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FIFA: VP Clarke has to decide on quitting over controversy

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Download design files, tools, and other enhancements. Friday, November 6, 2020 2: 06 pm Friday, November 6, 2020 4 Comments. Tolerance requires that we cannot tolerate satire. Mortgage and refinance rates today, November 2, 2020. Start with small examples that you work out by hand. How to let your wingman know you're taking a piss mid.

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News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. First freight train linking UK with China arrives in Yiwu
  2. Some delusional people like to push the idea China is to blame for the North Korea problem, but who is the Pope worried about? "Pope Francis Urges U.S. and North Korea to Step Away from the Brink"
  3. Some delusional people like to push the idea China is to blame for the North Korea problem, but who is the one Japan and the Philippines worried about? "Japan, Philippines Urge U.S., North Korea to Avoid War Brink"
  4. The opening of the new Myanmar oil pipeline, which stretches 770 kilometers from Kyaukpyu in western Myanmar to China's border, is expected to reduce China's reliance on oil supplies that pass through U.S.-influenced sea lanes, giving the country greater energy security
  5. Jessica Wu teaches Chinese youth to embrace their language: For the past 10 years, Jessica Wu has been instrumental in helping the Chinese and Taiwanese children of Newcastle keep true to their roots by teaching them the Chinese language
  6. Tillerson: US strategy on North Korea relies on China's participation. Tillerson added that the Trump administration is not seeking a regime change or a collapse of the North Korean government but instead demanding Pyongyang denuclearize
  7. ASEAN gives Beijing a pass on South China Sea dispute, cites 'improving cooperation': Duterte set the tone for the meeting when he said it was pointless discussing China's maritime activities, because no one dared to pressure Beijing anyway
  8. Chinese teaching methods shock British schoolchildren...Because It's Superior
  9. White House: China ‘starting to do something’ on North Korea
  10. Global security companies and their smaller Chinese rivals are jostling for business along Beijing's modern-day "Silk Road", the grandiose plan for land and sea routes connecting the world's second largest economy with the rest of Asia and beyond
  11. "One Belt One Road" helps regional development: Philippine president Duterte
  12. China and Africa enhance cooperation in health: health ministers from 31 African countries attended the conference with the theme of “China-Africa Health Cooperation, From Commitments to Actions.”
  13. China Issues Unprecedented Warning To Citizens In North Korea: Return Home
  14. Anger grows in South Korea over US anti-missile system: "Seongju has become the frontline" said a tearful Park Soo-gyu "...where would they aim first? Right here, where the THAAD radar is." They say "Withdraw the illegal THAAD immediately" and "Stop US militarism". "Yankee, go home!" a man yelled
  15. South Korea’s likely next president asks the U.S. to respect its democracy: With Moon pledging to review the decision, U.S. military has acted swiftly to get it running. This has sparked widespread criticism US trying to make it difficult to reverse. (That's how you act toward allies right?)
  16. This Restaurant Chain Wants to Bring Chinese Hotpot to the World: Sichuan HaiDiLao Catering Co. As many as 10 of the new restaurants will be outside China Chairman Zhang Yong said
  17. Chinese fugitive arrested in NAIA: Weng Wenmin, 51, was intercepted at the immigration departure area. Chinese embassy's police attaché informed the bureau that Weng is a fugitive "wanted for economic crimes in China" and that his passport had been canceled by the Chinese government
  18. China, Europe pledge closer aviation ties ahead of landmark jet launch: Chinese and European aviation regulators said they will forge closer ties over aircraft manufacturing and certification as the global industry turns its eyes to China ahead of the maiden flight of the Chinese-built C919 jet
  19. Commercial Aircraft Corp of China said that it has started work to develop a wide-body commercial jet with Russia, and the passenger plane is expected to be delivered within 10 years
  20. China Ratifies SCO Border Defense Agreement: the agreement, aimed at facilitating fight against arms trafficking, drug smuggling and illegal immigration, was approved at the closing meeting of the committee's session
  21. Why Chinese overseas students are now returning home in record numbers: “As China develops fast, it offers us more working opportunities than any western country"- Grace,26,media professional. By end of 2016 number of “overseas student pioneer parks” increased to 347 and housed over 27,000 companies
  22. Chinese netizens amused by reports South Korea billed $1B for THAAD. Fandudamengzhu warned China to never put its security in the hands of others. Ibilin joked China bill South Korea for an anti-THAAD system. Mingmingyue suggested Trump's plan is to increase tension and then demand protection money
  23. Overseas chinese students vulnerable to suicide - Connect Asia
  24. North Korea issues direct criticism of China amid nuke dispute
  25. A meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump is possible – and could be surprisingly fruitful
  26. First China-Britain freight train arrives back in China: China now has express freight services to 28 European cities. Since March 2011, more than 3,500 trips have been made. The figure should rise to 5,000 by 2020
  27. Truth: When Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lu Kang was asked about Guo Wengui (VOA edited footage)
  28. China-led AIIB mulls co-financing airport project in Poland: The planned new airport near the city of Lodz in central Poland would be the AIIB’s first project in Europe
  29. The Trump effect is changing Canadian views on China: The key findings of our 2017 national opinion poll are: Canadians are not only recognizing the importance of closer economic relations with, but they are warming up to the prospect of a possible free-trade agreement
  30. China Urges Respect for Venezuela’s Sovereignty
  31. Interview: Beijing forum to send positive message on globalization, win-win cooperation: senior UN official
  32. Beijing holds security cooperation dialogue on Belt and Road Initiative
  33. Bilateral Ties, Regional Cooperation Discussed Over Xi-Duterte Phone Call
  34. Quite obviously, Trump ascribes to China the number one priority in his foreign-policy agenda. Tillerson claimed that there is mutual interest on the part of both Washington and Beijing to develop a long-term Sino-American partnership that would endure for at least half a century.
  35. Tsinghua University leads way to Asian Universities Alliance: The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) is aimed at "shaping the future landscape of Asia's higher education and addressing regional and global challenges,". 15 prestigious universities from 13 countries across Asia have expressed interest
  36. Belt and Road Initiative bringing tangible benefits to #Laos: official. Lao side has been working with Chinese contractors to assist local villagers along the route, support infrastructure construction of roads, schools and healthcare services along the railway
  37. The China-led #AIIB brings welcome help in the effort to raise trillions of dollars in financing, said Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko
In Domestic news
  1. From Beijing 2008 to Beijing 2022: China Discovers Winter Sports | Coming of Age
  2. Xinhua Insight: Xiongan New Area: city of Chinese dreams
  3. HONG Kong is expecting its first batch of Cambodian domestic helpers in September, thanks to a relaxation of visa restrictions intended to promote communication with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative
  4. China Completes First National Geoinformation Survey: expected to be used in streamlining regulations, precision targeting of poverty alleviation measures, real estate registration, control of illegal construction, pollution tracking, to name a few
  5. China to Increase Non-Fossil Fuel Consumption to 20% by 2030: China's wind and solar sectors are also expected to increase fivefold by 2030
  6. C919 to fly this friday, May 5
  7. Xi stresses rule of law, cultivating legal talent
  8. China compiles its own 'Wikipedia,' but public can't edit it
  9. 5 test pilots chosen for maiden flight of China-built passenger jet C919
  10. China's C919 jet lands successfully after maiden flight
  11. China increases solar power output by 80% in three months
  12. Amazon Report Shows Chinese Enthusiastic about Reading: Based on 14,000 surveys and company data, Amazon reports that 56 percent of those surveyed read more than 10 books last year, continuing a trend found in previous years
  13. Over Half of Babies Born in Guangzhou in Past 6 Months Are Second Children: The city has plans to ensure health of new mothers and children, including free examinations (premarital checkups, pre-pregnancy physical examinations and newborn health screenings) - Hu Bingjie, Guangzhou health commission
  14. Beijing pledges zero tolerance to fake environmental data
  15. String of violent street brawls prompts Hong Kong police crackdown on South Asian gang hang-outs - The first fight on Saturday involved about 40 people, brandishing knives, golf clubs and glass bottles
  16. China's #Xinjiang Region to Use #Drones to Enhance Border Security: "Xinjiang will deploy drones, set up barbed wire and install surveillance cameras along the border to prevent people crossing the border illegally," - Xinjiang deputy chairman Jerla Isamudin
In SciTech news
  1. Inside China’s Plans for World Robot Domination: China has three big advantages--scale, growth momentum and money. It’s home to the world’s fastest-growing robotics market and vast manufacturing sector where companies are under pressure to automate
  2. Stunning images captured by Chinese satellites in space
  3. An explorer in the world of science: Zhou Shuyun was awarded the L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science China Award in February for her contributions to the electronic structure of novel two-dimensional crystals and heterostructures
  4. China team develops efficient multifunctional catalyst for conversion of CO2 to gasoline-range hydrocarbons
  5. Chinese scientists make quantum leap in computing: they are using the high-performance single photon source and electronically programmable photonic circuit to build a multi-photon quantum computing prototype to run the Boson sampling task
  6. Scientists in China conduct 'successful' head transplant on rat: Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero and colleague Xiaoping Ren attached the head of a smaller rat onto a larger one while maintaining the brain activity of the donor
  7. DJI, Qianxun Partner to Promote BeiDou Navigation System Application in Drone Industry: Qianxun CEO Chen Jinpei shared that the firm will continue advancing the establishment of the BeiDou ground base enhancement network
  8. How DIY became a driving force of China’s robot revolution: Makeblock’s do-it-yourself kits have made it a major player in the world of robotics – and are helping China reposition itself as a global powerhouse for the industry
  9. Chinese Internet Leaders Will Shake The World: Chinese internet players are already expanding in other emerging economies particularly in Asia but also in Brazil and Latin America, as well as Africa. The internet companies are pushing outbound investment and mergers and acquisitions
In Economic news
  1. Clean energy vehicles gains popularity in China: According to a recent report from Nielsen, the popularity of clean energy vehicles among Chinese consumers is rising, with 27% of car-buyers willing to consider purchasing Blade Electric Vehicles, and 25% interested in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  2. Dolce and Gabbana on Asia as the future, and Beijing’s ‘most beautiful men’: “We discovered the most beautiful men in Beijing,” he says about the male models. “So elegant, their great skin and incredible bodies – for a designer it’s a dream. In this moment, for me, Asian beauty is really the top
  3. China's Jobless Rate Drops Below 4% for First Time Since 2002: Another jobless rate, based on surveys in major cities to give it greater accuracy, fell below 5 percent
  4. Cash withdrawals using bank cards fell in volume for the first time in China, as the country enters a cashless society with mobile payments growing in popularity
  5. Shaanxi Province Survey: proportion of women in employment has risen to 44.7 percent among all employees. In particular, over half of internet entrepreneurs in Shaanxi were females
  6. How Work Incentives Are Lifting Minority Peoples out of Poverty
  7. Syngenta shareholders accept ChemChina offer
  8. Chinese manufacturers call for integrated automation
In Military news
  1. Chinese naval fleet starts friendly visit to Philippines
  2. Duterte open to joint military exercises with China
  3. World’s largest amphibious aircraft, China-made AG600, runs first taxi test: The AG600, with a maximum range of 4,500 km, has a takeoff weight of 53.5 tonnes. It can collect 12 tonnes of water in 20 seconds and could be used to fight forest fires and for marine rescue missions
  4. China’s Naval Power Strengthens as Nuclear Submarines To Be Built in Factory in Yellow Sea
  5. ‘Let's go, mantis shrimp’: enthusiastic netizens in poll suggested carrier names with saw "Mantis Shrimp", "Shandong", and "Liuhuaqing" topping the list. "Mantis Shrimp" received over 1.26m votes. Ministry of National Defense later rejected the carrier would be named after the mantis shrimp
Other Notables
  1. A collection of illustrations and text from a 1670AD Dutch book about China
  2. Little Big Shots - Five-Year-Old Piano Virtuoso (Episode Highlight)
  3. What's cooking? Viral ad shows how Pakistan is bonding with China over Biryani
  4. Behind the scenes at Xinjiang's Grand Theatre
  5. China Box Office: 'Fate of the Furious' Overtakes 'Furious 7' to Become Biggest Hollywood Film Ever
  6. Wing Loong II exhibits on Feria Aeroespacial Mexico 2017
  7. Netflix Signs Licensing Deal With China's iQiyi: Blocked by regulators from setting up shop within China's massive entertainment market, Netflix has instead signed a licensing deal with one of its most powerful local counterparts in the country
  8. 薛之謙 - 演員 Xue Zhiqian's "Actor" (this video recently jumped to 40 million views on Youtube?)
  9. Beyond pork floss buns: China’s traditional breads need your attention
  10. Saving China's abandoned Tulou homes
  11. Ancient Tomb with 'Blue Monster' Mural Discovered in China
  12. China’s Angriest Newspaper Doesn’t Speak for China. A history of successful trolling of western media by global times lol
  13. Ancient Civilizations Forum establishes dialogue platform: The first ministerial conference of the Ancient Civilizations Forum (ACForum) co-launched by Greece and China ended in Athens on Monday. Groups Bolivia, China, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Italy, and Peru
  14. Philosophy in Science - Yin & Yang theories included in science literacy benchmark
  15. China's large amphibious aircraft makes 1st glide test (Video)
  16. Blumhouse Inks Multiyear Co-Financing Deal With China's Meridian: The pact will cover all production outside of the company's overall deal with Universal
  17. Scenery of Luoyang City, C China's Henan Province
  18. Mirrored ceiling makes this bookstore appear infinite in Hangzhou, China [2998x2000] (x-post RoomPorn)
  19. 王力宏 Leehom 火力全開 Open Fire 官方完整版 Official MV
  20. NYTimes scaremongering on China being a Colonial Power in Africa.
  21. Philippine President Visits Chinese Missile Destroyer in Davao (Video)
  22. VOA suspends reporters over live stream of Chinese tycoon's graft accusations
  23. Happiness and Longevity Temple, at the southern foot of Longshou Mountain in Liaoyuan
  24. Chinese Scholar's Garden -- Arcadia in New York City 纽约摩登大楼下的中国园林
  25. Wuxia goes West: ex-diplomat feeds hunger for genre
  26. 评《平壤怪兽》- 老湿 Alwayswet
  27. ‘Red Collectors’ Deal in Relics From China’s Past
  28. Chinese Runner Conquers Marathon '6-star' Challenge after U.S. Race: Mao Shuzhi is owner and designer of a store which sells curtains and other fabric products. 'After this goal I set up three other targets, get 100 marathon medals, breaking 100km and completing the north and south poles marathons'
  29. Ian Johnson: Beijing’s culture is not dead
  30. On Screen China: ‘Guardians Vol. 2’ Primed to Kick Off Another Month of Hollywood Dominance
  31. "Ppl always ask me what my Chinese tattoo means." - Nicki Minaj (watch excited Chinese fans encounter)
  32. The Belt and Road Initiative on the beat (Laotian)
  33. Old Master Q: funny Chinese comic
  34. Will Japan jump on board with the China/Russia backed gold international bank, because of Japan's run-away deflation in the 90s?
  35. China's C919 passenger jet successfully completes maiden flight (Video)
  36. 轉貼︰美國嘲笑中國︰中國海軍實力僅相當於美軍【4%】 (focus on the comments)
  37. Can any of you provide the Chinese equivalent of this Lily Mac person? The more blatant and high profile the better. You can pm it to me also
  38. In the 1920s, racism in London fueled a moral panic in which Asian men were believed to be corrupting white women
  39. 江泽民答台湾问题,长者吟诗再次谈笑风生
  40. Tang Paradise–a jewel in the heart of ancient Chinese capital Xi'an
  41. A kindergarten in Leshan City, #Sichuan conducted a survey among 35 parents to find their reaction to school #bullies. About 60% said they emphasized training their children to be tough, while 25% suggested their kids stay away from those who bully others rather than answering violence with violence
  42. After #C919, China will test fly two more Chinese-made airplanes in May, the #Y-20 and #AG600
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Apple music is nearing its 5th birthday and yet still continues to have basic issues and QOL annoyances that have not been resolved in this time that I would really like addressed.

Quick note this is just going to be a bit more of a rant but id like to hear what others have to say.

Some quick info, I've been on apple music since basically day one, we have a family account so that's why I've stuck to apple music over these years rather than switching to another music service. Any comparisons are to Spotify as it is apples largest competitor and I've had some experience with using Spotify either before apple music existed or when interacting with friends who have it.

Some of the issues:
I don't know how prevalent this is but I still experience on too regular a basis albums splitting into two for no reason. Similar to this songs being removed from albums, or placed into new albums. I can remember this issues from at least 3 years ago and its still here. I know there is a fix but 95% of users will not know how to do this and I should not need to go into info to unchecked a inconspicuous check mark just to stop my albums from breaking.
There is still no official Dark Mode on windows... Its 2020 apple, there is dark mode on mac and Spotify has always been dark mode. If i'm in my dark room in the evening i don't want to get blinded by a pure white interface.
Still no scrolling lyrics karaoke style on windows. Apple I get iPhones and Mac's are your main user-base but of the four platforms (IOs, Android, Mac OS, and Windows) windows feels like its a year behind all the others in terms of features.
Why is there 3 sections for the same music, there is Hip Hop/Rap, Hip-Hop, and Hip-Hop/Rap. Common stop clogging up the whole section and making me have to go guessing in which of the 3 the album I'm looking for is.
There are cases of changes making the app slower and more annoying to use, e.g being able to swipe up on the playing screen to get up next, now you have to press a button which is placed in probably the worst place it could be considering phones keep getting larger but peoples hands are not. I can just about reach it without having to rearrange my phone in my hand.
Why can I not endlessly scroll on recently added on my phone? no reason to restrict it to the most recent 60 additions.
Another annoying thing, why do some albums i used to be able to listen to 2 months ago suddenly become region locked. Just means I have to either go to YouTube and hope to find a official upload or I end up having to listen to some illegal upload on YouTube or SoundCloud. I don't want to but if there is nowhere i can get my song then that's what ill do and I'm not paying for both apple music and Spotify at the same time.
GIVE US HIGHER BIT-RATE MUSIC. Apple music streams at 256kbps which is good enough for most people, but why not give us the option for better quality music. Spotify has a 320kbps bit-rate. Don't go staying things like "you cant hear the difference" or "it takes up too much storage and mobile data". 1: With a decent pair of headphones or IEM's you can clearly hear the difference. Just because a large majority of your user base uses the included apple earbuds which would not sound different is not a reason to hinder your service from attracting a larger user base. 2: Make it a toggle with a warning "Higher quality music will use more data as well as storage space, are you sure you want to continue?" done.
The search bar is still a pain at times. Especially small things like it not tolerating/accounting for spelling mistakes. e.g. Search Macros 82-99 and there is no results, but search Macross 82-99 then all is good.

(Closing remarks/TLDR)
I love apple music and music streaming in general its just after 5 years I can expect more from the largest streaming platform. There is inconsistency between apple music on different platforms as well a issues and possible QOL improvements that Apple has been negligent about that i would really love to see addressed considering apple music will be 5 years old in a little under 2 months.
submitted by Germshroom to AppleMusic

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