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February (12) January (4) 2020 (263). All available GRAPHISOFT license types, file compatibility between Full, Solo, Educational, Trial and Start Edition versions.

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Driver 411.63 FAQ/Discussion

Driver version 411.63 has been released with Turing support.

Please post any discussion about this driver here. Also, I highly recommend using DDU to wipe the current driver prior to installing the latest driver if you have any issues after installation.

New feature and fixes in driver 411.63

Game Ready - Provides the optimal gaming experience for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4, and FIFA 19.
Gaming Technology - Includes support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards
New Features
  • Added support for CUDA 10.0
  • NVIDIA RTX Technology
NVIDIA RTX supports the Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API on NVIDIA Volta and Turing GPUs.
  • This driver release provides full support for the new Vulkan 1.1 API and passes the Vulkan Conformance Test Suite (CTS) version
Includes interoperability with CUDA 10.0.
  • Vulkan HDR for Windows
  • OpenGL extensions for Turing GPUs
  • NVIDIA Control Panel
System Info shows Boost Clock values (instead of Base Clock) for Turing and later GPUs .
SLI Profile - Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
  • HOB
  • Lake Ridden
  • NieR:Automata
  • Northgard
  • Pure Farming 2018
  • Raid: World War II
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
  • TT Isle of Man
Driver Fixes (For full list of fixes please check out release notes)
  • Using power monitoring in GPU monitor tools causes micro stutter. [2110289/2049879]
  • [Monster Hunter World]: Low frame rate in the game. [2335958]
  • [Tom Clancy's The Division]: Graphics corruption occurs when using NVIDIA Gameworks settings. [2005096]
  • [Call of duty WW II ][1x3 Surround]: The center Surround display renders black screen. [200370257]
  • [Planetside 2][G-SYNC]: G-SYNC does not work with the game. [2221050]
  • [ARCHICAD][OpenGL]: The OpenGL driver crashes the application. [2093819]
  • [GeForce GTX 1080Ti]: Random DPC watchdog violation error when using multiple GPUs on motherboards with PLX chips. [2079538]
  • [YouTube][Mosaic with Sync]: Secondary GPU doesn't render video content on fullscreen YouTube video. [200402117]
  • and others
Important Open Issues (For full list of open issues please check out release notes)
  • [GeForce GTX 1060]AV receiver switches to 2-channel stereo mode after 5 seconds of audio idle. [2204857]
  • [Firefox]: Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox. [2107201]
  • [Windows Media Player][Notebook][MSHybrid]: The application crashes when run on the integrated graphics after setting the NVIDIA GPU Graphics settings to High Performance. [200450782]
  • [Final Fantasy XV benchmark]: The benchmark exits fails with a "Failed to initialize DLSS Library" error when running in DLSS mode. [200448245]
To work around,
a) Delete the file Program Files/NVIDIA Corporation/installer2.ngxcore/ NGXCoreEtx.dll
b) Perform a Clean or Express installation of the NVIDIA driver.
  • [Turing GPU][[Netflix]: Playback resolution doesn't show 4K bit rates when using a USB-C-HDMI connection. [200449656]
  • [Turing GPU][Photoshop CC]: Corruption occurs after increasing image size. [200428197]
  • and others

Driver Downloads and Tools

Driver Download Page: Nvidia Download Page
Latest Driver: 411.63 WHQL
DDU Download: Source 1 or Source 2
DDU Guide: Guide Here
Documentation: 411.63 Release Notes
Control Panel User Guide: Download here
NVIDIA GeForce Driver Forum for 411.63: [TBD]

Having Issues with your driver? Read here!

Before you start - Make sure you Submit Feedback for your Nvidia Driver Issue
There is only one real way for any of these problems to get solved, and that's if the Driver Team at Nvidia knows what those problems are.
So in order for them to know what's going on it would be good for any users who are having problems with the drivers to Submit Feedback to Nvidia.
A guide to the information that is needed to submit feedback can be found here.
Additionally, if you see someone having the same issue you are having in this thread, reply and mention you are having the same issue. The more people that are affected by a particular bug, the higher the priority that bug will receive from NVIDIA!!
Common Troubleshooting Steps
  • If you are having issue installing the driver for GTX 1080/1070/1060 on Windows 10, make sure you are on the latest build for April 2018 Update (Version 1803. Build 17134). If you are on the older version/build (e.g. Version 1507/Build 10240), you need to update your windows. Press Windows Key + R and type winver to check your build version.
  • Please visit the following link for DDU guide which contains full detailed information on how to do Fresh Driver Install.
  • If your driver still crashes after DDU reinstall, try going to Go to Nvidia Control Panel -> Managed 3D Settings -> Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance
If it still crashes, we have a few other troubleshooting steps but this is fairly involved and you should not do it if you do not feel comfortable. Proceed below at your own risk:
  • A lot of driver crashing is caused by Windows TDR issue. There is a huge post on GeForce forum about this here. This post dated back to 2009 (Thanks Microsoft) and it can affect both Nvidia and AMD cards.
  • Unfortunately this issue can be caused by many different things so it’s difficult to pin down. However, editing the windows registry might solve the problem.
  • Additionally, there is also a tool made by Wagnard (maker of DDU) that can be used to change this TDR value. Download here. Note that I have not personally tested this tool.
If you are still having issue at this point, visit GeForce Forum for support or contact your manufacturer for RMA.
Common Questions
  • Is it safe to upgrade to ? Fact of the matter is that the result will differ person by person due to different configurations. The only way to know is to try it yourself. My rule of thumb is to wait a few days. If there’s no confirmed widespread issue, I would try the new driver.

Bear in mind that people who have no issues tend to not post on Reddit or forums. Unless there is significant coverage about specific driver issue, chances are they are fine. Try it yourself and you can always DDU and reinstall old driver if needed.

  • My color is washed out after upgrading/installing driver. Help! Try going to the Nvidia Control Panel -> Change Resolution -> Scroll all the way down -> Output Dynamic Range = FULL.
  • My game is stuttering when processing physics calculation Try going to the Nvidia Control Panel and to the Surround and PhysX settings and ensure the PhysX processor is set to your GPU
  • What does the new Power Management option "Optimal Power" means? How does this differ from Adaptive? The new power management mode is related to what was said in the Geforce GTX 1080 keynote video. To further reduce power consumption while the computer is idle and nothing is changing on the screen, the driver will not make the GPU render a new frame; the driver will get the one (already rendered) frame from the framebuffer and output directly to monitor.
Remember, driver codes are extremely complex and there are billions of different possible configurations. The software will not be perfect and there will be issues for some people.

For a more comprehensive list of open issues, please take a look at the Release Notes.

Again, I encourage folks who installed the driver to post their experience here... good or bad.

submitted by Nestledrink to nvidia

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