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Comprehensive PC beta overview

Every review, while always trying to stay as objective as possible, will always have a bit of the author's influence. So I feet like it is necessary to share my general views on the franchise first. I love Call of Duty. I've played every single CoD on PC (except CoD3 on PS2) since CoD1. I'm a TDM solo only player (sorry PC fellas) and pubstomper. I enjoyed a LOT the advanced movement mechanics from IW and BO3 as I think they increase the skillgap in the playerbase and setup more outplays. While in the past I enjoyed Infinity Ward titles, as I grew up I started to appreciate more 3arc views and philosophy on their games.
My current ranking of the Call of Duty PC series, that takes into account overall gameplay, balance, performance and dev support, is the following: Modded CoD4 > BO2 > BO1 > BO3 = IW > WaW = MW2 > Vanilla CoD4 > MW3 > WW2 > AW > Ghosts
Now, with that out of the way, let's get to the review:
  • TTK and 150HP health feel perfect, they reward skilled players with good tracking aim, but at the same time they provide you the opportunity to fight back instead of instadying like in previous CoD titles
  • Manual health regen: it is definetely the best change so far in the game, it adds a new level of potential outplaying while pushing the game to a faster and more adrenalinic pace.
  • 0 cheaters: I haven't met a single cheater in approx. 20 hours of playtime.
  • Colourful maps: it feels refreshing seeing so many bright colours in the map design, I really missed them in WW2.
  • Movement: it feels perfect, smooth and reactive; it got even better after the post-nerf buff to sliding
  • Dedicated PC patches: we've really appreciated your effort to buff / nerf guns on PC independentely from consoles.
  • Specialists: while I initially didn't like the comeback of Specialists, it takes way more points to unlock the spec. weapon and overall they feel WAY more balanced.
  • Performance: I can actually run this game with my 4 years old PC rig (i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, GTX770 2GB) at 1080p low details; I would have actually expected a better optimization though.
  • The maps: while the colours fill my eyes with joy, I PERSONALLY neither love or hate the maps. They are all like "6.5 or 7/10" I don't feel the urge to play a specific map like I did with BO3 (Hunted). I think map design could improve a bit, we'll see with the full release. Ah yea not a big fan of Frequency, the bridge lane is a choke point camp fest.
  • Guns: while I love the design, sounds and animations, guns need a little bit of balance. Every gun should have access to AP rounds, every AR needs to have access to stock, SMGs feel a bit underwhelming. Shotguns are okay, for snipers check out the BAD section.
  • Hit reg: sometimes it DEFINETELY felt off, otherwise most of the time it was ok. Still room for improvement.
  • Scorestreaks: some scorestreaks, especially the Gunship, felt lackluster. UAV / CUAV runtime needs to be extended. And I hope there's gonna be a SR71 / VSAT / HATR in the final release :D.
  • Armor: while I PERSONALLY never really had a problem facing a guy with armor, I can understand that it can be quite annoying for most of the players. I think a rework should be considered.
  • Red lights: glowing red lights that help you recognize enemies are far too bright; when I faced a group of opponents, I couldn't distinguish one from another
  • UI: choosing a class with those tiny little arrows is annoying. Just give us the classic list we got used to.
  • Mouse input lag: there's a really solid input lag both when ADSing and not ADSing. It gets worse the higher the FOV setting. Yes, V-SYNC, mouse filtering / acceleration is off, Legacy aim is enabled, and FPS are capped at stable value. This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.
  • Snipers: completely overpowered on PC. 1 hit kill on most parts of the body + extremely fast ADS time + red dot + overall longer TTK for the rest of the guns = best weapons in the game with no counterplay. They need to be nerfed.
  • YY cancel: please add YY cancel to the game. It's been a staple mechanic in every 3arc CoD and we really felt disappointed knowing that you can't reload cancel anymore. It's one of the basic skills that differentiate a good player from the average.
  • Torque and Ajax: Torque's razor wire and guardian shield have too many HPs; Ajax's shield is completely unfun to play against.
  • Spawns and respawn system: I'm only referring to TDM. Sometimes I spawn in front of enemies and viceversa, plus the death screen is straight up annoying. I just want to respawn and start playing again man.
This game is few changes away from being one of the best CoDs ever made. The core gameplay changes paired with BOTG come at perfect time after the stale WW2 and the unluckily timed IW. I hope 3arc devs will keep listening to the community and improving BO4.
submitted by MillanPlease1 to Blackops4

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