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M/32/5’6: 2 year progress: 200lbs - 140lbs (July 2018 - Aug 2020)

Post workout pics
It’s been just over two years since I started my fitness journey, mostly powered by the inspirational posts here and in other fitsubreddits, so figured I would contribute in case it inspires someone else. (using a throwaway account since my main has identifying info)
I was pretty sedentary for most of my life, not really into sports or physical activity of any kind. As I was approaching 30 I could feel my body slowing down, and going to a physical checkup made me a bit worried with my overall health especially with potential heart and diabetic genetics. So in early 2018 I decided to make a change.
False start:
I didn’t want to join a gym because I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I started just by walking and occasionally jogging. Also bought myself a pull up bar and some bands. I don’t even know why I got a pull up bar because I didn’t even know how to train for it (although it would come in handy during a future quarantine). This wasn’t very helpful as I lacked the discipline and commitment to do this myself. After a few months of going no where, (plus some life changes) I decided to sign up with a personal trainegym.
I didn’t really do much research on gyms/trainers, I just wanted to start, so I found a nearby gym that had good enough reviews and signed up for 3 months. Figured paying money for a trainer was good motivation to keep going. I lucked out because the trainer I was assigned was pretty good at working with my fitness level. For the first month or so it was mostly cardio (treadmill walking) and bodyweight training, with some dumbbell work thrown in (starting at like 8lbs) 3 days a week. I’m glad it was a slow start because in the first two weeks there were multiple times that I ended up puking during the workout (I was pretty unfit). This was in July (and when the before pic was taken).
3 months in:
They do say it gets easier, and after the first month I wasn’t feeling as sick during workouts and I was able to go on a regular basis. I never missed a day, and I started doing walking/jogging on the off days. 3 months in I did notice a major change in mindset; I no longer had to force myself to go to the gym, I started going on autopilot.
My trainer had me go on an intermittent fasting diet at the start, and we were doing weekly weigh-ins. I lost about 30 pounds in the first 3 months. I hated the diet because I thought eating healthy meant eating bland. I didn’t fully commit to what he laid out, but I was able to commit to the fasting, which definitely helped with the weight loss.
Around November, I started keeping track of my weight and started messing around with what I ate. I used an app called fitmencook which allowed me to make more interesting meals, and I used the calories in that to get a rough sense for how many calories I was consuming with each meal. It probably wasn’t very accurate but I was continuing to lose weight so I didn’t care too much about the accuracy.
Weight loss graph (there’s a glitch and the year is shown as 2018 throughout for some reason)
7 months in:
I was feeling pretty great with my overall health, and even more impressed that I was able to commit to working out on a regular basis. However, paying for a trainer is not cheap, and it wasn’t something I could continue to do long term. But by then I was almost doing things by myself anyways. I knew what areas would be worked on each day, and what sort of exercises needed to be done, so figured it was time to move on. During the last month with the trainer I actually asked him to show me use of barbell exercises. During this month I signed up for a commercial gym and started going two days a week. So I was now working out 5 days a week.
April through November 2019:
I started following the PHUL routine for a month or two and then followed with a PHAT routine after that, because I enjoyed doing SOMEthing everyday of the week (weekends was for complete relaxation) Both routines are great, but I realized that I might be missing something in how I was progressing because I was increasing weight whenever I felt like it, and my form was suffering because of it. Chose both routines because they came recommended in the wiki; I just wanted something that told me exactly what to do without me having to overthink things.
November 2019 through Mar 2020:
After hearing about nSuns on reddit I decided to try it out. I never wanted to attempt it because It seemed like a LOT of volume, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted spend more than an hour at the gym. However having the progression built in was pretty helpful, plus really helped me focus on my form. I did end up spending more than an hour just doing weights, I had stopped running or doing any form of cardio entirely.
The values below are calculated from the nSuns app and I never actually attempted my maxes, which is fine because gaining a lot of strength was not a huge priority for me. I also ran into some knee trouble, and basically stopped doing squats starting in January.
  • Bench: 115 > 180
  • Deadlift 220 > 295
  • OHP 80 > 120
  • Squat 150 > 215
nSuns progression graph (zoomed in to show the values, so November is cut off)
Once quarantine started I started doing the recommended routine from bodyweightfitness. I think the pull up bar was the best accidental purchase I made, because it came in REAL handy during this time. I also got myself a pair of rings which I hung off the pull up bar to do things like rows. Going to purchase some dumbbells+belt so I can continue to increase my weighted pull-ups and use it for things like curls. I started doing some skill stuff like L-sits and handstands. I also got back into running and finished the C25K app. Then graduated to C210K and now I’m working on the 13.1 app.
Workout schedule:
  • M/W/F(mornings) - Recommended routine
  • T/T/S (mornings) - Running 5, 2, 10+ miles and focusing on increasing mileage
  • Daily (evenings) - Stretching/yoga in the evenings
  • Sunday - Rest
Some current achievements:
  • ~10 weighted pull-ups (+35lbs using a backpack filed with books)
  • ~10 pseudo planche pushups
  • ~10 tucked ring rows
  • ~2 sec kickup handstand (near a wall rather than completely freestanding)
  • ~20 sec L-sit
  • 12mi run in about two hours (9.50min/mi)
Quarantine diet:
Almost completely cut out eating out (for obvious reasons) so I started using MyfitnessPal to keep track of calories and to hit my protein goal (currently maintaining at 2000 calories with a protein goal of 126g). The recipes feature in MFP was a game changer when I discovered it as it was helpful when I started experimenting with different recipes. I do not track on the weekends, but I don’t necessarily go overboard either. Sticking to the calorie goal has intuitive taught me how much food I should be consuming, plus I can be flexible if I do end up eating out indulging in some treats.
What’s next:
The initial goal was losing weight, but currently it’s more about sticking to the routine and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. I never thought I would ever have the look of my current body. Not that it’s that impressive compared to what I’ve seen on here, but definitely something I’m happy with, and it's something I can probably maintain going forward. Having some goals is helpful to making progress (Want to do things like planche, levers, handstand walks…). Once gyms open up again in my area I will prob do a 3 day full body routine to start and continue with the running which I actually sort of enjoy now.
  • Getting into the habit is more important than waiting for motivation. Figure out what can get you started into a routine.
  • If the goal is general fitness/weight-loss, then the exact routine, macros, accessories…etc don’t matter all that much as long as you do SOMETHING. I think people (including myself early on) tend to overthink this.
  • Start small, start slow; give your body time to adapt. The weight, the speed, the intensity can increase over time.
  • Accurately tracking calories is important for weight loss, especially after the initial drop of just eating less. Those 1tbsp of oil (~120 calories) do add up over time.
Thanks for reading and happy to answer any questions!
submitted by throwawayfitstory to Fitness

Per IMDB: all of the feature-length horror movies currently in the pipeline for 2020 (as of time-of-posting)

  1. #Followme II (2020/Sam Hardy)
  2. 1840 Hyderabad (2020/Rahul Singh Agnihotri)
  3. 86 Zombies (2020/45 min)
  4. A House in Your Neighborhood (2020/Jay Burleson)
  5. A Quiet Place 2 (2020/John Krasinski)
  6. Aaliyah (2020/Zachary Madson)
  7. Abigail Haunting (2020/TV-MA/85 min/Kelly Schwarze)
  8. Adam & Amy at the End (2020)
  9. Afraid of the Dark (2020/Jonathon Green and Miles Keyland)
  10. Agramon's Gate (2020/Harley Wallen)
  11. Alone in the Night (2020/Joe Hammerstone)
  12. American Nightmare (2020/Rob Simmons)
  13. Amityville 1974 (2020/Casey La Scala)
  14. Ancora pochi passi (2020/110 min/Pupi Oggiano)
  15. Animales Humanos (2020/Lex Ortega)
  16. Annora: The Nightmare Begins (2020/110 min/Andrew Saullo)
  17. Anomalous: the birth (2020/Mark L. Lester)
  18. ArchDemons: When the Devil Comes to Town (2020/Lawrence McGaffie II)
  19. Arisen Revelations (2020/Richard Chadwick)
  20. Armageddon Gospels (2020/John Harrigan)
  21. Awesomely Righteous & Radical (2020/Shane Ryan and Dustin Ferguson)
  22. BD Scream 7 (2020/Shahzaib Yaqoob)
  23. Babysitter Massacre: Heavy Metal (2020/Dan Wilder)
  24. Bad Habits (2020)
  25. Bagman Rising (2020/Logan Wilson)
  26. Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan (2020/Karen Kopy, Jenn E. Morrison, Jeremy Williams, Emily Wryn, Jason Freeman and Shane Ryan)
  27. Black Water: Abyss (2020/Andrew Traucki)
  28. Block Z (2020/Mikhail Red)
  29. Blood & Whores (2020/Chase Craig)
  30. Blood Curse (2020/Raza Mallal
  31. Blood Pageant (2020/88 min/Harvey Lowry)
  32. Bloodspawn: Attack of Uktena (2020/Derek S. Campbell and David Rotan)
  33. Bloody Saint Mary's (2020/Paul Nicoletos)
  34. Bodies On Seats (2020/Mark Bousfield)
  35. Bothy (2020/Myles Clohessy and Byron Clohessy)
  36. Bridge of the Doomed (2020/Michael Su)
  37. Broken Nights (2020/Cassius Michael Kim)
  38. Bruja (2020/Asiel Norton)
  39. Burns House (2020/Christopher Wiggins)
  40. By Days End (2020/Tim Jameson)
  41. CAT 6 (2020/Sharlene Humm)
  42. Candyman (2020/Nia DaCosta)
  43. Captured (2020/Joe Arias)
  44. Carnivora (2020/Daniel Louis Rivas)
  45. Carrion (2020/Michael Zaiko Hall)
  46. Case Files (2020/90 min/Damien Kage)
  47. Cemetery (2020/Michael P. Nash)
  48. Charlotte (2020/90 min/Igor Sadovski)
  49. Chest (2020/Aaron Irons)
  50. Cranial Sacral (2020/White Cross)
  51. Crave: Roots of Evil (2020/Remy St. Paul)
  52. Creepers 'R Us (2020/Joe Hammerstone)
  53. Crooked Lake (2020/Michael Patrick Thornton
  54. Cubicle (2020/Daniel DelPurgatorio)
  55. Cupid (2020)
  56. Damon (2020/Peter Pedrero)
  57. Dark Tiles (2020/88 min/Fan Phillippe)
  58. Death Care (2020/Not Rated/Daniel Murphy and Cameron Scott)
  59. Deathcember (2020/Lazar Bodroza, B.J. Colangelo, John Cook Lynch, Steve De Roover, Ruggero Deodato, Sonia Escolano, Isaac Ezban, Florian Frerichs, Rémi Fréchette, Sadrac González-Perellón, Trent Haaga, Juergen Kling, Ama Lea, Sang-woo Lee, Andreas Marschall, Annika Marx, Pollyanna McIntosh, Lucky McKee, Bob Pipe, Julian Richards, Jason A. Rostovsky, Alyosha Saari, Dominic Saxl, R. Zachary Shildwachter, Milan Todorovic, Michael Varrati, Vivienne Vaughn and Sam Wineman
  60. Decline (2020/Sam Mason-Bell)
  61. Demented 2: The Beginning (2020/Nigel Hartwell)
  62. Dick Dynamite: The Movie (2020/Robbie Davidson)
  63. Don't Click (2020/G-Hey Kim)
  64. Don't Quit Your Day Job (2020/Damon King and Matthew St Vincent)
  65. Dorothy (2020/Jonathan Moody)
  66. Down There (2020/Adam Hartwick)
  67. Drain Away: Is Pure Longing a Sin? (2020/108 min)
  68. Dreamkatcher (2020/Kerry Harris)
  69. Dwellers (2020/Drew Fortier)
  70. El Amarre (2020/Tamae Garateguy)
  71. Empty House (2020/Rabbi Khan)
  72. Evil Lurks (2020/90 min/Aaron Hawkins)
  73. Exhibit Man (2020/Trevor Mirosh)
  74. Ezra (2020/Jay.k)
  75. False Positive (2020/John Lee)
  76. Fantasy Island (2020/Jeff Wadlow)
  77. Fate of the Night (2020/Thibul Nettle)
  78. Fauna (2020/Daniel Frankenstein)
  79. Fear Street (2020/Leigh Janiak)
  80. Fear Street 2 (2020/Leigh Janiak)
  81. Feral (2020/Jake West)
  82. Frightseekers (2020/Dawn Crute and Wayne Thompson)
  83. From Darkness (2020/Ryan Woebbeking)
  84. Furries the Movie (2020)
  85. Gerdáq (2020/120 min/Cliff Adams)
  86. Ghost of the Nile (2020/Yasir Al-Yasiri)
  87. Ghostbusters 2020 (2020/Jason Reitman)
  88. Ghoul (2020/John Ward)
  89. Gory Hole (2020/90 min/Dick Feathers and Rocco Michaluk)
  90. Grave Concerns (2020/Jeff Gress)
  91. Gretel and Hansel (2020/Oz Perkins)
  92. Grim Hollow (2020/90 min/Seric Drac)
  93. Grotesque (2020/Brandon Rhiness)
  94. Grudge (2020/Nicolas Pesce)
  95. Gwledd (2020/Lee Haven Jones)
  96. Halloween Kills (2020/David Gordon Green)
  97. Hangman's Hill (2020/Niki Simone)
  98. Happy Anniversary (2020/Josh Davidson)
  99. He's Here (2020/Alan E Olivas)
  100. Headcheese the Movie (2020/Not Rated/80 min/Robbie Lopez)
  101. Heads or Tails (2020)
  102. Hell House (2020)
  103. Hell Nun (2020)
  104. Home (2020/Adam O'Brien)
  105. Honeydew (2020/105 min/Devereux Milburn)
  106. I Am Going to Kill You (2020/Kipp Tribble)
  107. I Know Where You Live (2020/Michael Turney)
  108. Ibos (2020)
  109. In the Trap (2020/90 min/Alessio Liguori)
  110. Incipient (2020/Sam Hardy)
  111. Indestructible: No Place to Hide (2020/Unrated/100 min/Matt Spease)
  112. Infamous Six (2020/Anthony Hickox)
  113. Infirmity (2020/Matthew Silva)
  114. Inheritance (2020/Michael Kenneth Fahr)
  115. Insidious: The Dark Realm (2020/95 min/James Wan)
  116. Jasper (2020/Keith Vaile)
  117. Jinn (2020/Sidharth Bharathan)
  118. Joana (2020/Emilio Ase Alcaraz)
  119. Keagan's Fury (2020)
  120. Kill Trip (2020)
  121. Kill Trip 2 (2020)
  122. Kill Trip 3 (2020)
  123. Killer Joker (2020/Jose Padilha)
  124. Killer Popcorn (2020/Kyle Acosta)
  125. La Chose Derrière La Porte (2020/Fabrice Blin)
  126. La Nuée (2020/Just Philippot)
  127. La leyenda del payaso asesino (2020/Abel Portillo)
  128. Lair (2020/Adam Ethan Crow)
  129. Last Call (2020/Daniel Zubiate)
  130. Last Night in Soho (2020/Edgar Wright)
  131. Laxmmi Bomb (2020/Raghava Lawrence)
  132. Leash Leader (2020/M.J. Watz)
  133. Lecherous (2020)
  134. MENÉNDEZ PARTE 1 El día del Señor (2020/Santiago Alvarado)
  135. Mason Reid (2020/120 min)
  136. Mercy Good (2020/Michael Caissie)
  137. Mike & Fred vs The Dead (2020/Anthony Leone)
  138. Mile Marker 666 (2020)
  139. Missing in Greenwood (2020/80 min/Stephen Patrick Kenny)
  140. Monster On (2020)
  141. Morbius (2020/Daniel Espinosa)
  142. Mother Noose's Once Upon a Nightmare (2020/Richard Tanner)
  143. Mr. Bleachers (2020/Tim Carpenter)
  144. Mr. Gray, Grim (2020/Austin Bitikofer)
  145. Junction Murders (2020/90 min)
  146. Occurrence at Mills Creek (2020/Don Swanson)
  147. On Halloween (2020/92 min/Timothy Boyle)
  148. On Location (2020/Jeff Seemann)
  149. One Awful Summer (2020/Mark Bousfield)
  150. Paper (2020/Myles Clohessy and Byron Clohessy)
  151. Para-Psych Trauma (2020/Jackson Batchelor, Simon Berry, Sam Mason-Bell, Martin w Payne and Mike Peter Reed)
  152. Payne (2020/Michael J Roberts)
  153. Payne & Redemption (2020/120 min/Fergle Gibson)
  154. Physical Chemistry (2020/100 min/Matthew S. Findley and Christian Kazadi)
  155. Pillowface (2020/Paul Leyden)
  156. Post Mortem (2020/Péter Bergendy)
  157. Project PastaHunters II: The Rake Hunters (2020/95 min/Dennis Edwards)
  158. Providence (2020/Keir Burrows)
  159. Psychopomp (2020/90 min/Arthur G. Reyes)
  160. Purgatory (2020/Tracy Boyd)
  161. Quiere Jugar (2020/Adrián García Bogliano)
  162. RAGs (2020/Miles Forster)
  163. RED Evil Has Arrived (2020/Don Tjernagel)
  164. Rapunzels Fluch (202/David Brückner)
  165. Ravens Fell (2020/David Bannister)
  166. Re-Elected (2020/Max Radbill)
  167. Redwood Massacre - Annihilation (2020/David Ryan Keith)
  168. Relic (2020/Natalie Erika James)
  169. Remy's Demons (2020/Colin Bressler)
  170. Retribution Room (2020/Blanca Samperio)
  171. RoohiAfza (2020/Hardik Mehta)
  172. Rotten Cotton (2020/Kasper Lewis)
  173. Rucker (The Trucker) (2020/Amy Hesketh)
  174. S.O.H.N.: The Rise of Achak (2020/Chad Ferrin and Justin Price)
  175. SCP: Pestilence (2020/Carson Strang)
  176. Saloum (2020/Jean Luc Herbulot)
  177. Salvage (2020/Shane Dax Taylor)
  178. Samhain (2020/Gabriele Rolland)
  179. Sanctuary (2020/Chris Eigeman)
  180. Sanmwad-Shabdanchya Palikadla (2020/90 min/Siddhesh Danait)
  181. Savage Vengeance (2020/Jake Zelch)
  182. S.C.O.O.B. (2020/Tony Cervone)
  183. Scream Birds - Attack of Nuclear Pigeons (2020/Emmanuel Cavallo and Clément Chevalier)
  184. May the Devil Take You: Chapter Two (2020/William Chandra)
  185. Sharracuda (2020/Alan Cossettini)
  186. Signal 100 (2020/Lisa Takeba)
  187. Silent Place (2020/Scott Jeffrey)
  188. Skeletons (2020/James Helsing)
  189. Slapface (2020/Jeremiah Kipp)
  190. Slashening 2: The Final Beginning (2020/Brandon Bassham)
  191. Slaughter Horse (2020/Toby Johansen)
  192. Slay Bells Ring (2020/Humberto Rosa)
  193. Slender Man: Origins (2020/92 min/Wincent Sommers)
  194. Son of the Dawn (2020/Johnny Royal)
  195. Sour (2020/Clay Moffatt)
  196. Spring Fever (2020/Izzy Sutton and Chris McElyea)
  197. Stalkers (2020/Not Rated/Omar Sanchez and Oscar Rodriguez)
  198. State of Desolation (2020/120 min/Jim Towns)
  199. Sterling (2020/82 min/Dan Kelly)
  200. Survival of the Apocalypse (2020/Anthony Caban)
  201. Sweet Darling (2020/86 min/Chadney Cooles)
  202. Sweet Sixteen (2020/Anthony Gaudioso and James Gaudioso)
  203. Tales from Las Cruces (2020/120 min/Robin Dalehite)
  204. Talk To Me (2020/Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou)
  205. Tarot Man (2020/Dirk van Sloten)
  206. Tasting (2020/Patrick von Barkenberg)
  207. Ten Minutes to Midnight (2020/Erik Bloomquist)
  208. Terapia do Medo (2020/Roberto Moreira)
  209. Terrifier 2 (2020/Damien Leone)
  210. Texas Zombie Wars: Dallas (2020/Mark Blitch and A.K. Waters)
  211. The Alcatraz Project (2020/Tony Germinario)
  212. The Audition (2020/Johnnard Harper)
  213. The Barn Part II (2020/Justin M. Seaman)
  214. The Cannibal Killer: The Real Story of Jeffrey Dahmer (2020/Pete Jacelone)
  215. The Change (2020/Daniel Berube)
  216. The Clown Movie (2020/Steven Mercer and Dallas Messenger)
  217. The Conjuring 3 (2020/Michael Chaves)
  218. The Creaent Moon (2020)
  219. The Crooked Man (2020)
  220. The Cursed -More Than Everything (2020)
  221. The Cursed -The Phantom Queen (2020)
  222. The Cursed -Too Much Information (2020)
  223. The Cursed -When The Past Isn't True (2020)
  224. The Dark Web Tapes (2020/Jason Harlow and Jake Zelch)
  225. The Deacon of Doom (2020/Louis Timm)
  226. The Dinner Party (2020/Miles Doleac)
  227. The Dracula Cult (2020/91 min/James Morcan)
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  272. Too Late (2020/D.W. Thomas)
  273. Trail to the Shoreline (2020/120 min/Graham Abraham)
  274. Tunnel To The Inferno (2020/Mason Scott)
  275. A Giant Without a Head! (2020/80 min/Jorge Xolalpa Jr.)
  276. Untitled 'Purge' Sequel (The Purge V) (2020/Everardo Gout)
  277. Untitled Danny Ramirez Horror (2020)
  278. Untitled Found Footage Film (2020/Dylan Butler)
  279. Untitled Mac Turner Film (2020/Mac Turner)
  280. Untitled “Saw” Project (2020/Darren Lynn Bousman)
  281. Untitled Subjective Movie (2020)
  282. Untitled Titanoboa Action Horror (2020)
  283. Variant (2020/Joe Meredith)
  284. Venom 2 (2020/Andy Serkis)
  285. Victor Vanish (2020/Jeff Blank)
  286. What Josiah Saw (2020/Vincent Grashaw)
  287. Windfall (2020/Michael Scott)
  288. Wraith (2020/Justin Groetsch)
  289. Yaar (2020/K.S. Bava)
  290. Zombie Bear Attack (2020/Dan Yeager)
  291. Zombinatrix (2020/Michael Kyne)
  292. Zombocalypse (2020/Katrina Grey)
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