too much to bear.
He has the real president killed, and then assumes his identity.
In an attempt to cover his tracks, Fake-Huang attempts to kill the very same assassin he hired to kill the Real-Huang, only to fail in his attempt to assassinate the assassin due to the intervention of a young clown looking boy from the nearby orphanage. This clown boy would in turn bare a terrible grudge against Huang, leading to his murder a decade or so later.
All of this is to say, when I played I2-5 I said to myself “wow this lifeless corpse sure does have a shockingly convoluted backstory.” Cool stuff.
I2’s plot is a big step above basically every other Ace Attorney game’s plot because of how interconnected each case truly feels. The murders of four out of five cases were orchestrated all by the same man for the same reason, and everything clicking together in the end is rather satisfying. I2-3 is the only case that wasn’t set up by our favourite animal tamer, but no one even died in I2-3, it’s a cold case. All in all, the interconnectedness of the whole thing makes for a rather gratifying experience, and Huang being greatly involved in the backstory and motivations of our main villain only adds to that fun “everything is connected!” feeling.
I will say that in writing this writeup that I’ve realised that Huang/Roland/Blaise’s plan is a little bit contrived now that I’ve thought about it for more than a minute. Not only was there no need to try and kill off Dogen to buy his silence, but if we assume that is was actually necessary for them to be so overly cautious couldn’t Fake-Huang just fucking. Kill Real-Huang himself? He 100% had the opportunity to do that himself, all things considered, and it saves them the trouble of having to kill Dogen. Saying Fake-Huang wouldn’t do it because he’s too cowardly to do the deed himself is likely untrue since he also murdered the journalist dude by beating him over the head, and was also planning on killing Courtney because he was afraid she would uncover his secret (if Lang’s speculation is to be believed).
But I’m not cutting Huang because of this dumb nitpick that probably has an in-game explanation that I missed. That doesn’t really matter. The point of all this backstory they give Huang is to make him feel like an unexpectedly crucial element of the plot because, again, that “everything is connected” feeling is very fun! It achieves what it set out to try and do and I’m sure no one cares enough about Huang enough to put the finer details of his actions under scrutiny.
The only thing that really matters about the summation of events I’ve provided for you is that Simon Keyes has a reason to want Huang dead. That’s the only crucial detail since Simon Keyes is the character who actually matters and does cool character things. Di-Jun Huang aids Simon Keyes in doing cool character things by being dead. Very considerate of him.
And that’s all, really. Huang’s a gag character in the first case, which is fine, it’s a funny gag. He’s a corpse in the last case, that’s fine, he’s a good corpse.
I could leave things at that, but I feel committed to crafting the best Huang writeup I possibly can. There must be more to delve into.


I think it would be prudent to compare and contrast Huang with characters of a similar archetype. As far as Ace Attorney is concerned, I think Furio Tigre would be a good candidate, especially considering the fact that Furio was another option for me to cut this round.
What makes Furio work as a character is the offensive, unashamed implausibility of everything about him. This guy who looks nearly nothing like Phoenix. He puts on a shitty cheap suit complete with a cardboard cut-out lawyer badge and proceeds to fool the entire courtroom through sheer force of will which is, quite frankly, delightful. Furio is a character that bakes himself into the tone of Ace Attorney, he’s a character that couldn’t work in basically any other murder mystery visual novel except Ace Attorney because Ace Attorney is extremely stupid. Ace Attorney is a dumb series where silly things happen and I need to emphasise that I say this with love. And Furio roars onto the scene (sort of like a furious tiger, if you will) and embraces that tone wholeheartedly. He looks you, the player, dead in the eyes and asks you if you’re man enough to actually be angry about how purposefully contrived this entire situation is. We all know the answer to that question.
Huang carries surface level similarities to Furio: they both barely look like the person they’re impersonating, they act nothing like the person they’re impersonating, and they’re able to completely fool everyone into thinking they are, indeed, the person they’re impersonating. They’re also similar in that the “reveal” of how they’re nothing like the person they’re impersonating is played as a joke.
But where I think Huang fails whereas Furio succeeds is in that special Ace Attorney quality that Furio has that I already went over. While the reveal that Huang maintains his appearance of strength by constantly sucking in his gut is pretty funny, it’s pretty easy to imagine this kind of bit character existing in another series. The impossibility of Furio’s existence is what makes him work, whereas Huang just doesn’t have that extra unique factor that his contemporary has.
You could argue that Huang is a slightly better character because they gave him a tiny bit of depth with the whole thing about him feeling intensely envious of the real president. However, this is a throw away piece of information that barely impacts the game in any form, and only serves to give Huang any old motivation to justify his actions. This (admittedly human) side of Huang simply doesn’t get explored by the game at all, because the game has no interest in exploring it. I don’t think that’s a fault with the game, in truth. I2-5 is long enough without also adding in a few scenes where we lament the tragic twisted life of the fat guy pretending he was fit. We don’t need to explore Huang’s depths, he’s better left alone as the more or less bit character that he is.
And besides, Furio Tigre himself arguably does get a sprinkle of depth on top of the comedy in the same way Huang does. Often overlooked by people is the fact that Furio’s actions were primarily motivated by self-defense. He was under threat from the Cadeverini crime family to pay up an extraordinary amount of money or else he’ll find himself sleeping with the fishies, as they say. It’s an interesting spin on the killing in self-defense motive, since the man Furio killed, Glen Elg (may his soul find peace), didn’t pose any kind of threat to Furio at all, yet he still felt the need to kill Mr Elg to save his own skin. This extra dimension of his character, unlike Huang, is actually featured more prominently in the case. All in all, I brand Furio Tigre the superior imposter character, which is why I’ve chosen to cut Huang over Furio here.
However, I don’t want to get too sidetracked. I realise I’ve slightly wandered away from the point by going on about Furio, so let’s circle back to reflecting on Huang’s character a little more by comparing him to another character.
Fair warning: the character I want to draw comparisons to now isn’t an Ace Attorney character. They’re a Danganronpa character. I know that both fandoms tend to have a lot of overlap, however I think it would be prudent for me to at least provide a spoiler warning for Danganronpa before we proceed.
Oddly enough, I think the Ultimate ImposteTwogami shares more similarities with Huang than even Furio does. Coincidentally, Investigations 2 and Danganronpa 2 happened to release one year after the other, so is it possible that Twogami maybe took some inspiration from Di-Jun Huang? It’s not a secret that Danganronpa draws heavily from Ace Attorney in terms of gameplay/concept, so I don’t think it’s impossible that this is true… It’s just extremely improbable.
Imposter is a character who feels a kind of envy toward the real Byakuya. He laments how he wishes he had been born with an identity as grand and full of opportunities as a Togami, so he simply pretends to be Byakuya. What Imposter comes to understand during his FTEs with Hajime is that all of Imposter’s friends like him for Imposter: they don’t know or understand what the real Byakuya is like (which is nothing like Imposter) and that everyone likes him because of who he is, not as who he pretends to be. Huang is similar in that he also takes on the identity of someone with much more renown than himself because he believes he could never acquire it on his own. The clear distinction being that Huang is right in sussing that he will never be as great a man as the real president.
Another funny coincidence is that both of these characters are basically the fatter version of their doppleganger, but I think it’s interesting to contrast how each of these characters feel about their fatness. Imposter has an interesting sense of pride in the fact that he’s overweight, always going on about how hard he works to maintain his ideal perfect weight. There’s a moment I quite like where another character tries to mock him for being fat, but Imposter just smiles and says he’s happy for people to acknowledge the truth about himself: the truth being that he’s fat. Imposter’s weight is the only distinguishing physical feature he has from the real Byakuya, therefore he gets an odd sense of comfort whenever people make reference to his “true self”. This stands in stark contrast to Di-Jun Huang, whose weight is treated like a source of shame or mockery. Huang feels no sense of empowerment in the occasions that he shows his true body, and instead seems rather embarrassed that he isn’t as physically fit as the real president.
I think that’s the heart of what the difference between those two characters’ identity issues are: Imposter wants to take pride in who he really is without having to take on the guise of another, yet he feels like he has to impersonate another person out of fear that his true self isn’t good enough. But he’s wrong, his true self is good enough, and that’s what he needs to learn. Huang stands in stark contrast because his true self is portrayed as most definitely not good enough. He has no positive qualities, and must leech off of another person’s good image so he can feel like a good person himself. But he will never get out of his identity issues rut because his deepest insecurities are true: he is nothing without the name Di-Jun Huang. Without that name he would be nothing bat a lazy, incompetent coward.
One of these characters needs to realise that he’s a good person who doesn’t need to transform into someone else. The other is terrified of the knowledge that transforming into someone else is the only way he’ll feel fulfilled. (Notice how both of these characters draw attention to how they are overweight as a form of comedy. Funny coincidence.)
I’ve gone on two tangents now about two characters that aren’t Huang, but that’s because I don’t think I’m capable of making any interesting analysis of Huang when looking at him in isolation. By standing Huang up against at least two other characters who are similar to him, I hope I’ve been able to squeeze out enough critical analysis to satisfy you.

Logic Chess

One notable thing about Di-Jun Huang that I would be remiss not to mention is the fact that he serves as our introduction to the Logic Chess minigame. (Logic Chess also happens to be the most useless skill in aarankdown)
The bread and butter of Ace Attorney gameplay has always been the cross examinations. It’s by far the most fun part of the games and the reason I wanted to play through this entire series at all. Rifling through bits of evidence to find the lie in someone’s story is a fun and satisfying little puzzle (almost) all of the time. That said, this series has never felt the need to leave well enough alone and likes to introduce little side mechanics that can be hit (therapy session, divination seance) or miss (magatama, perceive).
Logic Chess happens to be one such minigame that I think is pretty fun. There are many instances in the Ace Attorney story where the protagonist coaxes out information from another character in some way, and Logic Chess is a way of putting that process in the players’ hands instead of it just being a part of the story.
Admittedly, it’s a rather easy minigame. The options are always a) I respectfully disagree with what you have to say; b) I disrespectfully disagree with what you have to say you stupid git; or c) Wait and see. In spite of this, the game still feels rather engaging simply with the addition of a time limit that depletes faster everything time you select the wrong answer. That little bit of pressure not to fuck up turns Logic Chess from what would have been a bit of a tedious slog to something that actually feels rather engaging. Our chess battle with Huang is no exception, and a great first exposure to the mechanic.
Chess is a running motif throughout Investigations 2. It’s brought up how Edgeworth really enjoys the game, and we can even graph many of the characters we see in the game onto each of the chess pieces. Rooke is the rook, Knightley is the knight, and Huang is the King. On the Ace Attorney wiki page for Di-Jun Huang it says that Roland is supposed to be the queen and Blaise is the bishop. Personally, I don’t see the resemblance, but for the sake of keeping up the metaphor I’ll just sagely nod my head and agree.
If we were to then consider I2 a game of metaphorical chess between Edgeworth and The Mastermind, then I feel like the whole chess analogy begins to fall apart. Chess ends when one side captures the other side’s king, and if Huang represents the king then Keyes sure captured him. Perhaps it’s best that we don’t look into this chess imagery too hard, since it’s really just a surface level aesthetic rather than anything meaningful.
I’ve never personally been too great at chess. I know how to play chess, however the problem comes from the fact that I don’t know how to play chess well. I still really enjoy the game though, I find it fun to read up on the tactics involved with different openers and whatnot even though I don’t think I’m personally capable of utilising them well in a real game.
That’s probably why I degrade myself by playing Fire Emblem so much. Strategy games that emulate the feel of chess in the sense that you’re moving pieces along a grid to capture/kill the other team’s pieces. I don’t think the rudimentary similarities are lost on the Fire Emblem games, since there are multiple characters who invent games akin to chess to practise their war tactics on. For example, the main character in Awakening is this tactician using chess to hone his tactical skills, and then this other guy called Virion comes along and offers to play him since it’s hard for the MC, Robin, to practise by himself. However Virion keeps whooping Robin’s ass in chess, and he begins to feel like he shouldn’t be the army’s tactician if he can’t even win at chess. Virion then points out that he only wins because he makes tons of sacrifices out of his pieces, and such strategies would be cruel to employ in real life and it’s Robin’s strong desire to never lose one single piece that should be valued over Virion’s more ruthless tactics. I always really liked that support thread, I like how it knows that the player is always desperate to keep every unit alive and uses that to draw the distinction between the best way to play chess vs the best way to play Fire Emblem, plus Virion’s a very cool character. Just a shame he’s not that good of a unit.
I think I find strategy RPGs much more appealing than normal RPGS because with the ordinary RPG the enemies stats are always hidden from the player and everything feels like a shot in the dark. I like how Fire Emblem allows you to calculate exactly how much damage you will deal and take, it really makes me feel like the outcome of a fight is in my hands.
The only problem with Fire Emblem when it comes to feeling like you’re always in control of the outcome is when they use same turn reinforcements, or STR for short. Basically, STR are when extra enemies show up on the map that weren’t previously visible and attack you before the game lets you do anything (they attack on the same turn they appear). There’s never any way to plan around it, and for a game that’s supposed to be strategy oriented, losing because of something you literally cannot plan around saps the fun out of the whole experience. What’s worse is that in the most recent FE game, they made it so that STR only exist in the hardest difficulty, so the developers 100% know that they are frustratingly annoying to deal with and utilise them to artificially inflate the difficulty without having to design the enemy layout in such a way that the player is decently challenged without feeling cheated. It’s a shame how FE can be such an old series with so many installments and yet it can’t get mechanics that everyone hates removed after so many years. It seems like it’d be easy to do.
I think that if Di-Jun Huang played Fire Emblem his favourite character would be Caspar von Bergliez.
Caspar is a really small guy who wants to be a big tough strong guy one day, and I think Huang would identify with his wish to one day become a big muscular manly man. I like to imagine that even though Huang and Caspar appear quite different on the surface Huang would still relate to him because of how badly he wants to be buff like the real Di-Jun Huang.

Getting Buff Like President Di-Jun Huang

Well, maybe not buff, but at least as big as Di-Jun Huang. People can dismiss Huang as a useless bit character if they like, but even if he is a bit character I think we should look into his bit just a little bit more!
Just by eyeballing Huang, I’d say he weighs about 220 pounds. The Wiki says he’s 6 feet tall, and if we estimate his age as about 50 years old, then in order to maintain his weight he would need to eat roughly 2700 calories every day, which is a pretty respectable caloric intake.
When it comes to weight gain/loss, people tend to overestimate just how important exercise is compared to how important your diet is. Always remember, your muscles are made in the gym, your weight is lost in the kitchen. That is to say that your diet should be your first priority when managing your weight (not that exercise isn’t important too, of course!)
When calculating Huang’s required caloric intake I assumed that he would have a very light exercise routine, however not quite sedentary. As I already mentioned, if you want to impersonate the Fake-Huang and look like him, the required amount of daily calories you must consume is 2700. To put that into perspective, that’s 450 shrimp every single day, assuming you eat nothing else.
I pick shrimp because shrimp is the kind of food that you can eat forever and never feel like you’re getting full. I always thought I loved shrimp when I was younger, but eventually I realised I just like Old Bay. You see, my family’s from the US, but I don’t live in the US, and every summer when I was a kid we’d go to visit, and every summer we’d eat at this restaurant that served seafood and holy shit I fucking loved devouring those shrimp. But then back home whenever I had shrimp they tasted boring as hell? As I grew out of adolescence I came to understand that the reason that American shrimp that I loved so much was so good was because they were burying those fuckers in Old Bay seasoning.
What sucks is that Old Bay’s not available in stores back home, which means if I want shrimp that doesn’t taste like ass then I have to find my own substitute.

How to make homemade Old Bay Seasoning

You will need:
  • 2-3 Bay Leaves (dry, no stems)
  • 1/4 tsp of Ground Mustard Seed
  • 1/2 tsp of Celery salt
  • 1/8 tsp of Thyme
  • 1 pinch of Nutmeg
  • 1 pinch of Cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of Ground Cloves
  • 1 pinch of Ground Ginger
  • 1 pinch of Ground Cardamom
  • 1/8 tsp of Cayenne Pepper
  • 2 pinches of Allspice
  • 1/2 tsp of Paprika
  • 1 pinches of Black Pepper
  • 1/8 tsp of Fennel Seed
The only tricky part of this recipe is making sure you have all of this crap somewhere in your kitchen, but if not then one trip to the grocer ought to have you sorted. Once you have everything, it’s not hard to make that sweet, sweet Old Bay with no hassle at all: all you have to do is toss everything together and mix well!
It’s important to note that these ingredients have been sussed out by folks trying to recreate Old Bay, and it may not actually be the real recipe. But I’ve tried this myself and I can attest to the fact that it comes pretty damn close to the real thing. Also, since this isn’t the exact recipe, don’t get too hung up on the exact measurements: feel free to measure how much of each spice with your heart rather than a tablespoon!
If there are any extremely novice cooks out there, just a word of advice from someone who's made very dim cooking mistakes before: when a recipe asks you to put thyme in something, you’re supposed to just add the leaves, not the stem. When I was first learning to cook I would mindlessly do exactly what the recipe said, so when a recipe said to use a sprig of thyme I’d toss the whole fuckin sprig in there because that’s what the recipe told me to. My sister caught me cooking by tossing the whole sprig in and had to explain how you’re actually supposed to do it and that was embarrassing finding out I’d been doing it wrong for so long but like. Is it my fault I had gone through my life so long never being taught how to properly use thyme? Everyone is born without knowing anything, and we grow and learn by our experiences, so really it’s everyone else in the world’s fault for not cluing me in earlier on how thyme works.
Some people may want to blame me for my lack of culinary knowledge. I, however, prefer to blame God.

The Answer To Job

The story of Job (pronounced Jobe) is one that teaches that God should not be blamed for the misfortune of man.
For those unfamiliar, the story goes like this: Satan tells God that he thinks that his most devout followers only follow God because God rewards their faith. However, if God were to take away a good person’s happiness, then that person would turn against God and no longer be faithful. God sets out to prove Satan wrong.
Job is their test subject. Job is a holy and faithful man, who is happy with his life. He has a wife, many children, and a luscious farmland to live on. God decides to murder all of his children and livestock, leaving him destitute and grief stricken. His wife then leaves Job because he can no longer provide for her.
Some of Job’s mates then come round to Job’s place and are like “buddy, what grave unforgivable sin have you committed? We all know you’re being punished for something so fess up.” The catch, of course, is that Job has done absolutely nothing wrong: his misery is not a punishment. Job argues with his friends, but they simply don’t believe him.
Frustrated and angry, Job yells out to God and demands God explain why he’s torturing Job so much. And God answers by showing Job all of the universe: he takes Job to places that have monstrous behemoths and leviathans, to the farthest reaches of the stars, to all the little quiet places on earth. God says that he maintains all of it at once, and all of it is connected. Job realises that he could never maintain the entire universe the way God does, and so he learns his place in the world.
I think this story’s a load of bullshit. God hand waves away Job’s suffering by telling him it’s part of some grand cosmic scheme that he couldn’t possibly comprehend but. We know God’s fucking lying! God was just fucking with Job for the sake of it! The fable doesn’t teach us anything about why good people experience misery, it seems to imply, to me at least, that God does it for fun? To score points against the devil?
So this bloke called Carl Jung from a wee while ago decided this story was bullshit too. Fun fact, Carl was such a big fan of Dual Destinies and Athena Cykes that he invented analytical psychology in real life. Anyway, he looked at all the misery in the world caused by war and the like that he was like God what the fuck? Same way Job was that one time, and he writes a whole book about trying to figure out why God is such an asshole.
The problem with god, he says, is that he contains many contradicting traits. He is all powerful, all knowing, and all loving. If God is good, and God is all powerful, then the reason that misery exists must be because God is not omniscient. Or we could say that god is all knowing and all good, and in that case the reason that God does not prevent misery is because he is powerless to do so, ergo he is not omnipotent. The final combo is God is all powerful and all knowing, which is the most sinister scenario, because this means God has the means to prevent suffering and chooses not to do so. How can our hero Carl reconcile this conundrum?
His answer for Job’s question is Jesus. Job’s story was set in BC, before God had taken human form as Jesus so he could truly learn what it is like to suffer as a human being. When God realizes that being a person is actually very hard and painful, he chills out and stops being so needlessly cruel. What Carl is positing here, basically, is that God went through character development during the bible and he’s like, a top tier character.
Now, after God has come to understand the human condition first hand, he would never inflict suffering on people like Job again. Now all suffering is truly a result of God’s master plan for the universe, and none of it is out of place.
Everything is part of God’s plan, which is why it’s his fault I put the stems of my thyme in my egg stir fry that one time.

My Mandarin Teacher in Senior School was named Mr Huang

At my senior school everyone had to take a foreign language class. Most people there took Spanish or French, but I took Mandarin because. Well. Not sure why. Guess I was curious about how on earth those symbols work to make words. Plus I’ve spoken English my whole life, you think I want to learn to speak another romance language? Fuck off. If your language evolved from a bunch of latin tossers you can suck me.
Anyway, so my Mandarin class only had 5 kids in it including myself which was a bit of a laugh. Lessons were always very casual with barely anyone present and I enjoyed myself. Was in that class from S3 to S6, that’s four years, and I currently don’t know a lick of Mandarin at all. I tried to be a good student in that class since Mr Huang was an extremely cool teacher, plus it was important to not fall behind since every lesson felt like a competition against my few other classmates. Despite this, every word of Mandarin I used to know has seemingly fallen out of my head since the last time I used it, which was during my final exam for the subject which was three years ago now. Take this as a warning, if you’re learning a second language you gotta keep practising it or it will fade away over time. I also got a C on that exam, which was bullshit by the way, pretty sure I am amazing at everything and never get anything less than 100% on every test I take? Rigged.
So the thing is with Mr Huang, right, is one day we were learning about colours, and can you guess what yellow in Mandarin is? It’s Huang. Like his name. It wasn’t a homonym, it was literally the same character. (The character is 黄 for those curious) That’s at least one bit of chinese that stuck with me over the years, so I guess I didn’t totally waste my time trying to learn it. Immature 14 year old donuter and his classmates had a bit of a giggle at the fact that our Chinese teacher was literally named Mr Yellow, but Mr Huang was chill and thought it was funny too so no one got in trouble for being edgy and a teenager and mildly racist.
However, what isn’t chill is the fact that the I2 fan localisation team would use such a clearly inflammatory name for what is clearly supposed to be a Chinese character (we all know Zheng Fa is very obviously derivative of China). The characters who were localised to become American aren’t named Gunjamin Hamburger, so what gives? Racism is what gives. They saw an asian character and thought they would be clever and call him Yellow, very edgy, I applaud you fan localisers (I am being sarcastic). They literally renamed this character so he would be President Yellow, amazing.
What is even more sickening is that the Ace Attorney Wiki is complicit in their casual bigotry, electing not to divulge the fact that Huang is a common Mandarin surname meaning yellow. They try to hand wave away this discrepancy between the badass original name meaning KING by saying they “changed the pronunciation”. Yeah, they changed the pronunciation into a completely different word, you bellends.
But perhaps… my outrage may be unjustified. For you see, yellow can also be slang for cowardly, and Huang is for sure cowardly, resembling a cowardly lion in his deflated form. It is possible that the localisation team was only intending to make reference to this facet of his character, and provide particularly perceptive players with a hint about his true nature just by his name. This misunderstanding is not too uncommon.
So in the end, maybe it’s for the best that I chalk this one up to an unfortunate coincidence.
Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that if my high school Mandarin teacher Mr Huang had come into class one day and exhaled with superhuman vigour and revealed himself to be secretly very fat all along then I think that would have been quite funny of him.

In Conclusion

You know what I did last round? I wrote a cut about a character that just doesn’t matter. I wrote a short cut. But I realised that’s just not acceptable from this point on. Series defining characters are leaving the rankdown now, prosecutors whose characters cemented me as being a fan of the series, characters who have arcs spanning multiple games or who are so quintessential to Ace Attorney as a product it wouldn’t be Ace Attorney without them. Such characters deserve respect when they’re cut, and should be given a rigorous analysis when they leave, just as all my fellow rankers always do. And I realised that, if a character like Huang can outlast multiple franchise icons, as well as some genuinely richly written/multifaceted characters then, he too, surely, by the law of transitivity, must also be a series defining icon, a rich and compelling character with true depth, and thus deserves the same amount of rigorous analysis we would afford to them.
I don’t see how anyone could argue with Di Jun Huang in the top 50. He objectively deserves it. He’s that good.
I can anticipate the ugly comments that I will receive on this post from mouth breathers with no respect for the infallible opinions of us ten ordained-by-god rankers. They’ll say:
“Donuter, I don’t think you really believe that Di-Jun Huang is a masterclass of character writing. This cut reads as uncaring and dismissive, almost as if you believe that there’s some sort of problem with Di-Jun Huang outlasting Pearl Fey, Mia Fey, Trucy Wright, Ema Skye, Maya Fey, Franziska von Karma, and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, when characters like Larry Butz are still available. I think that while you appear to sometimes approach Huang’s character with earnestness you still make enormous stretches in your analysis as if you’re trying to mock the idea that Huang could be seriously analysed. I also think the long meandering asides you delve into are meant to emphasise how little there is to say about Di-Jun Huang, and how one would expect that we ought to only be covering good or interesting characters by now if so many key character have gone out already (or at the very least if not good characters, characters that can spark any kind of edifying discussion at all, even if a ranker happens to dislike them). But I don’t think you have considered the fact that there are many huge Di-Jun Huang stans out there who will be saddened that his character has been reduced to an excuse for you to soapbox about your opinion about the state of the rankdown. It’s insulting to all of us who genuinely love Di-Jun Huang, and it’s disrespectful to the rankers who have worked very hard on cuts for major characters that truly believe they are inferior to Di-Jun Huang. I dislike how it feels as if you’ve been irony poisoned, incapable of truly appreciating the depths of Di-Jun Huang, and are unequipped, or worse, unwilling, to analyse those depths with a sincere and unbiased critical eye.”
To these people I say: sod off? You can suck my nads too if you like.
How dare you, how dare you insinuate that I’m not taking Di-Jun Huang’s cut completely seriously? I have never in my rankdown career received such unfounded criticism, such- such biased critical opprobrium that I can hardly contain my anger at the unjustness of the accusation.
Di-Jun Huang is fantastic. Amazing. I truly believe that with all my heart. So save your toxic, mean-spirited and conspiracy riddled comments to yourself, because I won’t read them. I always turn notifications off on all my posts. I have too much self-respect to engage with those who hate me blindly for no reason.
I think Di-Jun Huang is so good, in fact, that I only cut him as a form of self-hatred, because I was afraid that the rankdown was reaching levels of quality that’s entirely intimidating to spectators. When I said Huang was B tier at the start of this writeup I was lying, you gullible fuckin rubes! He’s S+ tier at the bare minimum.
This should be a lesson to you all: quality of character is never rewarded. If it were, my face would be on the stirling coins instead of the queen’s.
Ahem. Uh. What I’m trying to say is. Next ranker to cut a major character is having the top of their tier list scrapped off like shit off my shoe. At least two other rankers have agreed to cooperate with me on this so your revive will be pointless.
Di-Jun Huang is a character in Gyakuten Kenji 2. I like the part where he exhales and find out he has a gut.
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AA:Edgeworth 2

Still no English translation of Miles Edgeworth 2 adapted to iPhone yet? I’m running out of the old games to replay for iOS.🤨
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